My Babysitting Adventures

I’m a 18 years old blond with a good figure (36C – 24 – 36) and I’ve been told that my face is truly beautiful. I’m the homecoming queen at North Springs and I’ve been a cheerleader all my life so far. Recently I baby-sat for a young couple that just moved into the neighborhood from California. After Al and Barbara left, I discovered a magazine rack loaded with foreign-language pornographic magazines. Wow! What sexy pictures! Couples fucking and sucking in all sorts of positions, men fucking men and women going down on women. The whole assortment made me so horny that I started playing with my breasts, rubbing the nipples through my bra and pinching the tender flesh until they stood up proudly, pushing against the cotton material. I took off my sweater and pulled the cups down so that my tits were completely exposed and I could watch my nipple flesh bounce back and forth as I rubbed my fingers over them. I got so hot that I had to cum, so I stripped off my panties and fingered my slit until it got real wet and slippery so that my fingers slid easily over the head of my clit, bringing me to two quick climaxes. 

I used the crotch of my panties to sop up the juices coating my pussy and stuffed them in my purse just as the Johnstons returned. When they came in, the magazines were still on the coffee table and they teased me about having looked through their “collection”. I was embarrassed, but they really didn’t seem to care so the whole thing was laughed off. When Al drove me home, he asked me whether the magazines had excited me, and I told him they certainly had. 

When we parked in front of my house, he leaned over and kissed me sweetly, his tongue parting my lips and swishing around in my mouth. I felt his hand on my breast, fondling it through my sweater and I grabbed his hand and crushed it against my tit, letting him feel the hardness of my nipple. He unbuttoned my cardigan and let his fingers roam across the soft, white flesh that was exposed at the top of my bra. His fingertips slipped under the bra and worked their way to my nipple, the anticipation of his slow movements making my pussy begin to juice again. Finally his fingers found my nipple and began stroking and rolling it, teasing it into greater hardness. “Suck it,” I said as I slipped the strap off my shoulder and pulled the cup so it exposed my breast. His mouth was like an oven, warming and drenching my nipple in saliva. 

I felt his teeth drag gently across my nipple as his tongue danced with its rosy hardness. As he sucked my tit into his mouth, I felt his hand sliding up under my skirt, caressing my soft rounded thighs. I spread my legs slightly to give him access, and he sat up and looked at me when his hand found my naked pussy. “No panties?” he questioned. I opened my purse and pulled out my panties, the sweet aroma of pussy juice filling the car. I rubbed them over his face, letting him drink of my erotic smell as my hand found his hard prick poking down his pants leg. “Let’s get in the backseat, Lorry,” he whispered. “I want to eat your pussy.” The minute we were in the backseat, he spread my legs and began to lick and suck the sensitive skin just above my knees, letting his wet tongue leave a trail of moistness to my pussy. 

No one had ever done that before! His tongue in my pussy sent me to heaven. I felt it pushing my clit up and down as it swept wetly across my slit, running from the top of my slit to my hole and back again. He fucked me with his tongue as his nose rubbed my clit. My climax almost made me faint, but he wasn’t through! He sucked my clit between his lips and whipped it with his hard tongue, making it feel like it was growing and growing as I felt his finger, moistened in my juices, sliding into my ass hole. He controlled me with his finger. Every time I tried to squirm away from his mouth, his finger would drag me back. I loved the feeling of his finger as his mouth brought me to three more orgasms, each more powerful than the other. Finally I forced his head away and lay there panting, unable to move. As he got up off the floor, I saw that he had pulled his cock out of his pants. He straddled my prone body and began rubbing his fuck stick across my nipple. I reached up and touched the head, marveling at the velvety smoothness of its mushroom shape.

I felt some moistness at the slit and rubbed it over his head, the sensation causing him to gasp. “Kiss it,” he pleaded. I hadn’t done that either, but I leaned forward and gave it a quick peck, tasting the salty sweetness of his cum on my lips. I remembered the pictures and opened my mouth, letting him push it in. “Suck it…suck me until I cum,” he said, and I began to suck as he pistoned in and out. The sensation of the softness of the head contrasting with the rock hardness of his shaft was neat, and I could tell by his moans that he was enjoying what I was doing. 

Suddenly, his motions became more violent and he tried to drive his cock deeper in my mouth, nearly choking me. I felt something hot and wet fill my mouth as he came in three separate squirts, filling my mouth with his salty cum. I had to swallow or gag, but some still ran down my chin. I pushed him away and started coughing as I swallowed the last of his love juices. “That was wonderful,” he said, and I was glad since I wasn’t sure that I had done it right, and I so wanted to return the pleasure. A week later my mother told me that they wanted me to baby-sit for them again, and I could hardly wait. I dressed in my sexiest bra and bikini panties, anticipating another bout with Al when he brought me home. When he picked me up, he told me that they really didn’t want me to baby-sit, they wanted me to see their pornographic video tapes. Maybe, he added, all three of us could have some fun. He put the car in the garage and asked me if he could give my pussy a few licks. I spread my legs, putting one on the seatback, and pulled the thin crotch of my bikini to the side. 

