My Mom’s hot friend


Hi my name is Johnathan, I am 19 years old, 6’4 with an athletic build and this is a story about how one average friday night turned into one of the best nights of my life. Before this amazing night I was a virgin, but by the end of it I had learned so much more than I could have ever asked for.It had been an average week for me, school, homework and video games, but it was finally Friday and tonight I had to dog sit for one of my mom’s friends. I was getting paid $30 just to hang out and take care of her new dog. I said yes as soon as she asked because it was easy money and I have a huge crush on my mom’s friend. Her name is Linda, I don’t know much about her excepted that she got divorced a few years ago, and she has a kid. Also she is around 5’8 with juicy D cup breasts and a nice round ass. She has brownish hair with streaks of blond and I’ve wanted to fuck her since the first time I met her.

I got dropped off by my mom at around 6:30, Linda gave me the run down for the night. There was tons of snacks, a PS3 and a laptop to entertain myself with while I watched her dog. Afer she left I chilled out for a bit then decided to take a shower. On my way to the bathroom I walked past this alcove where the washing machine and dryer where kept and something in the dryer caught my eye. I reached in and pulled out a rainbow thong, I could smell a sweet scent radiating off of it from more than a foot away. As soon as I had the thong in my hands I started to feel my penis growing and I thought to my self “this night just got infinitely more interesting”. 
I Pulled out my dick and started pleasuring myself right there in the hallway as I brought the rainbow thong to my nose to inhale deeply. It was the most beautiful smell I had ever smelt, it smelt like the most delicious candy and some sort of flower while still having a bit of a pussy smell to it even though it was just washed. I could already feel my orgasm building when I realized if Linda has one thong in the dryer she must have more in a drawer of her dresser. So I put the rainbow thong back and walked to Linda’s room. I found her underwear drawer on my second guess. It was like opening a treasure chest but instead of gold it was full of thongs. There was a thong in every colour, thongs with pattern and thongs with strips, My dick felt hard as a rock just from looking in the drawer. I smelled each one as I pumped my dick vigorously, all of my sense where being overwhelmed. I was in heaven. 
After a few minutes the excitement started to become to much and I felt my balls churning. I selected a red thong that smell the best then went to the bathroom. As I stood over the toilet pleasuring myself I felt my orgasm reach its pinnacle, I inhaled the smell of the thong one last time and erupted like a volcano. My whole body shook as my testicle emptied and I felt like I could barely stand when I was done. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, I cleaned myself up and put the thong back then I went to take my shower. After my shower I went to sleep in the guestroom even though it was only around 10:00, I was exhausted from my powerful orgasm. 

I was woken up a few hours later by the sound of someone walking around, I assumed it was Linda and rolled over to go back to sleep. I thought I heard a small gasp then the footsteps started getting louder until they stopped outside of the door to my room. Who ever was out there opened the door and turned on the light. I had my eyes partially closed so I could see who it was with out them knowing I was a wake. I was surprised to see Linda standing there with the red thong in her hand and a weird look on her face. She walked over to me and shook me shoulder.
“Johnathan wake up.” she said as I pretended I was still asleep by mumbling a bit. She started shaking my hard and she almost yelled at me “Johnathan wake up this instant, I need to talk to you.” There was no getting out of this so I decided to play dumb, I opened my eyes groggily. 
“Uh what’s up Linda?” I asked, still feinting fatigue. I propped myself up on my elbow and looked right in her eye’s trying to avoid what she was holding.
She pointed to the thong and asked me “Do you know what this is?” 
I looked at the thong with what I hoped was confusion, while replying “um, that’s your underwear, why are you showing it to me?”
“That’s not what I mean, I’m talking about this right here!” she said angrily as she pointed to a small spot on the thong. Oh shit! Knowing that there was nothing else I could do I continued to play dumb. 
“I don’t know, some dirt maybe?” I said trying to sound confused, I was pretty sure she wasn’t buying it.
“No, its cum and you should know that because its yours.” I must have had a ridiculous look of shock on my face because Linda started to smile a little as she continued “If you just admit what you did this will go a lot easier.” 
I was caught red handed with no way out, I did the only thing left to to tell the truth. “Fine, you’ve caught me. I masturbated with your thong and I don’t regret it because I had one of the most amazing orgasms in my entire life.” At this point I was still lying in bed, I figured I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep for a little while so I sat up and swung my feet off the side of my bed. 
In my new position I had a really good look at Linda, she was wearing a very sexy black dress that show a great amount of cleavage and her shapely legs. I was snapped back to reality when Linda said “You just admitted to masturbating to my thong and you’re already daydreaming about me.” I blushed a little but I didn’t apologize so she continued talking “Now here’s what’s going to happen, I am not
going to tell your mother.” I let out a sigh of relief while Linda was still speaking. “But you are going to have to do something for me.” she finished.
I instantly said “I’ll do what ever you ask, anything just say it.” Linda’s smile got bigger as she walked around the room and took a seat on a black and white checkered lounge chair. 
“I want you to masturbate for me.” Linda obviously thought she was punishing me but the idea of masturbating for this sexy women got me hard very quickly. I tore of my clothes at nearly the speed of light and tossed them on the floor next to Linda. Since this was the second time I masturbated in the past few hours I knew I was going to last a bit longer than usual. As I laid back down on my bed I noticed Linda staring intently at my hand moving up and down the shaft of my manhood. I decided to tease her a bit by switching between rubbing just the head or just the base. She was really enjoying the sight of me masturbating so I slowed down even more, just doing long slow strokes from the top to the bottom of penis. When I had almost reached my climax I stopped for a quick breather 
“Where do you want me to cum? I don’t want to make a mess of your guest room.” 
Linda stood up and walked over to sit beside me on the bed then she said ” Since you like to cum on my clothes so much, you’re going to cum on me.” I was a little surprised but I stood up beside her and resumed stroking my dick at a quicker pace. At first I aimed right at her face but she shook her head so I pointed a farther down, right at her amazing tits. I started stroking faster and began moaning as I got closer to my orgasm. 
“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” I shouted as I started to shower Linda with my load. She looked shocked by how much I came but that look quickly changed to enjoyment. 
“I hope you learned your lesson.” Linda said as she stood up and walked to the bedroom door “I’m going to go clean up, but don’t you go anywhere because I’m not done with you yet mister.”
“Yes Ma’am” I said as she walked out the door. 

As I laid back on my bed wondering what could possible happen next I heard the shower start. I was reliving what had just happened when Linda started yelling at me. 
“John! Come here this instant!” She sounded quite angry so I hurried to the bathroom, to my surprise the door was wide open and Linda was looking at me through the frosted glass shower doors. “Hurry up and get in here, I need you to wash my back” She said. From her tone of voice I would have thought I was in trouble but this was no punishment. I didn’t put my clothes back on after I finished jacking off for her, so I hopped right into the shower. Linda turned her back to me with out saying another word. I grabbed the wash cloth and began to wash her back. The whole time I was staring at her ass, it looked like it was 
sculpted by some amazing god, both cheeks were perfectly proportionate. 
I felt my penis start to engorge and I could not stop my self from rubbing it a bit. When I finished her back I knelt down and started to massage her gorgeous butt, doing figure eights around each cheek then down the crack. Linda seemed to be enjoying it and she spread her legs apart a little bit, giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy. Just from looking at her vagina I could tell she was enjoying what I was doing. I decided to be a little bold so on my next figure eight around her butt went down her butt crack I brushed her pussy lips with one of my fingers, her whole body shook.
On my next lap I got even bolder and slid my fingers right along her labia and rubbed her clitoris, her body shook even more than before. I abandoned washing her and set my full attention on her vagina. Linda clearly knew what I was doing because she spread her legs wider giving me better access. This was my first time fingering a girl but I knew a bit from porn and I hoped I would learn the rest as I went along. I continued rubbing her clitoris as I slowly inserted one of my other fingers in to her vagina. It was a lot tighter than I thought it would be for a women with a kid.
As I pushed my finger in as deep as it could go I heard Linda moan a breathless “Oh my god.” I took that for a green light and began moving my finger in and out making her moan even more. As I continued rubbing her clit and finger fucking her I could feel her pussy getting hotter. It was also getting wetter, so the next time my finger was almost out I added another one, this brought even more moans. Linda was starting to get loud, she was practically screaming with pleasure. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” She screamed, I
wouldn’t have stopped even if I could. I was getting immense satisfaction just from know I could pleasure her so well for my first time.
Suddenly Linda stopped moaning and said “John There’s one more thing I want you to do for me. I want you to take that dick of yours and fuck me with it!” She grabbed something that was by the shampoo bottles then passed it back to me with out turning around. To my surprise it was a condom. I didn’t even know if it was the right size since I had never used one before but I was not about to let that stop me.
I put it on and it fit perfectly. Linda was already bent over waiting for my cock, I looked at her vagina for a second before I stepped up and prepared to penetrate her. I lined my penis up with my goal and as I slid in I was immediately rewarded with Linda moaning.
“Oh my god John, please fuck me gently it’s been a while.” I was already so focused on my breathing and my rhythm I could only grunt in reply. Her pussy was the greatest thing I had ever felt, it was hot, wet and tight, focusing on my breath was all I could do to keep from cumming to soon. I slowly pushed my penis in as far as I could go then withdrew even slower. 
I barely heard Linda utter a low moan “Oooooooohhhhhh”. I continued pounding her pussy at the same steady pace, until Linda said “Fuck me like the dirty whore I am, fuck me hard I deserve it!” I put my hands on her hips then began speeding up and ramming my cock into her vagina with a bit more force. “Yeah fuck me, I’m a naughty girl then needs to be punished.” All the dirty talk was getting to me and I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. I wanted to slow down to keep from cumming but Linda’s moaning made me keep going.
“Don’t stop” She moaned loudly, then she yelled even louder “DON’t STOP, I’M GONNA CUMMMMMMM!!!!” I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my penis and it sent me over the edge. I buried my dick as deep as it could go just as I came. It was the best orgasm I had ever felt, even better than the one earlier that night, but I had a feeling it was nothing compared to what Linda felt. Her whole body bucked and thrashed while I
had to hold on to her to keep her from falling over. As her orgasm faded I pulled my dick out and took the condom off, I grabbed the soap and gave myself a quick wash. Linda was still recovering from the intense orgasm she had but eventually she stood up and turned around to look at me. 
For the first time that night I had a full view of her beautiful breasts. They were big, and sagged a bit but they were the first breasts I had ever seen and that made them very special. Linda had dark areolas about an inch across with nipples that looked perfect for sucking. We both stood staring at each other for a while then Linda finally spoke up.
“I think we’re even now, I won’t tell your mother what you did with my thongs as long as you keep fucking me.” She still sounded like she was pretending to punish me but we both knew what was really going on. “Alright I’ll fuck you when ever you want, but I don’t know if I can go another round tonight, I’m very tired.” I Said while I was still staring at her amazing tits, I had a very strong urge to motorboat them but there would be time for that later. Linda turned off the water and stepped out of the shower and started toweling off, I was close behind her. After we dried off Linda led me by the hand to her bed room. I watched her ass sway back and forth as we walked to the bedroom, it was almost hypnotic. We climbed into her bed and cuddled for a bit, I had my hand around her body caressing one of her tits as I finally passed out.

