My Buddy’s Mom is now an obsession by iamscrwd


Mostly true but with a little bit of wishful thinkingMy buddy’s Mom is now an obsession. 

Could not stop thinking about Rachel since I dropped her off at her friends yesterday and now I was heading over to pick her up. My anxiety and sense of urgency out of proportion to reality and now I was pulling up to Sue’s house an hour sooner than I was supposed to.

It did not matter. Sue opened the door and after the initial reaction of surprise, her expression went to a mock pout.

“Sorry stud muffin, Rachel left just a little while ago. Apparently Russell and Mr. Wagner got back in town earlier than expected.” Sue explained, and then leaned forward out of the door.

Whispering in my ear, “too bad my daughter is here other wise I would invite you in” as her fingers slowly cascaded down the front of my shirt, pausing ever so slightly at the top of my shorts.

My stomach reacted by sucking in from the light touch…the waist of my shorts bridged between my hipbones.

The opening allowed Sue’s long fingers unrestricted access and the tips of her fingers immediately found the head of my dick as it hardened to attention.

“Woo…” Sue cooed, as she thrust her hand down the front of my shorts enveloping my cock within her hand, sliding further down cradling my testicles in her palm, “oh…too bad, I was so looking forward taking advantage of you.”

I heard a door close somewhere in the house behind her. Sue quickly pulled her hand out of my shorts.

‘Way too bad…maybe next time?” She smiled and gave me a wink as she almost closed the door on my face.

Shit…now I was really horny, my dick was so hard I had trouble walking back to the car.

Against all common sense, I pointed my car towards Rachel…er, I mean Russell’s house. But as I neared their home, my upper head started to overcome my lower head and realized it might not be the best time to show up when my lover’s husband was back in town. Maybe we could meet somewhere later…so I sent a text to her.

No immediate response, maybe she is tied up with them just getting home and all. Figured that I would waste some time hanging out downtown…but after a couple of hours of that and not getting a response, I headed home.

Without thinking, I sent more texts, about one and hour…still no responses.
Tried to rationalize…from thinking that she really did not have time, to well maybe this is for the best…glad to have had the opportunity and let us leave it at that. She is my buddy’s Mom after all.

Woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night with a raging hard on and dreams of Rachel and I having hard, violent sex. But that was just what it was…dreams.

Since Russell and I trade off driving each to school and it was Russell’s turn, my opportunity to accidentally run into Rachel was going to be slim to none this week. And, unless she would answer my text messages, I was out of luck. She did not.

The next weekend, I was stuck working both Saturday and Sunday, and more of my texting came up without a response.

Then late Sunday, Lori showed up at the store where I worked and made a beeline directly to the meat counter where I worked.

Now almost every day this past week I had seen Lori, but she too seemed to make pains to avoid me. Something was definitely up.

“Hey, MMF…we need to talk”. Lori at least was as sarcastic as ever.

I motioned her to a hallway.

“You have to stop texting your now ex-lover…my Mom”, she said it with almost a derogatory relish.

“You two are done…too risky, Mom says it was great but not right…then of all things she suggested we hook up,” Lori threw her head backwards with haughty sounding laugh.

“Don’t think so…unless I need a lap dog for sloppy seconds”, again with the sarcasm.

Then she turned and began to walk away, stopped, looked over her shoulder, “but then you never know” the word hung in the air as she blew me a kiss.

Well, guess that answered that…Rachel was done with me…I was hurt, but not heartbroken, just a deprived feeling.

The next week was my turn to drive, but the first few days Russell met me at the end of the driveway, so never had a chance to even get a glimpse of her.

Finally, on Thursday, Russell must have been running late so I pulled up the driveway.

I saw her walk past a window…with just that short silky robe that I had peeled off her shoulders the weekend before last. My lust rose quickly and I opened the car door.

But as I stood and faced the house, Rachel was in the window with her hand held out and her mouth forming a NO.

I got back in the car just as Russell came out.

No such luck the next day.

Saturday early morning Russell called and asked if I could drive him to work because his Dad needed his car for a golf outing. Maybe another chance to see Rachel…told him to give me a half.

This time Rachel met me at the door…damn she looked hot, again in the short silk robe, just open enough to reveal the inner globes of those fine tits, the rush of wind from opening the door lifted one side of the lower portion of the robe. For an instant I could make out her mound through the sheer material of her bikini underwear.

“Sorry about the last couple of weeks…can not risk it anymore…come back after you drop off Russell and I will explain” she said in a very urgent tone, just as Russell walked up behind her.

Russell had a goofy expression on his face as he eyed his mother up and down, then rolled his eyes. “For Christ sake Mom…somebody in the neighbor hood will see you flashing Jay”.

Even though in the back of my mind I knew that this was probably going to be the official end of very short affair, I barely let Russell shut the car door when I dropped him off.

I raced back to Russell’s house…could not have been gone fifteen, maybe twenty minutes at the most.

Took multiple knocks before Rachel opened the door…she must have been just getting out of the shower as she was still wet…the robe sticking to specific points of contact.

“Jeez Jay…what did you do fly? I barely got out of the shower”. She said as she shushed me in.

“Let me get dressed…then we can talk,” She turned towards the stairs.

“That’s ok…you do not have to get dressed” I said half-heartedly with the biggest possible smile.

The smile was contagious as a smile came across her face, “Uhm…yes I do, this is a conversation to let you down…not up” her eyebrows rose along with her voice.

“Me or you?” I questioned jokingly as her now tout nipples projected from the thin fabric of her robe.

Her eyes followed mine to her chest…the smile still on her face, and then she closed her eyes and bit her lip.

I closed the two-step gap between us in one stride.

She raised her head and again the word no formed on her lips just before mine met hers.

Her hands opened against my chest, starting to push me back, but her effort was short lived. Instead they worked behind my head pulling me closer to her.

My hands were soon all over her as the robe slid to the floor, Rachel’s smooth, soft, still damp body yielded its treasures to my fingers.

Do not remember going from the bottom of the stairs to both of us naked on her bed, my cock embedded deep within her, our lust overwhelming us. Barely a couple of weeks apart had apparently built an insatiable desire.

First I was on top, then she rolled me over and took control, either way our rhythm never broke stride. I wanted to hold on forever…and from Rachel’s violence she was hanging on too.

Just as Rachel dug her nails into my chest, arched her back, and yelped loud…I exploded deep within her…filling her with a multitude of ever receding after shocks.

She collapsed on me, but I was not through. I needed her whole body so I rolled her over and explored her with my mouth, tits, her nipples that are so exquisite, then her flat stomach…and finally the promised land. 

Spent a good fifteen minutes showing my love for her cunt when I felt her pull my dick to her mouth. Another fifteen minutes, I was ready to cum again…but I wanted it elsewhere.

As if we were a practiced synchronized team, we were now in a normal missionary position, my cock at the entrance of her womanhood. Her cunt began to yield, and then pulled me in.

We fucked long and hard…neither of us willing to give up the moment. Cannot say how long…but longer than ever before. It was unsustainable though, and as her legs came up and locked across my back…my rhythm was starting to escalate.

From her rocking and writhing, she too was building to a climax …Rachel did not hold back…she screamed…her finger nails again digging into me, my cock exploding deep within her.

Then….”SON OF A BITCH!” a yell came from the open door behind me.

My head spun…Rachel’s stretched around my shoulder…there was Russell, his face bright red in anger, his fists clenched at his side.

“YOU MOTHER FUCKER!” He screamed as he slammed the door.

I scrambled to get my clothes on…Russell was stomping up and down the driveway when I caught up to him.

Anger seethed from his eyes…and before I could say anything, he nailed me with a hard right cross. Down I went.

Now, I know that if push came to shove, I could take Russell. But…my guilt, shame…whatever precluded me from doing anything but avoiding additional pummeling.

I jumped to my feet and avoided two wild swings from him and tried to say something to him.

Instead…he yelled, “Get the fuck off our families property…you are not welcome here anymore”.

I left just as he slammed the door on the house.

The thought hit me like a brick…I went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows within minutes.

A few hours later at work, I got a text from Rachel. It said she had calmed Russell down and hoped he would keep his silence, but that I should not expect Russell to be my friend again…and that she and I just had our last hooray.

We were done.

The next week I stayed as clear away from Russell at school as possible and it appeared he did too. But Lori cornered me once and sarcastically made it known that I fucked up for sure and now I did not have to ever, worry about the benefit of her sloppy seconds. 

At the end of the week there was note stuck in my locker. Definitely came from Russell.

“How would you like it if I did your mom? Or better yet…if I told your mom that you did my mom?”

Holy shit…if he told my Mom…no fucking way. Mom threw Dad out about eight years ago because he apparently had an affair with a married friend of hers. Rachel and her were friends too…plus Rachel has known me since I was in diapers. Mom would throw me out in a heartbeat.
Thankfully Friday night came and went without any catastrophe, even my younger sister did not give any indication of my issues with Russell and she was a quasi friend of Lori’s at school.

Saturday morning started out great too. I had to work the morning shift so I was up early, but Mom got up earlier and made me breakfast.

Mom generally got up early on the weekend because she is an avid jogger, has even run quite a few marathons. And though I never tried to think about her in this way, she is pretty attractive…a relatively thin athletes body and as she stood with her back towards me…I had to chuckle as a memory popped into my head.

A couple of years ago, Russell and I had volunteered for a charity run, part of a larger marathon event. We joined in at about the halfway point where a fork in the road dovetailed into the main road.

Well, at the time both of us were sixteen and of course hormones were raging. Where we dovetailed in was with the female runners and the first thing we did was check out the spandex laden runners around and in front of us.

One, about fifty yards ahead of us, garnered both our attention. She had a very muscular shape and the firmest ass on top of two long slender legs. Her blond ponytail trailed in her wake.

Russell elbowed me and nodded in her direction, I nodded back and we both put it into overdrive.

Being cool, we maintained our straight-ahead concentration until we were dead even…with her between us.

At the same time Russell and I turned towards her….Holy Shit! It was my Mom.

She did not have a clue as to what we did, but internally I was embarrassed as hell.

And then annoyed as Russell dropped behind her and stared at her firm, tight ass.

So that is what I thought of with Mom standing at our kitchen counter.

Do not get me wrong, Mom is very pretty but she is more of a runner than a clotheshorse.

But at thirty-eight, now, not then, she has just the same physical physique as if she was college runner. Right down to her chest, it is obvious in the skintight spandex running suits her boobs are barely a handful.

For a fleeting moment I wondered what she would look like next to Rachel…oh well, had to get to work.

All day the thought of the note kept popping up in my brain, and then the image of my Mom. By the end of the shift, my mind had rationalized the possibility of Russell and my Mom. The more and more I thought about it, yeah…I guess my Mother is more than doable.

I scrolled through the chronology of time since Dad got kicked out. It took a couple years before Mom even went on a date, and since then, I could count on one hand the dates. Only one guy actually came around more than once…that was four years ago. He was my eighth grade science teacher…Gregg. They met at teacher-parent conference.

He was in his first year of teaching, at least new to our area. Thinking about it, he could not have been more than twenty-five at the time…and Mom would have been about thirty-four.

In after thought, all but one of the guys she dated was younger than her…all by more than a couple of years. Holy shit…my Mom is a cougar!

Ok…ok, it does make sense, she is so physically active, maybe guys her age cannot stay up with her…I meant athletically…then my dirty mind jumped to thought if her athletics related to her performance in bed. Damn…what the hell brought that thought on?

Driving home I had put all those thoughts to rest and concentrated on the music emanating from speakers. Then just as I was approaching the intersection connecting the main road to the county road taking me home…I saw Russell drive past.

He was coming from the direction of my home. The hair on the back of my neck rose…perspiration popped out of my forehead…could swear that I even smelled fear.

I drove extremely slow those last couple of miles and took my time going into the house, trying to gather my thoughts for what was surely going to be some kind of confrontation with my Mother. The best-case scenario would be that Russell nailed her…might lower my impression of her…maybe slightly, but knowing her, she would not allow any actions out of spite. If not, and she went her normal high road attitude…I might be sleeping in my car for the rest of my life.

Entering the house as quietly as possible, the first thing I noticed was the big bottle of wine sitting on the kitchen table. And then, my Mom’s hand reaching forward and setting down a half filled glass in front of her.

Mom slowly raised her head, her eyes boring through me as if I was a maggot. Obviously…she did not get laid. Worst-case scenario was upon me.

She gulped down the remaining wine in the glass and as she started to refill it, “Sit your ass down,” she demanded in a commanding tone, that and the fact my Mom rarely swore, I immediately plunked my butt down.

Mom has never had more than a small glass of wine as far back as I can remember, and even at that she would get a little tipsy, so her slugging down a tumbler full fortified the thought I was in major trouble.

From the remaining contents of the bottle, this was not her first glass.

She took another gulp…and it started, “Your buddy Russell stopped over…he…he…” that was the end of the introduction I guess, “What the FUCK were you thinking?”

“You…you…with one of my best friends…” and then after taking another slug of wine, “where have I gone wrong? You…you went to bed with Rachel? YOU HAD SEX WITH HER”, more of a scream than a question.

Not letting up, “Jay…she old enough to be your Mother! Sonofabitch…she is older than your Mother! She is your best friends mother for Christ sake!” She threw the empty tumbler, it whizzed past me clanking loudly against the wall.

Mom slammed her clenched fists on top of the table, “Damn it! I raised a fucking pervert! What kind of fucking mother am I?” She said more out of anger than self-evaluation.

“I have to figure out what to do…this is really, really fucked up”, Mom stood up and went to the cupboard pulling two tumblers out.

Mom was just wearing jogging shorts and a loose V-neck t-shirt…totally non-descript. But for some reason, maybe her attempting to control an out burst of rage through her anger, or maybe the effects of the wine…possibly both. She made no attempt at modesty.

When she reached up to get the tumblers, the lower globes of her firm ass cheeks were exposed by the leg openings pulling up when she stretched.

Cannot believe, I am getting verbally reamed due to me not using restraint acceptable to normal societal protocols…and here I am admiring the fine, firm, curves of my own Mother’s ass.

Mom turned around, hesitated a moment, then…”What the fuck is wrong with you…wipe that smirk off you face! Do you think this is a joke? What the fuck???” Mom’s words slurred a little.

Mom leaned over setting the glasses down, pushing one over to me. My eyes immediately focused on the opening of her V-neck. I stared at two firm, fine, half a grapefruit size mounds. Mom does have tits!

My brain quickly evaluated, picturing Lori leaning over…now my Mom…Mom’s were more filled, a little larger.

It took Mom a moment or so and then she followed my eyes.
“Shit! You…God damn it!” Mom exclaimed as she quickly sat down…her tits jiggling just so…and then her nipples poked the fabric of her t-shirt.

I was actually getting horny…wanted to find Rachel…maybe even Lori…good thing my sister was out with friends for the day…what the hell…where did that thought come from. Then the thought…if that was not my Mom sitting across from me…no, stop right there.

Mom reached to fill up her glass…then poured some in the other glass, the stretch almost exposing her right tit. She caught me looking and sat back with a look of disgust on her face.

“Take a drink” Mom commanded.

I hate wine…but did it anyway, the liquid actually burning as it flowed down my throat.

Mom again followed my eyes…they were focused on her now tout nipples.

“Jay!” she yelled getting my attention, “I am your Mother for God’s sake…these are your mother’s…not some whore on the street.”

“You…you’re…you are not…no, not possible,” she went from starting a question to answering it without me knowing what it is.

She sucked down half of her wine in her glass…for some reason I did too. It was now obvious that the wine was having an affect on her; she had a slight glaze on her eyes.

A minute or so passed, she had crossed her arms in front of her, blocking my view. Then she pushed her hands down and straightened up in the chair. Her firm tits pushed at the fabric. It was an unintended move on her part and due to the wine; it took a second or so for her to adjust. She gave her head a slight shake and I heard a “Jeez” emit quietly from her mouth.

Mom then stared straight into my eyes, the fog lifting, “Jay…I am trying to take this all in and account for all the causes…maybe it isn’t all my fault, but I know at your age your libido is almost uncontrollable…I should have had a better handle on it”.

Why is she even trying to somehow take responsibility…it was making no sense to me.

Instead my brain was working as to whether or not, if I was Russell, and had the opportunity…hell yeah, my mother was doable. Damn straight!

“Jay…JAY!” Mom now screamed, “Are you listening to me?”

“Ah…Uhm…yeah…I guess”, but really was not, the wine had me completely on a different tangent…sort of.
“What was I saying then?” Mom questioned.

“Something about if you would have done differently…and my uncontrollable libido…or hormones…something to that affect.” And then I added, “Mom…you are pretty hot too”.

“What the fu…I’m your mother…where the hell did that come from?” The shock seemed to force her to take another gulp of wine.

I did like wise.

“Uhm…I dunno…but you are”, I said after swallowing.

She took another slug, and then, “You are a fucking pervert…”

But she made no effort to cover up her pert tits pushing protruding sharp nipples, as her hands again were shoved down at her sides.

The expression on her face though gave no indication of me making any type of advance.

A moment or two of dead silence passed, then “do kids your age not have boundaries?”

It was a question delivered with a serious undertone…compelling me to answer.

“Maybe…mostly physical…but…” did not know how to finish, never thought of my Mom that way, and now did not want to close the door on the possibility.

Of course the affects of the wine had something to do with that too. And from what I could detect, a lot on my Mom’s current state also.

“But what…family? Age?” Mom questioned sharply.

“Uh…not necessarily.” Again, did not want to put myself into a box.

“Do I have to worry about you and your sister…me?” Mom’s tone faded slightly

What the hell, did not even think about my sister, but…she is not too bad looking for sixteen years old…pretty much a mirror image of Mom.

My lack of a quick comeback initiated a, “You pig!” from Mom.

“Ah…uhm…no…it wasn’t that, I…” trying to find the correct context.

“What do you mean…we are safe? Too young, too old…because we are family? Too ugly…too short, too tall? What are you trying to say?” Mom was definitely letting the alcohol talk. 

But this also had an affect my response.

“Well yeah Mom…I’m safe…don’t think there is anything wrong with me…no you are not too young…err, I mean not too old…definitely not ugly,” and then I blurted out without thinking, “I would do you in a heartbeat”.

“Do what?” her head tilted at a funny angle.

“Uhm…I dunno…have sex with you?” my weak attempt at a probe with a hint of naiveté.

“Jay…Jay…do you have any idea what you are saying? Are you drunk?” It appeared to hit her that I might be a little intoxicated…some how this was humorous to her.

“Uh…maybe a little…but…I would” my answer was tinged by the smile now spreading across my face.

She laughed, and at the same time shook her torso allowing her tits to swing back and forth under her t-shirt, drawing my attention to them again. “Jeez…Jay, you’re a pig”.

Mom stood up, a bit uneasy, and then refilled her glass. As she set down her glass, she slipped slightly almost loosing her balance. I quickly jumped up and reached out.

I thought that I was going to grab her upper arm…but Mom corrected herself by swinging her upper body to her left. My open hand was now a whisker thickness from her left tit. 

She froze…I froze…I could almost feel the fuzz of the fabric…my hand not more than maybe a thousandth of an inch from touching her tit.

Mom looked down…”Jay…you pig. Don’t you even think about it”.

I took that as a dare.

My hand clasped on her left tit. It was actually bigger than I thought…her tit was bigger than my hand.

“You SonOFABITCH”, came out of her mouth…but she did not pull away.

Even though her eyes were slightly glazed from the wine, they burned into mine with a well-known intensity I have seen over the years when I over stepped my bounds.

Yet she still did not pull way, instead she reached to the table with her other hand and picked up the glass of wine. While she did that, her weight pushed slightly against my hand…could not help myself…I gave her tit a squeeze.

