My Wife wants to be a Sex Slave BY GHOST WOLF63


Story of a wife who wants to be a sex slave and her and her husbands adventuresMy wife wants to be a sex slave


Thanks to kyron120867 my story is set in his world, but none of his characters are involved.

Story written by Ghostwolf63

Chapter one


Hello, my name Will Johnson, I was asked to write this story along with my wife. She will write about her experience and I will be writing my experience. So let’s get started. First some info on our house and us, so here we go.


The house is 2 levels high with a large basement

1st floor: an open entrance way that goes all the way up to the roof. Stairs going up starts about 20 feet from the front door. To the right is the Great room that takes up the whole side of the house and up to the ceiling. To the left of the entrance and staircase is the other main floor j front by the front entrance is the office/library then it’s the formal sitting room, formal Dining room, a small hallway separates the dining room from the kitchen. Hallway is from the wall with a door that goes into the Mud room and on into the 4 car garage. In between kitchen and dining room and runs across to the Great room. 

In the hallway is a door going down into the basement. The kitchen is huge, with an island bar a walk in pantry, and a nice breakfast nook.

2nd floor: go up the stairs to the right is the balcony overlooking the Great room. To the left is the bedrooms, you go left from the stairs you will head down the hallway at the end of the hallway is a door going into the master suite. On the right side of the hallway is two bedrooms with their own bathrooms. On the left of the hallway Guest suite along with its own bath. And a storage room.

Basement: to get to the basement, you go into the hallway to the door behind the stairs going up. Open that door and there is a set of stairs heading down into the basement in the base is a rec. Room, movie room, a bar, weight room, utility room, computer control room, and a BDSM room hidden behind a false panel.

Outside: starting from the kitchen you can go through the French doors to the patio outside cooking area and a nice pool area.

I’m William Johnson people call me Will I’m 6’3″ 220lbs, in great shape with dark brown hair styled nicely a little long about just above my shoulder. My wife and other women I know have said I have the perfect cock, 8inches long by 3inches thick .My Wife is Laura Johnson is 5’9″ tall and 130 lbs with long red hair down to the middle of her back. Her measurements are 36-24-36 and her cup size C. We have been married for 12 years when this story starts.. yeah it’s been a good run so far. I work as a Construction Manager for a national Construction company. My wife works as an Office Manager for a large company here in town. And, we do not have any children due to Laura being sterile.

I get out of my car, and walk Into his home calling out “Love I’m home.“

Laura calls from the kitchen “ Hi, honey I’m finishing up supper, should be done in 20 minutes. GO take a shower love.”

I smile as I smell the food cooking “smells good babe”

I walk upstairs to our bedroom and take a shower relaxing from a hard days work. 15 minutes later I walked into the dinning room as Laura finishes up putting there food on the table smiling at the sight of her bent over… “damn, now that’s a sight, makes me want to have dessert first supper after”

Laura laughs “No you don’t I spent 2 hours cooking this meal, you can have your desert after you eat”

Will laughs goes to his wife kissing her cheek, “It smells wonderful, almost as good as you my love”

Laura smiles back kissing her hubby back “you smell good yourself, now sit let’s eat”

The Husband and wife sits down to there meal eating the great supper Laura fixed. Will moans in pleasure “oh love this is beyond delicious….“

Laura smiles warmly at her husband “ I’m glad you like it……” Laura looks down thinking as she eats her dinner wondering how she can approach the subject she wants… no needs”

Will continues to eat but, watch’s his wife wondering what is on her mind. But, he has news of his own.

“love I have some good news…. “ Laura looks up at her husband “ oh?”

Will says “ it’s all set reservations made… in 3 months we are going on our 2 week vacation”

Laura eyes open wide as her problem momentarily forgotten as she screams in joy as she jumps out of the chair and leaps to her husband as he quickly moves his chair back, as she lands in his lap hugging him and kissing him all over his face. “love you love you love you “ she says between kisses. 

Will wraps his arms around her waist holding her close and laughs “ your welcome” as he kisses her back.

Laura smiles warmly at her husband “oh I have to put in my vacation request Monday”

Will laughs “yes you do, slow poke I already did and been approved “

Laura sighs and smiles as she gets up to sit back down in her seat as they continue to eat there meal. Laura smiles “l can’t wait… 3 months is so long…”

Will continues to eat this great meal smiling at her 

After dinner and Will finishes cleaning up dinner and Laura goes upstairs to take a nice soaking bath. Once Will was done he takes his laptop and sits down on the couch in the living room as the t.v. plays in the background. Will boots up the laptop, once its up and running he goes to stock program and checks his stocks and dividend, Will smiles as shuts the program down, thinking 7 more months and we can retire.

Meanwhile Laura is soaking taking a nice long bath as she thinks how she’s going to tell her husband, the man she loves that she wants to be a sex slave. But, doesn’t want him to be her master. That, she wants someone else. And she’s afraid he will be pissed, Laura says quietly “mite as well tell him.. it’s what I need.” She climbs out of the tub and dry herself and puts on her silk robe and bushes her hair. Few minutes later she heads down the stairs and goes to find her husband, her heart is beating a mile a minute with her nerves. She finds him in the living room just as he shuts down his laptop and watch the local news.

