A Window Fuck Story By Cherrypop

She enjoyed making him angry. She watched his jaw tighten, could see his muscles tense. They were sitting around the Las Vegas hotel pool, her work colleagues and herself. And him. He wasn’t supposed to come on this business retreat. She had specifically asked if he would be there, and was reassured he had declined the invitation. And yet there he was. Lying on the lounge chair, his perfect body soaking up the sun. His well defined muscles and flat stomach, his swimsuit sitting low on his hips, so she could see….dammit. She squinted her eyes in fury at him. How dare he flaunt his perfection in front of her! After what he did. 

Jim had been recruited for one of the other branches in another state. It had started with a video conference call during a meeting. When he was introduced to her team, she had noticed his dark eyes, full lips and strong jaw. She also didn’t miss how he filled out his shirt, muscles evident beneath the expensive fabric. They had exchanged boring pleasantries, as was customary during business meetings, but she had noticed how his eyes kept coming back to her. She knew she was attractive. Long, blonde hair and wide, green eyes. And even though her wardrobe was always appropriate, she made sure that there was always a little something sexy added. That day she had been wearing a semi-sheer red shirt, buttons opened just to there.. a glimpse of her impressive cleavage peeking out. He had noticed. She smiled at the memory. 

It had progressed quickly after that. They had started scheduling video calls at home, for business of course. Then it became video chatting at nights as well and in the mornings. Phone calls. Texts. And as always, the video and phone sex had been fantastic and mind blowing. They had made plans to finally meet in person, when he had suddenly started acting distant and cool. She didn’t understand what had changed, but something definitely had. So when he blew off their phone “date” again, she had had enough and told him not to contact her anymore. She was pissed. And hurt. 

But that was then. Now, he was sitting 20 feet from her, looking infuriatingly good. And angry. She smirked at him. Then leaned closer to listen to what the guy from the accounting dept was saying to her. She made sure to giggle and touch his arm, noticing how Jim was watching them. He had no right to look at her like that, a look of jealousy and desire. She had had enough. She stood up abruptly and excused herself. She made sure to stand there for a minute to let Jim admire her form. She knew she looked fantastic. She was wearing her little black bikini which contrasted nicely with her pale skin and blonde hair. Her large breasts were barely held in check by her bikini top. Classy, but definitely sexy. She turned slightly and bent down for her towel, letting him see her curvy, round ass. Then stood up slowly, and turned around and glared at him. They locked eyes and she felt this overwhelming urge to stick her tongue out at him. Instead she smiled sweetly and slowly walked passed him. Asshole. Let him see what he’s missing. 

She took the elevator up to her room and had to fumble for the key card in her bag. She finally found it and pushed it into the lock. As she opened the door she felt someone push her into the room and follow behind her. She opened her mouth to scream, when she saw it was Jim. What the fuck? 

“What the fuck?” she said out loud this time. “Get out of my room Jim!”

He crossed the room quickly and pushed her against the wall, not very gently. She tried to push him off, but he grabbed both her small wrists in his one hand and pulled her arms above her head. Her eyes widened but her breath quickened. He was standing so close to her, staring into her eyes, his breath on her neck and face. His bare, tanned skin just inches from hers. His strong arms holding her in place. 

“What was all that about at the pool?” He asked. “Were you trying to make me jealous?” He looked angry, his dark eyes intense. And something else. Hungry. 

“Whatever do you mean?” She asked innocently. But she cursed at how her voice caught a bit at the end, betraying her nervousness and she hated to admit it, her arousal. 

He gave her a slow, lazy smile. He moved his eyes over her breasts, noticing how they moved as her breaths came quicker and deeper. 

“I think you were trying to make me angry, Baby Girl,” he purred into her ear. 

She flinched at that. That was what he used to call her and he knew she loved it. 

With one tug he pulled her top off, exposing her large pale breasts and now very hard nipples. He paused and just looked at them. “You’re so beautiful,” he said, his voice deep and slightly husky, and he cupped one in his free hand. She said nothing as he took a hard, pink nipple between his thumb and finger and gave it a pinch. 

