My horny son’s

Leaving them there to finish their breakfast I stood and turned from the table and walked to my bedroom.

Without closing the door I removed my nightgown and positioned myself on the bed on my back..
I parted my legs just enough to flash them my bald pussy when they enter my room..
I lay thinking what a lucky woman I was..
Having fantastic sex with my wonderful husband as well as my two sons..

Silently out of nowhere I saw Jason my youngest standing at the foot of the bed.
Immediately he removing his pajamas bottoms and climbing into bed..
First fingering me .
Then his mouth on my clit..

In was in heaven when I noticed my eldest in the doorway stroking his cock..
I motioned for him to join us he lowered his mouth to my nipples..

I said thank you boys..
I love you both..
I love the way you fuck your mother….

My eldest ran his fingers through my hair sucking my nipples as my youngest positioned himself .
Lifting my legs and spreading them wider , he put my legs on his shoulders.
I moaned as he slid into me..

I turned to my eldest and said let me suck your cock..
Blowing my son I felt the other speed up ..

Oh my mom I’m going to cum..
Ok baby I replied meeting his thrusts..
I built of my speed so we could orgasm together..

After relaxing my son’s traded places.
This time on my hands and knees my eldest easily pushed into my moist pussy..

He fucked me with a steady rhythm..
My eldest blurted out ,
Mom suck Jason , suck him and let him cum in your mouth while I fuck you..

That put me over the edge .
My body started twitching and a massive orgasm took control.

With the three of us enjoying the afterglow of sex we held each other..
We were lovers not mother and sons..

My eldest feeling my breasts I started stroking my boys..

I’m ready for you to blow me mom my youngest said.
Taking another minute to kiss him, touch him, and hug him.
I slid down the bed to meet his cock with my lips..
I sucked his cock like he was a sailor on leave and I was a 1000 dollar prostitute..

On my god mom he yelled..
Humping my mouth my son exploded in my mouth…

My oldest watching stroking himself pushed my mouth to his cock..
He obviously wanted to cum in my mouth the way fucked my mouth..
Pushing down on my head while humping my mouth and face fucking me he exploded .
He held my head tight until I swallowed it all..

I looked at both of them before saying you guys owe me..
Next time you need to cum in my ass and pussy and I got up to shower.

Naughty In The Pool

There isn’t a day during the summer you won’t find me floating in our pool topless or in a skimpy bikini.
Normally this depends on the day.. On the weekends I’m in a bikini because my husband has a habit of bringing people over… During the week when he’s working, I am topless or completely nude.

Fun in the sun took a sudden change of direction when I noticed a neighbor watching me..
Suddenly I became more aware of how easy it was for the neighbors to see me..

The more I thought about this , the hotter it made me..
What is wrong with harmless teasing I thought..

From the moment on I started showing off..
On a few afternoons I would play with myself while our neighbors husband watched me..
He even removed the screen on his window for a better view..

We connected, sharing flirty smiles ..
He became my favorite watcher..
We would talk, and flirt harmlessly over the fence.
I ever made friends with his wife.
She would come over to swim or tan in her bikini with me every other day..

We started having them over for dinner and drinks..
He became the subject of my fantasies..
His glances became stares..

Floating yesterday morning I noticed them both standing in the window..
To my surprise, it was his wife that asked if I would mind if he came over and joined me.
I said sure walking to the house for a skimpy bikini…

I was sipping ice tea when he walked through the gate..
He had a devilish smile on his face..
He stood next to me staring at my breats..
His swimsuit wasn’t hiding his growing cock..

Why didn’t your wife join us I asked ,seeing her in the window..
He seized the opportunity whispering in my ear, I can’t help myself ,Diana..I want you and I need to fuck you.
I need to Fuck you now..

I press into him feeling how hard he was…
With his wife watching I kissed him.

Let’s get in the pool I suggested..

He pushed his suit down receiving his hard cock before jumping into the pool..

My mind was racing looking for permission..
His wife was standing in the window, her hands in her pants..

I smiled , she nodded , with what I hoped was her permission to fuck her husband.

Sliding into the pool I put my arms around his neck.
His hard cock pushing into my belly..
kissing him deeply I rubbed my clit on his cock..

Dipping under water he pushed tiny bikini down my legs…
We started into each other’s eyes as he lifted me up .
I wrapped my legs around his waist as he lowered me into his hard cock..

I was so turned on..
He cock easily sliding into my pussy..
My desire growing not knowing how many people might be watching..

I stopped trying to be quite bouncing on his cock..
My lust and passion showing as I moaned in pleasure..
Before beginning my massive orgasm..

I made eye contact and said you can come in me when your ready baby..
My moans increased and I tightened my pussy around his cock as he thruster harder.

He moved me to the side of the pool as he removed my top..
With my breasts above water facing his house , he fucked me from behind as I held on to the polls edge.
Another awesome orgasm soon fallowed..

Then On yesssssssss followed by his grunts ..
I could tell he was giving me his cum.
pumping his cum into my slut pussy..
We held each other in the pool..

We stayed in the position trying to catch our breath..

I’ve craved you for so long, he said..

I followed his stare..
He was looking at his wife who was in the window..
I got a hall pass , he said..

After a short break I took him in my mouth on a blanket on the deck completely exposed to the neighbors.
This time he fucked me roughly, leaving me breathless.

My life just got a whole lot more exciting.

The First Time By Diana D

Can you believe this weather? I asked Molly.
I went on saying I’ve been tanning all morning..
I just put some clothes on because you were due..