I awoke in a state of confusion, as I looked around the room I realized where I was and everything came back to me. I was already hard by the time Linda rolled over and looked at me. “Good morning handsome.” She said quietly while looking deep into my eyes.
I returned her stare as I replied “Good Morning beautiful.” 
“Are you ready for round two?” She asked, with out waiting for an answer she tossed back the covers and positioned her head above my now rock hard dick. I watched her lick the tip then she opened wide and slide my dick into her mouth all the way down to the base. After having sex for the first time last night I thought nothing could top the feeling of being balls deep in a tight vagina, but damn this came really close. I didn’t want her to stop but at the same time I really wanted to fuck her again.
“Wow, Linda you’re amazing at that but I really want to fuck you good before I blow my load.” I said, with out taking her mouth of my dick she looked at me with a mix of disappointment and anticipation. With out saying a word she stopped sucking my cock and got into position to ride it. She lowered all the way down my shaft slowly, moaning the whole way. 
“Ooohhhh, your cock is mine now John, anytime I want it your going to come her and give it to me.” she said as she bounced up and down on my dick. I was so distracted by the motion of her tits that I barely heard her. I mumbled some random gibberish in reply as I started to meet her on the way down with my own thrusting. “Fuck me good John” she screamed as my dick went deep into her vagina. Linda was smiling and yelling from the pleasure my prick was giving her and I was all serious business, trying not to cum so I could enjoy her pussy as long as I could. 
She could see that what she was doing to me was going to send me over the edge soon so Linda stopped bouncing and leaned forward resting her breasts on my chest and kissing me passionately. Our tongues connected as our mouths moved in unison. As she laid on top of me I began to thrust my dick deep into her pussy very slowly, savoring every sensation. Linda moaned into my mouth as we continued making out. She eventually broke of our kiss and pushed her self up a bit so her tits were hanging right in front of my face. I began caressing them one in at a time while fucking her a bit harder to watch them jiggle. Linda was really enjoying this and every time I rubbed her nipples she would close her eyes and moan.
“Don’t stop Johnathan, I wan’t to feel you inside of me forever.” she said, and I suddenly realize I wasn’t wearing a condom like I did last night. 
“Uh Linda” I said “Should I be wearing a condom right now?” 
She looked sort of shock but then she quickly gave me a sexy grin. “No,I only made you where that condom last night to keep you from cumming to quick.” She said with a wink. I was really enjoying the way we were fucking but I wanted to be in control so I flipped her over onto her back and got up between her legs. I spread her legs wide and pointed upwards as I got into position to penetrate her pussy with my penis. “Oh a man who takes charge I like that.” Linda said as she stared at my dick sliding into her. “Oh fuck me hard john, I need that cock.” I held onto her legs as I fucked her, they were so smooth and long, I ran my hands up and down them I was really getting into the dirty talk. 
“Yeah you little whore I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be sore for a week.” I said as I pounded her vagina. “Oh you’ve got a filthy mouth Johnathan, I may need to wash it out with my pussy juice.” Linda was giving me a devilish grin and I knew that little minx was being serious. The entire time we were talking dirty I was fucking her faster. My balls where making a rhythmic slapping sound on her ass. “I’m getting close John don’t stop.” Linda moaned “OOOOOHHHHH yeeaaaahhhh baby fuck me good.” I put my hands on her hips and really started giving it to her, I slammed my dick deep into her pussy as I pulled her body close to mine. “Oh my god, I’m about to come, get down there and finish me off with your tongue.” Linda almost screamed.
I quickly pulled out and put my head between her legs. I licked around the outside of her pussy then stuck my tongue in as far as I could go. While I was doing this I gently rubbed her clit. Linda was alternating between moaning and screaming in extacy as she pushes my head farther into her pussy. 
“Don’t stop, DON’T STOP” She yelled, “I’m gonna cum!” She was moaning so loud then suddenly she stopped as I felt her sweet nectar fill my mouth, I lapped up as much as I could but she kept cumming. I felt like I was going to drowned but it was so tasty I couldn’t stop. Finally she stopped coming, I sat up and looked at her with my face covered in her delicious juices. Linda reached out and brushed my face with her hand, to my surprise she then stuck her fingers right in her mouth. She obviously like her cum as much as I did because she pulled me on top of her and started passionately kissing me entire face. When she had pretty much cleaned me off she noticed my raging hard on. 
“Let’s take care of that.” Linda said as she wiggled out from under me. She got off the bed and headed out of the room, just before she left she looked back and said “Don’t get soft on me mister, I’ll be right back.” With a shake of her ass she was gone. I Didn’t think it was possible for me to lose my erection right now but I rubbed my dick anyways. After a few minutes Linda had returned holding something behind her back. I was so enticed by her amazing breasts that I barely noticed when she showed me what she was hiding, it was a video camera! 
“I want to record us so I can watch us fuck when you’re not able to come over here and fuck me good.” Linda said as she set up the camera on a shelf. 
“That’s a great idea you filthy slut.” I said “but hurry up I want to fuck your tight twat again.” She hoped on the bed making her titties bounce as she landed ready to fuck doggy style. I quickly got behind her and gave her pussy a quick rub before I slid my dick in. Her pussy was so wet that it made a quiet squishing sounds as I entered her. I had only thrusted in and out of Linda when she started to moan and talk dirty again. 
“Fuck me with that big cock of yours.” She said quietly.
“You’re my fucking whore, and I’m going fuck you until you scream.” I replied as my cock slid in and out of her soaking vagina.
“Yeah baby that’s what I want, oh yeah oh yeah right there!” She yelled loudly. I was fucking her hard and fast when I decided to tease her a bit. I thrusted my cock in as far as I could, and waited a few seconds before pulling all the way out. As soon as my dick was all the way out Linda said “What are you doing, don’t stop fucking me.” She sounded a very upset that I stopped, before she could say anything else I rammed my dick back into her. I was pounding her pussy with a renewed vigour and Linda was continuously moaning Oh and ah. 
The inside of Linda’s pussy was squeezing my dick, I wasn’t sure how she was doing but it felt great. I leaned forward and reached under her to grab her tits. The felt like silk in my hands and the force of my thrusts where making them jiggle. I was in the zone, I could barely hear Linda screaming from pure pleasure. My entire focus was on pounding her pussy as best as I could. The sensations of her vagina where beginning to send me over the edge, I looked right at the camera as I was getting closer to orgasm. “I’m going to fill you up with my cum Linda.” I said half to her and half to the camera, she just moaned in response. I was about to come so I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into me as I buried my dick with my final thrust. When my cock couldn’t go any further I erupted send waves of my cum deep into her vagina. At the same time I felt Linda’s pussy clamping down more than it was before, I was pretty sure she was cumming too and it just made me cum harder. I finally pulled out of her with a slick plop sound. I laid back on the bed as Linda went get the camera.
“Oh fuck, I left the lens cap on.” Linda yelled.
“Well we’re just going to have to do it again then.” I said with a grin. 
“Your mom’s going to be her to pick you so it will have to wait until next.” Oh shit, I looked at the clock it was
10:30, my mom was picking me up in 15 minutes. Linda and I quickly took a shower together, the whole time I was oggling her beautiful body. We had just got finished getting dress when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I quickly gave Linda a kiss and ran out the door to the car, the entire ride home I thought to my self this is going to be the start of a awesome relationship.

Authors note: Hey everyone, if you made it this far I would just like to say thanks for reading, this is my first sex story but I hope to write plenty more. Please take the time to post so feedback as I would love to know what I can do better. My next story will continue the sexcapades of Johnathan and there may possible be some incest in his future so stay tuned.



My first story, very story-based, so starts quite slow. Hope you like it,It starts the same way. Standing in my living room with the phone ringing. Around me, walls rip away, frames are sucked into the sky, the ground cracks, everything is chaos, and yet, there was no sound apart from that damn ringing. I try to stop myself, but as always, like every other time, I walk over, the dream refusing to end, refusing to let go. I pick up the phone, and hear the words, “Is this David Leonard? Sir, there’s been an accident…”

And as always, I jerk awake, my face drenched in sweat. As always, I just sit by the edge of the bed and while waiting for the tears to stop, think about my past, what I had lost.


I was 16 when I met my wife. It should have been nothing special, just a friend introducing her to me, but from the moment I met Jeanne, it just sort of clicked, no matter how corny it may sound. Jeanne was a pretty 5’5 brunette with brown eyes and a smile that could warm the coldest of days. Despite looking very ordinary, wearing jeans with a loose green top at the time, I found myself being more attracted to her than any of our college sluts who go around wearing tight tops and skirts that look more like belts. She was something different, something special.

We went to the same college, were chosen for the same university, most of my young adult years was spent with her, my closest friend. As we grew older, the line between friends/couple became increasingly strained, sideway glances turning into guilty smiles, guilty smiles turning into flirting, flirting turning into teasing, but neither of us took it any further. Too scared, too proud or the fear of rejection, I don’t know, but it looked like I would forever remain in the friend zone, which is the worst place for a guy to be. Fact.

That changed when Jeanne had invited me as her +1 for cousin’s wedding, both of us being 19 at the time. I had already been introduced to her parents, John and Nadine, and they seemed to like me, so it wasn’t awkward or out of the blue. Anyway, during the reception, I found myself dancing with one of the bride’s sisters, who was very…enthusiastic, let’s put it like that. Especially her hands, which were definitely rubbing against things they shouldn’t. Trying to pull away, and ignoring that sly look in her eyes, my eyes caught Jeanne, who was trying hard not to laugh at my discomfort. And yet, she seemed slightly bothered about it as well.

Managing to pull away, I sat down next to Jeanne, ignoring her jibes. Throughout the evening, the eager bridesmaid tried to catch my eye several times while I was talking to Jeanne, but I smiled back at her, not wanting to hurt her feelings. Of course, that only encouraged her and so, when I saw her approaching me, I did the only logical thing I could think of. I asked Jeanne to dance with me.

Spontaneous. Random. Out of the blue. Jeanne looked at me curiously, before glancing to the bridesmaid, and asked, “Any particular reason?”

“It’s a wedding. People are dancing. Do I really need a reason?”

The way she was staring at me, I half-expected her to decline. But to my surprise, Jean sighed, saying, “Come on, then.”

It was a slow song, and so, finding some space on the floor, I drew her in, placing my hand on her waist and did that classic dance that involved nothing but circling, made for people like me who had no idea how to dance. We moved slowly, just me and her. I had expected for it to feel awkward, having never danced, not even at my prom. But in reality, it was…nice. I found myself enjoying the closeness, the warmth shared between us. Looking down at her, and seeing the small smile on her face, I forgot every piece of restraint I had and kissed her. At the contact, every part of me shivered, and as Jeanne kissed me back, I failed to notice anything else. No idea how long it lasted, could have been years, before she pulled away, and it was only when she gave a small smile and rested her head on my shoulder that my heart started beating again. Both of us giddy as fools, we carried on dancing, oblivious to the world and whoever was in it.


The same nightmare. The same Phone. The Same message. “There’s been an accident. You need to…”

The living room fades to black. The only thing left were the voices.

“Severe Damage…Heavy Blood loss”
“She’s going into cardiac arrest!”

Then it abruptly stops, moments of silence. And then:

“I’m sorry, Mr.Leonard. We did everything we could, but we were unable to save both of them.”

With a cry of anguish, I was back to real life, in the early morning. Breathing heavily, I forced myself up and went downstairs, not even bothering to try to go back to sleep. How could I, knowing that the funeral was in a few hours?


Three years later after our kiss, a year after our marriage, Jeanne gave birth to our daughter. She had been staying with her parents during the final stages of her pregnancy as per her request, which meant I only heard that she was in labour as I was making my way home from the airport, having been at a conference for the past three days. Smashing the gas pedal of my BMW, I raced to the hospital, driving to the edge of my- no, the car’s limit. Speed cameras, I hear you say? Funny, I didn’t notice any.

Shutting the car door behind me, running as fast as I can, I made my way through the hospital. Darting through hallways, asking for directions impatiently, I finally saw John standing outside a door, anxiously waiting. Apologizing to him for the delay, and finding out that Nadine was with Jeanne, the two of us waited in that hallway, neither one of us saying a word. I was terrified, partly thinking about everything that could go wrong, but most of all, that soon, I was going to be a father. I mean, holy…

The door opened and the nurse told us to come in. I looked at John, and asked, “You ready to meet your granddaughter?”

He gave a nervous smile, replying, “About as ready as you meeting your daughter.”

Taking a deep breath, I walked into the room, and that’s when I first saw her, crying in Jeanne’s arms. Walking over, I met Jeanne’s eyes, and we both smiled/cried as we looked down at our daughter. She was a little replica of Jeanne, right down to the bone.

“She looks exactly like you, Jeanne”, John said, in a slightly shaky voice, while Nadine grasped the baby’s- my daughter’s hand.

“Not quite, Kyra got something from her father”, Jeanne replied, her voice filled with exhaustion. “David, come on, introduce yourself.”

My hands were shaking uncontrollably as I walked up to her, and the feeling I got when I held Kyra for the first time, as she cried with surprising volume, it was… inexplicable, and I refuse to even try and explain it. It took all my self-control to not break down and cry with her. Instead, I gently whispered “Kyra” in her ear, and her eyelids opened just a fraction, allowing me to see a flash of grey.

“She’s got your eyes, David”, Nadine said, and it was then that was when I felt like a father, and the emotions running through me…was ageless.


The next few days passed quickly for me. I would come early every day, waiting impatiently by the door until I was allowed in. Jeanne had trouble with the birth and was still quite weak, so I would stay by her, making sure she was alright, never leaving her side or Kyra’s.

The time came when we finally took both of them home, inviting Jeanne’s parents to stay with us for a while, and the next few months, I would forever remember as the best part of my life.

However, the next three years was both amazing and frustrating. Because of Kyra and the fact I was making enough money for the both of us, Jeanne decided to quit her job and became a full-time mother. I was working as a manager for a multi-firm company, and the meetings/deadlines/conferences took so much of my time, I couldn’t be around Kyra as much as I wanted to. But still, no matter how tiring and stressful my job got, when I got home, I would be cheered up instantly by the two people that mean most to me.

And so, the years passed.

The main thing I noticed as Kyra grew up was that she seemed closer to me than her mother, but I figured that this was mainly because I wasn’t around as much as Jeanne was. I still remember her as a toddler, like it was yesterday. Kyra may look like Jeanne, but she had inherited my personality as well as the eyes. Always messing around, always curious, it was remarkable I found myself changing into a child when I’m with her.

Unfortunately, as Kyra got older, I found myself spending less and less time with her, mainly due to my promotion as Assistant CEO in a multi-firm company. But I never forgot certain events. Her first day of school. Her first play. Her first dance class. Things like that.

Jeanne and Kyra had become my whole life. There was nothing more that I could want or need. But my job prevented me from showing that to them, and it left me feeling useless.


The Funeral.

For most people, when someone close to you dies, it would be agonizing, but that wasn’t the case for me. Throughout the service, I just felt hollow, empty. Ironically, it was a perfect day weather-wise. The sun shining, a gentle breeze, but to me, the world was lifeless. I just stood there, holding Nadine, comforting her as the rites were being said. John was more composed, mainly because he’s an old-fashioned guy who doesn’t show emotions as much, but even he couldn’t stop the tears rolling down his face.

It was just another ordinary day, and it should have been. But a woman in a 4×4, who was partly drunk, lost control of her car on the road next to the pier. The 4×4 skidded across the road, before crashing into a small, red Fiat coming from the opposite direction, driven by a woman and her 12 year old daughter coming home from her dance recital. Both cars hit the barrier at the edge and went right through it. Both cars fell onto the rocks at the bottom. Jeanne and Kyra died instantly at the impact. The 4×4 driver managed to survive because her car was more robust, but it didn’t stop her spine from breaking, paralysing her from the waist down. Not sure whether to feel pity or satisfaction at that. Not sure if I can feel at all anymore.

People occasionally came up to me to give me words of comfort, after the service, but I generally gave them a general ‘thanks for coming’ before moving on. Rude, I know, but that’s how I felt. After all the friends and relatives left, I just went back to their graves and stood there with Jeanne’s parents, the three of us standing so still, there was no difference between the statues and ourselves.



I arrived home around 10 o’clock that night, exhausted to the point of almost passing out. Every single action, opening the front door, removing my shoes, heating some food in a microwave, seemed to take ten times the effort it normally would. Becoming CEO certainly hasn’t helped me out much, but apparently I was the only man for the job. Besides, it’s not like I had anything to do at home.

Collecting my dinner, I made my way into the living room and fell onto the sofa. Turning on the T.V, I mindlessly switched channels while eating, thinking about Sarah, a woman in my office who has asked me out (for coffee, for dinner. Etc) at least 4 times so far. My friends, the few I still have left, think I’m either gay or stupid to refuse her offer, as she was very fit and looked nothing like her 36 years. I can’t think of a reason why she would be attracted to a wreck like me, but it made it difficult for me to say a straight no. I would always make an excuse, and I hoped that eventually, she would think, too many coincidences and get the message. Harsh, maybe, but it wasn’t as harsh as saying no to her face. Was it?

Clearing my thoughts, I wasted about an hour, watching a half-decent crime movie, before I decided to turn in for the night. Turning the TV off, I made my way upstairs, leaving my plate on the table. Luckily, I had arranged the next week off, and so was looking forward to actually having a decent amount of sleep for a change.

After a quick shower, I caught myself in the mirror while brushing my teeth. I still looked pretty much the same as I did 10 years ago, but being in my late 30’s, you could definitely tell I wasn’t exactly in the prime of my life. My eyes, hollow and empty, gave that away. I rolled a few grey hairs on my head between my fingers and ran a hand down my stubble, before deciding to ignore it and carried on cleaning my teeth, just wanting to sleep.

I didn’t even bother changing when I was done, just went inside my room, stripped to my boxers and fell onto the bed, asleep in an instant.



Did I just hear that? After a few seconds of listening, I figured I must have imagined it, and decided to ignore it and try to go back to sleep.


