It Happened One night… Again! Part 2 By JustJon76


Ashley, Daniel, Matt and his girlfriend have grown close, very close. Things are about to change though and who knows where they may all end up.Introduction

This is the second part of my ‘it happened one night’ trilogy, as in the first part of this story it is a tale of pure fiction and any similarities to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental. 

After the events of the first story life as it does just plodded along as it always had. Ashley had given birth to a baby boy that they had named Nicky and they had still remained living in their $100 a month rented cottage. Matt still had issues holding a job down but that was nothing new to anyone in the story, Ashley and Daniel as always tried doing their best to comfort him on the days he felt so low after losing yet another job. And yet the one thing that had now seemed to always get him through was the relationship he had with his girlfriend, Celeste. For almost four years they had been an item and for four years the friendship between the group of family and friends had been as close as any ‘bug in a rugs’. All felt that their lives could only get better the longer their lives entwined. And no, nothing else had happened like what had happened on that night so long ago, until now! 


Hi, my name is Daniel and I would like to tell you all another tale of another special night, a night that happened almost four years to the day after my first ‘special night’. 

I still work in that factory that makes little trinket things that sell for a dollar or two at a local market, but just this year I was promoted to the position of factory manager, a big pay increase and just two steps away from running the whole place. Ashley still works at the pre-school and is continuing to do the thing that she loves the most, teaching the next generation of the human race. The fact that our son, Nicky also attends the school is an added bonus for her as she can spend even more of her time with the ‘greatest thing to ever happen to us’ other person in our life. Nicky is the almost complete embodiment of Ashley, same eyes, same nose and same almost everything as his mother. People have commented that his hair is more of his father’s but that is a tricky one as both I and matt have the same dark hair colour, though I’ll take that one for mine. 

My parents are still with us and are quite literally the best we could have ever wished for with respects to Nicky, they dote on him with every dollar they can get away with spending and will drop everything if we happen to ask a favour of them in having him for a night or two. In the last few months that Ashley has allowed Nicky to have the one or two nights away with Granny and Grandpa they have taken him on every weekend trip a little boy could wish to go upon and as it happened they had arranged a special trip away this very weekend.

Our house would be free of children this weekend and as would be the case on any other free weekend without our boy, we had planned a drinking session with our ever present double date duo, Matt and Celeste. Matt had been a little down the last few weeks as he searched for that ever elusive ‘job for life’ that he so longed for, he had tried almost every job imaginable even giving a go at working in my factory for a second time. That had ended the same way as his first attempt when he almost ran from the building screaming that he needed fresh air and space to run. His long term(only long term anything) girlfriend Celeste had stuck by him through thick and thin and had even gotten him in to the one thing that seemed to catch his enthusiasm, hunting and military memorabilia. Celeste herself had become as close a friend to Ashley as I myself and Ashley seemed to be, they talked about everything and at times they would end up falling asleep together on the sofa as they drank bottles of wine and laughed along at some hidden joke between the two of them. This had myself and Matt at a shake of our heads on many an occasion.

This is the story of that weekend in June, out in the Middle when our child was away with his grandparents and a Grumpy looking Matt and a concerned looking Celeste had turned up on our door for; with the amount of booze Matt had brought would be a very drunk weekend. It is told from the point of view of four different people, though Daniel is the main narrator of the story and has the majority to say. 

On a dry night in…’The Middle’


It was about 7 o’clock on the Friday, a dry starlit night and the prospect of a fine dry weekend to come. Ashley and I were sitting in front of the television watching a movie on the streaming box, so better than the boring old basic box we used to have and full of every kind of movie you could ever want to watch. After my parents had come to pick up Nicky this morning we had gone straight into the bedroom, closed all the curtains and gotten down and dirty with a sex session we had not had since the last time my parents had taken our boy away. As had always been the case our sex was amazing, Ashley would start by giving me a blowjob or as she called it ‘sucking out the first and the worst so she could take in the second to last’, something to do with lasting longer the second time around, I think, ha. Then I would dive between her legs, tongue tornado-ing her clit until she could take no more, there were times when I thought my tongue would fall off, but hay if it weren’t so good I wouldn’t be so good. During the last few months we have brought the concept of dirty talk into our love making and at the point where we realised we had started doing it we made a vow, its only dirty talk and if there is something that is said that is too wrong to be said the one who does not like the talk will say so. Funnily it seems that over time both our fantasies with the dirty talk have come together, or so much the same that there is only a slight grey line to separate the two most common spoken things. My dirty talk more often than not comprises of myself, while eating out her pussy saying that there could be another girl or someone else doing this while I stick my dick in her mouth. Ashley’s dirty talk tends to start just before her orgasm, it starts with an agreement to mine and then she drives home about how she would love to have my dick in her ass and another in her pussy, yeah I know doesn’t that sound just like what she had in the first story, sometimes I wait and wish to hear her say Matt’s name but she always climax’s first. We were nearing the end of the movie when the phone rang.


“hello, Ashley speaking” I answered the phone, thinking that it was Celeste or Matt calling to say that they were going to be late as they had been the last two times we had planned a weekend together.

“Hi Ashley, its Celeste” her voice seemed a little upset but the last few weeks she had been more upset than usual. A good drinking session and a girl’s talk is what she needed I thought to myself.

“Oh, hi Celeste how are you doing. Are you on your way yet or did you stop off for a little bit somewhere along the way” I jokingly say. I knew that my brother and Celeste had been having a bit of a rough patch lately as he had lost his job again but I thought they would have sorted it out by now.

Speaking a little timidly Celeste replied “I’m so sorry but we won’t be able to make it tonight, something has come up and we will have to come over tomorrow”. Close to tears it seemed Celeste waited for an answer from me as I shook my head over to Daniel to say they would not be coming tonight, he shook his head back.

