Asleep – by The Joker


	The next week at work, all I could think about
was that night Larry had almost fucked my wife.  He and
I never spoke about it, but occasionally we would ex-
change smiles, him flashing that grateful smile of his.

	I had to admit, I had become obsessed with the
thought of seeing another man fuck Sandy, but there were
still those nagging feelings of uncertainty.  Seeing
Larry molest Sandy as he did that night really didn't
bother me, but would I be able to handle seeing another
man actually fucking her?

	As the weekend drew closer, I could see the look
of anticipation grow in Larry's face.  I knew he was
thinking, 'I wonder if he's gonna ask me over again?',
'Am I gonna get another chance at that gorgeous brunette
wife of his?'.

	Friday finally came, and it wasn't until just
before quitting time that I invited Larry over again.
He was beside himself joy!

	"Oohhhh, yeah...GREAT!!!! I'll bring the beer,
and a new fuck flick I got in the mail this week!", he
said excitedly.

	"Ok. Be over about 9-ish," I replied.

	I knew that Sandy would be getting sleepy about
then, and that Larry's presence would probably initiate
her going on to bed since she really didn't enjoy his
company all that much.  I laughed to myself at that
thought.  If she really knew what Larry was there for,
not really caring for him that much, she'd probably stay
up all night, at least till he left.

	Then I did something that surprised even myself.

	"Hey, Joe!  What are you doing later tonight?",
I heard myself asking.

	Joe was a fairly large black man.  He stood
about six feet four inches and weighed in at about 200
lbs.  He definitely wasn't a fat man, and had a large,
muscular frame.

	"Ohhh... nothing much.  What do ya have in
mind?" he asked.

	"Well, Larry and I are gonna get together over
at my house tonight about 9 o'clock to have a couple of
beers... and whatever.  I think he said something about
bringing over a fuck flick.  Whatd'ya say?"

	"all right man... but I might be a little bit
later than nine.  I've got to run an errand for my Pop,
but it shouldn't take too long," he replied.

	That's fine, see ya later on, then," I said,
thinking that it might be best if he DID come in after
Sandy went to bed, her being brought up in a fairly con-
servative southern home.

	I turned to see the shock on Larry's face.  But
it was a look of pleasant shock.

	I smiled and winked as I walked past him to
leave, "See ya later, Larry!"

	That night at dinner, I was preoccupied with the
thoughts of what was in store.  I bought a bottle of
wine for supper, in hopes that Sandy would be well on
her way to a sound, good night's sleep before long.  As
I expected, it wasn't long before Sandy was giggling
with the effects of the wine.  An unexpected benefit,
however was the wine had a stimulating effect on her.

	She began running her stockinged foot along my
upper thigh under the table.  Later on the couch, and a
couple of glasses later, she sat facing me with one foot
on the floor and the other foot under her knee while we
watched TV.  This caused her short skirt to ride up her
thighs, exposing the tops of her stockings and the gar-
ter snaps that held them. She opened her legs slightly
further, showing me the top of her panty clad crotch,
just as the doorbell rang.

	"Awwww!" she protested as I got up to answer

	"I wonder who that could be?", I said, acting as
if I didn't know it was really Larry.

	As I opened the door, Larry came in with a paper
bag under his arm, and stood next to the door as I shut
it, looking at Sandy and issuing the usual small talk
greetings.  As I turned to go back to the couch, I no-
ticed that Sandy had not yet moved from her former posi-
tion, as she sat facing us and playing with a strand of
her hair.  She obviously was unaware that she was show-
ing so much to Larry as she sat there with a slight look
of disappointment.  Larry stood there momentarily, as
they gazed at one another, her in deep thought, and him
in disbelief.  Suddenly, she became aware of herself and
quickly turned around on the couch, adjusting her skirt.

	"Have a seat, Larry.  Here... let me take
this an put it in the fridge,"  I said, taking the bag
and walking into the kitchen.

	As I was putting the beer away, I overheard
Larry saying to Sandy that he 'hoped that he wasn't
interrupting anything'.

	"No... that's OK,"  I overheard her say, know-
ing full well that she was lying through her teeth to be
polite.  "We were just sitting here watching some TV...
and thinking about hitting the sack."

	I know she was trying to hint to Larry that now
was not a good time for him to be here.  Little did she
know that there was more in store than she ever dreamed

	"What are you up to tonight, Larry", I said as I
walked back into the room, handing him a beer.

	"Oh... not much.  Just thought I'd drop by to
see if you two were interested in a few hands of gin."

	"Sounds good to me, what about you, hon?", I
said looking at Sandy.

	The look on her face told me that she had re-
signed herself to the fact that Larry was going to be
here for a while.

	"Well, if you guys don't mind... I think I'm
gonna call it an evening," she said, getting up off the

	'Perfect!', I thought,  everything was falling
into place.

	"OK, hon.  I'll be along in a little," I said,
smiling at Larry.

	He quietly mouthed the words 'I will too!' after
she had passed him, heading towards the bedroom.

	After Sandy had gone to bed, Larry and I sat
there staring blankly at the TV, neither of us saying a
word.  The air was filled with expectation.  About 10
o'clock, I heard Joe drive up into the driveway.  I got
up to let him in before he rang the doorbell.  I really
didn't think it would wake up Sandy... but I wasn't
taking any chances.

	At first all we did was make small talk as Larry
popped his new flick into the VCR. Joe still hadn't been
let in on our little secret.  I wasn't yet sure just how
I was gonna go about it.  After about 15-20 minutes, I
noticed that Larry was getting a bit antsy.  He kept
shifting around in his seat and glancing at me as if
expecting the signal to go anytime now.

	"I'll be right back", I said, signaling Larry to
stay put for awhile.

	I wanted to make sure everything was set for
what was about to happen.  Quietly, I slipped down the
hall and into the bedroom.  Sandy was laying on the bed
on her back in one of her sheerest babydoll nighties,
the cover bunched up around her waist.  I guess the wine
had really taken it's toll on her, as she was really
sprawled out on the bed, her arms above her head on the
pillow and one leg tossed over the side of the bed under
the covers.  

	Sandy looked beautiful lying there with that
typical little pout she has when sleeping, her long
brunette hair spread out under her head on the pillow,
just touching her shoulders.  Her breasts were readily
visible through the transparent material covering them
as they stuck almost straight up like two conical, pink
tipped mountains.  It didn't look like I was going to
have to do much at all to get things ready.

	Quietly, I slipped over to the bathroom door and
eased it open, letting the soft light shine into the
bedroom onto Sandy.  Then I slipped back down the hall
to where Larry and Joe were still watching the movie.

	"Joe, you want another beer?" I asked, hoping
that soon he would be ready to take a leak.

	"Sure...., thanks!" he replied.

	Larry followed me into the kitchen, and quickly
cornered me, "How are you gonna do this?"

	"Well, I thought we'd let Joe go back first when
he has to take a leak.  Then, you and I will slip back
and wait in the bedroom doorway to see what he does."

	Larry grinned, and hurried back out into the
living room.  We watched the movie for a while longer,
as we remarked about some of the scenes taking place.

	It wasn't long before Joe had to go, "Hey, man,
where's your bathroom at?"

	"Second door on your right," I said, trying to
keep the excitement in my voice from showing.

	Joe walked down the hall, and as soon as I heard
the bathroom door shut, Larry and I were off for the
bedroom.  Standing in the bedroom, Larry's gaze was
fixed on Sandy.  Joe had neglected to shut the door
leading to the bedroom, probably because he didn't know
anyone would be in there.  As I heard him finish up, I
could hear him fumbling with his zipper as he turned to
head back out.  Suddenly, I heard him stop dead in his
tracks. He obviously had seen Sandy.

	It seemed that he stood there for hours, as he
watched her laying there, her pert breasts rising up
from her chest, plainly visible through the thin fabric.

	"Hol-leee Sheee-uuut!" I heard him exclaim in a

	I could barely contain my laughter as I let out
a snicker.  Joe heard this and poked his head around the
door-frame, looking straight at us.  I quickly help my
finger up to my lips, shushing quietly, and motioned him
to come on in.

	"Is that your wife?" he whispered quietly.

	I nodded, taking him by the arm and leading him
over to the side of the bed.  Larry followed me and
stood on my left as we looked at Sandy, now just inches

	"What'cha think?" I whispered, smiling at Joe.

	He gazed at Sandy for a few seconds then turned
to me, staring at me as he appraised my motives.

	"She looks beautiful, man," he whispered back,
half smiling.

	Gently, I reached down and grasped the edge of
the covers.  I slowly began pulling them down, exposing
more of Sandy's firm, flat belly covered only by her
sheer nightie.  I pulled the sheet down to a point be-
tween her navel and the beginning of her pubic mound,
exposing the lacy hem of her nightie.  Then I took the
hem and very carefully eased it up her creamy white
torso, and over her pert white breasts.  Her pink, shiny
nipples began to harden with the contact from a wisp of
air created by my hands moving her top over them.  I
scooted over to my left a little to let Joe stand more
directly in front of Sandy's firm young breasts, to
which Larry slipped around to Joe's right, standing
right at Sandy's head.  He wasted no time in unzipping
his pants and stroking his dick, as I motioned for Joe
to gently feel Sandy's tits.