The doorbell. With a groan, I tried to push myself up. Failing, I settled to look at my watch, learning that it was quarter to ten. I settled back down, figuring that whoever it was; they can bugger off, and was just on the point of sleep when…


“I’M COMING! “ I roared, as I rolled out of bed. Uttering curses, I grabbed a bathrobe, and stomped down the stairs, wincing as my foot hit the banister. Making my way to the front door, I considered whether to use my fists, as I prepared myself to confront the fucking idiot. Pulling the door open, ignoring the sudden chill of air, I yelled, “Do you have any idea-“, before freezing in surprise.

Standing in front of me was a young woman, looking at me with shock. We stared at each other for a moment, before I finally said, “I’m sorry, you must have the wrong house.”

Yet, I knew I was wrong, I felt like I’d seen this girl before.

She looked me up and down, before saying hesitantly, “Your robe…”

Oh, God no, I thought, but looking down, I saw my bare chest and stomach and unfortunately, due to my tight boxers and the fact it was morning, the very noticeable bulge of my slightly erect dick. With a silent curse, I tied the knot, and looked back at her, in a casual pose, as if I wasn’t fazed.

“Not the best of introductions. Do I know you?” I asked smoothly, still racking my brains to where I’d seen her before.

“It’s been a long time since you last saw me, but you should remember.” She replied, a faint smile on her face.

Slightly irritated but curious, I looked her up and down, waiting for something to click in my mind. Wearing thick leggings and a hoodie, she was around 5”7 (guessing it from my 5”10). Trying to find a resemblance to people I knew, I examined her face closely, which must have looked odd, as she gave a quick laugh.
She was very pretty, that much can be said. I couldn’t tell much because of the hoodie, but she had a very attractive face, with a cute smile and dark-eyes blues, and……….wait, the eyes. I stared into them, pale grey into dark blue, eyes I knew, eyes I remembered. In a flash, memories rushed at me. Two girls running around in my garden; a young girl smiling at me, with those same dark-blue eyes before Kyra emptied a jug of water over her head.

I pulled back, and with a smile, said “Hi, Amy”, to which she gave a shy smile.

I stared at her, shocked that Amy, of all people, was at my doorstep. Lost in memories, I was disrupted by a tug on my shoulder. Amy was looking at me with a slight smile, saying “You do realise it’s freezing out here.”

I stared at her blankly, before coming back to reality.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” I said apologetically, flattening myself against the wall to let her through. As she passed, her body rubbed against mine, causing a sudden jolt in my chest. 

“Living room is on the left”, I said after she passed. “Take a seat, I’ll just take a second to get changed”. 
I made my way to my room, still unable to believe Amy was here. After so long, this girl from my past had come back. While changing into a simple t-shirt and jeans, my mind went back, to a happier time and place.


Amy was Kyra’s best friend, from her younger days. Her and her parents lived in our neighbourhood, (the very same place I live now). Jeanne and I had met Adam and Sarah during a social gathering. They were likeable, and Amy seemed like a nice kid, if not slightly inquisitive for her 6 years of age. However, it was when the three of them first came round to our house and Amy first met Kyra, a toddler at the time, that she became part of my life.

Amy loved my daughter, and Kyra seemed to instinctively connect with her. Throughout the years, they never failed to see each other at least four times a week. Despite the 4-year gap between them, the two of them were inseparable.

Time passed, and Amy’s parents started having marital issues and because we were their closest friends, it became common for her to stay with me and Jeanne while Adam and Sarah went on romantic trips or vacations, desperately trying to flare their relationship back into life. When Amy did come over, Jeanne and I always made sure to treat her like an adult, despite her being 11 at the time, partly because she was very mature for her age, mostly because we didn’t want be a parent substitute for her, as it might screw her relationship with her own.

As the issues between Adam and Sarah worsened, Amy stayed at our house more and more, until it came to the point where she was staying with us more than her own parent’s house. Well, I say us, but I wasn’t around that much either. Having been promoted again, I found myself spending even less time at home, so it was just Amy, Kyra and Jeanne most of the time.

Over time, despite my original thoughts, I found myself thinking of Amy as a second daughter, and treated her as such. She would come to me, asking for help, on homework, friend issues or whatever was on her mind. I would put aside whatever work I had, and like I did for Kyra, talk with her in a way that she answers her own question. (People tend to follow the advice you guide them to rather than the advice you tell them to do).

Coming home from the out-of-town conferences, I would bring presents to the two girls and after a while, Amy would expect these gifts. I would sometimes pretend to have forgotten it, but she wasn’t fooled, not even once. As for Jeanne, I had learnt that excessively buying her gifts just made her pissed, and she told me that I shouldn’t feel guilty. Even so, at night, I would try and make it to her, and trust me; she is a hell of a screamer.

Anyway, a year later, out of the blue, Amy’s parents suddenly announced their decision to move up north. Amy was 13 when they left; I remember the day clearly, her parents walking down their garden path with their suitcases, while Kyra and Amy were in the porch, bawling their eyes out. Jeanne was comforting Amy and Kyra, telling them it would be fine, while I talked to her parents, wishing them luck on their new life. Though, by the look on both their faces, I knew that the sudden relocation wasn’t going to improve their marriage. They were just delaying the inevitable, but I kept that thought to myself.

Making my way back after saying my goodbyes, I passed by Amy, walking to the car, with the most miserable expression on her face. After a brief thought, I called her back and embraced her in a small hug, her head just about reaching my mid-chest, before kneeling down and telling her, how a pretty girl like her would have no trouble fitting in her new home, and that she shouldn’t be sad or scared. She gave a shy smile in reply, blushing slightly, but seemed a lot more cheerful, as she embraced me tightly, before running to the car. I lifted myself back up, picked Kyra up, and the three of us watched the car drive away, Amy furiously waving with tears in her eyes. And that was, as the car turned round the corner, the last time I saw her.

Kyra cried waterworks for hours, and it took all our strength and patience to cheer her up. Over the next few months, when Kyra wasn’t doing her homework or her chores, she would be on the computer, chatting with Amy on MSN, Skype, whatever it was called, discussing whatever young girls discussed at the time. They never met face-to-face again, the…..accident happening two years later.

Amy and her parents couldn’t make it to the funeral as they was on holiday abroad, but a few weeks later, I received from her, by post, a beautifully drawn card. Her pain and loss literally poured out of the card, from every care-written word to the small drawings in the corners. It was clear that Kyra’s death had affected her greatly, and I wrote two letters that day, one to Amy, thanking her for the gift and giving words of comfort. The second, to Adam, telling him that Amy had been extremely close to Kyra, thus asking him to keep an eye on her. I had posted those letters, thinking that was that.

And now, seven years later, she had come back.


“You sure know a good time to visit, Amy”, I said, as I entered the living room.

Amy was standing by the study table, looking through my album, filled with photos of Jeanne, Kyra and me. She hadn’t even heard. 

Walking up to her, I placed my hand on her shoulder. She turned round sharply, before wiping her cheeks with her sleeve.

“Sorry”, she said, her voice slightly shaky. “It’s-“

“I know”, I replied softly.

An awkward silence filled the room, and I went to turn on the electric fireplace, trying to warm the place up a bit.

As she sat down on the sofa, I made my way to the kitchen, saying “Make yourself at home; I’ll be back with some coffee”.

It took a few minutes, but I came back with two cups filled with the perfect antidote for a cold morning.
Walking up to her, I noticed that Amy had removed her hoodie and placed it close to the fire. I could now see that she had wavy dark-blonde hair that ended in curls, a hairstyle that really suited her. She was wearing a tight grey sweater and with those leggings, I couldn’t help but notice that she had a nice physique, not too thin, curves in the right places. Unconsciously, my eyes went to her chest area for an instant, and found that while she had medium sized breasts, they were very round and stuck out firmly, something I noticed even more with that sweater.

Realising that I had accidently checked her out, I slapped myself mentally for the perverted thoughts before handing her the cup, to which she gave her smile, with the words, “Thank you, David.”
I noticed that fact that she had used my first name, and it bugged me, as she had always called me “Mr.Leonard”, but I brushed it aside.

We chatted aimlessly while we drank the coffee, filling each other in of the past 7/8 years. I told Amy about my job and recent life while she told me about her university and her hobbies/interests.

“So how old are you now?” I asked after talking about her course for University.

“21 in four months”, she replied, with a strange smile, like it was part of an inside joke, which confused me slightly, but I disregarded it.

To change the subject, I asked her something that I was wondering about for a while. 

“So how are your parents doing?”

At the very question, Amy’s face darkened, confirming my guess.

“That bad, eh?” I asked with concern.

“You don’t know,” she replied with a weary tone. “Mom and Dad divorced three years ago. I lived with my mum for a while, and she couldn’t have been more miserable, always blaming me for everything. I had to get out of there. Dad……I haven’t seen him in a while, not since he hooked up with some local slut called Jade. No idea where he is now, could be dead for all I know, the fucking prick. So yeah, it is that bad”.

Amy returned to drinking her coffee, before she noticed the shock on my face, and asked what was wrong.
I shook my head in reply, saying, “Nothing, it just seems weird to hear you talking like this. It only seems like yesterday that you were a child.”

Something, annoyance possibly, flickered through her eyes, and she said softly, “That was a long time ago”.

“I know. It’s just strange, that’s all.” I countered, before asking, “So where do you live now?”

“I stayed with my friends for a while, and when I got a decent part-time job, rented a small apartment. It’s a nice place, good value for money.”

“You don’t live on Campus, then?”

“Don’t even get me started on my Campus”, she replied with emotion, and started giving me a ferocious rant on everything wrong with the place.

“You should have been in my University, that place was wild”, I replied, telling a few stories of my young, foolish self and the troubles we got in.

As we talked, the topics ranging to… pretty much everything, I was surprised by how easy it was; it felt like talking to a lifelong friend. Amy was confident, her enthusiasm infectious and she had an incredible sense of humour, one to rival the one I had. I found myself laughing like I’ve never laughed in the past 7 years, and catching my breath, I realised that she was what I used to be, and seeing how far I had fallen, I couldn’t help but be slightly depressed.

Eventually, I finally got my senses together and asked, “So, what’s with the sudden appearance?”
Amy’s face lost its shine. For a moment, I wondered if she was going to cry, but then, she reached into her bag and withdrew a small chain.

“I was cleaning the storeroom in my apartment, and I found this”, She said slowly, before placing the chain in my open palm. “Kyra gave it to me the day I left and I just thought……it should belong to you.” 

I had hoped that she wouldn’t mention her. To be honest, even now, it hurts when I think about them. It had taken a whole year to get out of my depression, the worst days of my life. I didn’t know if I had the strength to endure that again. Nevertheless, I opened my palm (no idea when I closed it), and examined the chain.

Silver, with a small heart at the end. I recognised it instantly, as it had been a gift from me. Kyra had always been crazy about chains, that much can be said. Girls and their jewellery, eh? She loved this, it was her most favourite one, and yet, she had simply given it to Amy. That, more than anything, gave me my answer.

“No.” I said softly, standing up. Amy stood up too, looking confused. “I have my memories. But Kyra gave this to you, and I wouldn’t feel right if I had this.”

I put the chain back in her hand, saying, “Besides, I think it would look much better on you”.

Amy’s eyes were wet. I think mine were too, but I didn’t want to check.

“Thank you”, she said, her voice quivering. She put the chain around her neck, and I helped attach it at the back, my fingers slightly brushing the skin of her neck.

“You see, it suits you perfectly”, I said with a smile, after putting it on. She smiled back at me, her dark blue eyes more noticeable than ever. And then, she took a step forward, right up to me, staring at me with a hard look in her eyes. Her head moved forward, and without even thinking about it, I found mine moving back. Amy stared at me as if she had been slapped, and then…

“I should get going, I have to be at the station at 12”, she said suddenly, pulling back.

I too was kicked back to my senses, but I took it in stride, despite the fact I had no idea what just happened.

“That’s OK. Do you want a lif-“

“No”, she replied, in a sharp tone, answering before I even asked the question. “It’ll be good for me to walk for a while.”

Amy seemed very hesitant and confused, as she put her hoodie back on, and believe me, the feeling was mutual. She wanted to say something, but found her unable to do it. I found myself being more scared than I have in years.

“Bye, David. Thanks for the coffee.” She said, opening the front door.

Standing at the doorway, she gave me a hug that seemed to linger before pulling her hood over her head and briskly walking away.

I watched her walk away, before closing the door, feeling unnerved. My mind was spinning, still wondering what the hell just happened. It can’t be what I thought it was. I sat back down on the sofa, staring blankly at the cup on the coffee table, before the ringing phone brought me back.


Over the next few weeks, I found myself being a lot more confident. I found myself changing with no conscious reason. A new self, meeting with people after work, getting drunk and having a good time. My new attitude certainly got me more popular with my colleagues, though I was careful to still do the work and never overdo my new self. After all, I was the CEO, and was expected to be the responsible one.

I also noticed the amount of attractive females in the office, women I hadn’t noticed for years and found myself flirting around them, especially towards Sarah. I found myself spending more and more time with her, enjoying every second we spent together. And yet, even though I am now happier than I’ve been in years, I could not make that final step. I could not ask her out, something was stopping me.

The constant battle between my will and my mind raged within me, until I decided that this was a simple problem to solve. I wanted to call Sarah, to just ask her out, but I couldn’t. Therefore, I decided not bother. I’ll just stay like this, my new attitude, casual flirting, nothing more. And though I knew it was not fair on her, I figured that this was the best way. And sometimes, for a split second, I almost convince myself of that.



It was absolutely pouring with rain during the journey home. After popping into the local supermarket to stock up on food, I was making my way back to the car, getting soaked, when I accidentally bumped into someone, and was it fate or a huge coincidence that it happened to be her?

“Amy?” I asked, still unable to believe the odds. She looked like she had been outside for hours, she was absolutely drenched. Her clothes had been soaked to the point of being shapeless, and her hood was absolutely failing at keeping her head dry. Carrying a small suitcase with her, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“David? Oh my God, what are the chances?” She exclaimed, cheerful, even in this weather. I gestured her to walk with me to my car.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked with concern, as I opened the boot and put the bags and her suitcase in.

“Just a small problem, I’m supposed to stay at my friend’s house, but apparently, her family decided at the last minute for them to all go to their cousin’s house.” Amy said, her casual tone making the whole scenario somehow amusing. “So I’ve been spending the last hour walking around in the rain, trying to find a hotel in this shithole of a city.”

“Well, you’re definitely handling it better than me.” I replied with a laugh. “If that happened to me, you’ll hear my curses from a 2 mile radius, and random people will be shouted at to the point of crying.”