She downed the entire glass, my hand still coupled to her tit, and then she straightened towards me…looked down at her hand-encapsulated tit, “are you enjoying yourself?” The slurred question was a mix of sarcasm and alcohol.

Before she had time to even get another breath, my left hand grabbed her right tit.

Mom’s hands went straight for my wrists, clamping them tightly, she made a slight movement, a slight pressure to push them away. The pushing was so slight and lasted less than a heartbeat. Both of my hands took advantage and I felt the fullness of each breast in a couple of quick squeezes.

She still had a stern expression on her face as she looked at me with an air of defiance, but her hands were no longer pushing, but pulling.

Do not know what prompted me at that instant…but I leaned towards her, my lips touching hers. Her head jerked back slightly, then came back forward. I lightly pecked with my lips, hers responded. Both of us then yielded our mouths…our tongues moving around each ours.

Completely lost on me was the fact this was my Mother…I hope she also lost the familial connection.

My hands somehow found their way under her t-shirt; the flesh was hot to the touch. Did not even feel myself slide around the barrier presented by the corner of the table, we were now standing toe to toe, one of my hands still on one tit, the other pulling her closer by cupping one cheek of her ass.

My Mother’s hand had found my rigid pole, she slid up and down through the fabric of my shorts, squeezing, as if she was testing its hardness. She went up and down a couple of times and then slid her hand up the bottom of my shorts…she now had my naked cock in her palm.

There was no going back, I was not to be denied. With barely breaking our embrace, my hands slid her t-shirt over her head…her tits now completely unencumbered. 

She pulled my shorts down and I stepped out of them at the same time my shirt was thrown across the room.

Mom stepped back…made one wiggle as she pushed her jogging shorts past her hips and then effortlessly kicked them to the side.

Her entire body naked…nothing to inhibit my vision, she is absolutely beautiful. Firm half a grapefruit size tits, flat hard stomach, slightly protruding hipbones, and…a completely shaved pussy…not one hair…I almost felt dirty with my short pubis. 

Mom was returning the visual assessment, and even through alcohol glazed eyes, I noticed the sinister smile as her eyes settled on my hard cock.

“I dare you…”, came playfully out of my mouth.

“Yeah…right…like I need a dare,” Mom slightly slurred as she made the step between us disappear, grabbing my cock firmly while she turned and pulled me towards my bedroom.

The total debauched thought of me doing my Mother heightened my anticipation as I was almost pushing her. It was obvious that she was drunker than I had remembered her being and wanted to make sure I accomplished my now goal before her inhibitions were restored.

Sis Watches by Koyote


The sister walks in while he’s taking a showerJohn was taking a shower after he got home from work when he heard the bathroom door open. He tried to look through the frosted glass of the shower doors when the shampoo ran down his face and got into his eyes. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly as he kept rinsing his face in an attempt to rinse the soap out of his eyes and tear ducts.

“Damn, that stings,” John said aloud.

He turned the water off and opened the shower door and keeping his eyes squeezed shut tightly as he blindly reached for the towel rack searching for his towel. His hand felt along the wall unable to find his towel.

“Your towel fell on the floor; it’s to your right.”

He recognized his younger sister’s voice. What was she doing in the bathroom while he showered?

John bent down and searched to his right and found the towel. He stood up and pulled the towel up to his face and dabbed his face and his eyes and then opened his stinging and watering eyes to see his sister sitting calmly on the closed toilet seat lid watching him.

“Ah sis… I’m naked here.”

“Yeah, I can definitely see that,” his sister replied grinning.

Karen made no move to leave. Her eyes traveled appraisingly up and down her brother’s dripping physique.

“Is there something that I can do for you Karen?”

“You’re actually doing it.”

“What am I doing… what are you doing in here?

“I’ve never seen a naked guy before. Well not in person, I’ve seen pictures and videos on the internet but I’ve never actually seen a naked guy before. Seeing naked guys in person is a lot more impressive than seeing them on a flat screen.”

“I think you might be too young sis to be worried about looking at naked guys.”

“Too young? Most of the girls that I know say that they have already seen naked guys… some claim to have even seen their erections. Several girls claimed to have even touched a guy’s hardon. A couple of the more adventurous ones have told stories claiming that they have gone a lot further than just looking and touching a guy’s erection too.”

“Do you believe them?” John said as he stood there dripping water while holding the towel in front of his genitals. It came as a complete surprised to John that his younger sister was interested in seeing him naked. He wondered how far her curiosity about naked guys would allow her to go.

“Janet said that I could go to her house if I wanted to see a naked guy. Apparently her brother parades around the house naked all the time. He stays naked even when she’s there and even when she brings her friends over too. She says that he will even let her and her friends watch him jacking off if they show him their tits while he does it.”

“Are you going to take her up on her invitation and go over there and watch her brother jack off?”

“I told Janet that I don’t think that I’d want to watch HER brother jacking off, or even see him naked. I’d much rather see you naked then her fat slob of a brother. Janet agreed with me, she said that she would prefer to see you naked also.”

His sister’s desire to see a naked guy surprised John. He took it as a compliment that her and her girlfriend wanted to see him naked. His curiosity was peeked. Was his sister telling him about Janet’s brother letting girls watch him masturbate because she’s hinting that she’d wanted to watch him jacking off?

“So you came in here just so you can see me naked?”

“I could only think of one guy I wanted to see naked. You don’t really mind if I check out your bod, do you? You always said that I could ask you anything about sex and you’d tell me the truth.”

“I don’t remember you asking me about letting you see me naked,” John laughed.

“I figured that if I’d asked you if I could see you naked, I’m pretty sure that you would’ve said yes. So I came in here to ask you if you would let me see you naked,” Karen grinned back at her brother.

“That’s a circuitous argument sis,” John laughed, “but I’ll let you get away with it this time because you’re right. If you would’ve asked, I’d said yes. So you can check out my body if you want, I don’t really mind if you look. But do me a favor, go stand over by the door and don’t say anything. I’ll just do what I normally do. I’m going to have to try to act like you’re not even in here.”

“Why do I have to go stand by the door?”

“Because you can’t stand this close to me sis when I’m naked or something might pop up that you didn’t expect to see.”

“Okay! But… what makes you think that I don’t want to see that too?” 

Karen jumped up and hustled over to the bathroom door and turned and leaned her back against it, she grinned and stared at her naked brother.

John stood in the shower stall and did his best to try and ignore the fact that his little sister was staring at his naked body. Did she just admit that she wanted to see his erection?

John lifted the towel to his hair and covered his head and started rubbing the towel on his head. He took his time so that his sister could get a good look at his body without her being embarrassed about staring.

He dried his chest, his arms, and his stomach and his groin area. He glanced at his sister; she was staring at his limp dick. Then he turned his back to his sister and flipped the towel over his shoulder, grabbed the other end and see-sawed the towel back and forth across his back. Then he dried his butt and his thighs and then turned back around and faced in the direction of his sister again. He stepped out of the shower and put one foot up on the toilet seat and dried his shin and foot and then switched and put his other foot up on the seat and dried that one. When he put his foot back down on the floor and turned around he was startled to find his sister standing directly behind him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you, I just wanted to get a closer look,” Karen glanced up at John’s eyes and then immediately went back to looking at his dick, “by the way John; you got a very muscular butt.”

“Well thanks sis, I’m glad that you like it… I think you got a sexy butt.”

“Really… when did you see my butt?”

“Every time you walk around the house wearing just your underwear.”

“Then you’ve never seen me naked?”

“Nope… As much as I’ve wanted to I never have. Maybe I should come in here the next time that you’re taking a shower and ask you if I could watch you while you’re naked,” John grinned back at his sister.

“You can if you want to… I’d be nervous but I wouldn’t mind it if you saw me naked, if you really wanted to.”

“Ah come on, don’t tease me like that sis, I’d love to see you naked. I’d love to check out those budding little titties of yours and that shapely little butt.”

John turned his back to his sister and tossed his towel over the top of the shower door and spread it out to dry and then turned to the mirror and started combing his hair as he glanced at his sister’s face in the mirror.

He noticed that his sister was still blushing but it didn’t stop her eyes from roaming up and down his body. She moved off to one side so that she could get a better look at his dangling dick and testicles.

John felt a twinge in his dick. He was already horny and his little sister standing there staring at his nakedness just made him more so. He could feel his dick starting to grow and knew that he was going to get a hardon and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He also knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide his upcoming erection from his sister, even if he wrapped a towel around his waist, it would just raise the towel, so he just turned and faced his little sister.

Karen’s eyes widened as she stared down at his dick. She could see it getting longer and fatter. She quickly glanced up at her brother’s face.

“Are you… are you getting a hardon? Why are you getting a hardon?”

“Because my sexy ass little sister is staring at my dick. You did come in here hoping to see more than just me being naked right; you came in here hoping to see my erection, didn’t you?”

“No, I just wanted to see you naked, but this is like an unexpected bonus. So you’re getting a hardon just because I’m here?”

“Sexy girls have that effect on me.”

“You think that I’m sexy?”

“Do you see how quickly my dick is getting hard? Why do you think that I’m getting a hardon? It’s because you’re a sexy ass little shit and you wanted to see it.”

Karen continued to stare as her brother’s dick finished getting completely rigid and stuck out at about a thirty degree angle away from his body.

“WOW! I bet Janet would love to get her hands on your dick!”

“You think so eh?”

“Oh yeah! She said she wants to see if she can make some guy’s dick squirt that white stuff the same way her brother makes his squirt.”

“You could make it squirt, if you wanted to. I could show you how,” John offered brashly.

“Ah, I think I’d ah… I’d ah rather watch Janet doing it first, if you don’t mind,” Karen said as she nervously glanced up from staring at John’s erection to his face. Her eyes were wide with excitement. She breathed rapidly through her open mouth. Her eyes kept returning to John’s stiff dick.

John was excited as he tried to persuade his sister. He tried to instill a sense that this was something that she could miss out on altogether if she didn’t act on this golden opportunity right now.

“Okay, if you’d prefer to watch Janet doing it.., rather than doing it yourself, I guess that would be okay with me.”

John tried to convince his sister as he turned away from her and faced the mirror. He watched her reflection in the mirror. He could see the struggle she was going through on her face, the indecision.

“So it would be okay with you if Janet tried to make you squirt?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I would enjoy it more if you did it. But if you’re too scared and you’d rather watch her doing it, yeah, I guess I’d let Janet do it if you wanted me to. But you’d still want to watch, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yeah, I want to see that too. But, I think I’d rather watch her do it the first time. And then I wouldn’t be so scared. Once I see how she does it then maybe I could do it too.”

John was losing hope. He’d hoped that his little sister would just reach out and grab his dick and start jacking him off. But it started to look like this erection was going to go to waste.

“Well okay then, if that’s the way you want it.”

“Yeah.., then I guess I should call Janet?”

“Okay, but you need to make sure that she really wants to do that. Make sure that she’s not just making up stories about her brother jacking off in front of her and her friends to try to impress you.”

Karen nodded in agreement and turned and headed for the bathroom door. She pulled the door open and stuck her head out in the hallway.

“Janet,” Paula yelled down the hallway.

John’s head snapped in the direction of the bathroom door. He thought that Karen was going to phone Janet and invite her over. He was only half serious about letting Janet jack him off; he was trying to get his sister to do it. He had no idea that Janet was currently in the house.

It took Janet about ten seconds to appear in the bathroom doorway.

“John wants me to make sure that you really want to do this. I think he just wants to make sure that we don’t tell anybody,” Karen told Janet.

Janet’s head turned suddenly as she looked across the bathroom at her friend’s brother. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open as she saw that John was standing there completely naked with a massive erection bobbing around in the air.

She quickly stepped past Karen and kept eyeing John’s nakedness as she approached him. She stopped in front of John and stared down at his erection.

“Yours is bigger than my brother’s,” Janet looked up at John with a nervous and obviously excited look on her face.

Janet being in the house had caught John completely off guard. He was trying to get his sister to play with his stiff dick and hadn’t actually taken his sister’s discussion about Janet seriously. It was just vaguely interesting to him to find out that Janet watched her brother jacking off. He was only interested in that story because he figured that Karen was using Janet’s brother as an example to try to get him to do the same thing in front of her. He’d enjoy demonstrating that for Karen if that’s what she wanted to see. But if Janet really did want to see if she could jack a guy off and make him squirt, then hell yeah, he’d volunteer for that! And if his sister really did want to watch Janet jacking him off, that makes it even better.

“Can I touch it?” Janet looked up at John.

“Only if you use both hands Janet. I don’t want you to just touch it; I want you to feel it. Feel its shape, feel how hard you two girls make my dick.”

Janet started breathing through her open mouth as she looked at John’s erection. She slowly reached out with both hands and started fondling John’s dick.

John looked down and stared at Janet’s hands as she started fondling him. She felt the shape of his dick, from the head of his dick all the way down to his balls. She squeezed his dick, she stroked his shaft, and she tickled the head of his dick with her fingernails. Her hands felt fantastic. Her fondling was making his knees weak.

Karen stepped up next to Janet and stared down at Janet’s hands as her friend played with John’s erection.

“So do you two want to try and make me cum?”

“I think I can, but I’m not sure,” Janet confirmed.

John turned his body towards his sister.

“Let Karen feel it now,” John offered.

Karen looked up at her brother as she stepped in closer and looked down at his erection just as Janet took her hands away. Karen reached out and carefully wrapped her fingers around the shaft of John’s dick as her other hand cupped his testicles in her palm.

“Do you feel how warm it is sis? Squeeze it… feel how hard it is.”

Karen fondled her brother’s erection as she breathed shallowly through her open mouth. Each time Karen squeezed John’s erection; John sighed and slumped a little more.

“Do you think Janet can make you squirt?”

“Well… let’s all just go to my bedroom and we’ll find out,” John suggested even though he already knew the answer to that question. The bigger question in his mind was how long could he hold off cumming with these two girls wanting to see him squirting.

He also knew that it was a good thing that his sister had stopped squeezing his dick because had she kept that up she would have found out how quickly her hands would have had him squirting cum all over her blouse.

John grabbed his wet towel off the shower door and took it with him as he turned and headed for the bathroom door. As he walked away from his sister and her friend he noticed that neither one could take their eyes off his bouncing dick. The two girls followed him down the hallway whispering to each other, he figured that they were talking about his ass. He walked into his bedroom and walked over to his bed and sat down.

Janet followed him to his bed and when he sat down she dropped to her knees in front of him. Karen stopped a couple of feet away from his bed and just watched.

“You guys want to see me cum. So what do I get to look at while you guys watch that?”

Janet immediately started unbuttoning her blouse. Karen started pulling her blouse up out of her shorts and off over her head. John didn’t say anything as he watched and waited. Soon both girls were topless.

“You both have nice breasts, but you know what I want to see even more than your tits? I’m a butt man. I’m sitting here naked and I think that it’s only fair if you two get naked also. How about you two taking your panties off for me so that I can see your beautiful pussies and your tight little butts.”

Both girls blushed as they looked at each other. Janet gave in first, she shrugged her shoulders, stood up, and started pulling her shorts and pants down. Karen hesitated a moment and then she started pulling her shorts and pants down also. In less than thirty seconds the two girls were naked in John’s bedroom.

John eyed the two nubile nudes. He’d never had a naked girl in his bedroom before. His dick throbbed at the sight of them. He scooted backwards on his bed and lay in the middle. He patted the side of his bed indicating that he wanted Janet to lay down with him.

Janet climbed up on the bed and stretched her nude body out alone side of him, she rested her head on his chest and reached out and without asking permission wrapped her fist around his erection. John sighed with pleasure. He motioned for his naked sister to come closer and stand next to the bed on the opposite side than Janet.

Janet started by squeezing John’s shaft first because that’s what she’d seen her brother doing to his.

As Karen approached and stood next to his bed John slid his hand up the back of his sister’s thigh and squeezed one of her naked butt cheeks. As he squeezed he pulled his sister closer to the bed.

Karen turned and faced John and her thighs touched his bed as he leaned over in her direction and kissed her pussy mound. His sister instantly stiffened up but she didn’t pull away. As he lingered there kissing her mound softly and nuzzling his face in her pubic hair his sister started to relax.

“Is that precum?” Karen asked as a droplet of precum started leaking out of the slit in the head of John’s dick.

“Yep, that’s my precum. It’s slippery, it acts like a lubricant, go ahead and feel it if you want to,” John advised his attentive audience.

John returned to kissing his sister’s mound. He could smell her arousal. He slipped his tongue out and pushed the tip of it between his sister’s tight labials and started searched for her clitoris.

“Oh, oh what are you doing?” Karen stiffened suddenly from surprise but again she didn’t pull away, “did you just lick me?”

“I just wanted to see how good you taste. You two know that everybody tastes differently don’t you? Everybody has their own unique taste. You guys can taste me too if you want to,” John quickly answered and then went right back to pushing his tongue between Karen’s labials again.

John prayed that one of the girls was curious enough to want to taste his juices also. He didn’t have long to wait. Janet watched John slip his tongue between Karen’s closed pussy lips and then looked again at the head of John’s leaking dick. She shrugged her shoulders a little and then leaned forward and used her tongue to lick the precum off the head of his dick. John moaned softly.

“How’s it taste?” Karen asked Janet.

“I didn’t taste anything.”

“Put your mouth over the head and then squeeze more out of the shaft, you should be able to taste it that way,” John suggested as he lay back on the bed.

He slipped his fingers between Karen’s legs from behind and worked his fingers upward between her thighs. He pressed his thumb against her asshole and wiggled his first two fingers between her lower labials.

John looked up at his sister’s face. The look on her face almost made him cum. Her eyes were wide in surprise, she was breathing rapidly through her open mouth as she watched what her friend’s hand was doing to her brother’s dick. He wasn’t sure that Karen’s eyes were focusing on what Janet was doing. By the look on her face, her focus was somewhere else.

Karen’s face twitched and her eyebrows raised and her eyes went wide and her legs stiffened up when John pinched her pussy and asshole between his fingers. He’d never seen her face look more beautiful, the sexy reactions she showed on her face was totally erotic. He wanted to make his sister cum just so that he could watch the expressions on her face when she did.

Janet looked up at John’s face and then shrugged her shoulders a little and then leaned over and slipped her lips over the head of John’s dick and sucked mightily as she squeezed his dick shaft tightly in her fist. John’s ass elevated upward as Janet squeezed and sucked more precum out of his dick.

“Oh fuck Janet… you mouth feels goooood!”

Karen leaned over and put one hand on the bed for balance and reached out with her other hand and wrapped her fingers around John’s ball sac. Janet took her mouth off John’s dick and leaned back and started stroking his dick shaft again.

“Damn sis… your hand feels good too. User your fingernails, scrape my balls with your fingernails. Oh fuck, oh damn sis… I love your fingernails on my balls!”

“Geez Karen, look at how much of that stuff is coming out now!”

Precum flowed freely out of John’s dick as Janet’s fist pumped out more of the clear liquid with each upward stroke of her fist. These two girls were getting John very close to blowing his load.

John put his arm over Janet’s back and pulled her naked body closer to his. She snuggled closer and put one leg over his thighs and pushed her pussy mound against John’s upper thigh. He could feel the heat and felt the wetness of her pussy on his thigh.

“Oh…mnnn…oh,” John moaned aloud as Janet started stroking his dick at a faster pace.

The shear eroticism of having two naked girls trying to make him cum was overwhelming John. Having his hand between the cheeks of his sister’s well-formed ass was a thrill that he’d never dreamed could happen.

He threw his head back as he moaned and arched his back trying to push his dick higher in the air trying to give Janet easier access as her stroking hand got him closer and closer to blowing his load.

