Alex – by Kathy

A story about my sister Alex and myself.
 Rob my now boyfriend, likes both my sister Alexandria
 and me, and when I was away last year he dated Alex a
 couple of times, although purely platonically.  Alex
 was always quieter than me and never had as many boy
 friends, so she often came with us to the movies, or
 out on a picnic, or to parties.

 Then on New Years eve last year Rob and I decided to
 hold a party at our house. It was very successful, and
 a lot of people turned up.  Alex met a nice guy and
 was dancing with him most of the evening, but when it
 was all over, I found her by herself in the bathroom
 in floods of tears. They'd had an argument about her
 going home with him, and he had called her a bitch,
 and a tease, and it was all pretty unpleasant. Anyway,
 she cheered up a bit, and Alex helped me tidy up the
 place, then Rob and I went to bed, and Alex was going
 to sleep on the couch.

 But about halfway through the night,  Alex came into
 our bedroom and got into bed next to me, and was still
 very upset. I cuddled her, and we went to sleep. The
 next thing I know, Rob was moaning in his sleep. I
 opened my eyes, and Alex was snuggled up next to him,
 gently rubbing his cock.  I felt shocked at first, but
 then I thought - well, she's my sister, I know her
 well enough. 

 So I whispered to her, "Let's wake him up and give him
 a surprise." So I called in his ear, and he woke up.
 He looked at me, then he looked at Alex, and he felt a
 hand on his cock, and didn't know whose it was, and he
 just said quietly, "Oh boy."  The situation turned all
 three of us on.  I started kissing Rob and Alex went
 down on him and sucked his cock.  Then I climbed on
 top of him, and Alex pushed his cock inside me,  and I
 could feel it all wet with her saliva.

 I was going up and down on Rob's cock while Alex
 kissed and fondled his ass and balls, and then we
 changed places and Alex mounted him, I has holding his
 balls and could feel them shudder when he came into my
 sister. Alex came at the same time. 

 Afterwards, Rob and Alex stroked and licked me until I
 came off as well, and then the three of us just put our
 arms round each other and went to sleep.

 In the morning, Alex was gone. I think that was the
 best way. I don't know how we would have felt that
 first time in the cold light of dawn.

 Since then we have had sex with Rob as a threesome,
 almost every week. Alex just shows up after we are in
 bed and lets herself in the front door with her key.
 I think that the relationship has been a great turn on
 for us all.

 Kiss Kiss

Accident By Anon Pixnixer

It was a boring night so I decided it was time to go 
for a walk. As strolled through the neighborhood when I 
suddenly heard a strange sound. It was a girl moaning. 
I looked in the direction of the house it was coming 
from but I couldn't see anybody. I decided to 
investigate and moved closer. 

As I reached the house the moaning grew more and more 
intense. Thinking someone was injured I followed the 
sound to the rear of the house. The sound was coming 
from inside. I noticed a light on through a small 
window, which I presumed was the bathroom due to the 
size and height of the window. There were some bushes 
bellow it but nothing to stand on. I reached up and 
grabbed the ledge with my fingertips and pulled myself 

I was in shock! Instead of an injured woman I saw two 
women in a 69 position. One was ramming a vibrator in 
and out of the other. I couldn't pull myself away from 
this sight. As they continued to lap and suck and fuck 
each other my cock grew bigger and bigger until I felt 
I would explode and awaken the entire neighborhood. 
Suddenly the women the two women began to come time and 
time again.

Shit! I screamed as I lost my grip and fell to the 
ground and into the bushes. I cut in several places 
from the bushes and I knew they had heard me. I 
attempted to run but my hard dick, cut arms and twisted 
ankle made it very difficult to go anywhere.

The window flew open and both girls were yelling at me. 
One noticed the blood on my arm as I again tripped and 
fell. She told me to stay where I was or she was going 
to call the cops. I didn't argue. As she approached me 
I felt like I was about to be shot. She helped me to my 
feet and into the house. She told me to sit at the 
kitchen table and not to move. The other girl stood 
behind me with a baseball bat just waiting for the 
chance to strike. As the first girl cleaned my wounds 
and taped my ankle I did my best to explain what had 
happened. I wasn't sure she believed me but she said 
she wouldn't call the cops if I repaired the damage I 
had done. I of course agreed. 

She said I was to come back that weekend and repair the 
bushes, fill in holes I had made in the lawn, and I was 
to do all the yard work around the house. Fine I said 
hopping that was it. But I was also to clean the 
carpets where my blood had spilled and all the other 
carpets and floors. Ok, anything to stay out of jail.

But still she wasn't finished with me. Since I had 
interrupted them at a very inopportune time I would 
just have to make it up to them. With that she walked 
into the bathroom and returned with the vibrator. She 
handed it to me and asked if I knew how to use it. I 
was just a stuttering fool at that point. She slid off 
her robe and sat on the table in front of me. She 
slowly opened her thighs to expose a pussy lightly 
covered with hair and dripping wet.

