Silently out of nowhere I saw Jason my youngest standing at the foot of the bed.
Immediately he removing his pajamas bottoms and climbing into bed..
First fingering me .
Then his mouth on my clit..

I was in heaven when I noticed my eldest in the doorway stroking his cock..
I motioned for him to join us he lowered his mouth to my nipples..


Carnival Rides inc. Dad. Daughter Oral clit

He started gently rubbing at my shoulders and it felt really good. He always did know exactly the thing to do to help me to feel good. After a couple of minutes his hands wandered away from my shoulders and down my chest to my little nubs of beginning breasts and my nipples were so sensitve at that time (not that they aren’t now, but that whole puberty thing just had them on fire all the time!) that my nipples were rock hard and almost hurt. But it was good kinda hurt that went straight to my loins. A couple of seconds of that and I had to pull away from him for my own sanity. I looked at him a bit questionably as I didn’t know where we should “do it” but after all the asking and pleading, for some reason now that it was here, I had trouble saying it and I hoped he would understand what I meant