Asleep – by The Joker


	The next week at work, all I could think about
was that night Larry had almost fucked my wife.  He and
I never spoke about it, but occasionally we would ex-
change smiles, him flashing that grateful smile of his.

	I had to admit, I had become obsessed with the
thought of seeing another man fuck Sandy, but there were
still those nagging feelings of uncertainty.  Seeing
Larry molest Sandy as he did that night really didn't
bother me, but would I be able to handle seeing another
man actually fucking her?

	As the weekend drew closer, I could see the look
of anticipation grow in Larry's face.  I knew he was
thinking, 'I wonder if he's gonna ask me over again?',
'Am I gonna get another chance at that gorgeous brunette
wife of his?'.

	Friday finally came, and it wasn't until just
before quitting time that I invited Larry over again.
He was beside himself joy!

	"Oohhhh, yeah...GREAT!!!! I'll bring the beer,
and a new fuck flick I got in the mail this week!", he
said excitedly.

	"Ok. Be over about 9-ish," I replied.

	I knew that Sandy would be getting sleepy about
then, and that Larry's presence would probably initiate
her going on to bed since she really didn't enjoy his
company all that much.  I laughed to myself at that
thought.  If she really knew what Larry was there for,
not really caring for him that much, she'd probably stay
up all night, at least till he left.

	Then I did something that surprised even myself.

	"Hey, Joe!  What are you doing later tonight?",
I heard myself asking.

	Joe was a fairly large black man.  He stood
about six feet four inches and weighed in at about 200
lbs.  He definitely wasn't a fat man, and had a large,
muscular frame.

	"Ohhh... nothing much.  What do ya have in
mind?" he asked.

	"Well, Larry and I are gonna get together over
at my house tonight about 9 o'clock to have a couple of
beers... and whatever.  I think he said something about
bringing over a fuck flick.  Whatd'ya say?"

	"all right man... but I might be a little bit
later than nine.  I've got to run an errand for my Pop,
but it shouldn't take too long," he replied.

	That's fine, see ya later on, then," I said,
thinking that it might be best if he DID come in after
Sandy went to bed, her being brought up in a fairly con-
servative southern home.

	I turned to see the shock on Larry's face.  But
it was a look of pleasant shock.

	I smiled and winked as I walked past him to
leave, "See ya later, Larry!"

	That night at dinner, I was preoccupied with the
thoughts of what was in store.  I bought a bottle of
wine for supper, in hopes that Sandy would be well on
her way to a sound, good night's sleep before long.  As
I expected, it wasn't long before Sandy was giggling
with the effects of the wine.  An unexpected benefit,
however was the wine had a stimulating effect on her.

	She began running her stockinged foot along my
upper thigh under the table.  Later on the couch, and a
couple of glasses later, she sat facing me with one foot
on the floor and the other foot under her knee while we
watched TV.  This caused her short skirt to ride up her
thighs, exposing the tops of her stockings and the gar-
ter snaps that held them. She opened her legs slightly
further, showing me the top of her panty clad crotch,
just as the doorbell rang.

	"Awwww!" she protested as I got up to answer

	"I wonder who that could be?", I said, acting as
if I didn't know it was really Larry.

	As I opened the door, Larry came in with a paper
bag under his arm, and stood next to the door as I shut
it, looking at Sandy and issuing the usual small talk
greetings.  As I turned to go back to the couch, I no-
ticed that Sandy had not yet moved from her former posi-
tion, as she sat facing us and playing with a strand of
her hair.  She obviously was unaware that she was show-
ing so much to Larry as she sat there with a slight look
of disappointment.  Larry stood there momentarily, as
they gazed at one another, her in deep thought, and him
in disbelief.  Suddenly, she became aware of herself and
quickly turned around on the couch, adjusting her skirt.

	"Have a seat, Larry.  Here... let me take
this an put it in the fridge,"  I said, taking the bag
and walking into the kitchen.

	As I was putting the beer away, I overheard
Larry saying to Sandy that he 'hoped that he wasn't
interrupting anything'.