I felt his tongue painting my pussy with broad strokes as my aroma started to fill the car. Just before I could cum, he stopped and sat up and said that we’d better go into the house before he came in his pants. When we got in the house, Barbara put her arms around me, rubbing her breasts into mine as she said that she was sure we would have some fun. We sat on the sofa as Al put a tape in the VCR. I never saw movies like that! The sight of all those cocks and pussies and tits and asses got me so horny that I couldn’t stand it. Barbara unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. She only had half a bra which pushed her tits into rounded mounds of soft, white flesh above the rosy hardness of her nipples. I watched her fingers pinching and pulling on the protrusions, tweaking them into prominence. She leaned over and kissed me, her hand bringing mine to her tits where she rubbed my palm over the erotic firmness. I felt fingers at the buttons of my sweater and the cool air felt good against my fevered skin as Al pulled my sweater off. I had worn my lowest cut bra, and I felt Al’s hand pulling my tits from the cups, the material cutting into the tender flesh of my underbreast as they pushed my breasts upward into melon-shaped mounds. I felt each of them take one nipple in their mouths, alternately sucking and licking. Barbara bit into my nipple and I felt an electric shock run from my tit to my pussy. I reached under my skirt and began to finger my clit through the front of my panties. “Did I tell you that Lorry sucked my cock, Barb?” Al said laughing. “I’ll bet she’ll eat your pussy…won’t you, Lorry?” Barbara stood up and started stripping. She was beautiful! When she removed her skirt, she was wearing a garter belt and stockings, just like some of the women in the movies. She had shaved her panty-less crotch and her pussy lips were swollen and poking out of her slit, the prominent bud of her clit quite visible. She pulled me to my feet and both of them undressed me, leaving me completely naked. Barbara led me to the bedroom and pulled the covers down, leaving the satin sheets to caress my back as they lay me across the bed. 

Barbara knelt above my chest and began to rub her slit across my tit, her clit and my nipple bouncing off each other. She worked her way up until her pussy was right in front of my face. Remembering how Al had sucked my pussy, I ran my tongue up and down her cunt, tasting the erotic juices flowing profusely from her pussy. My face and mouth were coated with her juices as I felt her climax wash over her body, causing her to slump on my face, shutting off my breath. I struggled as she raised up and lay down beside me, saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to gag you. It just felt so good to feel your tongue and mouth on my pussy that I couldn’t control myself.” By this time Al had come to the side of the bed by our heads and he stroked his massive cock as he watched us cuddling. “Let’s both suck him off,” Barbara suggested as she tilted her head so he could slide in. I watched his cock, glistening with her saliva, piston in and out of the ruby red “O” formed by her soft lips. 

Her cheeks were distorted by the size of his maleness, and they hollowed as she sucked on the outstroke. He pulled back and fed me his cock. I duplicated Barbara’s motions, wanting to compete with her to bring him pleasure. He alternated between our mouths, driving his cock deeper each stroke, until I was able to take nearly all of it in one motion. “I’m cumming!” he said as Barbara pulled him from her mouth and directed his cum to splatter on both our faces, the sticky whiteness running down into our mouths. I opened my mouth and let him fuck my throat as he got softer and softer, Barbara’s tongue washing the cum from my face. I felt Barbara’s mouth slide wetly over my neck and chest as she worked her way to my tits. She ran her mouth around and around my tits but she wouldn’t touch my aching nipples. 

I reached down and forced her head to cover my nipple, pressing her face into the firm, tender roundness. I jumped as I felt her teeth dig into the end of my nipple. Her teeth pulled my nipple upward, dragging my tender tit with it and making my whole breast elongate as the pain increased. “Stop…Oh please stop…you’re making my nipples hurt,” I complained, and Barbara started licking and sucking on it, soothing the hurt from my tortured tit. I felt her tongue wash wetly into my navel as her fingers parted the thick, blond bush and exposed my clit. She blew a cold stream of air across my clit, causing it to sit up even higher as it searched for the warmth of her mouth. Finally, she got her tongue and mouth right on my clit, sucking and licking the sensitive bud until I started cumming. From somewhere, I felt a hard object pressing at my ass hole. It slipped in, lubricated by the juices dripping from my cunt. Soon, I felt another and another marble-like ball shoved up my ass (later I learned that these were Ben-Wa balls). Barbara brought me to one climax after another until I was sated, my legs and arms sprawled as I lay there completely exhausted. “Would you like Al to fuck you if he wears a rubber?” Barbara asked. I nodded “yes”, too tired to even speak. Al got on the bed, his large cock fully revived. Barbara stood at my head and pulled my legs up so that my knees were on my shoulders, completely exposing my pussy to Al’s maleness. He arched himself so that he was suspended only on his hands and feet, his hard rod just inside the entrance to my pussy. With one hard shove, he drove his cock all the way in, his hardness spreading my tender vagina as it fucked me like an animal. I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down inside me, the shaft brushing against my clit as he continued fucking me. I was completely helpless! Barbara had my legs imprisoned and Al had me impaled on his rigid staff. Just as I started to cum, Barbara let my legs go and went to the other side of the bed. I felt the balls being pulled from my ass hole, the pain/pleasure driving me over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm. As she pulled more balls, I continued cumming, one wave of pleasure washing over my body as another followed right behind. Al still hadn’t cum, and his fuck stick kept riding up and down my cunt, making squishing sounds as my juices lubricated his motion. “Use your pussy muscles to squeeze his cock,” Barbara urged. As I concentrated on my inner muscles, Al groaned and said, “God, that feels like a velvet glove caressing my prick.” I started a rhythmic motion, my pussy alternately clutching and releasing his prick until I felt his spasms start and he drove all the way home and stayed there, grinding his pelvis into my clit. I loved it! I came again with him, my body wracked with pleasure. In the weeks to come, I often “sat” for the Johnstons. 

They played different videos, and we acted out the scenes from the movies. One time we even tied Barbara to the bed and put clothes pins on her nipples and clit while Al whipped her with his belt and I fucked her ass with a twelve-inch dildo. But that’s another story.

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