“That’s ok Celeste. We will see you tomorrow then, phone me if you need to speak when he’s not around” I replied, I could hear Matt in the background and I could tell they had been fighting again.

“Ok, see you tomorrow, sorry” said Celeste as she hung up the phone.

“Was she ok” asked Daniel.

“They have been fighting again. I could hear it in her voice that she had been crying…I don’t know what is the matter with Matt at the moment because he seems to be always making Celeste cry” I replied. I snuggled back in to Daniel as we continued watching the film.

“I’ll try and get it out of him tomorrow” said Daniel as he gave me a kiss on the top of my head.


The Saturday morning came and went with still no show from Celeste and Matt. Ashley had had a text in the morning to say that she and Matt had talked and they had patched things up, a little, and would be heading down to us for about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, after they had stopped to get some booze. Ash and I had spent most of the morning in bed as we knew it could be a long night ahead of us and neither of us stayed awake much past 9 o’clock these days with work and Nicky tiring us out. We wanted to be fresh and alert at 12 midnight and not sleeping by ten.

“I can hear a car coming up the drive” shouted Ashley from the kitchen while I was sat on the toilet. It was nearly three o’clock in the afternoon and we had just begun to think they were going to blow us off again. Their car was a bit worse for wear as it was pushing on twenty years old and there was no doubt as it pulled to a stop outside the front door that it was them.

I could hear the front doorbell ring and a few seconds later I could hear Ashley saying hello to what sounded like first Celeste and then Matt, the second hello sounded strained as if said to someone who was a little angry or grumpy.

“Daniel…Matt and Celeste are hear” shouted Ashley again, just to let me know that Matt was passing the toilet on his way to the garden I think.

I finished on the toilet and headed firstly to the kitchen, Ashley and Celeste were there and they both had a glass of wine in their hands. Celeste’s eyes were slightly red and you could tell that she had cried very recently. Ashley was in the middle of asking her about what was the matter and Celeste broke off talking as she saw me come into the kitchen.

“hi Daniel, sorry for being late, we had to stop at the stores to get some booze and while we were there Matt got a talking to one of the army vets that hang out there”.

“That’s no problem Celeste…I hope everything is alright with you two now” I say as I lean in to give her a hug of reassurance. She rolls her mouth to the side and lightly shakes her head. “Oh, I take it there’s still a little tension between you two…I’ll go and have a talk with him” I say as I give her an apologetic smile. I give Ashley a kiss and head to the garden to find Matt.


I saw Daniel coming out of the conservatory door and I knew that he had been to see Celeste before coming out to me. At least he stopped by the fridge to get us both a beer on the way, and I saw a crate of beer by the kitchen worktops on the way to the garden, I had a feeling we would need it, and the bottle of Jack I brought too.

“Hi Matt, what’s up” asked Daniel as he handed me there bottle of beer, cold and easy to drink being opened already. I downed half a bottle before answering.

“not a lot, especially as I’m back on the unemployed list for the third time this year, or did you mean with me and Celeste as no doubt they have told you” I replied, Celeste and I had just had another argument about it and I was sure she would blurt it straight out to her BFF.

“Ah ok, I can see your a little pissed at something but I only came out to see if you were ok. Celeste and Ashley are in the kitchen talking but I didn’t stop to see what about…don’t worry you’ll get another job if that’s what you are worried about” replied Daniel. I didn’t mean to sound rude to him as he has always been a good friend it was just that I had really expected Celeste to have told Ashley last night.

“Sorry Daniel, I didn’t mean to snap at you it’s just I thought Celeste had already told Ashley and I thought you were coming out to talk me out of it as well” I told him as I tapped his shoulder. He sat down by the side of me and leant in to talk.

“Don’t worry, I can see your a bit stressed…what was it you thought Celeste had told us about” Daniel asked as he took a swig of beer.

“Well…you know that I have been unable to hold a job down for more than a month or two for a long time now”

“Yes, but everyone loses a job or two until they can find something that they can or will do well” replied Daniel.

“yea, but for me it felt like there was never going to be a job that I would ever settle down and stay around to do for more than a few weeks…that was until last week” I told him as I tried to remember how I was going to tell this to him and Ashley, well Ashley really was the only one that I had to get it right with.

“well…what was it that you think you have found that will keep you in a job for life, or for a long while anyway, is it collecting antiques or something like that as I know you have developed a keen interest in the Military memorabilia you have collected” said Daniel.

“it’s something close to that…I’m going to join the army, the infantry division is looking for new recruits and I can still join up for the next two years before I get too old to join with my age” I replied. I didn’t need to say a thing as I could see the look of shock on Daniel’s face. Ashley was no doubt going to take it a lot worse.

“Holy crap Matt, do you know what you are thinking of doing. It’s not like you can just leave when you want or that, it’s the army and in the army you must stay until you have done your service” replied Daniel. I know he had good intensions but I also knew that this was what I wanted to do.

“I leave in two weeks time and I have got at least a six month period until I come back home…do me a favour and try and help me to get Ashley and Celeste to see” I asked him as I downed the rest of my bottle and headed to the crate in the kitchen to get another.


“No fucking way, he wouldn’t be that stupid” I told Celeste after she told me what my stupid brother was thinking of doing. I knew he had done some stupid things over the years but to join the fucking army, no way.

“He has already signed the enrolment forms and he is leaving in two weeks time” added Celeste. She looked like she was going to burst out into tears again and if it wasn’t for the fact that Matt and Daniel came walking through the door, I think I would have too.