You mean you tan nude? Molly asked..

I sure do.. I love to feel the same sun on my body.

But what if someone saw you? Molly asked..

I simply replied, that’s part of the fun

At the time I was a 44 year old happily married woman..
My husband and I had just started a new chapter in our lives ..
I was now in an open relationship after years as swinging as a couple..

Molly was 23, and had just moved in next door with her boyfriend..
She had recently graduated from the University of Texas.

She went on to say ,I used to tan topless when I was in high school..
I said, you can tan anyway you want at our house..

Several minutes later Molly joined me on the deck of our pool..
We talked quietly as I stepped out of my clothing and settled into my chaise lounge..

I watch as Molly stare at my nude body as she slowly removed her bikini..
Her arms, legs and tummy were tan, there were bright white triangles over her nipples and most of her breast..
Another white panty shape over her beautiful pussy lips..

We’re going to get you a better tan I said getting up to apply lotion to my new neighbor..
I rubbed Molly’s back first..Slowly and completely..

You know you can come over anytime you want , I said..
My middle finger sliding over pussy lips as Molly said thank you..

Turn over baby, I said..

I applied lotion to her chest, her white triangles, her thighs and her tummy..

You like this I asked,,

Yes! I do like this Molly said.

Without even realizing I parted her legs slightly..
My hands stroking her inner thighs .

Feeling my way slowly to gauge her response my fingers working closer to the target..
Suddenly she jumped as my fingers found her clit..

Relax , I said , you will enjoy it more..
Very gently I opened her pussy lips and Molly while body jerked as my finger pushed into her warm pussy..

I kissed her neck.
Simultaneously Molly started rubbing her clit with a firm circular motion..

I rubbed my hard nipples over hers, our breath warm as our lips met..
The kiss was urgent and passionate..
I increased the speed of my two fingers in her pussy forcing her to climax..

Oh my God Molly said..
She was breathing heavily , our body’s sweaty in the warm sun .
I suggested we take a dip in the pool before going inside..

After a short swim we dried each other before kissing again bumping each other..
We ran to the bedroom giggling

Molly kissed my nipples making them hard while pressing her knee between my legs..

Are you ok ? I asked.

Yes, I am, she said..
With that I rubbed my pussy on her knee ..

Moments later Molly lowered her mouth to my pussy..

My orgasm shook my body..

The next day we undressed in her bedroom..
This was the beginning of our erotic liaison.

Not a lesbian affair but a strong intimate friendship with lots of tenderness..
And of course lots of sex..

The next morning I looked at the opening of her vagina as I inserted a big dildo in her..
Her pussy lips stretched and she moaned.
Molly took over pumping her pussy as I sucked her clit..

Once she climaxed it was my turn..

She pushed the big dildo in me..
For the next 15 or 20 minutes another woman fucked me with a dildo bigger than any man’s cock..

This was our secret till one day while we stood in our kitchen together nude.
By now Molly’s tan lines were gone..
Both our body’s bronze..

Standing in a naked embrace my husband walked in the front door..
Seeing us he started undoing his pants..
Kissing me first he turned to Molly.

I want you first my husband said to Molly..

What do you mean ? She asked..Looking at me..
Go ahead baby I said . Let my husband fuck you..

My husband bent Molly over the living room sofa..
He rubbed his cock over her moist pussy lips before pushing it deep in our young neighbors

Molly enjoyed new levels of enjoyment as my husband fucked her pussy and I sucked her nipples.
Her orgasms massive before my husband asked her if she swallowed..
When she said no.
My husband told me to get ready..

Our relationship has lasted over the years..
Molly and her husband are part of our sex life.

We have vacationed together.
We have vacationed with each other spouses..
We have done it all through the good and the bad times.

The Party By Diana D

Returning from the grocery store I heard them in my son’s room.

Ya man you mom is cool..
No she’s hot dude.. Your mom is fucking hot!

I smiled unpacking the food and snacks for the night..

Knocking on my son’s bedroom I said listen up young men..
Once you start drinking , no one is leaving the house tonight..

Yes mom, my son said.
No problem Mr D ,Tommy said. I’ll make sure no one leaves.

Will someone help me with the beer I asked..

Billy followed me to the garage and place the beer on ice in the sink..
Thanks again Mrs D , for letting us spend the night..

I changed into something more comfortable and started pouring a glass of wine..
I couldn’t help but listen to the boys talk..

Dude this is going to be awesome.. Let’s get you mom drunk and fuck her..

I myself couldn’t remember the first time that I had gotten drunk.
I decided to start the grill .
They would probably like some chicken later I thought..

Suddenly four young men joined me in the backyard .
Hey mom my son said go change and swim with us..

Maybe I said…
I could tell the beer was affecting them.

That’s when Billy grabbed me pulling me into the pool..

I was furious, but stayed calm .

You don’t need to throw a girl in the water I said..

You’re no girl Mrs D.
Your a woman.
One fucking hot woman..

Stunned by the comment not knowing what to say I moved to the side of the pool..

Don’t go my son said .

Stepping out of the pool I hurried into the house to remove my wet clothing..

Did you see her nipples..
Dude your mom has big nipples .

I looked into the mirror and saw exactly what they did..
My dark nipples showing through a think white, wet t shirt..

Well they like my tits anyway I thought..
I removed my clothing and stood nude in the mirror..
Wonder what they would say now.
You like my tits now..

I squeezed my nipples looking at my mature breasts..
They hung just a little..
I slid my middle finger over my clit..

