I Own Joyce By NutzBuddy


Owned by he Master/ Son Mark Evans , Joyce is married to Marks Stepdad Bill who is now a cuckold, who can only get off by watching his wife fucking & sucking other men & women My name is Mark Evans & I’m 20 yrs old I’m an ordinary guy but for one thing. I’m great at mind control that’s why i have two much older sex slaves , you see I’ve always enjoyed the company of older women One is my mother Joyce Evans who is 55 & the other is my neighbor Amy Johnson slightly younger at 53.
Right now they are both collared & leashed wearing their identical 7 inch thigh high hooker boots ,nipple rings , tramp stamps in small black ink saying ‘marks bitch” on their lower backs both got tattooed a month ago. Also Joyce &Amy have 3 inch butt plugs in there fat asses. Let me tell you about them Amy is what you may call a BBW she is 5ft2 140 pounds all ass & tits 40dd at that with short red hair. Mom (Joyce ) has long blonde hair with a little gray she is 5ft 9 with 44dd fake tits which stepdad bought for her before he became a cuckold (now Bill my stepdad only gets off when watching mom with other women or getting fucked or sucking other guys (me )(lol ). Joyce also has a great ass & fabulous legs from all the tennis she plays at the club. That I’ve allowed mom to continue, usually im dominating Amy in the master suite while she is gone. Amy is married to a wimpy 60 year old cuckold named George who I’snt even 140 pounds soaking wet . He only gets off when his wife gets fucked by others like pops does. Bill(pops) &George only get to fuck their wives on their birthdays & anniversary . Twice a year l let them be free of mind control .But the wives wont allow anal sex or give head on my orders Well now that you know something about my life as a maledom lets go into the living room & have some kinky fun with Mom & Amy .
Without saying a word i grabbed Joyce by the leash & shoved my ass in her face she obediently starting rimming me with her tongue , Mom was the best at rimjobs, Amy was also leashed as i grabbed the chain & started facefucking her with my 11 inch penis. All i could hear was sluuuurp & ummmmfff , which meant both Joyce & Amy were enjoying their meals . Soon their reward would arrive in the form of my jism should i deposit it as a double facial, or have Amy eat it ? Doublefacial , “turnaround Mom/SLUT i said as i exploded with a huge load of cum all over Amy & Moms face. Kiss each other i told them as Joyce and Amy obeyed & shared their masters love juices .
Taking out my cellphone i took pictures of Joyce & Amy covered in facial cum. Later i would show the cuckolds, they were always asking when they could watch me using & dominating their wives? They had only been allowed to watch once & never with both ladies together. I think it would be too much for them I remembered George wacking off (he has a 4 inch dick ) while i fucked his wife in the pussy & face , the guy almost had a heart attack he couldnt stop jerking off. Amy called after i left & i told her to sit on his face and tell him to eat you out.And then he stopped. 
Go get a towel mom i said now you & Amy clean each other off, clean your cumfaces. Lets go to the master suite , where you both can entertain me , i took off their leashes , both were still collared though. Now Joyce get on the bed on your bed & Amy get on top of her and start to 69. I sat in the armchair at the foot of the bed smoking a joint impressed at what i was watching 2 married ladies who were eating each others pussies like it was steak. Both had sexy long tongues , slurping away at the pussy lips paying special attention to the clit. I was getting horny so decided to lube up 3 fingers & i shoved Amys BBW ass . When the ass was ready i stuffed my dickhead slowly into Amy ass , i had only fucked Amys ass a couple of times so it wasnt gaped like moms (joyce).Pleease master you are so biiiig aaawwww its starting to feel good now sir . Amy here it comes as she was now stuffed as i told mom who was underneath me to lick my nuts. Damn she was a great ballsucker . I started to spank Amys buttcheeks as the ball licking continued , i was in heaven . And i would cum soon but i didnt want to so i pulled out & instead of cumming up Amy ass, i had Joyce (mom) suck on my ass smelling prick & she sucked on it like it was a huge popsicle. She was giving me the sloppiest blowjob ever . I spit on her face & had Amy lick it off. As i continued fucking Joyces face i had Amy underneath Joyce eating her cunt & licking her ass., so for added effect mom was humming ummmm on my prick . I was getting close , this time though i decided to cum down moms throat & have her eat it. Which Joyce did willingly .
After that i told Mom (Joyce ) to go into her room and get the strapon dildo. I wasnt done with Joyce yet, When mom handed me the strapon dildo i told the much shorter Amy to put it on . Moms ass was gaped and lubed from wearing the buttplug and all the anal fucking i had giving her. So i told i told Amy to fuck her ass as hard as she could with the 10 inch rubber prick. AWWWWWW AMMMY that feeels good screamed Joyce thanks Mark .Thats not the name you should be using Joyce i said faking anger as i spanked both her buttcheeks hard I meant ” Master ” Joyce responded her pussy was getting wetter now

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