Sex, Sword, and Sorcery: Prologue- The Demon’s Manor BY SWORD WRITER


The first of my idea for a Fantasy series set in a world of dragons and magic. It’s also my first erotic story I’ve written.Gwenive woke up, bound by her hands and feet and blindfolded. Her arms were cuffed in a strange glove that made her fingers inner locked together and a rope was pulling them high above her head. Her feet were bounded in a similar fashion so that her toes were forced downwards towards the floor. Beyond that and the blindfold across her eyes, Gwenive was naked. The cold of her surroundings bit at her skin, which caused goosebumps to rise all over her. The young elf shivered.

Without sight, she started to scan the area with her hearing. Somewhere there was the sounds of logs popping from a fire, but she wasn’t close enough to feel it’s warmth. She couldn’t hear birds or night time bugs, so she had to be inside. This was confirmed when from behind her she hear sharp steps on stone, coming closer and louder until they stopped. She heard metal ringing, keys most likely, and soon a heavy door opened and the steps moved into Gwenive’s room. 

“You are awake.” A woman’s voice echoed off the walls. The voice was as cold as the room, as if it couldn’t convey emotions if it wanted to. “Good. I expect you wish to know what is going on, where you are, why you are here, blah blah blah.” The woman’s cold hands touched Gwenive’s face. “So pretty…” the voice whispered before going on. “Where you are isn’t important at all. What’s going on is… something you’ll find out in a bit. And the why… well… you should remember why.” Gwenive thought back to the last memories she had. She had been in a party of three, a sellsword human named Bernard, a tiefling sorceress named Asharia, and herself a ranger guiding them. They had been sent on a quest from a local adventurer’s guild to track down the fiends responsible for the disappearances of young men and women from the town of Dragon’s Maw. Their leads had led them to an abandoned manor that once was home to the local baron, Lady Sliversmith. The group had barely stepped foot in the manor when demonic creatures jumped them. Bernard fell to the beasts fast, and the last Gwenive saw of Asharia was she was screaming an incantation as one demon slammed her head into the floor by her horns while others ripped her clothes from her, eager to plunge their red hot cocks into her. Gwenive might have fallen the same had Asharia’s not gotten off a spell, an explosive magic that threw force and flame outwards from her. Many of the demons had been caught in the blast but so had Gwenive. She awoke to her current situation. “Where is Asharia and Bernard?”

“The human is dead. Fell to my imps quickly. For something so small, they are powerful in groups and easy to make. Your tiefling friend should be birthing a few dozen in the next week or so the way they’ve been at it. She was strong, casting a spell while being ravaged and raped. And in the cell, she fought back for nearly a whole day before her will broke and I didn’t need to even lock the door. She’s submitted to her role as demons’ whore quite nicely.” The cold hands moved gently across Gwenive’s breasts. “It’s the least she can do for destroying the front of my manor. Hopefully she’ll last a few days longer than most. I’d like to get at least three litters out of her cunt before she dies of exhaustion.” The voice moved around Gwenive, so close that the elf could feel the coldness in her breath. “You’re Lady Silversmith? But you died years ago.” 

“Wrong. I’m not. Though I wear her skin, I am someone else. Something else. I am a force of nature, the consequences of a life of dark sins of flesh and pleasure. Lady Silversmith gave her body and soul to me in dark matrimony and I took what was mine.” The voice was finally gaining some tone to it, as the emotional gates had been opened. “And I’ll keep taking until I have the power to release my sisters from their imprisonment and we finally crack the cosmos and let our Mother of Pleasure into this world!” The undead arms of Lady Silversmith wrapped themselves around Gwenive and the puppet corpse kissed the back of her neck. “But to gain that power, I have to take it willingly. Which means I need you to give it to me. But before you say ‘never’, listen to me.” One hand slowly lowered itself down to Gwenive’s sex, the cold fingers dancing across her skin. “I will bring you to the edge of coming a thousand times, keep you begging for release, and never grant it to you. I can fuck you in ways you can’t begin to imagine with tools and parts you never knew existed. Or I could let you suffer the same fate as the tiefling, filled in every hole with demon cum, speaking only in gargled cries of pleasure as imp cock after imp cock drains itself inside you, leaving you so gone mentally, you forgot everything but the feeling of being breed. Or you can give yourself to me now, and I’ll show you the future that my Mother plans for every creature in this world.” Gwenive felt a shiver of pleasure roll through her as Lady Silversmith’s fingers played with her, her breath became more shallow as each spike of lust made it’s way up her body. She feared becoming like Asharia, broken and bred to death. Could she keep her mind long in that situation? Likely not. And she couldn’t escape now, the bounds that held her gave her no give. She had no other choice but to give the demon what she wanted. “I’ll give myself to you willingly if you let Asharia go.” Gwenive’s words sounded stronger than she felt but she hoped that the demon was desperate enough to take the deal. The hands left Gwenive and the sharp footsteps left the room. It seemed like forever before they returned, with another set of weak steps. Gwenive listened as the weak steps moved in front of her. The sharp musk of demon seed filled Gwenive’s nose, nearly gagging her. “What is your name?” Lady Silversmith asked. Asharia’s weak voice struggled to find the words before she finally spoke. “Whore.” 

