My Husbands friend has a huge cock

Hello my name is Sandy I’m 5 foot 4 128 lb and 27 years old. I got a very athletic body C cup size movies nice fat round ass, big luscious ass too!

To help with a little insight on my story, I was wearing a summer skirt and blouse type top.

My top with 3 buttons at top, always open lol.

For the record I’ve been with my partner 11 years, and never ever ripped him off.

My partner (John) had his buddy (Darren) over to watch football

and UFC, along side a few drinks.

I had been drinking prior to the football, with john.

We went for dinner and cocktails, so we were already kinda tipsy lol.

Johns friend is a real charmer and easy on the eye, I’ve always had a little thing for him.

A really close friend of mine, had been with Darren after a party, and had filled me in with

all the gossip. Including in the gossip, his massive cock size and the best sex of her life. 


So back to the football game, that I never watch with john by the way lol.

I decided to join them.

So here’s little old me, watching football with my partner and his mate.

A little drunk and horny,

so all I’m thinking of is how big Darren’s dick actually is. 


Time to time id catch Darren checking me out,

but I was also checking him out so no hard feelings lol.

So it was like around 9.30pm, I think and the game just ended,

we work all very drunk, laughing and joking with minor sexual jokes.

So at this stage I was extremely horny but with 1 problem, I wasn’t horny for my partner.

I knew Darren was checking me out, so was very curious.

I decided to test the water. I put the remainder of the vodka we wor drinking in the bedroom,

Knowing that Darren was pouring the drinks.

I seen him going to the kitchen to do so and I followed.

As I entered the kitchen, straight away Darren suggested we are out of vodka.

I answered with “no I left in my room, I was on phone pouring a drink sorry”

I then said il grab it for you, come on I’m going up there anyway.

He replied with a sexual joke “youl grab it for me will you” meaning his cock I’m sure lol.

I answered his joke with “of course anytime, with a cheeky grin” 


So he followed me to my room, while john was watching the highlights for fights.

I pretended I didn’t know we’re exactly I left it, so he helped look.

He then noticed it by my bed and pushed by me, rubbing by my bum with his big cock.

It was right next to my new underwear, on the bedside locker.

Darren spotted them and said “woaw johns in for a treat tonight” 


I been drunk joked saying “not unless you like them more”

Darren answers straight away with –

“That’s a kinky set that I’ve never seen before, I’d love 2 see them on”.

I been drunk said, “well today’s your lucky day, I’ve the same set in red on, il give you a little peek”.

He looked at me smiling and said “i won’t be greedy il show you my underwear 2” and laughed.

I said “ok just 1 quick look ok”,

I open 2 more buttons on my blouse, so it’s basically open now lol.

His answer to this was “Becky you have an amazing body for a mum”.

he jus earned himself some brownie points with me their lol.

He then said “your boobs are unreal”,

I said “eh your looking at my underwear Darren not my boobs” lol.

He then said “ah yeah” an smiled. He then said “what abou the bottom half”,

I smiled and said “ok a quick look”.

I leaned against my bedside locker and pulled up my skirt for like 10 seconds.

He said “fuck your just an out and out milf”.

I laughed an giggled and said “thank you, right then I said so it’s your turn” 


He replied “really” ? I was like “sure I’ve showed you, so you might as well” 


He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down a little, to reveal he was wearing tommy hilfigure BRIEFS.

I’m used to seen my partner in boxer shorts all the time, so it was already a change of sight.

Not only was that a change of sight, but his bulde was ridiculous lol 


I had to say

“eh Darren your Underwear are really nice, but are you happy to see me lol”.

He laughed and replied “not all Becky, my little man is dead 2 d world here”. (His cock)

I laughed stairing at his bulge an said “dead !! yeah riiigt” lol.

It has 2 be getting hard or something ?

He jus laughed again and said “your mad Becky, that’s just what a 10 inch cock looks like asleep”.

I nearly swallowed my tongue lol, “10 inches” I asked ? He replied “Ye 10.5 to be pricise”.