I gazed down from my window at the boys.
I wondered what the would do if they say me..
Oh God stop it I thought..

Cracking the window I listened..

Man, I would give anything to fuck your mom.
I jack off to her all the time Billy said..
I bet Jim has to..
You think your mom would suck our dicks..

Maybe you could get her naked for us..
I want to fuck her again.
Ya dude get her naked..

If I do get my mom naked you guys better not tell anyone..
I don’t need anymore collage buddies coming over..
I listened to them all promise..

I’ve heard this before.
My son had shared me with them before..
But never all four at once..

I opened the window and said I’m getting lonely boys..

You guys can come up if you want..

I got comfortable in the middle of the bed.

As the other looked on jerking off Tom groaned.
oh aahh! As he slid in me.

Your nice and hard I said opening my legs..
Thats it, that’s it keep it up I said .Turning my head to the right to receive my son’s cock..

Yes, suck it mom..
It wasn’t long before my son filled my throat with his cum.

One by one for the next hour and half they took turns fucking me.

Finally it was over..
That was beautiful boys..

Thank you mom. That was awesome Mrs D I heard over and over..

It’s hard to believe they go back to college next week I thought stepping into the shower..
Once I dried off , I joined them with a beer and the party began.

Deep Throat Queen BY SHAGGYBOB5

Deep throat queen of the porno’s

I’m 42 years old and have been the deep throat queen of the porno field for over fifteen years. I often reflect back as to how I got to this position. I am 5’7’ tall and weigh 130lbs.
My breasts are not overly big but are a nice size just between a “C” and a D” cup. I exercise regularly and even at 42 they are firm and my own. This is my story.

My mother died at my birth. She was only thirteen at the time I was told. I don’t know who my dad was but I know he did not want me because he placed me in an orphanage center. The child welfare people placed me in various foster homes until I was eight years old. I was adopted by Jean and Frank (their last names do not matter). They had adopter two others before me, a girl named Penny when she was 5 and was now twelve, and a Boy named Harry who was ten at the time and is now 18. 

I had a strange up bringing. The very first night they brought me home my foster mother took me in and bathed me. Using a soft sponge she rubbed me all over, taking extra time between my legs cleaning my vagina and ass. When she was through toweling me she would lay me down on a bench in the bathroom and kiss and lick my little pussy. This became a three times a week ritual. I admit I did like the feeling it gave me when she did it. I had my first climax when I was nine and that was when my real sex education began.

My Foster mother must have told her husband about my orgasm because the next time she bathed me instead of laying me down on the bench after her toweling me dry she led me into her bedroom. She positioned me on the bed so that my head hung over the bed. She began to kiss and lick my pussy inserting her tongue between my small lips and into my hole. She proceeded to plunge her tongue in and out of me and running her tongue over the top of my little pussy. I felt that same strange feeling begin to form between my legs that I had when I had my first orgasm. Suddenly I felt myself tense up and then that wonderful feeling of relief came over me. Jane, my foster mother seemed to increase her licking because a warm fluid had flowed out of my hole. She looked up and smiled and said, you came a load and proceeded to make me cum two more times. 

I was starting to get that same feeling again when Jane’s husband walked in stark naked. I started to rise up when he pushed my head down and said, oh no little girl it is time for your real education. He took this thing that was between his legs and was standing straight out in front of him and placed it on my lips and tried to push it into my mouth. I clamped down my lips and gritted my teeth. He just laughed and pinched my nose shut. I had to open my mouth to breath and that is when he shoved his thing into my mouth. Don’t you dare bite me or I will beat you half to death, and he slapped me hard across my face. I started crying as he shoved his thing deep into my mouth. I want you to suck my cock like it was a Popsicle he yelled. Jane was continuing to eat my pussy as she called it and she made me cum in spite of what her husband was doing to me. She said, be gentle it’s her first time for gods sake. The tip of his cock kept hitting my tonsils and I would gage each time. He said don’t fight it, breathe through your nose and relax your throat. I tried but when he shoved another two inches into my throat I gagged and puked onto his dick and out of my mouth. He didn’t seem to mind he just kept pushing his dick in and out of my mouth. All of a sudden I felt his dick start to spill a sticky liquid out of it and he grabbed my head and pulled me to him shoving about two inches down my throat and held me there. I couldn’t breathe or move as I felt his liquid spurting down my throat and into my stomach. I was choking to death when he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was coughing and spitting heaps of saliva out of my mouth along with some of his cum. Now if you can learn to relax and not fight it you can be a great cock sucker like your sister. 

I finally caught my breath and realized I was about to cum again as Jane continued to eat my pussy. She made me cum three more times before she was finished. Frank then called Penny and when she came in he said show your sister what a great cocksucker you are. She took his limp dick into her mouth and began to suck. Each time her lips would push against his ball sack and she would tickle the underside between his balls and his ass hole. I could tell that his dick had begun to swell as she sucked. Bigger and bigger it got, but she kept sliding all the way down his shaft to his balls. He began to fuck her mouth shoving it completely down her throat. I couldn’t believe it, she didn’t choke or gag. After about fifteen minuets he grabbed her head and held it against him and I could see by her throat that she was swallowing his cum. He looked at me and smiled; see what a little practice can do.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower and washed myself using the shower head to clean my vagina. When I came out I went to my room. Penny was sitting on my bed smiling at me and said you didn’t do half bad for the first time. I think you will learn a lot faster than I did. It took me almost a year to learn to relax my throat and breathe through my nose. Do I have any choice? No, but once you master it you will begin to like it and Frank is generous when we do what he says. He will buy you some nice clothes and trinkets. I rubbed my throat which felt raw. I don’t know, that hurt and I thought I was going to smoother to death. Tomorrow after school I’ll help you practice on a soft dildo I have in my room. For the next three weeks Penny and I practiced on her Dildo, and every third day Frank fucked my mouth while Jane ate my pussy. Finally I was able to take his full seven inches without choking. I found that when I had my head laid back and Frank would stand in front of me he could penetrate my throat straight down. My throat had expanded and became quite flexible. When I tried to take him straight in front of me with my face directly facing him it was a little harder to swallow him, but with a little effort I managed to take all of him just like Penny.

