My horny son’s

Leaving them there to finish their breakfast I stood and turned from the table and walked to my bedroom. Without closing the door I removed my nightgown and positioned myself on the bed on my back..I parted my legs just enough to flash them my bald pussy when they enter my room..I lay thinking what […]

Naughty In The Pool

There isn’t a day during the summer you won’t find me floating in our pool topless or in a skimpy bikini.Normally this depends on the day.. On the weekends I’m in a bikini because my husband has a habit of bringing people over… During the week when he’s working, I am topless or completely nude. […]

The First Time By Diana D

Can you believe this weather? I asked Molly.I went on saying I’ve been tanning all morning..I just put some clothes on because you were due.. You mean you tan nude? Molly asked.. I sure do.. I love to feel the same sun on my body. But what if someone saw you? Molly asked.. I simply […]

The Party By Diana D

Returning from the grocery store I heard them in my son’s room. Ya man you mom is cool..No she’s hot dude.. Your mom is fucking hot! I smiled unpacking the food and snacks for the night.. Knocking on my son’s bedroom I said listen up young men..Once you start drinking , no one is leaving […]

Deep Throat Queen BY SHAGGYBOB5

Deep throat queen of the porno’s I’m 42 years old and have been the deep throat queen of the porno field for over fifteen years. I often reflect back as to how I got to this position. I am 5’7’ tall and weigh 130lbs.My breasts are not overly big but are a nice size just […]

My Grandma and I by shaggybob5

My Grandma and I My prospective of what life was all about changed when I was seventeen. I was a senior in high school at the time, playing varsity basketball. At 6’2” and weighing 190lbs I was not bad to look at. My Dad was killed in a plane crash when I was fifteen so […]