I looked over to Daniel, straight past Matt and I knew that he had been told as well. He was shrugging his shoulders. Matt was heading for the crate of beer by the fridge as I cut him off.

“what the hell do you think you are doing…joining the fucking army, people die in there and don’t think for a second that you can just up and leave when you want, you stupid idiot” I told Matt as I pushed his shoulder.

“hi sis…I know people get killed in the army but they do it protecting our country…and I know I can’t just up and leave when I want, that’s why I want to join, it’s what I need to do to get my life in order…discipline and order” replied Matt, he could obviously see the building tears in my eyes. Daniel put his hand on my shoulder and I burst.

“It’s a good career choice for the right people and I think Matt could well find the settlement he wants in there. It’s not forever and he will be home again before we know it” said Daniel trying to calm me, it had the opposite effect.

“What about Celeste, did you even stop to think about what will happen to your relationship while you are gone” I added as I shrugged Daniels hand off of my shoulder. Celeste had stopped crying and now came to my side to calm me too. Matt picked up a beer from the crate then turned to face me again.

“it is the reason that I have taken so long to sign up, but I have to do this for me, Celeste has promised to still keep in contact with me while I am away and when I return home again after my service I will get down on my knees and do the one thing she has told me she has been waiting for, to propose. But I must do this one thing before I can commit to a life I know I haven’t been able to commit to so far” replied Matt. He stepped forward and gave me a big hug. I had no choice but to hug him back and accept that my only brother was about to break not only Celeste’s heart, but mine as well. 


After all the crying and hugging, and more crying throughout the afternoon we all decided that Matt had best have one hell of a send off on this his last full weekend at home. Matt himself had already downed a few bottles and was on his merry way, Celeste and Ashley had already finished their first bottle of wine and was well into their second bottle. Myself being the gracious host that I was had cooked the food on the BBQ, cleaned the kitchen of all the mess and had finally set up the nights musical entertainment, a mix of all the best tracks from every party album I owned, six hours at least of the best pop tracks, rock tracks and everything else in between to get this party night going.

At about 8.30pm Matt’s phone rang; he went outside to take the call as the music was at that point a little loud. Celeste’s face turned a little sour looking as matt said ‘hi Malcolm’ to the person on the other end of the phone call.

“Who’s Malcolm” asked Ashley, puzzled as to whom Matt was speaking to.

Celeste shook her head, an angry frown growing across her brow.

“he’s the reason that Matt has got this stupid idea of joining the army into his head…have you seen the old war vet down the convenience store in Picton, the one that dresses all in army gear and smells of liquor” said Celeste.

“The old guy that gets drunk and falls asleep on the park bench, and the bus stop, and basically anywhere he feels” replied Ashley. I had seen the old guy they were talking about, he just seemed lonely to me.

“That’s the one…he started to talk to Matt about his time in the army and convinced him that he should join. He even went with Matt to watch him sign up. For the last two weeks he has even been calling him to give him hints and tips to succeed and rise in the ranks quicker” added Celeste. We all went quiet as Matt came back into the room.

“I’m really sorry guys but I have to leave for an hour or two. One of my friends is moving to Florida and I may not get to see him again” said Matt as he grabbed another three bottles out of the crate.

“If you are going to see Malcolm you are going to be more than an hour or two aren’t you” snapped Celeste. She knew that it would take Matt at least 45 minutes to get to Malcolm’s, let alone the amount of time they spend talking.

“He’s leaving to go and live in Florida and I really have to say goodbye to him. Don’t be all funny with me babe, he’s been really good to me” replied Matt, adding another three bottles to his jacket pockets.

“Yeah and what about how good we have all been to you…” snapped Celeste again. This time she started walking towards the bathroom, leaving myself and Ashley shaking our heads at Matt.

“She’ll be alright” Matt’s words were a little slurred but he obviously wasn’t drunk enough to not realise how angry Celeste was with him. He started to walk to the door.

“And what about me…don’t you care what I think” barked Ashley, her own anger bubbling over, and that fact she was also a little tipsy.

Matt came back over, planted a kiss on Ashley’s cheek and smiled, “I love you sis…I’ll make it up to you when I come back I promise”. He turned and walked out the door without even trying to make up with Celeste.

Ashley looked at me then turned and went to the bathroom, taking the bottle of wine with her. For the next half an hour they stayed in the bathroom, there was shouting and angry words being spoken so I decided to give them some space.

When they finally came out of the bathroom Celeste gave me a hug to say sorry, there was no wine left in their bottle and she seemed quite drunk as she kissed me on the side of the face. She slur idly said that she wished Matt could have been more like me and then latched herself onto Ashley as they both giggled. Down the corridor to the living room they both toddled off arms around each other and happy, it seemed. Ashley gave me a quick look back and blew me a kiss as they crashed down onto the sofa.

Two hours later and three more bottles of wine consumed the two girls were pretty much hammered, Ashley was sitting on the sofa with her legs draped over Celeste and Celeste had her hands wrapped over them. I had a thought in my head that the two of them together sexually would be a sight to see and I must have stared for a little longer than I should have. Celeste gave me a smile just as she loosed her hand to fall into Ashley’s lap.

Nothing else was going to happen as the two girls started to nod off. The way Ashley’s head was twisted meant she would wake up with a really cricked neck in the morning so I decided that I would have to take her to bed. Celeste would be fine on the sofa and I would bring out a spare blanket for her after I had gotten Ashley into bed. I got up and headed for the two.

I placed my hand around Ashley’s shoulders, the other under her legs. As I was trying to get my hands in a comfortable position to be able to lift Ashley my face got pretty close to Celeste’s chest line, her top was quite low and I couldn’t help but look down her top. ‘Wow’ I thought as I noticed that Celeste’s breasts were almost double the size of Ashley’s and with her being nearly ten years younger than us they were still really subtle looking. My cock stirred a little and I had to look away.

