Denise the submissive mom Chapter 2 , One Month Later


Collared & leashed & hooked to the bedpost. The former respectable housewife waits for her master to use her.Introduction= Hooked to the bedpost & sitting on Rocky’s bedroom floor. Last night had been a typical night for Denise . Since becoming the 19year old’s submissive 1 month ago .Denise had been fucked in the pussy , ass , gang banged , pissed on etc.But last night she had met Cindy Rogers , Rocky’s 20 year old girlfriend who he was now also banging with his massive penis.Cindy was a tall 5ft 8 blonde , slim & small breasted but had a nice ass . Her legs though went on forever . Last night though Denise ate the young woman’s cunt. Denise loved to eat pussy , but had never had a cunt that was so fresh,bald & so much younger than she.
Chapter 1-Bill comes over to watch
Eat my cunt slut Cindy was now Denise ‘s mistress, the 56 year old fuckpig was on all fours with a bitch stamp that read “OWNED BY ROCKY” on her backside. Denise also wore a halter top that Rocky had Bill order specially made that said “Rockys Cumpig ” Denise wore the pink halter top & her 7 inch spiked heels and nothing else as she continued munching away on her mistress pussy. Bill was invited to only watch today he hadnt seen Denise for four days til now .Rocky was at football practice. So he watched his wifes new mistress shove her lovely pussy in Denise’s face Rocky hadnt allowed the cuckold to see his wife for four days , but he still had Denise text him the details . The first night she sent a pic of her full of Rockys dick & her face plastered with his jizz., the second night Rocky sent a pic of Denise collared , leashed , ballgagged with her new nipple rings & tied to the staircase in the frathouse , the third night he sent him a a short 15 min video clip which he obviously had Denise speak throughout It started with Dee on her knees sucking cock wearing only her leopard spiked 8inch heels he had bought her last time she was home.She had Rockys prick in her mouth & then took it out and looked directly into the camera and said ” i love my master’ s 11 inch cock , its so much better than my puny husbands cocktail weiner.” as she went back to sucking . He could hear Rocky laughing in the background . Now he came into focus wearing his hood . What else do you have to say slave ? he asked Denise she responded” i like licking my master’s asshole & balls , which i would never do for my loser , wimpy huband.Bill had already started jerking his prick at this point .What else whore exclaimed Rocky ” im also a piss slut master, i love drinking your piss & taking it all over my face & tits.”Damn Bill thought Rocky had turned his wife into a real fuckpig. Rocky then put his cock back in Dee’s mouth & facefucked her for the next 10 mins , but instead of cumming all over her face he pulled out & pissed all over her face.” thank you for the champagne master she said Bill came a second time.this video was hot he thought.Denise looked into the camera once again with piss dripping all over her face & said ” Bill you dumbass clean the house, quit wacking off ill be home when Master says i can . The fourth text, Bill received photos of Denise on all fours ballgagged , tied to the bedposts , butt plugged as Rocky whipped her, he also put tit clamps on his wifes juggs. and also most interesting of all a picture of a young 20year lod skinny blonde woman fucking Dees ass with a 10 inch strapon dildo.
Bill realized that Cindy was that blonde from the text. She was now Dees mistress , and she obviously liked how his wife ate cunt because Dee had been eating now for 15 minutes.
Chapter 2- Rocky comes home from practice.
Bill heard a knock , he was told to lock the door by Cindy when he had arrived. “Open it moron’ Cindy said quietly enjoying Dees tongue licking her clit. Bill opened the door”Hey wimpy” Rocky exclaimed as he saw Bill ,” see im turning your wife into an expert pussy. licker’. “Thanks sir exclaimed Bill .” Hey Cindy enjoying the pussy licking ” aaaah yeaaah this mother knows how to satisfy. Denise was proud of herself . Well lm gonna take a shower ,Bill why dont you occupy yourself by kissing Denises ass cheeks, legs & high heels while my “Cumpig ” continues eating my girfriends pussy and asshole. When she heard this Dee stuck her tongue up Cindys ass , & her mistress let out a little whimper with some ummmm sounds. Rocky had not bothered to shower at the gym after football practice so now as he took a 3 min . shower he noticed he was hard as a rock. So when he stepped out he was ready for action. He went in to the room & noticed that Cindy was exhausted & had collapsed on his bed . The only action was Bill & Denise, so he had Bill give his fuckpig a rimjob instead of just licking her legs. He decided to slap Denises face with his penis. He put on his hood as he could see Cindy was now laughing..He sat on Dees face as she licked his balls , & her husband ate her ass Bill was smiling this was the most action he had in a month. “Dont think this will be a usual thing’ Bill ,said Rocky .As he wacked off while Dee licked his nuts , Rocky exploded a load of jism on Denise’s face. While Cindy recorded the cumfacial for posterity. This would be the 5th text Bill would receive later .

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