Woman’s Story: My Desk Was Shaking

I’m 27 and an attorney. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we already have one child. Our sex life is pretty great! We have sex almost every night.

One night I had to stay late at my office (I have my own firm) doing paperwork, and finishing some other stuff for a case. Everyone else had already gone home. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw my husband walk into my office. He said, “I didn’t know when you’d be home so, I dropped our little girl off and brought you some food.” But he had a mischievous grin on his face. I said, “What are you thinking?”

He came up behind me and massaged my shoulders and slipped off my blazer. He started kissing my neck and telling me that he’d missed me all day. While I tried to concentrate on putting my papers in the necessary files I tried to get up, but my husband stopped me and pushed me back down on the chair. He lifted my skirt, pushed aside my thong, and begins to plunge his tongue deeper and deeper into me until I came. He started to kiss me again and undressed me and himself. We’ve had sex in a lot of places – kitchens, in the back of his truck when we were teenagers, in his Uncle’s basement, in his Uncle’s pool and his hot tub, and so on, so the thought of doing it in my office was a huge turn on for me. And apparently it was for him as well.

I stood up and pushed him into the chair and began to give him a hand job that ended in a blowjob. He was still very horny after that, so he laid me on the table and said, “I want to fuck you so bad.” I said, “So what’s taking you so long?” He plunged all 9 inches into me and started going in and out slowly. He was teasing me so bad, I told him to go faster. He started to pound into me so much that my desk was shaking. I came so hard, I screamed his name, and with that he came and pounded every single bit of cum in me. We maneuvered to the floor and he told me that was the best sex we’ve had in a few months, and I agree it was the best in a while, but it doesn’t top the sex in the back of his truck when we were teens.

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