The turned on the vibrator and instead of inserting it 
into her wonderful love canal I slid it ever so gently 
back and forth over her clit. I would allow the very 
tip of the vibrator to rest on her clit for only a 
second only to continue the stroking. The other girl 
had put down the bat and was also naked now and 
standing next to. She reached up grabbing the first 
girl's head and brought their lips together. She was 
slowly stroking the first girl's breast, pulling on her 
nipples to insure they were as hard as they could be.

With one hand I controlled the vibrator and with the 
other I began to massage the second girls vagina 
allowing a finger or two to caress her insides. I was 
now pumping both girls as fast and expertly as I knew 
how. One with a toy, the other with my toy player. They 
were moaning so load I thought I knew the neighbors 
could hear, but at this point who cared. It was hard to 
keep things going with them both bucking wildly on my 

Finally after what I would have sworn was an hour they 
both started to shudder and come at the same instance. 
The room, my hands and shirt filled with scent and the 
juices of their lovemaking.

After they had put their robes back on, leaving me 
sitting there with a raging hard on and my mouth wide 
open, they reminded me to back early Saturday morning 
to begin my punishment. I was trying to stammer about 
me and my aching dick but they said this was the first 
part of my punishment. Saturday would be something I 
wouldn't want to miss.

I set my alarm clock for THREE AM.


A Swap (MMF, wife-sharing, voy) by Anon Pixnixer

Jeri and I had been married for about ten years, and 
most of our relationship had been great. We enjoyed 
most of the same things: music, sports, movies, and 
sex. We made love often, and it was usually super. 

Nevertheless, I had always had this nagging feeling 
that she was not being completely satisfied by our 
lovemaking. Still, I had to admit that she almost 
always seemed to reach orgasm, particularly when I took 
her clit in my lips and licked back and forth across it 
as fast as my tongue could go. I could see her tummy 
muscles tighten in spasms as she groaned faster and 
faster until she cried out and then relaxed, becoming 
all soft and warm. Her climaxes were similar when I 
pushed my cock in as far and as fast and as hard as I 
could, but those orgasms were not as intense (at least 
I wasn't sure). As a result of this concern, I began to 
wonder whether I might be falling somewhat "short" in 
fulfilling her sexual needs.

As time passed, I began to develop a fantasy as to how 
to test my theory that Jeri would be more satisfied by 
a bigger cock. At first I thought about getting one of 
those giant dildoes I'd seen in the porno store, but 
decided that that would have been so obvious as to 
negate the value of the test results. The only true 
test would be for Jeri to think that I was fucking her, 
but with a bigger cock. However, at least so far, there 
were no hospitals providing dick enlargement 
operations, so that meant that if I was ever going to 
find out, I would have to find someone else (with a 
really big dick) to fuck Jeri while she thought it was 

Where does one begin to recruit someone for this sort 
of a plan? I couldn't go to a nightclub and "pick up" 
someone. It had to be someone I could trust, someone 
safe, and someone "hung". There were plenty of guys at 
work that would love to get their dick in Jeri, but 
there's the old saying about "don't shit in you own 
backyard" that made co-workers out of the question. So 
what to do?

It was about this time that an old friend from my high 
school days called to say he was back in town and would 
like to get together and renew our friendship. I didn't 
put the two situations together at first, but when Mel 
and I began reminiscing about out days together on the 
Tennis team, I remembered why I had envied him. As I 
recalled, Mel's prick was as big soft as mine had been 
hard, although we never made a direct comparison. I 
thought that he was very probably (at least physically) 
what I needed to fulfill my fantasy "test."

As Mel and I talked, I learned that he was recently 
separated from his wife, and that they were going to 
get a divorce. He stated his displeasure at reentering 
the dating scene, saying that all the really great 
women had already found someone and gotten married or 
were at least living with someone. He also confided 
that he had once had a desire to pursue Jeri, but that 
I had "beaten him out". This was almost too unlikely to 
believe, but what the hell, I decided to give it a try 
and see how far I could make this go. Could I really 
let another man fuck my wife?

Over the next several weeks, we had Mel over for dinner 
and we went out to the movies together a few times. 
Jeri fixed him up with some of her girlfriends from 
work, but nothing clicked. All the while, I was making 
casual hints about Jeri and me to Mel, trying to see if 
he showed any interest, He seemed genuinely concerned 
about us, and I felt more comfortable all the time 
about revealing my fantasy to him.

One night, after dinner, as we were having a drink, and 
Jeri was on the phone with a friend, I decided to open 
the door on my soul a little wider. I asked Mel to 
confirm that he still found Jeri attractive, which he 
did. I then began to explain my concerns about our 
physical relationship. He understood, and joked, "all 
you pencil-peters have that fear." "Thanks a lot", I 
answered. "You're a big help." "Well, what the fuck can 
I do about it?", he asked. "Look Mel, can I tell you 
something in confidence without fear of your having a 
bad reaction."

