It happened one night… One last time! Part 3 by Justjon76


This is the third and final part of my ‘it happened one night’ trilogy. If you have read the first two parts then you will remember the characters and where we left off. There is very little in the way of sex scenes and the ending is not something of a traditional sex story ending, but I hope you will enjoy it for the tale I hoped to tell. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.As in the first two parts of the tale this is a story of pure fiction where any similarities to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This part of the tale takes place six months after the events of part 2. Celeste had moved in with Daniel and Ashley and their baby boy Nicky, and the four of them had settled into a happy routine of ‘happy families’. Celeste held up her end of the bargain and would babysit Nicky while his parents spent some more quality time together, and Ashley and Daniel welcomed Celeste into their home as she gave up her expensive as hell flat and took up residence with them as her pregnancy began to take hold of her body.

Matt had gone off to war, and Afghanistan would be his home from now until his return in six months time. He had taken the news of Celeste’s pregnancy as a sign that he needed to sort his life out once and for all and had sworn ‘I will not return home until I am the man that my family deserves’, his every spare dollar came flooding back home in the post and his term of service would not end until he was worthy of being called ‘dad’.

The last night that anything had happened was nearly six months ago to this very day, a Friday as it happened and Daniel was none the wiser as to what if anything else could ever happen in his and Ashley’s life as they contemplated what to do this cold and stormy weekend!.


Hi, my name is Daniel, if you didn’t know by now. I would like to tell you this one last tale of a very special time in my life when everything was good and nothing, no nothing it seemed could dampen my sense of happiness and fulfilment.

I still work in the factory that I have worked in for so many years; so many that we cannot quite remember how long it has been, ha. The final two steps on the ladder to becoming the manager have slowly slipped away from me in the last few months since I became the factory manager. The company was bought by a large conglomerate of firms and the managerial structure changed for the worst with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a pretty good pay packet and the job is now secured for a long and troubled free future but there is no longer the opportunity to become the actual manager of the whole place. Some big wig chief in DC now gets to decide the person to become manager and he employs his own ‘special people’ to do the top jobs for him. I kept my job role and title while my old boss lost out to some fancy dandy from the big city.

Ashley still works in the pre-school nursery that she has always worked in, the one our son goes to. She had been content to keep doing the exact same thing that she had been doing since she began working there, teaching the next generation of the human race the basic things they need to start their lives. She did this job very well as any parent whose child attended the school could have told you if you would have only have asked them. Then just two months ago and all out of the blue the headmaster had retired, just up and left the school and even the state. With the prospect of Claire Collins running for the vacant job (a dictator of a teacher and friend to few), Ashley felt she had little option but to go to night school, get the degree and challenge for the job herself. Plenty of teachers, parents and members of the school board had very openly given her their backing and pushed at every opportunity for Ashley to take the job, even if she at that moment did not have the relevant qualifications. A temporary headmaster would be placed in charge for at least the next six months while they looked for a permanent replacement.

Celeste gave up her flat and moved in with Ashley, Nicky and myself. We charged her fifty dollars a month, we had said she could stay with us for free as our rent was so low but she would have none of it. She would have paid the full one hundred, but we settled on half each. 

Her pregnancy was now six months in and her belly, and breasts had begun to swell to a whopping size, ‘twins’ was the constant answer for the sudden gain in weight and appetite. Her nipples would visibly leak milk as she sat on the sofa talking to Ashley and on many an occasion her nightgowns would stain from breast to crotch as the creamy fluid poured free from its holdings. And yet all this paled into insignificance compared to the hot flushes and sexual frustration she endured as her cravings turned more and more sexually orientated. Many nights as Ashley and I (who still enjoyed the benefits of her husband’s cock during her pregnancy) got into the groove and enjoyed our sexual satisfactions, we heard the sounds of vibrating sex toys. The occasional ‘ohhhhh’ followed by the sudden silence was a dead give away to what Celeste was doing in the other room. The nights when Celeste was of a somewhat more vocal inclination were the nights when Ashley herself would let rip with one big ‘over the top’ orgasm. If I did not know better I could have sworn that the two women were thinking the same thing at the same time, maybe my cock?

For six months Matt had been away in the army. He took the news of Celeste’s pregnancy pretty good and swore that he would do the right thing by her, even if it meant him staying in the army until such a time that he could prove he was a worthy man to their child. He enlisted for at least another five years, not exactly what Celeste or Ashley had hoped for when he said he would prove to them he would be a worthy father and not the easiest news for the girls to take as their pregnancies took hold. Ashley became determined to get the headmaster job and help Celeste raise her child as well as our own, and Celeste was determined to get some kind of sexual encounter, even if she had to wear out forty ‘Rampant Rabbits’ in the process.

