Bitter Sweet Nut After Doing 10 Years Behind Bars.

Jacob Cobs has been in jail for ten years today and will get his freedom back after he killed a man who tried to rob him ten years ago today. It’s going to feel so fucking good to bust a nut in my wife Layla after doing all that time behind bars he thought to himself. That nice tight pussy the way she walks with that sexy switch damn I can’t wait till she picks me up today so I can get a good look at that thick phat ass Layla has Jacob thought. Just then, Layla pulled up in her car. With a hard-on Jacob couldn’t wait to get inside Layla’s wet tight pussy he thought after ten years she has to be so fucking tight. Getting into the car, Jacob tongue kissed Layla and started to pull her panties down ramming his fingers right inside her pussy. O my god Layla said we are in front of the prison baby so fucking what Jacob said spread your legs now putting Layla’s legs on the dashboard Jacob slides his huge dick deep inside Layla pumping her deep and hard suddenly he stop what the fuck who have you be fucking Layla Jacob asked? One of my girlfriends had a sex party and. Stop I don’t even want to hear any more you slut bitch getting out of the car and walking away. Jacob knew his wife cheated. Getting out of the car and running behind him Layla finally catches up to Jacob stop she said let me tell you what we did, turning around Jacob slapped blood from Layla’s lips knocking her to the ground. You’re supposed to be my ride or die Layla Jacob said I can’t stand to look at you right now Layla and with that Jacob was gone. Layla got back into her car and drove over to Addison’s house Layla knocks on the door Addison she screams I need to talk to you, Addison Layla continued to scream opening the door Addison asked are you OK. O my god what happened to your face Layla Addison asked? Jacob slapped me down Layla replied we were fucking in my car and he knew right away that someone fucked me good and deep Layla said did you explain to him about the sex party we attended. I tried to, but he didn’t want to hear anything I had to say about it he doesn’t even know it was you who fucked the shit out of me. getting some ice from the ice maker on her refrigerator Addison told Layla to hold still as Addison placed the cold compress on Layla’s face softly causing her to jump from the pain. I know how to make you feel better Layla Addison said, taking a piece of ice from the ice maker and putting it in her hand. Addison sat next to Layla sliding her hand up Addison dress and rubbing her clit with the ice Layla’s breathing became heavy Please don’t d do this Addison please do you want me to stop Layla Addison asked? N no I don’t it feels to good to stop, put your mouth on me Addison Layla demanded make me cum so fucking hard destroy this pussy Layla said. In that case, I just got a new toy that came in today. Addison went into her room get in here Layla Addison said as she got out her brand new vibrator toy now this thing is mighty powerful Layla, so I’m going to have to tie you down with the straps that I also got, strapping Layla down Addison plugged the Vibrator in and turned it on. Rubbing the vibrator across Layla’s clit very slowly made her squirt all over Addison’s sheets. Layla’s body shook while Layla was enjoying the powerful new toy Addison licked her button the feeling caused Layla to arch her back when she did. Addison grabbed her by both of her ass cheeks and sucked Layla’s pussy so hard, and slow Layla eye couldn’t help but roll to the back of Layla’s head. Placing the vibrator right between Layla’s asshole and pussy and turning it on high made Layla scream like never before. Addison got a big surprise when she put the vibrator in the mix, Layla gave her a mouth full of her creamy cum swallowing very drop of Layla’s cum made Addison hornier than before. As Layla moved her hips in a clockwise movement, Addison sucked and slurped up more of Layla’s cum making Layla beg her for more. Meanwhile, Jacob is at the local bar having a few drinks, when this beautiful women named Aretha Barnwell came in. Hi, she said to Jacob my name is Aretha Barnswell my I ask what your name may be sir. Jacob Cobs nice to meet you Aretha so what brings you here to this fine bar. Looking for some good dick Jacob do you have a huge dick Aretha asked? Why yes I do would you care to feel it deep inside your pussy Aretha Jacob asked? Slow your roll cowboy Aretha said first off are you married or have a girlfriend? Jacob thought about what he was going to say next, yes I’m married, but when I got out of jail today, I find out my wife been letting some guy fuck her pussy deep. The bitch was so open I could have put my whole hand inside her pussy. Wow, Aretha thought that’s fucked up give me your hand she told Jacob guiding him inside her Jeans feel that Aretha said nice and tight and I want you to fuck my pussy good tonight Aretha said can you do that Jacob? Putting two fingers inside of Aretha’s pussy Jacob tap the hell out of her G Spot causing Aretha to squirt cum all over her barstool she was sitting on. Holding on to Jacob’s firm shoulders every time Jacob tapped Aretha’s G Spot she applied pressure to his shoulders to let him know not to stop giving all the people in the bar a show Aretha pulled her jeans and panties down around her ankles and proceeded to bend over so Jacob could tap that ass. Cheers from the crowd gave Jacob the go-ahead Jacob pulled his Massive cock out and gave Aretha a great fucking she would never forget. The crowd watch as Aretha squirted cum all over the floor of the bar going deeper made Aretha squirt even more cum from her tight pussy. A river of cum this time hit the floor as Jacob tap that ass hard. O baby Aretha shouted out, make her ass squirt again someone from the crowed said thrusting into Aretha again made her squirt for bout ten minutes nonstop the crowd loved it. After making her cum like that Aretha asked Jacob to stay standing up, Aretha got down on her knees and deep throat-ed the shit out of Jacob’s dick making it so nasty the females that were in the crowed who saw how huge Jacob’s dick was they came and started to suck him off too. One female name was Aila, and the other was Annalisa they to help suck Jacob’s massive cock the three ladies sucked him so good. Jacob came so fast in Aila’s mouth, not swallowing it she shares it with Aretha and Annalisa they cum sawpped for about ten to fifteen minutes before each of them swallowed and shared a three-way tongue kiss. The crowd went wild fuck it Annalisa said, grabbing Jacob’s dick again and started to suck him hard right away before she knew it Jacob was cumming again. Then Aretha grabbed Jacobs cock and sucked him hard again and deep throated him again till he came two more times back to back. Damn Jacob said O shit god Jesus you ladies are killing me. Not yet Aila said grabbing Jacob’s cock again this time sucking him hard and making him cum four times back to back. Shit, I can’t take it any more Jacob said with his knees now weak from all the dick sucking he was getting. Before Jacob left for the night, he got all three females number so they could get together for a threesome some time that would be great and bring that huge cock of your they said ending the night on a great note. I hope you loved reading this story; we got more of it to come. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy it. (Written by Antonio Murphy.)

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