With a big heave ho I lifted Ashley, I was quite drunk myself so it was a bit of an effort to get her up and keep a hold of her, her foot caught Celeste on the way and Celeste stirred a little. “Taking Ashley to bed, be back in a bit with blankets” I told her as I headed for the bedroom.

I placed Ashley on our bed, the sheets were warm as the heating was on and I knew she would be warm enough on top of them, actually too warm. I began to take a few of the layers off that she was wearing, her PJ top and bottoms, her silky top that always sticks to her skin like a wet rag when she gets too warm and then I lowered the lighting to nearly off. I started to head for the linen closet to get some blankets for Celeste but on the way I realised I really needed a pee. I had my pee and then a glass of water that I almost dropped, didn’t think I was that drunk but obviously I was, and I had been drinking spirits again so drinking water was maybe not the best idea.

I came out of the bathroom bumping into the wall as I did and completely forgot about the blankets for Celeste. I opened the door to our bedroom, closed it behind me and in the darkness began to undress, dropping the clothes in a pile on the floor. I moved around to my corner of the bed and slumped down into it, my head hit the pillow and I all but went straight to sleep. I heard Ashley give out a sigh to the side of me and turned to give her a kiss.

In the dim light of the dark bedroom I could not see too well but to me it seemed like Ashley had pulled the covers up to her face, though as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see that wasn’t the case. I was reaching my hand out to feel my wife’s tits when I heard the sound of kissing. Mrs Keetley’s (the old woman who lives opposite us) security light came on suddenly, it’s not very bright and only slightly lights up our room so we have never complained about it, and boy wasn’t I glad I hadn’t. As the view became clearer to me I could see that Ashley was lying on her back, her body still on top of the covers and still semi naked. On top of Ashley, and kissing her mouth passionately was a semi naked Celeste, her hands squeezing Ashley’s breasts as her mouth eagerly tried to smoother Ashley’s.


Daniel had put me to bed, I can remember that much. He had carried me into the bedroom and rested me on my side of the bed before removing my PJ top and bottoms and my Silk blouse that always sticks to me if I leave it on while sleeping. He left to go to the bathroom I think. I was sleeping but I could feel him getting on top of me as he returned, his hands were smoothing my breasts as his mouth found mine, he was really really gentle as he kissed me. I don’t know exactly when I fell off to sleep but I remember feeling completely sexed out.


I pulled my hand back as I watched Celeste and Ashley carrying on their passionate kiss; I didn’t want to do something that was going to put a stopper on this so I kept as quiet as a mouse. Celeste seemed to be taking the lead as she started to lick around Ashley’s mouth, her hand was moving faster as she traced circles around Ashley’s nipples which were now rock hard. I savoured the view of Celeste’s body that was on top of Ashley’s, the curved fine looking ass that had all but the smallest of panties covering them, her legs that were intertwined with Ashley’s that were long and athletic looking. Her top half had a bra as the only bit of fabric covering them; her breasts drooped as the material struggled to contain them and even before I could imagine what they must have looked like underneath she had whipped it off. Her breasts rested on Ashley’s stomach for a second as her hands toyed with undoing Ashley’s bra strap, as quickly as that it was gone, flying to the side. Breast rested on breast as Celeste returned to kissing and licking Ashley’s mouth and face, there was either carnal pleasure or drunken pleasure going on right then but I didn’t care which just as long as it lasted.

Celeste’s right hand began to move down as it left the breast she was caressing, though her mouth continued its task of excavating Ashley’s mouth and never missed a beat. Down over her belly button Celeste’s delicately nimble fingers moved. Her fingers almost walked as they travelled the last few inches to Ashley’s mound, there was no hair as that was always shaved clean and Celeste’s fingers came only to a stop as they came to rest on her clit.

My cock was standing tall and my mind kept telling me to get stuck in there as well, but somehow I managed to resist and keep watching. The problem with most threesomes that happen unexpectedly is that the man cannot hold himself back and dives straight on in there, he’s so excited by the opportunity that he grabs the first pussy he can get his cock into and slams away like he’s going to last all night. Then he blows his wad and feels shitty for not being able to get it straight back up, feels self conscious about not lasting long and slinks out of the scene.

Celeste’s fingers began to draw circles in the sand that was Ashley’s clit, gently and with a precision that only a woman could know. Ashley’s mouth drew in a gush of air as Celeste’s finger circling began to take its desired effect. Celeste’s mouth dropped to Ashley’s neck, there was licking and nibbling and each action seemed to heighten Ashley’s arousal as her hands gripped for Celeste’s hair on her head, pulling her head closer. My cock ached but I still held my patience, ‘wait’.

With each passing second Ashley’s whimpers turned more to moans, her body began to jerk as Celeste’s finger movements upped a gear and her hands flailed wildly through Celeste’s hair as a orgasm no doubt drew near. Celeste had slowly been moving her mouth lower down Ashley’s neck, over her collar bone and was now about to land on her breast. Her lips parted as her mouth took up its position on Ashley’s nipple. Ashley let out another moan, loader and with a more heightened sense of arousal, her right leg began to tremble as Celeste’s finger movements reached a climax.