With Ashley’s pregnancy driven determination taking hold she applied for and got a place on an evening course to do the headmaster training. Three nights a week and fifteen miles away at the closest campus was the course and there was no talking her out of doing it, not that Celeste and I didn’t try.

One Friday night three weeks into the course Ashley informed me that there was an extra score assignment going to take place that night and on the following day’s morning. Six of the women that were doing the course had booked a hotel suite in the town and had offered her a place to stay with them, not to trouble themselves with travelling back home at eleven in the night after the assignment. Alcohol had been drunk as early as five in the afternoon and seeing as it was an all girl course I was not worried about Ashley’s safety, but I was a little bit pissed as Nicky had been picked up by my mother and Ashley was not there to see him off. We had a big argument about our own commitments, mostly due to the fact she was a little abrupt when she called me at six to inform me she was not coming home that night. The women she was on the course with were all single, all but one at least, and since Ashley had started the course she had gotten a little bit more annoyed with me about something it seemed.

I waved goodbye as my parents drove down the road with Nicky. I asked Celeste if she needed anything down the shop, ‘a well hung man, or any man’ she shouted back. Down to the local store I drove, picked myself up a large bottle of Jack D and prepared myself for a night of lonely drinking on my own. A storm cloud was gathering pace across the sky as I sat back down on my sofa and stuck on some good old classic rock to get my night started, ‘I do love a bit of the Eagles’ I thought to myself as the first of many glasses of Jack D touched my lips.

On a stormy night in…’The middle’


With the lights down low and the low groove of my Eagles playlist playing in the background I was in my element. The first five glasses of Jack D had gone down a treat and the sixth, which was at that moment tasting sweeter and sweeter as ‘Lying eyes’ buzzed out of the speakers on the wall was about to go down just as easy. No TV on tonight, instead the visual effects of the lightning storm that raged above us was the only indication that the day was not yet at an end and the night was as yet still fairly early, some ten o’clock or so. 

Celeste had retired to her room after I had started my fourth glass, ‘I have to go now as the sweet smell of Bourbon is fucking with my mind’ she had confessed as she exchanged a look of wanton lust for the drink. Nine months without an alcoholic drink, what a bummer to be a pregnant woman I thought as she fled the room. Her room was at the back of the bungalow and I couldn’t help but notice that she closed the door tight as she went through it. I knew she was a little scared of lightning storms and I knew that she may well be back out to have me comfort her if the storm got really bad.

At about eleven thirty, I think, I was quite drunk at the time I began to hear a familiar thrumming noise coming from Celeste’s bedroom. She was lucky; she was getting some at least, what is a man to do when his wife is away. I thought about releasing myself but then realised I couldn’t be bothered. I finished the half a glass and shakily poured another.


With Daniel sitting there drinking my favourite drink and well on his way to getting plastered I thought it would be best for me to retire to my room. Often of late I have had some really intense urges to stick something deep inside me and as the smell of Jack D wafted in front of me my legs began to go weak. The storm that had begun an hour before had gone to the back of my mind and I felt the urge, nay the need to have something between my thighs.

Ashley had told me that through her pregnancy she had often experienced an intense need to ‘fuck’, and Daniel had been on hand to see to her every need. She had said that he had stretched her pussy to breaking point, her ass the same and yet she had never felt satisfied so much as when they had been drunk on one particular night. The night she told me she could not remember but it was always the one thing that was sure to satisfy her urge if she thought about it while playing with her toys. Her breasts were never able to produce enough milk to fill a thimble’s worth of fluid and that she had said was the reason why she could not get to climax without her special thoughts.

After an hour of strumming my clit to see if I could have a quiet orgasm I was getting frustrated. The toy that I had bought a few weeks before worked almost every time but that would mean a little bit of noise. Ashley and Daniel were always fast asleep when I had used it up to that point but Daniel was still out in the living room, drinking. I waited another twenty minutes to see if he would go to sleep but nope, the music still played on and my frustration grew to tipping point. I slipped out the toy and lined it up, ‘maybe the sound of the storm will muffle the sound’ I thought as the head reached my vagina. Before I could stop myself it was in, each inch feeling better than the last until all its length was up inside me. Balls twirled, a head thrust back and forth and a ripple flowed through my vaginal walls. Yet the climax I sort was holding back for something, something ‘special’. 

The words Ashley had spoken to me of her being unable to climax echoed in my mind. The batteries of the toy began to slow yet my orgasm began to bubble under the skin, what was it I was thinking of that was getting me to the point of release. Was it Ashley? No it wasn’t that. Was it Daniel fucking Ashley…oh fuck yeahhhhh.