He then said “here look you’ve been good to me, I’ll be good to you, touch it”?

I said “no I can’t johns downstairs and we’re already up here about 10 minutes, we better go back down”.

He said “ye of course, and just as he said that, he pulled it out.

“At least look” he said an laughed.

But to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t stopped looking lol.

Straight away, i felt week at my knees, my partners cock isn’t even half of it when hard.

And he’s soft. I then just said “holf fuck Darren, it doesn’t look normal” lol.

I then picked up the vodka and said “come on we better go back down”.

As I handed him the vodka, he grabbed me abruptly, and whispered,

“I want to fuck you”.

Me being drunk grabbed hold of his massive dick,

And said “that makes 2 of u”. 


I couldn’t even fit my hand around it, unlike my partners lol.

He gave my a kinky little kiss, and squeezed my bum. 


I wanted to just drop to my knees, and struggle to fit his massive soft cock in my mouth.

I was honestly nearly orgasming from been beside it lol.

Right then in the moment, I hear “REBECCA” i straight away in a sweat, walk 2 stairs to reply.

John then says “we’re out of vodka” not knowing it was upstairs. lol

“I’ll just pop to the off license before it closes, and grab more.

Do you want atin ? and I think Darren’s in the toilet, ask him if he wants atin”.

So I say “oh is he…yeah hang on !DARREN!, johns going the off license for more drink, do you want atin.

He replies “ye just grab a few more of the same”.

He said ” just grab more of the same hun, maybe grab some more mixers and crisps too”.

As the hall door slammed !!

Darren just dropped his jeans to the floor.

I’ve never attacked a cock, like I did in my life.

I dropped to my knees, to be seduced by this hunk.

As I was sucking on just the top of it, it grew an grew and grew,

i taught holy mother of god lol, it was like the bottom half of my leg lol.

He stood me up after a few minutes and said “bend over d stairs”,

I asked “had he pretection” but he said he hadn’t.

I resisted and stopped him, saying “we need protection”.

He grabbed my boobs and and forced himself on me.

I wasn’t long resisting and found myself choking on his cock.

The thing grew so big, I was actually in shock.

Few more minutes pass, of me sucking his very suckable cock.

I then stood up and kissed him, before bending over my bed.

He slowly start squeezing his cock into me.

I was really been pushed to my limit here, he was stretching me open so much.

I didn’t once consider the damage he was doing to me, never mind my relationship.

Letting him carry on, he fucked me like an a****l, untill I came so hard, all over his huge cock.

He then kneeled me back down, and made me suck it.

10 minutes of his sex, was better than my hole life of sex put together lol.

Then he asked “how was that” ?

I said “omg I don’t know, it’s so big lol. He then said “well that was half my cock, you can have it all later”.

I said “ffs half “?

Thinking to myself “Omg this is unreal” with a smile from ear to ear. 


John finally came home with the goods, and the night resumed as normal.

I remained upstairs, recovering but extremely horny…

Now I wasn’t just thinking of Darren’s cock, I had witnessed it..

I eventually wondered back downstairs, to be greeted by a king smirk from Darren.

He played everything so cool in front of john, like he’s done this many times lol.

Every drink I poured throughout the night, I got a little kiss on d neck, or a little feel up and down.

From Darren of course lol.

Hours later after a lot of drinking, John fell asleep on d chair.

About 2 hours before UFC even started.

We tried wake him, but he was out cold asleep.

A few minutes later, Darren suggests bringing me upstairs to my room.

I will say I wasn’t happy about going to up to my room.

But again I felt like I had no control over anything lol.

I was hypnotised by his cock 


He ripped my top off at top of stairs, Aswel as my bra.

He leaned me up against my door, and from around 3am until 4am.

He fucked the life out of me, in every standing position you can imagine.

My first ever time squirting (multiple times) and struggling to keep up.

Every position we done, was just better and better, loads I’ve never

done before.

After reaching a maximum orgasm several times.

He finally unloaded the biggest, hottest amount of come all over my face, hair, boobs and body.