Laura takes a deep breath to calm herself and takes a seat on the sturdy coffee table looking at her husband “Will, I need to tell you something to inform you of what I need.” Will is watch Tv when his wife came in wearing her silk robe and sat down on there coffee table looking at him seriously but, with a nervous undertones to her.

Will smiles to her “ yes love you need to tell me something?

Laura nods and takes another deep breath “ yes… you know I’m a submissive I want to be a sex slave but, I don’t want you as my Master, incase I don’t like it. I don’t want it to ruin our marriage if I choose wrong” 

William stares at her his smiles slips from his face and closes his eyes. “I see, and if you do want that life style? Will you say well bye it’s been fun.. and walk out?”

Laura shakes her head in the negative “NEVER.. I love you. I’m in love with you but , I think I need this something is missing inside me I don’t know how to explain it.” William nods slowly to her “I understand more than you know.. leave me alone for a bit I need to think about this”.

Laura gets up slowly and walks out to their backyard patio and sits down in one of the chairs and stares out into the night to wait for her husband’s decision.

William sat there on the couch and thought about all of it as he rubs his wedding ring around his finger. Will gets up and heads to his office , booting up the computer as he does so and starts looking up information about any rules or limitations on BDSM, and sex slaves. Takes the information and puts them into the fold. He takes out his cellphone and dials a number. “Julia, I want you to call the BDSM web site advertisement tell them the ad will read Married white female submissive wishes to learn how to be a sex slave. Serious inquiries only. Call 771-555-5869. Will you do that Julia? Good…one thing no more Sir. Its Master if you wish still to be my slave? He smiles “good” Oh, the credit card I gave you? ….yes that one buy yourself cup less bras 10 and 10 cup less bras in 36 inch size. Thank you Julia. Will hangs up and taking the folder and sliding the phone into his pocket as he walks through the house to the backyard patio where his Laura is sitting and waiting. The personality he normally has is gone, his Dominate Master personality is back… “Laura” he says as he sits down next to her.

Laura looks at her husband and notices the change in his personality and it scares her yet excites her even more. “yes sir?” she says not knowing why but, it feels natural to her.

Will raises a single eyebrow at his wife smiling slightly “you’re a natural Laura.. so listen up. I. agree that you can be a sex slave. But, You pick your Dom or Master. Dom or Master never picks the slave. He hands her the folder and a pen he takes from his pocket, “open it up, inside are things I printed off for you”

Laura opens up the folder and looks at a questionnaire form then looks at her husband “what’s this for?”

“this is first 

Laura nods her head and says “ yes”

Laura nods again “sex slaves have rights? I thought once your owned you don’t have rights other then any your Master decides to give you.”

Will shakes his head “ok like this you’re a submissive who plays out scenes with there Dom or a slave who submits to there Master. You fill out a contract with that Dom, Master or Mistress. In it states, your name, rather you’re a top or bottom, what limits there is and why, your safe word, and how long you will be a slave to that master, also what rights you will be giving up to your master. Then you sign it and he or she will become your Dom , Master or Mistress. “

Laura blinks looks down at the first paper I the folder then looks at her husband “ ok, I u understand that, but, now what is this” as she points to the paper. 

Will smiles “that is what is called a BDSM checklist you will be going over it twice once by yourself then with your potential Dom, Master.”

Laura frowns “why?” Will says “Laura just read it and in the first Column you mark yes or no, in second column it’s a range from No which means I will never do that actively or 0-5 range, if you don’t understand that activity put a question mark, or if you only would to that to your sex partner put a star ok?” Will waits for Laura to start reading. Laura marks no in the first and second column for the first two questions, yes to the next four activities and the number 4 in the second column. Laura continues marking each activity she likes or doesn’t want anything to do with. Laura finishes the list then looks at her husband as she sets down her pen “now what?

Will smiles “now we wait, and go on with our lives.” He smiles wickedly at her. Laura sees that smile and grins “what is my husbands command?” “remove your robe slut” he says

Laura stares into Wills eyes unable to break away as she stands and unties her robe then shrugs her shoulders letting her robe fall to the ground Laura whispers “yes sir.”

Will is still staring into her eyes, his eyes unyielding “drop to your knees slut and service me until I cum, you WILL swallow every drop”

Laura kneels down in front of her husband, reaching out with her hands she undoes his belt. She is still staring into his eyes as her hands undo his paints to reach his thick semi hard cock.

Laura lends closer and slowly starts kissing his cock her hands gently stroking his cock as it gets harder. She moves from kissing his shaft to his head as precum emerges from his piss hole. Laura licks the precum off then sucks his cock into her mouth slowly at first bobbing up and down licking the shaft as she sucked his cock taking it deeper and deeper into her throat. 

Will moans in pure pleasure for ten minutes, before he reaches out with his right hand sliding his hand into her long hair, controlling her head movement as he starts to thrust. Will feels his balls tingling and tighten up as he is about to cum. 

Laura moans as she gets off being controlled and continues to deep throat his cock as she feels his cock about to shoot its wads . Laura feels her husband start shooting wad after wad, until her mouth is full and she swallows it all down , then continues to suck his cock cleaning it.

Laura sits back on her heels smiling up at her husband “mmmmm that was good love.”

