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Hot train fuck by sbksbk


do post your comments in the end…:)I was wearing a kurta and pajama (North Indian attire for men, suitable for day and night wear) so that I would be comfortable and didn’t have to change on the train.

The incident I am about to narrate took place some years ago. The upper berth was still empty. I was wondering who would be my travel companion when the coach attendant arrived with a lady.

“Madam, this is the only berth, which is not occupied. If you want I can allot it to you. This gentleman is also traveling to Madras like you,” he said, pointing to the upper berth.

The lady looked around the compartment and seeing me she hesitated but said, “Oh, I must get there by this train. Okay, I will take it.” The lady stared at me for a minute then went out with the coach attendant.

Soon she was back carrying her vanity case and accompanied by a coolie (porter), who stowed away her luggage. The train started to move as she settled down. I was sitting next to the window and she made herself comfortable on the other end of the berth. She took out a Sidney Sheldon and started to read.

She was about 24 years old, beautiful, tall, slim, very fair with long hair tastefully done up in a bun behind her head. She wore a sky blue chiffon sari with matching blouse, matching bindi (round mark on the forehead of Indian ladies) and matching sandals. Her sari was wrapped tightly round her body showing all her curves to their best advantage. The pallu (the upper end of the sari) was pulled tightly across her firm boobs. Her boobs were not very large but the right size for her physique.

It was evident from the sindoor (vermillion colored powder) in her hair parting that she was married. She had a double pearl string around her neck, which enhanced the beauty of her swan like neck, pearl tops and a diamond ring on her fingers. She looked educated and seemed to belong to upper middle class and moving in good society. To me she seemed like Miss World and Miss Universe both rolled in one.

Seeing her beautiful face I wondered how beautiful her choot would be and I got a hard on. I introduced myself and we started to talk. Our conversation was in English. She was easy to talk to and was quite at ease during the whole time.

During our conversation she told me that her name was Kiran. She was married for four years and had no children. Her husband had gone abroad for two months training and she had spent this time visiting with her parents. Her husband was coming back tomorrow night and she was returning to her husband’s home to be with him. Actually she wanted to travel on yesterday’s train, so that she could receive him, but could not get a berth. This apparently was the reason she had agreed to share a coupe with an unknown male passenger.

While we were talking the coach attendant came to make the beds. We went out in the corridor. She stood near me. I could smell the lovely perfume she had used.

“She has not had a cock for the last two months, as her husband is away and must be feeling very horny,” I thought. This did not do my hard on any good.

After the attendant had finished making the beds he took our order for dinner and said, “I will serve it around 9 p.m. in the compartment. Is it all right?”

We said okay and he left.

We returned to our seats. I sat down as before near the window but Kiran instead of sitting at the far end of the berth sat down near the middle and we continued our conversation.

During our conversation I kept getting hard on from time to time. On couple of occasions I had to adjust my position to hide my hard on from her view.

At about seven I opened my ‘travel bar’. “Would you care for a drink? I am sorry I can offer only a limited choice of scotch and cognac,” I asked politely.

For a moment she hesitated then said, “Thank you very much. I would love to join you. Scotch with soda for me, please.” I poured out the drinks and we settled back to enjoy them.

While I had finished half a glass, Kiran had emptied her glass. When I started to refresh her drink she took the bottle from my hand and poured herself a stiff drink, which she started to gulp.

I was in no mood to be stuck with an intoxicated woman all night. I advised her to drink slowly. She said, “Don’t worry, I will not embarrass you. I am quite used to drinking at parties.”

When the attendant brought dinner she had had four drinks to mine two. She was definitely used to drinking because the scotch had no visible effect on her. We ate our dinner. After dinner we sipped some cognac. When the attendant came to collect the dishes he asked, “When should I serve the morning tea?”

“Would tea at 7 a.m. be all right or would you prefer it earlier?” I asked Kiran.

“7 O’clock is fine with me,” she replied.

“At seven,” I told the attendant.

At 10 p.m. she said, “I think I’ll go to bed now.”

“I will go out to smoke a cigarette and in the meanwhile, if you like, you can change into your nightclothes,” I said going into the corridor.

After 15 minutes, I returned to the compartment. The compartment was in darkness. I slid open the door without making any noise. All the lights in the compartment were switched off except the nightlight. I thought that Kiran had gone to sleep. I opened the door softy and entered. In the glow of the nightlight I saw, to my surprise, that Kiran was lying on the lower berth. She lay flat on her back with legs slightly apart and her arm across her face.

Dear reader you can imagine what was the effect on my cock seeing her in this posture. You are right I got a hard on again. I called out her name softly but she did not reply. I touched her on the arm and said, “Kiran, tumhara berth uper wala hai tum wahan leto (Kiran, the upper berth is yours, you lie there).”

“Uuunnnn,” she said shaking her head. The whisky has taken effect, I thought.

“Kiran, tumhara berth uper wala hai tum wahan leto (Kiran, the upper berth is yours, you lie there),” I repeated.

Without removing her arm she said, “Uunn, tum uper let jao (Uunn, you lie on the top).”

This remark of hers gave me the opening I was looking for all evening but still to make sure, I asked, “You won’t mind?”

“No,” she said shaking her head.

I quickly lay down on top of her and pushing my standing cock between her parted legs, started to make fuck motions.

“WHA…,” she said surprised.

I immediately sealed her lips with mine. At first she tried to protest but few seconds later kissed me back. Her legs opened a little more making it easier for my lund (cock) to reach her choot (cunt).

When our kiss broke, she said softly, “Aap yeh kya kar rahe hain? (What are you doing?)”

“Jo tumne kaha tha wahi kar raha hoon. Uper let gaya hoon (I am doing what you said. I am lying on top),” I said.

“Mera yeh matlab nahin tha (This not what I meant),” she giggled.

Now confident of fucking her I started squeezing her tits and kissed her again and again. She kissed me back with the same fervor that I kissed her. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her.

I whispered, “Kiran, aise chudai main mazaa nahin aayega. Hum apne kapre uttar lain (Kiran, we will not enjoy fucking this way. Let us take off our clothes).”

‘Nahin, aisse hee chodo (No, fuck like this),” she said.

“Kiran, please take off your clothes,” I said again.

“Achcha, lakin batti band kar do mujhe sharam aati hai (Okay, but switch off the light, I feel embarrassed),” she replied.

I switched off the nightlight. I quickly undressed and watched her undress in the little light, which filtered through the door curtain and the window. When I saw that she had pulled off her panties, I suddenly switched on the main light of the compartment. With a small squeal she jumped into my arms, screaming, “EEEKK, batti kyon jaladi? (EEEKK, why did you switch on the light?)”

“Tera khoobsoorat badan dekhne ko (To admire your beautiful body),” I said holding her at arms length.

As expected her body was very pretty and without any blemish of any sort. Her shapely tits were firm and without any sag. Her nipples were hard with excitement and pointing at me. Her choot, with her swollen clit peeping out from in between her lower lips, had a freshly shaven look.

‘Sahebji, please switch off the light,” she pleaded.

Kissing her and running my fingers caressing her choot, I slowly led her to the berth and laid her down. In order not attract undue attention I switched off the main compartment light leaving the reading light on and I lay down next to her.

She was staring at my erect cock. “What is the matter? Haven’t you seen an erect cock before?’ I asked placing her hand on my standing cock.

“Aapka lund tau bahut barda hai. Mere mard ka laurda iss se chota hai (Your cock is very large. My husband’s cock is smaller),” she said.

“They come in all sizes,” I laughed taking her erect clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and pressed it.

“Ooooo,” she exclaimed bucking her bottoms against my hand.

I continued to press her clit and slowly moved my fingers into her wet choot and started to finger fuck her. When I drew my finger outwards she raised her choot to keep the finger from withdrawing.

She continued to moan with pleasure while I finger fucked her. After a while she took hold of my cock and tried to pull me on top of her. I mounted her but did not attempt to enter her choot. Instead, I rubbed my lund up and down in her wet slit, from her clit to her fuck hole and back.

She kept muttering, “Oh Sahebji, oh Sahebji,” with her eyes closed and her hips moving up and down in fuck motion.

“Sahebji, mujhe iss tereh kyon sata rahe ho. Please apna lund meri choot main dal kar mujhe chodo (Sahebji, why are you teasing me like this. Please put your cock in my cunt and fuck me),” she begged. I placed my cock on the door of her dripping choot and pushed slowly.

“Oh, oh zara dhire dhire, lag raha hai (Oh, oh little slowly, it is hurting),” she said.

Amid lot of UFF’s and OHH’s I entered her. Soon I was fully in her. I found her choot to be quite tight for a woman who had been married for four years and was used to regular fucking. Apparently her statement that the cock of her husband was smaller than mine was correct.

I slowly moved in and out. After a few strokes she let out a loud sigh and released her cunt juices wetting my prodder. I maintained my slow rhythm and soon her hips were moving in rhythm of my strokes.


“Shh, someone might hear you,” I said.

‘Let them,’ she panted.

Her breath was coming in gasps. Suddenly she threw her head back and her body arched pressing her choot against my crotch. It was not long before she came again with a long sigh. Without missing a stroke I continued till I felt my seed rising and my strokes became faster and harder.

“Darling, I am about to come,” I gasped.


Just then I also spurted my cum into her fuck hole. When my lund (cock) lost its stiffness I withdrew and lay down next to her.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked panting.

“Oh, it was heavenly. I have never cum like this before,” she said, “I hope my bald choot pleased you.”

“Oh yes, I love bald choots,” I said, caressing her shaven choot, “and it was tight like the choot of a freshly deflowered hairless choot of a young girl.”

“Aren’t you scared to deflower a virgin? This cock yours could kill her,” she said taking my limp cock in her hands.

“I have deflowered many virgins, young and old, and none of them have died. On the contrary all enjoyed themselves thoroughly,” I laughed, “enough about me, I hope I didn’t impose myself on you?”

“Not at all, I wanted you to fuck me,” she said blushing.

“Really, tell me about it,” I said.

“You already know that I was without a cock for two months. I was looking forward to my husband fucking me. I had also shaved my choot this morning, as my husband does not like hair on it. Thinking about my husband made me very horny,” she said moving the foreskin of cock up and down.

“While talking to you I saw you becoming hard every now and then. Seeing this my choot started to drip. I therefore decided not to wait for my husband to fuck me but to get fucked by you tonight. The trouble was I did not know how to go about it. I thought you would make a pass at me but you did not. When you offered me a drink, I accepted hoping to drown my inhibitions in alcohol and be able to give some suggestive hints. But this also did not help, as I could not overcome my maidenly shyness.”

“Soon it was bed time and I was very disappointed. That is why I was lying the way I was when you came back. Then you asked me to shift to my berth without thinking and out of frustration I made that remark. I actually meant for you to take the upper berth but thank God you misunderstood me and lay down on top of me. Rest you know. I was very happy that you had taken the initiative.”

“I knew that you wanted me to sleep on the upper berth but as I had wanted to fuck you from the moment I had laid my eyes upon you, I decided to take the risk and lie on top of you,” I said laughing.

“What would you done if I had screamed?” she giggled.

“I would have said that I misunderstood you,” I laughed.

“You are a sly man,” she laughed.

The conversation and Kiran’s handling of my lund had made it stiff again. I mounted her again and we enjoyed a long slow satisfying fuck. Then we lay back to rest and fell asleep.

When I got up the train was standing at a station. I looked at my watch. I had not slept more than 20 minutes. When the train started moving again I slowly removed her arm, which was round my chest and pushed her flat on her back. Kiran was fast asleep.

