An unexpected shag.. With my sister!! PART 3 BY MR. CUMALOT


The next part of mine and Helens storyChapter 3. This bit is a bit boring to begin with but this is what happened and if you want just sex theres always porn vids XD lol.
I hope you enjoy this part as much as the other 2. I did struggle writing this one so it might be a bit naff. Looking forward to comments good and bad.

I woke up suddenly due to the front door closing, so I guess mum and dad didn’t check mine and Helens rooms this morning. Well they may have, but then I’m sure all hell would have broke loose rather than them leaving us to sleep naked together. I turned over to find Helen still fast asleep. Even when she’s asleep im stunned by how amazing she looks. She had a little smile on her face, I hope what she was dreaming was nice, hopefully it was about last night. 

I got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to have a shower. I left it running for a while to heat up and turned on the radio, for some reason I was completely surprised that the presenters were talking normally, I had just slept with my sister and the world was still going on as normal.
Now the water was hot enough i got in the shower and started lathering up my body with soap still completely thinking about last night.
One of my sisters favourite songs started playing on the radio, you know one of them really annoying chart songs that everyone loves for a week until you decide it’s terrible. Looks like everything was pointing back at last night and the fact me and my sister fucked.

I got out the shower, wrapped a towel around me and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. 

As i was daydreaming, putting butter on my toast I didn’t even hear Helen creep up on me, she tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and she gave me a kiss on the lips, not a passionate one just a peck, but one that you would give you partner.

“Hey sexy,” Helen said.

“Hey yourself.” 

I got a good look at her, she was wearing one of my white t – shirts and nothing else. Wow she looked stunning, she looked so confortable around me knowing that her ass was showing and i could see her nipples through the top.
She grabbed one of my slices of toast and started headed upstairs.

“I’m going for a shower if you fancy joining me!” my sister said with a cheeky grin.

“Yeah maybe.”

Helen looked a little hurt that I didn’t jump at the chance, but carried on walking up the stairs anyway.

I sat at the kitchen table, putting my hands to my head thinking what the fuck was going on. My conscience was really kicking in, what me and Helen did was not acceptable and it had to stop. She’s my sister, how could this have happened. I know I find her attractive but last night went too far. But on the other hand Helen said she loved me and wanted me and I’ve never felt so intimate with anyone as much as with her. We both enjoyed it right? Right.

“Fuck it!”

We’ve done it once and loved it, we’ve already gone too far, how can doing it again make it worse. 

I got up and left the kitchen and hurried up the stairs. I heard the water from the shower still running but that wasn’t where I was heading. I went into Helen’s room, threw my towel on the floor and got onto my sisters double bed completely naked waiting for her.
It only took a few minutes for the water to stop, my heart start beating faster at the anticipation of what was to come.

Helen opened the bathroom door and I heard her walking towards her room, oblivious to the fact i was in there. As she walked in she was still dripping wet from the shower and only had a small towel wrapped around her. She looked over to the bed and saw me laying there and wow did she smile.

My naked sister came running onto her bed jumping on top of me. I felt the cold water cover me as she climbed on. 
Moving her hair back she starting kissing me, which I gladly returned. I pulled Helen closer to me and slid my tongue in her mouth. The passion was amazing as we tongue wrestled and caressed each other. I slid my hands down her soaked back and grabbed both ass cheeks and gave them a good squeeze causing Helen to moan.

“Ryan i want you so bad”
“I want you too sis”

Helen slid off me and starting kissing my chest and worked her way down slowly until she got to my dick. Straight away she put her mouth around my head getting a good taste of me. She grabbed hold of the rest of my dick and tossed me off fast whilst licking around the head. 
I grabbed hold of her wet hair and made Helen use her mouth to go up and down my dick pushing harder and faster. My sister looked like a right whore giving me a mind blowing blow job. 
Helen stopped and looked up to me and gave me a dirty smile as she climbed back up me and prepared herself to have my dick in her. 
I grabbed my dick and held it steady for her as she slowly sat down on top of it, letting my dick go right up her pussy. She wiggled about getting comfortable and as soon as it felt right she started bouncing up and down.
My sister looked so fucking hot bouncing up and down on my cock with her massive boobs bouncing along with her.
I grabbed hold of her love handles and pushed her down hard making Helen scream. She lent towards me so I could get a good suck on her hard nipples. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to grab her everywhere and touch everything and suck on what ever I could. I started pushing up as i was pulling her down pounding my sisters pussy.