With an ‘ahhhhh, ohhhhh’ Ashley’s orgasm broke through, her body shook as if a thousand volts of electricity was flowing through it and her breath caught in her throat. Celeste seemed to know what to do next as her finger movements slowed to a steady slow squeeze of Ashley’s clit, more of a grab than a swirl now. Ashley seemed to appreciate the change of pace as she slunk into a calmer breathing rhythm. Celeste’s fingers dropped from Ashley’s clit and began to travel a path to Ashley’s pussy, which was now glistening in the pale lighting of the room. I saw a finger, then two, then three slip inside Ashley’s pussy as easy as putting a dollar bill inside a bank vault. ‘slurp, slurp’ went the sound as Celeste began to finger fuck Ashley’s pussy and ‘slurp, slurp’ came the added sound as her mouth sucked on Ashley’s nipples with a new sense of meaning. My cock was screaming as it oozed pre cum, ‘wait for it’.

After a few more minutes of finger fucking and nipple sucking Celeste’s body began to show signs of gearing up to move, her legs spread out as her knees began to move downwards and her breasts slowly slipped south of Ashley’s. Her fingers still finger fucked Ashley’s pussy as her mouth released its grasp of her nipples, her mouth followed the contours of Ashley’s breast around the curves and down onto her belly. Her knees slunk further down the bed, her left hand prepared to take more of her weight. Her head moved down to Ashley’s belly button, her tongue lapping at the hole and the belly bar she had in, her knees moved further down the bed. My cock ached some more and my hand almost gave in to it’s wanting to take a hold and squeeze, ‘just a little longer’.

Celeste’s left elbow came resting down on the bed, her hand came to rest on Ashley’s left breast and the fingers immediately went to work on Ashley’s left nipple. Her knees came to a stop as her back arched upwards. Her head was now stationary above Ashley’s clit and pussy, as if she were trying to decide which to take in first. Her fingers that were in Ashley’s pussy came slurping out, then came to rest on Ashley’s clit. A second later Celeste’s head lowered and her mouth dug into Ashley’s pussy like a starving wolverine on a carcass, their lips smacked together as juices flowed back and forth. My cock felt as if it would surely burst, ‘now, do it now…ok, now’.

As Celeste munched away on Ashley’s pussy and her hand squeezed and played with her left breast I reached out with my hand and placed it on Ashley’s right breast, it was still wet from Celeste’s saliva. Ashley had already begun to moan again as all the sensations of her pussy being eaten out and her breasts being squeezed began to take effect. My hand seamed to make no difference to the fact that she was being eaten out by a woman, or that was what I thought anyway while I began to play with her breast. She was obviously oblivious to the fact.

As I played with Ashley’s breast I suddenly felt the warmth and pressure of a hand upon my cock. My cock was standing as hard as it had ever stood and the sudden grasp of it made the pre cum ooze out just a little bit faster, a fact the persons hand observed as it rubbed the tip of my cock. I glanced down as I searched for the owner of the hand. ‘Wow’ I thought as that person turned out to be Celeste. Her mouth was still eating out Ashley’s pussy like a pie eating competition winner at the start of a contest and her left hand still ravaged her left breast, but now her right hand had a hold of my cock and it had begun to move up and down my shaft. Ashley’s mouth gulped for air as her second orgasm approached, Celeste’s mouth seamed to quicken the pace, her tongue as fast and as accurate as a viper as it darted in and out of her pussy and lips. She also quickened the pace on my cock. Luckily for me Ashley’s body gave out first and her second orgasm exploded through her, she was looking pretty spent as her breathing slowed to a gentle pant.

Without a single word and without a second to object her head moved from Ashley’s pussy and her mouth came crashing down onto my cock, ‘slurrrrp’. Her left hand still caressed Ashley’s left breast but her whole body now moved to accommodate her new target, my cock. Up, down, up, down her head moved as she took up the call to empty my balls of their little men, but if I let this continue I knew I would blow my load very soon. I pulled myself away. Celeste seemed to take it that I was done and went back to licking Ashley’s pussy again.

I shimmied my body down the bed, so low I was holding one leg off the end of the bed and over the footrest. Celeste’s ass was still up in the air as her body arched to allow her head to rest between Ashley’s thighs, at just the right height for doggy. My head moved around to line up with her ass and I gazed at the slit’s in front of me, ‘so much to do, and so little time’ I thought to myself. The fact that time was quickly passing by had popped into my head and I knew that at some point soon Ashley would fall asleep and my own body would not go for too much longer with tiredness an ever real threat. I moved my head forward; my mouth was still undecided as to its target. Celeste was licking Ashley with slow smooth strokes that had a soothing effect as Ashley’s breathing slowed to a point of almost being a sleeping persons breathing.

My tongue left a snail trail of saliva on Celeste’s ass cheek as it headed for its goal, my tongue would lick this place till it gleamed before I planted my cock in the other. My hands gripped her thighs as I removed the ability to escape, even though her body screamed ‘take me’. Her both hands caressed Ashley’s breasts as her tongue continued its slower assault on her pussy.

My nose rested on her skin, soft and scented like chocolate (that’s what I told myself anyway). My tongue took up position then darted out of my mouth. The hole was tight yet loose, as would be expected of an anal entrance. My tongue forced its way in, lubricating the walls of her ass as the muscle’s relaxed. My lips clamped over her hole as my tongue set to work opening her up, I have only a smallish tongue but I was so locked on I could feel her fleshy innards, ‘please let me last a little longer than usual’ I prayed as my cock pulsed with the excitement. For five or ten minutes, who knows I wasn’t counting I licked that ass, it was cleaner than a surgical room and I was living the dream. I had a quick lick of her soaking wet pussy just before I pulled my head away from her ass, like strawberries and cream (that’s what my mind told me anyway) it tasted, ‘I got to go know before I shoot my load all over her back’ I thought to myself as my cock flexed up and down uncontrollably.

