Accident By Anon Pixnixer

It was a boring night so I decided it was time to go 
for a walk. As strolled through the neighborhood when I 
suddenly heard a strange sound. It was a girl moaning. 
I looked in the direction of the house it was coming 
from but I couldn't see anybody. I decided to 
investigate and moved closer. 

As I reached the house the moaning grew more and more 
intense. Thinking someone was injured I followed the 
sound to the rear of the house. The sound was coming 
from inside. I noticed a light on through a small 
window, which I presumed was the bathroom due to the 
size and height of the window. There were some bushes 
bellow it but nothing to stand on. I reached up and 
grabbed the ledge with my fingertips and pulled myself 

I was in shock! Instead of an injured woman I saw two 
women in a 69 position. One was ramming a vibrator in 
and out of the other. I couldn't pull myself away from 
this sight. As they continued to lap and suck and fuck 
each other my cock grew bigger and bigger until I felt 
I would explode and awaken the entire neighborhood. 
Suddenly the women the two women began to come time and 
time again.

Shit! I screamed as I lost my grip and fell to the 
ground and into the bushes. I cut in several places 
from the bushes and I knew they had heard me. I 
attempted to run but my hard dick, cut arms and twisted 
ankle made it very difficult to go anywhere.

The window flew open and both girls were yelling at me. 
One noticed the blood on my arm as I again tripped and 
fell. She told me to stay where I was or she was going 
to call the cops. I didn't argue. As she approached me 
I felt like I was about to be shot. She helped me to my 
feet and into the house. She told me to sit at the 
kitchen table and not to move. The other girl stood 
behind me with a baseball bat just waiting for the 
chance to strike. As the first girl cleaned my wounds 
and taped my ankle I did my best to explain what had 
happened. I wasn't sure she believed me but she said 
she wouldn't call the cops if I repaired the damage I 
had done. I of course agreed. 

She said I was to come back that weekend and repair the 
bushes, fill in holes I had made in the lawn, and I was 
to do all the yard work around the house. Fine I said 
hopping that was it. But I was also to clean the 
carpets where my blood had spilled and all the other 
carpets and floors. Ok, anything to stay out of jail.

But still she wasn't finished with me. Since I had 
interrupted them at a very inopportune time I would 
just have to make it up to them. With that she walked 
into the bathroom and returned with the vibrator. She 
handed it to me and asked if I knew how to use it. I 
was just a stuttering fool at that point. She slid off 
her robe and sat on the table in front of me. She 
slowly opened her thighs to expose a pussy lightly 
covered with hair and dripping wet.

The turned on the vibrator and instead of inserting it 
into her wonderful love canal I slid it ever so gently 
back and forth over her clit. I would allow the very 
tip of the vibrator to rest on her clit for only a 
second only to continue the stroking. The other girl 
had put down the bat and was also naked now and 
standing next to. She reached up grabbing the first 
girl's head and brought their lips together. She was 
slowly stroking the first girl's breast, pulling on her 
nipples to insure they were as hard as they could be.

With one hand I controlled the vibrator and with the 
other I began to massage the second girls vagina 
allowing a finger or two to caress her insides. I was 
now pumping both girls as fast and expertly as I knew 
how. One with a toy, the other with my toy player. They 
were moaning so load I thought I knew the neighbors 
could hear, but at this point who cared. It was hard to 
keep things going with them both bucking wildly on my 

Finally after what I would have sworn was an hour they 
both started to shudder and come at the same instance. 
The room, my hands and shirt filled with scent and the 
juices of their lovemaking.

After they had put their robes back on, leaving me 
sitting there with a raging hard on and my mouth wide 
open, they reminded me to back early Saturday morning 
to begin my punishment. I was trying to stammer about 
me and my aching dick but they said this was the first 
part of my punishment. Saturday would be something I 
wouldn't want to miss.

I set my alarm clock for THREE AM.


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