Will smiles at her “that was your best one yet love, but we aren’t done yet.” Will stands up letting and stepping out of his paints he reaches down and helps his wife up to her feet kissing her deeply as she returns his kiss their tongues searching each other out. Laura reaches her arms around her husband’s neck as there kiss deepens. She lifts herself and wraps her legs around his waist as there tongues wrestles with each other. 

Will slides his hands down to her ass and lifts her up until his cock is lined up with her pussy and lowers her down onto his cock. Laura feels his cock slide into her wet pussy she moans deeply . As will carries her inside and up to there bedroom. Will lays her down on the bed as he starts fucking her pussy hard. Laura moans “yes, yes, yes fuck me ohhhhh” Will smiles as he continues to pound into her pussy his balls slapping into her ass. As Laura pussy grips his cock tightly as she cums hard. “OH BABY IM CUMMING AGAIN. DON’T STOP” Laura yells out. Will continues to pound into her through another 20 minutes and three more organisms from Laura before he starts Cumming “oh I’m Cumming slut take it.” Laura moans as she feels her husband shot her full of his cum. 

Will slips his cock out of his wife and lays down beside her breathing heavy, his body covered in a light sweat. Laura smiles in blissfully “oh my love…mmmm” she rolls over to lay on his chest contently. Both falling asleep in each others arms.

Next Wednesday evening after work Laura took a shower and cleaned up wearing a nice red mid length dress bra and panties underneath and light makeup she was sitting in the living room with her husband as they waited for the first potential Master to show up. Laura has her legs crossed her foot tapping in the air as she waits nervously. Will looks at her foot then up at her and chuckles “relax” will said

Will continues “remember, your in charge not them until you sign the contract.. “

Laura looks at him and says “ that’s when I give him my power in that relationship, though I can still break it if it isn’t what I truly want.”

Will nods “correct, just make sure which Master you want that he or she will full fill your scenes your wanting to do. 

“HE” She replies as she smiles 

The doorbell rings Will stands up and walks over to the front door and opens it “Good evening Mr. Reeves”

Mr. Reeves smiles back “Hello Mr. Johnson. May I come in?” Will holds out his hand and shakes Mr. Reeves hand inviting him in. “come in Adam” Will leads Adam into the living room as his wife stands up her hands gripping each other gently as she studies her potential new Master.

Adam looks at the woman in the living room and whistles softly before looking at Will. “Ok, are you sure you don’t want to sell her? “ Will laughs, I’m sure, Laure waits patiently, submissively.

Adam this Laura.. Laura this is Adam. Will says. Laura smiles and bows her head to Adam “Welcome Mr. Reeves please have a seat.” Laura motions to a chair facing the couch. Adam smiles slightly as he studies her reading her body language as he sits down in the offered chair “thank you two, please sit yourselves as well so we may, get to know each other and decide if I’m the best choice for Laura.”

Let’s describe Adam. Adam stands 6 feet tall 190lbs in great shape, medium brown skin, great smile, handsome as hell what women would call a hunk. He is 39 years of age. And for the women out there his cock is 9 inches long 2 ½ inches thick.

Will sits down with his wife on the couch. Adam watches the couple noticing in their body language that they are still in love. Frowning , “Ok perhaps I will go first. To set this up, I’ll talk to you both to get the feel of you two, then talk to both of you alone, ok?” Will smiled, “ That’s fine Adam, then we will all three talk again.” Adam looks at Will and studies him for a moment. That’s sounds good to me, so why does Laura want to be a sex slave? Adam looks to Laura for a answers. 

Laura looks at Adam then her husband “perhaps we should go talk in private now Sir. In our kitchen? I can get you something to drink.” Laura stands up and heads into the kitchen as Adam gets up ,walking behind her into the kitchen. Will mean time turns on the t.v. with it loud enough so he won’t hear them.

In the kitchen Laura walks to the kitchen table hearing the T.V. turn on smiling slightly, she turns to Adam, “ Would you like something to Drink Sir?” Adam shakes his head lightly as he studies this woman “Please lets have a seat so we can converse and find out what you really need.” Adam looks down at the table and seeing the sub list he reaches out as he sits down to look at what she marked down on the list. Laura sits down next to him and watches him take her list as he reads the paper she bites her bottom lip nervously.

Adam nods to himself as he sets the paper down then looks at her “so tell me, why do you want to be a sex slave? And do you even know what that means?”

Laura looks at Adam then looks down, then back up at him “Sir, I feel like I’m missing a piece of me… she frowns as she tries to explain herself. I read everything I could on it. I even experience it with my husband when we have sex, sometimes.. and this is what, I need and want. I know I will be giving my power to my Master. Up, to a point. But, I really need to try.”

Adam leans back in his chair as he watches and listens to her explain “what do you mean up to a point? Being a slave means you give up all rights.” Laura nods, “yes sir, but I wont do anything that disrespects my husband. For example, if my Master says you can not have sex with anyone but me, unless you have my permission. I could not follow that rule where it concerns my husband. I also will still have a life with him.”