	The contrast of his huge black hands against the
firm white skin of Sandy's tits as he gently fondled
them was extremely exciting!  His huge hands almost
completely covered her medium-sized tits when he cupped
them.  He gently took a nipple between his thumb and
forefinger and squeezed it slightly, evoking a quiet
whimper from Sandy.

	Meanwhile, Larry had rid himself of his pants,
and was steadily stroking himself directly over Sandy's
face, just inches from her pouting lips. He looked at me
as he squeezed out some precum, letting it ooze out of
the head of his dick and drip slowly down, coming to
rest directly on her lips.  At first, she didn't move as
the precum lay glistening on her lower lip, but the
sensation of it against her lip caused her to lick it
off with her tongue.

	Seeing this, Joe stood up and unzipped his
pants.   As he pulled his pants and underwear down, one
of the largest, blackest dicks I have ever seen on a man
sprang free from its moorings.  It must have been at
least twelve inches long, about three to three and a
half inches in diameter at the thickest point right be-
hind the head.  The tip of his uncircumcised dick was
peeking out from the foreskin, and the shaft was slight-
ly curved upward from its dark, hairy base.

	The thought of this massive black instrument
plunging into Sandy's sopping wet pussy thrilled some-
thing inside of me, but at the same time scared me. I
knew if he ever got it inside her, it would stretch her
to her limit if not tear her in half.  And there was no
doubt in my mind, THAT thing inside her would wake her
up regardless of how sound asleep she was now.

	He looked at me before bending down, bracing
himself with his hand on the other side of Sandy, and
sucking her right nipple into his mouth. He then hunched
his hips forward and began to rub the head of his huge
black dick all over her left breast.  As he stroked him-
self, precum began to ooze out of its black head coating
Sandy's milky white breast and pink nipple as it poked,
prodded, and rubbed her tit.

	Motioning for Larry to come down where I was, I
gently pulled the covers down further, momentarily stop-
ping just below the top of Sandy's sheer black lace
panties before pulling the covers completely free of her
all together.  Her thin dark pubic patch was clearly
visible beneath the thin, lacy material.  Larry reached
down and began to stroke her smooth white legs, working
his way upwards toward her crotch while all the time
stroking himself.

	This got Joe's attention, as he stood up to
watch but continuing to rub his black dick and pre-spunk
on her firm white tits.

	Larry's caresses finally reached the top of
Sandy's thigh, and gently he rubbed his fingers across
her lace covered pussy.  As he began to move his fingers
up and down along her slit, her hips barely began to
move back and forth, the first move she had made since
we began other than licking her lips.

	I already wanted more!  Gently, I rolled Sandy
over slightly so that I could pull her panties down
first on her left side, then on her right. After getting
them down to about mid-thigh, I quickly slipped them off
of her.

	Sandy was now completely naked in front of these
two horny men.  The sight of this sleeping beauty lying
naked and open before Larry and Joe as they caressed,
prodded and explored her body already had me close to
the edge.

	Larry had replaced Sandy's left leg to dangle
off of the bed, and had eagerly slipped between her
thighs to begin exploring her tight, thin haired
brunette cunt with his fingers. Cautiously at first,
he began to run his thumb lightly up an down her slit,
his face just inches away. Then he took her clit between
his thumb and index finger and lightly rolled it between
them.  This caused Sandy to moan, drawing her legs up
until they met Larry's shoulders.

	Joe was now rubbing the entire length of his
dick all over both of Sandy's firm tits, fondling them
with his hand, and looking at Larry working between her

	When I looked back at Larry, he had boldly re-
placed his fingers with his tongue!  Gently he placed
one of his fingers at the entrance to her hole, pausing
briefly to let her juices drain onto his fingers before
slowly plunging his finger inside her cunt.  Sandy
gasped, her legs closing tightly around Larry's head.
Undeterred, Larry continued his assault with his tongue
and fingers on my wife's sweet pussy.  Never before had
another man other than myself done this to her.

	Quickly, I released my own cock from my pants
and began stroking myself, standing between Joe and
Larry as they worked on Sandy.

	Suddenly, Joe stepped around and gently pulled
Larry back by his right shoulder.  Larry looked up at
him momentarily, then down at his huge black dick, which
was pointing directly at Sandy's pussy. Larry backed off
as Joe stepped between her legs and began rubbing the
head of that monstrous bloated dick up and down her
tight slit.  I could see the precum glistening on the
light covering of dark pubic hair that lined her moist

	I froze, not knowing just what to do.  I knew
that Joe was planning on fucking Sandy with his humon-
gous dick, that really didn't bother me.  In fact, deep
down that is what I wanted and had planned for.  But I
knew that Sandy would definitely wake up once that thing
was inside her.

	What's more, I had just noticed that Sandy's
diaphragm was lying on the night-stand.  Normally, she
would put her diaphragm in when she knew that we would
be doing something, even when she went to bed before I
did.  But tonight, I guess she was just too tipsy to
remember.  The thought of this black stud shooting his
cum deep into my wife's unprotected pussy triggered
something inside of me, however.  I WANTED to see him
dump his load deep in her cunt!  I could no longer con-
trol my urges to see this happen.  I had already lost
control of this situation anyway.

	After coating the head of his black dick with
her juices, Joe placed it right at the entrance of
Sandy's tight little cunt... and pushed.

	Slowly, the huge black head began to disappear
between her pussy lips, her tightness resisting its
probing.  Sandy's mouth opened as she gasped in slight
pain.  If this hurts now with just the head sticking
inside her, I thought, what's she gonna do when he tries
to stick all of it in her?

	But Joe was fairly gentle in his initial viola-
tion of her tight, hot cunt. As gentle as he could be in
his excited state.  He moved back and forth in short
quick strokes, stretching her twat little by little and
plunging slightly deeper with each thrust.

	Larry had moved back up to Sandy's head, playing
with her tits with one hand and jacking himself off with
the other over her face.  All at once he bent over and
softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping his tongue
just inside, while at the same time continuing his
manipulation on her tits and his dick.  Sandy instinc-
tively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched hers
enveloping his tongue.  Quickly, Larry stood up and
placed the head of his dick against her lips, probing it
just inside Sandy's pursed lips.  Seemingly playing out
some erotic dream,  Sandy began sucking on just the head
of Larry's dick.  I heard him moan, as slurping sounds
escaped between his dick and my wife's lips.

	I returned my gaze to Joe's ministrations on
Sandy's tight cunt.  He now had about three good inches
inside her pussy, the thickest part of his dick now al-
most inside her.

	Suddenly, as if a barrier had been broken, the
thick bulge of his dick slipped past the tight entrance
of her hot hole and he began pumping away inside her
with earnest.  He only had about two-thirds of his dick
inside her when all of a sudden... SHE WOKE UP!

	At first, her eyes popped open then she gasped,
releasing Larry's dick from her lips as her pussy was
filled to it's limit.  Everyone froze as her initial
disorientation dwindled and was replaced by her complete
awareness of what was going on.  Her gaze shifted from
Larry's dick hovering just above her lips, to Joe whose
dick was still deep inside her tight pussy.

	Joe was beyond stopping now, no matter what my
wife or I might think and he started to hump her as if
his life depended on it, he held her to the bed and
banged away at her. Suddenly, to my surprise, Sandy
wrapped her legs around Joe, digging her heels into his
ass and pulling him deeper inside of her as she hunched
up against him, grunting as his dick thrust deeper and
deeper all at once.  He now had at least ten inches in-
side her previously unadulterated pussy, and with each
thrust he took more of her.

	I began stroking myself even harder as I saw Joe
shove his dick completely inside of Sandy, her pussy
lips completely disappearing as his huge dick carried
them along with it.  Each time he withdrew his dick, her
juices glistened heavily on his shaft as her pussy seem-
ed to be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his
dick slightly like the fingers of a glove as it's being
pulled off inverted.

	Quite suddenly Sandy began to cum - HARD!  Her
whole body tensed up as each subsequent wave of her
orgasm swept over her, each time yelling louder than the
first as her climax continued to grow stronger.

	This brought about Joe's orgasm, as her pussy
clamped tightly around his huge dick. A low animal growl
was heard deep from within him as he thrust forward
violently and began to cum deep inside Sandy's unpro-
tected pussy.  Their moans and grunts mixed with each
other as their climax built up then subsided.

	Huge gobs of cum dripped down the crack of
Sandy's ass as Joe began to withdraw his huge cock from
her now sloppy pussy.  With Sandy still lying on her
back, Larry immediately jumped  between her legs, rub-
bing his dick up and down her sloppy wet pussy lips, and
then slipping easily into her over-stretched twat. After
just a couple of strokes, he withdrew, and placed his
dickhead at the entrance to her virgin ass. Not even I
had been able to fuck her in the ass yet, and I wondered
if she would stop Larry.

