Willow-Mai Vasquez first experience with a dog

I woked up on a beautiful monday morning. I had three weeks off of work and this was the first day of it. The hot sun kissed and warmed my body up, while i layed in my bed. In my mind i was going through the things i had to do this day. Thanks god there wasn`t that much to do. I looked how late it was. 10 am. That was perfect. I still had 2 hours left untill i had to show up at Elisa`s house. Slowly i stood up and wanted to do my morning routine. A few stretching excercises and some easy workout. After that i usually went in the kitchen to eat breakfast, but i felt that i wanted to eat something on the way to Elisa`s house. I grabbed my keys and went out in this hot summer morning. I just had 1 hour left to get to her, so i was in a little hurry. I went at a nice bar and ordered me some light food. A chicken salad was enough for me, cause i wasn’t that hungry. I sat outside and looked at all the men, who are walking by. A lot of them smiled at me or wished me a good day. Altough i could just grabbed one of them, i still managed to been unfucked since three months. A lot of work and stress blocked my desire to feel a nice dick inside my pussy. When i day dreamed i almost forgot about the time. “i have just 20 minutes left, i need to hurry up“, i thought to myself. I took the quickest way to her and was excited about the reason, i had to meet with her. Elisa and her stupid boyfriend wanted to go on vacation for 3 weeks. And after i had 3 weeks off of work, i was the right person to take care of her new bought dog. After a little bit over 20 minutes i finally arrived. I ringed the door bell and almost shitted myself. Right behind the door i heard a dog barking. And he was this loud that i could guessed he was a big one. I wanted to see him for the first time, but i was scared for sure. The door opened and Elisa cuddled me instantly. We were good friends since we were 16. We shared a lot of time over the past years. She looked awesome as ever. With her bright smile and them long blonde hair, she was a main target for every man. She was pretty athletic with a ridiculous amount of tits. She had a large C-cup and her skin was so light, u could thought she never had seen the sun. She was nordish looking like. Like these swedish girls a lot of men like. She was beautiful but atleast she had a small ass and that fact made me more attractive. Even her boyfriend was horny at me. He was really dumb and i couldnt understand why she was with him.

After we broke our long cuddle, i could finally see who was barking that loud. Behind her was her new bought Labrador. He was pitch black with a really soft looking furr. We went inside the house. Almost the whole way into the living room he sniffed me and tried to jump at me to lick my face. After we sat down, she told me that his name were Tyler. He was 2 years old and had a friendly behavior. I was excited cuz he was such a cute dog. Finally Elisa introduced me about the stuff i had to do with him. Feeding, walking, play time.. the easy stuff. After a while of chatting we both stood up. It was time to go for me cuz her boyfriend came home. His name was Robert but this is not important. Of course he ran his hand beetween my legs and grabbed my ass. He didnt care if she saw it. I always smacked his hand away and once i punched him with my fist right on his big nose. Big noses, big….. maybe that was the reason she was still with him. I couldnt find another reason. Elisa gave me the leash and both, Tyler and me went outside. I wished Elisa a beautiful vacation and left. I still thought about Roberts hand sliding beetween my legs. That was a fact that fucked me up. I was so unpleasured that i thought about to get fucked by this asshole. He wasnt even my type of man. After a few minutes i realized who i had with me and stopped my day dreams. Tyler was cute i thought and i was very happy to have my own dog for a while.

I went the straightest way at home cuz my outfit i chosed was not the best. I had a light jacket on and was wearing a thight black jeans. I was so heated i sweated heavy. The sun was heating up very quick.