As the prolonged sound of Celeste’s orgasm echoed out of the back bedroom I couldn’t help but think that she was lucky no great loud bang from the thunder of the lightening storm had interrupted her fun. A lengthened ‘oooohh fucckkkkk’ came to an abrupt end, followed by a sudden silence. My cock twitched in my PJ bottoms as the thought of Celeste’s huge milk filled tits squirting milk all over her nightgown entered my mind, ‘I would like a taste of that sweet white stuff’ I thought to myself as my hand instinctively gave my cock a stroke. The fact that Ashley had never been able to produce milk herself had always been one thing that I had regretted not being able to try, not her fault by any means and I know it frustrated her enormously. The sight of Celeste’s huge milk filled breast’s leaking right in front of us on the sofa had often gotten Ashley and myself caught in some weird staring contest with them, what Ashley was thinking of them I can only guess but it seemed more than just envy, maybe wanting a taste herself maybe? Who knows?

As my hand slowly stretched squeezed and rolled my cock about in my PJ bottoms, and my other hand downed yet another half glass of Jack D, I almost forgot that Celeste was only just in the back bedroom. A fact I quickly remembered as one almighty flash of lightening lit up the sky. The strike must have been very close by as the count of ‘one one thousand’ and so on only got to one, a quick one at that. With a bang of what sounded like an atomic bomb going off above our heads the thunder rolled on, going as far as to rattle the windows.

As quick as the hare that beat’s the hounds on a racetrack Celeste was out of her room and flying, really flying as her feet didn’t seem to touch the floor. For a six months pregnant woman she moved so swiftly and so athletically that the twenty feet of floor and the fact that the lightening strike had taken out the electricity made no difference to where her resting place would be, right into my lap. Her breathing was fast and her heartbeat faster than a mouse’s heartbeat when startled by a cat. The fact that she had just had a massive orgasm and that her nightgown was still half way up her thighs meant nothing to her as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

Another bright flash of lightening flashed, filling the room with light. Celeste’s arms tightened around my neck as her body tensed with fright, her breasts or should I say her right breast and nipple came pounding into my face. A sudden ‘boom’ from the clap of thunder, that followed the lightening only served to tighten her grip and the breast, with a very wet feeling nipple, began to force its way between my lips. I knew beforehand that she was super scared of the really big storms but had no idea of just how frightened she could become.

My cock, which I had been playing with just a few seconds before was still not quite rock solid but with the feeling of Celeste’s thigh skin being rammed up against it, it was on the rise. My left hand was trapped behind Celeste’s back and my right was somewhere in limbo between her side and left breast, trying to hold her close and keep her away at the same time. 

I felt a sudden release of a sweet tasting fluid into my mouth. Her nipple was oozing milk as her breast pressed so hard against my mouth and the thin nightgown could no longer stop the milk from passing through. Now I really felt conflicted as the milk began to pool in my mouth and my mind told me to swallow.


The sound of the roof falling in was so frightening that I could not think properly. Well the roof didn’t fall in but it sure as hell sounded like it was about to as I clung on to Daniel. I don’t think I had ever been so scared of a lightning storm before in my whole life, the flashes were so bright and the thunder so loud. Daniel was amazing as he held me tight and comforted me. I had just had one of my best orgasms so far in my pregnancy and it was cut so short by the storm, my mind was full of fear and sex at the same time and I could feel my nipples begin to leak milk, right into Daniel’s mouth.

By the time the second flash and bang had happened I was a complete mess, I clung to Daniel with all my might and closed my eyes hoping that the storm would end right there and then, it didn’t, and it kept on flashing and banging for…well it must have been an hour or so before it finally started to die down. By that time something had already started that Daniel or myself had not intended to start, something that we would have to blame on the ‘storm of the century’.


I heard the sounds of the distant thunder in the direction of home as I dropped off to sleep. My hotel room was on the inside of the building and I had no problem sleeping through a storm, in fact I used to love the power that nature would put on show through a storm and would often smile as Celeste would come running to me to comfort her as a storm ragged overhead. ‘I hope Daniel is comforting Celeste as this sounds like a big one’ I thought to myself as the darkness of my room slipped me off into a deep slumber.


As more and more milk filled my mouth I had no choice but to swallow. The sweet tasting fluid tasted almost just as I had expected it to, though it did taste a little richer and felt a little more thicker than the cow’s milk I was accustomed to. With the new sensations filling my mouth and the fact that Celeste shook every time a flash of lightening or boom of thunder came, my cock stood straight and tall. My cock which had worked its way between her thigh and her nightgown was now beginning to deposit a small amount of pre cum onto her skin, and it pulsed with the movement. Another flash of lightening filled the room, this one was brighter than the first and I anticipated the following ‘boom’ of thunder.