Adam nods with a smile “which is why we have contracts, so the ground rules are established, the hard and soft limits are put down on paper.. as for slaves who are married before they wish to be slaves. A Master who does not take into consideration the husband and slaves relationship, then he’s not a real Master. Now, if that Master says you can not have sex with anyone other then your husband and your Master. Then that is a legitimate rule. If your Master rules you can not masturbate without his approval, that also would be allowed. And, if he’s smart, he would get your husband involved to make sure you follow his rules.” Laura asks “so you would get my husband involved? “That would be my decision” Adam says firmly “Now Laura what are your fantasies? That you don’t want your husband to know?” Laura looks at the kitchen door then looks at Adam “I wish to have experiences with having sex with black males.” Laura blushes and looks away as Adam smiles at her laughter in his eyes. “we’ll see, if you pick me for your Master. Now , let’s check your list here. Ok, abrasion and age play is a no.. good I always hated those scenes. Anal plugs are a big yes mmm? Even in public. “ Laura smiles and nods my “husband got me hooked on them.” Adam nods. You curious about bondage? You done light bondage with your husband?”

Laura nods “yes in the bedroom not all the time but some of the time.” Adam looks back at the list “Aromas and asphyxiation is a major no huh? Why?” Laura looks at Adam cause when I was a kid I almost drowned, I can’t handle not being able to breath I panic, freak out bad.” Adam nods and looks at Laura gently “I’m sorry, that is off the table along with choking. What about auctioning off for charity?” Laura says “ that depends, if master is there or if he one I’m auctioned off to knows what is allowed and isn’t allowed. Bathroom use control is also out the window. Bestiality only dogs, nothing else. Beatings yes not hard ones unless its for punishment only and no breaking of skin. Blindfolding DEFINITELY yes, being serviced yes, anytime.” Laura laughs being bitten, don’t know no breaking of skin, breast bondage and other bondage is a yes within reason. Breath and branding is a major no, nor tattoos, unless husband approves of tats. Breast whipping is a go, Major no to any urine or shit games. Cages, cells and closets do not really see no reason for it, caning look above, chains… mmm no I’m a girl. Next four items is a no as well. Chores, clothing pins, is a yes. Cock worship is a definite yes.” Laura grins wickedly at Adam.”

Adam smiles back “how’s about collars?” Laura smiles, “A training one while I’m in training, once that is over if the master wants me then I would wear his collar while I’m with him an a discreet collar in public, when I’m with him. If I’m with my husband or at my work then I won’t when I’m with Will, can’t when I’m at my job due to dress codes there.” Adam nods his understanding “I agree with that requirement and approve.. though if I was your master I would require no underwear or bra ever.” Laura frowns slightly, “we can try at work.” Next is corsets and cuffs you put down 4 to both no metal though.” Adam says, Laura nods, correct “ and no cutting, diapers dilation, electricity. Only enemas is for cleaning, no chastity whatsoever.” I will do exhibitionism to friends and such or in cities away from here to strangers. Slapping is ok but no leaving marks, no to fantasy or fear. Fisting I don’t know never tried would be nervous about it. No flame, foot worship, bed wetting, force eating. From force eating down to given to another Dom is a maybe but not including the given to other doms that’s a major no. With exceptions. “

Adam raises a single eyebrow “what on earth could be the exception? Cause if I become your Master I’m not giving my slave to any other Master not even temporarily.” 

Laura smiles warmly at that ,”the only exception I would even allow would be your husband if and when he wishes you or you wish to be with him as your husband and Master.” Laura smiles as she nods , “yes that’s the exception Master.”

Adam looks at Laura “You would wish to be my sex slave? To do as I order you to do? To dress as I wish you to dress as long as it does not get you in trouble with work? I’ve looked at the list you have and agree with them all they align with my thoughts as well.” Adam sets the list down.

Laura nods “yes Master I so wish” Laura looks at him then at the door to the living room. Adam looks at her, “Do not worry I will be talking to your husband as well. NOW stand up and move in front of the sink facing me.” Adam says firmly watching her.

Laura gets up and moves in front of the sink turns and faces her new master a thrill runs down her body to her pussy . “Remove your dress slowly” Adam says to her keeping his voice firm and in control. Laura looks at her Master and slowly removes her dress, button by button biting her lower lip as she slowly removes her dress as she unbuttons her buttons Adam starts to see her sexy red bra come into view as Laura continues to unbutton her dress, slowly sliding down her dress as she finishes letting the dress fall to the ground revealing herself in her bra and matching thong. Adam feasts his eyes on this beautiful creature before him, clearing his throat Now remove your bra.. not so slowly this time. Laura smiles to herself knowingly as she reaches her bra an unclasps the front clasp bra and simply shrugs it off her breasts jiggle slightly as she does so revealing her beautiful C cup tits with only a miner sag, but still standing full and proud. Her areola is silver dollar size her hard nipples stick out a ½ a inch and a dime size round.

Laura stands there proudly her shoulders back her chest out with a slight naughty smile on her face as she looks at Adam who looks to be trying to keep himself in control and his breathing normal. Adam takes a deep breath closes his eyes breathes deeply opens his eyes and nods to Laura “continue remove your throng.” Laura smiles and slips her thong off her hips and letting it fall to the floor then steps out of it looking at her Master with a slight smile. Adam stands up, ok I’m going to talk to your husband you stay here. Adam walks out of the kitchen, through the dining room into the living room and sits down on the couch trying to calm himself. Will smiles at him turns off the T.V. and waits for Adam to gather himself.