Finally we arrived at home and the first thing i made was to undress myself. I even undressed my underwear. Tyler investigated all of my rooms and was pretty excited. I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer for a cool ice chocolate. Even for Tyler i had bought food and made him a meal. But he was not that hungry and thought it could be more fun to like the sweat on my body. It was ticklish but i found the feeling very funny. He even stucked his nose right beetween my ass cheeks and licked. His tongue went from my pussy to my asshole. It felt surprisingly good but i didnt thought about it in a specific way. I sat down on the table and had the idea to walk with him in the nearby forrest. There were pretty good ways to walk with him, i thought. After i finished my ice chocolate i went in the bedroom to dress myself. Of course Tyler jumped me all the way to my dresser. I choosed to wear white shorts and a red top. It felt comfortable, i thought. I took me 2 minutes to dress me cuz Tyler jumped at me all the time. I thought that would be playful behavior untilk i saw his dick pointing out of his sheat. Finally i realized that he wanted to breed me. “ if i…“ but i controlled my mind quick enough before i made something stupid. I looked at him and never realized how huge is balls were. There must be a lot of sperm inside them, i thought. Now, that was the first time in my life, i thought about to have sex with a dog. When that came to my mind i quickly said: “ you cant fuck me Tyler“. Just that sentence made me feel comfortable again, that i had such a dirty mind. I took the leash and we both walked out the door. I didnt took long to reach the forrest and a lot of other men and women were walking with dogs. Everytime i saw a woman with a dog, i thought automatic about, if she ever fucked her dog. “ hmm this one is clipped, she cant“, i said to myself. I looked long at woman who passed by, with a unclipped dog. I tried to figure it out, if she would be the type for that kinky stuff. After a while i walked along a forrest way that was not so much often seen by people. I choosed to walk with Tyler that way. He walked good, untill he tried to jump me again. He didnt gave up and jumped me 10 minutes straight. I was so angry at him.. even my white shorts werent white anymore. I was so annoyed about it, that i almost cried. It was impossible to walk with him anymore. I looked at him and saw that his dick was out of his sheath again. I squatted down to look closer. Of course he tried to get behind me but i held him by the leash. His dick was pure red and i felt the feel to touch it. I looked around and it looked pretty safe. I touched his dick and it felt really hot. Much hotter than a man`s dick. I grabbed his dick with my fist and he started to hump the air. I was surprised cuz i never knew or saw how thy fuck. I was really aroused by it and took another look. I could hear someone was coming. I left the way and walked with him passed the trees. In my mind i made the plan to find some secret and hidden place. My heart was racing about what was going on inside my hand. I made the decision to let him fuck me! I just hoped it would satisfy my desires and pleasures. After 10 minutes through that dense forrest i found a place i liked. There was pretty high green grass with tall bushes around it. I began to step down the grass in a circle. I took my shoes off and even undressed my top. It was pretty cool inside here and my nipples were standing straight. Also i could feel my pussy got wetter. Finally a dick to fuck me, i said with a smile. I moved my fingers to the buttons of my shorts and let them fall down to my ankles. I did the same with my slip and stepped out of them. Tyler sniffed me and began to lick my pussy. That tongue felt great. Sometimes he did a circle around me and jumped me again. I began to get down on my knees and leaned forward. What happened next was a matter of seconds. He mounted me and grabbed his forelegs around my waist. I could feel his dick poking at my ass cheek and his semen ran down on it ( at that time i didnt know it was just lubrication ). After he adjusted himself a bit, i felt that he managed to get his dick beetween my ass checks. He poked right in it and he made a few strokes untill i felt that his tip touched my asshole and even managed to slide a little bit inside. Even he inserted just the tip a little bit it was to close for me. I sprung up and stood like a minute. It felt heavy to stand up cuz he was no lightweight. I had never anal before and thought it wouldnt be that great right now. I wanted to try it but never came in a situation to do it. And now, i didnt felt to do it. I wanted to push my ass higher, that he could fuck my pussy. I went down again and tried to positioned myself. It was hard to do cuz at the same time he mounted me again. It didnt took him long to search for my pussy. His tip was poking around my wet pussy and it wouldnt take him long to get inside, i thought. His humping was quick and with the first time inserting the tip of his dick, he pounded me with a pace i never could imagine. After a dozen strokes that happened in seconds i felt something strange. His dick gets bigger inside me, i thought! The fuck began with like 3 or 4 inches but it felt much more with every stroke he made inside my wet pussy. I started to shaking and i felt a climax building up! Never i reached that state of arousment in such a short time. He fucked me so good and hard and his pace was incredible. My pussy welcomened his dick so much, she needed it. His dick gave me the fuck of my life and it swelled even more. I felt so much pressure inside my wet cunt. Not that his dick got larger too, even the base of his dick swelled up. I moaned in pleasure and i gave a fuck if someone heard me. My brain was out. I guessed you could hear my moans in the silence of the forrest. You could hear the wind going trough the trees, followed by a loud “ aaaaaaah…yes ooohhhh… ah!ah!ah!“

