“How do you think he’ll like this one,” Jenna asked while leaning over and giving her big tits a little shake while settling them gently into her low cut bra!?! “Good grief, Jen,” Holly replied, “do you wanna just turn him on or give him a heart attack!?!” Jenna looked at her reflection in the full length mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door and replied with a giggle, “I haven’t decided yet, can’t you just picture the headlines in the paper, “Man Dies From Too Much Tit”, now that would sell some papers!!!” The two eighteen year olds roared with laughter at the prospect of Jenna’ s boyfriend actually passing out at the mere sight of seeing her 36DD’s filling the low cut pink bra, but Holly was thinking to herself that it was more than just possibility!!! “Toss me the while one,” Jenna asked while slipping out of the pink one, “do you think I’m getting fat, my butt seems a little bigger than ususal!?!” “Oh, please,” Holly quickly shot back, “you’re perfect and you know it!!!” “I wouldn’t say that,” Jenna replied while hooking the catches on her next bra, “but as long as Jeff thinks so, that’s all tha really matters!!!”It almost seemed odd that Holly and Jenna were best friends, because to look at them you couldn’t find two more incogruous looking women!!! While Jenna was tall and blonde with an incredibly voluptuous body, Holly was barely five feet tall and skinny as the proverbial rail, but ever since seventh grade they had been nearly inseparatable and like girl pals are wont to do, they told each other everything!!! “So tell me,” Holly asked while her friend continued modeling her lingerie, “is Jeff as good in bed as he looks!?!” “Uh huh,” Jenna replied a little absent mindedly, “he’s better than most I guess, but he still gets off a little too quickly, but I’m working with him on that!!!” “Like how,” Holly asked!?! “Well, he comes really quick the first time,” Jenna explained, “so instead of having him do it in my pussy, I suck him off first and that takes the edge off, so when it comes time to put it in my cunt, he’s not so excited!!!” “Wow, good plan,” Holly replied, “and of course you don’t mind taking a mouthful of cum either, right!?!” “You know I don’t,” Jenna replied softly, “I just love sucking cock, I guess I’m just addicted to it!!!” “And what about this,” Holly asked softly while lifting up her skirt to reveal her bare shaved pussy to Jenna’s surprised eyes, “are you a little bit addicted to Holly’s fat little pussy too!?!”With her eyes bulging out and her hand automatically caressing her big breasts, Jenna gasped softly and asked thickly, “Didn’t you wear panties to school today!?!” “Nope,” Holly said with a giggle, “it was fresh air time at Fallon High, except for lunchtime that is!!!” “W-what happened at lunch time,” Jenna said with a moan while staring at Holly’s incredibly puffy lipped vagina!?!” “Oh, nothing much,” Holly said casually, “except for the fact that old lady Winters sucked me off in her home room!!!” “Y-you’re kidding,” Jenna moaned louder, “she actually put her mouth on your pussy!?!” “Of course she did, you silly girl,” Holly replied softly, “and do you know what I did to her!?!” “Tell me,” Jenna croaked, “p-please tell me!!!” “Can I ask you one question first,” Holly replied casually!?! “W-what do you want to know,” Jenna gasped!?! “Oh nothing much,” Holly replied, “I just wondered if you knew that old lady Winters had a ten inch strap on dildo she sometimes uses on me!?!” “Y-you mean she fucks you, too,” Jenna fairly shrieked!?! “Of course she does,” Holly replied softly, “does that turn you on, I mean thinking about Miss Winters mounting me like a dog and fucking me from the back, does that really turn you on, Jen!?!”Jenna’s eyes had now glazed over, and while Holly continued to regale her with the crude details of her tryst with Miss Winters, until it finally became to much for her as she practically dove across the bed and buried her face into Holly’s drooling little pussy!!! “Take it easy girl,” Holly chuckled as her over sexed friend had at her plump little pussy, “there’s plenty for everyone, so just relax!!!” There was about as much chance of