With a bang so loud it set off a car alarm somewhere close by me, I hugged Celeste tighter. Her body retched upwards, freeing her nipple from my mouth and bringing the rest of her body to rest on my lap. Luckily, even though my cock was still rock solid and her nightgown was now nowhere near covering her bottom half it managed to slip behind her ass and pussy and it came to rest on the skin of her back. Like that we sat for the next half an hour or so until the storm finally began to move away, though with every flash and bang Celeste would giggle about on my lap, keeping my erection solid throughout. My cock had been slipping and sliding up and down her back and the pre cum had made what must have looked like slug trails along its course, a slug trail that was slowly heading south.


As the storm finally began to subside my sense of rationality came back to me. I was sitting on Daniels lap with my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs crossed over his. I slowly began to realise that my nipples were leaking milk and that my nightgown was wet, with the wetness being pressed down onto Daniels head with the weight of my breasts. I tried to lift them up and as I did I could see the damp patch on the side of Daniels head where the milk had leaked through my nightgown. 

“I am so sorry, I didn’t realise they had leaked” I told him. The milk was easily visible in his hair and down the side of his face. And on his lips too.

“Don’t worry. At least one thing came out of it” replied Daniel trying his best not to laugh at me blushing.

“What’s that” I asked as I tried to wipe a little of the spilt milk from his head.

“I have always wondered what it tasted like, and…Now I know” replied Daniel as he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his Pyjama’s top.

I had known that Ashley did not produce any milk when she had carried and given birth to Nicky, and I had also known that Daniel had secretly wanted to taste it and been disappointed when she could not produce it. Girls talk.

“Not exactly my intentions when I came running out here” I answered back. At that point and for no apparent reason an image of what had gotten me off earlier flashed through my mind. A deep sexual urge came rushing through my vagina and I had to shift my bottom half not for it to show, and that’s when I finally realised where exactly I was sitting, and what I had inadvertently done.

All at once I felt a warm pressing feeling against my back from what felt like some sort of frankfurter shaped object. A wet slimy sensation accompanied it and my vaginal walls shuddered as some of the wet slimy substance reached the crack of my ass cheeks. ‘Oh fuck’ I thought as the realisation of Daniel’s rock hard cock resting on my back and his pre cum dripping down onto my ass, and then my pussy entered my mind. I tried to get up but my mind was beginning to slip from my control as my sexual frustration of not getting laid began to take control.

“I am so sorry…I didn’t mean to get you all aroused…I was so scared…I only wanted to be hugged…if you want me to get you off…I meant if you want me to get off…” I was quickly losing my senses and my mind was getting everything all jumbled up. Had I really just asked Daniel if he wanted me to get him off?

“Don’t blame yourself too much…I was not entirely innocent in its arising either…I just hadn’t anticipated you coming bouncing onto me before I could finish” replied Daniel. I could see by his face he was a little frustrated himself at the interruption to his enjoyment and was going to struggle to get his boner to go down.

I began to get up off of his lap, his erection was standing tall and I could see the pre cum oozing from its tip. My plan was to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, say sorry, and run back to my bedroom and die of embarrassment. Funny how things don’t go as you intended them to when you’re sexual charged brain takes over and the rational mind slips away.


Celeste with all her fear could not have noticed my rock hard cock pressing on her back until the storm finally began to move away, now she did. After wiping some of the milk off of my head her gaze turned to apprehension, she no doubt realised that my cock was standing tall and had been depositing pre cum onto her back. She began to apologise for embarrassing me but her own embarrassment got in the way and she somehow managed to ask me if I wanted her to get me off. A quick flush of red and I think she was ready to go running to her room. She began lifting off of my lap and her eyes became transfixed upon my cock.

I thought that she was about to say goodnight and I raised my head to do the same, instead she moved in closer. Her mouth came towards mine and with my own sexual frustration now urging me on I moved to meet her kiss. Our lips met and from that moment we were just two lust filled creatures about to be released. Our tongues entwined, our hands grasped for the soft fleshy parts of the others and all our thoughts of rational reasoning were left behind. She gripped a hold on my shaft like a javelin thrower about to throw a world record. Her mouth erupted in wanton desire as my left hand gripped one of her breasts and my other hand fumbled over the fabric that covered her womanhood, a thin piece of lace that was soon dripping wet with her juice and stretching all out of shape as I pulled it aside.

Her belly was big but with the position I was sitting in there was no problem as she lowered herself onto my shaft. With at least twenty minutes of pre cum to lube her up there was no resistance at all, in fact she came down so hard and fast I was sure that I would hit the baby(foolishly of course). Once my cock was inside her pussy Celeste took on a new persona. She began to ride my cock faster than Ashley has ever ridden it and with such aggression that I almost felt a little scared at the prospect of her breaking me in two.