I slowed down and made her get off me and bend over. She got off the bed and lent over it, spreading her legs so I could get full access.
I got behind her and slid my dick into her sopping wet pussy, and it wasn’t the water from the shower either, it was her pussy juices and it was dripping down her leg. I grabbed hold of her love handles again and started pounding my dick into her pussy once again.


Them words really got me going, hearing Helen talking dirty to me telling me to fuck her. I pounded my dick into her as hard as I could. Not long after I felt my dick getting ready to cum.

“I’m coming Helen”

I thrusted my cock into her pussy so hard it started hurting, I spunked straight into her pussy making me shake. It felt like a lot and Helen could feel it shoot into her making her moan. 
I pulled my dick out of her and some of my cum starting oozing out of her so Helen put her fingers in herself grabbing a scoop and started sucking it off her fingers.

“That was amazing,” I panted.
“It sure was and you taste good” Helen said in between cleaning her fingers with her saliva.

We were both soaked from sweat by the end as we collapsed onto the soaking wet bed. We laid there cuddling and kissing like a couple. It was really nice, I wanted my sister all to myself.

“How do you feel?” I asked.
“I’m good babe you?”
“Fantastic thanks. That was amazing! Do you feel guilty though?”
“Well yeah your my brother Ryan. What we’re doing is wrong. But I have always found you attractive and It feels good, almost right.”
“But it’s not right is it. What would happen if mum and dad found out. We’d be disowned and the police would get involved”
“Then we can keep it our little secret. If you want that?”
“I do, I really like you Helen”
“Then shh and kiss me”

With that we started kissing.

It got to about lunch time and I started getting a little bit hungry. We were just chilling out laying on Helen’s bed so i suggested we went and got some food.

We went into the kitchen and put on a pizza and sat at the dining room table and carried on chatting. Without my sister’s hand in my pants this time. We ate the pizza and Helen was still a bit hungry so she got a Ice lolly from the freezer and started sucking on it really seductively whilst looking at me.

“I like sucking on lollies, but I prefer yours,” Helen teased.

I watched as she licked from the base of the lolly to the top and then used her tongue to flick the tip before taking it all in her mouth.
Helen looked down to my groin and saw my bulge.

“Looks like I get to have your lolly then”

I looked down seeing the bulge in my shorts. I got up and took helens ice lolly from her and pulled down my shorts.
Helen took no time on getting on her knees and slid my dick in her mouth. Her mouth was freezing from the ice lolly and it made the blow job ten times better. I loved how she got my dick all in her mouth and down her throat. She was really good at giving head.
I stopped Helen and got her to stand up. I cleared the dining room table and sat her on it. I pulled down her leggings and knickers and spread her legs. 
Helens pussy was already wet before I started. I guess she’d been horny for a while. I sat on the chair in front of her and leant in to get a taste of my sisters pussy.

I spread Helens lips with my fingers and started licking up her juices making her moan. I run my tongue around the hole before sliding it in as far as I could. When my tongue was inside i flicked my tongue in all directions feeling the walls. I took my tongue out and I dont know what urged me to but i slid my thumb and finger in her pussy making them wet. I then left my thumb in there but i slid my finger up my sisters ass hole.

“Oww that hurts Ryan”
“Want me to stop?”
“No, I kind of like it”

I went back in between my sisters legs and started licking my sisters clit. Teasing it by licking around it then slightly touching it then full on sucking at it. While im doing this my finger was sliding in and out of my sisters ass and my thumb was deep in her pussy. I carried on pleasuring my sisters clit and her moaning was getting louder and her fingers were playing with my hair. 

“I’m cumming Ryan,” Helen screamed.

As she said that I sped up my finger in her ass and started licking at her pussy hole getting all the juices from the orgasm. Helen was wriggling from the pleasure and was moaning really loud. I thrusted my finger in her ass one last time then took it out.

I finished clearing her up with my tongue and got up and kissed her so she got a good taste of herself.
I went to carry on and put my dick in her but she stopped me.

“Nah uh, you got to wait until later,” Helen teased.
“What, but I haven’t finished.”

Helen got up and pulled her leggings and knickers back up and left the kitchen. I just stood there stunned.
A few minutes later Helen came running down stairs fully clothed and with her bag.

“I’ll be back later babe, just going shopping,” Helen said.

Before I could protest Helen had blown me a kiss and was out the door.
I pulled up my shorts and cleaned the dining room table.

I didn’t see Helen until the evening when she came running in and up the stairs with a bunch of shopping bags, by that time mum and dad were already home and I just had to pretend like I didn’t care.

The next chapter you’ll find out what was in the shopping bags and the end to mine and my sisters story.

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