that as an ice cube surviving the surface of the sun, and in a only a matter of minutes Jenna’s expert tongue had driven Holly to the very brink of a truly stunning climax, and then as she rolled her eyes upward while staring directly into Holly’s eyes, Jenna’s tongue literally exploded all over the her erect little clit, driving the now shaking Holly right over the edge and into Climax City!!! “G-good grief,” Holly groaned loudly, “you do that so well, you wouldn’t even know that it was your first time!!!” Both girls broke out giggling at that little joke, but but by now Jenna was in need of some serious satisfaction, so when she flopped over on her back with her legs spread wide, Holly knew that turn about was fair play!!!Holly quickly collected her senses, but before she partook of Jenna’s blonde haired muffy she casually remarked, “Mmmmmmmm, that was really nice, hon, I really needed it, especially after watching you model those bras, that really got me going, thanks a lot!!!” “You’re welcome,” Jenna replied in a shaky voice, “now it’s my turn!!!” “Your turn for what,” Holly asked innocently?!! “You know what,” Jenna replied in exasperation, “now get to it!!!” Holly casually stood up and smoothed her skirt before commenting, “Well, I guess I better get home for dinner, so I’ll seeya tomorrow morning, right!?!” “Y-you can’t leave me like this,” Jenna moaned while buring her fingers into her burning quim, “I’m fucking on fire, you just gotta help me!!!” Holly stopped up short before opening the door and leaving before softly replying, “You have to tell me exactly what you want me to do, I wanna hear you say it!!!”Jenna’s perfectly formed ass was now squirming uncontrollably all over the bed, but in a thick tongued voice she managed to stammer, “P-please, Holly, suck my pussy for me, put your tongue on my clit and lick me!!!” “Do you really think I should,” Holly asked doubtfully, “after all, you’re going steady with Jeff, what would he think if he new you were begging me to suck you off!?!” “Jesus fucking christ, he’d probably shoot his load just hearing me telling him about it,” Jenna snapped, “now get your mouth down her and eat my fucking cunt!!!” “Wellllll, if you really think I should, I guess it’s all right,” Holly said while trying to suppress her giggles, “wow, you’re really wet, you must be turned on to the max!!!” “Thanks to you,” Jenna gasped, “now eat!!!” After giving Jenna a quick wink of the eye, Holly gently pressed her mouth into the neatly trimmed blonde crotch and let her tongue snake out to caress the poor girl’s distended clit!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes,” Jenna sighed loudly, “mmmmmmm, do me girl, make me cum in your fucking mouth!!!” “Now wait a minute,” Holly replied softly after pulling away from the smoking cunt, “if you had called it a sucking mouth, I’d have understood it, but a fucking mouth, no way, my mouth isn’t capable of fucking your cunt!?!” Jenna was by now beside herself with desire, but this incessant talking and ranting was driving her crazy, so in a show of utter desperation, her hands snapped out and grabbed Holly by the hair, forcing the mouthy cunt’s face back into her love nest!!!Still giggling to herself, Holly finally got down to serious business as her tongue went into overdrive on Jenna’s needy little clitty, and in less than a minute, Jenna’s back arched while she cupped both of her huge breasts in her hands as an express train like orgasm rumbled through her pussy, leaving her quivering like a leaf as her pussy spasmed and convulsed in a post orgasmic euphoria!!! “W-why do you always tease me like that,” Jenna puffed between breaths, “you know how it drives me crazy!?!” “Of course I do,” Holly replied sweetly while running her hand over Jenna’s taut tummy, “it wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t have you climbing the walls now would it!?!” “I guess not,” a finally calmed down Jenna replied, “but next time take it easy, okay!?!” “Oh sure,” Holly replied with a giggle, “you can trust me, I promise next time I’ll be a perfect little angel,” and then as an after thought added, “well, at least I’ll be perfect!!!”