I reached my climax and let it out, what i felt. The fucking i received was beyond great. That climax was one of the stronger ones. My face layed on the grass, my ass high up and on top a big dock with his big dog cock buried deep inside my body. At that moment i wished someone could see this. He would see happiness in person. As my face layed on the grass, Tylers was moveless. My pussy got flushed by millions of dog sperm cells trying to breed this bitch in heat. His dick pulsated every few seconds and a new wave of dog cum welcomened inside my pussy. I drifted away a longer time, as i felt Tyler was moving again. He tried to break our intimitate knot and wanted to leave his bitch alone. With a lot of pain and a huge plopping noise he disconnected our bodies. Instantly a huge amount of dog cum ran down my legs and even beetween them, was a a huge puddle of dog cum. I dipped my finger in it just to taste it. It tasted strong and different from man cum. But in a strange way it was tasty. Tyler`s dick squirted cum on the grass and i couldnt resist to move closer. I got down and got closer with my face. His cum landed on my face and my lips and instantly my tongue was cleaning up this mess.. i wanted to suck him so bad. His dick reached from my finger tips way past my wrist, as i holded his dick in my palm. I opened my mouth and his sperm filled my mouth slowly up. I swallowed it with pleasure. I took the tip of his dick in my mouth and slowly inch for inch glided inside my mouth. I took so much as i could until his dick passed my mouth and reached my throat.. unfortunaly i heard a dog barking and i realized i was not that alone anymore. I dressed myself, put the leah on Tyler and walked. My clothes were dirty from all that fun, but i didnt care no more. As i walked on the forrest way again, i saw that Tylers cock was still at its full size. People that i walked by looked at it and i couldnt figure it out, if they knew what i have done. After i reached the town, Tylers dick was in his sheath again. I arrived at home and layed on my sofa. “ how awesome that was“, i said. “ you fucked me so good, maybe we should do it later again?“ i really asked him to get an answer haha.

In my mind i thought about other woman, having sex with their dogs and i couldnt resist to look up for some information. I took my laptop and searched for everything. I even wanted to see videos and i had never thought that you could fucked by so many different animals. It was very arousing and a video got my attention “ wife get fucked in the ass by 2 dogs“.. that video delivered. I remembered how Tyler got past my anal entry and got even more aroused. I knew his insertion was a joke in comparison of his fully grown size but i wanted to try it. The sofa right here was perfect. I wanted to lay my upper body straight on it with my ass on the edge. I even wanted to see it. I went in the bedroom and took my big mirror and placed it on the wall next to my sofa. Perfect. I went back to my bed to get my lube but then i thought it would be better, if Tyler would lubricate me. I wanted it as natural as it gets. I stripped out of my clothes and layed down as i wanted. I looked in the mirror and i could see myself from the site. Perfect view. I called Tyler and it took him not long to come over. He sniffed my ass and started to lick like he did before. My ass crack was pretty wet and soon he positioned himself to mount his bitch again. I hoped that it was the right height to enter my asshole. He stabbed around and lubricated me pretty good. He poked at my ass cheek and was very close, so i thought the height was perfect. A half dozen strokes were needed when his tip finally slipped inside my ass. Cuz of that strokes he made, he slipped in and out a couple times but always finded his way back in it. He did it in such a pace, that he penetrated my thight hole multiple times in seconds. It hurted not that much, but after his insertions he finally stepped closer and with the first stroke he penetraded me like 4 or 5 inches deep. It hurted as hell but i couldnt ended my thought, cuz he pounted my ass that hard. I finally looked over to the mirror and i saw my own face in pain and my ass jiggled i have never seen before. Wave after wave went through my ass and it looked like an endless movement. Slowly my pain got overpowered by the pleasure i got. He fucked my ass raw and fast. He penetrated that thight asshole in such a hard way. It was so nasty to look at myself, while i got fucked by a dog that buried his dick inside a hole, no one ever was inside. That thought was so overwhelming i started to moaning as i received that hard penetration. He fucked me a strong minute and finally pulled out. I turned my back to the mirror and looked at my asshole. It was loosing up a little bit. He did a great job. He fucked me the next 15 minutes without knotting me. After a minute he pulled out and licked me and than mounted me again to fuck that thight hole with his red hard dick. I liked the fact that he was unable to knot me yet. The reason for that was, that i positioned myself, that my ass cheeks where still closed together. Even my legs were overcrossed so he couldnt penetrate any deeper. He had a pretty long way to get inside my body. The whole time i felt my climax was buildung up, but sadly i didnt reach it. Like i saw in the video before, i reached back and grabbed Tylers dick on his base. I opened my legs and pushed his dick inside. Finally his dick was able to grow larger and moved back and forth inside my ass. His knot started to swell, too. He reached his full size and i had like 8 inches of dog cock deep down inside my body. He instantly slowed down and i could feel that he ejaculated inside my ass. I wondered if it would be a difference for him to cum inside my ass. He breeded me like before and squirted yet again millions of sperm cells inside my body. We were knotted like 15 minutes and i could still feel him filling me up. He lasted so long that his dick and knot growed to his normal size inside me. I can say for now, that we had anal sex a couple of times later but when he popped out his full size it hurted so bad that i almost cried.

After that great anal session he fucked my pussy once again later in the evening.

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