Closing the boot shut, I heard Amy asking me if I knew there were any hotels nearly, when, out of nowhere, I asked:

“Why don’t you stay with me?”

Did I really just say that? Why did I just say that?

“Stay…….. with you?”, Amy asked slowly, and was it just me, or did her eyes light up?

Okay, David, you cannot take back what you just said, so go balls confident.

“Sure, I mean, it’s only one night, right?” I said, making my voice sound as casual as possible. “It’s seems like an easier choice than paying for a hotel, but it’s your choice.”

Amy seemed to consider the option, but somehow, I knew that she had already decided. She just didn’t want to look too eager. So I waited patiently, and then, a few seconds later:

“Sure, I guess that’s fine.” Amy replied, with a smile. As she got in the car, I looked up, knowing that the weather was definitely getting worse. Sighing, I got into my car as well, and started the car. Somewhere in the back of my mind, as I was pulling out of the spot, I wondered if Amy staying over was a good idea, but I chose to ignore that thought, and started to drive back home.


We reached my house about half an hour later, during which the rain had become a storm. Lightning frequently streaked across the sky, followed by the deafening sound of thunder. The rain battered us without mercy as we made our way up the path, and Amy huddled close to me to shelter her from the worst of the downpour. Reaching the front door, I gave my keys to her (I was carrying the bags and suitcase), and she quickly opened the door, before rushing inside, eager to get out of the downpour. I followed suit, closing the door behind me before placing the bags on the hallway, as we laughed our heads off for no real reason.

After calming down, I turned to Amy, and said, “Feel free to choose one of the rooms upstairs to stay in.” She thanked me in reply, and walked up the stairs. A small part of me stared at her ass as she walked up, how it moved with every step, before I forced myself to look away.

“The room on the far right is mine, so not that one”, I called after her, as I placed my jacket on the radiator, before following her upstairs and then to my room, wanting to change into some dry clothes. Rummaging through the mountain of clothes strewed on the floor, I found a t-shirt and some denim trousers, and put them on. After a brief thought, I put on some deodorant as well, to mask the smell of rain. Checking my reflection and finding it suitable, I was making my way back downstairs, when Amy suddenly came out of her room, and walked straight into me.

“Sorry David, didn’t look where I was going” Amy said apologetically.

“No problem, it was my fault, I’m not used to having someone else at the house.” I replied with a wary smile. Budging past her, I was on the stairs when she asked:

“Hey, do you mind if I use your bathroom? I really need a hot shower after all that time in the rain.”

My mind flashed on an image of Amy showering for second.

“No, it’s fine. Bathroom’s over there.” I replied casually before going downstairs, telling myself to get a grip.
While making dinner (I figured I might as well cook since I had a guest), I convinced myself that the sexual thoughts I had of Amy was just because of the whole scenario. If it was any other girl that was staying over at my house, it would probably have the same effect on me. It had nothing to do with her.

Amy is…….was Kyra’s friend; she’s like a second daughter for me. I have nothing but fatherly feelings for her, and I repeated this to myself several times. And yet…


Having finished cooking, I decided to take a break and watch a football match that some of my friends were talking about for the past week. Sure enough, it was a hell of a game, being tied at 1-all, and some spectacular skills and fouls. I was immersed in the game, that I didn’t hear Amy walking in. It was only when she asked if there was any dinner, then I turned to her, and froze.

Amy’s choice of clothing was very………form-fitting. She was wearing pink pyjama bottoms that clung to her legs tightly, showing off her long legs and ass rather well. To go with that, a white tank top that was slightly small for her, allowing me to see her bust very clearly and the outline of a bra. It also allowed me to see a thin slice of navel, and that combined with everything else, made her look…….

She met my curious glare, and I nodded at her clothing.

“Oh, that”, she sighed. “I was only supposed to be staying with my friend for the night, and only brought my bedtime clothes and the clothes which are now drenched, so that doesn’t leave me much choice. Besides, you should see the clothes she wears at night. ”

“So, both of you spend the night together in one room, with clothes like that. Anything else you want to tell me?” I said in a nudging tone and raised eyebrows, before I could stop myself.

“I guess that it is really true that men don’t age mind-wise”, she replied with a small grin, and I counted myself off the hook, still unable to believe I had said that. More surprising, she didn’t seem to mind, in fact, it seems to have the opposite effect.

Walking past me, Amy settled down on the sofa against the side wall. I gave her the remote, asking her if she was sure that she wanted dinner now, as it was only quarter past 7. She replied yes, so I made my way to the kitchen, coming back a few minutes later with two plates of Italian pasta, with my custom-made sauce, with a dash of spice (Say what you want, but I’ve always been proud of my cooking).

Judging by her reaction as she ate, Amy was definitely a fan.

“My god, this is delicious!” she said, or something similar to that as her mouth was full with pasta.

“Thanks”, I replied. “It was nothing.”

“Spare the modesty, after making food this good, you’re allowed to show off about it.”

“Well, I do what I can”, I replied with a laugh, before turning back to the T.V.

Unfortunately, Amy had decided to watch some romantic film, which wasn’t really one of my preferences, but she’s the guest so I decided to just suffer through it and watched it without really paying attention.

A while later, after both of us were done eating, as I turned my head, meaning to check the clock, my eyes skimmed over Amy, before coming back to fix on her. Because the sofa was to the side, she was sitting along the sofa, her legs resting on the armrest. My eyes ran over her long legs; how the tight pyjamas showed it off, before moving to her breasts, hidden underneath that tank-top. Again, I was fascinated by the roundness of her tits, and told myself it had to be a push-up bra, there’s no way a natural breast could defy gravity like that, unless there’s silicone involved. But she can’t have…

Amy moved slightly, and I hurriedly turned back to watch the film. Of course, after that, every so often, I would stare at her out of the corner of my eye, admiring her body. At one point, her tank-top had gone up slightly as she stretched. Now, I’d never been a navel guy, but seeing her smooth abs and belly button…. 
Of course, every time I did look at her, I would look away guiltily a few seconds later, telling myself to get a grip. But believe me, it wasn’t easy.

As the movie reached it’s climax (the two main characters getting together, really, are you even surprised?), out of nowhere, Amy asked, “Have you thought about getting married again?”

Funny, I should be offended that she asked such a personal question, but I couldn’t help but notice that I never thought about it. Was there another marriage in my future?

“I don’t know,” I replied truthfully, after a moment of thought. “I don’t know if I could.”

“That’s ridiculous. You can’t stay like this forever”, Amy said passionately. “Imagine if you had died, would you want Jeanne to remain unmarried for the rest of her life?”

Her logic was undeniable, but I chose to ignore it, saying, “It’s not that simple, Amy.”

In response, she turned the T.V off, grabbed a chair and set it down in front of me, before sitting down on it. 

Looking directly into my eyes, her dark blue into my pale grey, she said “David, it’s me. You always been there for me when I was young, I just want to repay the favour.”

I sat there, on the sofa, wondering what I should do. Part of me wants to just go to bed and let this day end, but talking to someone about a problem always lessens the burden, right?

“Ok, Amy”, I sighed. “You’re right, I should be trying to move on with my life, but I can’t and trust me, I tried. There’s this girl called Sarah in my office, I like her and I’m pretty sure that she likes me too, but guess what? Every time I go to ask her out, my mouth clamps shut. SOMETHING STOPS ME, EVERY SINGLE TIME! So, it’s not like I have a choice about remaining single, because I can’t even ask a girl out, even though sometimes, I’m really………well that doesn’t really matter. So tell me, Amy, what’s your diagnosis?”

A moment of awkward silence followed my tirade. To be honest, I did feel slightly better having let out some of my rage.

Amy’s response, when it came, came slowly, as if she was choosing her words carefully.

“Whatever stopping you from moving on is something that you have been keeping inside you for a long time, that much I can say. This is a delayed reaction.”

After a pause, Amy said slowly, “I have an idea.”

“Please, anything to help me out here.”

“Trying to solve a problem through force never helps. It’s like when you are doing an exam. You would never remember the answer by forcing it to appear. But if you try blanking out your mind and letting the answer come to you….”

“Seriously?”, I said with disbelief. “That never works in real life.”

“Have you tried?”


Amy gave me a stern look in reply, so with a sigh, figuring I might as well give it a shot, I slowed down my breathing and closed my eyes.

Right, I thought to myself, trying to ignore the ridiculousness of what I’m doing, Start blanking, Brain.

I don’t know how long I sat there, but incredibly, after a while, I found that Amy was telling the truth, kind of. By letting my mind relax, sitting in silence, thoughts and memories came at me, things I never even thought twice about. I sat there, waiting for it to come to me. I don’t know how long it took, but in a split second, I understood and I couldn’t believe that the answer escaped me for so long. How did I not see this before? How blind must have I been?

Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was Amy’s dark blue eyes, staring at me with concern.

“Well, did it work?” she asked.

I gave a sigh, and under Amy’s questioning look, simply said, “It’s guilt.”

She looked at me as if I was crazy, before saying, “Because?”

“Jeanne and Kyra”, I replied, my voice heavy. “I was never there for them. My work took up so much of my time. I…Sometimes, I wondered if Kyra hated me for that. I tried, you have to believe me, but I couldn’t make it to every… Hell, I almost missed her birth, what kind of father would miss the birth of his own child? As she grew older, I spent less and less time at home. You should know about that, when you were staying here, how many times was I also there?”

I paused, finding it difficult to keep talking. What I had always known now hits me with full force. 

“I may have earned money for them. I may have provided for them”, I said with effort. “But I wasn’t a good husband, or a good father.”

As I let the words hit me, a deep sense of self-loathing erupted in my chest. Disgusted with myself, I stood up, wanting to go upstairs and sleep.

However, Amy stood up too, and simply said, “You’re wrong.”

I made to argue my point, but she hushed me with a wave of her hand.

“No, listen. It might be true that you weren’t around much, but when you were, you took care of your wife and Kyra better than most fathers who are always around. Trust me, you were a much better father to Kyra than my dad was to me. You worked for them, and you really think that they’ll hate you for it?”


“I know that Kyra never hated you. When I was with her, never a day went past without her saying how awesome you are, at least once. The days that you weren’t there for her, you more than made up for it in the days that you were. Kyra loved you. Your wife loved you. In fact, the only person that hates you is you, and you don’t even have a valid reason for it.”

Amy stepped up to me and grabbed my shoulders, looked straight into my eyes, saying, “The amount of love you had for Jeanne and Kyra was nothing compared to the love they had for you, and they would be heartbroken if they could hear you right now.”

I found myself unable to disagree with her, as much as I wanted to. I don’t know how long I stood there, in silence, but suddenly, my eyes began to water, thinking of Kyra’s laugh, Jeanne’s smile, the three of us together. I had never cried at the funeral, but now, I found tears running down my face, and without knowing why, I just broke down. I barely felt Amy’s comforting embrace, just cried my heart out for Jeanne and Kyra, my lost family. 


I left the house a while later, leaving Amy in charge. I needed fresh air, and decided to take a walk to clear my mind. Thankfully, the storm had died down; there was not a cloud in sight. The night sky seemed clearer than usual, and the stars shone brighter than I had ever seen.

Amy’s words still echoed in my mind as I walked, making me realise how stupid I’ve been. It’s doesn’t matter if I wasn’t around as much as I could have been, I did right by my wife and child. I mindlessly walked round town and found myself at the local park. I smiled as memories poured in, Kyra on the swings, her laughter. Sighing with weariness, I walked in and wiped the raindrops off a bench, the same bench where Jeanne and I used to sit, and sat down. The good times rolled through my mind, and I soon found myself laughing like hell. I have no idea why, but the night echoed with the sound of my crazy, giddy laughter.

It was at that moment, while laughing, that I realised that the guilt would never bother me again. I had loved Jeanne and Kyra, and cruel fate had taken them away. But that was no reason to be miserable, I should be celebrating life in their memory, and if that means moving on, then so be it, I know that they’ll support me.

Content, I laid back and watched the night sky, the cold barely affecting me. It is amazing how the twinkle of stars could be so fascinating. Before I knew it, it was 10 o’clock and I decided to head back.

The journey home seemed to pass in no time, my mind completely at peace. Before I knew it, I was opening the front door and was making my way to the living room.

Amy was sitting on the sofa, apparently lost in her own thoughts, and didn’t notice me until I coughed slightly.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me, and she gave me a warm smile. She stood up.

“So, how do you feel now?” she asked as she walked up to me.

“Better, and it’s because of you. I’ll owe you more than you’ll ever know.”

To my surprise, she came up to me and embraced me. After the initial shock, I hugged her back, enjoying the warmth and comfort after being in the cold for so long. My left hand went to her lower back, while my right went up to stroke her hair. I had no logical explanation for doing that, but it felt right. She gave a content sigh at the content and snuggled into me, resting her head on my shoulders. That’s when I started getting nervous, but convinced myself that I was overreacting.

After a while, she pulled back, her hands on my shoulders. There was a hard look in her eyes, the same look as last time. As my mind flashed warning lights, she leant forward, and this time, I found myself unable to move. Her lips brushed mine gently, and before I knew it, I was kissing her back. The feel of her lips brought a part of me that had been buried for so long, and so, I didn’t even think about what I was doing. It was only when I felt her tongue slip into my mouth that I stopped, with surprise.

Comprehension came a split second later. Confused and disgusted with myself, I pushed her away.

“What the Hell!” I yelled, more to myself than her.

Amy looked at me, with a hurt look in her eyes. That look made me feel guilty, even though I technically had done nothing wrong. And then, the look changed into cold fury.

“Amy, what was that about? Why did you…”

“Are you thick?” she asked in a cold tone. “Do you really not understand?”

I don’t think I’ve been this confused in my life. I had no idea what was going on, or maybe I didn’t want to accept what I thought was going on. Either way, I said nothing in reply. There was a long pause while I tried to find the words.

“Amy”, I said slowly. “You’re like family to me. I don’t understand why you would do-“

“Well, I don’t think of you like that. For me, you’ll always be my first crush, the first person I…..had feelings for.”


“Do you want to know the main reason why I came here two months ago?”

I said nothing in reply, just listened.

“Living in an apartment and my parent’s divorce, it just made me feel…lonely. Even when I’m with my friends, it feels like I’m unwanted. I don’t know how you deal with it, but living on your own is hard for me. I’m used to being cared for all my life, and you’re mostly to blame for that. And then, when I found the chain, I remembered about you.”

Her face was red with embarrassment, but she didn’t stop. 

“I had a crush on you since I was 12. You were dependable. You cared about me. You-”

She came to a halt, her face scarlet, like she just realised what she was saying.