“Oh damn… your hand feels so good Janet… please don’t stop!”

Janet released her grip on John’s dick shaft long enough to wipe the precum that was dripping off the back of her hand onto his shaft and then when his dick was covered with his own precum she grabbed his slippery dick again and started rapidly jacking him. Her hand slid effortlessly up and down his well lubricated shaft.

“Oh… fuck Janet… oh, oooh… you’re going to make me cum!”

Janet’s hand hit a new speed as she tried to stroke John’s precum covered dick at the same rate of speed that she’d witnessed her brother doing his. Karen started raking her fingernails across John’s balls at a fast pace.

“I’m almost there… Oh… fuck! I’m… gone a… I’m cumming!”

John’s thighs tightened up, his heels pressed down hard on the bed as he arched his back. It took another ten strokes before he pulled Janet’s naked body tighter to his as his dick started erupting.

“Ahhhh fuck… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh…”

Karen felt John’s testicles pulsate in her hand with each spurt as sperm started squirting out of his dick. She clamped her thighs shut, trapping her brother’s fingers between her labials as she watched his sperm squirting out and spraying all over his chest and stomach.

“Oh fuck… that was awesome… thank you Janet… nobody has ever done that for me before,” John admitted as he lay on his bed panting for air as cum still oozed out of his dick.

“Did I do it right? Damn that was a lot of fun. I have to go home shortly and I want to do this for my brother when I get there. You don’t think that he’d mind if I did the same thing for him do you?”

“I don’t personally know your brother Janet,” John panted out between breaths, “but if he lets you watch him jack off, then I don’t think he’d mind at all. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that he’d love it if you jacked him off just like you just did for me. Just ask him if it’s okay if you jack him off, and then watch how fast his dick gets hard. And, if for some dumbass reason he says no, you have an open invitation to do this for me as often as you want. That was fucking fantastic!”

Karen picked up John’s discarded bath towel and started cleaning the sperm off her brother’s chest and stomach.

After wiping her hand clean on the wet towel Janet rolled over on her back and started to get off John’s bed.

“Hold on a minute here Janet,” John asked as he rolled towards her and slipped his right hand between her thighs, “let me return the favor.”

Janet froze in place and moaned as John worked his fingers between her labials and he started massaging her labials with his fingers and teasing her clitoris with his thumb.

“You’re pussy is soaking wet Janet,” John whispered erotically in her ear, “I’m going to stick my fingers in you; I’m going to fuck your pussy with my fingers.”

Janet immediately stiffened up. Nobody had ever touched her body the way John was touching her. Her arousal level hit a new high as soon as John’s fingers started to penetrate her vagina.

“Oooh… oh… mmmm…” 

John didn’t show Janet any mercy. He wanted to make her cum. And he wanted her to cum quickly so that he could turn his attention to his beautiful sister.

He slowly pushed his middle finger into Janet’s soaking wet vagina. Not feeling any resistance to his digital intrusion he pushed his finger all the way in her. He did it slowly at first as he watched her face. He saw how close she was already so he started fingering her faster and faster as his thumb rubbed against her clitoris.

Janet arched her back, pushing her head, her butt, and her heels hard down on the bed and started a sexy whimpering moan that grew louder and louder as John rapidly jammed his finger in and out of her pussy. He moved his mouth down to her chest and gently bit her right nipple.

Her legs thrashed and jerked a couple of times and then it happened.

“Oooooo… Ooh… Ouuu… Oh… Oh… Oh… Oh…”

Janet came all over John’s finger. She moaned and thrashed and her body stiffened and then suddenly she went limp. John slowly pulled his finger out of Janet’s pussy. He watched her as she panted for breath. He brought the finger up to his nose and sniffed it and then slipped his finger between his lips and sucked her juices off.

“You taste pretty good girl. Did you enjoy that?”

Janet just panted. She couldn’t answer.

“Hey sis, now it’s your turn. Climb up her on the bed and straddle my chest. I’ve always wanted to get a close look at your beautiful pussy, if you don’t mind.”

Karen hesitated for a second, she looked at Janet laying there panting for air before apparently making up her mind, and then she timidly climbed up on the bed. She knelt and waited for Janet to move out of her way on the bed and then swung her leg over her brother’s chest.

John slipped both hands and arms down between his sister’s legs and reached up and cupped both ass cheeks as he stared up at Karen’s pussy.

“Reach out and hold on to the head board sis and lean forward. Keep your knees by my shoulders and lower your beautiful pussy to my mouth.”

“Are you going to lick me down there again?”

“Oh yeah… but this time I’m not playing around… I’m going to eat your pussy until you cum all over my face.”

Karen put her knees above John’s shoulders and reached out and grabbed the head board of John’s bed and leaned forward putting her weight on her knees. She looked down between her legs and watched as her brother licked his lips and smiled up at her as she slowly lowered her pussy towards his mouth.

John raised his head slightly and latched on to Karen’s pussy with his mouth. He split her labials apart with his tongue and started exploring his sister’s pussy with his probing tongue and sucking mouth.

“Mm… Hmmm…! Oh…mnnn…oh, that feels good…!”

John moved his tongue lower; he slipped it out from between her pussy lips and moved downward and licked her perineum and then went even lower with his tongue and started licking between her tight ass cheeks and poking his tongue at her wrinkled anus.

Karen’s eyes widened in surprise as she quickly looked over at Janet’s face. Janet was closely watching Karen’s face as she leisurely stroked her clitoris as she lay there next to the naked brother and sister.

“He’s licking my butthole… and it feels… soooo good!”

John just found out that his sister enjoyed having her asshole licked. He was a butt man and this was a huge turn on for him.

He moved his tongue back up to her pussy and flicked it in and out of her vagina a couple of times before sliding it upwards as he attacked her clitoris.

“Oh yeah, eat your sister’s cunt,” Janet squealed in delight as she watched John eating his sister’s pussy as she fingered her own pussy rapidly.

“Mmmm… hmmm… ummm… oh damn! Suck me!” Karen whispered hoarsely.

John started rotating his index finger over his sister’s asshole as he sucked on her clitoris. Karen started rocking her hips, sliding her pussy harder on his mouth.

Every time his sister pushed her hips backwards she put more pressure on John’s finger. John braced his elbow on the bed and stiffened his wrist and finger. He continued sucking her labials and tonguing her clit. Karen pushed her hips backward again and undoubtedly felt John’s finger tip as it almost penetrated her anus.

She eased forward a bit and then tested the backward push again. This time the tip of John’s finger actually slipped past Karen’s sphincter muscle and entered his sister’s virgin asshole. She froze and didn’t push backwards anymore. John continued sucking and licking.

Karen experimentally pushed her ass backward at her brother’s hand a little more, allowing John’s finger to enter deeper and go in as far as the first knuckle. She held perfectly still as John sucked on her pussy.

John sucked on Karen’s clitoris and as she moaned in appreciation. He wiggled his finger and pushed it in a little deeper into his sister’s asshole and waited.

His sister’s hips started rocking again, to and fro on his face. Sliding her pussy up and down on his mouth. He pulled his finger partially out of his sister’s butthole and then slowly pushed it back in.

Karen started making a low moaning sound. She pressed her pussy down harder on her brother’s mouth. John started worrying about his front teeth as she put more pressure on his face. He started sliding his finger in and out of her asshole a little faster. His sister started moaning louder and louder.

“Oh damn. Ohhhh, ohhhh yeaaahh.”

As soon as John heard his sister moaning his erection started returning. The sheer eroticism of his sister allowing him to finger her asshole while he ate her pussy made his hardon return with a vengeance.

Janet watched John’s erection returning as she fingered her pussy faster. She wasn’t going to let this hardon squirt this time without tasting what it produced. She wrapped her fingers around the base of John’s erection and leaned over and slipped her mouth over the head of his dick and closed her mouth and started sucking on his dick.

Janet fingered herself to a minor orgasm while she sucked on the head of John’s dick. Then she took her finger out of her pussy and slid it between the cheeks of John’s ass. She took her finger, coated with her own pussy juices, and pushed it slowly but firmly up into John’s asshole.

Janet had watched her brother fingering his own asshole while he jacked off, her brother claimed it made him cum harder. She wanted to see if she could do the same for John. She started bobbing her head up and down, sliding her wet lips over the head and shaft of John’s dick.

John’s heels dug into the bed as his hips rose off the bed. Janet had to lean back or John would have shoved his dick down her throat. His hips rose and he froze in that position. She clamped her mouth around the head of his dick as she pushed her finger as deep as she could in John’s asshole. She tried to rotate her finger in a circle in John’s butthole.

John instinctively spread his knees wider as Janet pushed her finger up his ass. Janet felt the head of John’s dick swell larger in her mouth just before his balls twitched and his dick started squirting cum into her mouth. Janet swallowed in self defense.

John moaned into his sister’s pussy as Janet sucked cum out of his dick.

Karen came. She screamed as her orgasm racked her pussy, she could feel her brother’s tongue as it beat against her clitoris as his finger violated her asshole. She’d never felt anything like this in her entire life.

“Ooooooooohhhhhh, yeahhhhh, eat my cunt!”

John moaned as he sucked mightily on Karen’s pussy as Janet attempted to swallow every squirt after squirt of John’s cum.

John could not remember ever having cummed as hard as this. It could have been Janet’s unexpected blow job. It was his first ever blow job and it ended with her swallowing all of his cum as she wiggled her finger in his asshole. 

But he thought that his harder than usual orgasm probably had more to do with the fact that he had one finger buried in his sister’s sexy asshole and his tongue jammed into her sweet and juicy vagina.

Karen let go of the bed’s headboard and curled her body over her brother’s face. She slipped her hands under the back of his head and lifted as she continued to cum.

“Ohhh… yes… eating me, oh, yes… yes… yes…!”

John was grinning widely; he had trouble keeping his mouth in contact with Janet’s pussy because of his grin. He was grinning because he’d just eaten her pussy. He’d eaten his sister to her first ever cunnilingus orgasm. But he hoped it wouldn’t be her last one, he hoped that she’d want more of his mouth in the future.

Karen released her grip on her brother’s head and rolled over onto her side, lying on his bed above his head as she gasped for breath as she came down from her orgasm.

John reached over and gently put his hand on the side of Janet’s face and turned her face in his direction. He leaned in closer and kissed her on the mouth. Janet’s eyes opened wide in surprise. John slipped his tongue between her lips; he knew she could taste his sister’s pussy on his lips because he could taste his cum inside her mouth. She quickly succumbed to his French kiss and started dueling with his tongue.

“That’s a thank you kiss Janet. Thank you for giving me my first ever blow job. I appreciate that you did that for me. And I love it that you swallowed everything that I squirted too… You do know that a guy never forgets the girl that gave him his first blow job, don’t you?”

“I didn’t know that,” Janet blushed.

“I know that you need to get home soon. But I want to tell you something. You go ahead and give your brother that hand job if you still want to. But if you don’t want him to eat your pussy or if he doesn’t offer to do it, then you get your pretty little ass back here, and I’ll eat your pussy until you beg me to stop. I owe you one girl… and it would be my pleasure to have you cum all over my face just like sis did. And that is a standing offer Janet, available to you on demand… anytime you want me to… you just come over here and drop your panties and my face will be there.”

Janet giggled and blushed at the same time. She glanced at Karen and blushed even more. 

“See, I told you that my brother wouldn’t mind if we saw him naked and that he’d probably get nasty with us if we made him get an erection. So even if your brother does eat you Janet, you should still come back over here and let my brother eat you. Oh my God that felt so good!”

“If my brother does offer to eat me… do you want me to see it he’ll eat you too?” Janet looked at Karen questioningly.

“No… I think that I’ll stick with letting my brother eat my pussy. He’s pretty good at it.”

“You’re welcome sis, any time, and I do mean any time, you are delicious. And, while we’re talking about eating pussy, ah… I got a question Janet. Those other girls that went to your house to watch your brother jacking off, are they as pretty as you two are? I mean… do you think that one or two of them might like to come over here and see if they can make my dick squirt like you just did or maybe they might even want to have their pussies eaten too? Ask them and let me know okay?”

The End

Bimbo Mom and Aunt by biggoxx


Two bimbo’s have a good timeBimbo Mom and Aunt

Sherry was the classic bimbo, she was not stupid just naive, she had been a party girl at college, she spent more time fucking and sucking then anything else. After her first year she quit got a job, in less the two years was married and had a son. Before the boy was a year old her husband was killed in a truck accident.

She was financially set but lonely and always horny. She had a few friends but since they had husbands she never had much social interaction with them. Sherry was a MILF as the term goes 5’2”, long blond hair big tits 38G’s and big nipples. Her ass was tight and firm so at 33 she was hot.

Her son’s friends were always talking about her being a Milf, how they would fuck her in every hole. Occasionally she would drive to pick him up from school. Tuesday she was waiting as he got out, she waved her big tits bouncing in the tight blouse she was wearing. The fact she had on leggings provided a great view of her camel toe. Bill and three of his friends all chuckled at her.

The next day they told Bill of a plan they had come up with to fuck her. After listening Bill looked at them, “you guys think she’s dumb enough to play strip poker in the garage while smoking weed”? Willie the black guy looked at Bill, “man she’s ripe for it once she gets it, it will be none stop fucking, you’d like to sink your cock in her right”? Bill smiled at the guys “ok yes I’d love to fuck her so let’s try it”. 

At 3:30 Thursday they all showed up at Bills, Sherry knew Tim she had never met AJ or Willie. Bill introduced them to her they headed for the basement. Now she heard them talking about playing cards Friday night at Bill’s house. They knew she was listening so AJ told Bill “better check with her to be sure its ok”. Bill and Willie came up stairs where she was sitting in the kitchen reading. Bill asked her, she thought about it for a few seconds and agreed. Bill went to piss so Willie was alone with her.

Sherry was starved for affection and sex so any man paying attention to her was welcome even this black guy. She wondered if all black men had huge cocks? She was staring at his crotch which seemed to have a nice size bulge. “Would like something to drink”? Willie’s response startled her, “how about a beer and some pot”. “Silly I meant a soda or something like that”? He grinned at her “Oh well in that case Ice tea would be nice, it would nicer if it was hard ice tea”.

“Well I don’t have any beer or pot, so soda or soft ice tea will have to do for now, ok”? For the next few minutes they talked, the entire conversation was laced with sexual innuendos. She was getting hot and wet she couldn’t stop looking at his crotch, her nipples were hard as rocks.

Bill stayed out of sight long enough for Willie and her to have a good conversation, finally he yelled out as he came back to the kitchen. “Come on Will lets het back to the guys”. Looking at them she smiled, “I’ll bring down ice tea in a few minutes”. She made three ice teas but for Willie she added a double shot of Vodka, she giggled this ought to give him the idea I like him. 

She brought the drinks down she made sure she handed Willie his, she paused as their hands touched, she gave him a wink turned heading back upstairs wiggling her ass more then necessary.

Bill and the guys joked about playing cards, but the conversation was mainly about her. They all knew she was listening. “Do you think she’ll sex herself up for tomorrow”? asked AJ. “I’m not sure guys she may be a MILF but I can’t guarantee it”. At around 5:30 they came upstairs to leave they all said good night, Willie was the last one out, her purposely brushed against her. Her hand touched his cock, 

her face turned red, but she kept her hand on his cock for a long time before he moved.

At dinner she asked, “what would you like for snacks tomorrow”? He told her “they like burgers, fries or pizza”.

She told him it was doable, “what time will you be starting”? “About 7:30, ok”? “Yup I’ll have everything ready”. In her head she thought including me.

Friday night by 6:15 she had called for pizza and was sexed up for the game. She was made up very sexy she had a nice Daisey May blouse which tied below her green bra tight green shorts with green boy short and 4” green heels. She was ready.

She made Willie a hard ice tea as they came in she gave it to him, their hands touched, she felt a tingle deep in her pussy. The guys took their drinks heading for the garage. Pizza arrived they ate while playing. Willie came in “I need to go to the bathroom, please”. “Down the hall on the left, would you like another tea”? “Yes, if you want you can bring it to me”.

She thought the comment was odd but ok, as she opened the bathroom door she saw Willie standing their cock in hand it was huge. She gasped he pretended to be embarrassed she put the drink down without a word. She was back in the kitchen as he walked by, stopping to look at her,” we ok with this”? “Oh yes it fine”. He headed for the garage.

In the next half hour, she had two very strong Vodka’s. She smelled something it was emanating from the garage. She opened the door the guys were sitting at the table smoking pot. Before she could say anything, Bill said, “mom come on out stay have a joint with us”. She chewed her lip for a few seconds, but the Vodka had relaxed her quite a bit. “Well ok but this has got to be our secret do you guys understand”? They all gave her thumbs up.

By the time she finished the joint she was totally relaxed horny as a goat in heat and happy. She looked at AJ “what’s a MILF”? His response was immediate, “a mother we’d like to fuck”! She cocked her head to the side would you fuck me”? “In a minute Sherry”. She looked around the room “Bill are you ok with that”?

Bill sat for a long moment they all knew he would be the deal breaker, “mom to be honest I’ve jerked off a lot thinking about fucking you. Truth be known I’d love to see you in just your underwear right now”! Sherry looked around the room all eyes were on her, “would everyone like that”? A resounding yes from the table, she looked around thinking they were cute what harm could it do. “OK but two things, first this is our secret forever, now somebody close the garage door”.

“Hold on Sherry here have another joint”, she accepted it they all smoked another. After fifteen minutes she had finished the joint, “Can we get some music guys”? She stood up swaying to the music she undid her blouse, it fell to the floor. She wiggled out of her shorts then turned to face them. Wille pointed “guys she has a really nice bush” AJ told everyone “yes and a good size wet spot and nipples about an inch long”.

Willie stood up he took her hand he placed it on his cock, “ummmmm this feels really good and hard” she purred. “Why not take it out give it a kiss”. She went to work getting the cock out of his pants, the fact there were three other guys didn’t bother her. He looked at her giggling, “mamma seems your busted seems your tits like the attention”. She looked at her nipples, “yup busted they really enjoy the attention, I have a large wet spot between my legs has anyone noticed”? Now they all stood up.

What Sherry didn’t realize was the guys had take pictures with their cell phones Tim was even mading a video. 

They walked in the house to the guest room she didn’t see Willie drop his short until his cock was free. She turned seeing it “Honey your cock looks wonderful I can’t wait to get it in my pussy”. He smiled “babe why not suck on it for a while, you do suck cock, right”? She giggled “I’d love to suck your cock honey, but I think the other guys should get their cock out as well”. She cocked her head, smiled coyly “I need a good fucking I’m wet and horny as hell Bill this ok with you”? 

Bill smiled “only one thing mom I’m the first fuck you get tonight”. She was taken back but having a mouthful of Willie’s cock makes it hard to talk. She gave him a thumb up as she kept on sucking.

“Sherry baby give me a big spread I’m going to be eating pussy for a while” said AJ. Willie had his cock in her mouth, she was grunting like an animal because AJ was great at eating pussy she started bucking her hips she had the first of many orgasms. She heard Bill say I’m going to fuck this cunt now”! hearing that she said, “guys fuck me like I need to be fucked, make my cunt scream beg make her cream your cocks, please”.

Bill told AJ to move he got between her legs he put the head on her pussy lips his cock entered her, it had been five years since she had a cock, so she was tight. Bill looked at Willie and AJ “man this is one tight bitch she’s going to need a lot of work”. Both guys laughed as Bill finally got balls deep in her pussy, she gasped “oh god your cock feels wonderful baby please fuck the shit out of me make her scream”!

