The First Time By Diana D

Can you believe this weather? I asked Molly.
I went on saying I’ve been tanning all morning..
I just put some clothes on because you were due..

You mean you tan nude? Molly asked..

I sure do.. I love to feel the same sun on my body.

But what if someone saw you? Molly asked..

I simply replied, that’s part of the fun

At the time I was a 44 year old happily married woman..
My husband and I had just started a new chapter in our lives ..
I was now in an open relationship after years as swinging as a couple..

Molly was 23, and had just moved in next door with her boyfriend..
She had recently graduated from the University of Texas.

She went on to say ,I used to tan topless when I was in high school..
I said, you can tan anyway you want at our house..

Several minutes later Molly joined me on the deck of our pool..
We talked quietly as I stepped out of my clothing and settled into my chaise lounge..

I watch as Molly stare at my nude body as she slowly removed her bikini..
Her arms, legs and tummy were tan, there were bright white triangles over her nipples and most of her breast..
Another white panty shape over her beautiful pussy lips..

We’re going to get you a better tan I said getting up to apply lotion to my new neighbor..
I rubbed Molly’s back first..Slowly and completely..

You know you can come over anytime you want , I said..
My middle finger sliding over pussy lips as Molly said thank you..

Turn over baby, I said..

I applied lotion to her chest, her white triangles, her thighs and her tummy..

You like this I asked,,

Yes! I do like this Molly said.

Without even realizing I parted her legs slightly..
My hands stroking her inner thighs .

Feeling my way slowly to gauge her response my fingers working closer to the target..
Suddenly she jumped as my fingers found her clit..

Relax , I said , you will enjoy it more..
Very gently I opened her pussy lips and Molly while body jerked as my finger pushed into her warm pussy..

I kissed her neck.
Simultaneously Molly started rubbing her clit with a firm circular motion..

I rubbed my hard nipples over hers, our breath warm as our lips met..
The kiss was urgent and passionate..
I increased the speed of my two fingers in her pussy forcing her to climax..

Oh my God Molly said..
She was breathing heavily , our body’s sweaty in the warm sun .
I suggested we take a dip in the pool before going inside..

After a short swim we dried each other before kissing again bumping each other..
We ran to the bedroom giggling

Molly kissed my nipples making them hard while pressing her knee between my legs..

Are you ok ? I asked.

Yes, I am, she said..
With that I rubbed my pussy on her knee ..

Moments later Molly lowered her mouth to my pussy..

My orgasm shook my body..

The next day we undressed in her bedroom..
This was the beginning of our erotic liaison.

Not a lesbian affair but a strong intimate friendship with lots of tenderness..
And of course lots of sex..

The next morning I looked at the opening of her vagina as I inserted a big dildo in her..
Her pussy lips stretched and she moaned.
Molly took over pumping her pussy as I sucked her clit..

Once she climaxed it was my turn..

She pushed the big dildo in me..
For the next 15 or 20 minutes another woman fucked me with a dildo bigger than any man’s cock..

This was our secret till one day while we stood in our kitchen together nude.
By now Molly’s tan lines were gone..
Both our body’s bronze..

Standing in a naked embrace my husband walked in the front door..
Seeing us he started undoing his pants..
Kissing me first he turned to Molly.

I want you first my husband said to Molly..

What do you mean ? She asked..Looking at me..
Go ahead baby I said . Let my husband fuck you..

My husband bent Molly over the living room sofa..
He rubbed his cock over her moist pussy lips before pushing it deep in our young neighbors

Molly enjoyed new levels of enjoyment as my husband fucked her pussy and I sucked her nipples.
Her orgasms massive before my husband asked her if she swallowed..
When she said no.
My husband told me to get ready..

Our relationship has lasted over the years..
Molly and her husband are part of our sex life.

We have vacationed together.
We have vacationed with each other spouses..
We have done it all through the good and the bad times.

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