I crouched between her legs and separating her cunt lips started to lick along the length of her slit. She got up with a start and not knowing what was happening gave a small scream.

“Darling, not so loud,” I cautioned her again.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she said loudly.

“Let me do what I like. Just lie back and enjoy yourself,” I said and continued to eat her choot.

“Oh Sahebji, it feels sooooo good,” she moaned, raising her hips and pressed her cunt against my lips.

The train and my tongue gathered speed. I licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.

“OWW, IT HURTS BUT IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON’T STOP. GO ON Y…HES GO ON. I AM NEARLY THERE. OH OHHH I AAAAMMMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG,” she screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth.

“Darling, raise your legs and hold them there,” I said, continuing to eat her pussy

She raised her legs and held them aloft exposing her gaping choot hole. I rimmed her cunt. ‘OH MY GOD, IT FEELS WONDERFUL,’ she screamed. Then I shoved my tongue in her lower mouth.

“AGHRR,” she yelped and with a loud sigh came again.


Ignoring her pleas I started to tongue fuck her. After few minutes she was on the boil again. She pressed her choot to my mouth and placed her hands on the back of my head guiding me to her sensuous spots. She was coming non-stop like a waterfall.


I continued to tongue fuck her but she caught me by my hair and tried to pull me on top of her. “Sahebji, ab mujhe chodo (Sahebji, fuck me now),” she said gasping for breath.

I got on top of her. “Your wish is my command,” I chuckled and placing my cock at the entrance of her choot pushed in the whole of it in one hard stroke.

“OWWW,” she cried.

I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed constantly and her moans of pleasure got louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly she threw back her head and her back arched upwards.


I continued to fuck her with steady strokes.

“Y…HESS Y…HESSS, SAHEBJI, I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG,” she screamed and lay panting. I slowed down to give her time to catch her breath.

“OH SAHEBJI, DON’T STOP. KEEP MOVING. MAKE ME CUM AGAIN,” she panted bucking her bottoms from below.

I recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move, keeping rhythm with my in and out strokes. I felt my sperm rising and my strokes became shorter and harder.


“I am not too far away also,” I panted.

“FASTER, SAHEBJI, FASTER AND HARDER. I AM NEARLY THERE. Y…HESSS, Y…HESSS I AMM THERE OHHH SAAAHEEEEBJIIIII,” she shouted and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. At this moment I also shot my load into her cum thirsty cunt. Our lips drew together. We lay kissing and savoring the sensations we had just experienced.

“Sahebji, I am surprised that you licked my cunt,” she panted.

“Why? Has your husband not licked your cunny,” I asked.

“No never. What is it called?’ she said.

“It is called cunnilingus or crudely eating the pussy,” I said, ‘I am surprised your husband has never eaten such a pretty pussy.”

“No, this was my first time,” she replied, “My husband squeezes my boobs, sucks their nipples and fucks me. That’s all.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked.

“Oh it was fantastic,” she said, “I have leaned something new tonight.”

“Jaan, abhi tau kayi aur cheezain seekhni hain tumne (Darling, you have to learn many more new things),” I replied.

She looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Jaan, abhi tau tumne mere laurde ko apne muh main lekar choosna hai (Darling, you have to take my cock in your mouth and suck it),” I said.

“No, I am not going to do it. It is wet and slimy,” she said.

“It is your choot that has made it wet and slimy. First lick it clean then suck it,” I said, “Come on do it.”

“Please don’t make me,” she pleaded.

“If I can lick your cunt then you can suck my cock also,” I said pressing her head on my semi hard cock.

She opened her mouth and started to suck. After a couple of minutes my cock became hard as a rock. At first her teeth hurt me but I instructed her and soon she got the hang of it and sucked my cock like an experienced cocksucker.

“Kiran, go on. You are doing fine,” I moaned as her head bobbed up and down.

I caught her head and started to fuck her mouth. “Darling, go on. Don’t stop. I am about to cum,” I moaned.

She tried to free her head from my grip but I held her head tightly. “Oh I am coming,” I moaned and spurted jet after jet of cum into her mouth.

She didn’t swallow but collected all my cum in her mouth. “Swallow it,” I said.

She shook her head. I pinched her nose and held it. She had to decide whether to swallow or choke. She swallowed naturally.

Tricked My Girlfriend 2 by Unknown user


I continued sharing her Two months or so had passed since i had let my neighbor bang my girlfriend.
Our relationship had continued as if nothing had happened, but i was yet to be satisfied with just one person filling her pussy with cum. It was clear to me that my mind was incredibly twisted for me to want to see my girl on all four taking a cock that wasn’t mine, but i didn’t care.
I was gonna make it happened. Plus she didn’t object. Well, she didn’t really say anything. She took a pounding, and pretended it hadn’t happen.
For my second adventure, i decided i wanted to try to up my game, and i did.
Near my house was a gas station that i used to visit time after time for petty shopping.
There was nothing really special about it other than sometimes, outside of it, you would find homeless people asking for change.So there it was, my master plan.
I walked to the gas station 
and to my luck i did find a Caucasian homeless guy.
He looked dirty, holes in his clothes, beard and maybe around 35 or so.
I chatted with him for bit to find out he had no money or means of getting food, that he had lost everything and had been moving around and living on the street for 6 years, which i thought seemed believable.
He proceeded to ask me for cash. I, being a good contributor of society gave him 100 dollars plus change.
I also offer him my girls pussy.
He exclaimed why? and i asked him when was the last time he had gotten his dick wet and he said its been at least 7 years. I showed him a pic of my girlfriend and asked him how he would like to ram his cock into tight little pussy. At first, he seem unsure about it.. but then he said why not, i haven’t had sex in a while.
I arranged for him to meet me later. I talked to my girl and told her i wanted her to do something for me.
She agreed unsure of what that was.
I was sure my girlfriend knew what i was planning, because she wore a tiny mini skirt and button up shirt. On our way to the woods i noticed an old guy in his garage staring at my girl. He must of thought she was hot. We got to the spot and i showed her what i had been hiding behind my back: Handcuffs.
Quickly, i handcuffed her hands behind her back and blindfolded her. 
At that time, R showed up, the homeless guy.
I told her i had a guest that needed to be satisfied. She said you can’t be serious. 
i grabbed her by her arm and showed her off to R. How do you like her?
He checked her out and asked if i was for reals.
My girlfriend immediately yelled No.
Ignore her, i said.
We have this thing where she likes being restrained and pounded by strangers.
He smirked.
I don’t have any condoms though, he said.
Don’t even need to put one on, you may shove your cock in her raw, i assured him.
He walked to her and put his hands on her tiny little waist.
She try to get him off but he held her tighter.
So i can do whatever i want to her right now?
Fuck her however i want?
She’s yours till you don’t have any more energy to keep fucking her.
He laughed and ripped her shirt off, or the front part anyway, also moving up her bra up so he could start sucking her tits.
They are so perky, he exclaimed in excitement.
She keep saying Wait and please.
I told her, make him cum and it’ll be over.
He grabbed her head and pushed her to her knees, taking off his pants and boxers.
His cock was about my size, skinnier.
I don’t want to, she said.
She’s yours right now, you can do whatever you like with her, i reminded him.
He forced her mouth open and shoved his cock in.
He was fucking her face now, and she was taking it.
My cock needed this so bad, he told me.
He was so aroused now that he took his cock out her mouth, push her to the ground and got on top of her.
Make him stop, she screamed.
He slapped her. You’re mine right now, okay?
He’s not gonna do anything, because he gave you to me.
I am gonna fuck you right now, and i am gonna cum and fuck you again till i can’t fuck you no more and you are gonna take it and love it.
You are gonna fuck me back because you’re mine.
Understood? he snapped at her.
She started whimpering and nodded.
Moving her skirt up and panties out of the way, he impale her.
She’s fucking tight, he said with a moan and proceeded to enter her deep
and slowly.
She just laid there taking someone else’s cock and moaning with every thrust.
How do you like him babe? i asked her.
She moaned and said: he’s as big as you are.
Is that a good thing, i questioned her.
She just moaned.
He pounded her faster and faster, her moans would match his thrusts.
He must gone at it for a good 10 minutes because i remember me playing with my phone then hearing him ask, can i cum in her pussy?
She’s yours, i replied with my eyes glued to my phone,
I heard a groan, looked up and he had just emptied his seed into her wet pussy.
He grabbed her and made her get on all four.
I haven’t had sex in a long while, so i can still go at it, he said.
I returned to fucking round with my phone while hearing her moan louder and louder.
She was taking quite a pounding, i thought to myself.
I looked up and saw her with her tits on the ground, hands still handcuffed, getting fucked doggy style like never before.
He was giving it to her so hard that you could hear some noise where their bodies would collide.
Can she be my bitch forever? he asked.
No, but i can lend her to you from time to time, i smiled and replied.
He smacked her ass as i said that.
I could spend the entire inside this tight little pussy, he said, and pulled the blindfold off.
Bitch, i want you to ride me and look at while you do it, he told her.
Gracefully, he flipped, carried her and laid on the floor so that now she was on top, still with her hands handcuffed behind her back.
She didn’t wait for an order and started moving her hips while staring at me.
You’re doing a good job baby, i said, make him empty his load a couple more times and it’ll be over.
His hands were wandering and feeling my girl’s body. It was so fucking hot.
She rode him like a pro, going fast then slowing just a bit enough to tease him and going back to fast.
I think she’s starting to love the way my cock feels in her, man, he shared with me.
You should give her to me for the entire weekend.
I’d fuck you all day long, he told her while squeezing her tits.
10 more minutes went by and he exploded in her pussy again.
Can you still go? i asked him
She collapsed on top him.
Not today, he told me, it was the best fuck i had gotten ever.
I’m glad i could help.
She got off from him, cum leaking from her pussy.
It was time to head home.
I took the handcuffs off and helped her get dressed.
We talked a bit more, and then we went our ways but not before R smacked her ass one more time.
Sexy bitch, he murmured. 
So you like watching me get fucked by others, she asked me on the way home.
Pretty much, i confessed.
You don’t get jealous?
On the contrary, i get turned on, i explained to her.
We were walking by that old guys place.
So you’re gonna whore me out to your friends now?
Not exactly, i argued.
Why not? you like watching me get fucked.
Yeah, but on my conditions, i said.
When we got home K was outside playing.
She went straight to the shower and after she was done i got in.
While i was in it, i couldn’t stop fantasizing of other people i could get to fuck her.
Who would i get next?
As i turned the water off i heard some moaning.
It was her. My girlfriend was moaning pretty loud.
Who was she fucking?
I got dressed, and quietly headed for my room.
I open the door to find her riding K on my bed.
Hey babe! Hey Skyler!
They both said at the exact time.
What’s going on? i replied.
He knocked, i let him and decided to fuck him.
She wasn’t being forced, she had of her own free will decided to fuck the little kid on my bed.
Squeezing her own tits, and moaning while riding him was a sight that i couldn’t believe.
I wanted to have sex with her again.
It’s okay, K, you can fuck her.
Yay! he flipped on her four and started going at it.
i’m gonna go make something to eat i said and walked to the kitchen.
Her moans escaped my room and made their way to the kitchen.
Faster. Fuck my tight little pussy faster, she kept moaning and screaming.
Moments later, i heard him groan.
He was done.
She walked to the kitchen naked and then he followed.
I was eating a sandwich when she saw me.
I’m going home, K said.
See ya!
Come over when i’m over so you can fuck me more often, she told as he walked him out.
He smacked her ass and left.
I’m exhausted she sat next to me.
I bet.
Feels so good because it’s so wrong, she told herself as she got on her knees and blew me.
She was right. I was so fucking hard from all the shit that happened that day. 
I missed your cock, she said as she sucked on my tip,
I pushed her up and against the counter top and fucked her.
K’s cum was still in her. It feel so good fucking her sore little pussy,
Only you can fuck me this right, she moaned.
I ended that day fucking her all over my apartment. I must of cum like 6 times,
She spent the night and left next morning.
From that point on, things kept getting more extreme.