When I was 18, I would act sick to stay home from school alone all day and jerk off. My mom had a regular job as a waitress and frequently used meth to keep her energy up throughout the day. 

One day while searching for my parents porn VHS tapes in the bottom of their closet, I saw a nice, red pair of mom’s panties on the floor. As I inspected them, I noticed that the crotch had a nice, dark, pussy and pee scented stain. 

I couldn’t resist, I started sucking all the flavor I could get out of them. As I am tasting heaven, I was squeezing my dick and eventually I came in my undies. 

Later that evening, mom was finally crashing from a 3 day week and I decided to stand over her sleeping on the couch and jerk off. I didn’t hear my dad enter the front door and by the time I realized he was there, he was staring at me stroking my teenage dick about 2 feet from mom’s face. 

He leaned over to lick the precum from the tip of my little dick and told me to be quiet. He quickly yanked mom’s pants off her, startling her awake. He immediately held out a glass pipe with her favorite dope inside. 

As he began fisting her dark bush, she quickly lit her glass bowl and began blowing clouds. She then noticed me off to the side and became shy and tried to cover her pussy from my view. 

Dad yanked the pipe out of her hand and told her, “u get high and he gets you, got it?” 

My mom being the dope fiend she was, relented and spread her legs for us to do some deep inspecting inside her. He began to fuck mom and motioned for me to come closer. He licked and sucked my dick until every drop was down his throat. 

Then he said “your turn.”

He thrusted harder and faster and pumped my mother full of his thick white cum. He told me to lick her clean. I looked at mom and saw the want and lust on her face. 

I quickly dropped to my knees and used my tongue to get all of that thick man juice out of her sweaty pussy. 

Over the next few years, he started having me fuck him while mom got high, masturbated and watched. Now I am married and surprisingly my wife is into taboo/family love. 

I don’t know what to do now bcuz she is constantly wanting me to teach my 18 years old daughter to suck my dick while she watches. So far I haven’t but it is tempting


By Patrick LeRoy (McPherson ks 67460)

It was the summer of “98 there was a bunch of us drinking a couple half gallons of 100 proof vodka and a couple half gallons of crown Royal. We were sitting in my cousin’s basement when we heard the door open. 

We heard voices and down the stairs came my cuz “fay” and younger sister “Marsha”. Both of them were buzzed up and fairly drunk. Fay was straight, but Marsha let it be known she was bi/gay. 

I had a snag already there so we snick off to an extra room to do our thing. I thought I had pushed the door closed but when my girl Tammy was giving me an amazing bj I looked towards the door and seen someone duck into the shadows. 

Obviously somebody was watching us. Hell I didn’t care. With Tammy riding me the whole time I seen the door slowly open, but couldn’t tell who was watching. Tammy got off and I layed her on her back head towards the door. 

I got on top and acted like I wasn’t looking at door. I kept fucking Tammy and I glanced up and almost freaked out. I was looking at my sister with her hands in her pants fingering her pussy. Actually that made me cum faster than fuck. She was gone by the time we were leaving the bedroom. 

About 5 am the party was moving to town. Only one car and 9 or 10 of us had to get a ride. I sat on passenger side in back and my sister decided to sit on my lap. Tammy had already went home. So 9 ppl in a 2 door car with tinted windows. It was dark and cramped. 

There was a guy next to me and nobody on his lap. I felt a hand slowly rub my cock and knew it could only be my sis. I reached up, under her shirt and felt the firmest tits. She let out a soft moan. Right before we got to the house she leaned back and said, I wanna fuck so you should walk me home. 

When we got to her house I knew her grandma n dad was there. We have different dad’s. But she said they would be asleep. As we tip-toe’d to her room I could hear ppl snoring. 

We passed her Grandma’s room she quietly said don’t look in there. Well of course now I wanna look. I seen her dad and her grandma both passed out on the bed, buck ass naked. 

Once in her room she locked the door and I said are they doing what it looked like? Quietly she said yes but please don’t say anything. I agreed then as I blinked her clothes came off and she was unbuttoning my jeans. 

Pushing me back on the bed and taking my half hard cock in her mouth she said if you keep quiet I won’t stop. Ten min later I unloaded my hot load of cum in my sisters mouth. She didn’t loose a drop. 

She looked at me and said can you stay hard? I replied yes if you suck it some more. I pulled her hair to get her off my hard shaft laying her on her back I rubbed my thick cock on her throbbing clit…..

FATHER AND DAUGHTER by Alayna (England)