Bill was pounding her pussy she pushed her mound up to meet his downward strokes, she felt small jolts like electric shock from her pussy “oh my fuckkkkkkkkk” was what they heard she had an explosive orgasm. She creamed all over his cock. He stiffened, push as deep as he could go he blasted her pussy with a weeks’ worth of cum. “Oh god babe that felt great, but we have made a mess”, she laughed as she felt cum oozing out of her.

Bill rolled off her “Willie wait till you get in that pussy it is really great stuff”. She looked at Willie “babe my pussy is a bit messy at the moment but if you don’t mind sloppy seconds I’ll do my best to pump you cock till your eyeballs roll in your head I’ve never had a black cock in my pussy until now I can’t wait to try it”.

He smiled at her, his cock easily slid in her well lubricated cunt but even with her pussy still oozing cum she was tight. He started a slow steady rhythm, she was moaning “oh god your cock feels wonderful I love hard black cock uggggggggggggggggg” she started creaming on his cock. She was a wild animal under him he continued pumping for another few minutes until he stiffens, pushed deep into her sloppy pussy he blew a large amount of cum into her hungry pussy again. “UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG fuck, fuck, fuck that feels wonderful uggggggggggggggggggg” she convulsed into one continual orgasm. It took a few minutes for them to catch their breath. 

AJ and Tim were standing there watching they both had hard on’s both their cock was very good size. Her pussy was make sounds as air and cum flowed out of her. AJ smiled he looked at Tim “what about DPing her, Bill you ok with it”? “Yeah guys do it”. “So, tell us momma are you an anal virgin”? asked Tim “Yes why”? “Because in about 20 minutes you will no longer be”. Everyone laughed including Sherry.

Tim lubed his cock up, “come over here mommy sit on this”. She hesitated Bill smiled “go for it mom you’ll love it” she walked over turned around she sat on Tim’s cock, his cock slip into her ass with no problem. Now Bill and Willie each took one of her legs they placed them on either side of Tim’s legs. She was spread wide, AJ approached her his cock standing straight up. Then without a word he put the head on her pussy lips he pushed forward, she was now impaled on Tim’s cock deep in her ass. AJ started pushing in to her pussy as deep as he could go. 

The sensation of two cocks in her at the same time was electrifying, her ass and pussy were being filled to capacity, her pussy started milking the cock in her pussy. As her pussy contracted on the cock in her pussy the one in her ass was being worked it as well was causing an intense sensation in her she had never felt before.


All she could do was moan “Oh god fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkk” she started creaming on the cock in her pussy. The cock in her ass stopped moving she felt a warm sensation as cum was being pumped into her bowels. The cock in her pussy went deep the pumping stopped cum blasted out of the cock into her waiting sloppy pussy.

It took a while to regain their breathing control the cock in her pussy plopped out. She immediately had cum leaking out. “What the fuck just happened guys”? AJ smiled “you have just received your first of many double penetrations for the night, how do you feel”? She gave him a coy look I’m not sure I’d like to try it again then I’ll let you know”. “OK but first suck these two cocks clean”.

She put AJ cock in her mouth she thought this isn’t bad a lot of sex with no strings. She was such a good cock sucker AJ blew another load down her throat which she greedily accepted. She cleaned Tim’s cock, she looked at Bill and Willie with a devilish smile “gentleman I thought we were going to try that DP thing to see if I really like it as much as I think I do”. 

For the next three hours she fucked sucked got DP’d three more times. The guys were getting dressed to leave, she was covered in cum it was on her face, tits pussy, ass and even her hair. As they were leaving she put her panties on she walked them to the door, “are you guys coming back soon”? Willie grinned either Sunday or Tuesday”. “Ok well no more jerking off the cum in those sacks belongs to me, you guys got it”! They all agreed and left.

Bill and Sherry went into the kitchen all she had on was cum soaked panties. Bill wasn’t wearing underwear so for a minute they just looked at each other.

Sherry looked at Bill, “sorry honey let me cover up”. “Don’t bother mom the covered in cum look is really the right look for you”. She smiled at him, “ok babe I think your right this is probably a good look for me”. She wrinkled her nose at him, they discussed the evening in detail after about an hour she said to Bill “honey lets go to bed you sleep with me from now on, ok”? Bill grinned as the too of them headed to the bedroom they both were smiling.

Next morning Sherry woke up her panties were stuck to her ass and pussy she had leaked cum all night. She moved only to realize Bills cock was fully erect even though he was still asleep. Giggling like a school girl she gently pulled the covers down she started sucking his cock. He opened his eyes he loved watching her suck cock. Bill moaned “mom that feels awesome, but I really want your pussy”. She gave him a sly look, “you like my pussy don’t you”? “Yes, very much now please spread for me”. Smiling at him “ok baby all you have to do is ask”.

It took him a little time as her pussy was glued shut with all the cum she had gotten last night, but finally he was deep in. She loved the feeling of his cock in her she was moaning, she wiggled her ass in small circles, she felt a jolt in her pussy she was creaming his cock again “oh Bill uggggggggggggggggggggg as a second orgasm rocked her he stiffened a large load of cum shot out of his cock deep into her.

A few minutes later Bill rolled off her they laid side by side looking at each other, Sherry spoke “Bill thank you for the good morning fuck I see you nut sack was full again, that is something I’m going to need to attend to so perhaps at least once a day a blow job will get some of it out”. They both laughed “mom you can suck my cock any time you want”. “Well that’s great now we need a shower then coffee and food”.

Later that morning after they ate, Bill had left for several hours her sister Kay called. It only took her two minutes to figure out Sherry had been fucked after a few tense minutes Sherry started telling her, “hold on sis I’ll be over in 20 minutes”. The phone went dead Sherry laughed.

Kay sat listening to her sister for over an hour, “so the way I see it you have your own private protein supply plus a large bonus at least a couple times a week, right”? Sherry smiled coyly “yup”. Kay look in her eyes for a moment “would you like to share some protein with you baby sister”? “I don’t know if theirs enough to go around” she was giggling. “Fuck you slut I think its only fair after all my tits are way bigger then yours”, “so is you ass sis”. They both were laughing so hard they were worried they were going to pee themselves.

Sherry sent a text to Bill asking him if the guys and he would like to fuck Kay. The response was immediate I would love to is it ok with you? She texted back Yes, when would you like to do her? He texted tonight around 7 if that work for her? She’ll make it work underwear color please. It took a couple of minutes for the text to come back, light purple so we can see the cum stain, does she have a bush? She texted yes it red you will love it just not too much. 

At 6:30 Kay pulled into the driveway she hurried in with a small bag she had purple bra, cheek hugger panties with purple stockings and 5” heels. She had even bought purple eye shadow. Sherry and Bill were sitting at the kitchen table. “Hi sis what’s up”? Kay grinned at them “I hope Billy will be soon I’m going upstairs to fix up should I yell when I’m done”? Sherry nodded yes “hey Kay want a vodka”? “yes, please make it a double.

Ten minutes later her and Kay were in the bathroom drinking and talking. Sherry had on a pink thong she chuckled “the guys don’t like thongs because they get soaked quickly besides you can’t see the wet cum stains”. Kay grinned “well in this outfit the cum will be visible as soon as I start leaking”. “Kay Bill comes in quarts so be prepared to be leaking for a while” Kay chuckled.

They exited the bathroom, Bill looked her over “you look hot aunt Kay” “thank you sir do you approve of the outfit”? “Turn around please” she did slowly she wiggled her ass for him “yes I love it the guys will love it tomorrow night so please wear it again”. Bill walked over to her he held her by the hips the tongues danced in each other’s mouths. He started massaging her tits then he pulled her tits out “these nipples need sucking, wow how big are they”? she giggled like a girl “the girls are 44D’s your mother and I both have large nipples so when we get excited they stand up they get rock hard”. Bill smiled “like now”? 

Bill laid Kay on the bed he was sucking her tit while gently rubbing her clit he sat up pulled her panties down she looked into his eyes “your wet Kay”, “yes honey I’m really ready”. Bill rolled over, the head of his cock pressed against her pussy lips a slight push he was in. She started moaning she hadn’t been fucked in 10 months. Bill was working his cock slowly into her pussy with each push he would go a little deeper until she felt his balls hit her ass. His cock felt wonderful she wiggled her ass while her pussy started contracting around his cock. “Wow Kay you and mom both have great cunt muscles”. She just moaned “Billy fuck my cunt make her cream for you oh god I love cock, deeper baby she is getting use to him. Oh, my fucken ugggggggggg”, her pussy started creaming his cock she was orgasming it was too much for Bill he stiffened his cock started blasting cum deep in her pussy.

After a few seconds he rolled off her they rolled on to their side facing each other. Kay kissed his nose, “Bill you are a great fuck you just wrote you name inside my cunt with cum, it was wonderful thank you”. Kay got a sly look on her face “Billy baby since tomorrow your friends will be fucking me I think my anal virginity should be taken, if you’d want to I’m ok with it”. Bill smiled at her “where’s the lube”!

Around 11 Bill had fallen asleep the women went to the kitchen “Sherry I need to get home, so hubby doesn’t break my balls, what time tomorrow”? Sherry thought about it for a moment, “I’ll text you as I’m not sure at the moment”. Sis this is great I don’t want it to stop”. “Kay it wouldn’t stop if we keep it low key”. Kay left still in the cum soaked panties.

A guy and his…? 60 Dreamscape by pars001


More dream sex!Jake Freemon – Main character                                                Rita – older female and one of Juno’s sisters
Gen – Jakes first Jinn                                                                Tina – Rita’s daughter
Jinn – What the genies are called                                             Trully –  second Jinn doc Rasmir’s little sister
Tommy Sinclair – Friend of Jake’s and fellow worker            Nyrae – Juno’s powerful Jinn  
Mary – Boss’s daughter                                                              Nuha – Leader of Deadly Trio    
Juno – Jakes big Boss and Mary’s Father                                 Abla – sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio
Jinn Council – Council of major Jinns                                        Fatin – sister of Nuha third member of trio
Yasmen – Gen’s mother                                                            Tyrin – neighbor of Nyrae’s parents
Doctor – the Jinn doctor (Hiram)                                                 Aahil – one of the twin Jinn princes
Rasmir – Gen’s father                                                                 Aalee – other twin Jinn prince
Rosalinda – Jake’s second Jinn – Once called Dreama         Amira – Jinn Princess sister of twins
Rashala – Gen’s niece and Jake’s 3rd Jinn                               Al-Mazhab – King of the Jinns
Tankena – evil brother of Rasmir                                             Qistina – Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader
Sheeka – former evil female Jinn Jake’s 4th Jinn                    Marie – Juno’s ex – wife
Akeesha – Sheeka’s twin sister                                                  Kasha – Marie’s powerful Jinn
Inger – Mary’s Jinn, Akeesha’s lover                                         Zahra – evil elite Jinn working with Marie

Akeesha hugged then kissed Jake as they both lay down beside Inger closing their eyes. Almost immediately Jake was in a grey misty area, not unlike where he first met Nyrae. Looking around he thought that Akeesha would be there with him. Shrugging he started walking towards what he felt was Inger. The thing is it was extremely weak. 

Jake hadn’t gone far when he heard a voice above him yelling. Looking up he saw what or whom he thought was Akeesha falling toward him. Shaking his head he stood his ground waiting ’til she was almost on top of him. Putting his hand out, he thought stop then watched amazed as Akeesha floated above him! 

“Ok that was weird. I thought I had no power what so ever.” Jake told Akeesha. 

“In the actual world you don’t Master Jake. It appears though that in this realm you have a firm grasp on what is what. This is so confusing Master Jake.” Akeesha said confusion on her face. 

“Akeesha do you Jinns dream?” Jake asked. 

“Dream? I am unfamiliar with that word Master Jake.” Akeesha replied. 

Taking his hand Jake brought Akeesha to the… he guessed it was ground. “Touch my mind so I can show you Akeesha.” Jake told her. 

Nodding still confused Akeesha did as Jake asked. For a moment she still looked confused then after a few moments clarity started to show on her face. “I see now Master Jake. I believe this is the hulm state. We of the Jinn race abandoned it centuries ago. We only do it once every five hundred years.” 

Jake was nodding at what she was saying ’til she finished. Once every five hundred years! “Here I thought it was you that was going to have to protect me! The human race calls this the dreamscape. We experience it almost all the time.”  

About that time a fierce looking green monster attacked them. Akeesha waved nodded then was amazed when nothing happened! “Master Jake! I have no power!” 

Jake nodded making a chopping motion with his hand, Akeesha watched amazed as the monster split in two then vanished! 

“It’s as I thought I have much more experience in this than you do, crap we’re screwed!” Jake said.

“No Master Jake I don’t think so. With me guiding you we should be fine.” Akeesha reassured him. 

Jake looked at Akeesha as if she’d lost her mind. “I’m not sure I can protect us enough for us to make it to where she is. You may know the way though us actually getting there is going to take a miracle!” 

“Well Master Jake.” Akeesha said staring at Jake intensely. “I believe in you deeply, as I believe that Inger does. As a matter of fact I can almost feel her expecting the both of us to show up and save her.” 

Jake could only shake his head, “I’m glad that you have as much faith in me as you do. I for one don’t, have you forgotten I am just a human? I…” 

“You,” Akeesha started a look of pride on her face. “Are the most unusual human I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If anyone can save her it is you Master Jake!” 

Jake could only stare at Akeesha still finding it hard to believe. “Alright Akeesha, if this is a dream realm as I think it is then let me try something.” 

Thinking of Inger, Jake pictured her as clearly as he could. When nothing happened, Jake closed his eyes. Thinking of Akeesha and him standing and being where Inger was being held, Jake felt a momentary stillness in the air. Suddenly they were both standing next to what appeared to be a hole. 

“Master Jake!” Akeesha said excited. “I can actually feel her again! She feels trapped! I can feel her pain!” Jake had to grab Akeesha stopping her from jumping into the hole in front of them. 

Let me go Master Jake! She is hurting so badly!” Akeesha was yelling tears starting to form in her eyes. 

“Wait Akeesha!” Jake said sternly to her. “I can feel that this is a trap, at least it feels like it. Remember you have no power, how exactly were you going to go into this without getting hurt?”  

Akeesha blinked twice as her mouth dropped open. Bowing low she nodded. “I feel that you have again saved my life Master Jake.” Leaning over she lightly kissed Jake on his cheek. “Thank you, now what are we to do?” 

“Well, considering you can now feel her. I think I may have a way to get closer. Apparently the Jinn have some type of block that even my kind have trouble with.” Here Jake smiled, “she hasn’t met a true dreamer yet has she?” Jake asked as he smiled broader looking at Akeesha. 

Akeesha was confused a moment, A true dreamer? Then she remembered the plans that she had seen Master Jake drawing. Ah! A true dreamer! She believed she was starting to grasp just what he was saying. 

“Let us hope so Master Jake. If this bitch of a Jinn harms my love, I will make her suffer horrors untold!” Akeesha said as Jake watched her eyes glow for a moment then go back to normal. 

Interesting Jake thought then started to think over every part of his thoughts when they had suddenly appeared where they were. Hmmm so it appeared that they could not appear next to Inger but they could get closer. With a smile Jake nodded he had a plan, well, as well a plan as possible at the moment. 

“Alright Akeesha, I might not be able to get us right to where she is. I think I can get us a lot closer. Hang on going to try again.” Jake told Akeesha who nodded. 

Closing his eyes Jake could swear that he could actually see where Inger was. The thing was he could also see that evil elite Jinn that Rashala had injured. So it appeared she had healed, it 
was… That’s right! This was the dream realm she would be whole here! Though as to the extent of her power that remained to be seen. 

Jake watched in his thoughts as he backed off further and further until the resistance wasn’t as strong. Nodding he opened his eyes, smiling at Rashala. “Here we go!” Jake said as he felt the air still again. Just as suddenly they were standing outside what appeared to be a room of darkness. 

Looking in Jake and Akeesha could see the evil Jinn standing almost seeming to wait. Jake could only guess for them to make appearance. Nodding Jake leaned over to Akeesha whispering in her ear. At first Akeesha’s eyes were wide then she nodded vigorously. Jake touched her arm a moment then whispered in her ear again. Startled she nodded yes, looking at Jake as if he’d lost his mind.  

Getting up Jake nodded to Akeesha then stepped through the dark doorway. The evil Jinn’s head snapped up as soon as Jake appeared. 

“Tsk, another stupid human I see!” The evil Jinn sent a huge fireball at Jake. Yawning Jake closed his fist watching as the fireball fizzled then went out just as fast. “NO! You have no power! There is no way that the others are supplying power as I cut off everything from outside here!” 

“As I was told this realm or world is called the hulm state, and something that all Jinns abandoned many centuries ago.” When the astonished visage of Zahra could only nod Jake continued. “We, who are human, have not abandoned it. Humans use this state to create new ideas and concepts that can be brought forth to the real world. Being who I am, what I do.” Here Jake smiled widely. “Mine is far stronger than most.” 

“NO!” Zahra screamed as she tried to attack Jake, only to find that she had sudden uncontrollable desire for him. “What is this trickery? This is the hulm state! There are no feelings, nothing!” 

“I think you will find that in my case you are dead wrong!” Jake said as he moved closer. The 
visage of Zahra suddenly had a look of panic, then one of pure lust! “It isn’t possible your sexual attraction I…” 

Zahra started to shred what few clothes that she had on. Behind her he saw Inger awaken and stir. Looking at her arms, legs, and chest she saw the mental chains that were holding her down. A momentarily look of panic crossed her face then her head snapped to stare at Jake. Then she quickly averted her head when Jake was suddenly naked his erection growing harder by the second. 

Moving closer to Zahra Jake could see that she was in a deep sex lust. Staring at Jake, Zahra rapidly moved to Jake dropping to her knees taking him as deeply as she could. Jake could feel her groan in a lust induced state as she took all him deep in her throat. “I have been dreaming of having you Master Jake since I saw you that first time in my mistress’s place.” 

Groaning again Jake could feel her throat muscles as they started to ripple around him. Damn Jake thought she’s not half bad; too bad she’s as bad as she is! The both of them groaning Jake could feel a massive orgasm building as she quickened her ministrations. Reaching down Jake took a hold of her nipples as she started to twitch. A moment later Jake started to empty his scrotum into her waiting mouth. All the while twisting her nipples causing her to orgasm! 

Falling back her legs opening to reveal her wet, open sex Zahra looked at Jake with a begging look. “Master Jake take this vessel, these feelings have never been experienced by it or the real body. Take this vessel the pain is increasing!” Panting the visage started to make lewd motions toward Jake. 

Sighing Jake thought he’d have to wash for a week to feel clean again. Moving between the legs of the Zahra visage Jake slowly sunk in. The eyes of the visage opened wide as they felt the length of Jake as it slowly slid deeper. Screaming out from the pleasure she couldn’t believe how wonderful or full she was! 

As slowly as he could Jake started to move within Zahra, shit he thought she’s as tight as a virgin. Is it possible that this is another man hater? Like Akeesha was? Shaking his head Jake had to keep her distracted until Inger was free. Motioning for Akeesha he did his best not to break the slow rhythm he’d established. 

Concentrating on both the sex he was having and breaking the mental chains was taxing to say the least. Barely able to watch he saw Akeesha pull first one of the left then the right arms. The slight jump in Inger’s power let him know they were on the right track. Akeesha had just got the left leg loose when Zahra started to orgasm! 

Akeesha let go of the mental chains as Zahra started to scream even louder. Zahra couldn’t believe that such feelings existed! She’d always been led to believe that all males cared about were themselves. She heard they all only wanted to hurt strong females! What was going on? There was no pain! No caring only for his self! As of yet Master Jake had yet to reach his release! 

As soon as the chains weren’t glowing Jake thought as well as he could for them to be weak again. Damn it! This was going to take all the will power he had! This Jinn was as tight as Gen was! It was taking all he had to not let loose within her! Even as he watched he saw Inger’s other leg come loose. 