It turned out that Penny and I were born in the same month, so when I turned nine Frank and Jane took Penny and me to Magic Mountain a theme park in southern California. I was so excited I almost peed my pants when he told me. Frank had a big Van with a bed in the back instead of seats. Jane drove and I sat in front with her. I heard Jenny start to moan and I looked back and Frank had his dick in Penny’s pussy and she had her legs spread wide as he plunged his cock in and out of her pussy. I was surprised and fascinated at the same time. I did not know he had been fucking her. Frank had never tried to fuck me and I was sure glad because that big cock would have split me wide open at my age. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I could see her pussy was very wet and a creamy substance was cumming out the sides of her pussy. She was moaning screaming Oh my god, oh my god, Frank you make me feel so good and you make me cum so much I can hardly stand it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, I’m cummmmmmmming again ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes, and she dropped her legs and reared up her pussy into Frank and then collapsed. Frank kept right on fucking her for another couple of minuets and then grabbed her legs and shoved them above her head and unloaded his sperm into her. Watching them really made my pussy wet. I looked over at Jane and she was finger fucking herself while she drove. I reached over between her legs and shoved three of my fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. She scooted forward on the seat so her pussy was hanging over. I got on my knees and shoved my whole hand up her hole. She grunted and murmured, Oh that feels so good. I hammered her pussy with my fist doubled, going in and out as fast as I could. She started cumming like a fountain and had to pull over to the side of the road. She finally said enough honey I can’t take any more right now. We had a great time and on the way back I let Frank fuck my throat and to my surprise Penny ate my pussy. She did a great job making me cum a half dozen times before we got home.

That night I snuck into Penny’s bedroom and I told her I wanted to make her feel as good as she had made me feel. I had never eaten a pussy before and wanted to find out what it was like. I pulled my night tee off and crawled into bed with her. Penny always slept naked. She said she always wanted to be ready for Frank. We began to kiss and she ran her tongue into my mouth and she tickled the roof of my mouth. I giggled and returned the kiss doing the same to her. Soon we were kissing passionately. Penny’s tits were small but firm and when I squeezed them her little nipples stood out. She told me to kiss them and suck her nipples because she liked that. My small hands were just right for her tits. I was able take them all in my hands as I squeezed and bit her nipples. She began to moan softly in my ear. I put my hand between her legs and she spread them wide for me. I inserted two of my fingers into her love hole and began to finger fuck her. She reached down and rubbed the top of her vagina just above my fingers. She told me that was where her clittie was and rubbing it made her excited. After sucking her tits and finger fucking her and feeling her cum I threw off the covers and got between he legs. She grabbed my head and said maybe you shouldn’t. I haven’t cleaned myself since this afternoon. I was too turned on to care and I put my face against her pussy. There was a strong aroma coming from her pussy and she was wet with some of her juices oozing out of her. I held my breath and slid my tongue between her lips and proceeded to eat her juices. I could taste some of Franks salty cum that was still inside her and had not been absorbed by her body. I started breathing normally and tongued her pussy scooping out every bit of fluid in it. She raised her hips up and came again and as I felt her cum run over my tongue I renewed my efforts as I ran my tongue in and out of her. She was moaning and groaning and grabbing my head and slamming it into her pussy every few minuets as she came again and again. Finally she grabbed my hair and pulled me away from her pussy and panted, enough, enough I can’t take it any more. I scooted up next to her and we kissed and held each other until we fell asleep. From then on we would eat each others pussy as often as we could. Penny had a special talent for a 14 year old. She could make her pussy muscles clamp onto my tongue when she came. She had the sweetest pussy I think I have ever eaten, then and now. Believe me I have eaten a lot of pussy’s over the years.

After that night I continued to get my baths and tonguing from Jane almost every night except now I would fist her pussy as soon as she finished eating my pussy. She seemed to love my fisting her and would cum so much we would have to change the sheets often. I also noticed how much I enjoyed having the power over Jane when I was fisting her. She had a rather deep cunt and I could ram my arm half way up to my elbow. One night I remember taking my finger and placing it in her cervix about an inch. Jane got so excited and her ass was jumping all over the bed and when she came she shot a whole lot of liquid out of her pussy. I thought she was peeing. She later said that every once in awhile she said if she was rubbed in the right spot she came like that. By the end of that week I could stretch her cervix to the point I could insert my finger up to the knuckle. She would go almost nuts when I did that.

Frank would still come in and fuck my throat but now would have Penny lay her pussy beside my head and he would fuck my mouth for awhile and then switch over and fuck Penny’s cunt and then back to my mouth. I loved tasting Penny’s pussy juice when he went from her cunt to my mouth. Some times Frank would cum in my mouth and sometimes Penny’s pussy. Surprising as it may seem I found that when Frank chose to cum in Penny I missed the feeling of his spunk sliding down my throat. 