	"No... that's OK,"  I overheard her say, know-
ing full well that she was lying through her teeth to be
polite.  "We were just sitting here watching some TV...
and thinking about hitting the sack."

	I know she was trying to hint to Larry that now
was not a good time for him to be here.  Little did she
know that there was more in store than she ever dreamed

	"What are you up to tonight, Larry", I said as I
walked back into the room, handing him a beer.

	"Oh... not much.  Just thought I'd drop by to
see if you two were interested in a few hands of gin."

	"Sounds good to me, what about you, hon?", I
said looking at Sandy.

	The look on her face told me that she had re-
signed herself to the fact that Larry was going to be
here for a while.

	"Well, if you guys don't mind... I think I'm
gonna call it an evening," she said, getting up off the

	'Perfect!', I thought,  everything was falling
into place.

	"OK, hon.  I'll be along in a little," I said,
smiling at Larry.

	He quietly mouthed the words 'I will too!' after
she had passed him, heading towards the bedroom.

	After Sandy had gone to bed, Larry and I sat
there staring blankly at the TV, neither of us saying a
word.  The air was filled with expectation.  About 10
o'clock, I heard Joe drive up into the driveway.  I got
up to let him in before he rang the doorbell.  I really
didn't think it would wake up Sandy... but I wasn't
taking any chances.

	At first all we did was make small talk as Larry
popped his new flick into the VCR. Joe still hadn't been
let in on our little secret.  I wasn't yet sure just how
I was gonna go about it.  After about 15-20 minutes, I
noticed that Larry was getting a bit antsy.  He kept
shifting around in his seat and glancing at me as if
expecting the signal to go anytime now.

	"I'll be right back", I said, signaling Larry to
stay put for awhile.

	I wanted to make sure everything was set for
what was about to happen.  Quietly, I slipped down the
hall and into the bedroom.  Sandy was laying on the bed
on her back in one of her sheerest babydoll nighties,
the cover bunched up around her waist.  I guess the wine
had really taken it's toll on her, as she was really
sprawled out on the bed, her arms above her head on the
pillow and one leg tossed over the side of the bed under
the covers.  

	Sandy looked beautiful lying there with that
typical little pout she has when sleeping, her long
brunette hair spread out under her head on the pillow,
just touching her shoulders.  Her breasts were readily
visible through the transparent material covering them
as they stuck almost straight up like two conical, pink
tipped mountains.  It didn't look like I was going to
have to do much at all to get things ready.

	Quietly, I slipped over to the bathroom door and
eased it open, letting the soft light shine into the
bedroom onto Sandy.  Then I slipped back down the hall
to where Larry and Joe were still watching the movie.

	"Joe, you want another beer?" I asked, hoping
that soon he would be ready to take a leak.

	"Sure...., thanks!" he replied.

	Larry followed me into the kitchen, and quickly
cornered me, "How are you gonna do this?"

	"Well, I thought we'd let Joe go back first when
he has to take a leak.  Then, you and I will slip back
and wait in the bedroom doorway to see what he does."

	Larry grinned, and hurried back out into the
living room.  We watched the movie for a while longer,
as we remarked about some of the scenes taking place.

	It wasn't long before Joe had to go, "Hey, man,
where's your bathroom at?"

	"Second door on your right," I said, trying to
keep the excitement in my voice from showing.

	Joe walked down the hall, and as soon as I heard
the bathroom door shut, Larry and I were off for the
bedroom.  Standing in the bedroom, Larry's gaze was
fixed on Sandy.  Joe had neglected to shut the door
leading to the bedroom, probably because he didn't know
anyone would be in there.  As I heard him finish up, I
could hear him fumbling with his zipper as he turned to
head back out.  Suddenly, I heard him stop dead in his
tracks. He obviously had seen Sandy.

	It seemed that he stood there for hours, as he
watched her laying there, her pert breasts rising up
from her chest, plainly visible through the thin fabric.