Play Things III by Sexy Mommy


Back at school after a little morning delite.All my stories take place on an alternate earth with an orbit 3X that of our earth, making ages 1/3 what they would be on earth, and thus the age of consent is 6.

Michael eventually came home about 11:30, I was asleep as far as he knew and let that illusion hold. He went to bed and was softly snooring in a few minutes, I had let Mary have control of herself for a while and her mind was spinning. I can tell when it’s just me enjoying what I do, and I can tell when my host is enjoying it, and Mary was enjoying it to the fullest. I don’t know if she ever had these thoughts before, I didn’t see any in the memories I looked through, but she was in to it now. Her thoughts were running fast; should she do it again, she wanted to, but it was wrong, but it was so very good, he liked it, she liked it, how could that be wrong? Would he tell someone? she could be in a lot of trouble. He wouldn’t tell, he said so. It was so naughty, so nasty, so much fun.

2:30 rolled around and she was still thinking about what we had done, when the door opened and Tommy came quietly in to the room. He walked to her side of the bed and whispered “Mom.”

“What Baby?” she asked. 

“My report card is on the table, I need it signed before I go to school in the morning.” he said in a quiet hush. Why he needed to mention this now seemed like more of a pretense to me.

“OK, Ill do it first thing.” Mary told him, I was just observing right now.

“Thanks” and he started to walk away.

Mary reached out and grabbed the front of his briefs and stopped him. Her hand quickly went to the shaft that made a bulge in the front, and stroke it up and down several times. He was hard when he walked in, and harder now. When she felt how firm his cock was, she wasted no time, she pulled the briefs down and pulled him toward her, while scooting to the edge of the bed. Her husband, his father, lay sleeping 3 feet away as she swallowed his cock to the hilt. 

I could feel the wetness growing between her legs, I could sense how excited she was, but I was not in control. 

Mary bobbed up and down, taking it all in, then pulling out until just the head remained in her warm mouth. Back and forth with a quick, but not frantic motion, she was in full control. As young men are prone to do, after 3 or 4 minutes, he shot his load in to her mouth, and Mary greedily swallowed every drop, and sucked hard to make sure none remained behind. When she was done, she tucked him back inside his underware.

“Anything else Baby?” she asked with a whisper.

Thompson just shook his head and went back to his room, his head in a daze.

The morning came and Michael was up and gone to work by 7:00. Mary woke right after, showered, and dressed. Tommy would be up soon, and I thought he should get a show. I found a pink garter belt, pale pink stockings, and lovely pink lace bra, pink worked exceptionally well with her tan skin. White leather pumps finished it off, and her makeup was pure sexy milf. A silk robe with a pale pink flower print covered Mary’s shoulders, but little else, we didn’t bother even trying to close it. 

Tommy was down stairs eating breakfast when I came down, and he snapped around when I entered the kitchen. 

“Hey Baby” I said as I walked in.

“You look great mom.” he said. I liked it when he stared.

“Thanks, ready for school?” I asked leaning over the counter. I’m not entirly sure who was in charge now.

“Yep, with time to spare.” he said.

“Want to give it to mommy one more time before school?” I asked with a little lick of my lips.

A big grin and a nod was all the answer I needed. I took his hand and we went to the front room. I opened the blinds so I could see outside, took off my robe and got on the couch, on my hands and knees. He knew what to do this time, and he got on the couch behind me. I looked back and smiled at him, naked from the waist down, and said “Be a good boy and fuck mommy hard like last night, ok?”

He nodded again, and found the right hole first time. he was getting better, starting slow and stady, and getting faster as he went. I watched out the window, neighbors walked by, none bothering to look up at the window to see a mother getting drilled hard by her son. Me head was diverted from the window with a sudden jerk of my ponytail, he yanked it hard and my head snapped back. I moaned loudly.

“That’s it Baby, fuck your mommy good and hard.” I managed to get out between a gasp and a groan.

He yanked my head back again, and it felt like heaven. he brought his small hand down hard on my ass and I started to shake, moments later I felt him start to cum and I screamed out loud, and long, my pussy felt like it was on fire, and when he started to slow, I pushed back harder and kept the orgasm going. When it was over, I stood up, boy cum ran down my leg, and I let it. It ran over my stockings and half way to my knee. 

“You better get going if your going to catch you bus.” I told him. I touched his hand, and went in to him, my work here was done.

“Right!” and he scrambeled to get dressed, grabbed his book bag, and was out the door. 

Mary stood in the open door, bra, garter, stockings and heels, and her sons cum running down her leg as she waved goodbye to him. We got on the bus.

So what should my next play things be? I wasn’t sure, I rarely am, so I just went person to person at school, looking for something interesting.

I went to the office receptionist, they useually know everything that goes on in a school, they know everything and everyone. Penny the receptionist was 42, cute, slightly chubby but in a pleasent way. She was also a freak, and that was cool. She was a sub, she longed to be dominated and controled. She was also very shy, which ment she was unable to let anyone know about what she really wanted. She was decidedly Bi, but this was more because she longed to be dominated, that was the thrill, she didn’t care who it was, the submission was the goal. That is not to say she didn’t have likes, she just liked anyone she thought would take control of her. I could use this.

The principle was a tall redhead with large breasts, and she liked to show them off, at least as much as reasonable in an elementary school. She wore dresses to show off her long legs, and was herself very sexually frustrated. Being 5’11” made most guys afraid of her, and she had trouble getting dates, being named Veronica didn’t help. She was a firm hetero, for now. 

When I went to Veronica, I decided to give her and penny what they needed.

“Penny, in here please.”I said from the office doorway. and went to my desk and sat. Penny entered. “Shut the door please.”

She did.

“Your work has been sloppy lately, you don’t show up on time, you don’t get your work done on time, and you even dress sloppy.” I said with firm distance.

“I’m sorry Veronica..” She started, confused as this had never been her style.

“Miss Tribadoux. It’s Miss Tribadoux.” I stated. This caught her off guard.

“Miss, Tribadoux, yes. I’m sorry.” She ended, unsure of where to go now.

“Your sorry what?” I paused and she said nothing. “I’m sorry Miss Tribadoux, is that what you mean?”

“Yes, I’m sorry Miss Tribadoux.” she stammered, scared.

I stood, and walked around my desk. Just look at the way you are dressed.” I scolded. “You dress like a frumpy old spinster. Ever considered a dress that didn’t go to your ankles?” I paused. “How about a bra that keeps those girls up somewhere north of the equator?” I paused again. “You work sloppy, you dress sloppy.” I stopped. She stared stright ahead whil I stood slightly behind her.

“I’ll do better. I promise.” she said, and I was sensing a slight bit of excitement coming from her.

“Promise? You need to be punished.” I said as she started to panic. “Put your hands on the desk.”

She started to step forward.

“I didn’t tell you to walk, just put your hands on the desk.” and she did it, reaching out with one hand, then the other. She stood bent over, head down, shame and fear all over her. I pulled a ruler off the desk, and it made a thwack when it hit her ass. 

She yelped before swallowing her voice.

“You will do better, wont you.”

“Yes Veroni…” 

Thwack, the ruler cam down harder on her ass again. “It’s Miss Tribadoux”

“Yes Miss Tribadoux.” she stammered. 

“Good, we’ll have daily sessions to make sure you stay on task, understand?”

“Yes Ver.. I mean Miss Tribadoux.” She corrected herself.

“Your learning. that is good.” I told her, I ran the ruler softly up and down her thighs. “You are kind of cute, in a plain sort of way.” I went on. “Stand, and come to this side of the desk.” and she did.

I pulled the chair away from the desk, and she stood centered.

“I have work to do. But I also have a lot of stress. I need to relieve my stress, but I can’t stop working. do you understand?” I asked.

“Not really.” she said.

“Not really what?” I scolded again.

“Not really Miss Tribadoux” she said.

“Ill show you. Get on your hands and knees.” She hesitated. “DO IT NOW.” I said with some force. 

She did as instructed.

“Now scoot back under the desk.” She did until her ass met wood. “Good.”

I pulled the chair up and sat down, pulling my skirt up as I did, exposing the nude colored pantyhose to the waist. I brought the chair as close as I could, opened the center drawer, Penny ducked her head as I did. I pulled out a pair of scissors and carefully trimmed the cotton panel out of the hose. Panic was the predominate expression on Penny’s face as she stared through the new hole. Scissors away, I put first my right foot then my left on the desk, catching my heels on the edge. 

“OK Penny, your going to make me cum to help with my stress, do you understand?” She stayed frozen. I reached under her chin, tilting her face up to me, “Do you understand? You are going to lick my pussy until I cum, now get to it.” and with that I reached behind her head, and jammed her face in to my pussy. It was a mass of curly red hair, and I moved her head around until her lips were on mine.

“”EAT.” I commanded. 

She did. Slowly at first, her tongue running up through the hair, then a little firmer, eventually her tongue touched my labia and it made me shiver. I pulled her face hard in to me.

“I have work to do, I can’t be helping you eat my pussy, so get to work.” I scolded her again.

She started working more in earnest, and soon she was doing a good job. I was getting close when a knock came at the door.

“Yes?” I said as I brought my legs down and scooted in to the desk, the large desk provided enough space fit Penny, and my legs. “Come in.”

Mrs. Greene, third grade teacher, and local tell all came in. she rambled on for a few minutes, and after a couple I reached under the table and put penny back to work on me. Using her hand this time. what seemed like hours later…

“Alright, I will take care of that for you, yes, yes, goodbye Mrs. Greene,” and she left.

I scooted my hips off the chair and pulled Penny’s face back in to me, this time she went right to work. I held her against me as I pulled back, and put my feet back up on the edge of the desk. I started working my hips up and down on her face.

“Thats a good sub bitch. That’s what you are, you are MY sub bitch now.” I told her, and she seemed to like it, and started working harder. “Eat my pussy little bitch, eat you masters pussy good.” this really got her going. I squeeled as I pulled her hard in to my cunt, I did everything I could to not be loud, but I came hard, and I don’t know how quiet I was.

When I was done, I pushed her away. “You are all wet, your makeup is a mess, get cleaned up. She climbed out and stood, smoothed her dress and started to leave.

“Wait, come here bitch.” and she returned. “Lift your dress.” she did past her knees. “Higher, all the way.” She pulled it up until I couldn’t see he face. Tan panty hose, white granny panties, and a bush that was escaping even from them was before me.

“OK, drop it.” I told her. “In the future, stockings or thigh highs, no more pantyhose. No underware unless I give you permission, dresses and skirts just above the knee, not below, heels, minimum 4 inches, get some bras that push those girls up. Do you understand? You have all weekend to go shopping, text me for approval of anytihng you buy. And get that nasty bush waxed, you don’t get to keep any hair, none, do you understand?”

She nodded, a look of contentment and fullfillment was hard to hide. 

“Go, I have work to do.” and I waved her away and pretended to work at my desk as she left.