One day just before I turned ten I came home from school early because the teacher had to leave. Penny was not home yet so I got a glass of milk and headed to my room. As I passed Frank and Jane’s bedroom I heard someone grunting and moaning and saying Oh Harry you feel so good inside me. I thought, who is Harry? I new Frank was still at work so I slowly opened the door. My eyes almost bugged out of my head. There was Jane holding her feet with her legs wide open, and this young guy was fucking her. What was amazing was the size of his dick. When He pulled almost out of her I could see it was at least two or three inches longer than Franks cock. It was a lot skinnier than Franks but my god the length was the longest I had ever seen in my young life. I watched him pound in and out of her and I was not that surprised that she was able to take every inch of him because of the fisting I had been giving her. She arched and I could see she was cumming. No sooner had she relaxed than he made her cum again. Then I was shocked when she said put it in my ass son. He with drew from her wet gapping pussy and rubbed some of her juices into her ass hole and plunged that long skinny pole of his into her ass. I gasped as it went all the way in and I could see his very large ball sack slap her backside. I was fascinated as I watched that long dick running in and out of her ass. 

I heard the front door open and looked at my watch. It was too early for Frank so it must be Penny. I backed out of the room and ran to the kitchen where Penny had gone. I giggled and said Jane was in her bedroom getting fucked by some teenager named Harry. That’s her adopted son. He got kicked out of the house because Frank caught him fucking her. Penny ran back to Jane’s room and burst into the bedroom and ran over to this Frank and gave him a big hug while he was still in Jane’s ass. Penny, will you hold off for a minuet and let Harry finish fucking me. I almost burst out laughing it was so comical with Jane’s feet sticking up in the air and Harry’s cock deep in her ass and Penny with her arms around his shoulders Kissing him. Penny walked back and stood beside me as Harry continued fucking her. I whispered to Penny, god but he has the longest dick I have ever seen. I know said Penny, and he knows how to use it. I never have been able to take all of him in my mouth. Hmmmm I thought, I wonder, no forget it I said to myself. About that time Harry buried his cock all the way in her and I could tell he was cumming because his legs were shaking and Jane’s ass was quivering as he dumped a very large quantity of cum into her. He must have taken at least two minutes to pump it all into her.

When they were finished and we all went into the living room Penny asked him when did he get back into town? Yesterday he said. Where are you staying? With my old buddy Jack, and who is this pretty little girl he asked. Her name is Dianna and she is your adopted sister. Nice to meet you he said. Has Frank been training you too? I turned beet red. Yes and she is really good Harry better than me said Penny. How old are you he asked? All most ten I mumbled. You must be a fast learner to be better than Penny at your age. I blushed clear down to my toes. Maybe we can get together some time soon? Just the thought made my legs weak. Jane said you better go Harry it’s almost time for Frank to come home, you were wonderful just like old times. I hope we can get together soon, maybe tomorrow morning? No I have some things to do tomorrow and also to look for a job, I could tell Jane was disappointed. Penny said, maybe when you get settled Diane and I could come over to your place. That would be nice, besides Jack has been dieing to meet you. Penny gave him a big smile and said, what have you been telling him? He grinned back at her and winked.

Penny and I went over to Harry’s new apartment on Saturday. Frank had to work overtime so we figured we had at least four or five hours of freedom. Jack his room mate opened the door and Penny asked if Harry was home and told him we were his sister’s. Jack said, sure come on in. I noticed he was eyeing Penny pretty good and when we walked by him Penny came real close to him so he could look down her blouse that was open and exposed some of her breast. Harry came out of the bedroom and greeted us and then introduced Jack to us. He gave Penny a coke and me a root beer. We talked about all kinds of things; our school, where Harry had been living and what he had been doing. We learned Jack had just graduated from college and was working for a big company computer company as some kind of computer analysis.

Finally Harry said, well I guess there isn’t any reason to beat around the bush is there Penny. No Harry I have been waiting for this for over two years, every since you left. He looked at me and asked, are you as good as Penny has been writing me about? I blushed all the way down to my pussy. I said, I don’t know, what has she been saying? That you are a better cock sucker than her, I find that hard to believe. Penny said let her show you. First I want you to fuck my mouth and then you can fuck Diane’s and compare. Penny told Jack she wanted him to fuck her while Harry deep throated her. Then you can eat Diane’s pussy while Harry deep throats her, but you cannot fuck her. Is that OK with everyone? I thought Jack was going to faint he was so excited at the prospect of fucking Penny. I said that I guess that would be ok. Secretly I really wanted to see if I could take all of Harry.

We went into Jack’s bedroom because it was the largest and had a king size bed. We all undressed. I felt a little embarrassed because Penny had such nice stand up tits and I was so flat chested. I did notice that Penny’s ass was a little flat, while mine was well rounded and it made me feel a little better. Penny and I laid cross ways across the bed with our heads hanging over the side. I asked Harry if he had any cooking oil and honey. He looked kind of funny and then asked Jack. Ya, I have come corn oil but I’m not sure about the honey. I said that’s ok, I poured a small amount of the corn oil in a cup and drank some of it, letting it run slowly down my throat. I offered some to Penny but she said no. 
I laid on my side as I watched Harry put his dick into Penny’s mouth and slowly shoved about seven inches into her throat. Because he was not as big around as Frank Penny seemed to take that much a lot easier. He began to move in and out of her throat. Jack had gotten between Penny’s legs and was eating her pussy. Penny began moaning and wiggling her ass. However each time Harry tried to put more of his cock down her throat she gagged, so he stopped trying and steadily fucked her mouth. I was getting real hot watching them and my pussy began to secrete. I reached down and began to rub my pussy. I had just started to develop a clitoris and whenever I ran my finger ran over that spot I felt little electric shocks run through my pussy and up my ass.