	"Hol-leee Sheee-uuut!" I heard him exclaim in a

	I could barely contain my laughter as I let out
a snicker.  Joe heard this and poked his head around the
door-frame, looking straight at us.  I quickly help my
finger up to my lips, shushing quietly, and motioned him
to come on in.

	"Is that your wife?" he whispered quietly.

	I nodded, taking him by the arm and leading him
over to the side of the bed.  Larry followed me and
stood on my left as we looked at Sandy, now just inches

	"What'cha think?" I whispered, smiling at Joe.

	He gazed at Sandy for a few seconds then turned
to me, staring at me as he appraised my motives.

	"She looks beautiful, man," he whispered back,
half smiling.

	Gently, I reached down and grasped the edge of
the covers.  I slowly began pulling them down, exposing
more of Sandy's firm, flat belly covered only by her
sheer nightie.  I pulled the sheet down to a point be-
tween her navel and the beginning of her pubic mound,
exposing the lacy hem of her nightie.  Then I took the
hem and very carefully eased it up her creamy white
torso, and over her pert white breasts.  Her pink, shiny
nipples began to harden with the contact from a wisp of
air created by my hands moving her top over them.  I
scooted over to my left a little to let Joe stand more
directly in front of Sandy's firm young breasts, to
which Larry slipped around to Joe's right, standing
right at Sandy's head.  He wasted no time in unzipping
his pants and stroking his dick, as I motioned for Joe
to gently feel Sandy's tits.

	The contrast of his huge black hands against the
firm white skin of Sandy's tits as he gently fondled
them was extremely exciting!  His huge hands almost
completely covered her medium-sized tits when he cupped
them.  He gently took a nipple between his thumb and
forefinger and squeezed it slightly, evoking a quiet
whimper from Sandy.

	Meanwhile, Larry had rid himself of his pants,
and was steadily stroking himself directly over Sandy's
face, just inches from her pouting lips. He looked at me
as he squeezed out some precum, letting it ooze out of
the head of his dick and drip slowly down, coming to
rest directly on her lips.  At first, she didn't move as
the precum lay glistening on her lower lip, but the
sensation of it against her lip caused her to lick it
off with her tongue.

	Seeing this, Joe stood up and unzipped his
pants.   As he pulled his pants and underwear down, one
of the largest, blackest dicks I have ever seen on a man
sprang free from its moorings.  It must have been at
least twelve inches long, about three to three and a
half inches in diameter at the thickest point right be-
hind the head.  The tip of his uncircumcised dick was
peeking out from the foreskin, and the shaft was slight-
ly curved upward from its dark, hairy base.

	The thought of this massive black instrument
plunging into Sandy's sopping wet pussy thrilled some-
thing inside of me, but at the same time scared me. I
knew if he ever got it inside her, it would stretch her
to her limit if not tear her in half.  And there was no
doubt in my mind, THAT thing inside her would wake her
up regardless of how sound asleep she was now.

	He looked at me before bending down, bracing
himself with his hand on the other side of Sandy, and
sucking her right nipple into his mouth. He then hunched
his hips forward and began to rub the head of his huge
black dick all over her left breast.  As he stroked him-
self, precum began to ooze out of its black head coating
Sandy's milky white breast and pink nipple as it poked,
prodded, and rubbed her tit.

	Motioning for Larry to come down where I was, I
gently pulled the covers down further, momentarily stop-
ping just below the top of Sandy's sheer black lace
panties before pulling the covers completely free of her
all together.  Her thin dark pubic patch was clearly
visible beneath the thin, lacy material.  Larry reached
down and began to stroke her smooth white legs, working
his way upwards toward her crotch while all the time
stroking himself.

	This got Joe's attention, as he stood up to
watch but continuing to rub his black dick and pre-spunk
on her firm white tits.

	Larry's caresses finally reached the top of
Sandy's thigh, and gently he rubbed his fingers across
her lace covered pussy.  As he began to move his fingers
up and down along her slit, her hips barely began to
move back and forth, the first move she had made since
we began other than licking her lips.