I took up position behind her, her legs parted further to allow me to enter deeper. My left hand gripped her waist as my right hand searched for her big juicy tits. The tip of my cock reached her pussy entrance, soaking wet and eagerly anticipating my arrival. I pushed through, an inch, then two, then three she growled in delight, ‘put it all in…’ Before she could finish I slammed on home, my balls crashed against her skin as I tried to push my cock out through her throat, my ass muscles clenched as I dragged my body back. Without a seconds delay I slammed back into her, balls slapping on her skin again as I tried in vain to push on through her body and out her throat. Again out then in, out then in my rhythm slowly building to a race. Celeste lifted her head slightly as my rhythm began to settle in, ‘ohhh fuckkkk yeahh’ she whispered as her ass began to grind back against my thrusts. I glanced at Ashley’s face as I slammed back and forth into Celeste’s pussy, ‘she looks almost asleep’ I thought to myself, and indeed she was almost asleep at that moment. My quickening pace had my cock screaming more and with all the built up pressure my ejaculation was close at hand, ‘shit…should I pull out before I shoot my load or should I leave it in and fill her up’ I thought as the rhythmic thrusts came to a peak.

“Oh shit, I’m about to cum” I said as the pressure holding my ejaculation got too close to stop.

“Leave it in me” replied Celeste as she slammed back into my thrust, forcing me to stop. 

It was too late now to pull out anyway, my cock had began to empty its load and with Celeste pushing back hard against me my cum began to shoot out in full force. Wave after wave of my seed flooded her insides, my hand gripped hold of her tit with such a force I was sure I would leave a mark, and still my cum came flooding out. 

With my flaccid cock beginning to slip out of Celeste’s pussy and the tiredness of the busy day quickly catching up with me, I lowered myself down to the side of the two girls. Ashley had her eyes closed and was very rapidly slipping off into a deep sleep. Celeste had her ass still held up in the air and seemed to be getting the last few sips of Ashley’s pussy juices as she slurped and swallowed. The security light of Mrs Keetleys still lit up the room as my eyes began to close, though I tried to imprint as much of I could of the image that was still in front of me. Ashley’s breathing had slowed so much that her breasts only ever so slightly heaved up and down with each breath, her legs remained wide open as Celeste’s head rested between them and Celeste herself was still hunched up below her licking away.

After what must have been only twenty minutes or so, It could have been longer but not much longer I felt the bed move as someone got out and I could hear the door being awkwardly opened a second or two later. I outstretched my arm to grasp for Ashley’s breast. I felt skin, soft and warm and right by my side. As my hand traced the curves of her skin I realised that they were sleeping on their front, and that it was Celeste and not Ashley that was sleeping to my side. She was fast asleep and did not react to my stroking of her skin and for a few minutes I let myself feel her softness, caressing her ass cheeks and exploring every inch of her body I could get a hold of, and that’s when I began to realise that we could not wake up with the three of us sharing a bed and naked together. I had to come up with a plan and it had to be soon as I heard the sound of Ashley returning.

I manoeuvred myself to the middle of the bed and rolled Celeste to the side where I had just been, if Ashley came back to bed and found me near to her side of the bed she would assume that I had moved to her side and she would cuddle back up until turning over. Once she had fallen back to sleep I was going to carry Celeste into the spare bedroom and place her in the spare bed, hopefully she would just assume that her and Matt had had sex at some point in the night and that was why she was naked in the bed. It was a fool proof plan I thought and all I had to do was wait until Ashley came back to bed and fall asleep, I had heard her coming back to the bedroom and all I had to do was stay awake myself. I waited for her to enter the room, she didn’t. I heard movement in the living room, ‘she is doing something like hunting for pain killers’ I thought to myself not realising that she was still going to be quite drunk with the amount of alcohol she had consumed. I waited some more.

After what seemed like an hour, though it could have only been ten minutes or so I had the uneasy feeling that she was falling asleep in the living room, ‘that’ll make it bit more awkward, especially if she has not fallen to sleep and is sitting wondering what has happened’ I began to panic that this was not going to end as well as it had the first time. I carefully got out of bed so as not to wake Celeste, if Ashley had gone to sleep in the spare bedroom herself then moving Celeste now would be a mistake, I had to find out what she was doing first.

I opened the door and walked out into the corridor, the light of TV flashed as I peered into the room. The sight in front of me shocked the hell out of me for a second until I could regain my composure. Our sofa runs along the length of one wall, a large corner suite and then halfway down another its fabric taut and its frame crisp as would be expected from a sofa that was only half a year old. The TV had obviously been put on and left on by someone and it was from the changing light that I got my view. There was someone sitting on the sofa, a man, and on top of him and very excitedly bouncing up and down was Ashley, she was still completely naked and most probably drunk. She was riding him like a dog that drags its ass across the floor trying to scratch an itch it can’t scratch; she was grinding her body like she was trying to break off his cock. And by the look of it she loved it.

I stood there for ten minutes or so watching her ride him, my cock stirring as I recalled the last time I saw Ashley riding Matt’s cock. I was wondering how this scenario had come to be when I spied an empty bottle of Jack D on the sofa, close to where Matt was sitting, ‘that explains why he is not jumping up and freaking out at the thought of fucking his sister’ I thought to myself, ‘but why is Ashley in here in the first place fucking him’. Those thoughts faded to the back of my mind as I witnessed the approaching orgasm of Ashley, her back arched as she erupted into it. Matt too must have been ejaculating as I saw his body flinch and straighten; his hand half heartedly reached for Ashley’s tits then slumped back down onto the sofa. Ashley moved her body off of Matt’s and slumped down onto the sofa beside him, her body was full of sweat and his cock glistened in the switching light of the TV. I let them settle before I put my new plan into motion.