“And what is it that you want? Freedom? Power?” 

“To be… used… to be… bred…”

Gwenive cried behind her blindfold. “No… You are Asharia. You are a sorceress of great power. You aren’t a whore!”

“Is that true?” Lady Silversmith said with a wicked hint in her voice.

“No… I… I am… a whore… a slut… a cocksleave…”

“NO! NO! NO!” Gwenive screamed as Asharia kept saying lead and awful names the imps had given her. Lady Silversmith’s cold laughter added grim music to the affair, bouncing off the walls like arrows into Gwenive’s ears. “See, I can’t make that deal because there isn’t anyone named Asharia here. Just Whore. And Whore looks a bit hungry. Are you, Whore?” The tiefling quietly said yes. “And what does Whore eat?” “Cocks.” Asharia’s lips said. Gwenive was angry. She shook at her bindings, trying to break free but it was useless. “Well, I don’t have a cock to feed her with. But I think our elven friend can help with that.” Lady Silversmith had moved behind Gwenive and grabbed her again. This time, her hand when straight to Gwenive’s vagina, and two fingers dove inside her without any foreplay. They moved in and out with forceful speed, shooting Sparks of pleasure up Gwenive’s body. The elf let out a moan as the fingers keep moving inside her. “She seems like she’s up to help us feed you, Whore. Let’s give you what you want!” As Lady Silversmith removed her fingers from the elf’s sex, she felt something come out of it. It took her a second to realize that it was something apart of her, and she could feel the cold air touching whatever it was. The experience wasn’t painful, more like was stretching out of her body. Soon the object laid limp over her vagina and touched the inside of her legs. Suddenly the blindfold was off and Gwenive could see a beautiful, pale human woman standing in front of her and Asharia who was naked, bruised, and covered in dirt, blood, and dried cum sitting on her knees before her. The tiefling had one horn broke off somewhere since Gwenive last saw her and her belly had grown by a lot in a short time, fresh stretch marks marked her red skin. Asharia’s eyes were fixated between Gwenive’s legs and as she looked down, she found that she now has a penis. Asharia’s hands moved to caress the new flesh pole, the warm touch caused it to twitch. “Asharia, no…” Gwenive whispered but the tiefling acted as she didn’t hear it. Instead, she kept moving her hands along the length of Gwenive’s cock, causing it to slowly stiffen and rise. It felt good to Gwenive but she still tried to struggle against the pleasure. The two adventurers hadn’t known each other long but the ranger didn’t wish to see such a proud mage like this. How long had she been out? It had to of taken a long time for Asharia to break, hadn’t it? Gwenive looked over at the possessed body of Lady Silversmith, who was leaning against a desk, dressed in a black robe that hung loosely off her shoulders so the large breast of the woman was exposed. The demon was busy playing with her sex while sucking on the fingers that had been inside Gwenive. The whole scene was arousing, but creepy at the same time. That thought didn’t stop Gwenive’s penis from becoming erect, and soon the mass was standing straight out from her body, with Asharia looking at it with lust and desire in her eyes. “The best part is that I never told her to do this. She’s given herself to her fate.” Lady Silversmith said as her pulled her wet fingers from her cunt and over her breast. “You should thank me for given you such a wonderful slut to pleasure you, and a great tool for her to play with.” Gwenive tried to plead with Asharia “Don’t do this! She may have broken your will, but you can still fight back! Don’t do this!”