I stayed with Veronica throughout the day, and went home with her, she was at least interesting and I thought I could spend a few days with her, I at least had to stay to see how Penny followed orders.

Play Things II by Sexy Mommy


A new, only slightly dysfunctional family gets a visit.I left Susan in the now very capable, and controlling hands of Lori. I went to school with Lori to find my next play mates, and it didn’t take too long. I found a teacher who remembered having a student with a very attractive mother a few years ago, trip to the office, in to the secratary, look up the records, and the home address is mine. Meadow Lark lane sounded so nice. Odds are no one would be home now, so I had time to kill. I bounced around the school, class to class, grade to grade, it is amazing, and frightening, what is in some of these kid’s heads. 

I climbed aboard a substitute teacher at the end of the day, they don’t have to stay after for any duties, and had her drive me to the house on Meadow Lark lane. Meadow Lark lane is a long, slightly winding street in an older part of the city. When built these were most likely middle income homes, but as the city grew around them, the large lots made them very valuable. Most, including my destination, had been remodeled to about 3 times their origional size, and now this area was one of the most desireable in the city. Walked up to the house, rang the bell, and the door promptly opened. 

“Hello, I’m Mrs. Brown.” my surigate said with an extended hand. I actually never bothered learning her name. They shook hands, I moved in, and “Mrs. Brown” walked away with a confused look about her.

Mary Dunlap was a beauty no doubt. She was 32, dark brown hair half way down her back, an even medium tan, facial features that would seem perfect, tight figure, and stunningly long, shapely legs. Her husband, Michael, was an international investment banker, he made embarrassing amounts of money, and that is exactly why she married him. He was not a bad person, or a good person for that matter, in fact, he basically had no personality at all. Mary wed him for money, he wed her for a trophy wife, and a year later, they had a son. The perfect family to present to the board of directors at events requiring such things. He worked long hours, traveled often, and was essentially absent even when present.

Thompson Dunlap, their now 12 year old son, was a victem of the ever trendy, and equally pretensious, craze of using sir names as first names. He just went by Tommy around the house. Good kid, good grades, good at sports, he really was an outstanding person overall. Blond like his dad, but tall and lean like his mom, truly the best of both of them.

Mary shut the door and I took a stroll through her life. She would do most wonderfully. We went up stairs and I examined the goods. Everything was even better under the light dress she wore. She seemed flawless. Rummage through the closet (it’s easier the trodding through memories) looking for what ever I might find. She had a wordrobe that seemed endless. 

Michael, would of course, be working late tonight, but Tommy would be home in about an hour, just about enough time to get everything ready. Shower, shave, hair, dress, makeup, perfume, ready.

Tommy came bounding home just as Mary brought us down stairs. 

“Wow, why are you all dressed up mom?” Tommy asked.

“Oh, just wanted to feel pretty. Am I?” she quarried.

“Sure.” Tommy said with a hint of uneasiness in his voice. 12 years old boys tend to be uncomfortable expressing such things.

I tried to walk sexy down the remaining stairs. The black skirt was above the knee several inches, and just long enough that you couldn’t see the cuff of the tan thigh highs. The slit in the back was quite high, a good thing because as tight as it was, no one would ever be able to walk in it otherwise. A loose fitting silk blouse was unbuttoned way too far, and Mary’s breasts seemed to defy gravity with subtle swaying under it. They didn’t need a bra, these were a cosmetic surgeons swan song, only they were natural, full c-cups. Black snake skin pumps finished the bottom, a long string of pearls, that was supposed to be worn as a double, hung down far, drawing the eyes where I wanted them, and matching earings did the top. I had french braided my hair in to a long pony tail.

“Do some homework, I’ll order dinner.” I told him.

“Eating alone again?” he asked.

“He hasen’t called, but I assume so.” I said, and he accepted it as normal.

Mary went and called in an order of Chinese from a place they liked, Tommy seemed to watch her as she walked away, or perhaps sauntered was a more apt description. 

40 minutes later, and food arrived. I called Tommy to dinner and he was there in a moment. I brought him a plate of food, not a normal thing, but it allowed me to bend over in front of him, and linger there for a moment… or two. His eyes were transfixed, following the pearls down.

“Oh, my blouse came open.” I said with what seemed like fake embarrasment even to me. “You’re not supposed to be looking there naughty boy.” I said with a grin, and walked away. I did not button up.

Tommy’s face was a curious shade of crimson.

I went to get my plate and bring it to the table. I managed to drop a chop stick on the floor, bent over fully facing away from him. I don’t know exactly how much he saw, but I know he looked, I could feel air across my labia.

We ate at the kitchen island side by side. I brushed my leg against him more than once, I’m not sure he caught on. Young boys can be so obvlious, even young girls catch on so much faster. When I’d talk to him, I’d lay my hand on his thigh, letting it linger longer than it should. It made him squirm in his seat. The actual conversation was meaningless, but we talked and ate. After dinner he stayed in his seat, I think he didn’t want me to see the tent he’d pitched in his shorts. I stood against the counter,, beside him yet facing him. I managed to make enough small body movements that Mary’s right breast was becoming exposed, the nipple just hidden by the white silk, the areola clearly showing. He noticed. 

He cleared his throat. 

Mary’s phone rang. 

“Hello Michael.” I said answering it. Short version, he would be late, we should eat without him. I didn’t bother telling him we already had. “Here,” I said holding the phone towards Tommy, “He wants to talk to you.”

He took the phone and I started to walk around behind him. As he started talking, I ran my hand around under his arm from behind, I ran my hand up and down his stomach a few times, I then plunged in, reached down and grabbed his already hard cock. It wasn’t the largest thing I’d ever seen, 5 inches, well proportioned, and it would do. He let out a subtle gasp.

“Fine.” he said to his dad on the phone. 

I pressed up against him from behind, and stroked up and down through his shorts. He continued to talk to his dad, and I liked the control this gave me. I spun his bar stool around and had him facing me. I unbuttoned the two buttons the held the blouse together, opened it wide, and tossed it away. Tommy stared hard.

He didn’t seem to be talking at the moment, and I could sort of hear his dad through the phone rambling on about something. I reached behind his head and guided his mouth to my almost painfully hard right nipple. He was slow to move, but soon was gently nursing from me again. He abruptly pulled away.

“Yea, I’m listening.” he told the phone.

I dropped down and tugged his shorts off, tossing these aside also. The side zipper on the skirt made it easy to remove, and it soon joined the assorted clothing scattered around the room. There were no panties tonight. Tommy stared unabashedly at my pussy. Mary kept it waxed clean, and it looked good. I ran a finger through it’s wetness, and it was very wet. I was close to dripping. I put my moist finger up to his lips, he seemed hesitant, and I gently pushed past his lips where he sucked it clean.

“Mmm.” I whispered in his un used ear. 

He kept speaking to his dad, I had no idea what they could be talking about this long. I swung one leg over and stradeled him in the chair, my lips pushed up against the underside of his shaft. I started tilting my hips back and forth, rubbing against his cock.

“OK, bye d-dad.” he said with a slight stutter. He never had a stutter before.

I took the phone, hit the red end button, and sat it on the counter. I lifted up, then brought my hips down, engulfing him up in one motion. He gasped, I moaned. 

“Oh baby, that’s so good.” I told him. “You like that don’t you?”

He sort of nodded, staring at my breasts again, or had he ever stopped?

I started slow grinding, but I could see he was coming to a conclusion quickly, and not surprisingly. I hopped off him, not wanting him to dirty my pussy, not yet anyway. I took his hand and led him to the family room where I sat him down in his dad’s favorite chair. I opened his legs a bit, dropped to my knees in front of him, and with a wicked smile, bent forward and swallowed his cock. Tommy just sat there, stunned for about 60 seconds. After that, he started breathing hard and fast.

“ma…mom…I’m gon..” he tried speaking.

And then he shot in my mouth. His hips jerked for a minute, and hot, sticky cum shot in my mouth and got swollowed down. I pulled off his dick, and stood up, keeping eye contact the whole time, I smiled wickedly. I walked over to my purse, retrieved my lipstick, and fixed my smudged lips. I walked slowly back to him, almost naked, stockings and heels was all I had on.

“Did you enjoy that baby?” I asked. 

“Yea.” the reply short and sweet. 

“Go finish your homework, then maybe there will be somemore of this for you.” I used both hands to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples in front of him. 

He scampered off quickly, grabbing his shorts on his way through the kitchen. I smiled as he ran. I got dressed again also, only 1 button this time. Cleaned the kitchen, gathered my things, and went to Mary’s bedroom. I tried to find something extra sexy to wear, couldn’t really find anything I liked better then the simple bit I was wearing. I took off the blouse and skirt, through on a see through black babydoll, and called it good. 

“Done with your homework big fella?” I asked from his doorway. 

“Almos…” he started speaking as he spun his chair around from his desk.

I walked toward him, his stunned silence filled in for his approval. 

“What are you studying tonight?” I said with a bit of a spin.

“Math.” he said with no inflection in his voice.

“Let’s just see.” and I looked at the worksheet he had in front of him. “Hmmm, …” and I read off one of the problems as I sat on the edge of his bed, simple algebra stuff.

“X equals 5?” he said with a question in his voice.

“Good.” I said. I spread my legs a little, and pulled the babydoll up a few inches. I read another problem.

“X equals 8.” he said with more confidence.

“Very good.” I opened up a few more inches, and pulled the nighty up another inch, not that it actually hid anything, you could see right through it. “Next problem..”

“Y equals 7” he said

“Sorry” I said, closing my legs and pulling the nighty down.

He was so dissapointed, but he didn’t miss another problem after that. Soon I was laying back on his bed, legs splayed wide, using one hand to stroke my slit, and the other to squeeze my tits.

“I think we’ve studied enough” I suggested, and I stood up. “Get undressed and come with me.” He was naked and right behind me before I could get to his door. I took him to my bedroom, turned quickly and grabbed his erect cock. Stroking it hard, I whispered in his ear, “I’m going to let you fuck me tonight, hopefully several times, but you can’t tell, ok?”

He nodded.

I threw the comforter and blankets aside, and pushed him on to the bed. I climbed on the bed, and was quickly over his hips, labia 2 inches above the tip of his cock. I started rubbing my clit. Harder. Faster. It didn’t take long, my first orgasm washed over me with amazing release, right as it peaked, I dropped down on that young cock, and buryied it deep inside me. 

“Oh fuck mommy baby, fuck mommy good.” I cried out as I bounced up and down with a furious rythem. My orgasm seemed to sustain itself, turning in to a long steady moan, as my cunt seemed alive on it’s own. As I finally started to come down from it, I could see Tommy getting ready.

“No no baby, not in mommy’s cunt yet.” I said as I jumped off him. I grabbed his cock and started to suck it, and just before I got it in he shot all over me, I swallowed the last half, the rest on my face. 

“Well, you came on mommy.” I told him, as I moved up to his face. He said nothing.

I bent over and kissed him, He was very awkward and clumsy, but soon our tongues were entertwined like serpents. I don’t know if he could taste his cum in my mouth, but I could. I broke our kiss.

“You made mommy’s face dirty, lick it off.” I said as I turned my most assulted cheek to him. “Go ahead” 

He licked my cheek, and down to the corner of my mouth, then we kissed again for a few minutes.

“Such a good boy.” I said, “That was fun, and I can tell you liked it to. Think you’re up for more?” I looked down at his boy dick, bald, pale, smooth, hard again. “I guess so.”