Jack got up from eating Penny and took hold of his rather magnificent cock. It looked to be about seven and a half inches and almost as big around as Frank’s. He kneeled down and placed the head of it into Penny’s tiny little slit. I new that she had been fucking Frank for a long time but looking at her snatch I marveled that she could take such a big one. He lifted her legs up and slid his cock inside her. Oh my god he murmured what a hot box you have. Penny had cum several times before and some of it squirted out as his big cock plunged into her. He pulled himself clear out until only the tip of his cock was in and then slammed down on her. I heard Penny grunt as he began fucking her as hard as he could. Harry got excited and began to fuck Penny’s throat as fast as Jack was fucking Penny’s cunt. Jack reared up and buried his cock deep into Penny’s pussy and his face kind of contorted as he came. Harry came right after and pored his seaman down Penny’s throat. Penny was cumming one after the other and she clocked her legs around Jack and pushed her cunt up into him and held him there as she continued to have orgasm after orgasm. It took Penny almost ten minuets to come down and release Jack from her legs. Penny Said WOW, that was powerful. I also had cum at the same time as Jack had.

Well I didn’t intend to cum but watching Jack fucking Penny turned me on something terrible Harry said, I couldn’t stop myself from cumming. Lets have a snack and a cup of coffee and then it will be Diane’s turn. Jack and Harry had coffee while Penny and I each had a root beer. Both Harry and Jack went into their respective bathrooms and washed themselves off. Penny giggled and said christ that was good. I lost count after nine orgasms. I said I have to admit it turned me on and I came myself. We both giggled.

We all went back into the bedroom and I swallowed a little more oil. I got on my back and laid my head over the side of the bed. I said before you start Harry I would like Jack to eat my pussy for a couple of minuets first before you start. I raised my knee up and spread them apart. Jack immediately got between my legs and put his finger into my pussy. Penny hollered at him not to go to deep, she’s a virgin and needs to keep her hymen. As he was finger fucking me and running his thumb over my little clit I asked Harry how big he was. I’m about nine and a half inches most of the time but sometimes like just now I probably get to ten because I got so excited.

My mind was going a mile a minute as I calculated six to reach my throat, that left four or more to go down my throat. I got a little scared thinking maybe I couldn’t handle that much. Oh well I can always stop him if I begin chocking. Just about that time I felt my body tense as I felt a climax coming on. Jack was doing a wonderful job down there, licking and sucking my clit area. I raised up my ass and came all over his face. Harry placed his cock on top of my tongue and proceeded to push that long cock that was about as big around as a Kennedy Dollar. I could feel it going into my mouth and down to the throat area. I stretched my neck and he slid the head easily into my throat about and inch. He started fucking me. In and out, in and out he went. Then about every fifth stroke he put another inch down my oily pipe. So far it was going good, I was breathing through my nose and I started to get more excited with the prospect of taking him all. I felt him go another inch as he was being very gentle with me. Then another and another until I realized his huge ball sack was banging my forehead. Just thinking about having all that cock in me made me cum again. Harry began to pump his cock, taking it out to the edge of my throat and then pushing it all the way in. I heard him say oh Penny you were write she’s wonderful. Jack pushed my legs up high and continued to eat my pussy and then I felt Penny stick her tongue into my ass hole. She probed my sphincter muscle and as it loosened up she jammed her tongue deep into my rectum. I lost complete control, with Harry’s fucking my throat, Jack sucking my pussy, and Penny’s tongue going in and out of my ass. I started a series of orgasm’s that came one after the other. More than any ten year old had the right too. Then I had one of those huge orgasm’s like Jane had and water came pouring out of my pussy all over Jack and Penny’s face’s. Harry shoved his cock as deep as he could and a huge amount of sticky cum spurted down my throat and into my stomach. I could hardly believe that he had that much cum in him after he had already cum in Penny’s mouth. It just kept spurting jizz down my throat. I fainted. When I came too Harry had placed a cold wet towel across my forehead. Penny was patting my hand and said hey girl you scared us. I set up and grinned at them and said WOW, that was powerful. We all agreed that was the best time any of us had ever had.

For the next two years it went much the same. Frank fucking both Penny and me in the mouth about every three days and Fucking Penny two or three times a week. Jane continued to eat my pussy almost every day and some times she would eat Penny’s pussy when it was OK with Frank. I often wondered if Frank ever fucked Jane, because I had never seen him do it. I new that once or twice a week, Harry would come over to the house and service Jane. He told me that twice he had brought Jack along and they both fucked her. Harry in her ass and Jack in her Pussy and then visa versa. I thought, I’d love to see that but was always in school. Penny and I would visit Harry and Jack about once or twice a month and we did pretty much the same thing we did the first time. I did let Jack fuck me in the mouth and found that it was a little harder to take all of him than it did Harry. I believe it was because of Jack’s girth.