He left at around 5am and said “I have to go incase he wakes”,

I didn’t want him to, but clearly I had to.

He gave me his number and said come by his later and a big kiss.

I went to sleep untill around 9am and woke john.

I told him Darren left after he fell asleep, that you were so drunk.

My mam had our little one, so I asked john to go get him and mind,

while I go out for breakfast and the day with girls.

9.45am I was at my partners best friends door, why am I so obsessed 


He answered the door in a bath robe with nutin under it 


I obviously again attacked his cock like some sort of a****l.

I stayed until around 6pm that night.

I had been fucked like a rag doll for the hole day.

He finished in every hole, while I finished in many rooms in his house.

I was in pain from his size, like overall lol, and still couldn’t get enough.

This story has leaded to others, and I will inform use in good time.

It’s been months now from that night.

But I’m still fucking Darren every chance I get.

I honestly can’t even orgasm properly at home with my partner,

I love him, but I love a big dick more. 


Darren does what he wants when he wants where are you wants with me. I’m his little slut his bitch his cum dumpster. I love love. On my pussy completely filled topped off Darren’s cum.

Forced Anal

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We have two children, a nice house, and really good jobs. We have a very active sex life. I love the way his dick fills my pussy, it makes me wet just thinking about it. The other night I was face down in a doggy position and my husband was really putting it on me. He was taking long deep strokes and making me feel week in the knees. He started going faster and slamming his dick in me so hard that I orgasmed, shaking tremendously and fell flat on my stomach. He tried to pull me back up but I couldn’t hold myself. I heard him spit and I said “no baby I can’t take anymore” I told him to finish in my mouth but he wasn’t listening. He leaned down and started kissing my neck. It felt so good I didn’t realize he had pulled my hands together and was holding them above my head. He reached back and I felt him guide his dick to my ass. He’d never done that before so I figured he was just trying to get back in my pussy but all at once he shoved that throbbing cock in my ass and I thought I was going to pass out. I screamed at the top of my lungs, I kicked, I squirmed but it was no use. He was still but it hurt so bad I was crying, begging him to take it out. I couldn’t believe he was just sitting there knowing how bad he was hurting me. I’m crying hysterically between gasps of air when he goes all the way in. It felt like my ass ripped open. He pulled out almost all the way then slammed back into me. It was excruciating but I didn’t have the strength to fight anymore. After another full length stroke I went limp and just layed there sobbing while he fucked my ass. His balls slapping my pussy and his dick setting my virgin hole on fire. I can’t describe the pain and humiliation. This is the father of my children. The man I vowed to spend my life with, and he’s destroying my ass in a way I never imagined. The full length strokes of his dick kept getting harder and harder until finally he gave one last shove and I felt his warm cum like I’ve never felt it before. It was awful though. I layed there crying, trying to get up. He pulled my hair back, kissed my cheek, and left me laying there like nothing happened. Maybe I’m just a big baby, but I haven’t felt safe around him since that night. I can finally sit comfortably but all I can think about is how my husband so brutally forced himself into my ass.

My Babysitting Adventures

I’m a 18 years old blond with a good figure (36C – 24 – 36) and I’ve been told that my face is truly beautiful. I’m the homecoming queen at North Springs and I’ve been a cheerleader all my life so far. Recently I baby-sat for a young couple that just moved into the neighborhood from California. After Al and Barbara left, I discovered a magazine rack loaded with foreign-language pornographic magazines. Wow! What sexy pictures! Couples fucking and sucking in all sorts of positions, men fucking men and women going down on women. The whole assortment made me so horny that I started playing with my breasts, rubbing the nipples through my bra and pinching the tender flesh until they stood up proudly, pushing against the cotton material. I took off my sweater and pulled the cups down so that my tits were completely exposed and I could watch my nipple flesh bounce back and forth as I rubbed my fingers over them. I got so hot that I had to cum, so I stripped off my panties and fingered my slit until it got real wet and slippery so that my fingers slid easily over the head of my clit, bringing me to two quick climaxes. 