	She offered no resistance, however, as Larry's
dick disappeared between the soft folds of flesh sur-
rounding her asshole.  She winced as his dick plunged in
almost halfway on the first stroke, but then as her
sphincter muscle relaxed, she began hunching against
Larry, lifting her legs high so he could get a better
rhythm going, taking him all the way inside her ass.

	Larry's grunts began to get louder, as I strad-
dled Sandy's chest, squeezing her firm tits around my
throbbing dick as I began to fuck them.  Sandy began to
lick the head of my dick each time it got close enough.

	I was just about to dump my own load all over
Sandy's face when I heard Larry's grunts change to loud
moans as he emptied himself deep within my wife's virgin
ass. This was all it took for me as I too began to shoot
the first hot thick streams of cum between her tightly
squeezed tits.  I thrust myself forward, plunging my
dick into Sandy's waiting mouth, where she began to
swallow the rest of my pent up seed.

	Sandy continued to suck on my softening dick, as
I collapsed against the headboard.  I turned my head a-
round to see Larry withdraw his dick from her ass with a
wet sounding "thhhupp!"

	Larry spoke the first words, "Ohhhhh... man!
That was great!"

	All I could do was sigh as I rolled off of Sandy
with a grin. Sandy smirked at me with a cute impish grin
as she laid there, cum dripping out of all three of her

	"You're just full of surprises, aren't you?" she
said softly.

	"I'm not the only one," I returned, "It seems
you're quite full of surprises yourself!"

        The End

Alley – by Red Dragon

I had an experience last month that I thought your
readers might want to  read about.  It  began  while my
husband, Hal, and I were returning home from watching a
movie at an adult theater.  Hal was really horny and so
was I. On the drive home, I had my  husband's  cock out
of his pants and was sucking it while he fondled me.  I
got  so  worked  up  that I begged him to fuck me right
then.  He drove our car into a dark, deserted alley off
the main street.  I got ready to get into the back seat
but Hal suggested that we do it on the hood. The danger
of getting caught made me even hotter so I agreed to my
husband's suggestion.

    I stood next to the  car while my husband made sure
no one could see us. He came around the car and told me
to take off my blouse.  I had it off in a flash!    Hal
reached around me and unfastened my bra, letting my 40"
(DD) bbreasts hang free.   I grabbed his hardon through
his pants and gave it a firm squeeze. My husband pulled
my bra off the rest of  the  way  and began fondling my
breasts. I could feel my juices flow as he sucked on my
hard nipples.   Hal told me to lay across the fender so
he could screw me from behind. I turned around and bent
over,  laying  my  upper  body  on  the warm hood.  Hal
unfastened  my  skirt,  unzipped it,  and  le t it fall
around my feet.  Then, he pulled  my  panties down over
my ass and let them fall.  I heard  him unzip  and then
felt his hands run up and down my thighs. I stepped out
of my clothes at my feet and spread my legs  wide apart
to expose my waiting cunt.

   I moaned to my husband,  "Oh,  yes!  Yes!   Fuck me,
baby!  I want your cock fucking me, now!"  

   He moved up behind  my  wet  pussy  and inserted his
dick.  I heard him groan and then  he  began pumping my
slick wet hole. The feeling of being fucked, out in the
open, on the hood of our car,  made me crave Hal's cock
like an animal.  He entered me with slow, steady pushes
while he fondled the cheeks of my hot ass.  Soon I knew
Hal  was  loosing  his  control  as  his thrusts became
quicker and more forceful.

    My husband was fucking me like he  does just before
he is ready to come.   He  rammed  into  me  with  deep
thrusts, causing my whole body to  lurch  forward  with
each one.  I had already come once and was on my way to
having another orgasm as Hal's cock slid back and forth
over my clit.

   Just when I thought he was  going to shoot his spunk
into me, I heard  some men's voices and felt Hal's cock
jerk out of my pussy.  I  lifted  my  head  and  looked
behind  me  to  see two Latin men holding my  husband's
arms as he struggled to get free.  I didn't  know  what
to  do  so  I  began  screaming  as loud as I could and
pushed myself up from the car fender  that  I  was bent
over.   When I was almost fully standing again, a third
man appeared from behind the alley wall and pushed hard
at the center of my back.   I fell forward onto the car
hood and my cheek slammed into the warm metal.

   The man who had  pushed me down,  pressed  his  hand
into my back,  holding  me to the hood.   The  forceful
shove I'd received caused me to stop screaming,  but my
mind was swimming with pure fear.  I heard  one  of the
men holding my husband say, "O.K. man, now you're going
to  watch  your  old  lady get fucked by us!"   The man
pressing on my back said, "Now watch real good, man.  I
think your woman,  here,  is going  to  like  this!"  I
managed  to  turn my head over onto the other cheek and
saw Hal looking at me.  He was fighting to free himself
but the men holding him were overpowering my husband. I
felt a hand slide over my  ass  and then I heard a belt
buckle jingle and  the  sound  of a zipper being pulled
down.  I was shaking with fear and tried to push myself
up, but the pressure on my back increased.

    My ankles were  kicked  hard to force my legs apart
and several fingers  poked  at  my pussy.   My cunt was
still wet from Hal's  fucking  and  I heard my attacker
say, "Yeah, man!  She got a wet cunt here!"   The other
men were laughing and one said, "Yeah, fuck her!   Fuck
her so her old man here can see!" I felt the man's cock
slide into me  and  I  screamed out,  "Get off me,  you
fucking bastard!   Get off me!"   The cock slid further
into me and the bastard said, "Just hold on, lady. Your
going to like my dick fucking your hot pussy!" His feet
held my legs apart as  his  hands pinned my arms to the

    He  made  grunting  noises while  he  fucked me. He
sounded just like a  pig rooting  as he thrust into me.
The whole  time  I  was  getting  fucked,  I watched my
husband's agonizing face.   Hal couldn't help me as the
other men forced him to watch.   I felt the  man's hips
press against my ass, his cock fully buried in my cunt.
He groaned as his sperm gushed into me.

    I had resigned myself to the fact that there wasn't
anything I could do  to prevent my rape so I laid there
lifeless on our  car  hood.   After  the  man  finished
comming, he pulled out of me and walked around to where
I could see him. He grinned as he looked at me and then
at his cock, saying   "Just look at the mess your pussy
made on my dick!   It's fucking covered with  your cunt
slime, bitch!"  He grabbed my  hair  and pulled my head
over to  his waist and said, "Suck my dick clean!  Suck
all that slime off it, bitch!"   He held his cock to my
lips and  I  took  it  in  my mouth.  I slurped off the
mixture of my own juices and the  bastard's sperm while
he moaned in delight.

    He pulled his  cock  out of my mouth, zipped up his
pants,  and went over to take  another  man's  place at
holding my husband. The Latino he relieved smiled at me
and began undoing his pants. As his cock became exposed
he said, "Look at this, lady!  Its' bigger than Juan's!
Do you like it?"  He looked  at the  man  who  had just
fucked me and laughed.

    The dark-brown man  stepped out of the pants around
his  ankles  and  came  over  to me.  He rested his ass
against the car fender and said,  "Get  over  here  and
kneel  down  in  front  of  me,   you  fucking  whore!"
I straightened up and moved around to face the big man.
His hands went to my tits,  he  looked  over at Hal and
said, "Man!  These  are  some  nice  jugs your old lady
has!"  He looked back at me and said, "O.K., whore, get
down on your knees.   I want you to hold my dick in you
hands.  I want you to lick it all over  so your old man
can see you.   I want him to see you suck on my balls!"
As I kneeled, I felt the sperm  running out of my pussy
and down my leg.

    I held the man's big, dark hard-on with  both hands
and began licking the underside of it. Hal was yelling,
"Don't do it Kay! Run, Kathy, run now!"  One of the men
gripping his arm, punched my husband in the stomach and
said, "Shut your fucking mouth, asshole, and watch your
whore lick Jose's big dick!"

    I was afraid for Hal's life, so I continued to lick
my tongue up and down the length of the long cock.  The
man pushed on my head and said,  "Now suck on my balls,
whore!"  I lifted  his  heavy  cock and opened my mouth
to take in one of his large testicles. The smell of the
man's body odor was strong as I pushed my nose into his
pubic hair.   I rolled the oblong ball in  my mouth and
coated it with saliva  before  pulling  my lips over it
and  sucking  it  dry  again.   The  man's  knees  were
quivering and he moaned as I sucked on  his other test-
icle. I licked his cock some more and coated it with my
spit.  I figured the sooner that I got this guy off the
sooner he'd leave me alone.  I looked at my husband and
said, "Its' O.K. Hal, I don't mind." I looked up to the
face of the man I knelt before and said,   "Oh! This is
such a nice, hard cock!    I've never seen one this big

    I held the base  with  one  hand  and slid my other
hand up and down the saliva slicked shaft while licking
my tongue over the round head.  The man began to breath
heavily as I pumped his cock with one hand and held his
large balls with the other.