Adam staring straight at the wall “How do you handle it?” Will grins “you must have told her to remove her clothing.” Adam nods, I thought she would be like most women and be shy or embarrassed.” Will laughs, “that is my doing, if you had done that before we were married you would have got that girl. But, being married to me she grew into herself she’s confident in her body, she’s a sub but, one who won’t be shy about it. A don’t let her play you.. LAURA Get in here and bring 2 cokes with ice.” 

Laura comes into the living room in less than a min as she carries a tray of 4 cans of coke-colas and two glasses with ice in them stops in between both men then kneels down still balancing the tray in her hands offering first Adam then her husband as Adam and Will take there coke and glasses. 

“Damn Will you been training her?” Adam remarks. Will nods “more like tips as she’s asked. The slut wishes to be a good slave for her Master.” Will stares at Adam thoughtfully “she wants you as her master, correct?” Adam nods, Will looks at his wife with raise an eyebrow at her, Laura looks back then nods lowering her eyes. Will looks back at Adam, ok we will fill in and sign the contract tomorrow night at 7pm that’s gives her time to shower and freshen up. Then you may start her training that night.” Adam looks at Will “ What are the terms?” 

It’s going to be a training contract 6months of training at the end of training if you still want her and if she still wants you to be her Master then you will sign a year long contract and she gets her collar. There will be NO tattoos during training, no prostitution she does have a image in this city and this city is not large enough that some one in her building wont recognize her.”

Laura watches them listening to them looks concerned but, stays quiet her faith in her husband and growing trust in her informal master. Lets her trust they will do what’s right. 

Adam thinks for a moment, “Will during training we will be doing the basics. Only, as to what she wants after training will be brought up then. For any tattoos again her choice. But, it will not disrespect you or your marriage.”

Will nods and looks at Laura “upstairs on our bed is a present for you and the Master you choose. Go get it and bring it down her please” 

Laura rises “yes sir” Laura sets the tray down on the coffee table then goes upstairs to there bedroom seeing the package she picks it up and goes back down to her husband and her Master.

Adam looks at the package then at Will “what’s this?” Will says “Almost all Masters want there female submissive/slaves to go braless and wear no panties. Even myself require that, but, the problem is most of these women work in office environments. And they have dress codes, women have to wear bras. No choice in the matter. But, they rules do not say what kind of bras at all. Masters don’t have a problem with the straps on a bras it’s the cup, they don’t want the breasts cover up right?”

Adam nods “yes that’s correct.” Will grins “ Laura open your gift please.”

Laura smiles and opens her gift like its Xmas morning, when she removes the wrapping she sees a box from the local sex store and smiles as she opens the package. As she looks inside the package she gasps in pleasure as she reaches in a pulls out 3 cup less bras in black, red and white in her size “ oh my god .. “ she looks at her husband “oh thank you love”

Adam smiles, “yes, that is perfect and meets both requirements.” Adam looks at his watch and sighs “ ok, guys I got to go..” Adam stands up and looks at both of them.. “do I come back tomorrow with the training contract?” 

Laura sets down her gifts and walks to Adam wraps her arms around his neck giving him a deep passionate kiss as Adam returns her kiss running his hands down her sides before cupping her ass pulling her tightly against him. Her breasts rub against Adams chest as they continue making out.

Will gets up as those two make out and heads into the kitchen and picks the folder off the kitchen table and walks back to the living room. By the time he gets back there finishing kissing and Laura steps back smiling like a sun.

“ Be here tomorrow night by 8pm. Adam. You, can have her for her weekend which is Thursday night to Sunday 5pm.” Will says

Adam looks over at will as Laura steps away from his breathing slightly raised “ok, that works, how about the rest of the week?”

Will walks to Adam handing him the folder as he responds “you got her three nights and two and a half days, we see how it works out, if it does we will add nights to it, but, not overnight she does have to work.” Will grins at Adam.

Adam smiles and shakes Will hand as he takes the folder with the other hand. “Good enough. Laura, how your dress now is how you will be from now on here and when your with me, understand?”

Laura nods “yes Master.”

Laura shows Adam out kissing him goodbye as he leaves. She shuts the door turns walks back to her husband and wraps her arms around him. “I love you so much.” Laura kisses her husband with passion as he returns her kiss holding her close to him. Laura smiles as they finish. 

Will grins back “your going to need your rest, I get you Monday through Wednesday. Get used to being naked, and you might want to keep a house gown by the door in case anyone who isn’t Adam comes over.” Laura nods her understanding as she takes her husband hand and leads him upstairs to there bedroom “ as you say love you have me Monday through Wednesday, and tonight is Wednesday so I’m going to fuck your brains out. “

Laura leads her husband to the bed and has him stop by the bed “relax love just enjoy its my turn to pleasure you now..” His wife says as she starts unbuttoning his shirt kissing his skin lightly as she moves down from his shoulders trailing small kisses down his muscular chest to his flat six pack stomach. She removes his shirt then drops to her knees as she starts to undo his paints looking up into his eyes as she does smiling at him with love in her eyes. She lowers his paints and underwear down off his hips releases his cock from its confinement, she continues to drop his pants and underwear to his ankles as he steps out of his paints. She smiles, as she pushes him back on the bed, while she dives for his cock, grabbing it firmly. She starts jacking him off, before lowering her lips to his cock head gently sucking as she flicks her tongue over his cock head. Laura smiles loving his taste, she licks from his balls to his tip, underside before taking him in her mouth and deep throating him. For ten minutes she sucks his cock, as moans in pure pleasure, “damn woman I’m almost there” he says. 