I used the crotch of my panties to sop up the juices coating my pussy and stuffed them in my purse just as the Johnstons returned. When they came in, the magazines were still on the coffee table and they teased me about having looked through their “collection”. I was embarrassed, but they really didn’t seem to care so the whole thing was laughed off. When Al drove me home, he asked me whether the magazines had excited me, and I told him they certainly had. 

When we parked in front of my house, he leaned over and kissed me sweetly, his tongue parting my lips and swishing around in my mouth. I felt his hand on my breast, fondling it through my sweater and I grabbed his hand and crushed it against my tit, letting him feel the hardness of my nipple. He unbuttoned my cardigan and let his fingers roam across the soft, white flesh that was exposed at the top of my bra. His fingertips slipped under the bra and worked their way to my nipple, the anticipation of his slow movements making my pussy begin to juice again. Finally his fingers found my nipple and began stroking and rolling it, teasing it into greater hardness. “Suck it,” I said as I slipped the strap off my shoulder and pulled the cup so it exposed my breast. His mouth was like an oven, warming and drenching my nipple in saliva. 

I felt his teeth drag gently across my nipple as his tongue danced with its rosy hardness. As he sucked my tit into his mouth, I felt his hand sliding up under my skirt, caressing my soft rounded thighs. I spread my legs slightly to give him access, and he sat up and looked at me when his hand found my naked pussy. “No panties?” he questioned. I opened my purse and pulled out my panties, the sweet aroma of pussy juice filling the car. I rubbed them over his face, letting him drink of my erotic smell as my hand found his hard prick poking down his pants leg. “Let’s get in the backseat, Lorry,” he whispered. “I want to eat your pussy.” The minute we were in the backseat, he spread my legs and began to lick and suck the sensitive skin just above my knees, letting his wet tongue leave a trail of moistness to my pussy. 

No one had ever done that before! His tongue in my pussy sent me to heaven. I felt it pushing my clit up and down as it swept wetly across my slit, running from the top of my slit to my hole and back again. He fucked me with his tongue as his nose rubbed my clit. My climax almost made me faint, but he wasn’t through! He sucked my clit between his lips and whipped it with his hard tongue, making it feel like it was growing and growing as I felt his finger, moistened in my juices, sliding into my ass hole. He controlled me with his finger. Every time I tried to squirm away from his mouth, his finger would drag me back. I loved the feeling of his finger as his mouth brought me to three more orgasms, each more powerful than the other. Finally I forced his head away and lay there panting, unable to move. As he got up off the floor, I saw that he had pulled his cock out of his pants. He straddled my prone body and began rubbing his fuck stick across my nipple. I reached up and touched the head, marveling at the velvety smoothness of its mushroom shape.

I felt some moistness at the slit and rubbed it over his head, the sensation causing him to gasp. “Kiss it,” he pleaded. I hadn’t done that either, but I leaned forward and gave it a quick peck, tasting the salty sweetness of his cum on my lips. I remembered the pictures and opened my mouth, letting him push it in. “Suck it…suck me until I cum,” he said, and I began to suck as he pistoned in and out. The sensation of the softness of the head contrasting with the rock hardness of his shaft was neat, and I could tell by his moans that he was enjoying what I was doing. 

Suddenly, his motions became more violent and he tried to drive his cock deeper in my mouth, nearly choking me. I felt something hot and wet fill my mouth as he came in three separate squirts, filling my mouth with his salty cum. I had to swallow or gag, but some still ran down my chin. I pushed him away and started coughing as I swallowed the last of his love juices. “That was wonderful,” he said, and I was glad since I wasn’t sure that I had done it right, and I so wanted to return the pleasure. A week later my mother told me that they wanted me to baby-sit for them again, and I could hardly wait. I dressed in my sexiest bra and bikini panties, anticipating another bout with Al when he brought me home. When he picked me up, he told me that they really didn’t want me to baby-sit, they wanted me to see their pornographic video tapes. Maybe, he added, all three of us could have some fun. He put the car in the garage and asked me if he could give my pussy a few licks. I spread my legs, putting one on the seatback, and pulled the thin crotch of my bikini to the side. 