As for me, I felt like I’d been struck by lightning. Again, I was amazed by my ignorance and stupidity. How did I not see this before? 

“Amy, I don’t understand. Do you-”

“Yes” she said softly, “I don’t want to marry you, or to be your girlfriend or anything like that. It’s just that I want to be with you, and that’s still a type of love.”

“Amy, these feelings you have are not uncommon”, I said with a sigh, ignoring the perverted thoughts ramming into my head. “It’s just an attraction and it will-”

“Do I look like I’m 12? I’m 20 now, and I can tell you the feelings I have for you aren’t going that easily.”
I just groaned with frustration, and looking straight at her, said, “Amy, I don’t know what more I can say to make you understand.”

She stared at me for a long time, searching for something, before she sighed and turned away, replying “You don’t need to. I’ll just go upstairs, leave you alone. Thank you for letting me stay here.”

And with that, she left the room, looking to be on the point of tears. I wanted to comfort her but found myself unable to find the words, so I let her go, before falling back to the couch, the inner battles in my head overwhelming me.

I must have dozed off soon after that, for I found myself waking up 2 hours later. Rubbing my eyes, I yawned before stretching my muscles. I enjoyed about a minute of ignorant bliss before the day’s events hit me. Amy staying over, the kiss, her confession, everything.

Placing my hands on my head, I groaned. Who do you blame in this situation? Somehow, I don’t think it can be put on either one of us. I want to be able to help her, like she helped me, but….how I am supposed to sleep with someone who’s like a daughter to me?

Hang on; can I even call her that? I mean, most fathers don’t usually have fantasies involving their daughters, do they? And I’m pretty sure I’m not into incest. Or am I?

Jesus Christ, so many questions! And not one of them has an answer. Not even one!

Slapping the back of my head, I decided to go to the kitchen. It was there, drinking a glass of iced water, that I remembered how Amy had helped me before.

Was it even possible for it to work twice? No harm in trying.

Not wanting to give myself a chance of backing out, I sat cross-legged on the floor, and closing my eyes, focused on my slow breathing. In…out. Thinking of nothing else. I did that for as long as I could, before opening my eyes and letting the thoughts come to me.

Amy staring at me.

Kyra at the swings, Jeanne taking photos.

Sarah laughing at my joke.

How Amy was like a daughter to me.


Not ‘is’. ‘Was’.

Which surely means that I don’t now, right?

It was 13-year-old Amy that was like a daughter to me, and the simple truth is that the woman staying at my house tonight is not her. After she tried to kiss me during her first visit, I could no longer think of her in that way. 

Maybe I wouldn’t be saying this if she had been in my life constantly, but she wasn’t. Try as I could, I couldn’t even picture her as a 13-year-old anymore. I just saw her as she is now, a beautiful, witty young woman and all that I need now was the courage to go up and tell her that.


Standing outside her door, I found myself hesitating. Last minute doubts tried to force me back, but pushing it aside, I knocked on the door. I waited until I heard her reply, and walked in. Amy was standing by the edge of the bed, trying to hide her emotions through a blank face.

“What’s wrong?”, she asked with concern, even after everything, still caring about me. That, more than anything else, made me sure I was doing the right thing.

“Nothing, I just realised that… you were right” I replied, walking up to her.

Amy looked right into my eyes, dark blue into pale grey, and in a shaky voice, asked “About…w-what?”
Placing a hand on her lower back, I gently pulled her towards me and brushed her upper lip with my finger. Amy shuddered in my hold, and before she could say anything else, I moved forward and kissed her.

Her eyes widened in shock, before she moaned in my mouth and started kissing me back. This time, however, it was me that started parting her lips with my tongue, and with her permission, started venturing its depths. Amy was literally shaking in my hands, and withdrawing my tongue back, I gently tugged at her bottom lip while running my hand up her back, before pulling back, saying “About that”.

Brushing a stray strand of hair from her face, as her whole body shivered with the contact, I waited for her reply. She started at me with a hard look in her eyes, a look that made me think I had gone too far and that I was going to get slapped for it, but before I could begin to apologise, she literally tackled me. The momentum forced me back, as she kissed me ferociously. As my back hit the wall, my hands went down and grabbing her ass, pushed her higher up my body. Amy got the idea and wrapped her legs around my waist, the whole time kissing me with so much force, I couldn’t help but think of nothing else.

Locked in our vertical embrace, I didn’t notice the bed in my way, and as the back of my knees connected with it, I fell back on the mattress, Amy sprawling on top of me. I found that gently biting her bottom lip made her even more enthusiastic, and abused it for all I could, until finally, she broke away to breathe.

Both of us were gasping like mad, and my heart was beating so hard that it was actually hurting me slightly. I hadn’t felt passion like this for a while, and combining that with Amy’s exuberance, it was like an old man who had been deaf all his life suddenly listening to… dubstep. Wearing headphones. At full volume. And the effect was good.

“Hell, Amy, I never felt anything like that for a long time” I sighed, with content.

She looked down at me, saying “It’s your own damn fault, we could have done this two months ago… but no, you had to make me wait.”

Grabbing her, I spun around, and moved so that we were lying lengthwise along the bed, me on top of her.

“Two months, eh? I guess I have to make it worth your while” I replied, and kissed her lips, before slowly moving down. Gently brushing my lips along her neck, enjoying her soft moans, I moved at a very slow pace, wanting to tease her. I placed kisses along the collarbone, while slowly moving her tank top up her body. Amy saw my intentions and pushed herself, lifting her arms to allow me to pull it away from her, revealing a dark-blue bra that I quickly unstrapped before tossing it aside. And it was then I finally had the answer to a question I had been wondering about since I first saw her. Definitely not fake.

Her breasts were perfect, I’m guessing a B size, but it stuck firmly out of her body, and it’s firmness… I gently placed my hands over them, and rubbing the nipples with my thumb, squeezed slightly, and hell, did it feel incredible!

Amy whimpered as I played with her nipples, tugging them slightly and watching how they stuck out. I was fascinated by her breasts and couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to. Grabbing her, I rolled her over so she was on top of me and aligned myself with her left nipple. Seeing the anticipation on her face, I did everything I could to prolong the inevitable, rubbing my hands along her back while brushing her nipples with my lips. I don’t even know why, but seeing Amy frustrated was a huge turn-on for me.

But of course, the human resolve can only be held to a limit, and when she literally tries to force the breast on my mouth, I guessed I had delayed it by enough, and gently licked her nipple. Amy shifted suddenly under my grasp, and continued to move while I attacked her nipple with my tongue. I gently bit her nipples a few times, before I latched onto a nipple and began to suck.

She must be an incredibly sensitive there, for she gave a great moan of pleasure before grabbing my head and pushed it further into her breast. For me, her nipple tasted just like any other part of the skin but the knowledge of what it was doing to her was giving me more satisfaction that I ever thought I could feel without physically wanking.

As this point, she pulled my head up to her and kissed me, forcing our tongues into a savage duel. I was feeling every part of her I could reach, before pushing me down, whispering “Please…”

I didn’t have to wait long to understand what she was asking me to do. As I kissed down her navel, the scent of her arousal caught my attention and with curiosity, I moved down and slowly removed her pyjama bottoms and panties, before freezing with surprise. 

To say that she was ‘wet’ is a huge understatement, she was absolutely drenched. Jesus, this girl was horny. Tracing a line through her slit, I brushed her swollen lips, and heard her hiss with pleasure.

It’s been a long time since I last did this, but some things you don’t forget. Lowering my face to her pussy, I gently blew into it, teasing her, before running my tongue down her slit in one sweep, making her jerk violently. The taste of her juices was something that I could get used to, having an underlying sweetness to it, but I was still unsure about it, and so taking things very slow at first, gently laving her outer lips with my saliva, enjoying making her squirm as I hovered my thumb over her clit, brushing it slightly every now and then. 

Amy’s increased moans turned me on even more, and when I finally couldn’t resist anymore and there was a chance of her physically hurting me in her frustration, I stuck my tongue and started licking every inch of her pussy, using the sounds she made to judge her sensitive spots. I avoided her clit, wanting to see if I could make her cum without using that, and so spent most of my time searching with my tongue, diving deep into her depths. Surprisingly, I found that the taste did get better and better the more I tasted it, and figured it was an acquired taste that can be picked up very quickly.

I worked her for as long as I could, and every now and then, she would jerk slightly with what I thought to be mini-orgasms until inevitably, I felt her moans increase in volume and pitch, her legs starting to tremble and her entire body starting to lock up. Knowing how close she was, I placed my mouth over her cunt and mercilessly attacked her clit, flicking my tongue against it rapidly.

Amy jerked up and gave a loud cry as her orgasm finally hit, as my mouth flooded with her juices. I did everything I could to sustain her orgasm for as long as possible, until finally, she collapsed back on the bed, and I drew back. Moving so I was lying next to her to her, I drew her in and embraced her while she got her breath back.

Gradually, she stopped shaking in my arms, and found enough strength to say, “That was…unexpected. I never expected for you to be that good.”

“Ah well, Jeanne was pretty wild in bed, and she pretty much gave me… very informative lessons about how to be better in bed.”

Amy fell silent, running a finger down my chest as if lost in thought. Nervous, but trying to hide it, I asked, “So what now?”

“I don’t want to leave halfway. I want to see this through to the end.”

“Are you a- well, have you had sex before?” I asked hesitantly, knowing how some girls get offended by the question.

“Once or twice, but they were pretty forgettable. But with you…”

I smiled, as Amy straddled me and grabbed my dick, the sudden contact causing me to moan. As she aligned the head with her cunt, I said, “Last chance, are you sure you want to do this?”

She gave a wry smile, and taking a deep breath, started pushing herself down. I felt the resistance build and build until suddenly, the head of my dick popped inside her. Amy hissed at the way it was stretching her cunt, a reaction that was shared by me, as she was very tight.

She looked so uncomfortable that I lifted myself up to pull away, but she forcefully pushed me back down.

“Amy, I-“

“Just hold me for a while, please?”

Sighing, I held her against me; my arms wrapped around her as she gradually became more comfortable. As she forced herself down a bit further, her nipples were brought within range of my mouth and so, wanting to help her, I gently started to flick them with my tongue, at the same time, my right hand moving to rub her clit, the combination quickly bringing her to another orgasm, and her newly-lubricated cunt finally allowed my dick to fully sink into her.

We both groaned as we felt the head of my dick colliding with her cervix, and it took all strength to stay still, so Amy can adjust. Of course, the warmth and feel made that job near impossible and it seemed that my dick was getting harder every second, but as Amy’s lips found mine, all that seemed irrelevant. Surprisingly, I found this to be more than just sex, but… 

Amy slowly started moving up and down, and every other thought in my head just vanished. I just sat back and enjoyed the sensations it caused. Her pace slowly increased, never lifting herself than a few centimetres. I pushed myself up and locking my arms around her waist, slowly started lifting her higher.
Amy gave up and just allowed me to do it as she writhed in my arms. Her moans and whimpers only increased my desire to make her cum, and so, I altered the angle I was penetrating her every so often, watching her reactions, waiting for…

Amy suddenly wailed and her entire body shook as my cock brushed her G-spot, and abandoning all restraint, I flipped her over, gave her a quick kiss and pounded my dick into her.

I kind of lost focus then, the only things I could see was her face and eyes, as she started into me. The only thing I could hear was her screams of pleasure. The only thing we both knew was the feelings, and by god, was it good.

When I felt the pressure building up, I altered my angle so my dick was constantly rubbing against her clit, working her slowly, and when I felt the tell-tale signs of her orgasm coming, I moved to her lips and pulling my cock out to the head, paused. As she stared at me with confusion, I rammed my dull length into her, kissing her so that she moaned in my mouth as her orgasm hit. The pulsing of her cunt was too much for me, and I found myself cumming right after her, filing her with my warm fluid. As we both come down from our orgasm, I fell away from her, causing a pop as my dick left her warm hole. Panting with exhaustion, sweat covering my body, I managed to force out the words, “We’re going to need a shower.”

“It can wait”, Amy replied with a smile, before lying on top of me, her head on my chest. As her breathing deepened, I wrapped my arms around her, feeling happier than I have for a while, before I fell into the arms of sleep too.


Amy spent the whole week in my house, as she was on holiday while I had a week off, so maybe fate/destiny/giant guy in the clouds was looking out for me and maybe someday, I’ll find the strength to write about what happened during that week.

But for now, I found myself at the end, having taken her to the local station, and waiting with her for the train. During our many discussions, we had agreed that she would stay with me during her holidays from now on, and that she could visit me any time she likes. Having the excess money from being a CEO, and despite her many objections, I finally convinced her to allow me to make a monthly deposit in her bank, as I figured it would be more use to her, especially with rent. We also talked about our relationship, and we weren’t dating, just caring and helping each other out mentally, physically and sexually. The kind of relationship that would be considered unwise in most cases, but with us, seems perfect.

As we heard the train coming, Amy gave me a very passionate kiss before she pulled away, saying “My next break is in two months, and trust me, look forward to it. I’ll have a few surprises for you”.

Knowing it would drive me mad if I pondered on it too long, I simply replied, “Good to know, I’ll see you then, and who knows, maybe I’ll have a few surprises as well.”

A final hug and meeting of lips, then she got on the train. A final wave as the train began to depart and then, she was gone. For now.

As I walked back to my car, I took my phone out and considered whether I should take the risk, if this was fair on her. For all I know, this could all blow up in my face if she doesn’t understand my relationship with Amy, but that’s the thing. We can’t tell the future. The only way to know is to take a leap of faith. 

Dialling her number, I waited till I heard Sarah say, “Hi, David.”

“Hey, are you busy?” I asked. 

“Not really, in fact quite bored. Why?”

“Well, I was just wondering… I wanted to ask…if you would like to go get a cup of coffee.”

A long pause.

“Sure I’ll love to.”

2 Slutty Sisters Part Two – Being Daddy

I woke up early the next afternoon to my phone buzzing from a new text message. I remembered the events of last night in a dizzying flash and I quickly swiped into my phone, eager to find out which of my two little sluts it was from. The message was from Rachel: “Daddy’s leaving in an hour, if you come over I promise I’ll be a good girl for you <3<3<3” I smiled and sent back “I’m your daddy tonight you little bitch, and if you aren’t as good as you’re promising I’m gonna show you how daddy treats a cocktease.” After a shower and some eggs I noticed that she’d texted me back “mmmm Drew you can do anything you want to me… I’m so wet… see you soon daddy ;)” My cock was sore from having jerked off twice more after I’d gotten home this morning – frantically flipping back and forth between the pictures of Rachel and Claire, imagining myself with them, in every hole, imagining them with each other – but Rachel’s last message was all it took for me to get fully, achingly erect as I was doing the dishes. It was going to be a fun day.

