Man’s Story: She Followed Me Out of the Bar

My wife and I had been hanging out with this couple for a few months when we went to a bar at a hotel. After a few drinks I had to use the bathroom. Little did I know that T (the woman from the couple) followed me out of the bar. She was waiting for me when I came out. Without a word she grabbed my hand and led my down the hall and pushed me up against the wall. She then undid my pants and dropped to her knees! She could suck a cock like I’d never seen. After a few minutes of this I was ready! I pushed her up against the wall and lifted her skirt. She was soaking wet and I slid all the way into her pussy on the first stroke.

We were going at it nice and slow when she whispered in my ear, “Look down the hall.” About four doors down stood a man. Who knows how long he had been enjoying the show. This got us both really worked up so I started pumping that sweet cunt hard! I was getting close to dumping my load and she knew it. She pushed me away from her and dropped back to her knees. As I started to cum, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let me squirt my jizz in her mouth so the guy down the hall could see. After that we went back to the bar. I can’t say for sure if that guy enjoyed the show but about 10 minutes later my wife noticed a guy in the bar staring at us with a big smile on his face – but it wasn’t nearly as big as mine.

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