It was my 18th birthday. I ran down the stairs in the morning with nothing but a flimsy top and pants on. My father was sitting down eating breakfast, until he noticed me come down. I walked to the kitchen feeling his eyes staring at me. I grabbed a cereal bar and slumped down on the sofa next to him. He said Happy Birthday and continued to watch TV. I asked where Mom had gone and he explained she had gone to buy food and drink for the party later. I pretend to focus on a vase of flowers, noticing my father constantly glancing at me. Dad was fit. Like really fit. Golden hair with sky blue eyes. I secretly peeked at his jeans and realized a bulge in them. I flushed and made a lame excuse to leave. My Dad called after me. “Brooke, there’s something I want to give you, but I’m not sure if you’ll like it,” “I’m sure I’ll LOVE it Dad,”I replied. He walked up to me, pushed the hair out my face and started kissing me passionately. I kissed him back. “Brooke, I love you more than a father should, I just thought you should know that,” “I love you more than a daughter should love her father too,” My father pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again, his fingers crawling up my top and under my bra. He removed the top and unclipped the bra. He sucked my nipples and I moaned his name out. I also removed his t-shirt and traced his muscles. I fingers crept under his jeans and pulled them down. Just then the a key opened the front door and we quickly put our clothes back on. “Brooke? Happy birthday, sweetie! Brad come help me put the decorations up.” My father walked off and I carried on up the stairs. I did my makeup, smokey eye-makeup with plenty of lip gloss. I then put on my clothes, a blood red sexy, up to my knees, dress with a slit to my upper thigh on the side. Guests were starting to arrive so I went downstairs and invited them in. At about 8 in the evening i was really drunk. My boyfriend and I went up to my room and started peeling our clothes away. He lay on top of me touching me all over. My dad then walked in on us. In a totally inappropriate position for a dad to see his daughter in. My boyfriend left shortly after and my dad sat down on my bed. I was naked under the bed sheets. “Brooke..I can’t allow you to do that.” “Why not? I’m an adult now!” “Yes, you are and I can’t stop you, but remember earlier? I want to be your first, I want to pop your cherry and for you to lose your virginity to ME.” Then he took his clothes off and came under the sheets with me. He turned me around and sat on top of me. Tracing my collar bone and massaged my breasts. My back arched in advance. I became slick between the thighs my sexual juices leaking. I removed the sheets and took a look at his dick. It was GIGANTIC! I shuffled down and took it in my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast, he moaned loudly and removed his cock from my mouth. He told me to stand up. I did. He began licking my cunt, his tongue grazing my clit. I became impatient and yelled “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me!” He picked me up and put me back on the bed and led his dick inside me. We both groaned as it entered and suddenly “POP” a single tear dripped down my face from the pain. But it went, and all I could now feel was pleasure. I spread my thighs wide allowing him to push his 11 inch inside me. He thrust quickly and expertly and then my cum came.” DADDY!!!!” I yelled. I dug my nails into his back. That’s when he came. Brooke I’m coming wait there…..Boy it felt extraordinary. We continued fucking for 3 hours and that’s when we went to sleep.

Man’s Story: Canadian MILF

I just moved to Canada when this happened. I was 19 years old and they put me with a host family for the first 2 weeks until I found a place of my own. When I first moved in with the host family, I appreciated how beautiful Canadian women are. This lady is married to a guy twice my size and had two kids.

Even though I liked her so much, I did not think I had a chance. During the day the husband goes to work and she stays home. About three days into my stay, she asked if I need any thing and I told her I need to buy a few things from the supermarket. We went together and had lunch and during our shopping trip, our bodies rubbed and she saw me trying some clothes and she told me when something looks good on me, etc. During lunch she “accidentally” touched my legs, about 4 times.

The next day, while I was coming out of the shower, she asked me to join her for breakfast and I said, after I put something on. She said you looked good the way you are. Being the little dick I am I agreed to come join her – no underwear, nothing but the bathrobe and the towel. She was wearing nothing under her clothes either…as it became apparent later!

I helped her prepare breakfast and my dick was so hard, she noticed him and made a comment about how huge it was. That did it for me and I was about to drop my robe when she came from behind and gave me a hug and reached with her hand and massaged my stiff cock. I turned around kissed her and started the whole thing!

I’ll tell she was a PRO. she sucked me and asked me not to blow my load in her mouth…and I didn’t! All the time she held my dick with her hands and said how big it was. She asked me to eat her pussy, but I think I was terrible and that is why she pulled me up. She took me by the hand to the living room and rode me like I never thought it was possible. I came right away.

She played with me some more and soon after my dick was hard again and she asked me to fuck her in different positions. I was able to last a lot longer than the first time. She was screaming and talking to me while we fucked. She asked me to put my hands on her boobs, but I was not very impressed with how they felt, because they were saggy. I was disappointed because they looked firm when she was wearing clothes, but it turned out that she uses tight bras.

Her pussy was not tight, but she gave out a lot of juice. I came in her pussy so many times and I fucked her every day for two weeks, but I was very afraid of her husband.

I was happy to leave that house even though I enjoyed the fucking. I said to myself, this house is built on mistrust and fucking behind each others’ backs. I was very sure that the man was fucking around too.

One thing though, I asked the woman, Why do you have sex with me when you have a husband? She said she loves her husband and they have sex almost every night, but she wanted more and she likes my big and young cock.

Woman’s Story: Hot Tub Hottie

My work was hosting an end of the busy season party in a condo at a ski resort. All night long a co-worker of mine kept brushing against my ass.

Later that night he asked me to go to the hot tub with him. I didn’t bring my bathing suit with me so I just went in with my bra and panties on. They didn’t stay on long before he pulled me to him and pulled them off.

