Man’s Story: She Rode Me in the Car

I had been detailed to follow one of the office girls up to Leeds to drop off a vehicle and then carry on over to Wales to collect some paperwork for some vehicles my company had recently purchased. It was very early the next morning when we left. She was dressed in jeans and a plain jumper and we were soon on our way up the motorway. We had agreed to get up to Leeds without stopping. Six hours later, we were having lunch. She had also changed into blouse and skirt. She had put her hair up and splashed on some make up. She looked so sexy and I could not help getting an erect cock.

We took it in turns driving the estate car and arrived in Wales, collected the papers and made our way back. We stopped off for a meal and decided to have an hour’s nap in the car, so we found a nice car park. Being an estate car, it was ideal; we just put the rear seats down and relaxed. We snuggled up, both lying on our sides but she was close against me. I found my right arm around her and she was using it as a sort of pillow. I moved to get comfortable and realised my hand was now brushing against one of her breasts. I spread my fingers out getting a good feel of it. I was also getting another hard dick.

My left hand slowly slid onto her thigh. She stirred and turned slightly towards me, her left hand clasping mine and to my surprise guided it straight on to her other breast. Now on her back, she pulled open her blouse telling me to suck them. I licked and sucked on her titties, which were firm and plentiful. I started kissing her neck and soon we were mouthing each other. As we kissed, she got my hard cock out and then went down on me, sucking and wanking as she teased me. Then she was on top of me, and I felt her wet pussy slowly sink down my cock. She rode me, bringing on her own satisfaction, then stopped. She rolled over next to me. We stayed where we were for a while, then looking at me she said, “Well, you can fuck me too.” It did not last long. When ejaculation came, it drained the energy out of me. We both slept well after that.

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