I pulled up at their house as the afternoon was turning into the evening. It was a rather sorry looking two story in a neighborhood that had seen better days but hadn’t fully gone off the rails – I supposed that owning a hotdog place didn’t really take you far in a city like Chicago. I knocked on the door and it only took a couple seconds for Rachel to fling it open, and she was truly a sight: tight black t-shirt cut off just below her tits, her flat belly curving down to meet a pair of black shorts that hugged her round ass and ended just above where they probably should have, exposing the bottom of her soft, plump butt cheeks. I didn’t have long to admire the view though as she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside and wrapped her arms around me, getting onto her tiptoes to meet my mouth, our tongues sliding over one another, my hands grabbing and kneading her butt through the soft cotton of her shorts while she pressed her body tightly against mine. Even after a minute Rachel seemed unwilling to stop kissing me, hungrily shoving her tongue into my mouth, grinding against me even more intensely as my hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts to find she wasn’t wearing underwear, reaching down to roughly grip her soft buttcheeks as she moaned, finally relaxing her stance to rest her head against my chest. 

“Mmmm Drew… I’ve been so wet all day… I can’t believe how good you fucked me last night!” she said, looking up at me happily. I roughly grabbed a fistful of her short hair and moved her head up so she had to stand slightly on her tiptoes, a gasp of surprised pain quickly followed by a low throaty moan of pleasure escaped her in quick succession. “It’s ‘Daddy’ tonight Rachel, don’t make me remind you again.” I told her sternly. Rachel smiled, her breathing deep and ragged, “Ohh… I’m sorry Daddy I forgot…” and as she started to press her hips against me, practically humping my leg, she added “I promise I won’t forget again… I promise I’ll be a good girl for you…” I released her hair and cupped her cheek in my hand, “That’s it baby, I knew you’d be good.” 

For the first time I looked the house, and noticed that in front of me was a staircase leading up to the second floor, and to my right there was a wide opening into a cluttered living room with an old tv and a couple shabby chairs and a large couch… and Claire was sitting on it seemingly looking at her phone, clearly able to see and hear everything that had been going on. I was caught completely off guard by her presence – I couldn’t believe that Rachel had been willing to talk so dirty, to be so explicitly sexual, in front of her younger sister. Claire had obviously been watching us, and when our eyes met she gave me a small, shy smile. Rachel must have noticed my surprised look because she turned to see what I was looking at and gave a frustrated snarl “Ugh, Claire I told you to go to your fucking room!” Claire pointedly ignored her and Rachel turned back to me, “Don’t worry about her, she’s seen me have boys over and she won’t tell. She just hangs around cuz she’s jealous she’s not pretty enough to get any boys.” Rachel said a little too loudly, probably to make sure that her sister heard. That got an eyeroll out of Claire and she sunk deeper into the couch, embarrassed or upset at her sister’s remarks. “I’m going to go pee, then I’ll show you my room Daddy!” Rachel exclaimed, and trotted past her sister deeper into the house. 

Claire and I looked at each other for a moment after Rachel had left. She looked so young and innocent, she wore a white blouse and a knee length skirt with bright flowers on it and her brown hair hung behind her in braided pigtails, I couldn’t believe that this little girl was the same one who I’d seen with two fingers buried in her little cunt on my phone last night. I walked over and sat in front of her on the coffee table, “I liked the text you sent me last night Claire,” I told her. Her cheeks reddened becomingly and a pleased smile broke out on her face, “I almost couldn’t send it… I didn’t think there was any way you’d be interested… that you’d think I was silly…” she whispered, and she lifted her eyes to mine and gave me an intense look and added forcefully, “But I had to try! I had to let you know how I felt… I know you’re going to fuck my sister, but… Drew I want you to fuck me too! She always gets the boys! Even the one time I had a boy over, she ended up taking him to her room!” She had been talking faster and faster, and by the end of her fervently whispered tirade her eyes began filling up with tears. I shook my head, trying to process what this lithe little girl was telling me. “That’s horrible Claire.” I started, truthfully offended on Claire’s behalf, but also turned on at the imagine of Rachel seducing her sister’s young boyfriend, “You’re right, I am going to fuck Rachel today, but you are one sexy little girl, and I’m going to be thinking of you the whole time, and I promise that I’m going to take you up on your offer at the first opportunity!” Claire gave a delighted smile and looked over my shoulder, checking for her sister’s return. “Thanks Drew! Real quick before she comes back, do you want a closer look at me than I could give you on my phone?” Without waiting for an answer she put her legs up on the edge of the couch, pulling her skirt down so it was at mid thigh, revealing her bald pussy, her puffy lips slightly parted and glistening as the late afternoon light shone through the thin fabric of her skirt. I couldn’t help myself with such a sight only a foot away, and I reached between her legs, palm up, and placed my middle finger at the entrance to her young cunt. Claire gave a low coo and closer her eyes as I slid it just barely inside, feeling the intense heat and tightness of her little hole and then I slowly moved it up to brush her small nub, lightly circling it, which elicited a soft little whimper. 

At a sound behind me Claire snapped her legs shut and quickly shifted them under her just before Rachel came in, eying Claire. “What do you think you’re still doing here? Do you think he wants to talk to you? I’m the one he came here to see!” When Claire didn’t answer Rachel slid into my lap, put her arms around my neck, and started talking to me like her sister wasn’t even there. “You know what I think Daddy? I think she’s jealous, I think she’s got a little crush on you, and she’s trying to get some revenge on me.” She gave me a wicked smile, “Last time she brought a boy over I ran into him in the hallway wearing just my underwear, totally accidentally of course, and he couldn’t stop staring at my boobs. Claire doesn’t have any boobs, she looks like she’s eight, so I took pity on the poor boy and I asked if he wanted to touch them.” Rachel laughed at that, adding, “He came back to my room and I let him suck on them and then I had to return the favor so I sucked him off.” She gave me a wide, innocent look. “Claire was really upset about it but I told her that I couldn’t help it if her boyfriend wanted a woman like me instead of a stupid little girl! He thought I was way sexier, just like you Daddy!” Claire had listened to this silently, tears falling onto her cheeks as her sister’s monologue continued, and at the end she let out a sob and leapt off the couch and ran up the stairs, the sound of a door slamming followed soon after.

Rachel watched her sister leave and laughed as she got up from my lap. She put her hands on her hips and smiled, “Sorry about that Daddy! I got us some beers too, now that I’ve got that little brat out..” I interrupted her gloating with a quick, firm slap to her face. Her surprised look was priceless, tears immediately filled her wide eyes, her mouth was agape, “Drew what are…” she began which I interrupted with another slap. “It’s Daddy tonight you little bitch, and you just lost any chance you had of talking yourself out of this!” I snarled, standing up and grabbing her teen body and sitting down on the couch. I pulled her down with me over my lap, and she was still too surprised or too small to put up much resistance against me. My left hand pressed against her back to keep her from trying to push herself up while my right swiftly slid her her shorts down to her knees, exposing her bare teen bottom. Rachel was breathing with deep gasps, her thighs were already wet with her juices, I smiled, knowing I’d been exactly right about how far this little teen whore would let me go. As she lightly, unconvincingly, struggled against my firm grip she managed to whimper, “Nooo… no Daddy please I’m sorry I forgot again… please don’t…” and it was then that I brought the palm of my hand firmly on to her soft cheek, the pale skin immediately blushing pink, her yowl of pain quickly becoming a gasp as I spanked her other cheek. “I can’t believe you did that to your sister!” I growled at her, “A big sister is supposed to look out for her little sister! You’re supposed to be taking care of her, making sure she feels good and safe, not being a greedy little whore and fucking her boyfriend and rubbing her nose in it!” I continued to lay into her ass, enjoying the feeling of my rough hand smacking against her soft flesh, her squeals of pain, and her increasingly incoherent pleading and sobbing. “Daaaaaady…!!””she wailed, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry I’m such a slut daddy… I couldn’t help it pleeeeaaase…” I ignored her and continued holding her tightly down, slapping her ass over and over again, her cheeks now a deep red, her pussy peeking out between her thighs and seemed to be pouring out a stream of fluid, soaking my lap. 

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw that Claire was standing at the top of the stairs, her face avidly focused on us, her mouth open. We made eye contact and she gave me a lusty, wolfish smile, and slowly lifted her skirt, exposing her bald little puss, and brought her other hand down and made a show of touching herself while she watched me abuse her big sister. Without taking my eyes off of the show Claire was putting on I said loudly, “You like that don’t you, you dirty little slut?” As Claire’s smile widened and she nodded her head emphatically, Rachel moaned into the couch, “Oh yes Daddy I like it when you hit me… I like it when you tell me I’ve been bad… please, please, please let me show you I’m good… I’ll do whatever you want… let me show you I’m sorry Daddy please…?” At this point the combination of watching Claire masturbate while I spanked her slutty teen sister had me almost ready to just blow in my pants, so when she started scooting herself backwards so that her face was over my lap, I allowed it, “Alright baby,” I told her as she started unzipping my pants, “Show Daddy you’ll be a good girl now.” As she finished undoing my pants my cock practically leapt out, it felt bigger and harder than it ever had before as she quickly wrapped her soft hand around the base and leaned down, running her tongue back and forth along the underside before taking my head into her mouth. I groaned at the sensation of her warm wet mouth sliding onto me and I grabbed her ass hard, my fingers reaching for her tight teen pussy, and finding it open and wet I immediately shoved two fingers deeply inside. She gasped around my hard-on as my fingers entered her, and then moaned deeply as the tight walls of her cunt spasmodically tightened, squeezing my fingers hard. I mercilessly fucked her pussy with my fingers as she continued to pant and gasp with my cock in her mouth, her juices getting all over my hand, my other hand gripped her hair tightly and forced her head farther down my cock, she gagged loudly as the head pushed into the tight constriction of her throat. I held her head there for a moment, watching Claire as she slid down onto the floor, frigging herself with increasing speed. I lifted Rachel’s head up and she took in a deep, gasping breath of air while I placed my slickened thumb over her asshole and slowly pressed it inside. Rachel immediately jerked as if electrocuted and gave a high, loud groan, her pussy and asshole squeezing my digits like a vice, her body shaking, “That’s right you naughty slut, all your holes are mine now.” I told her sternly. “Uh… uhhhh…” she grunted as pushed my thumb in past the blistering hot resistance of her asshole. I looked up and little Claire was now lying on her side at the top of the stair, watching us through half closed eyes, fingers buried under her skirt, body writhing, mouth gaping. “Uhhhhhh….. Daaaaaaadddyyyy…. Aaaahhhhh!!” Rachel moaned, and began frenziedly sucking on my cock again, the renewed stimulation (and the sight of her little sister’s ectasy) was enough to immediately put me over the edge, and I let out a long, loud groan as the first rope of cum shot deep into Rachel’s throat, as the muscles of her sphincter contracted brutally around my thumb with the strength of her own climax, as Claire shook and jerked on the carpet of the second floor, watching her big sister and I, her hot little cunt stretching around the fingers she’d shoved inside. And as my cum continued to fill Rachel’s throat, quickly overcoming her ability to swallow and leaking out the sides of her mouth, the three of us shared this moment that just seemed to stretch on in an endless wave of potent, blinding pleasure.

I must have lost myself in the intensity of my orgasm, because the next thing I was conscious of was sitting there feeling extremely satisfied, Rachel smiling, eyes closed on my lap, my depleted cock resting on her cheek, cum drooling out of it onto her face, and Claire nowhere to be seen, the hallway upstairs empty. I smiled down at Rachel, “I can’t believe we didn’t even get to the fucking, baby. You’re such a sexy little thing.” Rachel beamed but kept her eyes closed, “Mmmmm… I can’’t believe you made me cum like that with just your fingers, Daddy! That felt crazy! I almost think I need a nap now.” “Well then I better get you into bed!” I said as I gently slid my arms beneath her and lifted her up easily – despite her ample breasts and plump ass she was still pretty small even for fifteen. Her eyes fluttered open with surprise, and then she laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck, nuzzling me sleepily as I carried her up the stairs. She directed me toward her bedroom, right next to Claire’s (her door was shut and some music was playing softly inside) and across from her dad’s bedroom and the bathroom. I lay her down in her bed and pulled the covers up over her, and she looked up at me with a sleepy pout, “Don’t you want to snuggle me Daddy? My other daddy’s not going to be home for another couple hours, and maybe if we have a little nap I could wake you up like a good girl.” I leaned down and cupped her cheek, my thumb wandering over her moist lips. “Well that’s an offer I can’t refuse baby, but I’m gonna take a shower first, I’ll be in in a few minutes, okay?” She smiled and nestled her head into the pillow, “Okay Daddy… come back soon… I can’t believe you made me cum like that…” she mumbled, seeming to already be mostly asleep. I patted her head and stoop up, tiptoeing out of the bedroom and softly closing the door. 

When I turned around I was surprised to see Claire standing in the hallway, so short her head barely came above my waist, looking up at me with bright eyes. “She always falls asleep like that after sex, but I’d never seen her do it just from finger stuff!” she whispered, and gave me a coy smile as she added “I heard you say you were taking a shower, do you need help cleaning up Daddy?”

2 Slutty Sisters Part One: Coffeshop Quickie


First of several parts recounting a sexual relationship I had with two young sisters. When I was twenty I moved to Chicago because my girlfriend at the time was moving there to attend Northwestern University. I got a job at a coffee shop in Evanston near her campus and although we broke up pretty soon after it was probably for the best, because this coffee shop was an excellent place to meet young women. The cafe was open until 3 am and it was the only place around that was open after 10pm that wasn’t a bar. As a result we got a lot of undergraduates who would hang out and study all night, as well as high school students who really didn’t have anywhere else to go, and who liked having a safe space to brush shoulders with the college kids. The owner knew her target demographic, and the place was a hip, kinda dirty place with dim lighting, loud music, and lots of big comfy couches – all in all a much cooler place to hang out than the Steak and Shake or Starbucks. 