On my twelfth Birthday Frank took us all out to dinner and bought me this real nice watch. When we got home Frank told me to get undressed and get ready to continue my sex education. Jane came in and said take this pill, and from now on you take one every morning without fail. I said what is it? Never mind I’ll tell you tomorrow and it won’t hurt you. I met Penny in the bedroom and we laid down like we always did. Jane began to eat my pussy and I came twice before Frank came in. I was surprised when instead of coming to my face he went around and got between my legs and lifted my knees up and spread my legs. I was pretty wet and he stuck two of his big fingers inside my pussy and proceeded to finger fuck me. I could feel him hit my hymen when he probed deeper into my pussy. He inserted three fingers and began stretching my pussy lips. It hurt because I had never had more than a couple of fingers from me and Penny and several tongues. Jane brought in a thimble of oil and poured it on my pussy lips. Franks fingers were in me and I could feel my hymen stretching and was very painful. He put four fingers in and pushed hard, I screamed at the pain, and felt my hymen pop. Frank continued to massage and pump his hand in and out of me. When he with drew his fingers I felt such relief. I could see there was blood all over his hand and fingers. Frank then took his cock and inserted its head into my vagina and with out hesitating he jammed his whole cock inside my pussy. I screamed as the pain shot through my body and up my spine. He held his cock inside me for several minuets before he began to fuck me. He was running in and out of my little pussy like a steam engine, stretching it almost into numbness. Then suddenly the pain began to subside and was replace with a pleasurable feeling deep inside my body. My lubrication glands began to secrete and I came all over his cock, gobs of pussy juice ran down my leg. He kept right on fucking me for over a half hour. I was cumming about every two minute’s. I felt him begin to tense up when he withdrew from me and walked around the bed and inserted his cock into my mouth and proceeded to fuck me there. I could taste my own pussy juice and blood. Frank only took a half dozen strokes before he came straight down my throat. I felt his warm sticky fluid sliding down my throat and into my stomach. I sucked him until there was nothing left.
So ended the first chapter in my life as well as my adolescence.
(continued) all rights reserved to the Author.

My Grandma and I by shaggybob5

My Grandma and I

My prospective of what life was all about changed when I was seventeen. I was a senior in high school at the time, playing varsity basketball. At 6’2” and weighing 190lbs I was not bad to look at. My Dad was killed in a plane crash when I was fifteen so there was just my Mom and younger sister Helen who was fifteen. My older brother was 21 and in College back East on a football scholarship.

One day my Mom asked me to stop over at my Grand mothers place after school and look at her fence to see what needed to be fixed and anything else she might need fixing.
That afternoon I stopped by her house and went into her back yard to look at the fence. I was surprised that her dog Rover a German Shepard was not back there. I found where the fence was broken and went into her house to ask her what else needed fixing. I went thru the back door and into the kitchen. Before I could holler hello I stopped in my tracts. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. There was my Grand Mother naked on her hands and knees. Her bare tits were hanging almost to the floor with her grey hair down the sides of her face and her dog Rover was on her back fucking her. His dick was going in and out of her so fast, it was unbelievable. I was speechless and just stood there watching. She was mumbling to Rover, “That a boy give me the good fucking I need. Ohhhh yes baby shove it to me that’s it aaahhhhhh yessss. I saw her ass quiver and new she had had a climax. I could see that he was completely buried inside her. I new about a dogs knot and it was inside her pussy. 

I was in shock, she was the women who had baby sited me and my sister, my mothers mother who we thought was a saint getting fucked by a dog. He finally stopped shoving his dick in and out of her and I could see he was pumping his seed into her vagina with short little jerks. She said, “Oh god rover, that’s it I can feel your spunk shooting inside me. Ohhhhh Rover I’m going to cum again yes, yes, aaaahhhhhhhh shit that feels good. Rover then turned around and I expected them to be tied but to my surprise he pulled right out of her. His doggy spunk came pouring out of her pussy. It was then she looked up and saw me standing there.

She said “Well shit, it looks like I’m busted. Don’t just stand there with your mouth open, help me up.” I went over and helped her to her feet. I could see her legs were a little week so I led her to a chair. “I’m sorry you witnessed that Robby (that was my name) I can’t image what you must think of me. But for what its worth I’ll tell you how it all started. Your Grand Father has been dead for almost ten years. When he was alive we had a very active sex life. I miss him so, not just because we loved each other very much but I really missed the sex. I bought Rover as you know three years ago when he was a puppy so I could have a companion and a watch dog. 

About nine months ago I was exceptionally horny and had used a dildo to relieve myself. When I had finished I laid down on the bed and was enjoying the feeling of sexual release I had given myself. My vagina was pretty moist from my orgasms. I suddenly felt a cold nose between my legs and a rough wet something slide over my vagina lips. I looked down and saw Rover between my legs. He had just sunk his tongue inside my vagina and I jumped a foot. His tongue then went back in thru my slit and up to my clitoris. Robby I could not tell you how good it felt. I had not had a tongue in my vagina for over ten years and even knowing it was a dog didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I lay back and I spread my legs and let him lick. Robby he made me climax so many times I fainted. A few minuets later I realize he had put his paws on my shoulders and had his dick part way in my vagina.” I swear I tried to stop him but he was to heavy and when he sunk his dick clear in me I thought I would die it felt so good. His dick began to go in and out of me so fast, faster than any man had ever fucked me. I began to climax all over again. Suddenly I felt a pain in my vagina” Grand Ma it’s ok to call your vagina a pussy or cunt that’s what we call it now days. “Ok, anyway I realized that his knot had gone inside my pussy (and she smiled at me) the pain was excruciating at first but then it started to feel good again as he hammered me. When I felt his doggy spunk shoot up inside me I had one of the biggest climaxes of my life. Rover and I were tied together for about ten minuets.

