Mary knew she had to be the commander and chef in the bedroom. Mary claimed on top of John hand, cuffing his hands to each post of the bed. After Mary had done, so she then told John that he would be licking her pussy and drinking every drop of her cum, John explained to Mary that he didn’t lick any female’s pussy, not yours not any women’s. Mary said is that so as she began to slowly lower her hips down to John’s lips now, she said in a sexy but demanding voice lick me as I told you to or I will call Lena and tell her just where you are right now. Now!! Lick and suck my pussy as I told you to, lifting John’s head to her wet throbbing pussy, stick your tongue out now she demanded. John had no choice but to do as she said, or he would find his self on the end of a bad break up if he didn’t do as she asked him. Right then Mary began to move her hips slowly in a clockwise motion, getting every nook and cranny of her pussy licked as she began to move faster she grabbed John’s head and held it tight to her pussy lips “o” yes Mary screamed Out you better not stop. Mary fucked john’s face faster and faster; mama’s about to give you a creamy drink of her cum. Mary screamed as she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Will you come when I call you john she asked? And you will suck my pussy when and where I say. As Mary continued to fuck John’s tongue ever so slowly. As he went for that last stroke with his tough deep inside her. Mary squirt’s creamy thick cum all over John’s lips and down his throat. Still holding John’s head in her hands she fucked his tongue faster while pushing it deeper inside her creamy wet pussy she screamed out so loud the neighbors could hear her as they sat on their patios, but Mary did care she fucked John’s face so fucking good leaving his face with creamy white cum all over it. Now Mary said John you’re going to do as I ask of you. She began stroking John’s huge manhood O. My. God. your fucking huge, Mary began to undo John’s belt, she got a little scared at how huge John’s dick was. Mary thought to herself wow I’m not going to be able to take all of this dick inside me her eyes couldn’t stop staring at just how long and huge this man was but Mary was in control of John now so she had to make the best of it to make him her sex slave. Mary began to undress John while slowly running her fingertips across his entire body making him shiver and shake with every touch John began to moan out softly as Mary rubbed his shaft slowly the more, she stroked the longer, and bigger john’s dick became. Mary knew what she had to do next to turn John out as she had planned. As Mary began to lower her lips down to John’s now fully erect penis. Mary sucked and applied lots of saliva; she took him deep inside her mouth; she gagged and slurped all over the head of John’s massive dick. That’s now stretching her jaws so wide. Up and down around in circles she went making John’s toes curl from how good Mary was making him feel o god fuck o fuck as Mary put her skills to work like never before to tame this massive beast of a penis that was now in her small mouth. Just then Mary pulled John’s dick out of her mouth long enough to get up enough saliva to go as deep as she could with this monster of a dick that she must and will tame. Mary took a deep breath. Taking the whole 13 inches into her mouth. She began jerking her head up and down. She was thinking of how good this dick would feel inside of her small pussy. Just then Mary went all in on John’ dick. Taking the whole dick inside her mouth. gobs of saliva ran down John’s shaft nonstop. around up and down she screamed out who dick is this John; John didn’t say a word he was too busy shaking and speaking in tongues from the best dick sucking he’s had in his life just then Mary had John’s dick in her mouth. At one time she vomited all over his dick, but that didn’t stop her she keeps going like clockwork not missing a beat she sucked him so good she began to squirt warm wet creamy cum from her now violently wet pussy. Now that she had John’s dick stretching every muscle in her jaws, she forced him to fill her mouth with warm cum. , Mary forced her lips against John’s, forcing him to drink his cum while she kissed him passionately. Mary and John shared cum swapping for about a minute John taking in some of his cum as well, now that Mary knew she had him she could now go for the kill with him. John was trying to recover from the blow job. Mary had just put on his ass, but before he could even catch his breath. Mary wasn’t wasting any time as she forced that huge monster of a dick so deep inside her small vagina, she screamed ever so loud as it ripped through her flesh like a hot knife through butter. Mary’s legs began to shake out of control as she thrust downward; she knew her cherry would soon pop. John didn’t care; he rolled her over. And placed Mary’s knees up to her chest like a folding chair and proceeded to pound on that ass so slow but deep Mary now on her back knew she was in for the fucking of her young virgin life John poured it on slowly but hard and very deep indeed. Mary cried out loud o god y you’re far too deep in inside me John. As tears rolled down Mary beautiful face, she knew all she could do was lay there and take the slow, brutal deep fucking John was putting on her, o! God Mary screamed out after ever thrust of John’s huge dick slamming home deep inside her. You’re going to tell Lena what now o your bout to get this dick till the sunrise, I can’t take to much more John please you have to pull it out baby, please. Just then John gave Mary a long hard thrust so deep she shitted all over the bed but did that stop, John, no he lifts Mary from the bed with his huge manhood still inside her he stood straight up, held Mary buttocks in his hands. John told Mary to place her arms around his neck and hold on tight as tears roll down Mary’s face, she asked w” what are you going to do to me now she asked. Are you ready? Asked John, no Mary said. They stood up in the middle of the floor. John lifted Mary little frame off his dick. Just to drive her back down on it slowly, the deeper John went the shit rolled down John’s dick down to the floor at this time Mary began to go into shaking mode now Mary had no control over any of her body parts as the orgasm was hitting Mary far to fast and hard her body jerking nonstop. In her mind, Mary was thinking John’s going to rip me apart if he keeps up like this. Mary cried and cried for mercy but would not get shown any at this point John began placing Mary’s back against the wall and drove his huge dick ever so much deeper inside her deeper than the last time. Mary screamed and cried no more!!! baby no more!!! you’re too fucking big. Now over an hour had passed since John was fucking Mary standing up. So, John placed Mary back on the bed and got out all his sex toys. John tied Mary down for what was to come; next Mary knew she was in for nonstop squirting, as she lay tied to the post of the bed. with tears in her eyes as John walked over to her with his vibrator on low he began to run it over her clit ever so slowly, Mary who was still trying to regain her body control let out a moan so loud the whole city might have heard her o shit she said I’m Cumming. Mary has the best orgasm of her life. John plunged his toy dildo deep inside her and began fucking her tight pussy with no let up in sight. Now Mary knew she would lose the battle with her body so as she began to squirt cum all over the place from the bed to the floor she just gave in and let him have his way with her fuck Mary expressed as the dildo did its work on her insides. Come on you little slut; John said as he turned the vibrator to high. Mary would hit an orgasm so powerful she will forever know what the female body can do. John takes away his toys and tells Mary now it’s back to breaking your back before removing the rope from her ankles, he places her knees back up to her chest and holds her there for some time. John began pumping her tight little pussy fast hard and even deeper as he did so, Mary’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Losing all control of her body. Mary’s orgasms are coming seconds apart from one after the other. they hit so hard and powerful; Mary began to bleed. As John pops her cherry, Mary was squirting out of control, feeling her body becoming weaker and weaker by the second. but John didn’t seem to care he just pumped her harder and faster than before o shit he said as he went and grabbed his ball gag from his toy box over by the door and placed it in her mouth and strap it on her. Now John knows he can fuck her as hard and as deep as he wants to without others outside hearing her scream. This story is just a sample writing to get my juices going this is not the real closet nympho story.                                          Thank you for reading.

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