I felt his tongue painting my pussy with broad strokes as my aroma started to fill the car. Just before I could cum, he stopped and sat up and said that we’d better go into the house before he came in his pants. When we got in the house, Barbara put her arms around me, rubbing her breasts into mine as she said that she was sure we would have some fun. We sat on the sofa as Al put a tape in the VCR. I never saw movies like that! The sight of all those cocks and pussies and tits and asses got me so horny that I couldn’t stand it. Barbara unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. She only had half a bra which pushed her tits into rounded mounds of soft, white flesh above the rosy hardness of her nipples. I watched her fingers pinching and pulling on the protrusions, tweaking them into prominence. She leaned over and kissed me, her hand bringing mine to her tits where she rubbed my palm over the erotic firmness. I felt fingers at the buttons of my sweater and the cool air felt good against my fevered skin as Al pulled my sweater off. I had worn my lowest cut bra, and I felt Al’s hand pulling my tits from the cups, the material cutting into the tender flesh of my underbreast as they pushed my breasts upward into melon-shaped mounds. I felt each of them take one nipple in their mouths, alternately sucking and licking. Barbara bit into my nipple and I felt an electric shock run from my tit to my pussy. I reached under my skirt and began to finger my clit through the front of my panties. “Did I tell you that Lorry sucked my cock, Barb?” Al said laughing. “I’ll bet she’ll eat your pussy…won’t you, Lorry?” Barbara stood up and started stripping. She was beautiful! When she removed her skirt, she was wearing a garter belt and stockings, just like some of the women in the movies. She had shaved her panty-less crotch and her pussy lips were swollen and poking out of her slit, the prominent bud of her clit quite visible. She pulled me to my feet and both of them undressed me, leaving me completely naked. Barbara led me to the bedroom and pulled the covers down, leaving the satin sheets to caress my back as they lay me across the bed. 

Barbara knelt above my chest and began to rub her slit across my tit, her clit and my nipple bouncing off each other. She worked her way up until her pussy was right in front of my face. Remembering how Al had sucked my pussy, I ran my tongue up and down her cunt, tasting the erotic juices flowing profusely from her pussy. My face and mouth were coated with her juices as I felt her climax wash over her body, causing her to slump on my face, shutting off my breath. I struggled as she raised up and lay down beside me, saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to gag you. It just felt so good to feel your tongue and mouth on my pussy that I couldn’t control myself.” By this time Al had come to the side of the bed by our heads and he stroked his massive cock as he watched us cuddling. “Let’s both suck him off,” Barbara suggested as she tilted her head so he could slide in. I watched his cock, glistening with her saliva, piston in and out of the ruby red “O” formed by her soft lips. 

Her cheeks were distorted by the size of his maleness, and they hollowed as she sucked on the outstroke. He pulled back and fed me his cock. I duplicated Barbara’s motions, wanting to compete with her to bring him pleasure. He alternated between our mouths, driving his cock deeper each stroke, until I was able to take nearly all of it in one motion. “I’m cumming!” he said as Barbara pulled him from her mouth and directed his cum to splatter on both our faces, the sticky whiteness running down into our mouths. I opened my mouth and let him fuck my throat as he got softer and softer, Barbara’s tongue washing the cum from my face. I felt Barbara’s mouth slide wetly over my neck and chest as she worked her way to my tits. She ran her mouth around and around my tits but she wouldn’t touch my aching nipples. 

