I fingered my wife Addison’s pussy till she squirts cum all over our neighbors wife

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My wife Addison was a hot sexy woman she was young thick and would fuck me any where she could. I have never had a woman that loved sex this much in my life. It all started when we met at one of my friends sex parties she was having at her home. My name is Ayden Gray and I’m kind of scared of my wife now I know that’s stupid to say but this woman is a freak of nature. When we were at Liljana Sidney’s sex party Addison pulled my dick out and just started licking and sucking it in front of everyone. O my God Addison made me cry tears she sucked my dick so dame good Ayden said. boy she slurped and gagged on my huge cock for about an hour. You should have seen all the females start to rub their clit right in front of my face. Layla-Jean Mason made me suck her clit while Addison sucked me off. After Addison sucked all the cum out of my dick Luchiana walked over lowered her hips right on the my dick Ayden said. Round that time Addison stuck her tongue down Layla’s throat and start kissing her slowly. As Ayden started to make Layla cream all down his chine. Layla started to rub Addison clit so hard and fast she squirted cum all over Lilijana nice hardwood floors. Lilijana went into her room and put on this huge strap-on and came back into the living room and fucked Addison right in her ass with it. O man Ayden said Lilijana slipped that huge fucking dildo so far inside Addison ass she squirted more cum really fast from her pussy. Screaming so loud Addison body shook from the deep penetration Lilijana was putting on Addison. I was the only man at this party Ayden said and these women fucked me like I was the last man on earth. Luchiana came so fucking hard on my dick I squirted my load inside of her. Addison quickly got on all fours and sucked my cum from Luchiana pussy. As Ayden watched Addison and Luchiana swap cum between the both of them his dick got even harder Now it was Lilijana turn to fuck Ayden’s huge cock. Take it easy on me ok Lilijana said I’m a virgin and that’s one huge cock you have there Lilijana said there’s going to be a lot of blood I’m telling you now. Damn that’s one huge cock what size are you Lilijana said Ayden said I’m about nineteen inches long why. It was at this time Addison screamed out so loud that she was cumming from the ass fucking she was getting from Lilijana She put Addison on her ass with that huge dildo man let me tell you Ayden said. Shit I never seen Addison fucked like that before Ayden said but that didn’t stop Addison from wanting more. Lilijana had to pay for what she Put my wife threw so Ayden told her get your ass on my dick now. please take it easy on me Ayden Lilijana said begging Ayden. after what you just did to my wife not a chance in hell, now spread them fucking leg bitch your going to get that hymen pop good tonight. Looking across the room Ayden could see Addison putting the strap-on around her waste and look at Luchiana and Layla telling them both to come over here with her finger. Luchiana and Layla walked ever so sexy over to where Addison was. Put your legs up Addison commanded of Layla and Luchiana. Putting there legs up Layla and Luchiana obeyed Addison. sticking the dildo as far as she could inside of Luchiana’s pussy. You could see that look on her face told it all Ayden said that Luchiana was about to scream and cry from the deep penetration Addison was putting on her pussy. pulling out of Luchiana tight pussy. Addison stuck the dildo deep in Layla’s asshole soon as Addison penetrated Layla’s ass she squirted cum all over Lilijana face. Layla screamed for Addison to pull it out but Addison was not having any of that. Layla screamed your going to make me shit my self please don’t make me soon as Layla was about to finish what she was saying Layla pushed the dildo so fucking deep inside Layla’s ass Layla’s bowls broke lose and shit went every where seeing this made Addison go even deeper into Layla’s ass cavity. Layla just went into full orgasm mode shaking out of control Addison gave Layla one last deep stroke before she pulled the shitty dildo out of Layla’s ass. Layla would sit and watch as Addison fucked Luchiana some more. Ayden fucked Lilijana’s pussy so hard and so deep she screamed for mercy but would not get any Ayden went deeper and deeper inside her as fast as he could. Take this dick bitch Ayden told Lilijana this is my pussy Ayden told Lilijana now do you understand me yes yes Lilijana screamed I understand you. Please pull it out she cried as Ayden went the deepest he could popping Lilijanan hymen really hard blood squirted from Lilijana’s pussy nonstop. But Ayden did seem to mind all the blood on his huge cock as a matter of fact he loved it. He loved seeing this virgin bitch scream as he pounded her pussy. Looking over at Addison she was putting in work on Luchiana fucking her like no man ever did hearing her scream for Addison to stop made Ayden’s dick super hard. in turn which made Lilijana feel it grow bigger inside her pussy. Screaming she had enough Lilijana was crying at this point but Ayden just stayed on her ass deep in that pussy. Screaming with tears in her eyes Lilijana screamed I’m cumming O God am I ever cumming so fucking hard she said as cum streamed down to the floor from her swollen pussy. right about the same time Luchiana came as well hearing both women scream at the same time was music to Ayden’s and Addison’s ears pulling the dildo from Luchiana’s pussy she shook like carzy as Addison licked Luchiana’s cum off the floor. Lilijana was to weak to even get up after the fucking Ayden put on her as well. Ayden told his wife Addison get your ass over. Ayden asked all the ladies to sit side by side on the floor next to each other. I have a treat for you ladies he said laying Addison on the couch and spreading her legs. Ayden began to finger Addison slowly tapping her G Spot as he did so causing her to squirt cum all over Lilijana, Luchiana, and Layla. Ayden made Addison squirt so much Lilijana, Luchiana, and layla were soaked from head to toe with all her creamy cum in their faces. Ayden filmed a video of the whole thing while they all were doing there sex acts. If you would like to read more of these story please leave me a comment on this page Thank you all for reading.