Man’s Story: One Hell of a Party

I was at my mate’s house party and everyone was pretty much wasted or getting there. I looked up and locked eyes with a girl across the room. I went to get a drink and coincidently, so did she. I gave her a drink and we went out of the room and proceeded up the stairs. She dropped her drink and pressed me against the wall, kissing my lips then working down my neck and down my stomach. This extremely turned me on. She pulled down my trousers and pulled out my hard awaiting cock. She sucked it hard, working it with her hands as well until I unloaded in her mouth.

She stood up and I threw her on the bed. She took off her clothes and said, “I want you inside me.” Obviously not complaining, I climbed on top of her, teasing her wet pussy with my gear. I finally stuck it in her and she let out a moan. I started slow and then went harder and harder as she moaned louder and louder. She screamed in pleasure from her orgasm, and I carried on until I was about to cum. I pulled out and came all over her stomach. She took hold of my throbbing wet cock and began to suck again harder and faster, till I came in her mouth. I fingered her for a bit, playing with her clit, rolling my tongue around her wet pussy and teasing her. She moaned in pleasure and made me once more put my 8 inches into her. At this point I’d come about four times, so went at an intimate, slow pace. After we both came together, she lay next to me and we kissed for a bit. It was my first time, and the same for her. We then went on to go out for two years, having many more times just like this. ONE HELL OF A PARTY!

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