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The Bride Can’t Resist Her Maid Of Honor

The Bride Can't Resist Her Maid Of Honor

“We said we weren’t going to do this,” Ava said, seated on the couch in front of me. My hands were on her knees, which were parted slightly. The pearled white fabric of my wedding dress cascaded between us, my veil pulled back from my face. I was about to marry Chad, but all I could think about was Ava’s sweet vagina.

“I know. But, I don’t think I can do it, Ayv. I want you too much. It’s clearer to me every day this wedding comes closer.”

“Don’t blow up your life for me,” she said, a touch of pleading in her tone.

“What if going through with it will blow it up?” My hands climbed her thighs towards her hips. She caught her breath gently, her eyes darting down to her thighs as the hem of her dress climbed up with the steady progress of my touch.

“We just finished your shower. You’re not thinking straight.” The last people had just left. Balloons, cake plates, and gifts littered the room among Christmas decorations already up before the December wedding. Our close friends wanted to see me in the dress before they left and I was still wearing it.

“I’m thinking very clearly…” My fingertips reached the hem of her panties, the skin warm inside her clothing and sensitive to the touch. “…about the way your body tastes…” My fingers slipped under her panties, a hint of pubes tickling the tips. “…the sound you make when my tongue first touches your clit…” Her legs fell further open as I explored the folds of skin between her legs, a droplet of lube seeped out of her onto my fingers. I spread it over her clit like fine oil. She let out a sigh. Her face told me she still felt the same power of attraction I did. “…I want you.” This last was a whisper.

I lifted her dress, her panties were pink and pretty. I pulled at them, practically yanking them to her knees. She stopped me. “Are you really sure?” My answer was to look at her steadily and ease her panties over her knees until they dropped to her ankles. Her pink puss pouted at me, a pearly drizzle trickling from the base of her slit. I leaned in, her knees parting further as my face descended until her lips were inside my mouth, a burst of flavor gushing onto my tongue. Her hips quivered as I slurped at her, pulling her labia in between my lips. Being surrounded by her, her pubic hair nuzzling my nose, the taste of her butt hole as I licked deeper, all of it confirmed what I’d been feeling. She was the one I wanted to be with, despite what I’d been telling myself these months since Chad proposed. I never felt this with a man.

Ava began to moan. I felt her hand on my shoulder, squeezing spasmodically. My tongue darted inside her, then licked up along her clit. She slid down a bit on the couch, opening her body to me even more. I sat up, pushing one finger inside her. The familiar warm, muscular inside of her vagina pulled at me. Her dress zipped up the front. I wanted to see more of her while I fingered her. I pulled down on the zipper, She helped me with it until the dress fell to either side of her. She wore a pretty magenta bra. I’ve always loved how small and boyish hre breasts are. The sight of the creamy smoothness of her skin made my heart flutter. Watching her enjoy my pleasuring her was so amazing. She’s so beautiful when she’s turned on and under my power. My thumb pressed her clit as I thrust into her.

“Truth is…uh, ohhh…I couldn’t stop looking at you…uunnngghhhh…in your dress…” her eyes fell to my veil, then down my body. “I still…wanted you mmmmmmm…so much.” I felt the subtle wet of tears at the very corners of my eyes. I drove my thumb into her clit as the paces of my thrusts accelerated. 

“Ohhh!” she cried out, pitching backward into the cushions with a jolt. I plunged my face down into the V, gobbling at her pussy while my finger pounded into her. Both of her hands grabbed my head as she began to cum. Her hips bucked forward. I loved how expressive she was, like a language we spoke to each other. I gripped her butt, pulling her into me harder, as I pulled inside her at her g-spot. She began to squirt, her fluids spurting out of her into my mouth and rolling down my chin. I became conscious of the dress and yanked my knees back just as the drippings hit the floor. She came and sprayed into my mouth. I drank her like a fountain until the pulses stopped.

Swallowing the last of her, I pulled her panties up off the floor and dried my chin and mouth. She laughed at me and i nearly spit the last of her out laughing in response.

“Forgot about the dress,” I said as I wiped myself with her panties. She leaned down to my face and kissed me deeply. She liked to taste herself in my mouth after I made her squirt.

“I kinda like that you did.” She kissed me again. “You look hot, by the way…”

“I wanted you to think so, which was when I realized that this was right.” 

“So, take it off now…” she said, smiling at me. I stood and began to undress in front of her, watching her eyes on me. Gah,I loved her.


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