The Party By Diana D

Returning from the grocery store I heard them in my son’s room.

Ya man you mom is cool..
No she’s hot dude.. Your mom is fucking hot!

I smiled unpacking the food and snacks for the night..

Knocking on my son’s bedroom I said listen up young men..
Once you start drinking , no one is leaving the house tonight..

Yes mom, my son said.
No problem Mr D ,Tommy said. I’ll make sure no one leaves.

Will someone help me with the beer I asked..

Billy followed me to the garage and place the beer on ice in the sink..
Thanks again Mrs D , for letting us spend the night..

I changed into something more comfortable and started pouring a glass of wine..
I couldn’t help but listen to the boys talk..

Dude this is going to be awesome.. Let’s get you mom drunk and fuck her..

I myself couldn’t remember the first time that I had gotten drunk.
I decided to start the grill .
They would probably like some chicken later I thought..

Suddenly four young men joined me in the backyard .
Hey mom my son said go change and swim with us..

Maybe I said…
I could tell the beer was affecting them.

That’s when Billy grabbed me pulling me into the pool..

I was furious, but stayed calm .

You don’t need to throw a girl in the water I said..

You’re no girl Mrs D.
Your a woman.
One fucking hot woman..

Stunned by the comment not knowing what to say I moved to the side of the pool..

Don’t go my son said .

Stepping out of the pool I hurried into the house to remove my wet clothing..

Did you see her nipples..
Dude your mom has big nipples .

I looked into the mirror and saw exactly what they did..
My dark nipples showing through a think white, wet t shirt..

Well they like my tits anyway I thought..
I removed my clothing and stood nude in the mirror..
Wonder what they would say now.
You like my tits now..

I squeezed my nipples looking at my mature breasts..
They hung just a little..
I slid my middle finger over my clit..

I gazed down from my window at the boys.
I wondered what the would do if they say me..
Oh God stop it I thought..

Cracking the window I listened..

Man, I would give anything to fuck your mom.
I jack off to her all the time Billy said..
I bet Jim has to..
You think your mom would suck our dicks..

Maybe you could get her naked for us..
I want to fuck her again.
Ya dude get her naked..

If I do get my mom naked you guys better not tell anyone..
I don’t need anymore collage buddies coming over..
I listened to them all promise..

I’ve heard this before.
My son had shared me with them before..
But never all four at once..

I opened the window and said I’m getting lonely boys..

You guys can come up if you want..

I got comfortable in the middle of the bed.

As the other looked on jerking off Tom groaned.
oh aahh! As he slid in me.

Your nice and hard I said opening my legs..
Thats it, that’s it keep it up I said .Turning my head to the right to receive my son’s cock..

Yes, suck it mom..
It wasn’t long before my son filled my throat with his cum.

One by one for the next hour and half they took turns fucking me.

Finally it was over..
That was beautiful boys..

Thank you mom. That was awesome Mrs D I heard over and over..

It’s hard to believe they go back to college next week I thought stepping into the shower..
Once I dried off , I joined them with a beer and the party began.

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