Forced Anal

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We have two children, a nice house, and really good jobs. We have a very active sex life. I love the way his dick fills my pussy, it makes me wet just thinking about it. The other night I was face down in a doggy position and my husband was really putting it on me. He was taking long deep strokes and making me feel week in the knees. He started going faster and slamming his dick in me so hard that I orgasmed, shaking tremendously and fell flat on my stomach. He tried to pull me back up but I couldn’t hold myself. I heard him spit and I said “no baby I can’t take anymore” I told him to finish in my mouth but he wasn’t listening. He leaned down and started kissing my neck. It felt so good I didn’t realize he had pulled my hands together and was holding them above my head. He reached back and I felt him guide his dick to my ass. He’d never done that before so I figured he was just trying to get back in my pussy but all at once he shoved that throbbing cock in my ass and I thought I was going to pass out. I screamed at the top of my lungs, I kicked, I squirmed but it was no use. He was still but it hurt so bad I was crying, begging him to take it out. I couldn’t believe he was just sitting there knowing how bad he was hurting me. I’m crying hysterically between gasps of air when he goes all the way in. It felt like my ass ripped open. He pulled out almost all the way then slammed back into me. It was excruciating but I didn’t have the strength to fight anymore. After another full length stroke I went limp and just layed there sobbing while he fucked my ass. His balls slapping my pussy and his dick setting my virgin hole on fire. I can’t describe the pain and humiliation. This is the father of my children. The man I vowed to spend my life with, and he’s destroying my ass in a way I never imagined. The full length strokes of his dick kept getting harder and harder until finally he gave one last shove and I felt his warm cum like I’ve never felt it before. It was awful though. I layed there crying, trying to get up. He pulled my hair back, kissed my cheek, and left me laying there like nothing happened. Maybe I’m just a big baby, but I haven’t felt safe around him since that night. I can finally sit comfortably but all I can think about is how my husband so brutally forced himself into my ass.

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