I proceeded to carefully outline my fantasy to see if 
Jeri would have a stronger orgasm if she were making 
love to me and I had a bigger dick. "So how you gonna 
do that?" Mel asked. "Well", I said, "You asked what 
you could do...." Then I went full ahead and detailed 
what I thought could work to fool Jeri into thinking 
that she was screwing me when in fact she'd be screwing 
Mel. Mel was not too eager at first, but after some 
long-winded rationalizing, I began to turn him toward 
agreeing to give it a try. I asked him just how big he 
was, to which he replied "big enough!". Finally I got 
him to admit to 10 and half inches. "Sure!" I said. 

"Want proof?" he asked. "I'm from Missouri. Show me!" I 
got a ruler, he got it hard, I checked, he'd lied... it 
was actually just over 11 inches.

"Whoa", I said. "Ever size, maybe this wasn't such a 
good idea after all. But I'd committed to this course, 
and I was determined to get the answer to my question.

Obviously, it would be necessary for Mel to be present 
without Jeri knowing it, so the first order of business 
was to select a location where I could be fucking Jeri 
while Mel was close by. We decided on the rec room, 
because of the storage room nearby where Mel could hide 
until I got things going. There were these big floor 
pillows that Jeri and I had fucked on before, so that 
wouldn't arouse her suspicion. Next, we had to figure 
out how to get Mel into the storage room without Jeri 
knowing that he was even in the house. We figured that 
we cold "sneak" Mel into the house while Jeri was at 
the store. 

Then we had to come up with a way for Mel to relieve 
himself in case he had to take a piss while he waited 
in the storeroom. An empty coffee can with its plastic 
lid would work OK. Since there would be no easy way to 
signal Mel when to come out of the store room, we 
agreed that he would just have to peek around the 
doorway to the rec room and use his own best judgment 
as to when to come in. The lights would have to be off 
so that Jeri would not be able to see Mel and I trade 

Finally, the big night came, and as Jeri left in her 
car to go to the store, I called Mel He parked around 
the corner so that Jeri wouldn't see his car when she 
returned. "Are you sure about this?" he asked as he 
came in. "Yes! I've got to find out, or I'll wonder for 
the rest of my life." "OK," he replied, "as long as 
you're sure." We checked out the storage room, and the 
path through the rec room, so that he wouldn't trip on 
or walk into something as he approached in the dark. 
Fortunately, there was a moon out that night, which 
would help light the rec room a little through the 

We went over the plan while we waited. I would give 
Jeri enough to drink to get her a little tipsy and then 
start making love to her on the pillows. I would get 
between her legs and caress her thighs and hips with 
both hands, one on each side. I would continue this 
caressing as I put my cock into her. 

At this time Mel should show up and get into position 
behind me and a little to my left. As I would bring my 
left hand down her right leg, I would lift it away, and 
Mel would begin to caress her as I had done. Then I 
would pull by cock out of Jeri's pussy and run it along 
her thigh, back and forth, while fondling her clit with 
my right hand. As I reached as far down her leg as I 
could, Mel and I would trade places, and he would move 
his cock down her leg and into her pussy. His hand 
would take the place of my right hand as we finished 
the switchover. It sounded like it would work OK. In 
any case, we would know pretty soon.

When Jeri returned, I helped her put away the 
groceries, and asked her if she'd care for a drink. 
"Sure," she said, so I fixed her a Gin Tonic, her 
usual. I fixed a Scotch and water for myself, very mild 
so I could stay alert and coordinated. We went to the 
rec room, talked about work and about going on a 
vacation to Lake Tahoe next summer, and danced to some 
'50s music on mine weak. 

Jeri was enjoying the mood, and her body was warmer and 
her kisses more demanding all the time. After still 
another drink, we danced to an old Elvis ballad ("Love 
Me Tender") and she began rubbing the front of my jeans 
with her hand. I kissed her deeply, and began undoing 
the buttons of her blouse. "I love you, Jeri," I said 
as kissed he neck, then her breasts. Her tits were so 
very firm, and small but not "little", just perfect! 
Her nipples pointed upward slightly, and were hard and 
hot as I sucked on them.

Gradually we undressed one another and held each other 
close, kissing. As we sank slowly to the floor, I 
turned out the last light, and slid one of those big 
pillows under Jeri. I began caressing her arms, her 
breasts, her tummy, her thighs, her everything. Jeri 
was only moderately active, probably from the booze, 
which was exactly what I'd hoped for. As I kissed my 
way down the front of her, she moaned softly. As my 
tongue parted the lips of her pussy, she only moved a 
little. It was then that I pressed against the insides 
of her knees until she had spread her legs wide apart.