I rolled over on my back, opened up, and invited him in. “Come on baby, this is mommy’s second favorite way to get fucked.”

He crawled around and up between my legs, a couple of blind stabs that missed their mark, and I interviened.

“Slow down sweetie, let mommy help.” I reached down and guided him in. He started thrusting right away, rapid, short thrusts. It felt nice. 

My phone rang again. I hoped I knew who it was, I was right.

“Hello Michael,” I said with some enthusiam, while Tommy screwed his mom good. “Dinner out [ugh] with the [ugh] German [ugh] clients [ugh]. I understand [ugh]. No, I’m [umm] I’m fine [ugh], I was just [ugh] excersizing.” I gave tommy a long sustained kiss while his dad went on. ” I wrapped my legs around his hips, locking my ankels behind his tiny ass. I started pulling him hard in to me. 

“I totally understand Michael.” I said in a quick statement, biting my lip to stiffel a moan. “You do your work, I’ll take care of Tommy and make sure he gets to bed.” I pulled him extra hard, his pelvis slapped against my wet pussy lips. “Just getting some excersize honey.” I pulled him hard again. Slapping wet sounds were now obvious, even through the phone. “Ok, see you about midnight.” and I hung up.

“OK baby, fuck mommy like a big boy now, give it to me hard.” And I pulled him in to me again, hard. 

He was thrusting in me hard and fast, I was thrusting up at him just as hard. “OK baby, mommy’s going to cum now. Here it comes baby, keep fucking mommy no matter what…HERE I CUM BABY.” I screamed out, my hips thrust and gyrated wildly, “Fuck me hard baby.” and he did, he slammed in to me, and my orgasm ran on and onuntil he stopped. 

I looked up at him, sweat matted hair streaked across my face. I brushed it aside.

“Did you cum inside mommy?” I Asked. 

“Yes.” he said, looking down ashamed.

“It’s fine baby, I wanted you to. I want you to cum in mommy lots of times. OK baby?” I reasurred him.

He looked at me oddly.

“I want your cum in me, I love you and want you in me. It felt good didn’t it?” I asked

“Yea, real good mom.” he said.

“Good baby,” I said right as his semi hard cock slipped out and what seemed like way too much boy cum started flowing out of my cunt. I lay there in it, something about the nastyness of it made it all so exciting, his cum running down over my anus, making it wet, pooling in a puddle on the bed between my ass cheeks.

I reached down and started stroking it again. “Think you’ve got another one in you” I asked, I hoped. He said nothing, his young cock answered growing hard again. 

“Want to see mommy’s favorite way to get screwed?” I asked. 

“Yes.” he practically shouted. He was of very few words tonight.

I sat up in a puddle of cum, rolled over, and got on my hands and knees. “Come fuck mommy like this, get behind me and fuck mommy as hard as you can.”

He seemed to take that as a challenge. I spread my legs wide when I realized I was too high for him, and he went right in. His first thrust went about half way up my ass, thankfully lubed by his cum. 

“Not there baby,”I said, pulling his dick out of my anus. “You don’t grt that until later.” and I gave him a smile as I guided him to the right hole.

Once in, he was like an animal. Pound, pound pound, thrusts hard and fast. The sloppy wet sounds filled the room, sweat combined with musky pussy and boy cum filled the air, and it was intoxicating. He grabbed my hips hard and was raveging me, hard and fast, I was getting close again.

“Pull my hair.”I yelled at him between moaning pants. “Pull my hair!” I yelled again louder. It shocked him, but he grabbed my pony tail and tugged. “Harder, pull it harder.” I panted out. He yanked it, I let out a long sustained moan. I hoped a little pain would finish me off, and yelling at him would sustaing him long enough to allow it to happen.

“Pull it and spank my ass.” I screamed.

He did, a tepid little pat really.

“Spank your mommy’s ass hard damn it.” and he did. He pulled my hair and my head went back, his right hand came down hard on my ass and I lost it. I screamed out louder then ever before, “Fuck yea baby,”I yelled “Fuck it hard.” and I came, I came with the best orgasm Mary had ever had. She lost control, squirted all over the bed and Tommy. Tommy came right after, adding a load of pre-pubicient boy cum to the bed. When I stopped screaming, when my cunt and ass stopped twitching, and my hips stopped shaking, I fell over on the bed, Tommy’s cock slipping out easy.

I lay there for several minutes in a pool of sex fluids, something that would normally gross me out, but Mary and I both seemed to like it for it’s nastiness, Tommy’s cum now coated my pelvis front and back, my stockings smeared in places with his young seman. Tommy sat on his haunches, exahusted.

‘Looks like I have to change the sheets.” I said to no one really. 

‘Sorry mom.” Tommy, looking sad.

“Don’t be, it was so worth it. Half of it’s mine anyway.” I told him. He seemed ok with that. “Why don’t you go shower,” I told him with a kiss, a long kiss. “Ill change these sheets and take one myself.”

He left to do as told, I got out of bed, kicked off my heels, and peeled off the stockings. Then went about the bed. Showered and feeling fresh, I put the black babydoll back on, a black thong, and I went down stairs. The rest of the evening was normal. Tommy went to bed, and I waited till about 11:00 and did the same. 

This was going to be fun.

Play Things by Sexy Mommy


Susan and Lori are a typical mother daughter pair, so why not stir that pot up a bit.All my stories take place on an alternate earth, where they orbit the sun about every 1200 days, making one of their years like 3 of ours. Thus the age of sexual consent is 6ish, depending on the state.

I have existed for as long as I can remember. That is a very long time. As a being that lives outside the physical realm, time has very little meaning to me. I exist in what you would describe as an energy state, but it is necessary for me to be a part of a physical life most of the time, I could survive a few days without occupying a physical body at most. The beings I inhabit are unaware of me, I can control them 100%, or leave them in complete control. I can let them remember everything when I am in control, or leave them with no memory at all, or some combination of the two. 

As you could imagine, having lived for so long, my memory goes back several thousand years, keeping myself entertained is difficult. Sometimes I am very good, think of the murderer that suddenly confesses and spares the family a trial, could be me. Sometimes I am not so good, this would be one of those times.

I found my play things while in the body of an elementary school teacher, I searched her memory for what I wanted, it took several teachers before the right ones were found.

Lori was a cute as a button blond, with a cute little face, pony tails, and just the perfect amount of baby fat left in her cheeks, while the rest of her was quite tall and slender. There were many such suitable subjects, but what made her right was her mother.  Just 30, she was beautiful, with long red hair, but where her daughter was tall and thin, presumably from her father, Susan was short and fit, with decidedly perky features. They were perfect because of her mother’s professional career, and no man at home. I arranged to work car pick up that afternoon, made up an excuse to say hello to Susan, touched her hand, and moved right in. Transferring from one person to another is always best by touch, otherwise unexpected thing may happen. I tried to jump between cars once, ended up three time zones away.

Once in Susan, I made arrangements to take Friday off from work, several things needed to be arranged.  I won’t spoil the story by telling you everything I did, but one was to set up a small hidden video camera in the living room, this I didn’t let Susan remember. Then Friday afternoon, I picked Lori up from school, and started the plan.

“Have much homework tonight?” I asked.

“Nope.” was the short reply.

“Good, I thought we could do movie and pizza night.” 

“Yea, sounds great, can we watch….” she went on about some movie only a 9 year old could want to watch, I just nodded and said it was fine. 

One large pizza delivered, one bad movie picked up at red box, everything else ready. Lori took the pizza in to the family room.

“I’ll be in with drinks in a minute.” I told her back as she scampered off. “go ahead and start the movie.” 

A few minutes later, I brought in a pitcher of fuzzy navels and two martini glasses, I figured it was a taste she would like. 

“Fancy.” she said, looking at the martini glasses I served them in.

“Only the best!” I replied.

The movie was just as bad as expected, but Lori liked it, and the more she drank, the funnier she thought it was. I began to laugh more at her than the movie. Two slices of pizza and about 4 drinks later, she was quite amusing. I took the opportunity to clean up the mess, and start the aforementioned camera.

Another round of drinks, and I suggested a movie from our stockpile, a recent steamy affair that was all the rage a few months ago. Truth was I bought it today.

“You said that was too adult for me.” Lori came back.

“Oh, I think you can handle it.” to which she giggled.

We watched for about 45 minutes. It wasn’t that good, but the sex scenes were fairly graphic for a main stream movie, and it made Lori get real quiet and squirm in her seat, while the fuzzy navels made her very relaxed. 

“You know what’s wrong?” I stated as I paused the movie. “when I was in college, me and the girls would watch movies like this, but we would always get dressed up sexy. Made it more fun.”

She looked at me odd, I didn’t know if it was from the alcohol, or not enough of it. “I don’t have anything ‘sexy’.” she said. 

Guess she has had enough. “Come on.” I said holding out my hand. “maybe I can find something for you.” And she took my hand and we scampered up the stairs to Susan’s bedroom. I proceeded to dig through the closet.  It was a show, everything I wanted I had purchased today and knew exactly where it was. After gathering everything I wanted, I came back out to the bedroom where Lori was sitting very lazy and relaxed on the bed. 

“First things first. Come over her and sit.” I had a 30’s style cabinet that I used for make up and such things. She sat and looked distantly at the mirror. I combed her hair, and put it up in a tall pony tail. I followed by giving her the full make up treatment; foundation, shadow, blush, frosted pink lips, everything. She looked hot.

I stood and walked back to the bed where I laid things before. “This is an old outfit of mine, it might just fit you.” old if you consider 8 hours old. It was the smallest teddy I could find in the stores, very stretchy and very shear. All white with very little lace to break up the shear panels. The white thigh highs were also the smallest I could find, I hoped the would fit her narrow thighs. “OK, take your clothes off and change.” She looked at the outfit strangely. “Need help?”

“Yea.” came the sheepish reply.

She undressed, and helped her step into the teddy, it was so elastic it looked fantastic on her, I could clearly see tiny hard nipples and hairless slit through the material. She sat on  the edge of the bed, and I put the stockings on her, they held, barely. She looked so sexy, bright lips, smokey eyes, and that white lingerie. 

“Try these on.” I said, handing her a pair of tall pumps. Simple white leather, way taller than appropriate for a girl her age by a long shot. 

“I don’t think I’ll be able to walk in them, but they fit fine.” she said, admiring them. I was admiring her long legs.

“I’ll help you walk in them. Wait here, I’ll go change.” I went in to the closet to change. Black and red merry widow started it, black stockings, black g-string you can see right through the front of, showing off Susan’s newly bald pussy. All finished off with black stilettos, way taller than appropriate for a girl my age. I returned to the bed room where Lori stared at me with wide eyes. I gave her a runway turn and blew her a kiss, which made her smile and giggle a bit.

“Do I look ok?” I asked her.

“You look great Mommy.” she said, staring between my legs without trying to hide it.

“And you look absolutely beautiful my sweet, and more than a bit sexy to.” I said, causing her to blush. I held out my hand and helped her to her feet, the first few steps were unsteady, then she was off like a pro. We walked down stairs hand in hand, I wasn’t going to let her fall down, she wasn’t that good yet.

She sat down and grabbed her drink, I suggest a different movie, she was agreeable to anything at this point. I put in a full porn I bought, all lesbian, very little story. I made small talk while it got going, told her how nice her hair looked that way…

“You should wear it like that more often.” I told her. 

“Maybe.” she said, “have to be able to do it myself.”

“Probably shouldn’t dress like this for school, but you do look hot.” I told her.

“Mom,”  came the reply with more blushing, “I do kind of like the way I feel in this though.” 