I could tell a lot of sexy stories about this time in my life, but one of my favorites concerns the two young sisters, Claire and Rachel, whose father owned a restaurant down the block. This guy often had to be doing paperwork late into the night and so his daughters would accompany him and hang out at my cafe with hot cocoas or milk shakes while he worked. Rachel was a teen punk rocker: she would usually be wearing a rainbow of makeup, heavy boots, a short skirt, and t-shirts carefully torn to reveal glimpses of her well developed young body. Rachel would usually spend her time texting on her phone and listening to Pixies or David Bowie. Her younger sister Claire was slim and boyish in all the ways her sister was curvy. Claire was bookish, she had thick glasses and usually wore her long hair pulled back into a pony tail and rarely bothered to change out of her school’s uniform – a plaid skirt and white blouse. She would spend her time at the cafe getting ahead on her homework or with her nose in a novel decidedly more advanced than her curriculum. I developed quite a liking to these two girls, and when business was slow I would chat with Rachel about music or give her advice about boys, or help Claire with her math homework or recommend her books more challenging than her teachers were allowed to. 

Just before Rachel’s birthday her boyfriend broke up with her, and she was really broken up about it, so I decided I would gift her an old t-shirt of mine: a Talking Heads tour shirt I’d gotten years ago at a thrift store, that was getting a little too ragged for me to wear, but that I knew she was really fond of. They came in the next night and I had the present all ready. It was a slow spring night, so I was able to come right over to the couch they were sharing and I sat between them and put my arm around Rachel. “Hey kiddo, happy birthday.” I said and handed her the wrapped shirt. She seemed happy and astonished that I’d gotten her anything at all, and when she pulled apart the newspaper and saw what it was she let out a loud laugh and threw her arms around me and pulled herself onto my lap. “Oh Drew I can’t believe this!” she said against my neck, and the she surprised me by lifting her face to mine and giving me a quick kiss on the lips. I could have perhaps just let all this go as a kind of adolescent overexcitement, but when she pulled her face back she gave me a decidedly adult, sexy smile and added “Well now I have to get you something.” And she kept her eyes on mine as she began to gently grind her butt against my lap. 

This had all happened very quickly, and it took me a second to process. At once I became aware that my hand had by reflex moved to her hip when she’d shifted into my lap and the skin of her thigh felt very, very soft through the thin fabric of her skirt. A nanosecond later I realized that there was nothing between her cute little teenage ass and my cock besides the denim of my jeans, and that my cock must have already been aware of this as it was rapidly becoming fully hard. I looked around quickly but the cafe’s only three other patrons were intently playing cards and wouldn’t even have been able to see what was going on, and then I noticed Claire sitting right next to me, giving off an exaggerated air of being involved with her book. I turned my head back to Rachel to say, well I don’t know what, because before I could open my mouth she leaned her head forward so that her lips were right next to my ear and whispered “Meet me in the girl’s bathroom in fifteen minutes,” her breath hot and moist in my ear, and with a last little grind of her tush she slid back over onto the couch and said loudly “Thanks a lot for the shirt Drew!” and put her headphones on. I stared at her for a moment, wanting to try and talk to her but she just smiled at me and closed her eyes and started bopping her head to her music. I turned and looked over at Claire who was still just sitting there with her nose in her book. “Hey Claire… uh..” I started to stammer, but she just pointedly turned away, refusing to acknowledge me. 

Confused and incredibly horny I slowly got up and went back behind the counter where my coworker Stephanie was doing her Sociology reading, and apparently hadn’t noticed anything. “Slow night, huh?” She said looking up as I came over. “Uh.. yeah. I guess I’m gonna do some prep for tomorrow” I responded dazedly. “Fuck the morning shift, man. What have they ever done for us?” She said with a smile, and went back to her textbook. I started to clean some of the shelves just so I wasn’t standing there like an idiot, while I tried to wrap my head around what had happened. Did all that really happen? What was going to happen next? I mean, I had certainly noticed that Rachel was a sexy little thing – she had big tits for her small 5’1” frame and she loved to show them off by wearing shirts and tank tops so small that her breasts seemed to strain against the fabric, which she’d also started cutting off to show off her flat midriff and new belly button piercing – and I’d inferred that she was sexually active from hints in the conversations I’d had with her; but maybe because she was always there with her little sister, or that I knew her dad, or just that she was so young, I’d never actually thought about fucking her… but boy was I thinking about it now. I was thinking about the feeling of her sharp hip bone in my palm and the heat of her ass on my cock as I’d held her in my lap, the feeling of her lips against my neck and my ear, that wetness of her lips against mine and that seductive look she’d given me afterward. I hadn’t realized it before, but this little girl was clearly a thirsty little whore. She knew exactly what kind of look to give me and just the right place to put her fat little ass cheeks. I started thinking about her sex life, fucking some jock in the closet at a party, or furtively sucking a boyfriend off in his car. I thought about how from hints she’s dropped she’s clearly bisexual, and I imagined her experimenting with her other little girlfriends, clumsily licking each other’s wet little pussies at a sleepover. My cock now felt like a hot iron rod painfully constricted by my pants, and I realized I’d been scrubbing the same few inches of metal for God knows how long. I looked at my watch and it’d been almost twenty minutes since I’d been sitting with the girls. I looked over at their couch and Claire was there alone looking at me, but when we made eye contact she quickly put her face in her book. Then I stopped thinking. “I’m going to the bathroom.” I said to Stephanie. “Have fun pooping,” she replied without looking up.

The cafe had two bathrooms that were out of the way in back by our storeroom, and each was just a single 8×8 room with a door that bolted. I walked back to the women’s, and softly knocked “Rachel?” I asked quietly. I heard the door bolt release and she opened the door, grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, locking the door behind her. “Look don’t say anything,” She said quickly. “I think your sexy and you’ve always been real nice to me and my sister and I can’t stop thinking about how bad I want you to fuck me.” She was still holding my hand and she pressed it tightly against her breast, my hand cupped it of its own accord and her eyes half closed for a second, her breathing was fast and ragged. “Whenever we’re here I think about what your cock looks like and tastes like and how it would feel inside me and how badly I want to be your little slut.” Her eyes were closed now as my hand continued to knead her breast, I could feel her hard nipple poking into my palm through her bra and tank top, while her other hand had reached under my shirt to touch my stomach and my chest. “When we go home I lie in bed and put my fingers in my pussy and my mouth and my butt and imagine you touching me all over and fucking me however you want to and calling me your dirty little whore and…” she had been talking faster and faster and I’d stopped listening and I moved my hand down her body and under her skirt where her thighs felt so soft and smooth against my rough hands. My other hand cupped her cheek and my thumb brushed against her full lips. She hungrily opened her mouth and sucked on it hard as my fingers followed the curve of her thigh, past the sparse hair on her mound and inside the intense heat and sopping wetness of her little teenage cunt. She let out a low moan around my thumb as I slowly pressed two fingers into her tight little hole, the muscles of her pussy clamping down on them hard. I removed my thumb from her mouth and grabbed her by her short hair and brought her face up to mine. Our tongues mindlessly writhed together as I pressed her against the bathroom wall with my body, her hands wildly scratching my back while one of mine clutched her head tightly and the other kept pressing my fingers deeper and deeper inside her. She began shaking, her breath coming out in hot gasps and she grew increasingly limp until I was basically holding her small body up as she came. I’d finally pushed my fingers as far as I could get them inside of her and the hot wet walls of her puss gripped them tightly in spasms, her cum feeling like it was dripping down from her onto the rest of my hand. 

I kept my fingers inside of her and lightly kissed her cheek and her neck while she slowly recovered her breath and her balance. When I noticed her breathing return to normal I stepped back, undid my belt, and let my pants drop to the floor. Her eyes cracked open at the sound and then fully widened as she looked at my cock, its length and girth clearly greater than the boys she’d been fucking. “You cum like a good little slut now let me see if you can suck like one.” I told her sternly, seating myself on the toilet. She gaped at me, clearly surprised by how quickly I’d adopted the degrading kind of language she’d fantasized about. She immediately got down on her knees in front of me and tightly gripped my penis, her hand barely able to wrap itself around it. She looked up at me with eyes full of a devouring kind lust and a vast need to please as she lowered her mouth onto my dick, and I gave a low moan as I felt the hot wetness of her mouth envelop my glans. My cock was too big or she was too inexperienced to try deepthroating me, but she used her hand to jerk on the half of my cock she couldn’t fit in her mouth, and her eyes never left mine as she bobbed her head up and down. “That’s a good girl Rachel. I’m so happy to have a little slut as filthy and disgusting as you.” I told her while cupping her cheek, our eyes still locked. She gave out a little moan and I could see her other hand go down between her legs, moving in time with her lips. “I knew you were a little whore baby,” I continued, “I knew you loved to suck cock… that you probably sucked on every boy at school that asked you to… show me what they make you do you little bitch.” She quickly stopped sucking me and took a few deep gasps of air, then licked down my shaft to my balls while slowly jerking and squeezing my cock. I had a feeling where she was heading and gave a light groan as her tongue flicked around my testicles and scooted myself slightly forward and leaned back, raising my foot to the toilet seat giving her access to my ass. She didn’t hesitate and leaned forward, pausing for a second to run her tongue up and down my taint before pushing her face between my cheeks and licking my asshole. I gave a longer groan, unable to believe this hot little teen was such a dirty girl… and that she was so fucking horny for me. As she pressed her tongue directly against my sphincter, forcing it into my butt I gasped, the feeling was just incredibly filthy and utterly erotic. I knew I couldn’t last long with this kind of stimulation so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head away. 

We were both gasping for breath now, and when we looked at each other there was no doubt about what was going to happen next. We moved as one, me getting off the toilet and positioning myself between her legs as she lay back on the dirty bathroom floor, wrapping her arms tightly around my shoulders. As soon as my cock found her hot slick little hole I shoved it inside, getting three quarters of its seven and a half inch length into her cunt with that first savage stroke. Rachel let out a gasp and started shaking, and the walls of her pussy began spasming with an intense pressure, squeezing my cock. I could already feel the tension of my own orgasm building in my thighs, and I lost myself in the storm of electricity gathering in my loins, pulling out of her only slightly before ramming my cock the rest of the way in, repeating the motion savagely again and again, pressing her down into the floor as she moaned and gasped and shook beneath me. I was unable to think about anything but the feeling of Rachel’s soft little body under mine, the grip of her teenage cunt on my cock, her hyperventilating gasps in my ear. It only could have lasted a minute or two before I began spurting inside of that little slut, seemingly endless ropes of cum shooting deep into her womb as she writhed beneath me, fingers clawing my back, legs squeezing me tightly to her as the orgasm that had started when I entered her had never seemed to stop, just kept rolling over her in waves as I came in her, until finally I was done and we just lay there, sweating, taking deep breaths, my cock still inside her, exhausted.

We relaxed for a moment like that in the afterglow of our orgasms, before I slid myself out of her and shakily stood up, my legs feeling like jelly. I studied her as I struggled to level my breathing and pulled my pants up: she lay on the bathroom floor, her skirt was up around her waist exposing her plump pussy, its shaved lips shiny with our juices, her eyes closed and her lips were slightly parted in a broad, satisfied smile. She opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling even wider. “Jesus Christ, Drew… I think that was the hardest I’ve cum in my whole fucking life!” I grinned back, “Glad to hear it Rach. I was about to apologize for cumming so fast – I don’t think I’ve cum that fast since my first time!” She giggled, standing up and straightening her skirt, “I’d love to hear about that sometime, maybe while I’m sucking you off?” “Fuck you’re a dirty little bitch.” I said, pulling her to me. She flashed me a wicked smile, then wrapped her arms around me, pressing her body against mine. “I have some cleaning up to do, and I think you better get back to work.” Her makeup was smeared over her face, leftover drool from the blowjob and rimming still clung to her chin, she looked like a little slut who’d been used hard, and I already couldn’t wait to do it again. We kissed, her tongue and mine sliding against one another, my hands running over her smooth curves, before I reluctantly pulled away, gave her another smile, and left the bathroom.

I was relieved to see there wasn’t a line of girls waiting to use the restroom when I stepped out – it had all happened so fast that I was only now wrapping my head around the fact that I’d just fucked a teenager, in a public place, in the coffee shop I worked in no less. Someone could have seen me walk into the wrong restroom, and I really wasn’t sure how loud we’d been since I’d been so wrapped up in the moment so I was feeling pretty scared. There was a second when I walked back out onto the floor where I fully expected someone to be glowering at me, or angrily striding towards me, but a scan of the room revealed that everyone appeared to be where I left them: three regulars playing cards in the corner, Stephanie reading her textbook at the bar, and when I looked over at Claire her face was completely buried in her book. With a relieved sigh I walked over and stood next to Stephanie, “Slow night, huh?” I said lamely. She glanced up at me, “Not for your bowels though, right? You missed six teenie boppers who all ordered milk shakes.” She gave me a toothy smile, and added “I think they would’ve much rather had you make them, you big stud.” I laughed as I went back to my sidework – this was the usual banter between Steph and I. I’d gotten away with it after all.

A few minutes later Rachel came out of the bathroom and rejoined her sister looking like nothing had ever happened. The next half hour went normally, making coffee drinks and milkshakes, doing dishes. When I checked in on Rachel and Claire, Rachel just said “Thanks again for the shirt Drew, it was really sweet.” and Claire seemed even quieter than normal curled up in the corner, but I noticed she was watching me closely with her big green eyes. They left shortly after. Instead of giving them a bill I’d just dropped off a little doodle I’d drawn in the down time with a lame “happy birthday!” written on it, and when I was bussing the table I noticed that at the bottom Rachel had written her phone number with a few x’s and o’s. I smiled and put it in my pocket, unable to keep visions of her kneeling on the bathroom floor, my fat dick in her little mouth, from entering my head. Just thinking about it immediately got me hard again.

Fortunately this wasn’t a problem for long as business quickly picked up, and soon my thoughts were completely wrapped up in the mundane mechanical tasks of working a busy night at a cafe: steaming milk, waiting tables, flirting with customers, talking shit with employees, and drinking tons of coffee. After we’d closed I was hanging out at a booth, smoking a cigarette and counting down the drawer when I pulled out my phone and Rachel’s number and sent her a brief, but very dirty, text. A few minutes later, so soon that I hadn’t even finished the cigarette, I got a text back. It said “The shirt looks great on me! ;)” and was accompanied by a pic Rachel had taken of herself in the mirror wearing my shirt… and nothing else. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, the large shirt pulled up over her hips, her legs spread exposing her young pussy completely to the lens, and it looked like she’d been masturbating as her shaved lips were swollen and wet, parting slightly around her protruding little clit. I gaped for a second before quickly coming to my senses and shoving my phone into my pocket, glad the booth’s table was hiding my body’s reaction. 