I hoped there would be enough room for the switch from 
me to Mel. I continued to kiss her pussy and caress her 
legs until I felt Mel move in behind me. I almost 
panicked at this point; for fear that Jeri would 
realize that I was up to something and that she'd get 
pissed off. But she was still enjoying my attention and 
didn't sense anything other than my tongue, and my 
hands. Slowly, I raised my head up from between her 
thighs and moved myself into position. I gently eased 
the tip of my dick into her and then pulled back, 
rubbing the tip around the outside. All the while I was 
rubbing up and down her right leg with my left hand and 
fondling her pussy with my right.

When Mel put his hand on my left forearm, I almost 
jumped. I wasn't expecting it, but managed to maintain 
my concentration. I raised my left hand off of Jeri's 
leg, and Mel took over the caressing on that side. I 
pushed my cock back into Jeri, a little further this 
time. I moved myself as far to the right as I thought I 
could without arousing suspicion, then pulled out 
again. As I moved the tip of my dick along Jeri's right 
thigh, she moaned, "Please put it in again."

I raised up as far as I could on my knees, and Mel 
began to move in front of me. In the dim moonlight, 
shining through the skylight, I could see his big cock 
sliding down her thigh. 

"What the fuck am I doing?" I thought. But before I 
could think about it I had to move out of the way. That 
required pressing very tightly against Mel's back. As 
my dick passed over the crack of his ass, "No, this is 
not the time for that kind of new experience" I 
thought. I moved all the way out then, and positioned 
myself so that I could watch the penetration. Mel was 
so big! I felt very strange as I watched the tip of his 
dick enter that beautiful "honey hole" that, up to now, 
had been my private playground. 

In it went, past the tip, past the circumcision scar, 
down, deeper, deeper, all the while Jeri's moans 
getting louder, deeper, different than I'd ever heard 
before. "Oh, that's so good!", she said in a low, very 
soft voice. "Don't ever stop!" Mel picked up the pace, 
faster and faster, deeper and deeper. 

Jeri's moans were almost gasps. "Oh, Oh god, Yes, Yes, 
YES!!" It was finally over.

It was then that I heard those words that I'll never, 
ever, forget. "Oh, Mel, you're such a good lover! You 
always were the very best!"

To make a long story short, Mel and Jeri lived happily 
ever after, I jack off a lot.


Fucking The Hottest Girl In College

About 2 months ago I got a message on Instagram from a stranger. I looked her up and found that she was in the same college as me. I accepted the request and replied to her. I asked her if we knew each other and she said no, she was looking to be friends with me.

Her profile was amazing, she had over 2k followers and she’s really hot with an amazing body for a 21-year-old. It was only later that I found out from my friends that she was the bombshell of our college, the girl every guy crushes on and wants to have.

We got to talking and she was really nice. Usually, hot girls are pretty mean. It’s maybe because they think they can get every guy they want or so. No offense to any girls reading the story though. She had a pretty joyful nature and was fun to talk to. We talked about a lot of things, we were having a great time.

One day she asked if we could meet, grab a coffee or something. I agreed and we met at a good café close to her place. She was looking really hot in a black dress, you could clearly see her hot figure through it. When she walked into the café she had heads turned her way and people checking her out.

I was stunned as well. She looked just perfect. Got to tell you she has amazing round tits, by far the most perfect tits I’ve come across. She sat down we started talking and were having a good time. There were moments in between when I was just staring at her beauty and admiring her.

She noticed it and was blushing and asked me to stop. I said she was really pretty and I couldn’t help myself. Then once we were done I asked to drop her home. I dropped her and as I was about to leave she asked me to come up. She had something she needed my help with. I had nothing better to do so I obliged.

We went to her place. It was a really good and well-maintained home. We headed straight to her hall. She asked me to sit down and then went to her room. After 10 minutes she came out wearing a lehenga and blouse. My god, she was looking stunning. She whirled and asked me how did it look.

I just sat there in awe, at a loss of words, I told her she looked really beautiful. She blushed a little and went in changed to a t-shirt and shorts. She came back out and sat beside me. She had to attend a wedding soon so she needed a suggestion as to how would the lehenga look, which she had designed on her own.

We then sat down and we were chilling. We were watching Netflix along with some pasta she made and coke. We were laughing and giggling and suddenly we got pretty close. Our lips were just an inch apart from each other. We could feel each other’s breaths on our faces. We got closer and finally, we kissed.

She was an amazing kisser by the way. We kissed for quite some time and then she broke the kiss. She said, “I don’t know if I wanna do this now. I had a really bad breakup and I don’t know…” I got back I told her it’s okay, it’s my fault I guess and after some time I left.

The situation had gotten pretty awkward. The next few days I felt it was best to keep some distance. She called and texted but I didn’t reply as I didn’t know what to say. A few days later I was sitting at home just playing games and stuff when I heard the bell. I went on to open the door and it was her.