Asharia looked up at Gwenive, as if she thought about what she said. But it didn’t matter. Asharia took Gwenive’s cock into her mouth, and sucked on it greedily. Gwenive tried to suppress her moan but it slipped from her lips, her body betraying her. Asharia licked the head of the penis and used her hands to stroke the shaft. It took only a few moments for Gwenive to scream from the pleasure as she came into Asharia’s mouth. The tiefling swallowed the first few shots, but Gwenive’s magical cock kept spraying load after load. Soon the tiefling’s cheeks were full and cum dropped out of her mouth and on the floor. Asharia swallowed what she had then dropped to the floor to lick up what she had missed. Lady Silversmith laughed and moaned at the sight. “Yes! That’s a good Whore! Don’t you agree, elf?” Gwenive caught her breath enough to scream “YOU VILE BITCH! WHEN I GET OUT OF THESE SHACKLES I WILL RIP YOUR DEAD HEART FROM YOUR CHEST AND SEND YOU TO THE ABYSS THAT YOU CAME FROM!”

That only got a laugh in reply. The demon moved towards the pair and kicked Asharia out of the way. “Your words are strong but your body tells the truth!” Gwenive could feel her cock hadn’t changed from it’s erect position. “You act as if what I have given you is a curse. You ungrateful bitch!” And Gwenive’s face exploded in pain from a slap from Lady Sliversmith. The demon moved so fast Gwenive didn’t even see her arm move. “I offer you Paradise. I offered you pure pleasure. All you have to do is submit to me.” Lady Silversmith aimed Gwenive’s cock towards her wet sex. “It’s not as if my Mother wants to burn your world. She only wants you to fuck, to love, to shed your preconceived notions of morality. She wants to create a world devoid of hate, jealousy, and greed.” Lady Silversmith began to lower herself into Gwenive, the cold but wet snatch of the undead lady sent a chill through the elf’s body. “When you serve a higher power such as the Mother of Pleasure, you don’t need such useless emotions. You just give yourself to what you truly desire… This!” The demon wrapped her legs around Gwenive’s hips and her arms around her neck. She bounced up and down, each thrust sending Gwenive deeper and deeper within the corpse. Gwenive closed her eyes, trying to think of anything she could do to escape, but she was trapped. The demon was winning. How long could she keep resisting. Could she last a day, a week, a month of this continuous fucking? The ranger moaned again as she felt a second orgasm build down below. It wouldn’t be long before she came within the demon. “Tell me, elf. What is it that you want?” Tears rolled down Gwenive’s cheeks as she realized the truth. She wouldn’t escape. She would be used as a sex toy, a whore, until she died. The demon would rape her, and Asharia until they took their last breath. And they would give birth to demon spawns, litter after litter of them. She knew she was defeated. Nothing would change this. Gwenive dropped her dead down into Lady Silversmith’s chest, the smell of death and incense was strong here. “I want… I want… to…” 

Suddenly, something wet splashed over Gwenive’s face. She opened her eyes to see blood all over Lady Silversmith’s pale breast. A blade was sticking out of them, just a hair’s breathe from Gwenive’s own. The demon dropped down on Gwenive’s cock one more time, causing the elf to come. It was as intense as before and load after load filled the dead woman’s body. Once she stopped, the demon fell back, causing the rest of the short sword to push it’s way through her body. The demon grabbed the blade with a confused look in her face. Behind her, Asharia stood, the faded look gone from her eyes, and she stood above her like an adventurer she was. “I am Asharia. Not Whore anymore!” She raised her hand and called forth a flame from the ether, sending it crashing down on Lady Silversmith. The demon possessed corpse screamed in pain as the flames burned away the flesh and bones until nothing but ash remained. From everywhere, screams of imps echoed through the manor, as they realized their Mistress had been destroyed. 

Asharia quickly worked on untying Gwenive from her restrains then gave her the sword she stabbed Lady Silversmith with. “I hope you got some strength left. There are many imps here and some of the lost people are downstairs alive. We are in for a fight.”

“Good.” Gwenive smiled. “I need to blow off some steam.”

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