    I looked up  to  the  excited  man's  face,  jerked
rapidly on his swelling cock, and said "Ooo! Yeah! Come
on!  Your balls are so big and heavy!   I bet you shoot
a lot of sperm when you come, don't you?    Do you want
to come on my face, in my mouth,  on my tits?   Yeah, I
want you to!"   His face  grew  taught as he watched me
jack him off.  I opened my mouth wide and held it below
the stiff cock.  The man  suddenly  bellowed and shot a
long string of hot  sperm into my face.   Another  long
string blasted into my open mouth.

    He yelled out as  several  more  sticky wads hit my
neck and hair.  I continued  to jack his cock until the
last few drops of cum oozed from it's head  and  then I
slid my sperm covered lips over it.   The  big  man was
jerking and  twitching from his orgasm and said,  "Look
at all my come on this whore's face!   She likes to eat
my come, too! Look at how she licks it from her lips!"
Hal had stopped  resisting  the other two attackers and
just stared at my come covered face.

    The third Latino took off his pants and said,  "I'm
going to fuck that whore, now! But, I want to watch her
suck her old man's dick while I'm screwing her!"  Hal's
pants were still pulled  down  around  his ankles and I
could see his cock was rock hard.  I said to him,  "You
must like how your whore looks  with another man's come
all over her face,  don't you?   The  other  man, there
wants to fuck me while I suck your dick, dear!    Would
you like  that?" My husband didn't answer, but both men
approached me with their stiff cocks leading them.

    I got down on  all  fours  and  the  Latino kneeled
behind my ass.  Hal kneeled in  front  of me and rubbed
his cock over my sticky face. The man behind me started
fucking my  cunt  immediately  while  I  sucked  on  my 
husband's cock.  As the man rammed deep into my pussy I
heard him say,  "Oh, yeah!   What a pussy your old lady
has, man!  I can feel her squeezing my dick  in there!"

    I was having  a long,  delicious  orgasm  as  I got
fucked from behind and sucked  on  my husband's cock at
the  same  time!   The  Latino  shouted, "Oh! Man!  I'm
fucking comming in this bitch!"  Hal yelled, "Yes! Fuck
her!   I'm coming too!" Both cocks unloaded their sperm
into me at the same time While I was busy swallowing my
husband's, the Latino's spunk was spraying the walls of
my gushing twat!   I'd  never  felt  so  totally fucked

   The Latinos left Hal and me there, but as they left,
one said "If you come back and fuck in our alley again,
you'll get the same from us!"  I looked at  my  husband
and then shouted back to the men, "We'll see you again,

-------- The End -------

Asleep – by The Joker


	An incident happened the other night, quite by
accident, that awakened something in me I didn't know I
had.  Last Thursday night a friend of mine, Larry, came
over to talk, drink a beer, and watch TV.  He works at
the same place I do, and since we had a three day week-
end, we were in no hurry to end the night.  My wife,
Sandy, had to work the next day, and since she was not a
night person she went to bed about 10:30.  She is also
one of the soundest sleepers I know.  I have actually
shaken her pretty good trying to wake her up before, and
still she would sleep.

	After Sandy went to bed, Larry and I sat up and
watched an old porno flick of his that he had brought
over, since Sandy wasn't into much of that scene.

	After the first couple of cum shots, Larry
exclaimed, "Man, it sure would be nice to have a real
piece of ass!  It's been much too long since I've had

	I was a little surprised at his comment.  Larry
was not a bad looking guy, being about six foot-two and
weighing in at about 175lbs, I would have thought he
would have had plenty of lady-friends.

	"Don't you date anybody now, Larry?"  I asked.

	"Naw, since Brenda broke it off with me two
years ago, I've been pretty shy about asking anyone
out,"  he replied.

	We chatted a little more about Brenda, and how
she had been running around on him while he was at work
before finally dumping him.  A few beers and a few cum
shots later, Larry got up to use the bathroom.

	I sat there watching the movie for a while be-
fore realizing Larry had been gone for an awful long
time.  I got up to go see if he was all right, and as I
approached the bathroom door, I saw it was open.  I
walked on in and saw Larry standing there looking
through the doorway that adjoins our bedroom.  He jumped
when he saw me.

	"Oh, man.  I'm sorry," he stammered. "It's just
that when I came in here, the door was open.  When I was
about to leave, I just saw her laying there like that!"

	I stepped around Larry and looked into the bed-
room.  Sandy was lying on her side facing away from us,
with her legs kind of tucked under her slightly.  She
had gone to bed wearing a nightgown, but it had ridden
up over her hips, showing her smooth, bare, pantiless
ass.  Her shoulders were turned slightly more our way
allowing us to view the side of her nicely shaped breast
and nipple through the semi-sheer nightgown.

	She looked very sexy lying there in the reflec-
ted light from the bathroom, her lips slightly pouting
and her long dark hair thrown across the pillow. It was
almost like she was posing for a centerfold.

	"God, she's beautiful," Larry said breathlessly.
"I'd give anything to have a woman like her, Chris."

	At first, I was a little pissed off at Larry.
But at the same time, the thought of Larry seeing my
wife like that without her knowing it was turning me on.

	"Chris, I'm sorry. I guess I better go on home,"
Larry said, turning to go back out.

	"No, wait a minute Larry," I heard myself say-
ing. "Come on in here a minute.  Just walk real quietly,

	"W-wha... you *want* me to come in there?"

	"I guess it wouldn't hurt anything for you to
just look.  But we can't wake her up, OK?"

	I couldn't believe what I was saying.  I was
about to bring another man into my bedroom so that he
could look at my almost naked wife.  I wasn't quite sure
just what I was going to do yet, or how far I would go.

	As we tiptoed into the bedroom, I motioned for
Larry to come on over to the side of the bed.  He looked
a little unsure of himself, his eyes darting from me to
Sandy. But the closer he got, the longer his gaze locked
on Sandy.  She was lying on the side of the bed closest
to us, and as we approached her both of her firm breasts
came into full view.  Her nipples could just be seen
through the thin fabric of her gown, but her legs being
bent prevented us from seeing her pussy.  Her gown was
just about the level of her belly-button though, and the
smooth curve of her belly could be seen until it disap-
peared between her legs.

	I just stood there grinning from ear to ear,
looking back and forth from Larry to Sandy.  He was just
standing there, staring at her in utter amazement and

	"Oh, Chris.  She's so sexy!  I can't believe
you're letting me see her like this!"

	Carefully, I reached down and eased the strap of
her gown off of her left shoulder, exposing more of her
breast, and stopping just as the material reached her

	"Want to see more?" I whispered.

	"Y-Yeah!" he whispered back.

	Ever so slowly, I eased the strap down further,
but her nipple kept the fabric from going any further.
Carefully, I slid my finger under the fabric, gently
lifting it up and over her nipple.  Larry gasped quiet-

	Now her left breast was fully exposed.  Her
smooth pink nipples were standing erect from the stim-
ulation of the moving fabric. I then reached over and
eased the right strap down over her shoulder, gently
pulling the fabric over her right nipple exposing it.
I left the straps on her arms for the moment, as I
didn't want to risk waking her up.  Larry was still
standing there, gawking at Sandy's firm body, touching
the bulge in his pants occasionally while trying not to
let me see.  My own dick was about to burst the seams of
my jeans too, not only because of seeing my wife, but of
what I was doing.

	"Well, what'cha think?" I whispered.

	"Oh, god!  I can't believe it!  She's so gor-
geous, I just wish.....," he replied, rubbing his cock
again before catching himself.

	I thought for a moment, if she woke up....
but I was going to try it anyway.  I motioned for Larry
to come closer, then pointed at her tits.

	"Go ahead, touch 'em.  But be real gentle.  I
don't want to take any chances."

	Larry's eyes were wide open as he eased closer,
bending over slightly and reaching out to cup her
breasts.  His hand was shaking slightly, and he had his
other hand between his legs as if to support himself,
but it was obvious what he was doing.  His hand kept
edging closer, closer, until finally - his fingertips
were touching the top of her left breast just below the
aureole.  Carefully, his thumb rested on the underside
of her breast, before sliding slowly up towards the
nipple. She didn't move.  Just as his thumb reached her
aureole, he brought his forefinger down to close around
the nipple ever so gently.

	I had known Sandy since before high school, and
we went steady together all during high school before
getting married, and as far as I knew, not another man
had ever seen this much of her, much less touched her

	Larry then started caressing her breasts, going
from first one, then the other, very lightly.  Sandy was
still quite asleep, although it seemed that her breath-
ing was slightly faster.  Larry began getting bolder,
using slightly more pressure and gently squeezing each

	He was now not trying to hide his own crotch
rubbing, and it appeared that he was going to attempt to
cum off in his pants.  I was having too much fun to let
this end right now, though, so I motioned him back as I
eased the straps of her gown the rest of the way off of
her arms. I pulled the gown down as far as it would go
without pulling it down between her and the bed, leaving
her entire top exposed down to about the bottom of her
rib cage on the left side.  Then I made my way down to
her hips.  I carefully moved the sheet away from the
bottom of her ass, and untangled it from around her
feet.  This left all of her ass exposed, and part of her

	Larry couldn't see this yet from his vantage
point.  I heard him doing something behind me, so I
turned and saw him pulling his jeans down to just below
his balls so that he could jack off.  I turned back
around, and slowly straightened Sandy's left leg. This
exposed her upper pubic hair almost down to the slit of
her pussy, and when Larry saw me doing this, he leaned
over beside me to get a good look while slowly jacking
off.  Gently, I pulled her left leg closer to me easing
her over to fully lie on her back, exposing her entire

	"Ohhhh my god," Larry breathed as he began to
jack himself faster.

