The Congressmen Part One


  Congressmen Ross Johnson had it all great looks a great smile tons of money and one huge cock. Congressmen Johnson was fucking so many of his female congressional co workers that he got the nick name R.J. The sweet talker cause he could sweet talk any woman out of her panties. Yes he was fucking 60% of capital hill He loved young virgins with that nice tight pussy and he would break them in with a nice deep long stroking sex session. The 22 year old females would be getting so much sex that they would vote in his favor any time there were votes on the house floor. He even had sluts sucking Congressman’s dicks in the bathroom stalls of all places. Congressmen Johnson ran a whole whore house on capital hill and no one even knew about it One day a new beautiful intern had an internship to do with congressmen Johnson The young interns name was Alisa Moss. Mrs. Moss walked and introduce herself in a professional manner good morning she said to congressmen Johnson it a pleasure to meet you sir. Have a seat Congressman Johnson said to Mrs. Moss now tell me why you would like to work in Congress he stated. Well Alias said I think I can be a great ass set  while Alisa was bending over and showing her sexy camel toe congressmen Johnson cock got so hard and stiff is something wrong Alias asked um no not at all what are your views on sex in the work place congressmen Johnson asked Alisa. Well if the two are married then there’s no problem with that but if there dating and they know it wrong then two people involved should be fired on the spot cause that brings about problems for the two to try and get some work done for the people of the United States that voted them into this office. So tell me where did you attend college Mrs. Moss I went to Harvard University for eight years I made the dean’s list two times or more. Is there anything you want to know about me Mrs.Moss Congressmen Johnson asked yes are you married do you have kids at all, and that’s one massive cock you have there would you like me to relax it for you Congressmen Alias asked walking over and locking the congressmen door Alisa unbutton Congressmen Johnson’s shirt taking it off of him now just relax Alisa told him rubbing his smooth waxed chest with her soft hands taking her tongue and swirling it around on congressmen Johnson’s nipples  slowly sent chills and shivers down the congressmen spine Alisa grabbed some baby oil from her bag and applied a huge amount to her hands slowly she worked the head of congressmen Johnson’s dick damn Alisa the congressmen said your hands are God sent. Shit o shit he said as Alisa worked his dick head with one hand and messaged his balls with the other nibbling on his ear as she stroked him taking her tongue and swirling it all over his lobes congressmen Johnson kept moving so Alisa got out her straps and tied his hands behind the chair. I’m about to drive you wild Alisa said to congressmen Johnson slowly sliding down on congressmen Johnson dick and licking his nipples slowly while she rotated her hips to give him more of a sudden rush of pleasure Then he had ever had before. I’m going to be your woman Alisa told congressmen Johnson and I know about your other bitches, and I know about all of your whore house’s you manage and I know how you make girls suck your huge meaty cock in the bathroom each morning while one girl sucks you off the other face fuck you till her creamy cum oozed down your throat am I right O and I have video to back it see one of those girls you fucked had a hidden camera on her. So your going to be my man right and I want in on everything you got going on slamming her hips down hard on the congressman’s dick he starts to have chest pain but before calling for help Alisa fucked him till he had the damn best orgasm a congressmen could ever have in their life. After Alisa fucked all of the congressmen sperm out of his balls and made him so weak she untied his hands and button his shirt back up standing him up and pulling his pants back up on his ass. Fixing him up and putting him back in his chair Alisa sprayed the room with light sweat air freshener to lose the sex smell. Calling 911 after they rushed the congressmen to the hospital where he would stay for four weeks. Congress asked Alisa does she think she could fill in for him on a short term bases why yes, yes I can fine Alisa said by the way I would love the chance to prove to Congress just how motivated I am to fill in for Congressmen Johnson. By the way congressmen Bates said you will have to fill in for him on the vote for a new hyper-sonic weapon and the vote is not looking good for you. And why is that Alisa asked because I just don’t think Congress should be worried about that right now, is that so Alias asked and what can I do to make you vote in my favor she asked come with me Alisa told congressmen Bates taking him by the hand and leading him down to the basement of the white House. Now this is how we make a deal where I’m from Alisa said unbuttoning congressmen Bates pants now how can I get you to vote for my hyper-sonic weapon Alisa ask stroking the congressmen cock slowly taking his medium size cock into her mouth Alisa made congressmen Bates cry like a little school girl As she sucked him to a milky orgasm there’s more where that came from she told him as she swapped cum with the congressmen making him drink his own sperm as he did Alisa sucked him off two more times. Now Alisa said as she work his dick head slowly as congressmen Bates was about to cum are you going to vote for my weapons bill Alisa asked sucking him faster and fast I can’t hear you she said deep throating him taking his dick all the way to the back of her throat and vomiting all over congressmen Bates dick yes OK yes I will vote in your favor he said as Alisa sucked the vomit off his dick and spat it back out give him more pleasure them before yes yes yes yes you can count on me to vote for you if you back out on this she said I will come to your house and ass rape you and your wife and you daughter don’t cross me congressmen Alisa said as she made him cum one more slow and powerful orgasm and shooting his load right down Alisa throat making her drink every drop of his cum. Now that’s how you get a deal done O and I have more girls for you to fuck if you do as I ask so are you in congressmen Alisa said. Yes I’m in count on it. Monday 10:30 am Congress is ready to vote on the hyper-sonic weapon funding bill after a heated three and a half hour stall the funding for the hyper-sonic weapon passes 31 votes to 12 good job Alisa getting congressmen Johnson funding passed all of the top congressional leaders said to her how did you get congressmen Bates to change his vote O Alisa said I will have to show you do you have time to meet with me in the office Alisa asked Congressmen Douglas of course I do OK then right this way as they head to the office Alisa had an idea she asked Congressmen Douglas how do you feel about a remodeling project for one of my properties she asked let’s go and have a look see. As they drove over the north street bridge to where the property is Alisa stopped the car around the back of the house congressmen Douglas she said when was the last time you had a good fucking from a sex women. You see men like you don’t think a women like me should be doing anything in Congress all I’m good for you think is fucking and sucking and your right but there is one think that we females have that you men over look and what’s that Congress men Douglas asked brains we have brains enough to do what ever you ask just to get where we need to be so congressmen Douglas what is it you ask of me that I can help you with today. I need to get a great nut off can you help me with that not knowing he is being filmed from inside her car Alisa sucks and fucked the congressmen for an hour straight now what are you going to do for me Alisa asked. Whatever you need congressmen Douglas ask I want all my properties redone with custom head urinals if you know what I mean you got it putting her lips to work Alisa gives congressmen Douglas a blow job that’s fit for a king sucking so good he gives $25,000 for that great plow jobs. Driving congressmen Douglas back over to the capitol building and dropping him off Alisa goes to visit congressmen Johnson and letting him know his funding bill has passed. Whispering in his ear we’re going to be the most powerful people in Washington if you let do all the nasty work and you bring in the money from your colleagues and you know what just for being a sexy ass man I’m going to give you a gift going under the congressman’s sheets Alisa got out her oil and??????

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