Well that’s my story; I have been letting Rover fuck me two or three times a week. We no longer get tied as my pussy has been stretched to the point that he slips out when he is through. I don’t suppose we can keep it our little secrete can we? Hell grand ma I wouldn’t tell anyone something like that. I love you and even though it shocked me, as you can see it made my horny as hell. She looked down at my crotch and could see I had a big hard on. Well well, lets take a look at my big grand son. She undid my pants and pulled down my under wear. She just stared at my seven and a half inch cock. She reached up and took a hold of it. “My god son you are really hung. How big around is it?” about three inches I think. “Well I think a boy who can keep a secrete needs a reward.” She took her teeth out and set them on the table and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck. What a feeling, if you readers have never had your cock sucked with a pair of gums you don’t know what your missing. Anyway I began to shove my cock in and out of her mouth. Her gums slid over my cock like velvet. I reached down and picked up one of her lose tits and began to rub the nipples and they exploded out of her areolas about a half inch long. I bent over and took one in my mouth and began to suck. I heard my grand mother gasp. Her nipple got real hard and extended to about three quarters of an inch. I had to let go of it because I was ready to cum. I grabbed her grey hair and shoved my cock deep into throat and came. I had not had any sex for about a month and all that stored up cum came pouring out. It exploded in her mouth and into the back of her throat. She choked and some dribbled out the side of her mouth but most of my sticky load slide down her throat.

We sat and talked for quite a while. I began to look at my naked grand mother in a different light. I reached over and took one of her hanging tits into my mouth and began to suck. Those nipples were huge, like miniature dicks. She responded by taking hold of my dick and started jacking me off. I picked her up with ease; she must have weighed only about 95 lbs. I took her over to the couch and laid her down. I continued to suck on her tit as I slid my hand down to her very wet pussy. I began to finger fuck her with two then three fingers. She was breathing hard and started to moan as I put first my fourth than my thumb and finally my whole fist into her vagina. Her pussy was very lose, not tight at all. I began to pump my fist like a jack hammer. I tried to imagine my fist was the dog’s dick and tried to go as fast as I had seen the dog fuck her. She was almost screaming, Ohhhhh Robby that feels so good, christ don’t stop I’m going to cum, yes oh yesssss yesssss there it comes aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, and I felt her cream all over my fist. I was so horny I pulled my fist out and shoved my cock deep into her pussy. As big as I was it wasn’t big enough to fill her gapping hole. I lifted her legs up and pulled my wet cock out of her and jammed it into her ass. Her sphincter muscle resisted for a second or two and then opened up and my seven and a half inch cock sunk deep into her shitter. “Oh christ Robby wait, that hurts so bad. I Rested with my dick completely in her anal cavity and waited for her to relax. It only took about a minute until she said Ok, go slow. I began to pump in and out of her ass with long slow stroke, increasing the tempo every minute or so until I was ramming her ass like I had rammed her cunt with my fist. Finally after about twenty minutes of fucking her shitter I shoved down deep and came. She shuddered as she felt me shoot my load deep into her anal cavity and came herself. There was shit all over my cock when I pulled out of her. She turned a little red with embarrassment.

That was wonderful grandma I hope we can do this again. Especially I want to see you fuck Rover again. “As long as we can keep it between us I don’t see why not. I usually let Rover fuck me on Tuesday and Fridays. Once in a great while if I’m especially horny I throw in an extra on Saturday provided I’m not coming over to your house that weekend. I’ll make sure I’m prepared for you next time” and she nodded toward my poop covered dick. I went into the bathroom and washed my dick off and left after I found out what else my Grand Mother needed fixing beside the fence.

In the days that followed I visited my Grandma as often as I could. I loved watching Rover fuck her. It always made me horny making it easier to get excited over fucking a seventy six year old women. I really loved having her suck my cock with her gums sliding up and down my shaft. It took her about six sessions but now she can tame my cock completely. It makes me hard just thinking about it as I write. She was always prepared for my assault on her ass. She never again has any shit in her cavity when I fuck her.

I had never thought about incest before that day. But recently when I looked at my sister and mother I suddenly saw them in a different light. Instead of just seeing my sister I saw a very sexy young girl with long legs a great ass and her tits were something to drool over. She was 5’9” and weighed about 130lbs. She was a solid 37C. And Mom was something in her own right. At 41 she still looked good. She was 5’10” with long slender legs and an ass as good as anyone including my sister. Her 37D tits were still firm and the reason I new is I accidentally walked in on her when she had just stepped out of the shower. We live in a three bedroom bath and a half house so we all used the same bathroom. It works most of the time but once in awhile we get crossed up. When I walked in on her because evidently the latch hadn’t caught she was just coming out of the shower. I just stood there I was so surprised to see her naked. I took a good look at her for the first time. What a sight. Her gorgeous nipples were pointing right at me. Her pussy was covered with a soft very light brown almost blond hair. I was staring at her crotch and my cock began to grow threw the shorts I was wearing. Mom screamed at me to get out but I saw her take a good look at my cock, I stammered that I was sorry I didn’t know anyone was in the bathroom and backed out. 

My sister Helen came running out of her bedroom to see what was the matter. I don’t think she realized at the time that she only had on her bra and panties. I could see those beautiful full tits and the hair sticking out of the side of her underwear about the same color as Mom’s. I told her I had accidentally walked in on Mom in the bathroom. I didn’t tell her she was naked. I went into the bedroom and masturbated thinking about Mom and her naked body. For the first time in my life I wondered what it would be like to fuck my mother and my sister. I came a huge glob of cum as I visualized fucking them.