	"Don't get too far ahead of yourself, now," I
cautioned him. "You want to touch her pussy before you
cum, don't you?"

	He stopped jacking off and looked at me like a
child on Christmas morn.

	Ohhh, yeah! he whispered. You're gonna let me...
ohhh, yeah!"

	He replaced his right hand with his left on his
cock, but still not jacking off.  Then he reached out
with the same hand he had been rubbing his dick with,
and slowly reached out to touch the top of her pubic
mound. He gently started rubbing his fingers through her
dark brown pubic hair, not quite going as far as her
slit yet.  Sandy was still fast asleep, but her breath-
ing became more rapid as he stroked her.  Then he ran
his first two fingers down the outside of her pussy lips
and back up before running his middle finger down the
outside of her slit.  As he brought his finger back up,
it opened her pussy lips slightly, and the sweet odor of
her pussy began to fill the air.

	"Ohhhhhh, godddd!" Larry sighed while pulling
his finger back up slightly inside her slit.

	Just as he reached her clit, she jumped a little
then let out a slight, almost inaudible moan.  Larry
quickly pulled his hand back.

	I saw that Sandy was still sound asleep, but I
wasn't sure if this type of activity would wake her up
or not. He looked at me and I nodded for him to proceed.
He then took his left hand and rubbed it up and down on
his dick, getting his precum all over his fingers.  Then
taking that same hand, started rubbing her entire pussy,
occasionally opening her lips slightly with his middle
finger. Sandy's hips occasionally began to move back and
forth slightly, and a moan would quietly coo out of her
every now and then.  

	Larry had begun to jack off again, and just then
an idea hit me.  Carefully I pulled Sandy's left leg
over until it hung off of the bed.  Her pussy was now
just inches from the edge, although not quite close
enough for Larry to fuck her.  His dick wasn't that long
and anyway, I wasn't sure if fucking her would wake her
up.  Besides, I wasn't sure I wanted her fucked yet
since this was so new to me.

	"Larry, come on down here," I motioned to him.
"You can rub her pussy from between her legs, and jack
off at the same time.  But don't fuck her, you hear?"

	Larry nodded and quickly moved between her legs.
He began rubbing her pussy with his left hand, and
jacking himself off with his right.  His dick was about
level with her pussy, and about six inches away as he
pumped his cock back and forth.  He was now using his
thumb to rub her slit, so that he could get his dick
even closer, until finally, his dick was less than an
inch away from her slit.  

	Sandy's hips were still bucking slightly, and on
one downward tilt, Larry's cock came in contact with her
slit, running up its length.  This set Larry off, and he
began cumming all over her pussy and in-between her
legs.  With each spurt he grunted, and occasionally, he
would "accidentally" rub his cockhead into the top
portion of her slit.  It must have been a while since he
had cum, for his jism was all over her pussy lips, hair,
and in her slit. As he finished, he milked the very last
drop out, letting it drop into her partially open cunt
hole.  It seemed to disappear, as it ran down into her

	Looking up at me, he whispered,"Ohhh, man!  I
can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what
you've done!"

	I smiled at him, motioning him to back up now
that he was through. Now it was my turn.  I stepped be-
tween her legs, pulling my pants down, and began strok-
ing my dick.

	"Larry, go over by the door for a moment.  I'm
going to try and ease her down closer to the edge of the
bed so I can fuck her," I whispered hoarsely.

	Larry obeyed, and went over by the door in case
she woke up. Gently, I slid her down until her left ass
cheek was hanging off the bed.  She never even woke up,
but she was still breathing heavily, and her juices were
now flowing out of her cunt and mixing with Larry's.

	I motioned for Larry to come over and hold her
leg and ass cheek, so that I could have my hand free. He
took her leg with his left hand, and reached under her
with his right to support her ass.  I saw him squeeze it
as he held her, and I began to rub my dick up and down
her drenched slit.

	The wetness was incredible!  Her juices mixed
with Larry's cum had made her twat sooooo slippery.  I
was already about to pop my load, so I gently eased the
head of my dick down to the entrance of her hot hole.

	Even though her cunt was so wet, her hole was
still very tight since Larry hadn't fucked her, but my
dick slid in easily.  I immediately began pumping, and
after about the tenth stroke, Sandy started cumming in
her sleep!!!  This was all I could stand.  I began
shooting off deep inside her pussy,  with each spurt
feeling like it was coming straight from my balls. Sandy
was letting out little moans with each breath, and I was
countering them with grunts of my own.

	Larry let out a typical "Ohhhhh, mannn!"
only this time he didn't whisper.  It didn't matter, for
Sandy never did wake up the whole time.  As I withdrew,
Larry eased her butt and leg back up on the bed, and
then bent over and kissed her left nipple, sucking it as
he pulled away to stand up.

	I was too exhausted to say much to him as I led
him to the door.  He kept thanking me as he walked out,
and I waved and shut the door. I went back into the bed-
room and fell on the bed next to Sandy and fell asleep
almost immediately.

	The next morning, Sandy woke me up kissing on my

	"You wouldn't believe what I dreamed about last
night!"  she started.  "I dreamed that there were these
hands all over me, rubbing me.  By the  way, did we do
anything last night?"

	I remembered that I didn't get a chance to clean
the cum off of her pussy or the bed before falling a-

	"Uhhh... yeah, sure we did.  Don't you

	"Well... I don't know.  It seems almost like a
dream.  I must have been half asleep.  It sure was nice
though.  Tell me, are you up to doing it again, now that
I am more awake?"

	My thoughts drifted back to the night before...
"Hmmmmmm, what do you think?" I smiled.

Continued in part 2...

Alisha – by Alisha

We lived in a very nice neighborhood next door to a very
attractive young couple (Michael & Maria).  He was very,
very handsome  (25)  and  he  was  gorgeously  beautiful
(23). When I was 11,  I started visiting  them,  helping
out with chores around their house.   Michael was in the
medical profession and Maria was in the public relations

Anyway,  I love them both  and was  always over at there
place as they were very interesting and fun people to be
around.   During  the  summer  shortly  before  my  13th
birthday,  I  went  over  there  in  the  afternoon on a
Saturday. I knew they were home,  but they didn't answer
the door so I let myself in.  I went upstairs as I could
hear sounds coming from their bedroom. The door was open
and as I entered the door way I could see that they were
naked and on the bed. I said nothing... just stood there
in silence and watched...

She  was  blindfolded,  gagged, and her hands were hand-
cuffed  together through the headboard at the top of the
bed. Her ass was placed on two pillows and her legs were
up in the air.  His  head  was  between  her l egs and I
watched as he licked her over and over again.  Since she
was blindfolded  she couldn't see me and he was too busy
to notice me either.

The television was on  and  the sounds  I had heard were
coming from the video  they obviously had been watching.
It was two  guys giving a  women  all kinds of pleasure.
It took me  several minutes to finally  realize  that it
was her and two other men  ...  one I had  seen at their
house before, the other I had not.

Needless to say, I was in a state of shock. I just stood
there open mouthed  alternately  watching  them  and the
screen. Up until this time  I was a virgin.  Oh,  I  had
allowed myself to be touched by boys  ...  but that  was
about it. I had never seen a  man's  cock  except for my
brother's and father's after  a shower or something like
that and then only had caught a glimpse.

Now, before me were these  two  guys  on the screen with
great big dicks doing  everything to this lady  ...   my
next door neighbor.   My thoughts  were disturbed by her
voice. Michael  had removed the gag from her  mouth  and
she  was telling him to fuck her.   Over and over  again
she said it.   When he  raised up from the bed I saw the
biggest cock I've ever seen.  It  was  massive ...  very
thick and a rulers length. And, it was beautiful!!!

He rammed it into her again and  again and she cried out
at what I thought  at  the time was pain and that he was
hurting her terribly.  He  stopped  for a few moments to
unhandcuff  her and  then I could she that she was enjoy
it  as she grabbed onto him,  clutching his ass when her
hands and seemed  to be  trying to drive him even deeper
into herself.  My nipples were  hard and aching,  and my
pussy  was  hot  and  wet.  I  was  so  caught  up in my
enjoyment that I  didn't  even  notice  her  remove  the
blindfold.  He pounded her and pounded her until I heard
him say, "I'm going to cum."  She said she wanted it all
over her and he pulled out and shot it all over her tits
and face. He started to put it in her mouth when she saw
me standing in the door way.

