Alisha – by Alisha

We lived in a very nice neighborhood next door to a very
attractive young couple (Michael & Maria).  He was very,
very handsome  (25)  and  he  was  gorgeously  beautiful
(23). When I was 11,  I started visiting  them,  helping
out with chores around their house.   Michael was in the
medical profession and Maria was in the public relations

Anyway,  I love them both  and was  always over at there
place as they were very interesting and fun people to be
around.   During  the  summer  shortly  before  my  13th
birthday,  I  went  over  there  in  the  afternoon on a
Saturday. I knew they were home,  but they didn't answer
the door so I let myself in.  I went upstairs as I could
hear sounds coming from their bedroom. The door was open
and as I entered the door way I could see that they were
naked and on the bed. I said nothing... just stood there
in silence and watched...

She  was  blindfolded,  gagged, and her hands were hand-
cuffed  together through the headboard at the top of the
bed. Her ass was placed on two pillows and her legs were
up in the air.  His  head  was  between  her l egs and I
watched as he licked her over and over again.  Since she
was blindfolded  she couldn't see me and he was too busy
to notice me either.

The television was on  and  the sounds  I had heard were
coming from the video  they obviously had been watching.
It was two  guys giving a  women  all kinds of pleasure.
It took me  several minutes to finally  realize  that it
was her and two other men  ...  one I had  seen at their
house before, the other I had not.

Needless to say, I was in a state of shock. I just stood
there open mouthed  alternately  watching  them  and the
screen. Up until this time  I was a virgin.  Oh,  I  had
allowed myself to be touched by boys  ...  but that  was
about it. I had never seen a  man's  cock  except for my
brother's and father's after  a shower or something like
that and then only had caught a glimpse.

Now, before me were these  two  guys  on the screen with
great big dicks doing  everything to this lady  ...   my
next door neighbor.   My thoughts  were disturbed by her
voice. Michael  had removed the gag from her  mouth  and
she  was telling him to fuck her.   Over and over  again
she said it.   When he  raised up from the bed I saw the
biggest cock I've ever seen.  It  was  massive ...  very
thick and a rulers length. And, it was beautiful!!!

He rammed it into her again and  again and she cried out
at what I thought  at  the time was pain and that he was
hurting her terribly.  He  stopped  for a few moments to
unhandcuff  her and  then I could she that she was enjoy
it  as she grabbed onto him,  clutching his ass when her
hands and seemed  to be  trying to drive him even deeper
into herself.  My nipples were  hard and aching,  and my
pussy  was  hot  and  wet.  I  was  so  caught  up in my
enjoyment that I  didn't  even  notice  her  remove  the
blindfold.  He pounded her and pounded her until I heard
him say, "I'm going to cum."  She said she wanted it all
over her and he pulled out and shot it all over her tits
and face. He started to put it in her mouth when she saw
me standing in the door way.

She was mad as  hell and yelled at me  ...  what are you
doing Alisha,  what are  you  doing  here?  I turned and
started to run down the stairs.  He  caught  me  at  the
front door. I was scared to death  and  didn't know what
he was going to do to me.  I couldn't take  my  eyes off
his cock  which was now just hanging there  and dripping
cum onto the floor.  He ask me to come back upstairs and
discuss this with them.

By the time we got back to  their  room she had put on a
robe,  and shut off the video.  Michael was very relaxed
but  Maria was noticeably shaken and concerned with what
I had seen.  However,  once we sat down she took control
of the conversation.  She said that they were very, very
sorry about  this but that I shouldn't have just come in
to their home and come upstairs  unannounced.  We talked
about a lot of things,  and how  I felt about what I had
seen and them personally.

I don't recall everything I said,  but eventually I told
them that  I  had  found  this  very  exciting  and  had
feelings I couldn't really  describe.  Michael  left the
room to  get  us some juice or  something  to drink  and
Maria  and I talked a lot more.

I ask her if it hurt when  Michael just  rammed  his big
cock into her.  She  said  tha   yes  it  did  for a few
moments,  but  that  it  was a pain she loved and one of
pleasure. She added that someday I  would enjoy it also.
She knew I was a virgin,  as we had several  discussions
on  the  subject  over  the  past  year  ...  we all had
discussed sex openly  on  a  few previous occasions.  My
parents were very open minded  people and began teaching
us about sex at early ages.  So,  I  wasn't  dumb,  just
inexperienced.  However,  I  saw  things that day I knew
nothing  about, and  told her so. She  began  to explain
some of them when Michael came back.