I just realized I haven’t her name yet, it’s Divya. She was standing right in front of me. She hit me in the stomach, pushed me in and got in. After storming to the hall she turned towards me and started yelling. She was upset that I was ignoring her for the last few days.

I explained my situation. She got close to me, held my hand and said, “It wasn’t your fault, I just didn’t know what to do then. But I do know what I want to do now.” She then slowly got on her heels and kissed me on my lips. I was a little confused, but I gave in.

We kissed for a good time, I don’t remember the last time I had such an amazing kiss. She then started lifting my t-shirt, I asked her if it’s really what she wants, she bit her lips and nodded. My dick was already a little hard from the kiss and from the feel of her boobs pressing against my chest.

She took off my t-shirt and unbuttoned her shirt. She was wearing a black sports bra and her boobs were just waiting to pop out. I caressed her boobs a little. Then she quickly got to my shorts and pulled them down along with my underwear. There sprung on her face my hard dick which was almost full length.

She gasped, she had never had a big dick like mine before. She looked at me, smiled and then without wasting any moment directly took my dick in her mouth. Her soft lips against my hard dick were the best feeling. I was just in another world as she was blowing the shit out of my cock.

I did learn a few techniques to stop my cum so I didn’t cum yet and she was very impressed. After an intense blowing session, I got her up, pulled her close to me and started caressing her ass. I spanked her ass and she let out small moans every time I did.

I kissed her neck and then went down slowly to her boobs. Licked then through her bra, fondling them and then I moved down to her navel. She was lying on the couch and I was licking her navel. I had my hand on her pants and I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my hands.

I slowly unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down and started rubbing her pussy over her panty. She was wet like hell by now and was panting. I pulled down her panty with my mouth and then started licking her pussy. Her excitement was on a different level. Her back was arched.

I could feel the small shivers in her body and the wet juices in her pussy. I then got to my old trick, licking and fingering at the same time. She couldn’t handle it. She got really wet and came in no time. We both lay down on the couch for some time while she was stroking my dick.

She then bent over to her bag, removed a condom and gave it to me. I looked at her, she gave me a kinky smile. This girl had come prepared to get laid! My dick was hard again, I put on the condom and we quickly moved to the room. I got on top of her on the bed and slowly inserted my dick in her pussy.

It was big for her so she asked me to go slow at first. I did as she asked. then I finally could enter with a little ease so I picked up the pace. She had her hands wrapped around my back and her mouth pressed against my shoulder and was moaning loudly as I fucked her hard.

She was shouting, “Yes baby, fuck me hard, give me that big dick, give it to me.” These moans were driving me crazy. I fucked her as I have never done with anyone so far. She then asked to ride my dick, I lay down on the bed and let her do the needful.

When I looked at her it was like she was jumping on my dick and her boobs were just wiggling up and down in slow motion. I grabbed them and pressed them. She had her hands on her head, holding her hair as she rode me like there was no tomorrow.

Then I pulled her towards me. I held her head in my arms and started pounding her pussy. She was on cloud 9 and couldn’t control it and came all over my dick. She then asked me to fuck her ass, she had never tried it and wanted to have my dick in all her holes. I obliged, lubed my dick and slowly started to enter her.

She was screaming. I asked her if I should stop but she was in no mood to stop. I pushed the head of my cock in first and then slowly I tried to go deeper. I couldn’t get my whole dick inside but I was fucking her at a steady pace. Her screams had now turned to pleasure moans and she wanted more.

I gave a big push and my dick was completely inside her ass. She was loving it. I fucked her ass for a long time and then got back to her pussy. We fucked for 2 hours and I made her cum 4 times (something I’m really proud of ). Then I was ready to cum and came all over her tits.

She licked some cum of her tits and then we kissed again before getting into the shower. We cleaned ourselves up, I fucked her in the shower, had a quickie and came in her mouth this time. She drank it with the water. Then we relaxed and chilled at my place for the next few days until her parents came back home.

We had sex almost 20 times in 3 days. It was an amazing experience she then left for her place. We agreed to have sex whenever we want at our place as I live alone currently.

Katie’s Discovery 2 by BeastKen4

She slowly moved closer to me and then landed a kiss on my lips. I did not hesitate. I began to kiss her back very slowly. Her lips were so soft. The taste of bubblegum lip gloss in my mouth. We kissed slowly for while, then started to pick up speed. She bit my lip. I let out a small moan. I bit hers back. She grinned and proceeded to slide her tongue in my mouth. We swirled our tongues around each other for a good time before we pulled back and looked at each other. 

“Wow..I can’t believe you went along with it.” She said to me.

“Well..It just so happens I was also scared about a time like this.” I replied.


“I always wanted to do something like this..but In my mind, it went more like this.”

With a confused look on her face, I grabbed her hand and put it down to my crotch. I slid her hand in my thong and rested her hand on my now dripping wet pussy.

A look of shock came across her face.

