OFFICE AFFAIRS BY Writer925 AKA Antonio Murphy

Abigail Mill-well was a 22 double D she had the body of a sexy runway model with an ass that will you do a double-take. Abigail is hot, and she’s always horny she works for steel Roy and Marks office supply. One day Abigail walked into work with a tight pair of jeans on that showed off all of her curves every man in the office watched as her ass shook from side to side as she walked threw the building. Abigail thought to herself I bet I got all there dicks hard Abigail thought now sit there and think about fucking me cause I’m damn sure going to be fucking one or all of you by the end of this day she thought. Sitting at her desk, Abigail wasn’t in the office ten minutes when her boss Victor Kanton, called for her come to his office. Abigail thought now I know I’m going to get my pussy licked when he sees me in this outfit today she said walking into Mr. Kanton’s office. Abigail walked with the sexiest walk ever sitting down in the chair so sexy like made Mr. Kanton’s dick super hard Abigail’s pussy was so wet just from the short walk to Mr. Kanton’s office she had creamy cum oozing down her inner thigh. Mr. Kanton said close the door do you know why I have called you in here today he said. Is it because you want some of this and turning around and bending over right in front of Mr. Kanton’s face, she didn’t see the other partners sitting in the next room? No Mr. Kanton said we asked you to come in here to offer you a new position he said follow me he said walking into the next room the minute Abigail hit that room ever male and female looked at the way she’s dressed and the thoughts running threw their minds were not good. Abigail sat down in her seat, still feeling horny Abigail had a hard time sitting steal for the whole time the meeting is going on. Abigail Mr. Kanton said we feel it’s about time you move up here, and an opening just came up, and we would like you to have it. Now it’s a lot of late nights with this job, but most of us will be here doing some late office work so you will get a huge raise in pay. Your at $22.90 an hour double that three-time Mr. Kanton said are you kidding me Abigail thought wow that’s a lot of money per hour she said. Yes, we know but you worked hard, and you come in on time for the last ten years there is no one we would like to have this position then you Mr. Kanton said so do you except this position he asked. Yes o my god yes Abigail said well you would start today he said move all of your things up to the third floor the office all the way, and the end of the hall is yours. Now that will be all have a great day and with that Abigail was moving up to the big time now moving all of her stuff up to a massive office over looking the whole city Abigail thought damn this is beautiful rubbing her clit threw her pants Abigail closed her door unzipped her pants and began to rub one out going into the bathroom she had in her office she placed her leg up onto the sink but not before she removed her cum soaked panties and her jeans placing two fingers into her warm pussy Abigail began to tap her G spot slowly rubbing her clit as she did so within minutes Abigail had the whole floor wet with all the cum that was pouring out of her pussy not hearing her office door opening  Jake came up to offer her a congratulations when he called her name he didn’t get an answers so Jake walked to the bathroom opening the door Abigail didn’t see him there she was so into masturbating so fucking hard waking over Jake kissed her on her neck and started to run his hand all over her body removing Abigail’s cum soaked fingers from her pussy Jake went down on his knees and began licking Abigail all so slowly Abigail placed her hands on the back of Jakes head and slowly guilded his movement to her like when Jake hit her sweat spot Abigail grained harder on his tongue fucking Jakes face like she was riding his huge cock squeezing Abigail’s ass softly Jake can feel her about to cum soon he knows he will be drowning in her river of love juices continuing to suck Abigail’s pussy harder now she starts to have the most powerful orgasm ever her thick body starts to shake like Abigail was having a seizure the more pressure Jake applied the more Abigail squirted creamy cum down Jakes throat O my God Abigail said your sucking all the stress right out of my body standing up Jake meets Abigail lips they share a passionate tongue kiss Abigail slips her tongue inside Jakes mouth tasting all of her own cum fuck me now big daddy Abigail told Jake but Jake wanted to make Abigail beg for it for a while why he sucks her breast taking one in each hand Jake licks one after the other. Taking his time licking from Abigail’s tits to her tummy sent Abigail into a frenzy of orgasms she never had before she moans softly so no one could hear her moans. Now Jake moves down to her inner thigh, and he has a good time licking her all around her clit area then down to her feet sucking her toes and licking the bottom of her feet Abigail squirts again this time all over the toilet cum made its way down to the floor. The more Jake licked the more Abigail came at this point Abigail is so wet from Jake making her squirt from the tongue play she begs him to stop. Please Abigail screamed out softly please baby please I can’t take it anymore she said shaking harder now Jake didn’t give in placing his finger inside of Abigail’s pussy Jake hits Abigail G spot. Tapping it softly tears ran down Abigail’s cheeks as Jake tapped her G spot harder now finally Abigail gave in and squirted cum all over the place she shakes so hard her arms knocked everything off of her desk right down to the floor. Put that dick in me Abigail screamed put that huge dick in me know she damned. Jake knew Abigail was right for the plucking sliding his cock deep inside. Abigail covered her mouth to try and keep from others hearing her scream, but that didn’t last long. The more Jake went deeper; the more Abigail screamed Jake never had pussy the tight before cause as soon as he fucked Abigail faster Jake came so hard inside of Abigail. Pushing Jake back stop! she said I’m not on the pill you could get me pregnant. O my god you got it inside she said. I’m done Abigail said leave my office please Jake go. But Jake side what about what we just did it was fun that’s all it was now go OK I’ll talk to you later I got work to do now so give me your number, and I will call you when I’m free Abigail told Jake. After Jake left Abigail’s, boos walked in and grabbed her ass, turning her around. Taking her in the bathroom bending her over the toilet and fucked her deep in her ass Abigail was shocked so shocked she went with it for all of about ten minutes and Mr. Kanton came inside of Abigail’s asshole washing his dick off Mr. Kanton left Abigail’s office. Abigail sat there on the floor trying to catch her breath from that ten-minute ass fucking. Boy, she said it’s so hard to find a man that has some staying power to handle me well I better wash up and get back to work Abigail thought. 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