“Fuckkkkkk, fuckkkkkkk, fuckkkkkkkkk” she shouted as her pelvic rocking threatened to rip my cock clean off of its base. Her nipple oozed out milk faster than a cow hooked up to a milking machine as my hand squeezed and caressed it. With a twenty or so minute workout of sorts already my cock was about to burst. Her own orgasm had either just come or was very close as she grunted down at me with a demon’s look on her face. Her eyes glazed, her hips gave just a few judders to their rhythm and then she was travelling through the wave of her, and mine own orgasms. Flood after flood of cum shot into her yet she still kept grinding down onto me and for a woman so far along into pregnancy she had quite a strong grip in her vaginal walls.

With the passion of the moment quickly ebbing away as my erection deflated and Celeste’s orgasm and sexual frustration coming to an end there was a moment for reflection. Guilt is one hell of a mother fucker and here were two people who had just built up one hell of a bucket load full in one sitting, and who were still sitting adding to the bucket. Celeste looked into my eyes and I into hers.

“I am so sorry…this was my entire fault. I should never have come out here so late and just jumped into your lap” said Celeste, she began to lift herself off my lap and the mix of pussy juice and cum dribbled out of her and onto my crotch.

“I am so sorry too” I replied as I shifted to the side to let her sit beside me on the sofa. “I should have known better…you have been so sexually frustrated of late and I took advantage of that for my own selfish needs” I added as I tried to tidy myself up. My cock was now completely flaccid and dripping with a mix of juices and cum and my mind was wracked with guilt.

“If anything I took advantage of you for my own sexual needs and I am the one who should feel…wait a minute! What do you mean I have been so sexually frustrated of late…oh shit, you have heard the toy” Celeste seamed to find a sense of ironic humour at the thought of that and she mustered a smile. “I trust that Ashley has heard the toy” she asked. The situation became a little less awkward as she continued to smile at the thought of Ashley and me listening to her with her toy.

“If truth be told it was a kind of turn on for the two of us on more than one occasion” I replied to her. What had happened had happened and there was no getting out of it now, but if there was anything that was going to come out good for me from this ‘mistake’ it was that I could now freely ask Celeste her darkest dirtiest secrets, and especially any that involved me and Ashley.

“You were quite vocal at times…you must have been thinking of something really good, or really dirty” I asked her. I was hoping that she would have a really dirty mind and say something good, I wasn’t disappointed.


After everything that had just gone down I was feeling a little guilty, though in all honesty I felt a little glad it had happened too. The thought of Daniels cock inside me was going to be a sexual itch that would need scratching again very soon and my sex toy was going to need some new batteries. We sat there both feeling guilty for a few minutes until the talk turned to what Daniel and Ashley had heard in the nights, coming from me and my toy.

At first I was about to get up and leave but as I began to move Daniel asked me something very strange, ‘was it something really dirty I was thinking about’. If we were not going to talk about what had just happened and instead we were going to ask our deepest dirtiest fantasies I was going to find out once and for all if Ashley had indeed ever thought of me, as I had often thought of her in a sexual way.

“I have always been a little wild in my sexual adventures but nothing has come close to what I have dreamt of lately” I told him waiting for him to ask for more.

“Well whatever it is it must be something really good…the sound alone can get Ashley close” replied Daniel. I knew he was hinting at something but didn’t want to ask me outright. With a deep breath I answered him.

“It has been the thought of Ashley and you fucking her for a long while now, but just tonight it was you alone” I replied to a look of amazement from Daniel. His jaw nearly hit the floor and I could see his mind trying to process the next question. I didn’t wait for a reply and went straight to the question I wanted to ask.

“Has Ashley ever said to you about me and her…and you of course?”

Daniel was lost for words. I think all of his dreams had just come true at the same time, and my own were getting close too. For all of the years we have known each other I have always had a thing for Ashley, she is beautiful and I at one time thought she had had a thing for me. We can tell each other almost anything but I was always too scared to tell her that I had feelings for her in a sexual way. One time almost six months ago now I had such a vivid dream about fucking her and Daniel that I would have sworn it was real. That was the night that Matt had gotten me pregnant after he had come back from walking out on our party, the night I had gotten so drunk I had sex with Matt on Daniel and Ashley’s sofa.

“If I tell you truthfully I think that Ashley has had a thing for you too for a little while now” said Daniel after a very long pause. His cock, which was now safely tucked away inside his PJ bottoms began to stir again I saw as he tried to hide it. My own urges had also begun to creep back up on me as the thoughts of what we were discussing began to sink in.

“Well, now you know, and now I know and with that I am about to go to my bedroom and think of some more dirty thoughts” I got up off of the sofa. “if ever Ashley is up for doing more than just listening you now know how I feel…only if Ashley is involved can this ever happen again what happened tonight” I left him there sitting on the sofa as I returned to my bedroom. A few minutes later I found some new batteries and before long I was lost in my dirty thoughts of Ashley and all the things we could do.