The first scene of the movie got going, two busty blonds going at it.  Lori sat there staring, mouth half open, not really sure what she was seeing. I kept talking.

“Dressing like this makes me feel sexy, makes me feel good.” I told her. Her small nipples were hard as rocks and poked noticeably through the front to the fabric. “Does it make you feel sexy?” I asked.

“Makes me feel funny, and grown up.” she said, “I like that it all clings to me, that feels nice.”

She never took her eyes off the screen. “They are pretty aren’t they?” I asked.

“Yes, I guess.” she hesitated.  “Their boobs are huge.”

“Yea, I don’t like big ones myself.” my statement caught her off guard. The scene ended after a bit of silence.

The next scene was the one I wanted, stepmom, stepdaughter. She watched, and I watched her. She was clearly getting excited, I could see a small dampening between her legs, and smell the muskyness of it. She was moving her legs together and apart, then squirming in her seat. I adjusted myself, brought one leg up on the couch, and angled tward her, it gave her a great view of Susan’s barely covered pussy, and she noticed. I watched the TV like I hadn’t. I casually ran my right hand up and down my inner thigh a few times, down just past the stocking cuff, then up to the edge of the panties. 

I tried not to be to obvious, but the dark spot forming on my panties was getting larger, and Susan’s nipples, large as they are, poked right through the cups. Next time she turned my way, I ran my finger  up and down my slit a few times through the sheer nylon. My inner labia practically sprang out like a jack in the box, Lori’s mouth hung slightly open again. 

She looked amazing, and it was time to start.

“Come sit over here sweetie.” I said, patting the couch between my legs. She scooted down, nestled in, and laid back against me. There is no way she didn’t feel my nipples poking in to her back. I wrapped my arms around her, and we sat there for several minutes watching the mother on TV eat her daughters pussy. 

I slowly began caressing her through the sheer teddy,  it made her so smooth. Soon I was brave and felt up to her nipple. My right hand found her left nipple, and it was hard, and small, and perfect. About the size and shape of a pea, I rolled it between my thumb and finger, while her breathing got very rapid. My left hand found the other,  and I bent down and kissed her shoulder, then her neck, then higher, just behind her ear. She rolled her head to the side giving her neck up to me. I gently rubbed her tiny tits, while kissing up and down her slender neck. 

One hand found it’s way slowly down her abdomen,  past her belly button that once connected us, and felt two puffy labia beneath teddy. I used just 1 finger to stroke up and down her slit slowly, gently, barely touching her. She let out a soft kitten like moan, and opened her legs till they met mine, her stockings caressing mine felt fantastic. She brought her right leg up over mine, opening herself to me, and I kissed her more. 

As thin as the nylon teddy was, I wanted to feel her more, I reached down and deftly undid the three small clasps that held the crotch together.  The elasticity caused it to spring open, instantly exposing her, she gasped and turned her face to me. The look on her beautiful cherub face was one of lustful apprehension.  I kissed her perfect frosted pink lips. They didn’t open right away, but my tongue pushed it’s way inside, and once inside, her mouth was very accepting. She tasted of peaches and lust. 

My finger ran up and down her now bare slit. It was wet, and slick. As she began to kiss me back, I found the hard jewel at the top of her slit. Her clit was hard and huge, it felt like a small marble, and she moaned in my mouth when I rubbed it. I broke our kiss and stopped rubbing her, and stared into her angelic face, now flush.

“Do you like this baby girl?” I asked .

She nodded “Yes Mommy.” and as if to make the point, she grabbed my wrist and started rubbing my hand against her pussy again. 

We separated a bit. “Do you want to do all those things you saw in the movie with me?” 

She nodded again, “All of it Mommy.” 

I smiled, “I’m so glad.” I continued to caress her clit, and used my left hand to lower the strap and release my left tit. Susan has great tits, c cups, perky, smallish areolas and large rose colored nipples. 

“Come suck mommy’s nipple, like when you were a baby.” I asked, cupping under my breast, holding toward her.

Lori slowly leaned forward, unsure of what to do. When her face was close, she struck out her tongue and gave it a quick lick, then pulled back. 

“Relax baby girl.” and I put my left hand behind her head, and pulled her mouth gently to my tit. She opened her mouth and latched on like she had never stopped nursing. “little slower baby… there, that’s it.” and she was suckling on her mother’s breast again. I continued to stroke her enlarged clit, and I kissed the top of her head.

“Stand up for a minute.” I told her. We broke our incestuous embrace, she stood and I followed. I pulled my panties down and off, and she started at my pussy again.

“What’s the matter Lori sweetie?” I asked.

“What happened to all your hair?” she enquired. 

“I had it all taken off, I wanted to look more like you.” Really it was because it felt better bald. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, can I touch it?” she said with a panting lustfulness.

“I want you to, I want you to do lots of things to mommy’s pussy…” she didn’t wait for me to finish and she had her hand on my cunt. Kind of clumsily, she rubbed me up and down from the top of my slit, back to my anus, back and forth several times. It was soon a wet mess. 

“That feels really good Lori, you make mommy feel so good.” I told her.

“Mommy, would you lick my pussy like the mommy in the movie did?”

“I would love that baby. I’ve been wanting to lick your pussy again for years. Sit back on the couch, like that, now spread your legs real wide for mommy to get in there, just like the daughter on the movie did.”

With that she brought her legs wide,  almost splits. Her little cunt lips opened up for me, I could see her clit poking out, her virginity lay before me. I got on my knees and lowered my bright red lips to hers,  and licked from one end to the other. She tasted sweet and salty, and was so very wet. I swirled my tongue around her clit several times, savoring the delicious feeling of a daughters clit dancing under her mother’s tongue. Lori moaned loudly, and tilted her hips up at me. I began to alternate between licking and sucking her clit. One of her legs found it’s way behind my head, the feel of the silky nylon over her ankle, and the smooth leather of her heels against my neck was delightful.  I increased my efforts. The more I pleasured her, the louder she got, and soon she was letting out long, sustained moans that practically echoed. 

“That feels so good mommy. Please don’t stop, please just keep licking my pussy mommy.”

And I did. Soon the other leg was behind my head, and they were both pulling me hard in to her. Her pelvis thrusting up and down at my face, making it hard to keep contact with her clit, but I did. Faster and faster it went. 

“Oh mommy… mommy… mommy you better stop… something….” 

And she pulled my face in to her pussy hard and kept it there, her hips came up and stayed. She screamed out as loud as her voice would go…

“Mommy…. Mommy….Mommy…” The last one trailing out for most of a minute as she experienced the first orgasm of her young life. 

I pulled my face away from her cunt, coated with her spectacular girl juices, climbed to her and kissed her. Stopping to gently suck from her tiny nipples on the way. 

“That was your first orgasm baby. Did you like what mommy did to you?” 

She didn’t say anything, she just grabbed my face and kissed me hard, her small tongue jetting on to my mouth. When we broke the kiss I asked “Could you do that to mommy now?”

“I will try.” she said.

We changed positions, and she looked directly in to my pussy for a moment. 

“Its ok baby, just do your best.” I told her. “Sweetie, sometimes mommy talks nasty when she’s getting her pussy eaten. You just keep licking ok?”

“Ok mommy.” and she buried her face in me. 

She was awkward and clumsy, but she certainly did her best. She licked me up and down, she put her tongue as far in me as she could, she licked inside and out. 

“Here baby, lick right here.” And I reached behind her head and positioned her on my clit. “Feel that little hard bump? Lick that.” And she did. I put my legs behind her head to hold her in position, and used my hands to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples. She licked me so good. 

“Ok baby, you’re about to make mommy cum… that’s such a good girl making mommy cum like this… such a naughty girl making mommy cum like this… such a nasty little girl eating your mommy’s pussy like this… eat mommy’s pussy baby… eat me… oh baby here it comes…” and with that I came on her sweet little face. 

Her face was glazed with my fluids as she looked up at me, I waved her up to me and she was kissing me a second later, I wrapped my legs around her small ass holding her in place. The orgasm hand not satiated my labido.

“Get up baby, I want you to do something for, well, to me.” I said as we broke our embrace. I retrieved a bag of toys from a drawer I bought earlier that day. Inside was a strapon with a velcro harness that would adjust way down.

“Here sweetie, let’s close this.” I told her as I reattached the crotch of her teddy. She looked disappointed, but I thought it would be more comfortable. The strapon had a dildo that was smallish, about 6 inches by 1 inch, but Susan’s pussy was tight. I strapped Lori up, and laid down on the floor, legs spread vulgerly wide.

“Come on baby, time to fuck mommy like a good girl.” 

She walked over, before dropping to her knees between mine. I leaned forward, grabbed the phallus and pulled her to me.

“Come on baby, mommy needs a good fucking, and you need to give it to me.” I rubbed the tip up and down my slit, getting it wet and slick.

“Ok, push it in.” I said as I positioned the tip. She slowly drove it home, pausing when her pelvis met mine. It filled me just right.

I started moving my hips up and down at her. “Come on baby, give your mommy a good fucking, I need it so bad.” And she did. She started thrusting in and out, quick at first, then faster. She was like a jackhammer pounding me, her tiny hips practically fitting between my legs. I didn’t last long, moments later I was in the throws of my second, and then third orgasm of the evening. After the last one, I wrapped my legs around Lori and held her tight to me, I just couldn’t take any more.

“That’s enough baby, you made mommy cum twice.” I told her. She smiled proudly. “Ok baby, up and out of mommy.” I released my legs and she pulled out, a bit quicker than I would have preferred. 

I began unstraping her, and when it was loose, she stepped out. I quickly put it on myself, and little Lori’s eye got big. She was standing next to me now, I reached down and began to stroke her slit through the teddy.

“This is going to be great baby, now mommy gets to fuck you.” I told her, then pushed the crotch or the teddy aside, and thrust a finger through her opening. She open her legs slightly, accepting it fully. The lack of hymen was a pleasant surprise. Her small vagina seemed to draw me in to it, holding me in with its warm wetness. 

“Lay down now Lori, mommy is going to do you.” I told her as I pulled my finger from her cunt and undid the clasps the held the teddy together. 

And with that, lori got on the floor and splayed herself wide for me. Her small vagina opened up for me in a vulgar display of prepubescent sexuality and lust. As if to emphasize the point, she reached down and began rubbing her clit roughly. I dropped to my knees, positioned myself between her beautiful long legs, and aimed for her virgin pussy. She tensed up as soon as it touched her and her legs came together, but it went in smoothly, albeit with some resistance. When I bottomed out, there was still some space between us, the tip hitting inside her. The look on her face was a combination of shock, lust, and pleasure. 

“How does that feel baby? ” I asked

“Full. Is it all in?” She asked.

“Almost.” I replied, and she felt her pussy and the synthetic cock that impaled it. 

“Put it all in.” She said.

“It won’t fit sweetie, maybe some day. But for now…” and I began going at her. 

Slow at first, and only an inch or so, in and out. Soon faster. As my pace quicken, so did the stroke, and soon I was going the full length of the shaft, or at least all she could take. Then her legs fell away wide, and her eyes seemed lost in pleasure. Her small body shook with each thrust, and every stroke elicited a pleasurable groan, followed by a small whimper as I pulled back. I could see the orgasm building in her. Her tiny hips would push back in to me as I thrusted, and she seemed to get a thrill when the dildo bumped her cervix, squealing in excitement. Her small labia seemed stretched to the limit, then her legs wrapped around my waist and locked. She began bucking hard in to me, hard and fast, I just held myself as she was fucking me from the bottom like a crazy nymphet.