I moved to the sofa, careful to stay as quiet as I could as this was going to be a delicate operation to sort out what could end up being one big mess. Ashley did not move as I placed my hands around her back and as quick and as quiet as I could I lifted her up. Matt still sat there sleeping and I was glad to see that with my new plan I would not have to clean him up this time as I had had to do before. I pushed the door to the bedroom with my shoulder and into the bedroom I carried Ashley, Celeste was still sleeping soundly and she did not move as I laid Ashley down on the bed. I covered Ashley over with the Duvet on her side of the bed and moved around the bed to get to Celeste. ‘Quiet and gentle as a mouse’ I was thinking to myself as I cupped my hands around Celeste’s back, her arm moved and caught around my neck as I began to lift, ‘shit if she wakes now all hell is going to break loose’ I thought as her body moved to far up my chest and her nipple came to rest on my lips. The temptation to bite down on her nipple was strong but I resisted. She did not stir again as I headed to the living room, pushing the door once again with my shoulder and only just missing Celeste’s head in the process. ‘Quiet and gentle as a mouse’ I kept telling myself as I placed Celeste down on the sofa next to Matt, he remained still throughout the process and seemed to be fast asleep. Dirty as my thoughts are I could not just walk out of the room while Celeste sat there with her legs wide open and just as I was about to leave I looked down at her pussy, there was a very little tuft of well trimmed hair and it felt as if it called to me for one last taste. I couldn’t stick my cock in her as that would surely waken her, or Matt. I could try licking her pussy but that would most probably have the same effect. So as I stood over her I came up with only one solution, I would stick my fingers into her pussy and lick them after they were good and wet, then If there was still no movement I would masturbate and shoot my load into her mouth, I stuck my fingers into her pussy as I took up position in front of her. 

As I knelt in front of Celeste with my fingers getting deeper into her pussy my own erection began to build again, so chuffed was I that my plan had gone so good I began to think that maybe I could have a quick lick of her pussy. I slowly began to move forward and that’s when all my carefulness up to this point almost came undone, as Celeste moved her leg and trapped my fingers inside her pussy, nearly knocking me out in the process. Her hand reached to the side and found Matt’s chest, ‘shit if he wakes up now with my hand in Celeste’s pussy it’ll be worse than catching me Ashley and Celeste in bed together’ I thought as I tried to free my hand. I pulled her leg back; she gave out a moan of annoyance and quickly moved her leg back. Not as quick as I managed to get my hand out of her pussy though and with the freedom of my hand I began to slink away from the sofa. Celeste’s hand reached further over and came to rest on Matt’s cock; Matt in turn began to stir. As quiet as a mouse and just as quick I scrambled from the living room and into the bathroom, catching the door and making a loud bang at the same time. 

With the quick sense to turn the bathroom light on I saved the situation. I could hear the muffled sounds of Matt and Celeste as they snuggled up to each other and giggled about what they were dressed like and where they were. I stayed in the bathroom for a couple of minutes longer than I needed until I turned the light off and headed back to my bedroom, glancing ever so slightly at Matt and Celeste snuggling in the living room as I passed. Ashley was fast asleep as I got back into bed and I did nothing that would have woken her up. Quiet as a mouse I laid there in bed until sleep finally found me.

The next day and beyond!


I woke up with the worst hangover I have ever experienced, my head was pounding and my body felt as if I had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson, even between my legs ached like hell. Daniel was still fast asleep when I got up to go and find some painkillers. I went straight to the kitchen and as I passed the living room I noticed that Celeste and Matt were snuggling together on the sofa, ‘I’m glad he came back and they made up’ I thought as I rummaged through the draws for the painkillers. I can remember feeling really achy down below and just presumed the Daniel had had a good night again while I was stone cold drunk. I got back to the bedroom and woke Daniel to tell him that I had seen Matt and Celeste snuggling in the living room, he snorted ‘yea great’ and continued to sleep.


I saw Ashley going to the kitchen, Matt and I were snuggling on the sofa at the time and I gave him a nudge to wake up. He must have had a bad hangover as he growled at me to let him sleep just a little longer, I too had a bit of a hangover but I wasn’t so grumpy this morning, I actually felt really satisfied, and looking at what I had on clothes wise I could tell why. 

I got up from the sofa a little while later and headed to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea; the kettle was empty so I run the tap to fill it up. Damn I forgot how noisy the bloody thing was and I knew that the sound would wake somebody up. I put the teabag, milk and sugar into the cup and waited for the kettle to boil. I could hear Ashley and Daniels bedroom door open.


While I was laying there in bed I heard the unmistakable sound of the kitchen tap being turned on, someone was making a cup of tea. I got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

When I got to the kitchen Celeste was standing by the counter waiting for the kettle to boil, “you want a cup” she asked, I nodded my head ‘yes please’ and plonked myself down on a chair. My head was still pounding from the alcohol and the painkillers were only just starting to get to work.

“I saw that Matt came back last night and you two made up” I asked Celeste as she started to fill the cups with water.

“Yes, even though I can’t remember him coming back in…And I definitely can’t remember the night of sex we had” replied Celeste smiling a satisfied smile, and a cheeky nod ‘you know what I mean’.

“I know exactly what you mean…Daniel likes to have his way when I get really drunk and I think he had a good time last night”, I shifted my ass on the chair seat, “though I didn’t mind as I feel quite satisfied myself”. We giggled to each other in acknowledgement as Celeste placed the cup of tea in front of me. We talked about things while the guys slept in, the talk inevitably turning back to what would happen now that Matt was going off to war.

