First Taking Part 1 by Submissive Peaches

Sexual frustration

I’m scrolling through the personals page, looking for something to stir my lust. There are pages and pages of people who think one-liners are all they need to grab a girls attention. I am ready to give up, when I see “I’ll Take You” the title isn’t much, but it peaks my interest so I open the page in a new tab. The post reads:

I saw you getting into your little green Volvo. You were wearing black shorts, a red top, black bra and sexy black sandals. Your toenails are painted red, my favorite color, almost like you knew, your hair is curly, red, and sexy around your face… and your full lips were slightly parted due to the oppressive heat and humidity, they’re also red… And now you’re here cruising the personals looking for something, or someone, to help you. I’m that someone. Tomorrow, don’t wear any panties, I’ll follow you to your job, and take you from the parking garage on level 3 spot 38 where you always park.

I look down at my red top, black shorts and bare feet. He just described everything I was wearing today, my car and my assigned parking spot. I feel my panties start to get soaked, is this really exciting me? I like the post and close my laptop and run to my room to find my favorite toy.

Stalking my prey…

I watch as she closes her laptop… then run upstairs and opens her windows. She looks around and pulls her top off, releasing those glorious ample breasts with nipples so hard, they could cut glass.

I feel the familiar stirring in my cock, happy that I changed into a loose pair of shorts after work. I couldn’t help but notice her day in and day out, she’s my assistant after all. She’s shy, with a dark kinky side she hides. She doesn’t even try to be sexy, wearing black slacks, sometimes gray, a white button up blouse with the top two buttons undone. I wonder how it stays closed over her ample breasts, the buttons always seem to strain over them. She is a little on the voluptuous side, but she carries herself so very well.

She’s never been anything but professional, but I have caught her looking in my direction a few times when I try to sneak a look at her. I watch as she continues to stare out the window, looking for me, while she plays with her nipples. How I would love to be sucking and biting them right now. She disappears from the window and that’s when I leave… I have to get things ready for her. It’s a good thing that I have told the entire office that she will be working with me off-site, wouldn’t want HR to think something happened to her.

Should I?

Was that post really meant for me, or just a fluke? I looked at the profile and there was no identifying information. Maybe I shouldn’t even follow his directions… it would be nice though, if it were real. And even if not, I could just go without my panties and wear a skirt to work for once.

In the shower, I take extra care, I shave, everything (just in case), I use my new loofah and it feels great to be extra clean, I’m already getting wet, wondering how I am going to make it through the day if this doesn’t happen.

I worry about what I should do if I do get taken? Should I call out so my work doesn’t call the police? I want this to happen after all, but what if he doesn’t take me? I decide that if he does, I’ll just ask him to let me call out so my employer doesn’t worry about me.

I stand in front of my mirror, I’ve never seen myself as particularly beautiful, but I’m not altogether bad looking. I’m overweight, which does make me self-conscious, but I love my breasts and I have a pretty nice ass. I rub lotion over my body. I go to my closet and pull out a sheer white button up blouse, and a black pencil skirt that hits just above my knees. I got to my dresser and instead of a bra, I grab a black corset, trimmed in lace. This will definitely be new for me to wear to work. Maybe Mr. James will take notice… I grab a pair of black silk, lace-top thigh highs and get dressed. I leave off the panties as requested. I finish the outfit with a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels in red.

I go downstairs, regretting a little that I parked my car in the garage. If he’s out there watching me, he won’t see what I am wearing until I get to the parking garage. I get in my car and open the garage door. I back out, looking around, still looking for the mysterious poster. Seeing nothing and no one, I stop once I am out of the garage and push the button on my garage door opener to close the garage, call me paranoid but I always make sure it’s closed before I go to work.

High alert

I watch the monitor of the camera feed from her house. I see her looking around for me, this makes me happy, she wants this as much as I do. I know she’s left off her panties, I see the excitement in her face. I wait patiently on level three for her to arrive, she should be here in just 15 minutes…


I pull into the parking garage and head to level three. I look around, I’m not scared, but anxious. Scared and excited at the same time. I pull into my spot, next to Mr. James’ Range Rover. I grab my purse, and get out of my car. I shut the door and look around, not seeing anyone, I feel a little disappointed, but I grab my blazer out of the back seat, where it was hanging, and fold it over my arm, just in case I have to go into the office…

She’s ready…

I see her get out of the car, and I am grateful I got the darkly tinted windows on my Range Rover, and that I wore sneakers today, I don’t want her to hear me come up behind her, I see her bend into her backseat to grab something as I come around the front side of my car, behind her as she shuts her back door and set the alarm. I hesitate as she is wearing something I have never seen her wear before, a sheer blouse over a black corset and a skirt. She was really looking forward to pleasing me, even though she doesn’t know who I am… yet.

I wrap my arms around her before she steps out from between our two vehicles and cover her mouth with my hand, to muffle any noise she may make. I whisper in her ear, “Today, you’re all mine Micha, it’s useless to fight me on this. Nod to let me know you understand.” She nods and walks backward with me.

I grab a blindfold from my back pocket, I know I can take my time because Micha always comes in an hour before the rest of the staff. I wrap the blind fold around her head, and ask her, “You want this don’t you? Don’t speak, just nod or shake your head.” She nods. I grab her purse and blazer and set them on the passenger seat of my car. I grab a silk kerchief and use it to gag her. I grab another silk kerchief and pull her hands gently behind her back and tie her hands.

I reach under her skirt and slowly run my hands up her inner thighs, I can feel her juices running down her thighs. I can feel her shiver and I whisper again to her, “You know who I am now, don’t you?” She nods again and I can see her smile behind her gag.

I love what you wore today… were you fully prepared to walk into the office dressed like this today?” Another nod, vigorously this time.

I want you to dress like this more often, you have a beautiful body and I want to see it like this everyday. Do you understand?”

Mmmm-hmmm,” she moans as she nods and my fingers find her freshly shaven, and very wet pussy, I slip a single digit inside of her and rub her clit with my thumb.

Good girl. You have pleased me so far. I am going to place you in the back seat of my car now, you will behave and do what I say. I promise to bring you immense pleasure, but… I can also bring you immense pain if you displease me Micha. I don’t think you will want to displease…” I say as I bring her to the edge of orgasm, only to withdraw from her warm, wet hole before she can. “Don’t worry little one, you will cum today, just not yet.” I kiss her cheek as I help her into the back seat and buckle her in. I get in the driver seat and pull out of my spot and head home with my prize.

***Comment if you would like me to continue***

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