Maria brought Michael up to  date  on what our conversa-
tion had  covered and some of my questions. He then told
me that Maria  enjoyed having sex with more than one man
at a time and that he enjoyed watching and participating
in her pleasure. And, that it was the same for her. That
she enjoyed watching  him  with  other women and that he
found  great  pleasure  in  having  more  than one women
satisfy his desires.  Maria then said that she was  also
bisexual  and  that  she  enjoy  making  love with other
females too.

I told them both that I thought this was beautiful, that
they were beautiful,  that I loved  them both and that I
hoped to someday have the same type of relationship with
my husband (if and when I got married). I told them that
what I had seen was  the  most exciting thing I had ever
witnessed in my life  ...  both on the bed and on the TV
screen. Maria was a little embarrassed when I told her I
knew the woman in the video was her. She started to deny
it until  I  mentioned the friend who  I  had  seen many
times at their house. 

I went home and thought of  nothing  else  but  them and
what I had seen for two  or  three weeks.  I masturbated
and  fantasized  every night and many times on the week-
ends just  thinking about them.  I wondered whatit would
be like to have Michael touch me,  kiss me,  put his big
dick in my mouth, feel him deep inside me, etc., etc.  I
also wanted to touch  Maria  very  badly.   I would lick
my fingers  tasting my nectar  and  pretend it was hers.
She was everything I hoped to be as a woman,  beautiful,
sexy, big full breasts, gorgeous legs and ass, and had a
handsome, loving husband ... with a big, beautiful cock.
Over and over I thought of sharing pleasure with them.

Well, a month later it happened. I went over there early
one Saturday morning to help Maria do something (I don't
recall what at the moment). It didn't matter as we never
got to it. Michael wasn't home so we sat around talking.
The conversation eventually led to what I had seen and I
ask if she would show me the video. At first she said no
but  I  persisted  and  she gave in.   We got on the bed
together and watched one tape  after another for several
hours. I could tell that Maria was very hot and bothered
(me too but I  didn't  say anything).   I watched her do
absolutely everything  with men  (as many as 4 at a time 
sharing her  in every way possible)  and with women. The
latter were the best,  except  for those of just her and
Michael together.  They loved  to tape their love making
sessions and I was told they had over 100 such tapes.

We were still watching when  Michael  got home. At first
Maria was going to shut it off,  but decided not to.  He
came in and was initially upset.  But,  based on what he
said  I  could  tell  that they  had discussed this pre-
viously and also knew it would most likely happen.

He took a shower and then joined us for the last part of
the tape.  When  it  was  over  I  asked  if  they would
consider letting me watch them make love. They looked at
each other and then said yes in unison.

We sat and talked for awhile  and pretty soon I asked if
they were in the mood to do it now.   Maria stood up and
began removing her clothes.  They  looked  at each other
and smiled.  I thought that meant they were just teasing
me and said so. With that Michael removed everything but 
his briefs.  I got off the bed and sat in a chair across
from the bed.  My eyes must have  lit up  like Christmas
tree  lights  when Maria  dropped  to  her  knees before
Michael, pulled down his underwear and opened  her mouth
like a bird waiting for a worm. He wasn't even semi-hard
yet, probably nervous about this,  but  was  still  very
large.  She put her hands on his ass and pull him closer
to her and reached out  with  her  tongue and guided his
dick into her mouth.

Within seconds he was raging hard  and  enormous in size
and she was licking and sucking him like crazy.  Running
her  tongue up  and  down  his long,  thick  shaft .....
flicking the tip around and under the big  mushroom head
and licking and gently  sucking his  nearly  tennis ball
size nuts. She ask if I wanted a closer look and I moved
right next to her.  Then she ask if I wanted to join in.
I definitely did and we  worked over his meat for a long
time. Every once in awhile her lips met mine  (sometimes
with his cock between them) and  when  this  happened it
shot sensations throughout my body.  She  also occasion-
ally  would  take  my breasts with her hands and roll my
nipples between  her  thumb  and  forefingers.  God this
drove me crazy. 