Laura hearing that sucks him harder until she feels his balls tighten up. Will growls “take it slut, here it comes, your pure protein shake.” As he starts shooting rope after rope of thick cum down her throat. Laura swallowing constantly so none is loss moaning her pleasure. She releases, his cock after he finishes and smiles as she climbs up and straddled his waist his hard cock sliding along her wet slit. Until his head finds her hole and she slides down his shaft moaning “that feels sooo good,” she says as her husband just lays there smiling letting her do the work. “ enjoy love I’m just going to lay her and enjoy this.”

Laura starts moving her hips back and forth bracing her hands on his chest as she works her cunt on his hard cock loving the feel of cock in her pussy. Soon she’s bouncing up and down, moaning as she gets close. Then it happens and she screams out as starts CUMMING, she pauses as she rides her wave of organisms. She feels herself rolled over onto her back helpless to stop it still in the middle of it. Will starts plowing her hard and fast. That does it she goes right into another organism. She grabs hold of him wrapping her arms and legs around him.

For ten minutes he fucks her hard and fast as she goes from one wave to another until he cums in her which makes her cum again and she passes out.

Laura wakes up 20 minutes later her head laying on her husband shoulder his arm wrap around her shoulders. “Mmmm ok that was awesome” she whispers Will chuckles as he kisses the top of her head. They lay there her fingers lightly running her fingers through his chest hair.

“Thank you for letting me do this” she says to her love. He looks at her and smiles “anytime you need to suck my cock then let me fuck your brains out, you just need to let me know, no need to thank me.” She smacks his chest, “wasn’t what I was thanking you for, smartass.” Will laughs softly as he grabs her hand that smacked his chest and brings it to his lips kissing it. “ I know, but, you will have fun. And when your ready, when you have fulfilled your fantasies. And you want to come back to me to be my sex slave and wife I’ll be here.”

Laura lifts her head and looks at her husband thoughtfully. “ thank you for that, so you are a Master. Since when have you been one? 

Will looks at her seriously “yes I’m Master, I have been one since I was 16, when my father brought me into this club if you will. No I have not been active since we been together. Sixteen years now.”

Laura raises both eyebrows as she sits up turning to look at him full on. “why not?” “Because I fell in love with you, been IN love with you since I saw you in the bank that fateful day.” Will says. Laura thinks back to that day, then looks at her husband sharply.. “ My mom knew you.. and what you were.” Will nods “yes, your mom like you and your sisters are submissives. Your father was your moms master and husband. When he died, you mom was devastated, she walked out of that life and took the three of you with her, which was her right. That was the last time I saw her until the bank incident.”

“But how did my mom knows you if my dad was her owner?” Laura says. Will shrugs, “they went to gatherings.” Laura cocks her head “what are gathering?” Will grins at her “A gathering is where all the Master and Submissive’s In the city meet up to welcome new members into the club. To have a orgy with members only. It’s the only time a own submissive is allowed to have sex with other people. An where unkept slaves can go to have sex.” And it was at one of those meetings I met your mom and we had sex.”

Laura looks at her husband thoughtfully “have you had sex with her since those meetings? “ Will shakes his head at her “ first, no not even after we were dating then marriage. Secondly she was not my slave, thirdly as long as you were not in this life style I wouldn’t. “

Laura, nods “ since I’m in this life style now. I want you to, make her your slave. I want her to be happy again.” “ of course my love if it makes you two happy.” Will grins at her. Laura gasps and playfully smacks him on the chest again. “when did you two talk?” 

He says “day after you told me, you wanted to be a sex slave. I called her, and she asked me if she could be mine, after I told her you wanted to be one. I asked her if she was sure, and told me yes she’s ready to come back into the life and wanted to be my sex slave. I agreed, she will start tomorrow night along with 2 others. They come here while your at Master Adams place.”

Laura is about to speak when her phone rings her mother ring. Laura looks at the the phone then her husband “you’re so bad” she hurries to her phone as his cum starts running down her leg “shit” she grabs her cunt in one hand her phone in the other and tosses the phone to him. “ You talk to her while I cleaned up” Will catches phone laughing as he answers it . “Hi Slut,”

Beth answers “ Master??..” Will responds “Laura is in the bathroom cleaning up. She be out in a moment. “ Beth says “oh ok, thank you Master, does she know?” Laura walks back into the bedroom gets on the bed taking the phone from him and says “hi mommy dearest, I hear your my hubby’s slave slut now.” 

Beth responds “is that anyway to talk to your mother young lady? And, yes I’m his slut now his blood slave. If that’s ok with you or even if its not.” Laura blinks looks at the phone Then her hubby as she speaks into the phone.. “what’s a blood slave?” Beth says “ omg no one has told you?” “no,” says Laura. “you will learn when your training is over then you can make a choice then.” Beth said “ok I’ll see you tomorrow night. Love you” Beth hangs up. Laura hangs up and looks at her husband thoughtfully “Is it still my place to ask questions?” says Laura says softly

Will nods to her with a smile, “ first relax, second we was going to wait until your in training, it’s part of it. I will be dealing with your mother tomorrow night. 