I reached down and forced her head to cover my nipple, pressing her face into the firm, tender roundness. I jumped as I felt her teeth dig into the end of my nipple. Her teeth pulled my nipple upward, dragging my tender tit with it and making my whole breast elongate as the pain increased. “Stop…Oh please stop…you’re making my nipples hurt,” I complained, and Barbara started licking and sucking on it, soothing the hurt from my tortured tit. I felt her tongue wash wetly into my navel as her fingers parted the thick, blond bush and exposed my clit. She blew a cold stream of air across my clit, causing it to sit up even higher as it searched for the warmth of her mouth. Finally, she got her tongue and mouth right on my clit, sucking and licking the sensitive bud until I started cumming. From somewhere, I felt a hard object pressing at my ass hole. It slipped in, lubricated by the juices dripping from my cunt. Soon, I felt another and another marble-like ball shoved up my ass (later I learned that these were Ben-Wa balls). Barbara brought me to one climax after another until I was sated, my legs and arms sprawled as I lay there completely exhausted. “Would you like Al to fuck you if he wears a rubber?” Barbara asked. I nodded “yes”, too tired to even speak. Al got on the bed, his large cock fully revived. Barbara stood at my head and pulled my legs up so that my knees were on my shoulders, completely exposing my pussy to Al’s maleness. He arched himself so that he was suspended only on his hands and feet, his hard rod just inside the entrance to my pussy. With one hard shove, he drove his cock all the way in, his hardness spreading my tender vagina as it fucked me like an animal. I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down inside me, the shaft brushing against my clit as he continued fucking me. I was completely helpless! Barbara had my legs imprisoned and Al had me impaled on his rigid staff. Just as I started to cum, Barbara let my legs go and went to the other side of the bed. I felt the balls being pulled from my ass hole, the pain/pleasure driving me over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm. As she pulled more balls, I continued cumming, one wave of pleasure washing over my body as another followed right behind. Al still hadn’t cum, and his fuck stick kept riding up and down my cunt, making squishing sounds as my juices lubricated his motion. “Use your pussy muscles to squeeze his cock,” Barbara urged. As I concentrated on my inner muscles, Al groaned and said, “God, that feels like a velvet glove caressing my prick.” I started a rhythmic motion, my pussy alternately clutching and releasing his prick until I felt his spasms start and he drove all the way home and stayed there, grinding his pelvis into my clit. I loved it! I came again with him, my body wracked with pleasure. In the weeks to come, I often “sat” for the Johnstons. 

They played different videos, and we acted out the scenes from the movies. One time we even tied Barbara to the bed and put clothes pins on her nipples and clit while Al whipped her with his belt and I fucked her ass with a twelve-inch dildo. But that’s another story.

A Window Fuck Story By Cherrypop

She enjoyed making him angry. She watched his jaw tighten, could see his muscles tense. They were sitting around the Las Vegas hotel pool, her work colleagues and herself. And him. He wasn’t supposed to come on this business retreat. She had specifically asked if he would be there, and was reassured he had declined the invitation. And yet there he was. Lying on the lounge chair, his perfect body soaking up the sun. His well defined muscles and flat stomach, his swimsuit sitting low on his hips, so she could see….dammit. She squinted her eyes in fury at him. How dare he flaunt his perfection in front of her! After what he did. 

Jim had been recruited for one of the other branches in another state. It had started with a video conference call during a meeting. When he was introduced to her team, she had noticed his dark eyes, full lips and strong jaw. She also didn’t miss how he filled out his shirt, muscles evident beneath the expensive fabric. They had exchanged boring pleasantries, as was customary during business meetings, but she had noticed how his eyes kept coming back to her. She knew she was attractive. Long, blonde hair and wide, green eyes. And even though her wardrobe was always appropriate, she made sure that there was always a little something sexy added. That day she had been wearing a semi-sheer red shirt, buttons opened just to there.. a glimpse of her impressive cleavage peeking out. He had noticed. She smiled at the memory. 

It had progressed quickly after that. They had started scheduling video calls at home, for business of course. Then it became video chatting at nights as well and in the mornings. Phone calls. Texts. And as always, the video and phone sex had been fantastic and mind blowing. They had made plans to finally meet in person, when he had suddenly started acting distant and cool. She didn’t understand what had changed, but something definitely had. So when he blew off their phone “date” again, she had had enough and told him not to contact her anymore. She was pissed. And hurt. 