~PART 2~

“Katie..” she said shyly. 

Without a word, I put my finger over her lips. I wrapped my hand around hers and rubbed my pussy with her fingers. The feeling was nothing I could ever imagine. I have never felt the touch of a women before. Knowing my wetness was all over her hand made me horny in ways I couldn’t explain. 

She started to rub faster on her own. I slowly slipped my hand out my panties and took them off. Leaning back, I spread my legs, widening my pussy for her. She ran her finger around my clit in circles very fast. 
Moaning, I yelled “Faster! Faster!!” 

“Shh! You’ll wake your parents up!” 

Knowing she was right, I shut up. Her fingers were amazing. Soft to the touch. She rubbed my clit faster and faster, swirling my juices around it, making it very slippery. After a while, she stopped and started kissing me passionately. 

“Katie, I’ve always wanted to do this with you..I just..” 

In mid sentence, she started to rub my clit again. 

“I just was so scared that something like this would ruin our friendship..” she said quietly. 

“…-moans- it’s okay now..we’re already -moans-..” 

I could barely talk. 

Jamie smiled and sat up off and climbed off the bed. She slowly took her shirt off and threw it to the floor. I couldn’t keep my hands off my dripping wet pussy ; I played with myself as she undressed. Her grace and sexiness amazed me. Even her undressing got me hot. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them to the ground along with her panties. She looked stunning. Her blonde hair gliding over her shoulders, covering one of her breasts slightly. Her tits were that of perfection. Perky and just the right size with the cutest small pink nipples. 

“ You’re beautiful..” I said in envy. 

“So are you, sweetheart..” she said, leaning over to my ear. 

She began to lift my shirt up slowly, waiting for me to put up my arms. My best friend is undressing me. The thought of that just got me more riled up. She was in for a treat tonight. 

She took my bra strap off my shoulder and gently kissed my shoulder all the way down my chest, then up again to my other shoulder. She unhooked my bra and threw it to the floor, leaving me only in my thong. She began kissing my neck while leaning over. I cupped my hands on her breasts and massaged them slowly as she kissed my neck. I felt her nipples get hard in my hand. Rubbing them slowly, she began to let out moans in between her kisses. 

She kissed slowly down my chest after finishing my neck. Down my collar bone to my tits. I started to shake a little, knowing what was about to happen. My pussy wetter then ever, I reached down and got my fingers wet, having an idea of what she was going to do. I brought my hands up and rubbed my juices all over my nipples. 

A giant smile came across her face. I could see how desperately she wanted to taste me. She started to lick my nipples softly, getting them hard. Faster and faster she went, massaging my other breast with her hand. 

“Jamie..oh my god..” 

She grinned evilly in a sexy way as she licked my nipples faster, even so much so as to nibble on them a bit. She took both my breasts and shook them in her face. 

“You taste amazing, Katie. I WANT MORE!” she exclaimed. 

“it’s all yours.” I said, spreading my pussy open for her to see. 

Smiling, she kissed down my stomach and situated herself between my legs. She spread them wide as I held open my pussy. 

“You’re dripping wet..your fingers and soaked.” she said in a sexy voice. 

“All for you and because of you, love.” I said 

Without a word, she moved my hands away from my pussy and she herself spread it. Before even licking my clit, she went down to where the dripping was coming from and slurped up my juices. I moaned as loud as I could into the pillow. She kept licking up my juices over and over. My clit was throbbing, needing attention. I ran my hand down to my clit and started rubbing it as she licked me clean. 

“No! You just lay back, I’m doing all the work.” she said sternly. 

Moaning, I shook my head in agreement. She moved up to my clit and put it in her mouth. She sucked licked it for a good 10 minutes. Swirling her tongue around it, getting me wetter and wetter. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to cum. 

“Jamie, reach under my pillow and get my vibrator. I want to cum so badly.” 

“No, no vibrator. I’m going to make you cum on my own.” she replied. 

“But how? It’s hard for me to cum just from getting eaten out.” 

With a look of an idea on her face , she got up and sat between my legs. She got into a scissoring position. Smiling, she got closer to me, pushing her pussy close to mine. She was dripping wet along with me. Knowing I got her wet sent shivers down my spine. I never thought I’d be able to do something like that to another woman. 

She started to rub her pussy against mine very slowly. I felt her clit rub against mine. I started to moan loudly, not being able to cover up the sheer pleasure I was feeling. I forced myself to stop, though so I wouldn’t wake my parents. As our wet, slick pussy glided back and forth on each other, I couldn’t help but think how much fun I was going to have with her in the future. 

“Fuck me, Katie! Fuck me like I know you want to.” She exclaimed. 

I did what I was told. I grinding against her pussy with as much force as I could. I was about to cum. 
“I-I’m about to cum!! Ohhhhhh!!!” 