Ok, 5 types of slaves: 1) Training, new People into this life style are trained. First to see if this lifestyle is for them, second to learn there limits, third to learn to trust your Master and he has to learn to trust you. 

2) Sex Slaves: are Submissive who wish to be slaves to masters with guidelines. Who may be full time or part time. Full time is you live with your master, you may work but, you live with him, your money could be his. Depending on the contract. Part time sex slaves have lives outside of this life style, family work etc.” Laura listens intently. “biggest thing for sex slave part is the check list.”

3) Blood Slaves: are slaves, they give themselves completely to there Masters there is no check list no hard limits no soft limits, its whatever the Master wishes. They may have a job or school but they live with their Master. There financially belongs to there Master. 

Laura says “so master can beat them and hurt them?” Will nods “ yes, but if they go to far, the slave can file a complaint. “ if it goes from enjoyment or punishment to being abused then the council will step in. Releasing the Sub from that contract same with life slaves.”

4) Life Slave: a life slave is one who is the One. For that Master, it can happen at anytime to anyone. It’s like being married in our world, they can have children. And just like blood slaves there body belongs to there Master.

5) last but the most bizarre is Goaen slave it’s based on the Goa books. Totally out there and I want nothing to do with it.

Laura looks thoughtful. “If my dad hadn’t died would I have been your life slave.” She looks down plucking at the covers. Will looks at her gently and reaches out to her chin and lifts her chin up so she looks into his eyes. Will speaks softly “ the answer you’re looking for my love is yes, if it had gone as it was plan when you turned sixteen you would have got to choose whom you wanted to be your Master and what kind of relationship you would have.” Laura leans in and kisses him. “ it doesn’t matter we are together.”

Will smiles as he kisses her back “ok, now you know, you have a big day tomorrow so lets get some sleep.” Both of them snuggle together as they fell asleep.

Next evening 

Will walks into his house from his car with Julia walking behind him with Beth and Sophia getting out of there car and following them into the house. Will walks into the great room from the entrance hallway removing his suit jacket. Julia helps him with his jacket and hands it to Beth who takes it upstairs to hang up in the Master Bedroom closet. Then comes back downstairs to the great room to join the rest who was standing in line in front of their Master.

“Ok introductions are in order. Julia these two slaves Are Beth and her youngest daughter Sophia. Beth is Laura mother, she is my blood slave, she misses the life and she loves and trusts me enough to want to be with me permanently. Sophia is my life slave. She didn’t want anything else. Beth, Sophia this is Julia, she is my Sex Slave under contract. I’m working on her trust issues.”

“Master you may tell them part of trust is being open about difficult situations.” Julia says

Master Will nods “very well, Julia was Adam’s life slave/wife. A terrible incident happened. Adam and his slave Julia was invited to a party thrown by another Master they was friends with. Long story short, I’m not going to get into the whole terribly story. Was, this other Masters took Julia by force, against her will, she screams for her Master , but he never responded. By. The time he came checked on her the rape was over. They left her where they raped her and beat her badly. Julia spent a month in the hospital. She was pregnant.”

The other girls goes to Julia wrapping their arms around her in support. Julia smiles sadly a couple of tears leak from her eyes. “ now two things, first the room they were in was sound proof, second those Masters was kicked out of the organization and arrested charges and convicted there now serving 20 years. Third Adam was on probation for 5 years. And her baby is Adams child. That was 11 years ago.” Will walks over to Julia and kisses her softly on her lips. “Your safe, go get freshened up Laura will be here in 25 minutes.” The girls head upstairs to get undressed and get ready. 

15 minutes later the girls are back in the great room there collars on.

“Ok ladies, big night for Laura she’s going to sign her contract. Which Adam already faxed over to me earlier today. I read it over and I approve it. And I told him so. Laura will read it and if she likes it she will sign it.” Will look at them all. “ Beth when she gets here take her upstairs and get her ready.” Beth nods “ Yes Master.”

Five minutes later the door from the Garage opens and they can hear someone come running in. Will speak up loudly “Laura in the Great room Now.” Laura is unbuttoning her blouse “sorry I’m running late.” She looks up sees her husband standing there his hands grasp behind his back. Beth and Sophia turned to look at Laura. Julia watching her as well. She stops for a second, before she continues to remove her blouse as she walks to her husband kissing him on the lips. “evening lover” Will kisses her back “evening love Beth is going to help, you get ready, he will be here in 45 minutes and you need to read the contract and sign it. So snap snap” Will turns her towards the door spanks her but one time loudly “get”. Laura gets smiling as her Mom goes with her upstairs to get ready.

Will watches his wife and Mother in law leave to get his wife ready then sighed slightly as he goes and sits on the couch in the middle, motioning to the two slaves to sit on either side of him. Julia sits with her legs folded leaning against his left side. Sophia sits on his right side a little nervously still not comfortable being nude. Will smiles at Sophia and kisses her tenderly. “did you want to help your sister or stay down here? “

Sophia smiles and kisses her Master tenderly back. “ I’ll stay down here with you Master I’m just getting use to it all.” Julia looks over at Sophia “what made you want to be a life slave to Master?” Sophia looks at Julia with a raised eyebrow and a wicked smirk “What Sub worth her name would NOT want to be with him? Seriously I had a choice and I choose Master Will.” Julia nods in agreement with a smile.

