An Unexpected Shag.. With My Sister! Part 4 BY MR. CUMALOT


This is probably the final part to mine and Helens story. I hope you enjoyThis is the final part of my and my sisters journey. It wasn’t easy at times but we got there in the end as you will see when you read it. 
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Chapter 4

The next three hours were torture for me and I’m assuming it was difficult for Helen too. 

Firstly, all of us had dinner together at the dining room table. This time Helen didn’t grab hold of my cock and toss me off, but the thought of what happened a few hours earlier at this table was still fresh in my memory. 
It was hard to concentrate and keep up with the conversation at the table, a few times I was asked for an answer that I did not hear the question to. 

“Ryan your very distant tonight what’s the matter?” my dad asked.
“Hmm, just thinking”
“About girls eh?” 

I perked up and looked at my dad, I noticed my sister looked over to me as well.

“Well, yeah i guess, there’s a girl I really like, but it’s impossible” I said.
“Never say never, your a handsome fellow, you might stand a chance.”

I chose to not answer that.

“And what about you dear?” my mum said to Helen.
“What about me?” Helen answered.
“Any boys being eyeing you up? Any boys take your fancy”
“Well you know, there may be some guy I like”

Wow, this was really awkward.

Luckily the conversation stopped pretty much from their to Helen and my liking.

Then being a friday, we have a family night sort of thing, where we get a film to watch and junk food and enjoy a movie together. It was my mums choice tonight and she put on a movie called ‘Serendipity’ about two strangers meeting by chance. They then see if they should be together by fate, they then go their separate ways, but a few years later they find each other again. Mum and Dad sat cuddled up together on one sofa and me and Helen were on the other. Helen and I adjusted ourselves so we could hold hands during the movie, without our parents seeing.

After the film had finished mum and dad headed up for bed and left Helen and me downstairs. We sat there for a few minutes whilst waiting for our parents to call down.

“Night guys,” mum and dad called down.
“Night,” we answered.

As we said that we breathed a sigh of relief and snuggled up together on the sofa and started kissing. As we were kissing I grabbed hold of my sisters boobs and started caressing them.

“In a minute,” Helen giggled, as she stood up. “I’m going up stairs, come into my room in 10 minutes.”
Helen went upstairs with a huge smile on her face.

I waited what seemed to be an eternity and then headed upstairs. As I got upstairs I went to my room opened the door, waited a few seconds, then closed it again so it sounded like I was in my room, an old trick me and my sister used since we were little when we were told to go to bed and we didn’t want to. I then snuck to my sisters room, quietly opened the door, snuck in and closed the door behind me.

What I saw was the most perfect image. Helen’s bedroom light was turned off, but she had set up candles in a few places of the room so i could still see perfectly. On the bed was my sister, Helen dressed in a see through white corset with matching panties. It was certainly not something you should see your sister wear.
She was laying there seductively and she pointed at me and summoned me with her finger to the bed. 

As I walked over to the bed my sister sat up and kissed me while pulling my t shirt over my head. I stood there enjoying the view as she kissed my chest and was undoing my jeans. She quickly unzipped them and pulled them down along with my boxers. She really wanted me.

Helen grabbed me and threw me on the bed, got on top of me and carried on kissing my lips passionately. If I thought Helen wanted me before it was nothing compared to now.
I grabbed her and pulled her closer as she was kissing with me. She slid her hand down to my cock and started rubbing it. It felt amazing, seeing my sister in a slutty outfit while pulling at my hard cock.

She was tossing me off fast and then started kissing down my chest, licking her way down my stomach and then her mouth found my cock. She slid my head into her mouth and gave it a good suck, all whilst looking into my eyes. Helen, my sister was once again giving me a mind blowing blowjob. She slid the rest of my dick in her mouth. I couldn’t resist, I grabbed her hair and sped her up and became rougher. Helen didn’t stop it, she was happily being treated rough. She enjoyed her brother taking control.
It wasn’t long before I felt myself about to cum. 

“Im cumming,” I whispered.

Helen really went for it and I felt my cum shoot straight into my sisters mouth. She swallowed it without complaint and then sucked the head, milking me for any more cum. 
She finished and crawled back up me and gave me a kiss, I could taste myself a little bit, but I was so horny I wasn’t bothered.