	I already wanted more!  Gently, I rolled Sandy
over slightly so that I could pull her panties down
first on her left side, then on her right. After getting
them down to about mid-thigh, I quickly slipped them off
of her.

	Sandy was now completely naked in front of these
two horny men.  The sight of this sleeping beauty lying
naked and open before Larry and Joe as they caressed,
prodded and explored her body already had me close to
the edge.

	Larry had replaced Sandy's left leg to dangle
off of the bed, and had eagerly slipped between her
thighs to begin exploring her tight, thin haired
brunette cunt with his fingers. Cautiously at first,
he began to run his thumb lightly up an down her slit,
his face just inches away. Then he took her clit between
his thumb and index finger and lightly rolled it between
them.  This caused Sandy to moan, drawing her legs up
until they met Larry's shoulders.

	Joe was now rubbing the entire length of his
dick all over both of Sandy's firm tits, fondling them
with his hand, and looking at Larry working between her

	When I looked back at Larry, he had boldly re-
placed his fingers with his tongue!  Gently he placed
one of his fingers at the entrance to her hole, pausing
briefly to let her juices drain onto his fingers before
slowly plunging his finger inside her cunt.  Sandy
gasped, her legs closing tightly around Larry's head.
Undeterred, Larry continued his assault with his tongue
and fingers on my wife's sweet pussy.  Never before had
another man other than myself done this to her.

	Quickly, I released my own cock from my pants
and began stroking myself, standing between Joe and
Larry as they worked on Sandy.

	Suddenly, Joe stepped around and gently pulled
Larry back by his right shoulder.  Larry looked up at
him momentarily, then down at his huge black dick, which
was pointing directly at Sandy's pussy. Larry backed off
as Joe stepped between her legs and began rubbing the
head of that monstrous bloated dick up and down her
tight slit.  I could see the precum glistening on the
light covering of dark pubic hair that lined her moist

	I froze, not knowing just what to do.  I knew
that Joe was planning on fucking Sandy with his humon-
gous dick, that really didn't bother me.  In fact, deep
down that is what I wanted and had planned for.  But I
knew that Sandy would definitely wake up once that thing
was inside her.

	What's more, I had just noticed that Sandy's
diaphragm was lying on the night-stand.  Normally, she
would put her diaphragm in when she knew that we would
be doing something, even when she went to bed before I
did.  But tonight, I guess she was just too tipsy to
remember.  The thought of this black stud shooting his
cum deep into my wife's unprotected pussy triggered
something inside of me, however.  I WANTED to see him
dump his load deep in her cunt!  I could no longer con-
trol my urges to see this happen.  I had already lost
control of this situation anyway.

	After coating the head of his black dick with
her juices, Joe placed it right at the entrance of
Sandy's tight little cunt... and pushed.

	Slowly, the huge black head began to disappear
between her pussy lips, her tightness resisting its
probing.  Sandy's mouth opened as she gasped in slight
pain.  If this hurts now with just the head sticking
inside her, I thought, what's she gonna do when he tries
to stick all of it in her?

	But Joe was fairly gentle in his initial viola-
tion of her tight, hot cunt. As gentle as he could be in
his excited state.  He moved back and forth in short
quick strokes, stretching her twat little by little and
plunging slightly deeper with each thrust.

	Larry had moved back up to Sandy's head, playing
with her tits with one hand and jacking himself off with
the other over her face.  All at once he bent over and
softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping his tongue
just inside, while at the same time continuing his
manipulation on her tits and his dick.  Sandy instinc-
tively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched hers
enveloping his tongue.  Quickly, Larry stood up and
placed the head of his dick against her lips, probing it
just inside Sandy's pursed lips.  Seemingly playing out
some erotic dream,  Sandy began sucking on just the head
of Larry's dick.  I heard him moan, as slurping sounds
escaped between his dick and my wife's lips.