“I know he said that he would send as much of his pay back to me while he is away as he can, but as it stands now we are struggling to pay the rent and within the next three weeks I will have to find somewhere else to live” said Celeste as she drank her second cup of tea of the morning. He eyes were full of worry and the tears were only just being held back.

“If you want I will talk with Daniel and I will ask him if you can come and live with us for a while until you can save up enough money to find a place cheaper and closer to us” I told her as she fought to keep back the tears.

“I couldn’t possibly impose on you two like that” replied Celeste, tears welling in her eyes.

“Don’t be daft, we have plenty of space and you are welcome to stay anytime you want…and we could do with a live in babysitter too” I jokingly replied. A smile crept across Celeste’s face but the tears began to flow too.

“Thank you so much Ashley…you’re like the sister I never had” replied Celeste as she broke out into a flood of tears.

I knew that the whole thing with their rent was bad, and the fact that Matt was going to be leaving her for at least the next six months, that was going to push her close to the edge, “I just wish Matt would have done what he should have done a long time ago and bloody well proposed to you…maybe then he would finally get around to putting a baby in you”. I gripped hold of her hand and gave her a reassuring smile that one day soon he would get around to it, even though it wouldn’t be for at least the next six to nine months unless something miraculous happened.


I got out of bed; put on my PJ’s and headed to the kitchen where I could hear Ashley and Celeste talking. I could see Matt getting his things together as I passed the living room; he looked a little worse for wear. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted with a big ‘morning’ from Celeste and a loving smile from Ashley. I waved my hand ‘hi’ to Celeste and headed over and gave Ashley a kiss on the cheek, “morning love”. Ashley smiled back and opened her mouth to say something.

“morning my love…Celeste and I have been talking this morning about what will happen once Matt goes off to war” said Ashley looking over to Celeste then back to me.

“Nothing new there then, you’re always talking away” I replied smiling.

“yes I know” smiled Ashley back, “anyway, we have been talking and Celeste is really worried about being able to pay her rent when Matt leaves…I told her that you wouldn’t mind if she came to stay with us for a while…that ok with you” asked Ashley. Celeste’s eyes were looking at me and I could feel that fear in them if I had said no.

“If we got the room…and a live in babysitter would be handy” I replied. Ashley and Celeste exchanged a glance at each other and began to laugh, ‘a private joke’ I thought. Celeste came over and gave me a big hug and said ‘thank you’.

Matt came into the kitchen about ten minutes later, Celeste told him of the offer that Ashley and myself had proposed and he too gave us both about a dozen ‘thank you’s’. We talked for a little while out in the kitchen about how we would have to sort out moving their things before Matt left and the girls made their plans for the new living arrangements. Less than an hour later Matt seemed to be itching to get somewhere and the two of them gave their second lot of ‘thank you’s’ and left. Ashley and I spent the rest of that day planning on how Celeste would integrate into our lives, we began to move some of Nicks toys into our room and some of the other junk we had up into attic space. 

Ashley took my hand at one point and said, “I take it you had a good time last night” she had a sly look in her eyes and she began to lift her top.

My cock began to stir as her hand traced a line down my side towards my cock, I in return began to pull at her bottoms, trying to get them down in one go. Her words began to repeat over in my head, ‘I take it you had a good time last night’. ‘Could it be that she remembered some of what happened last night?’ No, if she had she would have been really pissed once they had left. My cock was already out and her clothes were now in a bundle on the floor.

“I take it you enjoyed” I said as I took her nipple into my mouth.

“Oh yea…I want to do it again but this time I want to be sober when we do it” she replied. Her hand was grasping at my cock to enter her and just as I lined myself up with her pussy I could almost swear that she was talking about what happened with Celeste. We had sex a lot that day and through each session she kept saying strange things like, ‘I would do anything for you…anything’ and ‘do you want it’. I dared not mention what went down the night before but boy, didn’t I think about it as we fucked.

Matt went off to war, Celeste and Ashley cried as if he was never coming back and I had to pick up the pieces after they spent the next three days drunk and crying. Eventually two weeks later we moved Celeste and her belongings into our home and life began to settle into a routine of happy co-existence. Nick loved the thought of his ‘aunty Celeste’ living with us and the help with babysitting meant that Ashley and I could have a little bit more alone time, even my parents seemed to approve of our live in babysitter and often took her along on their trips.

Four months into our living arrangements Ashley cornered me one day; she was happy and wanted to give me some kind of news.

“Have you noticed in the last few days that Celeste has been off her food” she told me as she directed me into the bedroom.

“Just thought she had a bug” I replied

“Well it’s not quite a bug” she smiled, “it’s a bun…a bun in the oven”.

“oh good for her…wow wait a minute Matt has been gone for the last four months, surely she would have found out before now” I asked, a little sceptical that she may have had sex with another man while Matt was away.

“That’s the crazy thing. The doctor told her that she has had bleeding in between and that it just happens sometimes when she explained that she had not had sex since the night they stayed at ours” said Ashley, “I told her that I went nearly three months when I carried Nicky and did not have a clue at the time”.

“Has she told Matt yet” I asked

“Not yet, but she said she was going to wait until I got my result back today” she answered. Her head dropped down as she anticipated my next question.

With a knot in my throat I asked her, “What results…don’t tell me you are pregnant too”.

She lifted her head and smiled, “maybe”.

End Note

They say you should ‘count your blessings in life’, they say it when you are at your lowest point and they say it when you are at your highest, and from where you stand it can make a world of difference to how you reply. I personally count my blessings everyday and Daniel here was counting his, there was a chance that the baby Celeste was carrying would be his and when Ashley finally got her results back she was two months pregnant. This time he knew that the baby she carried was 100% his and apart from a slip up mistake no-one would ever know what went down on those two crazy nights…in the middle.

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