Slowly but surely Jake could feel the chains that were wrapped around Inger start to fall away. Good he could feel that she was almost back to normal. They still had to leave before he could; they were free though they had no power. 

Suddenly Inger sat up kissing Akeesha a smoldering hot moment of passion that made all the chains suddenly vanish! 

Inger looked at Jake smiling then Akeesha and her both rose toward the opening. Breathing a sigh of relief Jake finally started to plunge faster into Zahra. Zahra, screaming out even louder, Jake had to hold on as the body of the visage began to convulse, thrashing back and forth. 

Jake had held back as long as he could, his scrotum almost in pain from want of release. Finally seeing that the both of them were gone, Jake roared out as he felt his cum. Shit he thought, this was going to be huge! Shooting out in an almost continuous stream, Jake felt her fill to over flowing. Still moving he could feel it leaking out around his organ. 

Zahra’s eyes went wide as she felt the hot seed of Master Jake filling her. Then eyes went wider! She could feel it; she could feel all of it! By the great Jinn! It was glorious! Suddenly looking over she saw that her prisoner was gone! For a moment, only a moment, she thought this was all a rouse, but how? No man she’d ever seen or felt was like what Master Jake had. 

Suddenly tears started to form in her eyes. “I am sorry that she is as evil as she is Master Jake. Thank you for showing me what this is supposed to be like. All this time I thought it would only be pain.” Turning away she whispered, “It is a shame she will never know of this.” 

“What do you mean?” Jake asked of her. 

“I know that this part of her has to die. It is an unfortunate thing; I think she could have learned from this. It is one of the main things that keeps her as bad as she is.” The visage sadly told Jake. 

Jake sat back a moment as he thought about this. Looking at the visage he could feel that everything about it was different. What the hell was going on? If he had sex with the real bad Jinn would she turn also? Smirking Jake thought damn! Maybe I am becoming a sex god! 

A moment later Inger appeared glowing, her power at full. Jake moved in front of the visage as Inger gasp. 

“It’s alright Master Jake, move a little and I will end her!” Inger growled out. 

“NO!” Jake shouted. “I have a plan.” Motioning to Inger, Jake leaned to her whispering to her. At first she shook her head her eyes wide. As time passed Inger looked at the visage with a surprised look then started to nod. Finally a wide smile crossed her features. 

“If all is as you say Master Jake, then there is an extremely great chance it could work. I am willing to take the chance if you are Master Jake. I owe you three times now, not sure if I can even begin to pay you back.” 

Nodding Jake watched a few minutes then was suddenly opening his eyes. Groaning he heard Akeesha’s voice, “Finally praise the great Jinn he’s awake!” 

Sitting up he saw all his Jinns worried faces. Then he groaned when he saw that both Mary and her father were looking at each other suspiciously. Another groan beside him as Inger sat up. Whispering she said, “It is done Master Jake, though I am still unsure.” 

Jake was suddenly forgotten as Mary and Akeesha rushed to hold and kiss Inger. Both of them were looking her over making sure that she was whole. Laughing Inger said, “I am fine, though mistress?” She said directly to Mary reaching up to touch Mary’s crotch. “I do believe I haven’t finished your loving,” causing Mary and Akeesha to smile at each other

Real estate agent coerced into sex by Mfer1973


My name is Madison and this is a story about the day my eyes were opened to a life that I needed to leave behind and a life I needed to live.My name is Madison. I’m 22, have sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes and a curvy athletic figure. I like to where clothes and accessories that accent my figure. 

A couple months ago, I obtained my real estate license to help pay off college expenses. It has gone well so far and I have made some great commissions.

A few weeks ago my mother asked me to fill in for her, on a showing. I told her no problem. I loved real estate and helping people with their dream residence, especially this one. It was a $25 million mansion. She told me I would be meeting the client, his assistant and their lawyer. I was stoked!

On the morning of the showing. I showered, put on a delicate smelling body splash, as well as a sexy cream colored lacy bra and panties, and sheer white lace topped stockings. I then put on a red satin upper body hugging dress, that came to the mid thigh. I did my makeup to the nines. I looked pretty sharp and hoped I would make a great impression.

I left the house on the morning of the showing. I was a little nervous. This was a huge opportunity and I knew I had to shine.

I arrived about :20 minutes before the appointment time, to get set up. Took the champagne out of the cooler and put it on ice. Put out some cheeses, fruits and assorted crackers. Everything looked superb. Lastly, I checked my appearance, to make sure nothing was out of place.

About 5 minutes after the scheduled time, the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. To my surprise the client was actually an I.R.S. agent and 2 investigators, all three big black guys. They came in and told me to come in the living room, they had some questions about my father’s business dealings. I was very nervous and scared. 

My father is a successful attorney, businessman and a great father. I don’t know what he had done, or if someone had done something to him. I would do anything for my dad. But, I was getting more nervous by the second. They proceeded to tell me, my father was in serious financial debt and had been cheating on his taxes for a couple years. I was in a state of shock. They had stacks of paperwork and it looked legit. I began to tear up, thinking my dad may go to prison. 

One of the guys asked if I knew anything about this, but I had no clue. This whole day had turned into a nightmare! I got up and said I had to use the restroom, but instead got me a drink and slammed the first glass of champagne and immediately poured another. I went back to the living room and asked what was going to happen? They said this is very serious and could land my dad in the fed joint for a decade or more. I began to cry again. I asked if there was anything I could do to make, the sentence lighter? One of the guys asked what was I suggesting? I said I didn’t know, but was open to suggestions. At that point all 3 got up and approached me. They stood their in front of me for a moment. The one said they don’t know if they’d ever questioned a woman as pretty as me. I began to get very nervous. They said if I was nice to them, they would work something out. I knew exactly what they wanted and I caved. 

One of the guys went behind me and was making comments about my body. He then slowly started unzipping my dress. I could feel the coolness of the air on my exposed back. When he had my dress unzipped, he moved to the clasp of my bra and undid it. I felt naked already. He was slowly and gently running his fingertips up and down my back. Then his hands went past my sides and onto my stomach. They lingered there for a bit. My stomach was in knots. I had goose bumps all over my body. He slowly ran his hands up the front of my body, till he reached my firm breasts. A sigh and groan escaped my mouth. He rubbed them for couple minutes. I was shocked I was just allowing this. Then I felt his hands leave my body and start to remove my dress. I stood there lock kneed while my dress was removed. When my dress and bra were off and pooled at my feet, I was standing only in my panties, stockings and heels. I could see their lust by my appearance. 

The guy from behind moved away and back to the front of me. At that point they started to undress. I knew what was coming and knew there was no way to stop it. 

The got completely undressed and was terrified by the size of their cocks. They all had to be close to 10” and fat. They were all fit and muscular. 

The one who was in charge told me to come to them and get on my knees. I was so shaky as I started to move. I got to them and hesitated. The guy said on your knees now, or daddy will go to jail. I slowly knelt down. All three were about 3/4 erect and huge. I was instructed to stroke them for a bit. I did as I was told. They were moaning and saying nasty things. Then I was instructed to start sucking all of their dicks. I reluctantly started sucking all three dicks. After a few minutes of this, my jaw was hurting from the size of their cocks. I tried to slow down, but they took control of my head and started ramming their dicks into my mouth. It was disgusting. They were jeering me and chanting, daddy’s going to jail. My heart hurt so bad.

I was pulled to my feet and dragged to the dining room table. I was ordered to and bent forward till my chest was flat on the table. The guy in charge came up behind me. He started running his hand up and down my stockinged legs. All of the sudden, he grabbed the waistband of my panties, ripped them off! I couldn’t believe I agreed to this. These men were animals. Then he ran his hand up my leg and was rubbing my pussy roughly, while occasionally sticking a finger in my pussy. Then in one forceful thrust, he was inside me. The pain was so immense, it stopped rational thought and took my breath away. He was laughing at me, calling me daddy’s little whore. The other 2 came up to my side and were trying to put their dicks in my mouth. I held my mouth shut till the asshole fucking me jammed a finger into my ass. My mouth flew open and a cock went in. The guy started fucking my mouth with so much force, I thought he would break a tooth. He released my head and pulled out of my mouth, only to be replaced by the other one. He did the same thing.

With everything happening to my mouth, I almost got used to the guy fucking me. After a bit, both guys pulled out of me and I was placed on my back. Another one of the guys lifted my legs up in his arms and shoved his dick into me. He started pounding me hard. I almost lost consciousness again. The third guy pulled my head to the side and slapped my face with his dick, before jamming it into my mouth. 

My body was so sore by this time. With everything that was happening, I lost track of the first guy. After a bit, they finally pulled out of me and I was led to the living room and was forced to straddle the third guy who was sitting on the couch. I was instructed to put his dick in pussy. He told me to grind and rock my hips. I did as I was told and was actually rubbing his dick into my clit. I started feeling myself about to cum. Which made my blood curdle. But, without fail, my pussy burst and I came with a scream like none I’ve had before. The guys were being vulgar. Saying this whore just came, she wants it. They were telling me, they weren’t done with me, and they may make me do this again, for more payment. That I was the tightest they’d had. The hottest too. I was grossed out at the thought.

As I was coming down, I felt someone getting behind me. Then I felt a wet substance being smeared on my asshole. The guy under me, pulled me to his chest and the guy behind me placed his hands on my hips, and placed his cock on my asshole. He put the head in. The pain was brutal! Every stroke after was more forceful and he went deeper in. After a couple minutes, it felt like a coke can was being shoved up me. Both guys started slamming into me. I was struggling to breath. My vision was blurry and I was shaking all over. Then I realized, I just had another orgasm. What the fuck is wrong with me? Was this what I wanted? Were they right? Did I actually want this? Was I fucking them, as much as they were fucking me? Did my body trick my mind into thinking this felt good? 

As they fucked me harder, my body started to cave. I was actually grinding my hips and simultaneously pushing back against the cock in my ass. The third guy came up and put his dick into my mouth. I was sucking as he pushed into my mouth. He was grunting and knew he was about to cum, so he pulled out. I then started kissing the guy below me on his neck. Telling them to breathlessly to fuck me! The guy behind me reached around, grabbed my tits and was pinching my nipples. I had a mind shattering orgasm and was shaking violently. 

When I got my senses back, I told them I wanted to suck them off. They literally jumped out me. I went to my knees and grabbed 2 cocks, while I told the other guy to shove his cock into my mouth and fuck my mouth hard. I switched from guy to guy for a bit, until one guy pulled away, got behind me and started fucking me hard from behind, I came again. They took turns for a bit. I could tell they were ready to cum and I told them I wanted their cum on my face. 

I was stroking and sucking them until one guy grabbed my head and shot gobs of cum on my face. The other 2 followed suit. I was a mess and really sore. But, I’ve never been more sexually satisfied. 

Before this day, I was engaged to a nice guy. I knew I would never be satisfied with him anymore. It turned me on even more, to know, they did the same to my mom. But, what she didn’t know was, this was all a sham. Dad wasn’t in any trouble, they got to my mom and she turned me over to them. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I on the other hand am going to a swingers club with a nephew of one of the 3 guys. The things I’ve done in the last few weeks, have opened up a new life for me. Sex with double digit partners. Men and women. 

The first time I was touched by a woman, my heart skipped a beat and I attacked her. She licked me so deep. Sucked on my clit and gave me an orgasm, that made me pass out. She woke me up with a kiss and I kissed down her body and got my first taste of pussy. It was wonderful and she tasted like strawberries. I must’ve done something right, because she squirted all over my face. I was surprised, but pleasantly!

Next month I am going to Jamaica for a week of nonstop fucking. Many gangbangs, orgies and just fucking my guy. Can’t wait! Keep you all posted!

Taught a lesson by the ladies next door Part 2 Author: Chris Foley

—First Day of Service to Sandy —

I wake up at 7am having barely slept. Every time I�d manage to drift off to sleep on my front, I�d

wake up soon after having rolled onto my aching buttocks. I�d then have to struggle to get all the

images of yesterdays humiliation out of my head and ignore my tender buns �till I could drift off

again. But I may as well get up now and not put it off any longer. I�m so mortified by what

happened yesterday I�m reluctant to even look at myself in the mirror as I brush my teeth. When I

shower I think part of me is trying to wash off the memories. I enter the living room, the room of

my destruction, trying to ignore the part of my brain that wants to replay every embarrassing

comment they made. On my computer desk is the pile of paper I wrote out my lines on. It was too

sore to sit down so I had to kneel as I wrote them out, slapping my poor balls and thanking the girls

out loud with each one. I put a cushion on my computer chair and gingerly sit down. It makes me

sharply intake air between clenched teeth but at least I�ve regained the ability to sit. Once I�ve fired

up the machine and opened my browser I click on the address bar to go to my website and check my

sales. A list of porn sites I�ve visited appears before I type in the domain name. There�s a swelling

in my pants, the lightest pair of tracksuit bottoms I own, and I�m tempted to go straight back to my

own habits. Kerry�s voice condescends inside my head �I will not look at porn, like the monkey

spanking jerk off addict that my three gorgeous neighbours know that I am, without their

permission�. I even feel a slight urge to slap my balls again and say �Yes Miss Kerry� for even

considering it. Instead I delete my internet history. Obeying her does nothing to deter my rising

boner. �And no playing with yourself either until we think you�re ready� sounds through my head

as if she�s saying it into my ear. I can almost see her knowing smile. I concentrate on work, taking

my mind off the tent in my lap, grateful that Sandy isn�t here to call me a disgusting pervert for

having it.

Simon will be here at 2-ish. Other than that I could stay holed up in my house all day and

not speak to another soul. And believe me I want to. I spend the next 3 hours working, even though

I only really have 2 minutes of updating my inventory that really needs to be done before Simon

calls round. But I find work, like looking up the popularity of various new books I could get from

my suppliers and seeing what �people who bought this also bought this� messages come up when I

look at the books I�m selling on rival websites. But by 10am I know I need to go knock on my

neighbours door. If Jessica wants to sell my stock through her fitness classes I really shouldn�t pass

that up. And if I want to start a good business relationship with her I need to start it now rather than

after days of them saying God knows what about me in that house. As difficult as it is, I�m ringing

the doorbell.

Kerry opens the door, and her eyes light up when she sees me. I see the beginnings of that

familiar smug smile start to take shape. But this is a business call and I keep my voice calm,

friendly and with an underlying assertiveness �Hi, I was looking for Jessica if she�s in?�. My tone

catches Kerry off guard and she breaks eye contact �Oh yeah um she�s here..�. She hurries off to

fetch Jessica, I think I might even have seen a flicker of disappointment in her but I�m reassured

that she isn�t responding like they�ve all decided how to react next time they meet me. If I�d put this

off a day or two I suspect they would have. Jessica comes to the door, but not too quickly. Despite

the air of confidence she exudes I�m sure she too hasn�t figured out what attitude to take and that

lets me take the lead, as any good salesman would. �You were saying you might want to get some

of my books for your clients, I have my supplier coming today and I�m filling out my order. If you

have a minute would you like to come over and pick out the ones you want? I can show you his

inventory too if you�d like to see it.� Like Kerry, her mind was working a hundred miles a minute

and responds like her brain is still catching up. � Oh yeah, sure .. I could have a look�.

I get her talking about the books as she enters the basement and starts to look through them.

She recognises some by the title and a couple just by the author, so I know she�d be interested in

more from that person. As she talks to me I can see she�s avoiding eye contact. I remember how

easily she shifted from one attitude to the next yesterday, so my instinct tells me if I give her a

power boost in the conversation she�ll engage more �Do you mind if I ask, does Kerry have a

boyfriend?�. The effect on Jessica is obvious, she starts to smile broadly and looks at me �Not as far

as I know� she says coyly.

I just smile and go back to discussing the books. I�ve never met a woman who didn�t enjoy

the prospect of playing matchmaker and my question makes me seem a little vulnerable, that makes

Jessica relax and chat openly about what she wants. I just casually connect my products to her needs

and everything about our rapport is pleasant and constructive right now. �Do you think you might

get more clients with an ad on my website? A lot of people go to it for the fitness stuff�. �Yes that�s

�� I can see Jessica�s realised something, her smile broadens and eyes narrow like she�s rumbled a

sneaky friend. �I see you Chris, identifying my needs and making suggestions. What tipped you off

that I�m struggling to get clients?�. �I guess the way you didn�t buy the books yesterday that you

obviously wanted, even when Sandy put you under pressure to buy some�. There�s no dishonesty in

that, though I wasn�t even really aware I suspected her business was struggling until she asked.

Still smiling and holding eye contact she speaks coolly but pleasantly �You�re a very

perceptive man Chris. Maybe Kerry should be worried. And I think the ad is a brilliant idea, I�ll talk

to you about it later�. After we trade numbers, Jessica leaves as the happy, assertive businesswoman

that she is after a good meeting. I�m confident that she won�t hesitate to call me whenever she needs

something, she�ll talk up my products to her client base which I�m sure will grow and from the

looks of things she�ll keep this relationship separate from all the things she thankfully didn�t bring

up when she was here. Plus, instead of moping around the house, mortified at yesterday�s events, I

can console myself that I�ll be getting much better press from Jessica then I otherwise would.

Simon comes with the latest delivery. I let him talk about work and he tries to interest me in

the wide variety of publications he wants to offload, but he understands I�m not looking to branch

out at the moment but I have plenty of new stock to order so he isn�t really disappointed. I like

Simon, course I like most people, he�s a chatty friendly sports fan who always has some story to


I met him in a pub a while back when he was celebrating getting a large bookstore to sign

him as a supplier, he gave me the idea for my business. �By the way my cousin Isabella�s landed a

job in your old place, lifestyle insurance. She�s in accounts though so she hopefully won�t have that

wagon of a boss you had�. �Yeah she was a nightmare, bullied everyone, though I got her to stop

doing it to me in the end� I hide that I don�t want to talk about my experiences at Lifestyle and add

�I�m sure Isabella won�t get her if she�s not in sales�. I�ve peaked Simon�s curiosity though �how�d

you get her to lay off?�. I take a breath, remembering the event.

�I asked her out�.

Simon laughs with amused confusion �you what?�

�Yep – would you be a bastard to a girl you shot down?�

He believes me, and I am telling the truth, but he can�t see how would work. Still, he finds it highly

entertaining. �Chris, you�re either a genius or a maniac! I gotta get going anyhow, I�ll give you a

ring next weekend if you fancy a pint�

As I close the door after Simon I feel for a moment like I�m done for the day. But a dull ache

in my buttocks reminds me of the pile of hand written lines I need to hand over. My golden rule in

relationships is sooner rather than later. I don�t know what to think about Kerry�s �no jerking until

we think you�re ready’ policy, but Sandy�s lines might appease her some. No – the lines can wait till

tomorrow, I had a good meeting with Jessica and I should leave it for a day. As I sit back at my

computer and feel my ass complain I get that familiar tenting and a desire to use it to forget about

my problems. I fight off the urge for hours by watching random non sexual things on the internet,

cooking dinner and doing housework but its always there. Eventually I decide this is the time to

give over the lines and be done with it. I put them in an envelope and go knock on their door.

Kerry opens again, wearing makeup this time �Hi Chris, come on in�. She seems happy to

see me, but this time expecting me. �I just came over to drop this off� I hold up the envelope for her

to take but she doesn�t. Her response sounds oddly compassionate �I know, but you need to come

into our sitting room. Sandy wants to say something�. Kerry leads and I follow, trying not to look at

her cute round bum in tight jeans and putting out of my mind the idea that I might be the reason

she�s wearing them. In the room Jessica sits on a couch to my left and Sandy is on a seat on the

right wall. Jessica at least says �Hi Chris� with that same sympathetic tone and Kerry invites me to

sit on the right side of the couch Jessica�s on. With Jessica to my left, Sandy to my right and Kerry

standing against the far wall I feel a bit surrounded, but its clear we�re all waiting for Sandy to talk.