I pushed Helen onto the bed and went down and pulled off her panties. She was such a sight. Her boobs wear struggling to stay in the corset and then looking down her cleanly shaven pussy glistening with her juices.
I pulled her legs apart and went down on her, licking up all the juices from inside her. She really tasted delicious. If i could buy her pussy juices in a bottle I would. I carried on licking taking it slowly then speeding up. I then went to her clit and teased her with the tip of my tongue. then giving it a little suck.
Helen had to grab a pillow and cover her face up because shed started moaning fairly loudly.
I carried on licking her clit then I slid two of my fingers up her pussy and started finger fucking her.
Out of nowhere I felt Helens body shudder and my fingers getting crushed by her pussy as she was having an orgasm.
Once she had settled down and removed the pillow I turned her over and gave her a slap on her ass.

“I’ve got something for you to use,” my sister said as she went to grab something from the floor.

She brought back up some lube.

“Whats this for?” I asked.
“So you can fuck me in the ass.” Helen replied. “I enjoyed your finger in there earlier so now i want you dick in there.”
“Are you sure?”

Helen replied by getting on her elbows and knees. Opened the lube and put some on her finger, she then reached around and twirled her finger around her ass hole before sliding it in altogether. 
I really enjoyed the sight of watching my sister finger her ass hole. It was so tight.
She then threw the lube to me and I put some on my dick to help it slide in.

I got behind her and guided my dick onto the tip of her ass hole. I gave it a little push and slowly felt my dick enter her ass. Helen gasped quite loudly and moaned like she was in pain, it was quite painful for me too as it was so tight but we persisted and I got my dick all the way in.
Now i was all the way in it was much easier to fuck it and it felt amazing.

“I fucking love your dick in my ass Ryan,” Helen moaned.

I had grabbed her by the waist and was fucking my sisters tight ass hole quite hard now. I really liked treating my sister as a whore.
Helen reached around and rubbed her clit furiously while I was pounding her ass. She had once again got the pillow to hide her noises of pleasure.

“Helen I’m cumming”

I felt a massive explosion in my dick as i came. I’ve never felt so good when I cum. I felt my cum shoot right into my sisters ass hole and my dick throbbing like mad.

After I had finished I slid my dick out of her and collapsed onto the bed. My sister fell down right next to me and gave me a kiss while stroking my cock.

“That was amazing babe,” She cooed.
“That it was Helen,” I answered with a smile.

After that I pretty much fell straight asleep. I don’t know what my sister did but what felt like five minutes later I was woken up by Helen.

“Ryan, Ryan get up,” Helen was rocking me while sobbing.
“What the matter?”
“I’m late.”

At first I had no idea what she was on about then when sleep disappeared I realised.

“OH! Are you sure?”
“Of course I’m fucking sure,” Helen was in tears by this stage. “What are we going to do?”
“Nothing we can do is there”

I couldn’t think I was in complete shock. No way could I have got my sister pregnant.

The next few days were pretty tense between Helen and me. We argued about everything and pretty much hated each other for getting ourselves into this mess.

I went to the shops and grabbed a pregnancy test. Funnily enough the shop attendant said “good luck.” She wouldn’t be saying that if she realised it was because I fucked my sister.
I got home and gave it to my sister. At first she didn’t want to do it, but then she reluctantly went into the toilet.

The next few minutes were torture. So many scenarios were going through my head, none with a pleasant ending. What seemed like an eternity helen came out of the toilet with a complete shocked expression.

“It’s negative,” Helen beamed. “I’m not pregnant”

I jumped up and gave my sister the biggest hug and kiss ever. I don’t think even my wedding day will ever beat how happy I was in that moment.
But it did make us think.

We decided that enough was enough and reluctantly decided not to have sex anymore. Neither of us was happy about this decision but it was the right thing to do, we are still brother and 
sister after all.

That’s the end of the story guys. I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and Helen did. I would like to add a final not that although this is the end we are going away as a family next month and me and Helen are sharing a room. So you never know may get another part, but then you may not.

Thank you to all my readers. Thank you for all the comments, negative and possitive. I have got some fictional stories I have thought up during writing these and yes the grammar will be terrible but to the people who do enjoy my work you may like to read them too.

See you for now folks. Over and Out.

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