Without warning, I started to squirt. I was in pure shock because I never was able to squirt before. The squirting went on for a couple seconds, splashing all over our pussies and bodies. I moaned as loud as I could, forgetting it was the middle of the night.

Jamie got up fast as I was squirting. She leaned over and started to drink my cum, rubbing her tongue over my clit back and forth really fast as I gushed all over her mouth. 

As she was in the middle of it, my door flew open. 

~Thank you for the feedback on part one to my story! To clear up some confusion, my account says male because it belongs to my Fiance’, Ken. He wanted me writing this story on his account. Why? Let’s not go into it, (lol). Part 3 coming if you guys are interested!! Thanks for the read!~~

Katie’s Discovery 1 By BeastKen4


A story about a young girl who has been wondering about her best friend and how she feels for her..friendship wise and sexually.My name is Katie Wilsnik. 
I’m not going to say my life is hard, but it has it’s share of problems. I never really fit in with anyone at school. I was never sure why. I was skinny, but with a little bit of baby fat in my stomach area. I had blonde hair, green eyes and decent sized tits. 36C. I didn’t dress any differently than anyone else. I was very nice, and I used to help people with all their problems. But when It came to my problems, no one seemed to care. So to this day I don’t know what I did wrong to deserve being an outcast. 

But there was a girl. My best friend. Jamie. She stuck with me all throughout school ; starting in the 1st grade. We did everything together. Projects, homework, volleyball, everything. She was way prettier than me in my opinion, and I think everyone else in school would agree also. She was 15, 5’6, very skinny and fit, blonde hair and DD tits. She was the image of perfection. 

Almost every day after school we would walk home to my house and sit on my steps. We would talk for at least an hour or two, bouncing stupid thoughts off each other. But when it came time for me to go inside, I would ask her if she’d like to come in and hang out more but she always nicely declined, saying she had other things she needed to do at home or her parents would ground her. It was not really a big deal to me, but it always made me wonder. Why would my best friend not want to come in my house? Did she legitimately have to go home all those days over the past couple years? Or was she making an excuses..

What hurt the most is that I had a slight crush on Jamie. I mean, who wouldn’t? I never told her or anyone else about it because I myself did not know what my feelings truly were. Just the sight of her body made me all warm inside. Sometimes making me a bit wet in school when she would wear her short shorts, showing off her beautiful legs and perfectly round ass. Seeing her bend over, looking in her shirt just drove me wild. But I was always confused because I didn’t think I was gay or even bisexual..

My birthday was slowing coming up. I was about to turn 16. My sweet 16. The day every girl looks forward to. I wanted it to be perfect. My parents said they had something planned for me, but naturally they wouldn’t tell me what it was. Was it going to be a car? I couldn’t wrap my head around that idea. But what really was on my mind was if Jamie was going to come over or not. My birthday would not be the same without her.

About a week before my birthday, I wrote out a bunch of invitations that I was going to pass out at school. All the invites were the same, but I put a bow on top of Jamie’s. I walked into school the next day and passed them out to all my close friends (which at the time was only around 3 or 4, including Jamie.) They all seemed excited for it. But when I gave Jamie hers, she looked at it, smiled and put it in her desk and didn’t say a word. I didn’t know what to say. Was she rejecting it? Does she not want to go? I didn’t ask. I walked away looking at the ground. I’m starting to wonder if she is really my best friend or not.

It is now the day before my party and I have heard from all my friends but Jamie. I started to get more and more sad, not knowing what she was thinking. 

Birthday comes. Everything is what I imagined. My parent’s would not let me outside, so I was assuming they had gotten me a car. My excitement was out of this world. But deep down, I was unhappy because Jamie didn’t show up. Walking around the house, pacing, thinking if I should call her or not. But I decided against it and just told myself she had better things to do.

My parents called for me and everyone to go to the living room. We all gathered in, sitting in a circle around the table. My cake awaited me, candles already burning. Everyone started to sing happy birthday. I listened, but it seemed like all I could think about was Jamie. “Katie!!” jumped. “Katie, what’s wrong? Blow out your candles!” I looked down to see the candles half-way melted. I closed my eyes and blew them out.
Mom called us all over to the front door. 

“Now, Katie, me and your Father did all that we could for you, so I hope you like it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!”

The door opened and my heart sank. Not because of the car, but because of Jamie slowly walking up my lawn. She was wearing a tank top with no bra on with pink pajama type shorts on. She looked gorgeous. I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug ever. As her chest pressed against mine, my nipples got hard as they rubbed against hers. I looked at her, then looked at the car (which was a hunk of shit, by the way), then looked at her again and smiled. We all walked back into the house.

Night time comes and my friends started calling their parents to see if they were allowed to sleep over my house for the night. All of them said no. Except one.. Jamie. Knowing she was going to be sleeping in my room with me made me feel ways that I never felt before. I felt like I was going through my first crush all over again.

“Alright, Katie. I can stay!!” said Jamie with a smile on her face.