She was mad as  hell and yelled at me  ...  what are you
doing Alisha,  what are  you  doing  here?  I turned and
started to run down the stairs.  He  caught  me  at  the
front door. I was scared to death  and  didn't know what
he was going to do to me.  I couldn't take  my  eyes off
his cock  which was now just hanging there  and dripping
cum onto the floor.  He ask me to come back upstairs and
discuss this with them.

By the time we got back to  their  room she had put on a
robe,  and shut off the video.  Michael was very relaxed
but  Maria was noticeably shaken and concerned with what
I had seen.  However,  once we sat down she took control
of the conversation.  She said that they were very, very
sorry about  this but that I shouldn't have just come in
to their home and come upstairs  unannounced.  We talked
about a lot of things,  and how  I felt about what I had
seen and them personally.

I don't recall everything I said,  but eventually I told
them that  I  had  found  this  very  exciting  and  had
feelings I couldn't really  describe.  Michael  left the
room to  get  us some juice or  something  to drink  and
Maria  and I talked a lot more.

I ask her if it hurt when  Michael just  rammed  his big
cock into her.  She  said  tha   yes  it  did  for a few
moments,  but  that  it  was a pain she loved and one of
pleasure. She added that someday I  would enjoy it also.
She knew I was a virgin,  as we had several  discussions
on  the  subject  over  the  past  year  ...  we all had
discussed sex openly  on  a  few previous occasions.  My
parents were very open minded  people and began teaching
us about sex at early ages.  So,  I  wasn't  dumb,  just
inexperienced.  However,  I  saw  things that day I knew
nothing  about, and  told her so. She  began  to explain
some of them when Michael came back.

Maria brought Michael up to  date  on what our conversa-
tion had  covered and some of my questions. He then told
me that Maria  enjoyed having sex with more than one man
at a time and that he enjoyed watching and participating
in her pleasure. And, that it was the same for her. That
she enjoyed watching  him  with  other women and that he
found  great  pleasure  in  having  more  than one women
satisfy his desires.  Maria then said that she was  also
bisexual  and  that  she  enjoy  making  love with other
females too.

I told them both that I thought this was beautiful, that
they were beautiful,  that I loved  them both and that I
hoped to someday have the same type of relationship with
my husband (if and when I got married). I told them that
what I had seen was  the  most exciting thing I had ever
witnessed in my life  ...  both on the bed and on the TV
screen. Maria was a little embarrassed when I told her I
knew the woman in the video was her. She started to deny
it until  I  mentioned the friend who  I  had  seen many
times at their house. 

I went home and thought of  nothing  else  but  them and
what I had seen for two  or  three weeks.  I masturbated
and  fantasized  every night and many times on the week-
ends just  thinking about them.  I wondered whatit would
be like to have Michael touch me,  kiss me,  put his big
dick in my mouth, feel him deep inside me, etc., etc.  I
also wanted to touch  Maria  very  badly.   I would lick
my fingers  tasting my nectar  and  pretend it was hers.
She was everything I hoped to be as a woman,  beautiful,
sexy, big full breasts, gorgeous legs and ass, and had a
handsome, loving husband ... with a big, beautiful cock.
Over and over I thought of sharing pleasure with them.

Well, a month later it happened. I went over there early
one Saturday morning to help Maria do something (I don't
recall what at the moment). It didn't matter as we never
got to it. Michael wasn't home so we sat around talking.
The conversation eventually led to what I had seen and I
ask if she would show me the video. At first she said no
but  I  persisted  and  she gave in.   We got on the bed
together and watched one tape  after another for several
hours. I could tell that Maria was very hot and bothered
(me too but I  didn't  say anything).   I watched her do
absolutely everything  with men  (as many as 4 at a time 
sharing her  in every way possible)  and with women. The
latter were the best,  except  for those of just her and
Michael together.  They loved  to tape their love making
sessions and I was told they had over 100 such tapes.

We were still watching when  Michael  got home. At first
Maria was going to shut it off,  but decided not to.  He
came in and was initially upset.  But,  based on what he
said  I  could  tell  that they  had discussed this pre-
viously and also knew it would most likely happen.

He took a shower and then joined us for the last part of
the tape.  When  it  was  over  I  asked  if  they would
consider letting me watch them make love. They looked at
each other and then said yes in unison.

We sat and talked for awhile  and pretty soon I asked if
they were in the mood to do it now.   Maria stood up and
began removing her clothes.  They  looked  at each other
and smiled.  I thought that meant they were just teasing
me and said so. With that Michael removed everything but 
his briefs.  I got off the bed and sat in a chair across
from the bed.  My eyes must have  lit up  like Christmas
tree  lights  when Maria  dropped  to  her  knees before
Michael, pulled down his underwear and opened  her mouth
like a bird waiting for a worm. He wasn't even semi-hard
yet, probably nervous about this,  but  was  still  very
large.  She put her hands on his ass and pull him closer
to her and reached out  with  her  tongue and guided his
dick into her mouth.

Within seconds he was raging hard  and  enormous in size
and she was licking and sucking him like crazy.  Running
her  tongue up  and  down  his long,  thick  shaft .....
flicking the tip around and under the big  mushroom head
and licking and gently  sucking his  nearly  tennis ball
size nuts. She ask if I wanted a closer look and I moved
right next to her.  Then she ask if I wanted to join in.
I definitely did and we  worked over his meat for a long
time. Every once in awhile her lips met mine  (sometimes
with his cock between them) and  when  this  happened it
shot sensations throughout my body.  She  also occasion-
ally  would  take  my breasts with her hands and roll my
nipples between  her  thumb  and  forefingers.  God this
drove me crazy. 

She got up on the bed,  flat  on her back and spread her
legs wide.  Michael  began  running  his tongue from her
toes  to  her  knees and  she  fingered  her  pussy  and
massaged her clit.  She  ask if  I wanted to join her on
the bed for a better look.  As soon  as  I got there she
suggest I might be  more  comfortable  without  so  many
clothes on.  I literally torn  them off,  everything but
my panties which were soaking wet and had been for  some
time Michael was now  licking  her pussy  ...  long slow
licks from asshole to  clit  and  back  again,  over and
over. Maria shut her eyes and began to moan softly.  She
again touched my breasts and played with my nipples. She
then touch my hand and placed it on her big tit. My hand
just  seemed  to  now  what  to  do, and without further
encouragement or instruction I  began  to  suck and lick
her nipples and Michael eat her pussy. She must have had
10 orgasms at least.

Michael then asked if I wanted to taste her. I told  him
yes, very much so and very  badly.  I  got  between  her
gorgeous  and  shapely legs and licked and sucked on her
they way I hoped she would someday do for me. My ass was
high  in  the  air and I  could  feel Michael's presence
behind me, then his breath on my skin. He slowly ran his
gentle  hands  over  my  ass  and  up  and down my inner
thighs. He press his hand sideways up  between  my  legs
and  into  my  crotch  and sort of sawed his way into my
slit. His knuckle was pressing against my throbbing clit
and I came for the first time (produce  by someone other
than myself).  He  slowly  pulled  my panties down to my
knees and began running the tip of  his tongue around my
asshole.  I came again.  I had all but  stopped  licking
Maria,  but  I  could  feel  her  hands on  my  tits and
nipples. She was pulling them harder now. Michael raised
one leg at a time and removed my panties  completely and
while continuing to lick my asshole  began  fingering my
pussy. Shortly I came again,  and again.  He  spread  my
knees a little more and stood up  behind me. I turned my
head  so  I  could see him and his cock was very big and
erect. He moved closer and began  just  running the head
of it against  me  everywhere. The heat of his meat felt
fantastic.  He didn't attempt any  penetration  with it,
just massaged me. Every once in  awhile he would run  it
all the way  through  my slit and  Maria would ask me to
look at it. The big head would be all the way down to my
knees and onto the bed).

Maria ask me if I wanted it and I said, YES, YES, YES!

Michael was very gentle and began to  penetrate me very,
very slowly.  It hurt like crazy  ...  I mean hurt as in
pain ... and just when I wanted to yell for him to stop!
it began to feel wonderful. But, right then he did stop.
Maria pulled me over  on the  bed next  to her and began
kissing me all over  ...  very  slowly and passionately.
She push me onto my back and spread my legs.  She wasted
no time in beginning to eat me  and  Michael shoved  his
cock into her at the  same  time.  I  could  feel  every
thrust  through  her  mouth,  tongue  and nose which was
being  driven  into  my  clit and driving me wild.  When
Michael was ready to cum  I  told him to please shoot it
all over me  as  I had seen him do on the tape to Maria.
She moved out of the way and he did. I loved it ... feel
his hot cream hit my face and body.   He rubbed his dick
all over me and  let  me lick their combined juices from
it. I loved that too...

Since it was nearly 6:00 pm now and I had been there all
day, I called my parents and told them I was going to be
staying for dinner and spend the night there. I had done
this many times before (but not for the same reason).

I didn't  have  any  intention  on  eating  anything for
dinner except them...  they didn't either.    When I got
back on the bed  Maria  had  gotten  out  some  sex toys
and lots of different creams and oils.   We did a lot of
exploring and experimenting together.