	I returned my gaze to Joe's ministrations on
Sandy's tight cunt.  He now had about three good inches
inside her pussy, the thickest part of his dick now al-
most inside her.

	Suddenly, as if a barrier had been broken, the
thick bulge of his dick slipped past the tight entrance
of her hot hole and he began pumping away inside her
with earnest.  He only had about two-thirds of his dick
inside her when all of a sudden... SHE WOKE UP!

	At first, her eyes popped open then she gasped,
releasing Larry's dick from her lips as her pussy was
filled to it's limit.  Everyone froze as her initial
disorientation dwindled and was replaced by her complete
awareness of what was going on.  Her gaze shifted from
Larry's dick hovering just above her lips, to Joe whose
dick was still deep inside her tight pussy.

	Joe was beyond stopping now, no matter what my
wife or I might think and he started to hump her as if
his life depended on it, he held her to the bed and
banged away at her. Suddenly, to my surprise, Sandy
wrapped her legs around Joe, digging her heels into his
ass and pulling him deeper inside of her as she hunched
up against him, grunting as his dick thrust deeper and
deeper all at once.  He now had at least ten inches in-
side her previously unadulterated pussy, and with each
thrust he took more of her.

	I began stroking myself even harder as I saw Joe
shove his dick completely inside of Sandy, her pussy
lips completely disappearing as his huge dick carried
them along with it.  Each time he withdrew his dick, her
juices glistened heavily on his shaft as her pussy seem-
ed to be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his
dick slightly like the fingers of a glove as it's being
pulled off inverted.

	Quite suddenly Sandy began to cum - HARD!  Her
whole body tensed up as each subsequent wave of her
orgasm swept over her, each time yelling louder than the
first as her climax continued to grow stronger.

	This brought about Joe's orgasm, as her pussy
clamped tightly around his huge dick. A low animal growl
was heard deep from within him as he thrust forward
violently and began to cum deep inside Sandy's unpro-
tected pussy.  Their moans and grunts mixed with each
other as their climax built up then subsided.

	Huge gobs of cum dripped down the crack of
Sandy's ass as Joe began to withdraw his huge cock from
her now sloppy pussy.  With Sandy still lying on her
back, Larry immediately jumped  between her legs, rub-
bing his dick up and down her sloppy wet pussy lips, and
then slipping easily into her over-stretched twat. After
just a couple of strokes, he withdrew, and placed his
dickhead at the entrance to her virgin ass. Not even I
had been able to fuck her in the ass yet, and I wondered
if she would stop Larry.

	She offered no resistance, however, as Larry's
dick disappeared between the soft folds of flesh sur-
rounding her asshole.  She winced as his dick plunged in
almost halfway on the first stroke, but then as her
sphincter muscle relaxed, she began hunching against
Larry, lifting her legs high so he could get a better
rhythm going, taking him all the way inside her ass.

	Larry's grunts began to get louder, as I strad-
dled Sandy's chest, squeezing her firm tits around my
throbbing dick as I began to fuck them.  Sandy began to
lick the head of my dick each time it got close enough.

	I was just about to dump my own load all over
Sandy's face when I heard Larry's grunts change to loud
moans as he emptied himself deep within my wife's virgin
ass. This was all it took for me as I too began to shoot
the first hot thick streams of cum between her tightly
squeezed tits.  I thrust myself forward, plunging my
dick into Sandy's waiting mouth, where she began to
swallow the rest of my pent up seed.

	Sandy continued to suck on my softening dick, as
I collapsed against the headboard.  I turned my head a-
round to see Larry withdraw his dick from her ass with a
wet sounding "thhhupp!"

	Larry spoke the first words, "Ohhhhh... man!
That was great!"

	All I could do was sigh as I rolled off of Sandy
with a grin. Sandy smirked at me with a cute impish grin
as she laid there, cum dripping out of all three of her

	"You're just full of surprises, aren't you?" she
said softly.

	"I'm not the only one," I returned, "It seems
you're quite full of surprises yourself!"

        The End

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