The next day

As the afternoon of the following day approached Ashley returned home. Daniel came out to the door to meet her; the argument of the previous day was nowhere on his mind as he greeted her with a big kiss and hug. The night away had also given Ashley time to think and she was more than happy to forget about their argument of the day before.

They came into the cottage and were greeted by Celeste in a silk pyjama set standing in the kitchen. She gave Ashley a big hug. Daniel looked on as the two girls hugged and couldn’t help but notice that Celeste smiled at him while her hands played with Ashley’s hair.

“You wouldn’t believe the thunderstorm that we had last night Ashley, it was one of the biggest I have ever seen” said Celeste as the two parted their hug.

“I know…I could hear it where I was and I heard them saying on the radio in the car that it was the biggest storm of the last twenty years to hit the area…there was a telegraph pole knocked down on the way back home” replied Ashley.

“I was so scared” said Celeste

“I hope that Daniel was there for you when you needed him to be…I feel so bad I wasn’t here with you” replied Ashley to Celeste and then turned to Daniel, “well, was you there for her when she needed you” she smiled.

Daniel smiled at Ashley, “of course…you told me to be here for her”, and he quickly glanced over to Celeste who was looking quite happy with the uncomfortable look on his face.

“I hope you cuddled her tight through it all” added Ashley as she turned to go to the bedroom. Daniel followed behind her after giving Celeste a shake of his head. Celeste carried on drinking her drink and gave Daniel a little wink as he turned to enter the bedroom.


Ashley and I said our ‘sorry’ to each other for the previous day’s argument as she changed into a fresh set of clothes. Today was the day that I had to go to the hospital for my appointment with the Specialist and that was another reason why I was so pissed with Ashley the day before. She asked me as she dressed how bad Celeste had been during the thunderstorm and I told her that I tried to do what I could for her, even going as far as to say that she came jumping into my lap at the sound of one almighty thunder clap.

“you were lucky she was not naked at the time…she gets so scared I don’t think she would have known what she was doing until it was too late” laughed Ashley as she slipped her last shoe back on. “Ha” I replied laughing, maybe over selling it a little too much. 

“Well, as long as you were there for her” replied Ashley now readying to leave the room, “what were you doing anyway”.

“I was having a quiet drink and listening to my music until the thunderstorm cut out the power” I replied. ‘shit I thought’ Ashley had often caught me masturbating when I had had a few too many drinks and was listening to my music in the living room late at night, before we had Nicky. 

If she thought anything amiss she said nothing as we made our way out of the bedroom, down the hall and to the kitchen. 


I gave Celeste a list of things to pick up for me if she was going to be going to the shops later that day. She often went for a little walk at some point in the day to ‘stretch her legs’ she would say. Truthfully I think it was to have a quick talk with one or two of the burly men that worked in the hardware store next to the convenience store.

“Yep, no problem, though I don’t know if I will be going down today” replied Celeste. She waved us goodbye and headed back to her room.

Strange I thought she has been favouring going on a Saturday for a while now as she knows Guy Wilkins, the single and most handsome of the hardware store men, often does a little work in the convenience store on a Saturday. We jumped into the car, Daniel and me that is, and were on our way to the hospital. Twenty five minutes later we were parking the car and then heading for the Specialist’s lounge in the new fancy part of the hospital. After the test’s they had done recently we hoped to finally have some answers to the headaches and ill feelings Daniel had begun to feel lately. I told him it was from all the Jack D he had been drinking.


We booked ourselves in at the reception desk and waited to be called. Ashley and I were talking about the clean and tidy appearance the new part of the hospital had compared to the older more ‘well used’ main building of the hospital. This new section housed some fancy new super machine for fighting Cancer and one of the little boys that once attended Ashley’s school had been treated with it, he had been declared free of Cancer just a few weeks later, a miracle of science.

After thirty minutes of waiting the nurse came to call us in to the Specialist, a quick walk down the corridor and into a clean fresh looking room we were led. We were offered a seat by Doctor McNamara after the initial greeting handshake; two other people were with him in the room, a woman and a man.

After a few minutes of introduction to the other two people, a guidance councillor and a Specialist Nurse, Doctor McNamara’s face took a turn for the more serious nature of the results he was about to give me. Ashley upon seeing the seriousness of the Doctor’s face began to cry.

“Daniel… Ashley…I am sorry to have to give you this news so…bluntly, but there is very little time to beat about the bush with what I am about to say” the Doctor began to say before Ashley broke in crying.

“Its Cancer isn’t it?” she blurted out between sobs. The Doctor lowered his eyes and the two people beside him did the same.

“I am so sorry to say…but yes” replied the Doctor.