Few minutes later Laura and Beth come into room Laura wearing a white button up shirt that barely covered her ass. And only had two middle buttons buttoned wearing red high heel open toe shoes, her makeup done red lipstick applied. And her hair styled. Carrying a small overnight bag. Will looks over and gives a wolf whistle to his wife. Laura blushes at Will “do I look ok?” No, you look stunning, drop dead gorgeous Will says. Beth nods in agreement, Sophia gets up runs to her sister and hugs her “ you look beautiful big Sis” Laura hugs back “thank you baby sister. Best take care of my Man.” Sophia nods seriously “ I will Laura.” Laura looks to Julia “ hello.”

“Ok enough, everyone in position, Laura kneel down onto your knees sit back on your heels , shoulders back, head up, chest out, eyes down. And sit your bag next to you.” Will says. Beth goes over to her Master handing him the contract for Adam and Laura. Will reads it and signs it approving the contract. Beth then joins Julia and Sophia in the same position as Laura is in.

A few minutes later the doorbell rings. “Sophia door” Will commands Sophia jumps up runs to the front door. She takes a breath calms herself opens the door and smiles to Adam “ Good Evening Master Adam, my Master is waiting for you in the great room, if you will follow me Sir, I will lead you to my master.” Adam nods “of course and who are you?” Sophia smiles at him and it feels like the room brightened up. “I’m Laura little sister, I belong to Master Will.” Adam blinks thinking damn the gene pool in that family. Adam follows Sophia to the great room. Sophia steps aside to let Adam go in first then heads back to her spot and kneels down.

Adam smiles delightfully watching her walk away then looks to Will. “ Damn Will you move fast.” Will smiles, as Julia stands up heading right for Adam. Adam sees Julia and the look of shock is on his face. “J J Julia?” Julia grabs his arm on the way past “come with me!” Julia commands as she pulls him In to the hallway. Adam gets pulled due being surprised and shock ”Julia what the hell?” Adam says after they stop in the hallway. Before Adam can say or do anything Julia has her arms wrapped around his neck kissing him deeply, hungrily. Adam responds after a minute. Before slowly breaks off the kiss. “I missed you so much, but, what are you doing here?” Julia kisses his bottom lip before responding, “simple, I’m getting back into this life. It took 10 years of seeing a shrink, plastic surgeon, and time to get over what.. happened. 

Julia leaned her head against his chest, his arms protectively around her, as she continues “ I ask Master Will if he would get me back into the life, as my shrink says to get back on that horse. Will agreed but only if You knew and was ok with it. So are you ok with it?” she looked up into his eyes with a hopeful look in them. Adam looks down Into her eyes sadness in his eyes, and nods “if that is what you want, I’m sure he will make you happy.” Julia raises her hand and slaps him on his cheek, not hard, “ You dummy, he’s just training me sort of when I feel ready then I’m going back to you at least part time if not full time.” Adam smiles as they kiss again for a few minutes. 

Julia leads Adam back into the great room holding his hand a smile on both their lips. She leads him to Laura “Master Adam, Master Will has asked me to do this next part, for him. 

Master Adam, the contract has been approved and signed by sex slave Laura, Master Will, and Grand Master Alexander. The contract is as follows. Length is for 6 months in which time a new contract may be sign or Sub may move on. As this is a training contract, at anytime either sub or Master feels this is not working either may break the contract with no harm or foul. “ Julia continues “ as this a training contract and the Submissive Slave name Laura is married a minimal of 3 nights 4 days with her master, and may be extended if need be as long as no harm comes to the slave’s financial well being i.e. not costing her job. The Master is responsible for her physical, emotional, mental well being. The Hard and Soft limits that has been established in the BDSM checklist is in forced. Breaking said Hard limit is automatic breaking of contract.” Julia looks at Master Adam. “ does Master Adam understand so far?” Adam nods “yes I do”. Julia nods “Another thing Master Adams, from Grand Master Alexander “ He says that some of her desires may be fulfilled in training and if so desired by both of you. You may have an assistant to help out and to make sure it does not go to far.” At, your discretion.” “The contract has been signed by all parties involved, and witnessed.”

Julia hands the contract to Adam “ the slave Laura is yours. Take her to her new home.” Adam nods to Julia smiling “ that was very well done, Julia” Adam looks down at Laura “Slave stand up”. Laura stands up keeping her eyes down. “Slave Laura you may look at me. “ Laura looks into his eyes Adam smiles at her “Laura, go kiss your husband goodbye until Sunday at 4 pm. Then we will be leaving, don’t forget your case.”

Laura smiles “yes Master.” Laura runs over to her husband lays her hands on his chest and kisses him tenderly. “thank you my love, I love you, see you Sunday.” Will holds her gently kisses her back. “ have fun love and learn, see you Sunday.” Laura smiles turns goes to case picking it up and looks to her Master waiting.

Adam smiles to her, “lovely outfit, that’s to wear between here and my place?” Laura nods “yes Master, thank you Master” Adam nods waves to everyone else turns and heads out with Laura right behind him as proper.

To be continued

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