For the next hour or so I hung out with a few of my coworkers for the nightly ritual of gossip, flirting, and smoking in the closed cafe before everyone started trickling out, calling it a night. When I got into my car I pulled out my phone and brought Rachel’s picture back up and took my cock out and began slowly stroking myself in the deserted parking lot, thinking about the slutty things she’d said to me, the way her mouth felt on my cock, how ready and wet her cunt looked in the picture. It was then that I got another text, from a new number. Confused about who’d be texting me at four in the morning I pulled it up. The text said “I think it looks way better on me :(“ and it was accompanied by a picture of little Claire, wearing nothing but the shirt I’d given Rachel, in the almost the exact same position her sister had been, except that her feet were up on the bed and she had two fingers inside her bare little cunt, the lust and pleasure in her expression looking startingly, erotically, incongruous with her young face. I just stared at the picture for a minute taking in all the details, wrapping my head around what I was seeing, until I realized that my hand was still wrapped around my cock, and it felt as hard as a steel beam. I started stroking myself again, staring at her face, her skinny frame, and finally her little pussy, tightly wrapped around her small fingers, muttering, without thinking about the words “Fuck Claire you hot little bitch… I’m going to shove my cock into your tight little pussy… I’m gonna make you scream you little brat… ohhh Fuuuuuuuck” as I came, sending spurts of cum onto the floor of my car. I sat there, catching my breath, my cock and my hand covered in cum, my eyes unable to leave my phone, and started thinking about what I was going to do.

Willow-Mai Vasquez first experience with a dog

I woked up on a beautiful monday morning. I had three weeks off of work and this was the first day of it. The hot sun kissed and warmed my body up, while i layed in my bed. In my mind i was going through the things i had to do this day. Thanks god there wasn`t that much to do. I looked how late it was. 10 am. That was perfect. I still had 2 hours left untill i had to show up at Elisa`s house. Slowly i stood up and wanted to do my morning routine. A few stretching excercises and some easy workout. After that i usually went in the kitchen to eat breakfast, but i felt that i wanted to eat something on the way to Elisa`s house. I grabbed my keys and went out in this hot summer morning. I just had 1 hour left to get to her, so i was in a little hurry. I went at a nice bar and ordered me some light food. A chicken salad was enough for me, cause i wasn’t that hungry. I sat outside and looked at all the men, who are walking by. A lot of them smiled at me or wished me a good day. Altough i could just grabbed one of them, i still managed to been unfucked since three months. A lot of work and stress blocked my desire to feel a nice dick inside my pussy. When i day dreamed i almost forgot about the time. “i have just 20 minutes left, i need to hurry up“, i thought to myself. I took the quickest way to her and was excited about the reason, i had to meet with her. Elisa and her stupid boyfriend wanted to go on vacation for 3 weeks. And after i had 3 weeks off of work, i was the right person to take care of her new bought dog. After a little bit over 20 minutes i finally arrived. I ringed the door bell and almost shitted myself. Right behind the door i heard a dog barking. And he was this loud that i could guessed he was a big one. I wanted to see him for the first time, but i was scared for sure. The door opened and Elisa cuddled me instantly. We were good friends since we were 16. We shared a lot of time over the past years. She looked awesome as ever. With her bright smile and them long blonde hair, she was a main target for every man. She was pretty athletic with a ridiculous amount of tits. She had a large C-cup and her skin was so light, u could thought she never had seen the sun. She was nordish looking like. Like these swedish girls a lot of men like. She was beautiful but atleast she had a small ass and that fact made me more attractive. Even her boyfriend was horny at me. He was really dumb and i couldnt understand why she was with him.

After we broke our long cuddle, i could finally see who was barking that loud. Behind her was her new bought Labrador. He was pitch black with a really soft looking furr. We went inside the house. Almost the whole way into the living room he sniffed me and tried to jump at me to lick my face. After we sat down, she told me that his name were Tyler. He was 2 years old and had a friendly behavior. I was excited cuz he was such a cute dog. Finally Elisa introduced me about the stuff i had to do with him. Feeding, walking, play time.. the easy stuff. After a while of chatting we both stood up. It was time to go for me cuz her boyfriend came home. His name was Robert but this is not important. Of course he ran his hand beetween my legs and grabbed my ass. He didnt care if she saw it. I always smacked his hand away and once i punched him with my fist right on his big nose. Big noses, big….. maybe that was the reason she was still with him. I couldnt find another reason. Elisa gave me the leash and both, Tyler and me went outside. I wished Elisa a beautiful vacation and left. I still thought about Roberts hand sliding beetween my legs. That was a fact that fucked me up. I was so unpleasured that i thought about to get fucked by this asshole. He wasnt even my type of man. After a few minutes i realized who i had with me and stopped my day dreams. Tyler was cute i thought and i was very happy to have my own dog for a while.

I went the straightest way at home cuz my outfit i chosed was not the best. I had a light jacket on and was wearing a thight black jeans. I was so heated i sweated heavy. The sun was heating up very quick.

Finally we arrived at home and the first thing i made was to undress myself. I even undressed my underwear. Tyler investigated all of my rooms and was pretty excited. I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer for a cool ice chocolate. Even for Tyler i had bought food and made him a meal. But he was not that hungry and thought it could be more fun to like the sweat on my body. It was ticklish but i found the feeling very funny. He even stucked his nose right beetween my ass cheeks and licked. His tongue went from my pussy to my asshole. It felt surprisingly good but i didnt thought about it in a specific way. I sat down on the table and had the idea to walk with him in the nearby forrest. There were pretty good ways to walk with him, i thought. After i finished my ice chocolate i went in the bedroom to dress myself. Of course Tyler jumped me all the way to my dresser. I choosed to wear white shorts and a red top. It felt comfortable, i thought. I took me 2 minutes to dress me cuz Tyler jumped at me all the time. I thought that would be playful behavior untilk i saw his dick pointing out of his sheat. Finally i realized that he wanted to breed me. “ if i…“ but i controlled my mind quick enough before i made something stupid. I looked at him and never realized how huge is balls were. There must be a lot of sperm inside them, i thought. Now, that was the first time in my life, i thought about to have sex with a dog. When that came to my mind i quickly said: “ you cant fuck me Tyler“. Just that sentence made me feel comfortable again, that i had such a dirty mind. I took the leash and we both walked out the door. I didnt took long to reach the forrest and a lot of other men and women were walking with dogs. Everytime i saw a woman with a dog, i thought automatic about, if she ever fucked her dog. “ hmm this one is clipped, she cant“, i said to myself. I looked long at woman who passed by, with a unclipped dog. I tried to figure it out, if she would be the type for that kinky stuff. After a while i walked along a forrest way that was not so much often seen by people. I choosed to walk with Tyler that way. He walked good, untill he tried to jump me again. He didnt gave up and jumped me 10 minutes straight. I was so angry at him.. even my white shorts werent white anymore. I was so annoyed about it, that i almost cried. It was impossible to walk with him anymore. I looked at him and saw that his dick was out of his sheath again. I squatted down to look closer. Of course he tried to get behind me but i held him by the leash. His dick was pure red and i felt the feel to touch it. I looked around and it looked pretty safe. I touched his dick and it felt really hot. Much hotter than a man`s dick. I grabbed his dick with my fist and he started to hump the air. I was surprised cuz i never knew or saw how thy fuck. I was really aroused by it and took another look. I could hear someone was coming. I left the way and walked with him passed the trees. In my mind i made the plan to find some secret and hidden place. My heart was racing about what was going on inside my hand. I made the decision to let him fuck me! I just hoped it would satisfy my desires and pleasures. After 10 minutes through that dense forrest i found a place i liked. There was pretty high green grass with tall bushes around it. I began to step down the grass in a circle. I took my shoes off and even undressed my top. It was pretty cool inside here and my nipples were standing straight. Also i could feel my pussy got wetter. Finally a dick to fuck me, i said with a smile. I moved my fingers to the buttons of my shorts and let them fall down to my ankles. I did the same with my slip and stepped out of them. Tyler sniffed me and began to lick my pussy. That tongue felt great. Sometimes he did a circle around me and jumped me again. I began to get down on my knees and leaned forward. What happened next was a matter of seconds. He mounted me and grabbed his forelegs around my waist. I could feel his dick poking at my ass cheek and his semen ran down on it ( at that time i didnt know it was just lubrication ). After he adjusted himself a bit, i felt that he managed to get his dick beetween my ass checks. He poked right in it and he made a few strokes untill i felt that his tip touched my asshole and even managed to slide a little bit inside. Even he inserted just the tip a little bit it was to close for me. I sprung up and stood like a minute. It felt heavy to stand up cuz he was no lightweight. I had never anal before and thought it wouldnt be that great right now. I wanted to try it but never came in a situation to do it. And now, i didnt felt to do it. I wanted to push my ass higher, that he could fuck my pussy. I went down again and tried to positioned myself. It was hard to do cuz at the same time he mounted me again. It didnt took him long to search for my pussy. His tip was poking around my wet pussy and it wouldnt take him long to get inside, i thought. His humping was quick and with the first time inserting the tip of his dick, he pounded me with a pace i never could imagine. After a dozen strokes that happened in seconds i felt something strange. His dick gets bigger inside me, i thought! The fuck began with like 3 or 4 inches but it felt much more with every stroke he made inside my wet pussy. I started to shaking and i felt a climax building up! Never i reached that state of arousment in such a short time. He fucked me so good and hard and his pace was incredible. My pussy welcomened his dick so much, she needed it. His dick gave me the fuck of my life and it swelled even more. I felt so much pressure inside my wet cunt. Not that his dick got larger too, even the base of his dick swelled up. I moaned in pleasure and i gave a fuck if someone heard me. My brain was out. I guessed you could hear my moans in the silence of the forrest. You could hear the wind going trough the trees, followed by a loud “ aaaaaaah…yes ooohhhh… ah!ah!ah!“

I reached my climax and let it out, what i felt. The fucking i received was beyond great. That climax was one of the stronger ones. My face layed on the grass, my ass high up and on top a big dock with his big dog cock buried deep inside my body. At that moment i wished someone could see this. He would see happiness in person. As my face layed on the grass, Tylers was moveless. My pussy got flushed by millions of dog sperm cells trying to breed this bitch in heat. His dick pulsated every few seconds and a new wave of dog cum welcomened inside my pussy. I drifted away a longer time, as i felt Tyler was moving again. He tried to break our intimitate knot and wanted to leave his bitch alone. With a lot of pain and a huge plopping noise he disconnected our bodies. Instantly a huge amount of dog cum ran down my legs and even beetween them, was a a huge puddle of dog cum. I dipped my finger in it just to taste it. It tasted strong and different from man cum. But in a strange way it was tasty. Tyler`s dick squirted cum on the grass and i couldnt resist to move closer. I got down and got closer with my face. His cum landed on my face and my lips and instantly my tongue was cleaning up this mess.. i wanted to suck him so bad. His dick reached from my finger tips way past my wrist, as i holded his dick in my palm. I opened my mouth and his sperm filled my mouth slowly up. I swallowed it with pleasure. I took the tip of his dick in my mouth and slowly inch for inch glided inside my mouth. I took so much as i could until his dick passed my mouth and reached my throat.. unfortunaly i heard a dog barking and i realized i was not that alone anymore. I dressed myself, put the leah on Tyler and walked. My clothes were dirty from all that fun, but i didnt care no more. As i walked on the forrest way again, i saw that Tylers cock was still at its full size. People that i walked by looked at it and i couldnt figure it out, if they knew what i have done. After i reached the town, Tylers dick was in his sheath again. I arrived at home and layed on my sofa. “ how awesome that was“, i said. “ you fucked me so good, maybe we should do it later again?“ i really asked him to get an answer haha.

In my mind i thought about other woman, having sex with their dogs and i couldnt resist to look up for some information. I took my laptop and searched for everything. I even wanted to see videos and i had never thought that you could fucked by so many different animals. It was very arousing and a video got my attention “ wife get fucked in the ass by 2 dogs“.. that video delivered. I remembered how Tyler got past my anal entry and got even more aroused. I knew his insertion was a joke in comparison of his fully grown size but i wanted to try it. The sofa right here was perfect. I wanted to lay my upper body straight on it with my ass on the edge. I even wanted to see it. I went in the bedroom and took my big mirror and placed it on the wall next to my sofa. Perfect. I went back to my bed to get my lube but then i thought it would be better, if Tyler would lubricate me. I wanted it as natural as it gets. I stripped out of my clothes and layed down as i wanted. I looked in the mirror and i could see myself from the site. Perfect view. I called Tyler and it took him not long to come over. He sniffed my ass and started to lick like he did before. My ass crack was pretty wet and soon he positioned himself to mount his bitch again. I hoped that it was the right height to enter my asshole. He stabbed around and lubricated me pretty good. He poked at my ass cheek and was very close, so i thought the height was perfect. A half dozen strokes were needed when his tip finally slipped inside my ass. Cuz of that strokes he made, he slipped in and out a couple times but always finded his way back in it. He did it in such a pace, that he penetrated my thight hole multiple times in seconds. It hurted not that much, but after his insertions he finally stepped closer and with the first stroke he penetraded me like 4 or 5 inches deep. It hurted as hell but i couldnt ended my thought, cuz he pounted my ass that hard. I finally looked over to the mirror and i saw my own face in pain and my ass jiggled i have never seen before. Wave after wave went through my ass and it looked like an endless movement. Slowly my pain got overpowered by the pleasure i got. He fucked my ass raw and fast. He penetrated that thight asshole in such a hard way. It was so nasty to look at myself, while i got fucked by a dog that buried his dick inside a hole, no one ever was inside. That thought was so overwhelming i started to moaning as i received that hard penetration. He fucked me a strong minute and finally pulled out. I turned my back to the mirror and looked at my asshole. It was loosing up a little bit. He did a great job. He fucked me the next 15 minutes without knotting me. After a minute he pulled out and licked me and than mounted me again to fuck that thight hole with his red hard dick. I liked the fact that he was unable to knot me yet. The reason for that was, that i positioned myself, that my ass cheeks where still closed together. Even my legs were overcrossed so he couldnt penetrate any deeper. He had a pretty long way to get inside my body. The whole time i felt my climax was buildung up, but sadly i didnt reach it. Like i saw in the video before, i reached back and grabbed Tylers dick on his base. I opened my legs and pushed his dick inside. Finally his dick was able to grow larger and moved back and forth inside my ass. His knot started to swell, too. He reached his full size and i had like 8 inches of dog cock deep down inside my body. He instantly slowed down and i could feel that he ejaculated inside my ass. I wondered if it would be a difference for him to cum inside my ass. He breeded me like before and squirted yet again millions of sperm cells inside my body. We were knotted like 15 minutes and i could still feel him filling me up. He lasted so long that his dick and knot growed to his normal size inside me. I can say for now, that we had anal sex a couple of times later but when he popped out his full size it hurted so bad that i almost cried.

After that great anal session he fucked my pussy once again later in the evening.