Her orgasm broke over her like a tidal wave, she thrust her hips up at me one last time, and held herself tightly in place as her body shook and convulsed for what seemed like minutes. As she came down from her orgasmic high, she eased up on her legs and slowly slid down off the dildo, coming to a rest on the floor as the member eased itself from her bright red pussy lips. She, however, showed only a momentary slowing. 

She got up off her back, and got on all fours in front of me. “Let’s try it like this. ” and with that she pulled her firm little butt cheeks apart, exposing ass and cunt to me. 

“You want mommy to fuck you doggie style baby?” I asked, mostly I just wanted to hear her say it.

“Yea mommy, get behind me and fuck me hard.” Came the nasty reply, it sounded so sexy from her young lips.

“Let’s do it over here.” I said standing up, then helping her up. She was unsteady again in her heels, but they made her legs look so damn hot, there was no way I was letter her take them, or the stockings off. The teddy however, I pulled off her when she stood, and spent a few minutes sucking and licking those adorable, hard pink nipples. 

I positioned her standing near the couch, bent her over, resting her chest on the back of the couch. 

“Spread that ass for me baby, mommy is ready fuck you again.” I said with a lustful rasp in my voice.

She spread her ass wider, I thought she might pull herself apart she was so splayed open. I move farward between her wide legs, pulled up one of her stockings that had started to sag, and lowered myself. I bent my knees so the tip just touched her opening.

“Dont go slow mommy, fuck me hard and fast right away.” Such a torrid request from such sweet lips.

“Ok baby, some day mommy will fuck that sweet ass of yours too” I reached around and grasped the front of her hips, then I lifted her up and thrust forward in one motion, impaling her in one movement. She cried out in pleasurable shock. 

I held her up, legs wide, feet dangling, as I pounded her hard, all the dildo fit in this position, and I felt my abdomen slapping against her hard ass. All she could do was take, and love it. And she did both. I pounded her for 5 long minutes, and then her third orgasm of the night was upon her.

“Oh yes mommy, fuck me hard… fuck your baby hard… fuck me harder mommy… fuck your baby…” it was so hot hearing her talk like that.

And then she started to cum, her legs went limp, then stared shaking and twitching, her lovely ass seemed to have a seizure of it’s own, and her head lulled about randomly as she screamed out. Then she lay still for several minutes. I pulled the dildo out to a audible sucking sound as it left her.

“You ok Lori?” I asked.

“That was awesome mommy, but I think that is all I can take tonight.” She said through pants.

“Ok baby” I chuckled, “let’s go to bed.”

And we did, I let her sleep with me, I needed to, and we cuddled in bed for maybe 10 minutes before we were both asleep.

By both, I mean Lori and Susan. I never sleep.

As soon as Susan was in a deep sleep, I left her and moved to Lori. As Lori I got up, and went down stairs. Susan would not remember setting up the video camera, I however, did. And I went to it, and retrieved the memory card. I got on the family computer, uploaded and encrypted copy of the evenings debauchery to the cloud, and then made a couple of copies for me.

I gathered up my clothes, the teddy from the family room, the stockings and shoes from Susan’s room, took the porn movie from the disc player, and went back to bed, Lori’s bedroom this time. Morning came as it always does.

I had left all the memories of the night, excluding the camera, in Susan, she would remember fucking her daughter, and remember enjoying it alot. But it didn’t know how she would react. That is the fun part.

I was up before mom, and went down stairs, ate breakfast, showered, got dressed, and watched some tv before mom woke. I heard her in the shower first. 

One other thing I didn’t let Susan remember, she bought a few outfits of lingerie for Lori, she only knew about the one for now. The one I was currently wearing was all black, lace black a-cup bra that I couldn’t fill out, but showed my tiny nipples, and a nice black garterbelt, that held up black back seemed stockings that led to very sexy black patent heels. No panties today! I wore my old long robe over it, and sat at the computer, back to the stairs.

When mom finally came down, she was quiet, and went to the kitchen for a minute without talking to me. When she emerged, she started to speak, I still had my back to her.

“Sweetie, we need to talk about last night.” She started, voice shaky and unsure. “I don’t what came over me, but that can’t ever happen again.”

“Well,” I said, “what came over you was me, well ‘on’ you anyway.”

“What do you…” she started, then it faded out.

“And as for it never happening again, well that genie is out of the bottle.” I told her as I rose, and turned to her. I opened my robe, let it fall, it puddled on the floor behind me. 

She stared at me, mouth agape. I walked, well, more sauntered over to her, slowly, putting as much swing in these little hips as I could. She looked me up and down, not sure what to make of me.

“You started something last night, and I don’t want it to stop, you and I are lovers now, and I want to keep it that way. And judging by the way you loved eating my pussy last night, and the way your nipples got hard the minute you saw this,” I ran my hands slowly and sexually up and down my body as I said that part, “you don’t want it to stop either.”

By this time I was right next to her, and I reached around and grabbed her ass. She pushed my hands away, and stepped back.

“Lori honey, we can’t, it’s just not right.” She protested, “never again.”

“You don’t want to play with these anymore?” I asked pinching both my nipples, tugging them so the skin tented out as I stepped tward her.

“Stop that, and why are you dressed like that. ” she said both as a statement while stepping back.

“But mommy, I want you to lick my pussy again.” As I said this, I stuck a finger in my pussy, brought my finger to my lips and sucked it clean. 

“Lori you shouldn’t be doing that, you should not talk like that.” She stammered.

I turned and bent way over, “You said you’d fuck my ass someday mommy, you wouldn’t lie about that would you?” 

“Thats enough Lori, no more. ” she finally had some sternness to her voice.

I turned and walked back to the computer, slowly, swinging my hips as best as a 9 year old can. When I looked back, she was watching my ass. 

“Come here mommy, I have something to show you.” And with that she cautiously crossed the room, but didn’t get too close to me.

I open a few folders, and found the file from last night, double clicked, and it started. I didn’t need preliminaries, so I clicked the progress bar to mid way. On the screen, and through the very loud speakers, was a not great movie, that clearly showed Susan, eating her little girls pussy. 

“Oh watch, I’m about to cum.” I told her, and then my body on the screen could be seen shaking and screaming.

I clicked further along, tward the end, and there I was, laying on the floor, with my mommy fucking me with a strapon, both of us clearly enjoying it. 

“Hot isn’t it?” I asked, but the smell of her pussy was not left over from last night, and she couldn’t hardly hide her arousal. 

“You need to delete that now.” She said.

“Sure,” I closed the window, right clicked the file, clicked delete, and it vanished.

A sheepish “thank you” hung in the air.

“You know that is not the only copy, right?” I said, as I rose and turned to her. I was almost her height in the heels.

She had nothing to say. 

“Were lovers now, you can go along willingly, or unwillingly, but you are mine, or that video finds it’s way to the wrong people, got it?” I was firm in my voice, well sort of, as firm as a horny 9 year old can be.

She nodded.

I walked to the coffee table, put my right foot, in it’s way too tall pumps, on it, and called her over.

“My pussy needs licked, get over here and eat me.” I stated simply.

My mommy didn’t move however, she just stared at me.

“Get your ass over here and eat me now!” I ordered, and this brought her out of her transe.

She walked over and stood in front of me, not sure of what to do.

“Mommy,” I said very sweetly, “get on your knees and lick my pussy.”

With that she slowly went to her knees, and stared at my lips. I reached behind her head and pulled her face between my legs, I was horny and wet, and she was being too slow.

“Get that tongue out and get it on my clit.” I ordered. She finally seemed to understand. Her tongue extended and she began going up and down my slit. “Right there mommy, right there on my clit.”

She actually started to eat me for real. Rhythmic licking of my clit, in my already aroused state, and I was soon cumming. I held on to her head to keep my balence as my hips convulsed in to her face, I screamed out loudly. When the orgasm ebbed from my body, I stood on my own, then sat back on the couch collecting my breath.

“Come here mommy.” I said through staggered pants.

She walked over and stood beside me.

“Drop your pants.” And she did as instructed.

I pulled her panties down, and exposed her to me. Her panties were almost soaked through, and a glistening sheen was obvious over labia. She was very excited.

“You liked that didn’t you?” I asked the already answered question. I looked up at her face. “You did, you really got turned on by that.”

She nodded shamefully. 

“Don’t be sad mommy, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I stood up in front of her. “I want to do lots more. And because I know it turns you on too,” I reached down quickly pushed a couple of finger inside her, and gave them a good wiggle. “We will do…” I licked one of my fingers clean in front of her, she blushed, “Lots more”, I put the other finger from her pussy in her mouth, and she sucked it clean without instruction.

Perfect Mommy II by Sexy Mommy


It’s a dinner party at grandpa’s house, but its after the party that gets fun.All my stories take place on an alternate earth with an orbit 3X that of our earth, making ages 1/3 what they would be on earth, and thus the age of consent is 6.

“This is good Mommy.” I told her. She stopped eating just long enough to reply.

“Thank you sweetie.” and she went back to eating.

“Really, really good Mommy.” I said with a moan, and wrapped my legs around her head, holding her tight to me. “I’m going to cum for you Mommy… here it comes Mommy…Ohhhh Mommy I’m cumming…” and my orgasm that was building in my clit, ripped through me, exploding in my head. As I unwrapped my legs, freeing Mommy, she looked up at me.

“You should get ready for school now.” She told me, as she wipped my juices from her chin. “We have a big night tonight, so come right home after school.

I went and started getting ready. Grand Father was a business man, he was the reason we lived so good. He owned two car dealerships and several hotels in town, and I think some other stuff. Tonight he was having a big party, and all the family was to be there. Mom didn’t like these parties, they were mostly to impress Grand Pa’s business friends, it was all about the ‘show’. This was something she was very good at, and enjoyed, when it was her show. These parties were a big deal, we had to get even more dressed than normal, and the part I liked best, Gramps sent a limo to pick us up. All about the show.

Mom bought us new cloths for the event, I hadn’t seen mine yet, but I was sure it would be uncomfortable, always was. We would need to be promptly there at 8:00, not 7:59, not 8:01, 8:00. I think this was the main reason for the limo.

After school, mom was very busy getting ready, I ate a big snack, food would be there, but that was a long time from now. 

About 6:30, mom let me know, “Time to start getting ready. ” So I went and took a shower, events like this mom let me shave my legs, it was a big deal for me. When I got out, mom had my cloths laid out for me, and it was worse then I thought. The dress was poofy and lacy and shiny, and big. I might appriciate that more later, It was January after all. Big sleaves and big shoulders, the color was soft pink, and I would look like a large glob of cotton candy. The bright pink underware was nice though, it was like a lacy tank top, that had garters on the bottom. It fit very tight to my body, and it’s silky fabric felt nice, the slightly padded front made it look like I had small boobies, and I liked that. New stockings, white and silk went on before the dress, attached them to the garters, then the dreaded part, the dress. The zipper went most the way down the back, and that at least made it easy to get in to. It was a very puffy skirt. I felt silly. White pumps and I was moving on to the living room, where mom waited.

“Can you zip me up please?” I asked. 

“Sure, Mary Beth,” And she zipped me up, the dress was very tight on my torso. “Can you zip me now?”

She turned away and I zipped up the long, silky dress, emerald green, and elegant, she looked like a movie star. Black silk legs emerged from under the dress, and what looked like emerald green skin pumps ended it. Stunning, hot, sexy, beautiful, mommy.