“Is it a bad one” I asked as I tried to console Ashley. I think she had realised in her head that this could probably be the news because of the part of the hospital we were in, and when the Doctor had said ‘Cancer’ she had instantly thought the worst. I on the other hand had just taken it as this could be one of the times when it is caught late and the process of treatment and recovery would be brutal and arduous.

“I am so sorry to tell you Daniel that this is as bad as it gets” replied the Doctor. Ashley stopped crying and seemed for the first time to not understand the answer.

“Is it curable” I asked.

The Doctor and the two other people in the room seemed to want to comfort me all at the same time as they all moved to my side, “its terminal…and you are already in the later stages” replied the Doctor.

To say it was a shock was an understatement, my mind could not comprehend the words it had just heard and my body began to shake. Now it was Ashley’s turn to comfort me, while she fully wept tears by my side.

“How long” I squeaked out between my own sobs.

“Maybe two weeks, three at the most…we are quite surprised that you have not shown any outward signs of the disease’s progress as of today. It has spread to your brain from your lungs and neck, and just lately it has entered the pancreas” replied the Doctor with as much sympathy in his words as he could give me. 

For the next two hours we talked with the Doctor, the Councillor or the Specialist Nurse about what would now have to be done before the inevitable last few days of my life. In the very near future my body would no doubt begin to submit to the Disease and as it did I would need more and more medical care. My family would need to be told and the Nurse offered to come home with us to help explain the process. We said our ‘goodbyes’ and our ‘thanks’ to the Doctor and the Councillor and headed back home.


The drive home was the longest drive of my life. With our lives feeling almost perfect just a few hours ago we now faced the impossibly daunting task of telling our family, starting with Celeste who was sitting in the living room listening to some music when we came into the house.

“Everything go…oh hello” said Celeste as we entered the living room, the Nurse entering a couple of seconds later “everything ok”.

Daniel slumped down onto the sofa, I could see that his thoughts were lost somewhere and he was still trying to process it all. The Nurse sat on the chair opposite me and Celeste.

“We have had some bad news” tears streamed down my face, the kettle began to whistle from the kitchen. “Daniel has got Cancer…” I began to say before Celeste also broke down in tears.


I couldn’t help myself from crying as Ashley told me the news of Daniels Cancer. It was terminal and he only had two to three weeks left to live, how the fuck in such a technologically advanced age can something so deadly and devastating go unnoticed for so long. The nurse explained what would start to happen in the coming days and what the options would be for Daniel. 

I walked over to Daniel and gave him a great big hug, though he barely seemed to acknowledge that I did. He sat staring blankly into some sort of abyss while I, Ashley and the Nurse discussed some of the arrangements that would have to be made.

After twenty minutes or so of talking, with the Nurse just suggesting what would be the best course of action concerning Nicky, Daniel spoke up.


As I sat there trying to regain my composure I listened as much as I could to what the girls were talking about. My parents should be the next ones that I should tell, followed by my brother and his wife. That much I agreed with. Ashley’s parents and her brother would be the next most logical people to tell but when they began to talk about telling Nicky I had to speak up.

“I do not want you to tell Nicky, he is only a child and would not know the implications of what is going to happen” the three girls looked my way, “when the Disease starts to show signs I will tell him that I am going to be gone for a while as I am going on a long work trip. I will go to stay at the hospital and that way he will not have to see me get ill. He is too young to see that kind of thing and he will only start to cry if he sees all you girls crying while I lay in the bed” I told them.

“If that is what you want us to do…but what will we tell him when…” asked Ashley trailing her words off as the thoughts of my death broke her voice and her concentration.

“Tell him that I will always be here for him but not actually here as I have to keep working away for a while” I replied. I knew there was a big flaw in my plan as I would never be coming back but that over time Ashley could keep the secret long enough for him to grow, until such a time that he was old enough to know the truth.

In the end…on a cloudy day in the middle

After three weeks of holding back the pain and trying to keep as normal a life as possible the inevitable happened. Daniel checked himself into the hospital; he was given a private room of his own where he could bring his own music player and some alcohol, in small proportions of course. No-one wanted to deny a dying man his last request so the Eagles played out on the music player as Ashley poured him a glass of Jack D.

Ashley and Daniel were alone in the room. Daniels parents and all the other family members had given them a few minutes alone time as they waited for Daniels brother and his wife to arrive. Matt was not so fortunate as he was on tour in some foreign country but he did manage to have a phone call with Daniel the previous day, telling Daniel that he was going to have compassionate leave to end his service early and take care of the girls, and the children.


As I lay there in the bed fighting back wave after wave off pain, the machine that supposedly keeps you comfortable does little to counteract the pain that you feel as your body slowly submits to death, I felt I had to confess to Ashley all that I had done to dishonour her. All the drunken nights I had taken advantage of her and worse of all, all the nights when I knew about her and Matt, her Celeste and myself, and also Celeste and myself.