She fucked me with several dildos and I did the same to
her.  This was great fun.  After she finished,  I asked
Michael if he wasn't going to fuck me.  Michael said he
didn't think it was a good idea  ...  that he could get
into a lot of trouble by doing so.  I told him I wanted
him and  that I doubted he could be in any more trouble
than he  already was if that was my intention (which it
wasn't).  Maria said that I wasn't on the pill and that
accidents happen.  I begged them both  ...  told them I
would do  anything to  feel  him all the way inside me.
That I'd had a taste  of  it and that it would be cruel
not to  finish what we had started. Maria went into the
bathroom  and return with a condom.  She put  it on him
and he gave it to me.  To this day,   I have never been
with a man as big or a man who knew how to use his tool
on me better.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time with  them until
graduating from high school and moving away to college.
I still see them when I  visit  my parents and we still
share pleasure together.


Amy The Cheerleader – by Kat

 He was a security guard at the local mall. He
enjoyed his work, and liked to meet different people.
his bosses had no idea that inside he was really a
pervert, wanting to peek at teenage girls in the
dressing room. But being scared he would get caught,
he never full filled his fantasies while at work. But if
he did see a cute one, he would follow her around while
she shopped, undressing her with his eyes, and then
think about her as he masturbated after returning home
at the end of the day.

     One day, he saw a young teen getting dropped off
by her mom in front of the mall. He saw instantly how
cute she was. She was about 16. She looked a little 
older physically, but when she smiled she had a mouth
full of braces, which made her look somewhat younger
in the face. She had on tight blue jeans, and a VERY
tight t-shirt. Her chest was small, but he could see
every bulge her breast created. He could even see the
outline of her bra when he stood behind her. She had
the cutest braces that he'd ever seen on a teen. They
made her not look like a silly kid, but rather
"distinguished" he thought. Her mother joined her a few
minutes later, and he followed them around for a little
while. The mom finally had to sit down and get a drink,
and the girl went over to look at some underwear in a
store. He walked up behind her, and she sorta jumped
when he said hello.

     "Finding everything okay?" he asked. The girl
knodded yes, and he told her that his name was Bob. She
introduced herself, and he said, "Enjoy your shopping
Amy. I'll keep an eye on you today." She smiled, and he
could feel his erection growing as he stared into her

     He "accidently" ran into her again later that
afternoon, while she was alone again. The two of them
talked, and she told him all about herself. "These girls
love to talk" he thought. The whole time Amy told him
about herself, he was undressing her with his eyes. He
wondered what those tits would look like. How much hair
would she have. Is she a virgin? So many questions he
would ponder tonight, as he did his thing. Between all
the bullshit she was yacking about, he finally pieced
together enough to be happy with how well he knew her.

     She was 14, and a freshman cheerleader. She had no
boyfriend, and from the way she talked, was a virgin.
She liked movies, pizza, and TV. "Well, you seem very
nice" he told her. He then told her that he would love
to see her cheer. "We have a game tonight!" she blurted
out. "I'd love for you to come see me." He turned red
in the face, but she sat and smiled at him, waiting to
hear what he would say. He figured that he might as well
give it a shot. 

     He was tired of jacking off all the time, and
wanted to see how she would react. "Well, Amy" he told
her, "I just have one small problem. I should not tell
you this, but I am not really a very nice man. I think
nasty thoughts sometimes when I see girls your age in
those outfits."

     Amy blushed and whispered to you, "That is okay. I
feel the same way about men in uniforms." He grinned,
and told her he would think about it. She then said to
him, "Come see me, I'll do some special cheers for you.
Before and after the game." He confirmed that he would
be there, and smiled as she walked over to her mother.

     That night, he went to the football game, and sat
on the bottom row. Amy was in her red and black uniform,
and looked very cute. She looked more sexy than she had
at the mall that day. She walked to the bleachers, and
secretly handed him a note. It said: This next one is
for you! The next cheer, at the very end, she did the
splits. She went all the way to the ground, and when her
crotch hit the grass, she rotated her hips, and winked
at Him. It was subtle enough that no one else would
notice, but he began to breathe heavy. He could feel
his penis getting hard. "Wow!" he thought.

     After the game was over, he sat in the bleachers
till almost everyone was gone. After what seemed like
forever Amy came up to him, and asked, "Can you give me
a ride home? My parents had to leave early, and I told
them I had a date after the game. It is now 9:30, and I
don't have to be home till midnight. Do you want to go

     Talking was the last thing on his mind, but he told
her sure. She said to meet her by the locker rooms in 15
minutes. He went over there, and sure enough, just like
she said, she showed up. "Lets go inside" she said. He
wondered what was up, but she opened the door. "I stole
a key from the coach tonight" she said as he entered the
locker room. He looked around, and smelled all the 
perfume. It was the girls locker room. It wasn't much
different from the guys he had been in as a teen. Same
lockers, showers, and benches.

     Amy locked the door behind them, and sat down on a
bench. He sat down next to her, and the two of them
talked for a few minutes. Then he told her how uncom-
fortable he were being there with her. "I know this must
be weird, but I didn't know where else to go" she said.
Then she asked him, "Did you want to kiss me at the mall
today?" He stuttered and tried to avoid the question.

     She asked him again, and so he told her yes. She
asked him if he would kiss her now, and he couldn't
resist. "I'm ready to become a woman tonight. I love
you and want you to be my first" she said. He leaned
forward, and pressed hisr lips to hers. Her braces poked
his lip a little, but he didn't care.

     He was getting hard as she slipped her tongue into
his mouth. His reaction was quick, and he did the same
to her. He placed His hand on her little knee, and began
to massage her inner thigh. She didn't stop him, and
just continued to kiss him. He raised his hand higher
up her thigh, and under her skirt. She took her mouth
away from his and said, "It's okay, I have on panties."
She began to kiss him again and he put his hand over
her crotch. It was moist, and he wondered how far she
would let him go.

     He worked his way up to the top of her panties. He
pulled them away from her stomach, and lowered his hand
inside. She kissed him harder as he felt the thin hair
on her pussy. He slipped his hand farther inside, and
began to rub her wet slit. 

     Before he could stick a finger into her, she stood
up in front of him. "Let me take these off!" she said.
She pulled down her panties, and he looked at them
around her ankles. They were white, and had moisture in
the crotch. She stepped out of them, and he raised her
skirt up. She was directly in front of him, so he
leaned forward to kiss her pussy. It had light brown
hair on top, very thin, but very sexy. As he kissed her
cunt, she held her skirt up for him. He reached under
her shirt, and unlatched her bra. As he ran his hands
to the front, the bra pulled away from her breast. 

    They stood in place as he cupped his hands around
them. She lowered her skirt, and pulled his head away.
Then she removed her top, and posed for him. "Want to
see me naked?" she asked softly. "Oh god yes!" was all
he could answer. She unzipped the skirt, and took it
off also.

    His dick was pounding as this juvenile stood bare
before him. "You are beautiful!" he told her, as she
got on her knees between his legs.

     She began to unzip his pants as he massaged her
breasts. Her nipples were small and hard as rocks. She
got his pants undone, and reached inside. Her small hand
wrapped around his dick, and she pulled it out. It stood
strait up as she held on to it. "God damn it's big!" she
said. "I thought it would be smaller." She then told him
she had never given oral sex, and wanted to try it. He
told her to go ahead, and convinced her she would do a
good job.

     She lowered her mouth onto his penis, and the
warmth was overwhelming. She was new to this, but oh
was she good. She sucked his head for a little, then put
the shaft into her mouth. She took it in deep, raising
her head up and down, she must watch alot of cable TV.
Finally he told her she would have to stop. He was
about to cum.

     The teen stood back up, and sat on his lap as he
began to kiss her again. He rubbed her pussy and insert-
ed a finger into it. She moaned, and leaned her head
back as he sucked her tit and fingered her young private

     He said he was ready, and he was going to take her
virginity now. He pulled her over his lap, stradling and
facing him. He held his cock as she slowly lowered down
onto it.

     It was tough getting it in at first. He had it in
about an inch, and she started to moan. When he had slid
her down to 3 inches, she began to pant, and say, "Oh it
hurts a little." He told her to relax, that once she was
on him completely, the pain would go away. He put his
hands on her shoulders, and as she took a deep breathe,
slammed her all the way onto his hard cock.

     Amy let out a scream, but he held her on tight.
After a moment of sitting there, catching her breathe,
she began to ride him back and forth. She fucked him
like no other had before. Her young, tight pussy was
clinching his dick with it's virginity. He watched her
ride him, and kissed her again.

     After a few minutes of fucking her this way, he
decided he wanted to get on top of her. "Amy" he asked,
"Can you put back on your outfit, and just leave your
panties off?" Amy got off of him, and picked her outfit
up off the floor. She then told him, "Wow, really nasty
man. Want to do me and make me look cute, don't you?
Okay!!" She put on the top, and then the skirt. He told
her to lay on the bench, and spread her legs. He went
over to her, and raised her top over her small breasts.
Then he raised her skirt, then he said, "I know you will
like this." He buried his face in her pussy, and began
to eat her out. She moaned and rubbed his hair as he
licked her up and down. She was so wet, his face was
covered with pussy juice. After a while, he raised up,
and told her, "Time to fuck again."