�Chris. I realised something earlier today that I think you should know. It was when I saw these two

running around singing your praises all day. Jessica talked about how �perceptive� you are, and I

think she�s right. Perceptive � and manipulative�. That last word is not a kind one, and I can tell its

implications have been hotly debated in this room before I got here by the way she looks away from

me when she says it. Her accusatory attitude being tempered by Kerry and Jessica. But there is

nothing I�ve done today I need to be ashamed of, so I�ll let her lay her cards on the table and then

I�ll flip them over. �Tell me Chris, what do the three of us have in common?� For some reason this

is a very important question for her.

�I don�t know� and I don�t. Sandy eyes me for a moment �I believe that�s true� I feel like I�ve

passed a test but I don�t know for what. �Subconsciously however, you do see a connection so don�t

think about it, just say what comes to mind�. I play along, thinking it will at least get this over

quicker �well you�re trying to be a psychologist� �Yes� Sandy responds like this proves some point,

but I can tell the others are unconvinced. �Clearly� Jessica adds, which makes me feel less

surrounded and takes the wind out of Sandy�s sails. �Kerry�s a nurse� I can�t help but feel that

whatever this test is it all depends on my next answer. �Jessica is �� sitting on my sore buns one

answer overrides the others even though it makes no sense �a therapist?�

I feel like Jessica and Kerry didn�t really expect me to give that answer but Sandy did. She

continues �Think about it Chris: a man with a porn and masturbation addiction lives next door to a

nurse who works in a sperm bank, educated in every masturbatory issue a man can have and is

dedicated to helping them, a spanking therapist who wouldn�t hesitate to pull out a bag of tricks to

alter a man�s behaviour and .. um.. A budding psychologist who is member of a women�s group and

� um � might have some issues and things that might make me strongly condemn that type of

behaviour� There are several things in my mind I chose to ignore. I can think of objections like the

fact that much of this I was led into such as calling Sandy a psychologist and that she references

things I didn�t know at the time to make her case – like where Kerry worked. But there�s a strange

familiarity to much of what she says.

�Why, Chris, at the first open-door opportunity you get would you come over here and leave

your phone behind?� That�s one thing I can�t deny: I�ve never ever let my phone get out of arms

reach, I need to be permanently ready to answer the next call. ��your porn infested phone. After

you invaded our space you probably though we�d look through it. Of all the houses in the world

why for the first time in your life would you steal underwear from this house? Why would you

leave it balled up beside your computer full of porn? Why wouldn�t someone as perceptive as you at

least try to stop Jessy and Kerry from going into your living room?�. I feel like the ground has

fallen from beneath my feet. If what she says it�s true this is me committing actions without my

knowledge. That frightens me. I�m out of control. �Chris, you have paid for your crime and I cannot

punish you again�, I�m sure that�s Jessica and Kerry�s influence, � but without some discipline,

treatment and training in your life it may be only a matter of time before you relapse back to your

old behaviour. If what you did was partly a cry for help then one night of punishment won�t fix your

problems.� Kerry comes over and sits beside me, I know she looks concerned even though I�m just

staring ahead. I don�t even know what I�m feeling but when I blink tears stream down my face. She

squeezes my hand as Sandy talks.

�I think we can help you Chris. I think you want us to help you. I think you need order and structure

and supervision to change your behaviour in the long run and I think we can provide you with that

if you agree to follow our direction. I don�t want to interact with your sexuality but if I believe what

I say I must be willing to help you. You should go home and think about it. If you want we can

forget all about it, but if you decide you need our guidance, our therapy, then you will report back

here tomorrow and ask for it. Do you understand?�

I can feel Kerry�s grip on my hand, trying to give me some support, but Sandy�s words wash over

me and I don�t know what to do with them. �Excuse me� is what comes out of my mouth and I


It�s a strange thing to be analysed. Your conscious mind seems to be slipping away to reveal

someone elses mind underneath. I don�t know who I am but more than that I don�t trust myself. If I

sit at my computer log enough I�ll sink back into my old habits. Why am I so isolated? Why am I

not getting Simon to arrange a date with me and his cousin, since I�m pretty sure that�s why he

really brought her up. Why am I not the head sales person at Lifestyle insurance instead of running

a business from my basement. But most of all, why do I do what these women say? Submitting to

punishment, writing lines after they�ve left and not masturbating because Kerry said not to. I can�t

trust anything right now. I can�t be sure why I invited Jessica over today, or why I really went back

to give in the lines. I already know what I want to do but my mind won�t accept it yet. I go to bed

early to sleep on it, wondering if all I really want is for Kerry to play with my privates again. I just

don�t know. I wake up lying on my front, naked on the bed. Reaching down my buttocks feel

somewhat bruised but nothing to worry about. It�s 9 am. I shower, shave, get dressed, eat a good

breakfast and accept the decision my mind has made. I knock on their door and take a deep breath.

�Chris� Sandy says when she opens the door, without surprise. �Follow me� Sandy goes into

the living room. I�m assuming the others are at work now. �I don�t want to see your bits like the

girls do Chris, so you will wear those shorts when I�m around�. She�s pointing to a pair of white

shorts on the couch. �Um�� I start to say but she already knows what I want to ask. �Just the shorts

Chris� she leaves the sitting room saying �join me in the kitchen when you�re done�. I strip. It feels

strange to be naked in someone else sitting room like this. When I�m completely nude I step into the

shorts and pull them up. They zip up the front and they�re very tight, leaving little to the

imagination. I can feel exactly where my penis and each ball are. Once I�ve folded up my clothes,

perhaps to give myself an extra moment away from Sandy�s eyes, I walk barefoot to the kitchen.

Sandy stands upright and formal, impeccably dressed and looking down on me, her attitude

emphasises the height difference as much as her high heeled shoes. I feel like I�m being summoned

by the head of human resources about my behaviour. I know Sandy has no interest in my body but I

can tell she enjoys my awkward vulnerability at being so naked, though she tries to hide it. �Well

boy, if you want me to give you the order and discipline you so clearly need, you should get down

on your knees and ask for it, shouldn�t you?� �Yes Miss Sandy� I kneel down on the kitchen floor,

my feet and knees slightly sticking to the lino and look up to meet her superior gaze. �Please Miss

Sandy, please give me the order and discipline that I need�

�You understand I will often be strict with you�

�Yes Miss Sandy�

�I will not destroy your personality, but you will learn obedience and submission to authority and in

this house you may consider every woman an authority figure.�

�Yes Miss Sandy�

�You will welcome them on your knees and in your shorts unless commanded otherwise.�

�Yes Miss Sandy�

�You will treat every woman with absolute respect and you will appreciate her guidance�

�Yes Mi..� Sandy cut me off with a hard slap across my face, my cheek stings but I remain in


�Lesson number one, no matter what a woman does to you, accept it without argument and any

anger from you will be considered disrespect�

She eyes me carefully looking for any trace of �disrespect�.

�Yes Miss Sandy�

�Good boy. Now stand up and turn around�

I do what she says almost without thinking and find myself facing the chores list on the kitchen

door. All the names have been changed to Chris. My name is written larger than the previous names,

giving me the impression the writer may have taken some satisfaction in it. Perhaps I should be

grateful it doesn�t just say �boy�.

�You will complete your assigned chores within 3 hours. You will do an excellent job. I�m sure

you�ll understand why laundry is not one of your assigned chores?�

�Yes Miss Sandy�

�Look at me when I talk to you. You will find cleaning products under the sink and you will

complete your tasks in order. Now get to work�.

�Yes Miss Sandy�

Her heels sound out loudly on the floor as she strides out of the kitchen. I look back at my first task

– clean the kitchen floor. I don�t see a mop anywhere in the room. I open the cabinet under the sink

and see a bucket with a label �FOR THE FLOOR� written on it. Inside is a tiny cloth and a bottle of

floor cleaner. I guess she wants me on my hands and knees for this and if I ask for a mop I suspect

another face slap would be my answer. As I mix the floor cleaner with hot water in the bucket, put

on rubber gloves and start to scrub the lino floor I wonder what psychology theory she might be

employing. The cloth barely covers my fingers, which makes me think of a soldier being made to

scrub the floor for hours with a toothbrush. But I�m not convinced this is actually punishment.

Maybe its to do with the idea that the path to changing behaviour is long and laborious. She clearly

wants this to take time anyway.

Aside from the bedrooms, which are off limits to me, I clean the house from top to bottom. I

make sure not to leave a single smudge or blemish anywhere. I take special care to thoroughly clean

everywhere I might neglect if I was cleaning for myself, like behind the toilet bowl or inside the

cabinets in the kitchen. I make sure the floor of the bathroom is good enough to eat off, just in case

she had something like that in mind for me. Sandy periodically came in and checked on my

progress, looking for faults. I would kneel and there was usually a slap in the face for missing

something but eventually each room was cleaned to her satisfaction. The last room to clean was the

living room

In the living room Sandy sits comfortably on the couch reading a book while I clean as

quietly and discreetly as possible. I feel naked as I clean the fireplace, on my hands and knees with

my butt in the air and Sandy behind me. I�m not sure why but this feeling of being naked and

serving a strict commanding woman causes a twitch in my shorts. I do my best to concentrate on

polishing the fireplace but I can�t take my mind off it. My traitor of a penis starts to grow. I carry on

cleaning the fireplace hoping it will go down before I have to face Sandy once more. After a few

minutes Sandy speaks up �I think that fireplace is done now boy, you may start with the dusting.�

�Yes Miss Sandy�

I have no choice now but to get up and go get the duster.

�STOP!� Sandy yells while sharply putting down her book and standing up. She glares at my

tenting crotch and then at me �And what is THIS, boy?�

�I�m sorry Miss Sandy, I couldn�t help ��

Sandy cuts me off with her trademark hard slap to the face.

�You should be focusing on the tasks I assigned you, not getting excited!�

�Yes Miss Sandy, sorry Miss Sandy�

Sandy relaxes a little but is still annoyed at having to deal with this development and very much in

the frame of mind to lay down the law.

�Well Chris, the purpose of this exercise if you haven�t guessed yet is to begin to direct this sexual

energy of yours to something productive. We already know how excited you get when you obey a

dominant woman and I know you struggle to control yourself but it is not acceptable to get an

erection in the presence of a lady without her permission is it?�

�No Miss Sandy�

�Then you should kneel down and request a punishment to correct your behaviour shouldn�t you?�

�Yes Miss Sandy� I�m blushing furiously as I kneel down. For a moment I look down and see just

how obvious my shameful arousal is in my shorts. Kneeling up my penis head gets pinched my the

inside of the zipper, making me wince, but I know to make myself kneel up straight when I address


�Please punish me for my lack of self control Miss Sandy�

�Very well. I think 12 strokes of the cane should fix you. You will not remove your shorts. You may

use the arm of the couch for support and I want you to bend over and have your legs straight with

your backside high in the air when I return. Do I make myself clear?�

�Yes Miss Sandy�.

Sandy leaves the room to fetch her cane and I assume the position. I want to adjust my privates to

make them more comfortable but I�m in such a submissive state right now I daren�t even do that.

Sandy returns and I hear her take up position behind me and to my left. I hear the swish of the cane

and tense every muscle in my body even though hasn�t struck me yet. I keep my legs as straight as I

can and my back arched, which makes my buns feel well above the rest of me. My hands strongly

grip the couch arm. Sandy pats the cane on my vulnerable buttocks

�You will count and say thank you for each stroke�

�Yes Miss Sandy�

�And if you break position I will add more to your punishment�

�Yes Miss Sandy�


�AHHHH! O-one thank you Miss Sandy� Its like being electrocuted through a burning rod and I

want to jump up and grab my butt.


�TWOOOOO Thank you Miss Sandy� It takes all my willpower to not lift a foot off the floor and

I�m sure I won�t be able to take 10 more of these.

The cane makes a sharp swishing sound as it cuts through the air.

�MMMMMMM, Th-three thank you Miss Sandy�

Sandy pats the cane on my cheeks giving me at least the tiniest moments reprieve. My body is

trembling uncontrollably while she delivers another perfect painful slice across my rear.

�AAAAAAHHH! FOUR THANK YOU MISS SANDY!� I can�t help but move with this one,

rising up on my arms and lifting a foot off the floor. I force myself back into position as quickly as

possible while breathing like I�ve just run a marathon. If there is the slightest erection left in my

shorts now it couldn�t be further from my mind.

�There�s no need to shout boy.� Sandy says with authority �And hold still or you�ll get more�

�Yes Miss Sandy� I try to control my breathing and prepare my mind to endure the pain without

moving or crying out.

Sandy pats my buns three times with the cane this time before she lets me have it.

For a moment I can�t make a sound at all, my mouth opens as if to silently scream. Then through

clenched teeth �� five. Thank you Miss Sandy�

�Better� I think she might actually have been impressed when she said that. It helps me stay focused

on controlling my reaction to the pain.


� � six. Thank you Miss Sandy� my voice wobbles a little but I control the volume to Sandy�s


�Now Chris, tell me again what you are being punished for�

She�s a clever girl Sandy, it occurs to me. I had stopped thinking of what I was being punished for

and was only thinking about the my pain. Then I was concentrating on pleasing the powerful

woman with a cane at my vulnerable ass.

�I am being punished for failing to control my sexual excitement, Miss Sandy�

�Yes Chris, and its not because I�m using you as some kind of symbol for all the pervy men I have

to deal with in work��

(Though I suspect that might be part of the reason she�s being so hard on me)

�� its because you must learn to respect a woman�s boundaries before your own desires�� Sandy

leans in to speak closer into my ear �� and you will learn to respect a woman�s boundaries won�t

you Chris?�

�Yes Miss Sandy, I will�

�Yes you will. And I�ll make sure you learn the discipline to control even your urges�

�Yes Miss Sandy, thank you Miss Sandy�

�Good. Now you can remember what you�re thanking me for�


� � seven, thank you Miss Sandy� there�s a new hint of sincerity in my voice that even I can hear

through the pain.

Sandy swishes the cane in the air, perhaps to see if I flinch. I surprises even me that I don�t.

My mind is starting to gratefully accept punishment, to accept her discipline. I�m no longer just

saying the words like a robot, I mean them. Never the less, I�m beginning to well up and by the

tenth stroke tears are slowly rolling down my cheeks. A sniffle alerts Sandy to this.

�You better not blubber on my couch boy or I�ll cane you in the garden!�

Well I don�t believe she would do that, Sandy is a very conservative, dignified woman who would

never wish to make a spectacle of herself. She does sound like she might slightly enjoy the fantasy

of making a spectacle of me though.

�Yes Miss Sandy�

�I�ll have you grabbing your ankles out back hoping the neighbours don�t look out the window.

You�ll learn not to shout out then won�t you�


� � eleven, thank you Miss Sandy�

�And if any of the ladies around here see you I�ll have you march right up to them and explain

yourself! And we�ll see if they want to help teach you a lesson! How would you like to be asking

Mrs McKenzie in number 17 if you should be taking your shorts down for your spanking?�


�� twelve, thank you for disciplining me Miss Sandy�

I instantly regret the extra words, even though I meant them. She might interpret that as trying to

tell her to stop, which might provoke more punishment and she sounds like she�s getting into the

swing of things and could go on for some time. There�s a pause before she speaks like she�s

considering it.

�Very well. I�ll be leaving for work in about ten minutes, that should be enough time for you to

finish your dusting. I trust you don�t still have a problem down there do you?�

�No Miss Sandy�

�Good, then get to work�

Sandy leaves the room quickly and an unlikely thought crosses the back of my mind as I rush for

the dusting spray and cloth – for a moment towards the end the always professional, reserved Sandy

actually let loose and had fun. Of course she couldn�t have been turned on by me that�s not her

nature but � suddenly I see Mrs McKenzie in a whole new light. Not that I ever called her Mrs

before, you don�t call someone the same age as you �Mrs�, just one of �the McKenzie�s� when her

husband was alive. She�s not even Sandy�s neighbour, number 17 is round the corner. As I sense my

mind wandering towards possibly sexual territory about Angie McKenzie and Sandy, I do, with a

newly established discipline, successfully concentrate on the dusting.

Sandy returns about 10 minutes later. I have frantically polished every dustable surface in

the room.

�Well Chris, you have completed day one of your new routine. You will be here every Monday and

Thursday from 9am until I say you are finished. I mostly start at 12:30 on those days in the library

so you should make sure you are available until then. The girls should be back any ..� There is the

sound of a key in the door and Sandy slightly breaks her authoritative tone. �Speak of the little

devils� wait here Chris�

�Yes Miss Sandy�

Sandy is already heading into the hall and I can hear the women talking gleefully, though its hard to

hear what they�re saying like they�re deliberately speaking in hushed tones at times. I can hear

laughter and Kerry�s voice in a mock version of a drill sergeant, or possibly a mock version of

Sandy, saying things like �And this place better be spotless!�

Intuition tells me Kerry and probably Jessica like that they aren�t the ones being given a cleaning

schedule by Sandy anymore and this may be releasing some tension between the three. But Kerry

especially is giddy, and I know it�s because she�s about to have me at her mercy. Even though its

finished I find myself thinking about the dusting again.

Taught a lesson by the ladies next door

Asleep – by The Joker


	The next week at work, all I could think about
was that night Larry had almost fucked my wife.  He and
I never spoke about it, but occasionally we would ex-
change smiles, him flashing that grateful smile of his.

	I had to admit, I had become obsessed with the
thought of seeing another man fuck Sandy, but there were
still those nagging feelings of uncertainty.  Seeing
Larry molest Sandy as he did that night really didn't
bother me, but would I be able to handle seeing another
man actually fucking her?

	As the weekend drew closer, I could see the look
of anticipation grow in Larry's face.  I knew he was
thinking, 'I wonder if he's gonna ask me over again?',
'Am I gonna get another chance at that gorgeous brunette
wife of his?'.

	Friday finally came, and it wasn't until just
before quitting time that I invited Larry over again.
He was beside himself joy!

	"Oohhhh, yeah...GREAT!!!! I'll bring the beer,
and a new fuck flick I got in the mail this week!", he
said excitedly.

	"Ok. Be over about 9-ish," I replied.

	I knew that Sandy would be getting sleepy about
then, and that Larry's presence would probably initiate
her going on to bed since she really didn't enjoy his
company all that much.  I laughed to myself at that
thought.  If she really knew what Larry was there for,
not really caring for him that much, she'd probably stay
up all night, at least till he left.

	Then I did something that surprised even myself.

	"Hey, Joe!  What are you doing later tonight?",
I heard myself asking.

	Joe was a fairly large black man.  He stood
about six feet four inches and weighed in at about 200
lbs.  He definitely wasn't a fat man, and had a large,
muscular frame.

	"Ohhh... nothing much.  What do ya have in
mind?" he asked.

	"Well, Larry and I are gonna get together over
at my house tonight about 9 o'clock to have a couple of
beers... and whatever.  I think he said something about
bringing over a fuck flick.  Whatd'ya say?"

	"all right man... but I might be a little bit
later than nine.  I've got to run an errand for my Pop,
but it shouldn't take too long," he replied.

	That's fine, see ya later on, then," I said,
thinking that it might be best if he DID come in after
Sandy went to bed, her being brought up in a fairly con-
servative southern home.

	I turned to see the shock on Larry's face.  But
it was a look of pleasant shock.

	I smiled and winked as I walked past him to
leave, "See ya later, Larry!"