But that was then. Now, he was sitting 20 feet from her, looking infuriatingly good. And angry. She smirked at him. Then leaned closer to listen to what the guy from the accounting dept was saying to her. She made sure to giggle and touch his arm, noticing how Jim was watching them. He had no right to look at her like that, a look of jealousy and desire. She had had enough. She stood up abruptly and excused herself. She made sure to stand there for a minute to let Jim admire her form. She knew she looked fantastic. She was wearing her little black bikini which contrasted nicely with her pale skin and blonde hair. Her large breasts were barely held in check by her bikini top. Classy, but definitely sexy. She turned slightly and bent down for her towel, letting him see her curvy, round ass. Then stood up slowly, and turned around and glared at him. They locked eyes and she felt this overwhelming urge to stick her tongue out at him. Instead she smiled sweetly and slowly walked passed him. Asshole. Let him see what he’s missing. 

She took the elevator up to her room and had to fumble for the key card in her bag. She finally found it and pushed it into the lock. As she opened the door she felt someone push her into the room and follow behind her. She opened her mouth to scream, when she saw it was Jim. What the fuck? 

“What the fuck?” she said out loud this time. “Get out of my room Jim!”

He crossed the room quickly and pushed her against the wall, not very gently. She tried to push him off, but he grabbed both her small wrists in his one hand and pulled her arms above her head. Her eyes widened but her breath quickened. He was standing so close to her, staring into her eyes, his breath on her neck and face. His bare, tanned skin just inches from hers. His strong arms holding her in place. 

“What was all that about at the pool?” He asked. “Were you trying to make me jealous?” He looked angry, his dark eyes intense. And something else. Hungry. 

“Whatever do you mean?” She asked innocently. But she cursed at how her voice caught a bit at the end, betraying her nervousness and she hated to admit it, her arousal. 

He gave her a slow, lazy smile. He moved his eyes over her breasts, noticing how they moved as her breaths came quicker and deeper. 

“I think you were trying to make me angry, Baby Girl,” he purred into her ear. 

She flinched at that. That was what he used to call her and he knew she loved it. 

With one tug he pulled her top off, exposing her large pale breasts and now very hard nipples. He paused and just looked at them. “You’re so beautiful,” he said, his voice deep and slightly husky, and he cupped one in his free hand. She said nothing as he took a hard, pink nipple between his thumb and finger and gave it a pinch. 

What the fuck was she doing? She was angry at him! Wasn’t she? She was having trouble thinking. 

“Fuck you, Jim,” she said, and began to struggle against his hold on her. 

He just laughed and held her tighter. 

“No, Princess. I’m going to fuck you, actually. And you’re going to love it” he said, with delicious promise. She almost whimpered. 

“Do you want me, Baby Girl? Let’s see…” He slid his hand down her stomach and before she could protest, into her bikini bottoms. He ran his fingers over her bare pussy.

“Oh, I can feel that you do, Princess. So wet.” He laughed softly. Mockingly. 

She was mortified and angry that her body was betraying her. She gave one last feeble attempt at resistance before he slowly pushed one finger inside her. A moan escaped from her lips and he looked into her eyes, as he fingered her. 

“Do you want me?” he asked. 

She just stared at him while his finger fucked her. Slowly pushing in, twisting slightly, before pulling it out. She was soaking wet. He knew it. She knew it. But she wouldn’t give in. She said nothing. 

A look of amusement and frustration passed across his face. He pulled off her bottoms and let them fall to the ground. She was completely naked now, pinned to the wall, like a horny little butterfly. She almost smiled at the image, but nothing was funny about how he was making her feel. 

He pulled her arms down and pushed her up against the nearby window. Naked and exposed, she was against the glass, only 5 floors up. She knew anyone could see her if they just looked. He stood behind her, holding her wrists behind her back, breathing into her neck. 

“Remember this, Baby Girl? How we talked about fucking in an open window. Well, now is your chance.” He reached around and began rubbing her clit more urgently now. She moaned again, resting her head against the glass. She noticed a couple of young guys standing on the sidewalk below, looking up at her. Jim saw them too. 

