Arthur owns his mom & teacher by nutzbuddy


Arthur,Joyce & StacyIt was a regular day in Quarter Town except at Arthurs home at 69 Blank St. The 18 yr old was on the couch jerking off watching his mother Joyce & his 40 something teacher Stacy 69ing on the living room floor. Slurping away Stacy a married mother of three was underneath the long legs of Joyce Peterson , the mother of her favorite student Arthur. Til last week when Arthur had hypnotized her she had never eaten pussy before.Now Joyce was the 3rd cunt she had eaten. Lynn, Arthurs girlfriend & head cheerleader at Monroe High (where she taught ) was the first , 18 year old Lynn had a bald pussy unlike Joyce who just trimmed hers. The second pussy she had eaten was Alexis a black granny about 60 yrs of age , she was so wet when she ate that chocolate pussy. Arthur had fisted her before she had munched on that cunt.They had met the married ebony slut only that day at a supermarket. . That was about 2weeks ago, Arthur had been with Alexis since then but she had not.

Chapter 1
Arthur was ready to unload so he called Joyce & Stacy over and unloaded a massive load of jism all over their faces . Arthur took out his cellphone & took some pictures for his collection. Joyce just received her 3rd facial of the day, she was used to it by now. Arthur had hypnotized her , & her husband Ralph 6 months ago. Ralph was now a complete cuckold, he was only turned when she was with Arthur or women . They fucked only when her son / master said they could. And she was not allowed to blow Ralph or take him anally . Those were owned by Arthur. She obeyed Arthur, & loved all the fucking & sucking she was doing.
Arthur lead both older women to the bathroom & informed them that it was shower time. They both knew what this meant & knelt beside the toilet as Arthur pissed all over his mom’s & teacher’s faces . Covered in urine the cum was no longer visible . Now cleanup & take a water shower Arthur commanded.

Chapter 2
The next day, Joyce was kneeling underneath the kitchen table on the kitchen floor ,wearing nothing but her collar , nipple rings, nose ring & 6 inch spiked heels as she sucked on Arthurs 11 inch monster prick. Above her Arthur was talking to his stepdad Ralph about The Johnson Deal , that Ralph was working on at the office. As Arthur listened to the boring talk he shoved his cock deeper & deeper into Joyce’s mouth, his fingers were in his moms raven hair as she bobbed her head up & down quickly. 
As Joyce made ummmmmmmn sounds trying to breathe ,her husband kept yammering on to Arthur that the deal he was working on could bring a lot more money into the household, Arthur began to smile as he unloaded a big load of morning jism down Joyce’s throat. “Thats Great pops” he said ive been looking at those 8 inch leather thigh high hooker boots at the Sexstore for mom , since you’ll be making more money Ralph, go buy them for Joyce & bring them to her after work. ” Sure thing ‘ said Ralph who was now only a willing voyeur , who 
pays to watch his wife perform.

Chapter 3 
Joyce was strutting & posing in her new outfit & boots . Arthur loved it , he was hard as a rock . Joyce wore her thong panties ,black halter top that had the word “Slut” written on it.She was also had her new collar that said “owned by Arthur” on it. He had his stepdad ,Ralph buy it for mom once he closed The Johnson Deal and of course the 8inch leather thigh high hooker boots.Joyce had been transformed from a quiet suburban housewife, to a hooker like sex slave for her 18 year old son in six months .As he watched from the living room sofa he couldnt take it any longer & went over to his mom who was 5ft 8 without heels & now was like an amazon wonderwoman with the boots. He bent her over & shoved his 11 inch monster dong up her cunt & starting fucking the 54yr old nymphomaniac doggystyle &without mercy. Aaaagh that feels so goood son exclaimed Joyce. Is it better than Dads he teased.”he is a wimp with a wussy dick “Joyce said knowing her insults of Ralph would only make Arthur fuck her harder . Do you want jizz in your cunt or on your face mom Arthur asked. Please in my pussy i want to feel your wetness the mommy/slut proclaimed. And Arthur exploded just then and there.

Chapter 4
It was 3 in the afternoon and Arthur was lying on his bed talking on the phone with Lynn his girlfriend , as Joyce his mother licked his balls & ass. The 54yr old married woman with 44dd tits was not only wearing her ownership collar but now Arthur had also leashed his property, As Arthur told Lynn they would be going out to dinner with friends and then the movies, Joyce leisurely licked the nuts &asshole of her son/ master as if nothing else mattered . He husband Ralph was watching golf downstairs on tv, but that didnt matter, cause he couldnt watch what she was doing unless Arthur said it was okay. 
Suddenly she felt a swat on her ass ‘ Do it a better job slut” Arthur exclaimed She hadnt realized that he now was off the phone and was jerking off while she was giving him a rimjob &ball licking . “Do it right ma or ill stick both my fists up your cunt ” ARTHUR exclaimed!!!

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