“Ashley, I have got to tell you something…I hope you can forgive me” I croaked out as another blast of the machine gave me just a little respite from the pain.

“There is nothing you have to ask my forgiveness from” replied Ashley

“There are a few things that have happened over the years that I am not proud of…and I should not have let them happen to someone I love so much” I said as I felt a strange numb sensation start to travel from my big toe.

“Like I said there is nothing that you have to apologise to me about. I love you more than anything and nothing you would have done could ever change that” she replied looking at me with sympathy as I grimaced at the pain now following the numbness up my toe and into the rest of my foot.

Outside the window of the hospital room a burst of light shone down brightly onto the small pond, small but large enough to accommodate a family of ducks and a collection of fish. The life that we all take for granted so much laid in all its simplified glory. The pond of life that was there long before I was even born and that will be there long after I have died.

“A few weeks ago, during the thunder storm I was…” I began to say before Ashley cut me off. She smiled and put her finger over my mouth to quieten me.

“I know. Celeste and I have been talking and I know everything…you comforted her when I was not there to comfort you both” she replied and she smiled again.

“You don’t understand…I had sex with her that night” again she put a finger to my mouth and smiled.

“I know”

If indeed she did know about that night she was taking the news of it really well. I supposed it was because of my illness but that was not my only crime to admit and I would soon see how she would take that news.

“Can you remember that night almost seven months ago, when Celeste and Matt came over to stay and Matt left at some point through the night”, again Ashley smiled and put her finger to my mouth. Through the blockage of her finger I began to say “we were in bed…”

“We were in bed and Celeste came into the room. We had great sex the three of us…I know everything” added Ashley. She still kept smiling through it all and she leant over and gave me a kiss. “I know everything”.

I knew that Ashley and Celeste were close but I had no idea that they were so close as to tell each other that kind of thing. When did they tell each other? And what else had they spoken about? There was no way that either of them could know the last thing that I was about to confess too, could they?

“I love you so much and the last thing that I want to confess to you…” the same finger came to my mouth again, the same smile flashed across Ashley’s face.

“I know everything…” she smiled as I tried to talk, this time she closed my mouth from speaking. “Didn’t I tell you a long time ago that I would do anything for you” she asked and allowed me to nod a ‘yes’. “well, like I told you I would do anything for you and as it happened I was able to do all the things I know you wanted us to do, in the bedroom”, she looked about the room to make sure all the doors were closed and the windows were shut.

The pain in my foot had now travelled to my legs and was slowly tracking up to my waist. All feelings in my foot were now gone and it felt like they had just been amputated. ‘Take it easy’ was just coming to the end of the track as I grimaced back the pain to hear the last part of what Ashley was saying.

“If you remember back to the night when Matt had come over to have a drink with us you may also remember that that was the day I had sworn to prove my love for you while we were having sex”

“I do remember” I replied as the pain reached my hips.

“I have always known what porn sites you have visited, the kinds that were more taboo than others shall we say” she smiled. ‘She knew all this time’ I thought to myself.

“Sometimes I have secretly looked on them too” my reaction to her words was obviously meant to make me feel happy amidst all the pain. And they were beginning to stir something that had no right to stir.

“do you remember how drunk I was on that night…how I couldn’t properly sing our love making song or how I had been to the toilet on many occasions over those last three hours we were drinking” she smiled a devilish smile as she said the last of the words.

They say a man’s penis will often stand up tall and straight after he dies as the blood pools to our nether regions and the body bloats up. This dying man was very close to dying with the hardest erection he had ever known.

Ashley leant in to what looked like giving me another kiss. Her breath was warm against my face though my hand that her own hand was touching had now also lost all feeling. My cock was just about at full mast.

“I told you, I remember everything. You, me and Celeste and how you fucked us good”, my cock was tall yet still stretching. 

“and I remember how the two cocks felt inside me as you and Matt filled my holes…I’m just sad you weren’t there to have me with him the second time”, my cock reached its peak, as hard as any hammer.

The euphoria of what Ashley had just told me had but seconds to last, though those few seconds were some of the best of my life. A sudden pain gripped my chest; a cold chill crept up my spine and disappeared into my skull. I was paralyzed and the kiss that Ashley planted on my lips barely registered to my senses. Spasms erupted as my body fought the oncoming end. Ashley called for the Doctors and some came running in.

Then as quickly as that and as if it had not been there at all the pain left me. Calmness settled in my mind and body and the sounds of my loved ones frantic cries faded to silence above one last sound, my favourite song of all time and quite befitting for the moment, I looked into Ashley’s eyes.





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