She got up on the bed,  flat  on her back and spread her
legs wide.  Michael  began  running  his tongue from her
toes  to  her  knees and  she  fingered  her  pussy  and
massaged her clit.  She  ask if  I wanted to join her on
the bed for a better look.  As soon  as  I got there she
suggest I might be  more  comfortable  without  so  many
clothes on.  I literally torn  them off,  everything but
my panties which were soaking wet and had been for  some
time Michael was now  licking  her pussy  ...  long slow
licks from asshole to  clit  and  back  again,  over and
over. Maria shut her eyes and began to moan softly.  She
again touched my breasts and played with my nipples. She
then touch my hand and placed it on her big tit. My hand
just  seemed  to  now  what  to  do, and without further
encouragement or instruction I  began  to  suck and lick
her nipples and Michael eat her pussy. She must have had
10 orgasms at least.

Michael then asked if I wanted to taste her. I told  him
yes, very much so and very  badly.  I  got  between  her
gorgeous  and  shapely legs and licked and sucked on her
they way I hoped she would someday do for me. My ass was
high  in  the  air and I  could  feel Michael's presence
behind me, then his breath on my skin. He slowly ran his
gentle  hands  over  my  ass  and  up  and down my inner
thighs. He press his hand sideways up  between  my  legs
and  into  my  crotch  and sort of sawed his way into my
slit. His knuckle was pressing against my throbbing clit
and I came for the first time (produce  by someone other
than myself).  He  slowly  pulled  my panties down to my
knees and began running the tip of  his tongue around my
asshole.  I came again.  I had all but  stopped  licking
Maria,  but  I  could  feel  her  hands on  my  tits and
nipples. She was pulling them harder now. Michael raised
one leg at a time and removed my panties  completely and
while continuing to lick my asshole  began  fingering my
pussy. Shortly I came again,  and again.  He  spread  my
knees a little more and stood up  behind me. I turned my
head  so  I  could see him and his cock was very big and
erect. He moved closer and began  just  running the head
of it against  me  everywhere. The heat of his meat felt
fantastic.  He didn't attempt any  penetration  with it,
just massaged me. Every once in  awhile he would run  it
all the way  through  my slit and  Maria would ask me to
look at it. The big head would be all the way down to my
knees and onto the bed).

Maria ask me if I wanted it and I said, YES, YES, YES!

Michael was very gentle and began to  penetrate me very,
very slowly.  It hurt like crazy  ...  I mean hurt as in
pain ... and just when I wanted to yell for him to stop!
it began to feel wonderful. But, right then he did stop.
Maria pulled me over  on the  bed next  to her and began
kissing me all over  ...  very  slowly and passionately.
She push me onto my back and spread my legs.  She wasted
no time in beginning to eat me  and  Michael shoved  his
cock into her at the  same  time.  I  could  feel  every
thrust  through  her  mouth,  tongue  and nose which was
being  driven  into  my  clit and driving me wild.  When
Michael was ready to cum  I  told him to please shoot it
all over me  as  I had seen him do on the tape to Maria.
She moved out of the way and he did. I loved it ... feel
his hot cream hit my face and body.   He rubbed his dick
all over me and  let  me lick their combined juices from
it. I loved that too...

Since it was nearly 6:00 pm now and I had been there all
day, I called my parents and told them I was going to be
staying for dinner and spend the night there. I had done
this many times before (but not for the same reason).

I didn't  have  any  intention  on  eating  anything for
dinner except them...  they didn't either.    When I got
back on the bed  Maria  had  gotten  out  some  sex toys
and lots of different creams and oils.   We did a lot of
exploring and experimenting together.

She fucked me with several dildos and I did the same to
her.  This was great fun.  After she finished,  I asked
Michael if he wasn't going to fuck me.  Michael said he
didn't think it was a good idea  ...  that he could get
into a lot of trouble by doing so.  I told him I wanted
him and  that I doubted he could be in any more trouble
than he  already was if that was my intention (which it
wasn't).  Maria said that I wasn't on the pill and that
accidents happen.  I begged them both  ...  told them I
would do  anything to  feel  him all the way inside me.
That I'd had a taste  of  it and that it would be cruel
not to  finish what we had started. Maria went into the
bathroom  and return with a condom.  She put  it on him
and he gave it to me.  To this day,   I have never been
with a man as big or a man who knew how to use his tool
on me better.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time with  them until
graduating from high school and moving away to college.
I still see them when I  visit  my parents and we still
share pleasure together.


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