	That night at dinner, I was preoccupied with the
thoughts of what was in store.  I bought a bottle of
wine for supper, in hopes that Sandy would be well on
her way to a sound, good night's sleep before long.  As
I expected, it wasn't long before Sandy was giggling
with the effects of the wine.  An unexpected benefit,
however was the wine had a stimulating effect on her.

	She began running her stockinged foot along my
upper thigh under the table.  Later on the couch, and a
couple of glasses later, she sat facing me with one foot
on the floor and the other foot under her knee while we
watched TV.  This caused her short skirt to ride up her
thighs, exposing the tops of her stockings and the gar-
ter snaps that held them. She opened her legs slightly
further, showing me the top of her panty clad crotch,
just as the doorbell rang.

	"Awwww!" she protested as I got up to answer

	"I wonder who that could be?", I said, acting as
if I didn't know it was really Larry.

	As I opened the door, Larry came in with a paper
bag under his arm, and stood next to the door as I shut
it, looking at Sandy and issuing the usual small talk
greetings.  As I turned to go back to the couch, I no-
ticed that Sandy had not yet moved from her former posi-
tion, as she sat facing us and playing with a strand of
her hair.  She obviously was unaware that she was show-
ing so much to Larry as she sat there with a slight look
of disappointment.  Larry stood there momentarily, as
they gazed at one another, her in deep thought, and him
in disbelief.  Suddenly, she became aware of herself and
quickly turned around on the couch, adjusting her skirt.

	"Have a seat, Larry.  Here... let me take
this an put it in the fridge,"  I said, taking the bag
and walking into the kitchen.

	As I was putting the beer away, I overheard
Larry saying to Sandy that he 'hoped that he wasn't
interrupting anything'.

	"No... that's OK,"  I overheard her say, know-
ing full well that she was lying through her teeth to be
polite.  "We were just sitting here watching some TV...
and thinking about hitting the sack."

	I know she was trying to hint to Larry that now
was not a good time for him to be here.  Little did she
know that there was more in store than she ever dreamed

	"What are you up to tonight, Larry", I said as I
walked back into the room, handing him a beer.

	"Oh... not much.  Just thought I'd drop by to
see if you two were interested in a few hands of gin."

	"Sounds good to me, what about you, hon?", I
said looking at Sandy.

	The look on her face told me that she had re-
signed herself to the fact that Larry was going to be
here for a while.

	"Well, if you guys don't mind... I think I'm
gonna call it an evening," she said, getting up off the

	'Perfect!', I thought,  everything was falling
into place.

	"OK, hon.  I'll be along in a little," I said,
smiling at Larry.

	He quietly mouthed the words 'I will too!' after
she had passed him, heading towards the bedroom.

	After Sandy had gone to bed, Larry and I sat
there staring blankly at the TV, neither of us saying a
word.  The air was filled with expectation.  About 10
o'clock, I heard Joe drive up into the driveway.  I got
up to let him in before he rang the doorbell.  I really
didn't think it would wake up Sandy... but I wasn't
taking any chances.

	At first all we did was make small talk as Larry
popped his new flick into the VCR. Joe still hadn't been
let in on our little secret.  I wasn't yet sure just how
I was gonna go about it.  After about 15-20 minutes, I
noticed that Larry was getting a bit antsy.  He kept
shifting around in his seat and glancing at me as if
expecting the signal to go anytime now.

	"I'll be right back", I said, signaling Larry to
stay put for awhile.

	I wanted to make sure everything was set for
what was about to happen.  Quietly, I slipped down the
hall and into the bedroom.  Sandy was laying on the bed
on her back in one of her sheerest babydoll nighties,
the cover bunched up around her waist.  I guess the wine
had really taken it's toll on her, as she was really
sprawled out on the bed, her arms above her head on the
pillow and one leg tossed over the side of the bed under
the covers.  

	Sandy looked beautiful lying there with that
typical little pout she has when sleeping, her long
brunette hair spread out under her head on the pillow,
just touching her shoulders.  Her breasts were readily
visible through the transparent material covering them
as they stuck almost straight up like two conical, pink
tipped mountains.  It didn't look like I was going to
have to do much at all to get things ready.

	Quietly, I slipped over to the bathroom door and
eased it open, letting the soft light shine into the
bedroom onto Sandy.  Then I slipped back down the hall
to where Larry and Joe were still watching the movie.

	"Joe, you want another beer?" I asked, hoping
that soon he would be ready to take a leak.

	"Sure...., thanks!" he replied.

	Larry followed me into the kitchen, and quickly
cornered me, "How are you gonna do this?"

	"Well, I thought we'd let Joe go back first when
he has to take a leak.  Then, you and I will slip back
and wait in the bedroom doorway to see what he does."

	Larry grinned, and hurried back out into the
living room.  We watched the movie for a while longer,
as we remarked about some of the scenes taking place.

	It wasn't long before Joe had to go, "Hey, man,
where's your bathroom at?"

	"Second door on your right," I said, trying to
keep the excitement in my voice from showing.

	Joe walked down the hall, and as soon as I heard
the bathroom door shut, Larry and I were off for the
bedroom.  Standing in the bedroom, Larry's gaze was
fixed on Sandy.  Joe had neglected to shut the door
leading to the bedroom, probably because he didn't know
anyone would be in there.  As I heard him finish up, I
could hear him fumbling with his zipper as he turned to
head back out.  Suddenly, I heard him stop dead in his
tracks. He obviously had seen Sandy.

	It seemed that he stood there for hours, as he
watched her laying there, her pert breasts rising up
from her chest, plainly visible through the thin fabric.

	"Hol-leee Sheee-uuut!" I heard him exclaim in a

	I could barely contain my laughter as I let out
a snicker.  Joe heard this and poked his head around the
door-frame, looking straight at us.  I quickly help my
finger up to my lips, shushing quietly, and motioned him
to come on in.

	"Is that your wife?" he whispered quietly.

	I nodded, taking him by the arm and leading him
over to the side of the bed.  Larry followed me and
stood on my left as we looked at Sandy, now just inches

	"What'cha think?" I whispered, smiling at Joe.

	He gazed at Sandy for a few seconds then turned
to me, staring at me as he appraised my motives.

	"She looks beautiful, man," he whispered back,
half smiling.

	Gently, I reached down and grasped the edge of
the covers.  I slowly began pulling them down, exposing
more of Sandy's firm, flat belly covered only by her
sheer nightie.  I pulled the sheet down to a point be-
tween her navel and the beginning of her pubic mound,
exposing the lacy hem of her nightie.  Then I took the
hem and very carefully eased it up her creamy white
torso, and over her pert white breasts.  Her pink, shiny
nipples began to harden with the contact from a wisp of
air created by my hands moving her top over them.  I
scooted over to my left a little to let Joe stand more
directly in front of Sandy's firm young breasts, to
which Larry slipped around to Joe's right, standing
right at Sandy's head.  He wasted no time in unzipping
his pants and stroking his dick, as I motioned for Joe
to gently feel Sandy's tits.

	The contrast of his huge black hands against the
firm white skin of Sandy's tits as he gently fondled
them was extremely exciting!  His huge hands almost
completely covered her medium-sized tits when he cupped
them.  He gently took a nipple between his thumb and
forefinger and squeezed it slightly, evoking a quiet
whimper from Sandy.

	Meanwhile, Larry had rid himself of his pants,
and was steadily stroking himself directly over Sandy's
face, just inches from her pouting lips. He looked at me
as he squeezed out some precum, letting it ooze out of
the head of his dick and drip slowly down, coming to
rest directly on her lips.  At first, she didn't move as
the precum lay glistening on her lower lip, but the
sensation of it against her lip caused her to lick it
off with her tongue.

	Seeing this, Joe stood up and unzipped his
pants.   As he pulled his pants and underwear down, one
of the largest, blackest dicks I have ever seen on a man
sprang free from its moorings.  It must have been at
least twelve inches long, about three to three and a
half inches in diameter at the thickest point right be-
hind the head.  The tip of his uncircumcised dick was
peeking out from the foreskin, and the shaft was slight-
ly curved upward from its dark, hairy base.

	The thought of this massive black instrument
plunging into Sandy's sopping wet pussy thrilled some-
thing inside of me, but at the same time scared me. I
knew if he ever got it inside her, it would stretch her
to her limit if not tear her in half.  And there was no
doubt in my mind, THAT thing inside her would wake her
up regardless of how sound asleep she was now.

	He looked at me before bending down, bracing
himself with his hand on the other side of Sandy, and
sucking her right nipple into his mouth. He then hunched
his hips forward and began to rub the head of his huge
black dick all over her left breast.  As he stroked him-
self, precum began to ooze out of its black head coating
Sandy's milky white breast and pink nipple as it poked,
prodded, and rubbed her tit.

	Motioning for Larry to come down where I was, I
gently pulled the covers down further, momentarily stop-
ping just below the top of Sandy's sheer black lace
panties before pulling the covers completely free of her
all together.  Her thin dark pubic patch was clearly
visible beneath the thin, lacy material.  Larry reached
down and began to stroke her smooth white legs, working
his way upwards toward her crotch while all the time
stroking himself.

	This got Joe's attention, as he stood up to
watch but continuing to rub his black dick and pre-spunk
on her firm white tits.

	Larry's caresses finally reached the top of
Sandy's thigh, and gently he rubbed his fingers across
her lace covered pussy.  As he began to move his fingers
up and down along her slit, her hips barely began to
move back and forth, the first move she had made since
we began other than licking her lips.

	I already wanted more!  Gently, I rolled Sandy
over slightly so that I could pull her panties down
first on her left side, then on her right. After getting
them down to about mid-thigh, I quickly slipped them off
of her.

	Sandy was now completely naked in front of these
two horny men.  The sight of this sleeping beauty lying
naked and open before Larry and Joe as they caressed,
prodded and explored her body already had me close to
the edge.

	Larry had replaced Sandy's left leg to dangle
off of the bed, and had eagerly slipped between her
thighs to begin exploring her tight, thin haired
brunette cunt with his fingers. Cautiously at first,
he began to run his thumb lightly up an down her slit,
his face just inches away. Then he took her clit between
his thumb and index finger and lightly rolled it between
them.  This caused Sandy to moan, drawing her legs up
until they met Larry's shoulders.

	Joe was now rubbing the entire length of his
dick all over both of Sandy's firm tits, fondling them
with his hand, and looking at Larry working between her

	When I looked back at Larry, he had boldly re-
placed his fingers with his tongue!  Gently he placed
one of his fingers at the entrance to her hole, pausing
briefly to let her juices drain onto his fingers before
slowly plunging his finger inside her cunt.  Sandy
gasped, her legs closing tightly around Larry's head.
Undeterred, Larry continued his assault with his tongue
and fingers on my wife's sweet pussy.  Never before had
another man other than myself done this to her.

	Quickly, I released my own cock from my pants
and began stroking myself, standing between Joe and
Larry as they worked on Sandy.

	Suddenly, Joe stepped around and gently pulled
Larry back by his right shoulder.  Larry looked up at
him momentarily, then down at his huge black dick, which
was pointing directly at Sandy's pussy. Larry backed off
as Joe stepped between her legs and began rubbing the
head of that monstrous bloated dick up and down her
tight slit.  I could see the precum glistening on the
light covering of dark pubic hair that lined her moist

	I froze, not knowing just what to do.  I knew
that Joe was planning on fucking Sandy with his humon-
gous dick, that really didn't bother me.  In fact, deep
down that is what I wanted and had planned for.  But I
knew that Sandy would definitely wake up once that thing
was inside her.

	What's more, I had just noticed that Sandy's
diaphragm was lying on the night-stand.  Normally, she
would put her diaphragm in when she knew that we would
be doing something, even when she went to bed before I
did.  But tonight, I guess she was just too tipsy to
remember.  The thought of this black stud shooting his
cum deep into my wife's unprotected pussy triggered
something inside of me, however.  I WANTED to see him
dump his load deep in her cunt!  I could no longer con-
trol my urges to see this happen.  I had already lost
control of this situation anyway.

	After coating the head of his black dick with
her juices, Joe placed it right at the entrance of
Sandy's tight little cunt... and pushed.

	Slowly, the huge black head began to disappear
between her pussy lips, her tightness resisting its
probing.  Sandy's mouth opened as she gasped in slight
pain.  If this hurts now with just the head sticking
inside her, I thought, what's she gonna do when he tries
to stick all of it in her?

	But Joe was fairly gentle in his initial viola-
tion of her tight, hot cunt. As gentle as he could be in
his excited state.  He moved back and forth in short
quick strokes, stretching her twat little by little and
plunging slightly deeper with each thrust.

	Larry had moved back up to Sandy's head, playing
with her tits with one hand and jacking himself off with
the other over her face.  All at once he bent over and
softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping his tongue
just inside, while at the same time continuing his
manipulation on her tits and his dick.  Sandy instinc-
tively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched hers
enveloping his tongue.  Quickly, Larry stood up and
placed the head of his dick against her lips, probing it
just inside Sandy's pursed lips.  Seemingly playing out
some erotic dream,  Sandy began sucking on just the head
of Larry's dick.  I heard him moan, as slurping sounds
escaped between his dick and my wife's lips.

	I returned my gaze to Joe's ministrations on
Sandy's tight cunt.  He now had about three good inches
inside her pussy, the thickest part of his dick now al-
most inside her.

	Suddenly, as if a barrier had been broken, the
thick bulge of his dick slipped past the tight entrance
of her hot hole and he began pumping away inside her
with earnest.  He only had about two-thirds of his dick
inside her when all of a sudden... SHE WOKE UP!

	At first, her eyes popped open then she gasped,
releasing Larry's dick from her lips as her pussy was
filled to it's limit.  Everyone froze as her initial
disorientation dwindled and was replaced by her complete
awareness of what was going on.  Her gaze shifted from
Larry's dick hovering just above her lips, to Joe whose
dick was still deep inside her tight pussy.

	Joe was beyond stopping now, no matter what my
wife or I might think and he started to hump her as if
his life depended on it, he held her to the bed and
banged away at her. Suddenly, to my surprise, Sandy
wrapped her legs around Joe, digging her heels into his
ass and pulling him deeper inside of her as she hunched
up against him, grunting as his dick thrust deeper and
deeper all at once.  He now had at least ten inches in-
side her previously unadulterated pussy, and with each
thrust he took more of her.

	I began stroking myself even harder as I saw Joe
shove his dick completely inside of Sandy, her pussy
lips completely disappearing as his huge dick carried
them along with it.  Each time he withdrew his dick, her
juices glistened heavily on his shaft as her pussy seem-
ed to be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his
dick slightly like the fingers of a glove as it's being
pulled off inverted.

	Quite suddenly Sandy began to cum - HARD!  Her
whole body tensed up as each subsequent wave of her
orgasm swept over her, each time yelling louder than the
first as her climax continued to grow stronger.

	This brought about Joe's orgasm, as her pussy
clamped tightly around his huge dick. A low animal growl
was heard deep from within him as he thrust forward
violently and began to cum deep inside Sandy's unpro-
tected pussy.  Their moans and grunts mixed with each
other as their climax built up then subsided.

	Huge gobs of cum dripped down the crack of
Sandy's ass as Joe began to withdraw his huge cock from
her now sloppy pussy.  With Sandy still lying on her
back, Larry immediately jumped  between her legs, rub-
bing his dick up and down her sloppy wet pussy lips, and
then slipping easily into her over-stretched twat. After
just a couple of strokes, he withdrew, and placed his
dickhead at the entrance to her virgin ass. Not even I
had been able to fuck her in the ass yet, and I wondered
if she would stop Larry.

	She offered no resistance, however, as Larry's
dick disappeared between the soft folds of flesh sur-
rounding her asshole.  She winced as his dick plunged in
almost halfway on the first stroke, but then as her
sphincter muscle relaxed, she began hunching against
Larry, lifting her legs high so he could get a better
rhythm going, taking him all the way inside her ass.

	Larry's grunts began to get louder, as I strad-
dled Sandy's chest, squeezing her firm tits around my
throbbing dick as I began to fuck them.  Sandy began to
lick the head of my dick each time it got close enough.

	I was just about to dump my own load all over
Sandy's face when I heard Larry's grunts change to loud
moans as he emptied himself deep within my wife's virgin
ass. This was all it took for me as I too began to shoot
the first hot thick streams of cum between her tightly
squeezed tits.  I thrust myself forward, plunging my
dick into Sandy's waiting mouth, where she began to
swallow the rest of my pent up seed.

	Sandy continued to suck on my softening dick, as
I collapsed against the headboard.  I turned my head a-
round to see Larry withdraw his dick from her ass with a
wet sounding "thhhupp!"

	Larry spoke the first words, "Ohhhhh... man!
That was great!"

	All I could do was sigh as I rolled off of Sandy
with a grin. Sandy smirked at me with a cute impish grin
as she laid there, cum dripping out of all three of her

	"You're just full of surprises, aren't you?" she
said softly.

	"I'm not the only one," I returned, "It seems
you're quite full of surprises yourself!"

        The End

Alley – by Red Dragon

I had an experience last month that I thought your
readers might want to  read about.  It  began  while my
husband, Hal, and I were returning home from watching a
movie at an adult theater.  Hal was really horny and so
was I. On the drive home, I had my  husband's  cock out
of his pants and was sucking it while he fondled me.  I
got  so  worked  up  that I begged him to fuck me right
then.  He drove our car into a dark, deserted alley off
the main street.  I got ready to get into the back seat
but Hal suggested that we do it on the hood. The danger
of getting caught made me even hotter so I agreed to my
husband's suggestion.

    I stood next to the  car while my husband made sure
no one could see us. He came around the car and told me
to take off my blouse.  I had it off in a flash!    Hal
reached around me and unfastened my bra, letting my 40"
(DD) bbreasts hang free.   I grabbed his hardon through
his pants and gave it a firm squeeze. My husband pulled
my bra off the rest of  the  way  and began fondling my
breasts. I could feel my juices flow as he sucked on my
hard nipples.   Hal told me to lay across the fender so
he could screw me from behind. I turned around and bent
over,  laying  my  upper  body  on  the warm hood.  Hal
unfastened  my  skirt,  unzipped it,  and  le t it fall
around my feet.  Then, he pulled  my  panties down over
my ass and let them fall.  I heard  him unzip  and then
felt his hands run up and down my thighs. I stepped out
of my clothes at my feet and spread my legs  wide apart
to expose my waiting cunt.

   I moaned to my husband,  "Oh,  yes!  Yes!   Fuck me,
baby!  I want your cock fucking me, now!"  

   He moved up behind  my  wet  pussy  and inserted his
dick.  I heard him groan and then  he  began pumping my
slick wet hole. The feeling of being fucked, out in the
open, on the hood of our car,  made me crave Hal's cock
like an animal.  He entered me with slow, steady pushes
while he fondled the cheeks of my hot ass.  Soon I knew
Hal  was  loosing  his  control  as  his thrusts became
quicker and more forceful.

    My husband was fucking me like he  does just before
he is ready to come.   He  rammed  into  me  with  deep
thrusts, causing my whole body to  lurch  forward  with
each one.  I had already come once and was on my way to
having another orgasm as Hal's cock slid back and forth
over my clit.

   Just when I thought he was  going to shoot his spunk
into me, I heard  some men's voices and felt Hal's cock
jerk out of my pussy.  I  lifted  my  head  and  looked
behind  me  to  see two Latin men holding my  husband's
arms as he struggled to get free.  I didn't  know  what
to  do  so  I  began  screaming  as loud as I could and
pushed myself up from the car fender  that  I  was bent
over.   When I was almost fully standing again, a third
man appeared from behind the alley wall and pushed hard
at the center of my back.   I fell forward onto the car
hood and my cheek slammed into the warm metal.