He started to finger me as I sat on his lap and sucked his earlobe. I reached down and started jerking him off. I came immediately. Then he sat me on the edge of the hot tub and fingered and sucked my clit at the same time. I had one of the best orgasms of my life.

It was now his turn. I started blowing him but it was too much for him to handle. He grabbed me and pulled me down on him and he went into me. We started fucking so hard that the water was splashing and making a lot of noise. It made it more exciting knowing that all the rest of our co-workers could come around the corner at any time and catch us.

He grabbed my ass as he thrust and kept telling me how I had a nice tight pussy. I came so hard that I dug my nails in his back. He loved it because he came right after. Later that night we had sex again, but this time on a top bunk above a sleeping co-worker.

Man’s Story: In the Elevator

I’ve seen her many times before in the elevator as we normally go up to our respective floors. We always exchange that kind of look. One day, the elevator was overcrowded and she was pressed on her back to me. She didn’t seem to mind, in fact, she was slowly wiggling and rubbing her ass on my bulging cock. When she didn’t walk out on her floor, I know something more than my cock is up. 

Without even once looking at me, she stood next to me, both of us facing the door. She held her coat in a manner that covered my crotch. Her other hand, under her coat, was making way to my fly, and before anything, my fly was opened and she was stroking my cock up and down. It felt so hot and thinking that people going in and out of the elevator might see what’s going on really burn me up. And all the while, she kept a straight face. 

The elevator must have gone up and down a hundred times, but she kept going, stroking me harder and harder still. Finally I was ready to cum, so I murmured, this is it. With that, she stopped and squeeze my cock really hard, I couldn’t stand the agony. I couldn’t quite cum, and was panting hard. Finally she said, “Not on my coat you wont…”. Then, she let go my cock, still hard, as the elevator open again, she turned to me and give me a quick kiss on my cheek and smiled. While going out, she said, “Find me….”. I only had barely enough time to put my aching cock back into my pants. But I did find her, only to find out that she is my VP of Operations… Oooops..

Woman’s Story: Janitor’s Closet

I was at work one day, between meetings, and my husband was on his lunch break, so he brought me lunch to my work for us. We had been eating for a while and we finished, and were just messing around, he was kissing my neck and sticking his hand down my blouse. So, of course, this got us both really hot and I felt his hard on on my back. I grabbed his hand and we went into a janitors room down the hall. We didn’t even lock the door! I leaned over and put my hands down on this table that was against the wall. He pulled my skirt and and my hose off, then my panties and pushed himself into me. With his hands on my hips I started making noises and he started banging me like he never had before. The table was bumping against the wall and I knew someone was just going to walk in any minute, but I liked that. He blew his load inside me and we had an amazing orgasm together. Then I kissed him by and he got back to work.

Man’s Story: Co-Worker Kim

I met Kim at work. She was a hot luscious married blonde with long legs, great ass and great boobs. We got to talking and found out she wasn’t happily married and wasn’t getting enough. One day I was complaining about my girl and she suggested we have an affair since we were both unhappy. I took her by her hand to the parking lot and kissed her in a dark corner. 

The next day we went to “lunch” and parked outside my apartment. We started kissing and petting-she was wearing a slinky black dress and I pulled out a tit and bit and sucked on it. Then I fingered her neatly trimmed blonde pussy and made her grab my cock. Took her inside and on the sofa we French kissed, then she suddenly started undressing leaving only her thong panties on. I got naked, rock hard, and we locked into another wet kiss. I whispered “I want to fuck you bad” into her ear and she said “fuck me-I want you so bad” so I laid her down roughly on the floor and get into a 69 position. I started eating her pussy and playing with her hole. I just licked and licked until she came-it felt great having my dick in her mouth as she had her orgasm. 

Next I picked her up and placed her on the couch, taking the thong off, and spread her legs and lifted her ass in the air. I took my dick and slid it inside her moist cunt, telling her how beautiful she was and how much I’d wanted to fuck her. I started humping her gently, but she wanted harder-and shouted as much! I rammed into her harder, telling her she was my woman now, my slut, and that I was going to fuck her as much as I wanted! She kept saying “oh yeah” as I fucked her blonde pussy. Next I laid her face down on the sofa and penetrated her again. She kept saying “fuck me” as I felt it was coming. I pulled it out and telling her I was making her mine splattered my cum on her tits and I rubbed it on her and made her do the same. I fucked her dozens of times during the year it lasted until her husband found out and we had to stop. 

New Stories coming soon by Antonio Murphy

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