     He climbed on top of her, and worked his dick back
into her. She moaned and scratched his back as he thrust
into her over and over. He talked to her as he fucked
her, "Oh baby, I'm glad I met you today. Your young
pussy is so tight. I love young pussy around me!! I am
going to cum into you!!" She just continued to pant as
he worked up to his orgasm.

     Finally, he could hold it no more. He told her what
was about to happen, and she told him to go ahead. His
cock shot the first load deep inside her. He had it
buried in deep as it sprayed his cum into her young
body. She yelled as he shot another time, "I can feel
it!! I can feel your cum spraying into me!! Keep cumming
     After he was empty, he pulled out his cock, and
sat on the bench next to Amy. He talked to her for a
little bit, and both of them decided that what just
happened would be their little secret. As he pulled
his pants back on, Amy handed him her underwear. "Keep
these as a reminder of tonight" she said. He just smiled
and took them from her.

     When he dropped her off at home, she jumped out of
the car. "Better go quick!" she said. As he drove off,
he looked back at her in the rear view morror one more


 The next Monday, he went to the school. He was
riding around the campus, and finally saw Amy. She saw
him also, and ran over to your car.

 "The money you gave me made EVERYONE happy" she
said. She said they were having a banquet that night for
all the biggest boosters, so she invited him to go. "I
can't" he told her. "Yes you can" she replied. "It'll be
a nice dinner, and I'll tell them you're new to town and
support the school a lot! I'll make it worth your while
to show up.."

 That night, he met Amy back at the campus, and
picked her up. He went to the cafeteria with her, and
there were dozens of tables and chairs set up. He
relaxed as he realized that there were so many people
no one would recognize him, or even care what he was
doing there. It was for all the high school cheer-
leaders, not just the freshmen.

 As he walked around with Amy, he looked at all
her cheerleader friends. He lusted after each one as
they introduced themselves to him. Amy told him, "I have
5 notes in my pocket. I'll pass you them one at a time
throughout the night". He grinned and wondered what she
was up to. After a while of walking around, it was time
to eat. He sat down with Amy, and as the food was being
put on the table, she gave him the first note she had
written. It said: "I'm not wearing my bra!"

 He stared at her chest as he ate his dinner. She
was small, so it was hard to tell that she was not
wearing it. As he stared at her, another note was put
into his hand, "My nipples are hard now!" it said.

 Now as he looked at her, he could see her little
nipples beginning to poke out. He wondered what she was
up to...........

 After a while of sitting there, eating his meal,
and enjoying a nice Dr. Pepper, he noticed Amy looking
up and down the table to make sure no one was looking at
her.  She put another note onto his thigh. He almost
died when he read it.

 "Oops" it said, "I forgot to put on panties
tonight! My little pussy is uncovered!" His dick began
to get hard as he thought about how sweet she had looked
a few nights ago. "I want her again!" he said to him-

 When desert was being put on the table, he
looked over at Amy. She passed the forth note to him,
and he wondered what it would say. When no one was
watching, he opened it up. "My pussy is wet now" it
read. "Really, it is. I have proof. Put your hand on
the table".

 He put his hand on the table, and rested his
elbow on the edge. Amy discreetly lowered her hand
under the table as he watched her. She put her hand up
her skirt and working it around a little. She then laid
her arm on the table next to his. He reached over, and
took her hand into his. Sure enough, her little fingers
were soaking wet. She smiled as he gulped and licked
his lips.

 The man in charge of the dinner made an
anouncement that the show would begin in a moment, and
asked all the guests to go to the auditorium. As they
entered the theater, Amy passed him the final letter.
"I'm going to let you fuck me again tonight. On one
condition though. It has to be in here, before the end
of the show. In this room!"

 He was devestated. How could they do that in
front of all those people and not get caught. When he
got to the seats, there was not nearly enough seats for
everyone to sit down. A bunch of people stood, and
several girls were sitting on their dads laps. He and
Amy were on one of the front rows, and as she sat next
to him, he lusted for her young body. His fantasy was
getting closer though, as a bunch of people came to
their row. The usher asked if he would mind sharing
his seat with Amy, and he told him "Heavens no!"

 Amy climbed onto his lap, his already hard dick
mashing against her skirt. When the lights went out, and
the show began, Amy raised up a little, and covered his
entire lap with her skirt. Her little uncovered pussy
was all over his jeans. "Now is the time to try" she
said. He was worried, but were so hard he couldn't stop.

 He slowly reached below her skirt, and unzipped
his pants. He decided to check her out, to make sure
she was ready before he continued. He raised his hand up
a little, and rubbed her slit up and down. It was wet,
as he'dd hoped, so he decided to make his move.

 He pulled out his dick, and put it between her
legs. Amy raised up just a little as he sank his ass
deep into the chair. His head was now poking her crack,
and he raised up a little. As his dick penetrated her
young cunt, Amy let out a light moan and twitched a
little. His dick was now completely inside her, and it
was hard for him not to move his hips. He closed his
eyes and relaxed, feeling the tight young pussy gripping
his cock.

 Amy moved around a little, making hhim want to
cum more than ever. Her breathing was very heavy, but
the girl kept a strait face, so no one would know what
he was doing to her.

 She whispered into his ear as he watched the
Varsity Cheerleaders perform. She said, "Like being
inside me while we sit here? I love it this way!"
He could do nothing but knod as she continued to slowly
rotate her hips.

 After about 15 minutes, she leaned to his ear
again. "I got a big surprise to tell you" she said. She
told him, "We aren't the only ones in here having sex.
Look at the red head girl over in the next section."

 He glanced over at a cute cheerleader sitting
on another man's lap. The man was laying his head back,
and was sweating something aweful. "She's getting it
right now also" Amy told him. He gulped and looked
closer at the girl. Her and Amy waved, then the man
looked at him. He didn't know what to say as Amy
continued to hold his cock in her crotch. "That's her
older man friend" Amy said. "After the show, we're
suppose to double date with them. He just smiled and
knodded yes to her.

 When the show was about over, Amy raised up a
little, and he pulled his cock out of her. You put it
up, and straitened his clothes. It had felt so good,
that he wanted more. "Let me go introduce you to them!"
Amy yelled and ran off toward the other girl. The four
of them walked outside, and went to his car. The other
man was not as shy as he was about being with the girls.
Amy made the introductions:

 She told him the girls name was Jennifer.
Jennifer was also a freshman, and a year older than Amy.
The man was Jim, and was Jen's next door neighbor. He
had been her lover for about 2 years. When Jen was 13,
he had made his first pass at her. She let him take her,
and they had been doing it regularly since that day.

 "Jim is taking the three of us to a motel" Amy
informed him. "Are you ready to go?" He told her yes,
and wondered what the evening would be like.


Ameleia – by Kathy

I was supposed to see Paul in  the evening,  but he phoned
just beforehand  and  said  he had a cold and couldn't see
me. So I felt very disappointed, and then I thought 'Well,
I'll take him some grapes and stuff to cheer him up.' 

So I bought a whole  picnic of  lovely cold food and books
and - oh,  it makes me bitter when I remember.   Anyway, I
rang the bell and he came to the door in just trousers and
he looked rather annoyed at first,   then he  smiled  in a
rather sinister  way and said,  'Ah, Ameleia, just what we
wanted, some company.' 

And then he led me through to the bedroom and -  there was
another girl. All undressed and she had a horrible plastic
dildo-thing in her hand.  I sort of choked and rushed back
but Paul caught me and Held me there, turned me around and
kissed me, and was very gentle and said,  'No,  don't mind
her, come back,' And then he said, 'Anne, this is your new
playmate,'  and this  horrible  dykey girl came over to me
and put her  arms around  me  as well,  while Paul sort of
held me so I couldn't go. 

They both pulled my clothes  off  and she kept jamming her
breasts in my face and it was really bad.   Then Paul held
my arms up behind my back so  it  really  hurt  while this
really tough girl,  I'm sure she was a lesbian  - felt all
down my front and...  and,  you know,  with her fingers...
put her fingers inside me. 

I can't quite remember  what  happened  then  but the next
thing  I  knew  I  was on the bed  -  I think Paul had was
making love to me and I thought she'd gone away,  but then
she reappeared and.. Well if you must know she sort of sat
down over my face, I mean she was naked and everything and
she was all wet, and then  Paul was screwing me and saying
in this soft voice, 'You must suck her, Ameleia. Go on. Go
on, be nice to Anne.'

And you know it was really peculiar because - I was enjoy-
ing him screwing me and I sort of almost wanted to do what
he said,  you know,  to this girl, and actually I couldn't
help it because I was so powerless. 

I don't think I'm a lesbian. I can't be a lesbian,  can I?
It wasn't my fault, I mean it was sort of rape, but if I'm
honest with myself, I have to admit the really awful thing
- that I did like it, the  woman and  everything.   I mean
I actually enjoyed it!