Max is a Freak pt 2 by nutzbuddy


Carol was on knees sucking her sons giant prick as Joyce gave Carol a rimjobIntroduction: It was Wednesday afternoon & Max was having a great time. His mom , Carol was blowing him as he watched Joyce his (stepmom ) lick his moms ass.The ladies were both wearing bondage attire , Carol wore a dark dog collar leash & thigh high hooker boots , her nose & tits were pierced, Joyce was more radically dressed & more submissive. Her tits were pierced with rings & and a chain that attached her nipples & tits , her dog collar was white &with a chain instead of a leash & her nostrils were pierced like a cow. . 
Max was now hard as a rock so he took his dick out of Carols mouth & began to wackoff, & he grabbed Joyce by the chain as he continued jerking. Meanwhile Carol played with her cunt as she watched her son getting his ass eaten by his stepmom.

Chapter 1 Thursday Morning

Max was on the phone talking to his girlfriend Raven ( who he had not hypnotized yet ) she was a gorgeous 20 year old , 5ft 7 athletic , long legged dark harked young lady .As he talked to her Joyce was sucking & slurping on his prick , Max shoved his dong all the way up his stepmoms throat & put his finger to his lips as he motioned to Joyce to suck quietly. .Yeah he said loudly a movie on Saturday sounds great Raven , Sure i’ll just borrow moms car will go to the drive-in ( Max smiled , he’d hypnotize her there he thought. Who would eat Ravens pussy first Carol or Joyce. He’d get first dibs , but Raven would have her first dyke experience with one of his moms . ” ok Raven said (MAX ) as he quickly got back to the conversation. “see you Saturday “. As soon as he hung up the phone Max unloaded a a huge load of jism down his stepmoms throat . Joyce swallowed her dessert , & thanked her master for she was very appreciative.

Chapter 2 Thursday Afternoon

Carol was wearing a leopard skin bikini , & 6 inch spiked heels as some funky music played in the background . Max had a stripper pole set-up in the sex chamber he had set up in the basement . He was smoking a joint as he watched his 52 year old slut/ slave mom Carol begin her striptease for him. She had taking pole lessons & now could dance better than most peelers. Max watched Carol twirl her hips , as he also opened a beer , gulping down a swig. Mom had taking off her top & her giant tits swung , so he got off the sofa & french kissed Carol as mother & son danced a taboo dance . 
As Carol moaned , Max first shoved two fingers up his moms cunt & then his whole fist , cuz Carol was wet as always . 
Max led Carol into the bedroom , she laid down on her back as Max shoved his prick down her throat & he fucked her face like a pussy. Carol could barely breathe as Max forcefully shoved his dick further down ,gluuuug, ummmm, aaagggggummm was all Carol say . In the end Max pulled out , & plastered his moms face with a massive amount of sperm . He took Carol by the hand , she was blinded by all his jizz ,and took her to the washroom where he washed her face by pissing all over her. Once her eyes were open, Max told Carol / mom to open her mouth & she also swallowed some golden champagne.

Chapter 3 Friday Night 

Carol was licking away , as she licked her sons ass ,Joyce in the meantime was sucking her stepsons wang. Max was loving it. As a kinky german goldenshower movie played in the background , 5 guys picked up a 60 something granny in the park & were now pissing all over out in public. He was smiling & laughing as his two owned sluts did their duty. Max was about to explode so he told Carol & Joyce to stop & he exploded all over their faces & covered them in jism . The backyard was fenced in so Max grabbed his bitches by their leashes & led them there where he gave both a golden shower each. Proud of what he did he took cellphone pics of both Carol & Joyce for his collection 

Chapter 4 Saturday – Raven is Hypnotized 

20year old Raven was now giving Max head in the backseat of Carols car , Max had gotten bored of the former cheerleaders inane conversation after 15minutes so he had to put her under. Her blowjob was alright but was not up to par with his two moms , they would have to teach her. In the meantime Max was getting hard , so he had Raven lift her short skirt , & the 20 year old rode Maxs dick til she & Max both orgasmed.
Max then told Raven , since the Movie was now over , she could stay overnight at his home.

Chapter 5 -Met by the French Maid at The Door

Max rung the doorbell , Carol answered the door dressed as a french maid ( she had been ordered to by Max before he went on his date),Raven he said this maid is my mom & sex slave Carol , “pleased to meet you ” Raven responded. &” cumslut this is my submissive Raven ” pleased to make your acquaintace Carol said. Is the bed ready Max asked ? Yes sir responded Carol. When they got to the bed , both ladies stripped , & Carol began licking the 20year olds pussy. As Raven enjoyed the licking Carol gave her . Max went into the bathroom & got some lube and began fucking his mom in her fat ass , as he watched the 52year old bitch eat Ravens younger shaved cunt. Delicious Max thought as Carol moaned in pain & ecstasy as she had her Saturday night snack

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