What the fuck was she doing? She was angry at him! Wasn’t she? She was having trouble thinking. 

“Fuck you, Jim,” she said, and began to struggle against his hold on her. 

He just laughed and held her tighter. 

“No, Princess. I’m going to fuck you, actually. And you’re going to love it” he said, with delicious promise. She almost whimpered. 

“Do you want me, Baby Girl? Let’s see…” He slid his hand down her stomach and before she could protest, into her bikini bottoms. He ran his fingers over her bare pussy.

“Oh, I can feel that you do, Princess. So wet.” He laughed softly. Mockingly. 

She was mortified and angry that her body was betraying her. She gave one last feeble attempt at resistance before he slowly pushed one finger inside her. A moan escaped from her lips and he looked into her eyes, as he fingered her. 

“Do you want me?” he asked. 

She just stared at him while his finger fucked her. Slowly pushing in, twisting slightly, before pulling it out. She was soaking wet. He knew it. She knew it. But she wouldn’t give in. She said nothing. 

A look of amusement and frustration passed across his face. He pulled off her bottoms and let them fall to the ground. She was completely naked now, pinned to the wall, like a horny little butterfly. She almost smiled at the image, but nothing was funny about how he was making her feel. 

He pulled her arms down and pushed her up against the nearby window. Naked and exposed, she was against the glass, only 5 floors up. She knew anyone could see her if they just looked. He stood behind her, holding her wrists behind her back, breathing into her neck. 

“Remember this, Baby Girl? How we talked about fucking in an open window. Well, now is your chance.” He reached around and began rubbing her clit more urgently now. She moaned again, resting her head against the glass. She noticed a couple of young guys standing on the sidewalk below, looking up at her. Jim saw them too. 

“I think you have some fans, Princess. Should we give them a show?” He grabbed her leg and pulled it open wide, so she was completely exposed. 

“Let them see your wet little cunt,” Jim growled into her ear. He held her wrists tight and then brought his hand down hard on her ass. 

She cried out, not expecting it. And he slapped her again. And again. She bit her lip so she wouldn’t make a sound. 

“Do you want me?” He asked roughly. The proof that she wanted him was quite literally dripping down her thighs. But still she refused to say the words. 

He slapped her ass again. He was not being gentle with her. She looked down at the men watching her being spanked in the window, on display like a fuck toy, and she knew she should be humiliated and embarrassed. But she wasn’t. She was so turned on she could barely think straight. Every nerve was on fire. The cold glass against her aching nipples was divine and the sting of Jim’s hand on her skin was making her shake. 

“Do you want me? “ he repeated. But now he sounded like he was in agony. Like he would die if he couldn’t have her. She turned to look at him, seeing how he was barely in control anymore. She nodded. 

“Yes. I want you” she whispered. And before she finished saying the words, he was suddenly pushing into her. One full, deep hard thrust and he was inside her and she made a sound between a whimper and a moan. He was so big and she felt so stretched and full. It was the most delicious pain/pleasure she had ever felt. 

He thrusted hard into her and finally let go of her wrists so she could brace herself against the window. He reached around and began rubbing her clit while he fucked her, and her legs were turning to jelly. She began to cum on his cock but he didn’t stop rubbing her clit. Holy fuck. She felt like she was being turned inside out with pleasure. It was in every part of her. She started to collapse with the intensity of it, so that Jim had to hold her up. With one final penetration, he groaned and bit her shoulder as he filled her with his cum. She squeezed her pussy tight around him, milking every last drop she could. He moaned against her back, and she felt him shake against her. 

He finally let go of her and pulled out, and she turned around and leaned against the glass for support. She knew her naked pink ass was on display for the unsuspecting pedestrians below, but she didn’t give a fuck anymore. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply, running his fingers over her cheek. 

“I’m so sorry Princess. I was an ass. Please forgive me” he whispered between kisses on her mouth, cheeks, forehead. 

She nodded as he kissed her neck. 

“Good. Now let’s show your fans who owns you” he said, as he slowly pushed her down onto her knees. 

She looked up at him and smiled, opening her mouth wide.

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