“SWEET!! This is going to be so much fun!!” I replied, almost yelling in excitement. 

We walked up to my room as my parents cleaned up the mess everyone left from the party.

“Goodnight, girls! I hope you guys had a fun time. Happy birthday, again!” said my mother.

We walked into my room and it was a mess. I was so embarrassed. She could see it in my face.

“I-I’m sorry for the room..” I said, quietly.

“It’s okay! Mine is 100 times worse!” Jamie laughed. 

Smiling, I threw some clothes in the hamper to make my room a little more bearable. In the process of throwing clothes to the side, Jamie picked up one of my pink lace thongs. She started to giggle.
I looked behind me, seeing her with them in her hands. My heart started to race as thoughts started to run through my head.

“Jamie!! What are you doing!?” I yelled in a non-serious way.

“Haha, don’t worry, they are just panties. I really like them! Where did you get them?” 

Blushing, “I got them from Wal-mart..” I said, embarrassed.

“Damn! They look good! Mind putting them on for me? I’d like to see them on someone so I can decide if I should get a pair or not.”

My heart was beating out of my chest. 

“Oh..Alright, that’s cool. Hold on.”

I grab them from her and start to walk out of my room into the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” said Jamie.

“I was going to go put them on, remember?”

“Why do you have to leave the room? We are both girls. Get back in here, silly.” Jamie said with a smile.

I shyly walked backed in and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them to the ground along with my panties. I could see a big wet spot on them. I was shocked at how wet I got. Before I put the thong on, I couldn’t help but to nonchalantly run my hand over my pussy to see if I was still wet. My fingers got instantly soaked. 

I’m not sure if she noticed, so I just proceeded to put it on. 

“Wow! That looks AMAZING on you. Turn around for me?” 

Without a word, I turned around showing her my ass.

“Mmm, Katies got a nice booty!!” laughed Jamie as she walked over and smacked my ass.

I let out a loud moan. A moan that I’m sure my parents heard. My face turned red.

“Oh my god..I’m so sorry…” I said, very quietly.

“I-it’s no big deal..I didn’t know that would make you do that.” Jamie said kind of awkwardly. 

“It’s fine. You didn’t know..It is just a hotspot of mine.”

“Good to know, haha”. Jamie said after she winked.

I wondered why she winked…was she into me? Did she plan on doing things like that in the future? In the bottom of my heart, I really hoped she did. We proceeded to sit down on my bed, still in my thong. We talked for hours. Put makeup on each other. All the things normal teenage girls would do. 

1:34 AM in the morning and we start to get tired.

“Hey, Jamie..I think it’s time we go to bed. I’m really tired.” I said.

“Yeah, I agree. Where am I going to sleep? I have a sleeping bag so just tell me where to put it.” 

“Umm..You can sleep in the bed with me if you’d like? It’s a twin sized bed though..So it is probably going to be a tight fit.” I said, kind of shakily.

“Oh that’s cool! I hate the floor anyways.” 

We walked over to my bed and both laid down in it. I turned the light off and we got under the covers. I only had one pillow, but it was just big enough for two heads to fit on it. We were looking at each other face to face, nose to nose. She smiled.

“You know, I really had a good time tonight. I don’t know why I never came in the house before. I guess I was just scared.” said Jamie.

“…scared Of what?” I said with a pause.

“Well..You know how what happened earlier with you and the thong..?” she asked.


“Well..I see what you did with your hand. You went to go see if you were wet. And by the looks of your shiny fingers, I’d say you were quite wet.” She explained.

“I..Uh..” I stuttered as I looked down. 

“No, no! Don’t be ashamed..I liked it…why I’m saying I was always scared is because I was scared you’d do something like that..Showing you liked me. I was scared my true feelings would come out.”

As my heart raced, almost out of breath, I asked.

“What feelings?”

“These feelings…” Jamie said as she closed her eyes. 

She slowly moved closer to me and then landed a kiss on my lips. I did not hesitate. I began to kiss her back very slowly. Her lips were so soft. The taste of bubblegum lip gloss in my mouth. We kissed slowly for while, then started to pick up speed. She bit my lip. I let out a small moan. I bit hers back. She grinned and proceeded to slide her tongue in my mouth. We swirled our tongues around each other for a good time before we pulled back and looked at each other. 

“Wow..I can’t believe you went along with it.” She said to me.

“Well..It just so happens I was also scared about a time like this.” I replied.


“I always wanted to do something like this..But In my mind, it went more like this.”
With a confused look on her face, I grabbed her hand and put it down to my crotch. I slid her hand in my thong and rested her hand on my now dripping wet pussy.

A look of shock came across her face.

~This is my first time telling my story on the internet, and I was posting the first part to it to see how people would react to it. I will happily post the next part to this story if you guys would like it. Just leave a positive or negative rating showing how you liked it and if it gets more then 10 positive ratings I will release the next part! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!~