Three Mothers plus one & a daughter by NutzBuddy


Lets have fun with the momsJoyce Evans , Monique Gomez & Sonia Smythe we’re all your typical married housewives, except for one odd thing , they were all hypnotized submissives to their respective son/masters.

Chapter 1 

Joyce Evans was a raven haired large breasted thick ass , married woman of 48, she was married to an accountant name Bill , who was now a cuckold , who got extremely turned on watching his stepson , 22 YEAR old Mark dominate & use his wife Joyce .

Monique Gomez was 5ft 10 inches tall without heels (a Colombian Amazon ) she had long sexy legs, perky tits & long brown hair . Married many years to Jose a local fast-food restaurant owner . Monique was owned by her 21 year old son Juan.

Sonia &Charlie had a great marriage . Charlie had made a fortune in the stock market . & now he had given his stepson Arthur enough money so he could open his own strip club. Not known to either Sonia or Charlie , Arthur had hypnotized both of them . Sonia was a 56 year old woman with short grayish /brown hair with big fake tits bought by Charlie (as ordered by Arthur her master/son who was 23 years young ). Sonia was now a premier stripper during the day at the club . In the evening Arthur was her maledom.

Chapter 2- Once A Month

Once a month , Mark, Juan & Arthur and their sex slave moms would get together for their own little swinger’s party . Today Mark was hosting,as always the party began by having their own mother blow them .Joyce was deepthoating Mark,Monique was sucking Juan &Sonia was blowing Arthur.

Once they were all stiff the exchanging began. Mark started fucking Sonia , Juan screwed Joyce and Arthur made the long legged latina Monique wet by shoving his schlong up her wet pussy. The 3 men managed to fuck the three owned mothers in all their wholes before they dumped their loads of jism all over the cumslut faces . 

Once it was over , Monique kissed Arhur’s dickhead in appreciation, Sonia did the same to Mark , as did Joyce to Juan.

Chapter 3 

Collared, leashed, in a lime green bikini & spiked heels, Monique was being led doggy style to her son’s bedroom. She had’nt left the house all day , At breakfast she had blown Juan&swallowed his cum, at lunch she had licked his ass as he jerked off& received a cumfacial. And now before supper they were going to his bedroom to watch lesbian porn & he was gonna fuck her ass &cunt. Monique’s ass from all the anal she had received from Juan was gaped, she had also developed a sexy come fuck me wiggle to her walk , the kind that drives men crazy. She noticed it especially when she went shopping at the mall. Juan her Son/Master had remarked recently that she was fine & that soon she’d have to join Sonia & dance at the strip club.

Sonia in the meantime was blowing Arthur in his office at the strip club, joining them was his newest sex slave Sheila who was currently licking his mom’s cunt. Sheila was his girlfriend’s mother. Cindy was a 20 year old slut who he was dating , who he hypnotized but she mostly just blew him in his car ,he dated Cindy to keep up appearances in the community, but Arthur preferred to dominate married older whores .

Sheila was a kinky red-haired stacked bbw who he had met last week when had dropped Cindy off at home from a date. Unemployed he hired her as his personal assistant at the club. He had initiated her 2 days earlier , Hev had fucked her face pussy& ass she had received a cumfacial, and for added effect he had pissed all over her face & given her a golden shower . Just thinking of what he had done to Sheila , Arthur realized he had cum in his mom’s mouth & Sonia swallowed his manjuice as she hummed an orgasm aroung his cockmeat from the clit-licking she had received from Sheila .

Monique meanwhile had received an anal creampie from her son /master Juan. And now Juan prepared her for her marital bed He first buttplugged Monique & then made sure she was ballgagged& wearing her collar & leash as he lead her like a dog & had her lay down next to Jose. Jose had just just arrived home from a hard days work & the happily married couple Jose &Monique settled down for a rest& sleep. He always had his folks sleep together , smirked Jose.

Chapter 4 

It had been a great day so Arthur had dropped by Cindy’s & picked up Cindy & her mom Sheila & decided he’d find a secluded spot out at lovers lane & get a mother daughter blowjob , in the backseat of his Chevy Nova , Sheila was licking his nuts as Cindy sucked his bone , then they switched spots .Arthur decided he wanted to wack off before he’d cum all over their faces. So he had Sheila & Cindy french kiss . And then he told Cindy to take off Sheila’s top & suck on her mom’s tits. They both first time lezzies but were doing a great job. Arthur was about to cum so he jerked off all over Sheila’s face as Cindy continued tit- licking. Once Arthur was done, Cindy was told to lick her mom’s face and they shared her master’s jism . Both would make great pornstars he thought. Maybe he’d make mother/daughter xxx vids out of the strip club he thought??? Readers what do you think should Arthur make xxx $$$ using Sheila & Daughter Cindy ?

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