Naughty In The Pool

There isn’t a day during the summer you won’t find me floating in our pool topless or in a skimpy bikini.
Normally this depends on the day.. On the weekends I’m in a bikini because my husband has a habit of bringing people over… During the week when he’s working, I am topless or completely nude.

Fun in the sun took a sudden change of direction when I noticed a neighbor watching me..
Suddenly I became more aware of how easy it was for the neighbors to see me..

The more I thought about this , the hotter it made me..
What is wrong with harmless teasing I thought..

From the moment on I started showing off..
On a few afternoons I would play with myself while our neighbors husband watched me..
He even removed the screen on his window for a better view..

We connected, sharing flirty smiles ..
He became my favorite watcher..
We would talk, and flirt harmlessly over the fence.
I ever made friends with his wife.
She would come over to swim or tan in her bikini with me every other day..

We started having them over for dinner and drinks..
He became the subject of my fantasies..
His glances became stares..

Floating yesterday morning I noticed them both standing in the window..
To my surprise, it was his wife that asked if I would mind if he came over and joined me.
I said sure walking to the house for a skimpy bikini…

I was sipping ice tea when he walked through the gate..
He had a devilish smile on his face..
He stood next to me staring at my breats..
His swimsuit wasn’t hiding his growing cock..

Why didn’t your wife join us I asked ,seeing her in the window..
He seized the opportunity whispering in my ear, I can’t help myself ,Diana..I want you and I need to fuck you.
I need to Fuck you now..

I press into him feeling how hard he was…
With his wife watching I kissed him.

Let’s get in the pool I suggested..

He pushed his suit down receiving his hard cock before jumping into the pool..

My mind was racing looking for permission..
His wife was standing in the window, her hands in her pants..

I smiled , she nodded , with what I hoped was her permission to fuck her husband.

Sliding into the pool I put my arms around his neck.
His hard cock pushing into my belly..
kissing him deeply I rubbed my clit on his cock..

Dipping under water he pushed tiny bikini down my legs…
We started into each other’s eyes as he lifted me up .
I wrapped my legs around his waist as he lowered me into his hard cock..

I was so turned on..
He cock easily sliding into my pussy..
My desire growing not knowing how many people might be watching..

I stopped trying to be quite bouncing on his cock..
My lust and passion showing as I moaned in pleasure..
Before beginning my massive orgasm..

I made eye contact and said you can come in me when your ready baby..
My moans increased and I tightened my pussy around his cock as he thruster harder.

He moved me to the side of the pool as he removed my top..
With my breasts above water facing his house , he fucked me from behind as I held on to the polls edge.
Another awesome orgasm soon fallowed..

Then On yesssssssss followed by his grunts ..
I could tell he was giving me his cum.
pumping his cum into my slut pussy..
We held each other in the pool..

We stayed in the position trying to catch our breath..

I’ve craved you for so long, he said..

I followed his stare..
He was looking at his wife who was in the window..
I got a hall pass , he said..

After a short break I took him in my mouth on a blanket on the deck completely exposed to the neighbors.
This time he fucked me roughly, leaving me breathless.

My life just got a whole lot more exciting.

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