“I think you have some fans, Princess. Should we give them a show?” He grabbed her leg and pulled it open wide, so she was completely exposed. 

“Let them see your wet little cunt,” Jim growled into her ear. He held her wrists tight and then brought his hand down hard on her ass. 

She cried out, not expecting it. And he slapped her again. And again. She bit her lip so she wouldn’t make a sound. 

“Do you want me?” He asked roughly. The proof that she wanted him was quite literally dripping down her thighs. But still she refused to say the words. 

He slapped her ass again. He was not being gentle with her. She looked down at the men watching her being spanked in the window, on display like a fuck toy, and she knew she should be humiliated and embarrassed. But she wasn’t. She was so turned on she could barely think straight. Every nerve was on fire. The cold glass against her aching nipples was divine and the sting of Jim’s hand on her skin was making her shake. 

“Do you want me? “ he repeated. But now he sounded like he was in agony. Like he would die if he couldn’t have her. She turned to look at him, seeing how he was barely in control anymore. She nodded. 

“Yes. I want you” she whispered. And before she finished saying the words, he was suddenly pushing into her. One full, deep hard thrust and he was inside her and she made a sound between a whimper and a moan. He was so big and she felt so stretched and full. It was the most delicious pain/pleasure she had ever felt. 

He thrusted hard into her and finally let go of her wrists so she could brace herself against the window. He reached around and began rubbing her clit while he fucked her, and her legs were turning to jelly. She began to cum on his cock but he didn’t stop rubbing her clit. Holy fuck. She felt like she was being turned inside out with pleasure. It was in every part of her. She started to collapse with the intensity of it, so that Jim had to hold her up. With one final penetration, he groaned and bit her shoulder as he filled her with his cum. She squeezed her pussy tight around him, milking every last drop she could. He moaned against her back, and she felt him shake against her. 

He finally let go of her and pulled out, and she turned around and leaned against the glass for support. She knew her naked pink ass was on display for the unsuspecting pedestrians below, but she didn’t give a fuck anymore. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply, running his fingers over her cheek. 

“I’m so sorry Princess. I was an ass. Please forgive me” he whispered between kisses on her mouth, cheeks, forehead. 

She nodded as he kissed her neck. 

“Good. Now let’s show your fans who owns you” he said, as he slowly pushed her down onto her knees. 

She looked up at him and smiled, opening her mouth wide.

Bitter Sweet Nut After Doing 10 Years Behind Bars.

Jacob Cobs has been in jail for ten years today and will get his freedom back after he killed a man who tried to rob him ten years ago today. It’s going to feel so fucking good to bust a nut in my wife Layla after doing all that time behind bars he thought to himself. That nice tight pussy the way she walks with that sexy switch damn I can’t wait till she picks me up today so I can get a good look at that thick phat ass Layla has Jacob thought. Just then, Layla pulled up in her car. With a hard-on Jacob couldn’t wait to get inside Layla’s wet tight pussy he thought after ten years she has to be so fucking tight. Getting into the car, Jacob tongue kissed Layla and started to pull her panties down ramming his fingers right inside her pussy. 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N no I don’t it feels to good to stop, put your mouth on me Addison Layla demanded make me cum so fucking hard destroy this pussy Layla said. In that case, I just got a new toy that came in today. Addison went into her room get in here Layla Addison said as she got out her brand new vibrator toy now this thing is mighty powerful Layla, so I’m going to have to tie you down with the straps that I also got, strapping Layla down Addison plugged the Vibrator in and turned it on. Rubbing the vibrator across Layla’s clit very slowly made her squirt all over Addison’s sheets. Layla’s body shook while Layla was enjoying the powerful new toy Addison licked her button the feeling caused Layla to arch her back when she did. Addison grabbed her by both of her ass cheeks and sucked Layla’s pussy so hard, and slow Layla eye couldn’t help but roll to the back of Layla’s head. Placing the vibrator right between Layla’s asshole and pussy and turning it on high made Layla scream like never before. 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