The Coledean & Feller Case do you think I should finish this story fans comment and let me know if you would like me to finish it ok just a short part of it comment back ok.

I awaken to gunfire outside my phone ringing off the hook. It’s my captain he tells me to get my ass to midtown there were reports of shots fired and sixteen cops were dead already. I got up and got dressed as fast as I could grabbing my badge and gun of the coffee table as I left my apartment. I got on the radio and asked if anyone at the scene could tell me how many shooters there were on the scene, this is officer Jim feller, anyone, out there I said. This is officer Tonya Miller, do you copy the voice said. Yes, this is Jim feller can you tell me how many people are hurt or killed I asked? Sixteen cops are dead, and multiple people injured down here, Jim Tonya said. I’m in route to you. I heard gunshots ring out; Tonya are you ok I asked? I could hear her scream I knew then she was hit by gunfire. Jim she radios we need you down here now we’re in a crossfire situation we can’t even see where the shooters are, but they’re picking us off one by one Tonya told me. Then Tonya told me one thing I wasn’t going to like that one thing was. Jim, I see your wife and kid here coming out of the store they are in the crossfire Jim Tonya said I stomped the gas to try and get there but as I was about to run through a red light to huge trucks blocked me, and they were blocking my route. What the hell I said get out of the way you assholes I screamed out my driver side window. Tonya radioed me again where the hell are you I’m a little tied up in traffic right now, but I’m five minutes from you I said. Arriving on the scene before I could get out of the truck. I saw Tonya trying to get my family over near her but as they were running across the street three to four bullets hit Tonya at the same time one in the head the chest and the face and one in her throat. As I was about to run and grabbed my wife and Son, a black van with no tags on it stopped. Two men pull them into the van, and they were gone. As I was running back to the truck to follow them Out of nowhere, a blunt object hit me in the face. Before I passed out, a voice asked me. Do you know what’s about to happen here at your police station where you work? Trying my hardest to speak, I could not, but the person that hit me with the blunt object placed a video player in front of me and said watch this. Right before I passed out, I watched each, and every one of my co-workers get shot like bogs. The voice in the video asked me Mr. Feller Where’s my money and the drugs he asked. Your government did a bust in Mexico fifteen years ago you were there they took twenty billion in cash and one hundred billion in drugs. I want it back now, or lots more police and military personnel will die in cold blood. The voice said. I passed out right after that. When I woke up sometime later with dead bodies all around me, my face damaged pretty bad. I cried when I thought about how that voice on that damn video killed everyone I knew and worked with, but how did they get the code to enter the building?

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