Man’s Story: I Had Blue Balls

My senior year in college me and several friends made our annual trip to a beach house for spring break. Long story short, I spent the week getting blue balls from a girl who made out with me five nights in a row but never did give in and let me use her for release. […]

Man’s Story: Getting Paid to Fuck at Work

I work as a projectionist and I have been seeing someone for almost 2 years. I have never been tempted to do anything considered sinful throughout that time, but that was about to change. I was at work like usual – I was the man upstairs putting the movies on. One of the girls I […]

Woman’s Story: The Risk of Getting Caught

I’d been going out with this guy for four months. He was my first serious boyfriend. We attended the same high school. After about three months of dating, he started asking me if I would like to have sex with him. I explained to him that I was a virgin, and me being pretty and […]

Man’s Story: She Rode Me in the Car

I had been detailed to follow one of the office girls up to Leeds to drop off a vehicle and then carry on over to Wales to collect some paperwork for some vehicles my company had recently purchased. It was very early the next morning when we left. She was dressed in jeans and a […]