BFFs Mom Likes To Eat Me

BFFs Mom Likes To Eat Me

Janet’s tongue skillfully navigated the peaks and valleys of my vagina as I let me legs fall open wider to her. The air conditioning blew a cool, gentle breeze across my thighs in the back seat of her minivan, caressing my bare skin with a soft tingle. Tree branches waved above us, casting glittery shadows on her dark hair as her head bobbed up and down with each stroke of her tongue along the skin between my legs. We parked in our usual shady, isolated spot in the back parking lot of Rose Creek Park, just off the normal path between school and my house. I looked down at her, my best friend’s mom, as she drew my clit into her mouth and let it slip back out. In and out, in and out. I sighed as the waves of pleasure filled my body from my tummy out.

“Ohhh, Janet mmmmmm…” My hand fell lazily onto her head as I scooched forward. Down she went, her tongue probing into my butt hole. I brought my hips up so she could go deeper. Her hands came up under my butt cheeks, pulling me into her. “Oh, oh…” My eyes shut, letting the sensation take my focus.

Janet picks us up from school every day, only it’s just me on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Allyson has late practice. Those days have become my skirt-and-pretty-panties days so Janet can easily access and enjoy my body as long as she wants to. We only do this and she never asks for anything in return. I’ve never had sex before her. I experimented a little with girls, diddling under the covers, just minor stuff. Janet has been married a long time and cut off from enjoying sex with women, like she did occasionally when she was single. When I told her I was curious about it, it took about two minutes for me to have my panties down like they are now with Janet’s hungry mouth giving me super intense cunnilingus. Like, unbelievable.

She likes to start with my feet, taking my shoes off first, kissing and licking my toes. She ascends my calves slowly, her lips pulling gently, up to my knees, then folding back my skirt, she kisses across my panties. All the while she watches my face. She is really into me enjoying it. And, I do just luvvvv it, the way she takes her time and build the intensity.

Today she was taking even longer than usual, teasing around the edges of my panties, licking and hiding her fingers inside, playing with my clit before putting a finger in me. It took a while before my panties were off and she was finally closing her lips over my vagina. I find myself getting antsy for it. By the time I was in her mouth, I was really wet. She keeps me clean and never loses a drop onto the seats. I think she likes to let me drip a little, then lick it off. There’s something amazing about how into my body she is.

She eased her thumb inside my opening, my lube letting it slide in without resistance. Her fingers pressed against my anus, slipping around on it as she began to thrust inside me. My hands grasped at the seats as I reacted to her. The rapid motion of her tongue over my clit with her finger fucking me shot me up towards orgasm in a few seconds. 

“I’m gonna cuhhhhhhmmmnnggghhhaaa…!” The world disappeared in the wash of ecstasy. I fell to one side in the throes of it, curling forward towards her as I tensed and released with each pulse of pleasure. I tried not to squeeze her head between my thighs, but had little control. She stayed latched on, pleasuring me as if she knew what my body wanted before I did. I flopped on one side, the contractions fading slowly within my pelvis as she massaged me with her tongue. Janet licked me clean while I lay there. Lifting my leg to clean me completely. The mix of her warm tongue and the cool wetness were soothing.

When I opened my eyes, she was smiling and licking her lips.

“It’s still my favorite thing,” she said.

“Mine too,” I answered. Then I did something impulsive. I sat up abruptly and kissed her. We’d never done anything like that before. She was taken aback at first and pulled back briefly, then melted into it. A surprising amount of emotion came up as our lips enmeshed, my flavor coating both of our tongues. I pulled back and looked at her.

“What was that?” She asked. “I thought we weren’t…you know. Because I’m married. It’s just sex.”

“I know we weren’t. And, I don’t know. I just felt…I don’t know.”

Then I kissed her again. This time, she wrapped her arms around me and leaned me back against the seat. She was feeling something too. It was there in the way she kissed me and held me. I didn’t know what it meant, but it felt amazing!

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