   The man who had  pushed me down,  pressed  his  hand
into my back,  holding  me to the hood.   The  forceful
shove I'd received caused me to stop screaming,  but my
mind was swimming with pure fear.  I heard  one  of the
men holding my husband say, "O.K. man, now you're going
to  watch  your  old  lady get fucked by us!"   The man
pressing on my back said, "Now watch real good, man.  I
think your woman,  here,  is going  to  like  this!"  I
managed  to  turn my head over onto the other cheek and
saw Hal looking at me.  He was fighting to free himself
but the men holding him were overpowering my husband. I
felt a hand slide over my  ass  and then I heard a belt
buckle jingle and  the  sound  of a zipper being pulled
down.  I was shaking with fear and tried to push myself
up, but the pressure on my back increased.

    My ankles were  kicked  hard to force my legs apart
and several fingers  poked  at  my pussy.   My cunt was
still wet from Hal's  fucking  and  I heard my attacker
say, "Yeah, man!  She got a wet cunt here!"   The other
men were laughing and one said, "Yeah, fuck her!   Fuck
her so her old man here can see!" I felt the man's cock
slide into me  and  I  screamed out,  "Get off me,  you
fucking bastard!   Get off me!"   The cock slid further
into me and the bastard said, "Just hold on, lady. Your
going to like my dick fucking your hot pussy!" His feet
held my legs apart as  his  hands pinned my arms to the

    He  made  grunting  noises while  he  fucked me. He
sounded just like a  pig rooting  as he thrust into me.
The whole  time  I  was  getting  fucked,  I watched my
husband's agonizing face.   Hal couldn't help me as the
other men forced him to watch.   I felt the  man's hips
press against my ass, his cock fully buried in my cunt.
He groaned as his sperm gushed into me.

    I had resigned myself to the fact that there wasn't
anything I could do  to prevent my rape so I laid there
lifeless on our  car  hood.   After  the  man  finished
comming, he pulled out of me and walked around to where
I could see him. He grinned as he looked at me and then
at his cock, saying   "Just look at the mess your pussy
made on my dick!   It's fucking covered with  your cunt
slime, bitch!"  He grabbed my  hair  and pulled my head
over to  his waist and said, "Suck my dick clean!  Suck
all that slime off it, bitch!"   He held his cock to my
lips and  I  took  it  in  my mouth.  I slurped off the
mixture of my own juices and the  bastard's sperm while
he moaned in delight.

    He pulled his  cock  out of my mouth, zipped up his
pants,  and went over to take  another  man's  place at
holding my husband. The Latino he relieved smiled at me
and began undoing his pants. As his cock became exposed
he said, "Look at this, lady!  Its' bigger than Juan's!
Do you like it?"  He looked  at the  man  who  had just
fucked me and laughed.

    The dark-brown man  stepped out of the pants around
his  ankles  and  came  over  to me.  He rested his ass
against the car fender and said,  "Get  over  here  and
kneel  down  in  front  of  me,   you  fucking  whore!"
I straightened up and moved around to face the big man.
His hands went to my tits,  he  looked  over at Hal and
said, "Man!  These  are  some  nice  jugs your old lady
has!"  He looked back at me and said, "O.K., whore, get
down on your knees.   I want you to hold my dick in you
hands.  I want you to lick it all over  so your old man
can see you.   I want him to see you suck on my balls!"
As I kneeled, I felt the sperm  running out of my pussy
and down my leg.

    I held the man's big, dark hard-on with  both hands
and began licking the underside of it. Hal was yelling,
"Don't do it Kay! Run, Kathy, run now!"  One of the men
gripping his arm, punched my husband in the stomach and
said, "Shut your fucking mouth, asshole, and watch your
whore lick Jose's big dick!"

    I was afraid for Hal's life, so I continued to lick
my tongue up and down the length of the long cock.  The
man pushed on my head and said,  "Now suck on my balls,
whore!"  I lifted  his  heavy  cock and opened my mouth
to take in one of his large testicles. The smell of the
man's body odor was strong as I pushed my nose into his
pubic hair.   I rolled the oblong ball in  my mouth and
coated it with saliva  before  pulling  my lips over it
and  sucking  it  dry  again.   The  man's  knees  were
quivering and he moaned as I sucked on  his other test-
icle. I licked his cock some more and coated it with my
spit.  I figured the sooner that I got this guy off the
sooner he'd leave me alone.  I looked at my husband and
said, "Its' O.K. Hal, I don't mind." I looked up to the
face of the man I knelt before and said,   "Oh! This is
such a nice, hard cock!    I've never seen one this big

    I held the base  with  one  hand  and slid my other
hand up and down the saliva slicked shaft while licking
my tongue over the round head.  The man began to breath
heavily as I pumped his cock with one hand and held his
large balls with the other.

    I looked up  to  the  excited  man's  face,  jerked
rapidly on his swelling cock, and said "Ooo! Yeah! Come
on!  Your balls are so big and heavy!   I bet you shoot
a lot of sperm when you come, don't you?    Do you want
to come on my face, in my mouth,  on my tits?   Yeah, I
want you to!"   His face  grew  taught as he watched me
jack him off.  I opened my mouth wide and held it below
the stiff cock.  The man  suddenly  bellowed and shot a
long string of hot  sperm into my face.   Another  long
string blasted into my open mouth.

    He yelled out as  several  more  sticky wads hit my
neck and hair.  I continued  to jack his cock until the
last few drops of cum oozed from it's head  and  then I
slid my sperm covered lips over it.   The  big  man was
jerking and  twitching from his orgasm and said,  "Look
at all my come on this whore's face!   She likes to eat
my come, too! Look at how she licks it from her lips!"
Hal had stopped  resisting  the other two attackers and
just stared at my come covered face.

    The third Latino took off his pants and said,  "I'm
going to fuck that whore, now! But, I want to watch her
suck her old man's dick while I'm screwing her!"  Hal's
pants were still pulled  down  around  his ankles and I
could see his cock was rock hard.  I said to him,  "You
must like how your whore looks  with another man's come
all over her face,  don't you?   The  other  man, there
wants to fuck me while I suck your dick, dear!    Would
you like  that?" My husband didn't answer, but both men
approached me with their stiff cocks leading them.

    I got down on  all  fours  and  the  Latino kneeled
behind my ass.  Hal kneeled in  front  of me and rubbed
his cock over my sticky face. The man behind me started
fucking my  cunt  immediately  while  I  sucked  on  my 
husband's cock.  As the man rammed deep into my pussy I
heard him say,  "Oh, yeah!   What a pussy your old lady
has, man!  I can feel her squeezing my dick  in there!"

    I was having  a long,  delicious  orgasm  as  I got
fucked from behind and sucked  on  my husband's cock at
the  same  time!   The  Latino  shouted, "Oh! Man!  I'm
fucking comming in this bitch!"  Hal yelled, "Yes! Fuck
her!   I'm coming too!" Both cocks unloaded their sperm
into me at the same time While I was busy swallowing my
husband's, the Latino's spunk was spraying the walls of
my gushing twat!   I'd  never  felt  so  totally fucked

   The Latinos left Hal and me there, but as they left,
one said "If you come back and fuck in our alley again,
you'll get the same from us!"  I looked at  my  husband
and then shouted back to the men, "We'll see you again,

-------- The End -------

Asleep – by The Joker


	An incident happened the other night, quite by
accident, that awakened something in me I didn't know I
had.  Last Thursday night a friend of mine, Larry, came
over to talk, drink a beer, and watch TV.  He works at
the same place I do, and since we had a three day week-
end, we were in no hurry to end the night.  My wife,
Sandy, had to work the next day, and since she was not a
night person she went to bed about 10:30.  She is also
one of the soundest sleepers I know.  I have actually
shaken her pretty good trying to wake her up before, and
still she would sleep.

	After Sandy went to bed, Larry and I sat up and
watched an old porno flick of his that he had brought
over, since Sandy wasn't into much of that scene.

	After the first couple of cum shots, Larry
exclaimed, "Man, it sure would be nice to have a real
piece of ass!  It's been much too long since I've had

	I was a little surprised at his comment.  Larry
was not a bad looking guy, being about six foot-two and
weighing in at about 175lbs, I would have thought he
would have had plenty of lady-friends.

	"Don't you date anybody now, Larry?"  I asked.

	"Naw, since Brenda broke it off with me two
years ago, I've been pretty shy about asking anyone
out,"  he replied.

	We chatted a little more about Brenda, and how
she had been running around on him while he was at work
before finally dumping him.  A few beers and a few cum
shots later, Larry got up to use the bathroom.

	I sat there watching the movie for a while be-
fore realizing Larry had been gone for an awful long
time.  I got up to go see if he was all right, and as I
approached the bathroom door, I saw it was open.  I
walked on in and saw Larry standing there looking
through the doorway that adjoins our bedroom.  He jumped
when he saw me.

	"Oh, man.  I'm sorry," he stammered. "It's just
that when I came in here, the door was open.  When I was
about to leave, I just saw her laying there like that!"

	I stepped around Larry and looked into the bed-
room.  Sandy was lying on her side facing away from us,
with her legs kind of tucked under her slightly.  She
had gone to bed wearing a nightgown, but it had ridden
up over her hips, showing her smooth, bare, pantiless
ass.  Her shoulders were turned slightly more our way
allowing us to view the side of her nicely shaped breast
and nipple through the semi-sheer nightgown.

	She looked very sexy lying there in the reflec-
ted light from the bathroom, her lips slightly pouting
and her long dark hair thrown across the pillow. It was
almost like she was posing for a centerfold.

	"God, she's beautiful," Larry said breathlessly.
"I'd give anything to have a woman like her, Chris."

	At first, I was a little pissed off at Larry.
But at the same time, the thought of Larry seeing my
wife like that without her knowing it was turning me on.

	"Chris, I'm sorry. I guess I better go on home,"
Larry said, turning to go back out.

	"No, wait a minute Larry," I heard myself say-
ing. "Come on in here a minute.  Just walk real quietly,

	"W-wha... you *want* me to come in there?"

	"I guess it wouldn't hurt anything for you to
just look.  But we can't wake her up, OK?"

	I couldn't believe what I was saying.  I was
about to bring another man into my bedroom so that he
could look at my almost naked wife.  I wasn't quite sure
just what I was going to do yet, or how far I would go.

	As we tiptoed into the bedroom, I motioned for
Larry to come on over to the side of the bed.  He looked
a little unsure of himself, his eyes darting from me to
Sandy. But the closer he got, the longer his gaze locked
on Sandy.  She was lying on the side of the bed closest
to us, and as we approached her both of her firm breasts
came into full view.  Her nipples could just be seen
through the thin fabric of her gown, but her legs being
bent prevented us from seeing her pussy.  Her gown was
just about the level of her belly-button though, and the
smooth curve of her belly could be seen until it disap-
peared between her legs.

	I just stood there grinning from ear to ear,
looking back and forth from Larry to Sandy.  He was just
standing there, staring at her in utter amazement and

	"Oh, Chris.  She's so sexy!  I can't believe
you're letting me see her like this!"

	Carefully, I reached down and eased the strap of
her gown off of her left shoulder, exposing more of her
breast, and stopping just as the material reached her

	"Want to see more?" I whispered.

	"Y-Yeah!" he whispered back.

	Ever so slowly, I eased the strap down further,
but her nipple kept the fabric from going any further.
Carefully, I slid my finger under the fabric, gently
lifting it up and over her nipple.  Larry gasped quiet-

	Now her left breast was fully exposed.  Her
smooth pink nipples were standing erect from the stim-
ulation of the moving fabric. I then reached over and
eased the right strap down over her shoulder, gently
pulling the fabric over her right nipple exposing it.
I left the straps on her arms for the moment, as I
didn't want to risk waking her up.  Larry was still
standing there, gawking at Sandy's firm body, touching
the bulge in his pants occasionally while trying not to
let me see.  My own dick was about to burst the seams of
my jeans too, not only because of seeing my wife, but of
what I was doing.

	"Well, what'cha think?" I whispered.

	"Oh, god!  I can't believe it!  She's so gor-
geous, I just wish.....," he replied, rubbing his cock
again before catching himself.

	I thought for a moment, if she woke up....
but I was going to try it anyway.  I motioned for Larry
to come closer, then pointed at her tits.

	"Go ahead, touch 'em.  But be real gentle.  I
don't want to take any chances."

	Larry's eyes were wide open as he eased closer,
bending over slightly and reaching out to cup her
breasts.  His hand was shaking slightly, and he had his
other hand between his legs as if to support himself,
but it was obvious what he was doing.  His hand kept
edging closer, closer, until finally - his fingertips
were touching the top of her left breast just below the
aureole.  Carefully, his thumb rested on the underside
of her breast, before sliding slowly up towards the
nipple. She didn't move.  Just as his thumb reached her
aureole, he brought his forefinger down to close around
the nipple ever so gently.

	I had known Sandy since before high school, and
we went steady together all during high school before
getting married, and as far as I knew, not another man
had ever seen this much of her, much less touched her

	Larry then started caressing her breasts, going
from first one, then the other, very lightly.  Sandy was
still quite asleep, although it seemed that her breath-
ing was slightly faster.  Larry began getting bolder,
using slightly more pressure and gently squeezing each

	He was now not trying to hide his own crotch
rubbing, and it appeared that he was going to attempt to
cum off in his pants.  I was having too much fun to let
this end right now, though, so I motioned him back as I
eased the straps of her gown the rest of the way off of
her arms. I pulled the gown down as far as it would go
without pulling it down between her and the bed, leaving
her entire top exposed down to about the bottom of her
rib cage on the left side.  Then I made my way down to
her hips.  I carefully moved the sheet away from the
bottom of her ass, and untangled it from around her
feet.  This left all of her ass exposed, and part of her

	Larry couldn't see this yet from his vantage
point.  I heard him doing something behind me, so I
turned and saw him pulling his jeans down to just below
his balls so that he could jack off.  I turned back
around, and slowly straightened Sandy's left leg. This
exposed her upper pubic hair almost down to the slit of
her pussy, and when Larry saw me doing this, he leaned
over beside me to get a good look while slowly jacking
off.  Gently, I pulled her left leg closer to me easing
her over to fully lie on her back, exposing her entire

	"Ohhhh my god," Larry breathed as he began to
jack himself faster.

	"Don't get too far ahead of yourself, now," I
cautioned him. "You want to touch her pussy before you
cum, don't you?"

	He stopped jacking off and looked at me like a
child on Christmas morn.

	Ohhh, yeah! he whispered. You're gonna let me...
ohhh, yeah!"

	He replaced his right hand with his left on his
cock, but still not jacking off.  Then he reached out
with the same hand he had been rubbing his dick with,
and slowly reached out to touch the top of her pubic
mound. He gently started rubbing his fingers through her
dark brown pubic hair, not quite going as far as her
slit yet.  Sandy was still fast asleep, but her breath-
ing became more rapid as he stroked her.  Then he ran
his first two fingers down the outside of her pussy lips
and back up before running his middle finger down the
outside of her slit.  As he brought his finger back up,
it opened her pussy lips slightly, and the sweet odor of
her pussy began to fill the air.

	"Ohhhhhh, godddd!" Larry sighed while pulling
his finger back up slightly inside her slit.

	Just as he reached her clit, she jumped a little
then let out a slight, almost inaudible moan.  Larry
quickly pulled his hand back.

	I saw that Sandy was still sound asleep, but I
wasn't sure if this type of activity would wake her up
or not. He looked at me and I nodded for him to proceed.
He then took his left hand and rubbed it up and down on
his dick, getting his precum all over his fingers.  Then
taking that same hand, started rubbing her entire pussy,
occasionally opening her lips slightly with his middle
finger. Sandy's hips occasionally began to move back and
forth slightly, and a moan would quietly coo out of her
every now and then.  

	Larry had begun to jack off again, and just then
an idea hit me.  Carefully I pulled Sandy's left leg
over until it hung off of the bed.  Her pussy was now
just inches from the edge, although not quite close
enough for Larry to fuck her.  His dick wasn't that long
and anyway, I wasn't sure if fucking her would wake her
up.  Besides, I wasn't sure I wanted her fucked yet
since this was so new to me.

	"Larry, come on down here," I motioned to him.
"You can rub her pussy from between her legs, and jack
off at the same time.  But don't fuck her, you hear?"

	Larry nodded and quickly moved between her legs.
He began rubbing her pussy with his left hand, and
jacking himself off with his right.  His dick was about
level with her pussy, and about six inches away as he
pumped his cock back and forth.  He was now using his
thumb to rub her slit, so that he could get his dick
even closer, until finally, his dick was less than an
inch away from her slit.  

	Sandy's hips were still bucking slightly, and on
one downward tilt, Larry's cock came in contact with her
slit, running up its length.  This set Larry off, and he
began cumming all over her pussy and in-between her
legs.  With each spurt he grunted, and occasionally, he
would "accidentally" rub his cockhead into the top
portion of her slit.  It must have been a while since he
had cum, for his jism was all over her pussy lips, hair,
and in her slit. As he finished, he milked the very last
drop out, letting it drop into her partially open cunt
hole.  It seemed to disappear, as it ran down into her

	Looking up at me, he whispered,"Ohhh, man!  I
can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what
you've done!"

	I smiled at him, motioning him to back up now
that he was through. Now it was my turn.  I stepped be-
tween her legs, pulling my pants down, and began strok-
ing my dick.

	"Larry, go over by the door for a moment.  I'm
going to try and ease her down closer to the edge of the
bed so I can fuck her," I whispered hoarsely.

	Larry obeyed, and went over by the door in case
she woke up. Gently, I slid her down until her left ass
cheek was hanging off the bed.  She never even woke up,
but she was still breathing heavily, and her juices were
now flowing out of her cunt and mixing with Larry's.

	I motioned for Larry to come over and hold her
leg and ass cheek, so that I could have my hand free. He
took her leg with his left hand, and reached under her
with his right to support her ass.  I saw him squeeze it
as he held her, and I began to rub my dick up and down
her drenched slit.

	The wetness was incredible!  Her juices mixed
with Larry's cum had made her twat sooooo slippery.  I
was already about to pop my load, so I gently eased the
head of my dick down to the entrance of her hot hole.

	Even though her cunt was so wet, her hole was
still very tight since Larry hadn't fucked her, but my
dick slid in easily.  I immediately began pumping, and
after about the tenth stroke, Sandy started cumming in
her sleep!!!  This was all I could stand.  I began
shooting off deep inside her pussy,  with each spurt
feeling like it was coming straight from my balls. Sandy
was letting out little moans with each breath, and I was
countering them with grunts of my own.

	Larry let out a typical "Ohhhhh, mannn!"
only this time he didn't whisper.  It didn't matter, for
Sandy never did wake up the whole time.  As I withdrew,
Larry eased her butt and leg back up on the bed, and
then bent over and kissed her left nipple, sucking it as
he pulled away to stand up.

	I was too exhausted to say much to him as I led
him to the door.  He kept thanking me as he walked out,
and I waved and shut the door. I went back into the bed-
room and fell on the bed next to Sandy and fell asleep
almost immediately.

	The next morning, Sandy woke me up kissing on my

	"You wouldn't believe what I dreamed about last
night!"  she started.  "I dreamed that there were these
hands all over me, rubbing me.  By the  way, did we do
anything last night?"

	I remembered that I didn't get a chance to clean
the cum off of her pussy or the bed before falling a-

	"Uhhh... yeah, sure we did.  Don't you

	"Well... I don't know.  It seems almost like a
dream.  I must have been half asleep.  It sure was nice
though.  Tell me, are you up to doing it again, now that
I am more awake?"

	My thoughts drifted back to the night before...
"Hmmmmmm, what do you think?" I smiled.

Continued in part 2...