7:25: Doorbell rang. Marvin was our driver, balck suit, and hat. He escorted us to the limo and sat us in back. There were two bench seats facing each other, a big silver bowl with ice and champagne, several glasses, and a small bar. There was no window to the front, but a 2-way intercom let us talk to Marvin, even if there was no need, he knew where to go.

The party was fun-ish. Food and drinks were everywhere, and mom’s cousin Maxine was here. She was gorgous, like a real 10, like Sophie Loren, with a better figure. She had made some movies and was entertaining the guests with tales from the set, and name dropping stars that most people seemed to know, I didn’t. I listened for a while, but soon lost interest. Mom liked her cousin, but hated the way she acted in a crowd like this. The drinks were everywhere, and most the adults were getting to their share. Things were getting loud and happy, and this was Grand Pa’s goal, for everyone to be very happy.

By the end of the evening, 2:00 am by the large clock, most people started leaving. Mom was acting a bit giddy and flirty, this useually meant she was horny. Maxine was almost asleep, but standing, with help. She was laughing and talking, even though most of what she said was giberish. Mom called for our coats.

“Sweetie, could you take Maxine to her hotel, she is clearly not in any condition to drive.” Grand Pa asked.

“Sure Dad, I’ll see to her.” Mom said. Grand waved his hand, and two of the attendents came and helped steady Maxine and walked her to the limo. Mom said goodbyes to some of the favored guests, and we soon joined her. 

By the time we hit the limo, Maxine had somehow opened the champange, and drank half of it, she held the bottle by the neck, slumped in the rear facing seat. Mom just shook her head and got in, I followed. 

“Marvin, lets go around town and see the sights, ok?” Mom spoke in to the intercom.

“Yes Ma’am” came the obedient reply.

Mom had clearly had more to drink then I thought. She giggeled and laughed at the dumbest things. She was also looking at me like one of the shrimp from the buffet. I liked that.

“She is very drunk.” mom said, to me I guess.

“Yes she is, ” I didn’t know what else to say, but added “She is so pretty, I see why she is in the movies.”

“Yea, she’s a slut too.” She sort of blurted out.

“Thought you liked sluts.” I asked with a naughty grin.

“Just you sweetie, only you.” she said to me.

We moved closer together on the big bench seat. She bent herself down to me, and she kissed me, hard. She has never kissed me like this in front of anyone, she said we couldn’t. But now sitting across from Maxine, she held me, tongue in my mouth, and lips on mine. I looked at Maxine, she was in and out, her eyes opened for a moment, her face showed shock, then she just smiled, and went in to an open eyed daze. I went back to kissing mom.

I felt up Mom’s dress, it was so smooth and tight to her body. It held up her breasts without a bra, and I could feel her hard nipples poking through, and she gasped when I pinched them. 

“Oh baby,” she broke our kiss, “I need you bad, I’ve been aching for that bald little pussy of yours all night.” And I felt her reach around a start to pull the zipper down. 

“What about her?” I motioned to Maxine.

“She’ll have to find her own, bald, little, pussy.” she said with a breathless grin, and the zipper hit the bottom. 

I scooted away on the seat, and pulled my arms out of the sleaves, the finished off the dress to the limo floor. Mom turned her back to me and I know what she wanted, I pulled her zipper down slowly, and when it reached the bottom, her dress made it to the floor faster then I could see what happened. Black lace garter and silk stockings looked great on her, the emerald green shoes matched the emeralds on her necklace and earings, it was an amazing look. 

She came back to me and started kissing me again, her hand working it’s way under the cup of my top, finding my hard nipple and squeezing it with a fierce tinderness. I cupped her breasts and played with her nipples, she enjoyed it. 

“You two are naughty.” Maxine said in a few seconds of semi-awake clarity, before her eyes glazed over again.

“She wont remember a thing.” Mom said. “You think she’s pretty?’

“Yes, very,” I said, not really thinking about it. 

“Come here,” she crawled over to Maxine, “Come here” she repeated.

I did, we were both on our hands and knees in front of Maxine who laid spralwed out on the seat. Mom started diging under Maxine’s dress, holding it up for me to see. The silver sequened dress hid the tan stockings, and plain white panties. 

“Hold her dress up.” Mom said. I did. She reached up under and tugged and pulled her panties down and off. She then held the dress up. “What do you think? See someting you like?”

Her pussy was bald like mine, I’d never seen an adult with a bald pussy. ” Looks nice. ” I said

“Want a taste?” she asked.

I did, bad, but I didn’t want to make mom feel like I didn’t want her. “Would you like to see me eat her pussy Mommy?”

“I would sweetie, I would.” she told me.

I moved up under the dress, it was hot and humid under there. I pushed her thighs apart, and she seemed to help. He bald lips had a shine to them, and her pussy smelled of musky heat. I licked her slowly, and I looked back at mom.

“You like that pussy?” Mommy asked. 

“I do Mommy, want to try it?”I asked her.

“No sweetie, the only pussy I want is out here.” and she caressed between my legs from behind. 

I went back to eating pussy. I could hear Maxine moan a little, and she opened her legs a bit further. I licked her clit and it started poking out at me, it grew to the size of a large marble, this made it so easy. I licked it and sucked on it, this brought about the loudest of the moaning from Maxine. I reached up and fingers found her opening, they went in easy, one, then two, then three, four, and I was going in and out while I suckeled her clit. 

Mom started rubbing my puss, and I opened my legs to help her out. She was running 1 finger up and down my slit, up to my hole, she’d make small circles, then down to my clit, and rub it side to side. It was feeling real nice. I looked back and she was watching me eat Maxine, she liked watching me, so I added extra motion to my licking, and gave her more of a show. 

“You are such a good little slut Mary Beth.” She told me. 

“I could be a better slut for you at home.” I told her.

Mommy hit the intercom button, “I think were ready to go home Marvin.” She released the button, “Get dressed Mary Beth.”

I crawled out from under Maxines dress, and in to mine, I sat and turned away from Mommy and she zipped me up, I did the same for her. and soon we stopped.

I got out after Marvin open the door, Mommy and Marvin got Maxine out, and she walked in to the house, with considerable help. Marvin sat her in a chair, Mommy thanked him, and gave him a tip, and he was gone. 

“What do we do with that?” Mommy asked pointing toward Maxine.

“I bet I can find something to do with her.” I said, “Lets take her to bed with us.”

“You are a naughty little girl. I love you Mary Beth.” Mommy said before giving me a kiss.

We got her up and started walking her to Mommy’s bedroom, she had another momentrary trip through reality.

“I saw what you two were doing,”she said with some sluring, “You two are nasty. Hot and nasty.” and she giggeled.

We continued to walk, mom laughed, “She has no idea.” 

Once in the bedroom, mom held Maxine steady, “Unzip her Mary Beth.”

It was a one strap dress, and it took me a minute to find the zipper, it was under the arm of the other side. Once down, the dress slid off easy to the floor forming a silver puddle. We never bothered to put her panties back on from the limo, I think Mommy had them in her purse. She was as sexy naked as dressed. The white garter help up the tan stockings, silver shoes ended her look. Her boobs were bigger than mom’s, but stood high on her chest just like moms, her legs should never have been hid beneath that dress, they were shapely and strong, and smoothly feminine, a hard combination to achieve. I could see many family traits Mommy and Maxine shared.

“What are you two doing to me.” Maxine said with a laugh, before going dazed again.

Mommy giggled at that, “We two, are going to fuck your brains out.” she said, and laughed again. She definately had a few too many drinks also.

I don’t know if Maxine could really understand, but she smiled big at what Mommy said, and responded “Oh good.”

Maxine was brought to the bed, and laid out on it, blonde hair streaking across her face. 

“What would you like me to do Mommy?” I asked giving her right nipple a lick.

“Eat her pussy again baby girl, eat her like the little slut baby you are.” She was hot and turned on.

I climbed up on the bed and opened her legs wide, her bald lips opened up and presented all of her to me. He clit had shrunk down some, but I knew I could get it back. I started by inserting most of my right hand in to her, this caused a gasp from Maxine, followed my a moan. I got my hand in to her, up to my wrist, and I gently fucked her pussy. 

“You are such a hot little slut Mary Beth.” Mommy said with an airy voice. 

I looked back at her, and she had both hands working her tits, and seemed to really be enjoying the show. I dropped down and started licking her clit, and it soon was fully engorged. I sucked the whole clit in and out, it was like sucking on a lolly pop, Maxine moaned loudly.I wondered if someone this drunk could cum. 

“That is so fucking good Lisa.” Maxine slurred. 

Who was Lisa?

Sucking her clit with a steady rythem, while Mommy moved around on the bed so I could see her, she was on her knees beside Maxine, one hand working her tits, one working her pussy, it was sloppy wet and smelled of incestual lust. I started to feel Maxine’s pussy get hot, and her breathing was getting heavy. It didn’t take long, and she moaned a long moan, and her hips shook, a long string of wet pulses came from between her pussy lips, making my face wet with her salty fluid. Then her orgasm was over.

Mommy was going crazy on her pussy. I pulled out of Maxine and got up, I had an idea that might push mom over the edge. I went to her ‘toy drawer’ and pulled the large strapon up and tightened the straps. Mommy approved by the loud moan and nod. Back on the bed, I got between Maxine’s legs, and got in position, Mommy watched intently. Her pussy was wide open, and a puddle of her fluid was obvious below her ass. I drove the 8 inches home in one motion, Maxine gasped, groaned and then moaned, put her arms around me and pulled me in close, Mommy lost it. She screamed and convulsed, she steadied herself with the hand from her boobs, and continued to rub her pussy hard and fast, she screamed again, and again, and a small puddle of her own started to form under her. I was still, watching my Mommy shake and squirm by her own hand, she thrashed about for over a minute, then slowly started to calm down. 

She finally looked at me from under the strands on brown hair vailing her pretty face, “Get that out of her nasty cunt, your fucking your mommy. Now!” 

I smiled and did as told. I pulled the dildo with a wet slurping sound, and got back. Mommy got on her hands and knees over Maxine, her face resting between Maxine’s breasts, legs spread almost as wide as her cousins. She looked back at me with “Now Mary Beth.” 

I wasted no time, and soon the tip pushed in to the folds of Mommy’s tighter pussy. I worked it slower, mommy was much tighter in fact. Soon it all fit, a snug, fit. I knew what Mommy wanted, and went at it, long fast strokes, out slow leaving just the tip in, then slamming it home, hard and fast. Mommy squealed the first time I rammed it home.

“Oh fuck yes Mary Beth, fuck your Mommy, fuck me hard Mary Beth.” came the excited voice.

“Yea, fuck her” came a slurred voice from below.

I started going faster,slow out, hard and fast in. I held Mommy’s hips, pulling her back at me as I thrust in, pushing her away as I pulled out, and soon had a nice rythem working on her. Mommy let out a long, low, grawely sort of moan, and I knew she would cum soon. I kept going, it was alot of work, and I started sweating. In and out, Slow out, hard and fast in, my tummy slapping against her ass. Mommy was so close.

‘Fuck Mommy baby girl, fuck your mommy hard baby.” she shouted at me. 

I rammed her harder, fast in and out, fast as I could, hard as I could.

“Here It comes baby… mommy is cumming baby… oh fuck me Mary Beth.” and she came like never before. She held and squeezed Maxines tits while her body shook violently. I hugged her hips and held on hard as I could, keeping the dildo buried in her sweet pussy. 

Mommy laid motionless for several minutes, I started to get worried.

“Are you OK mommy?” I asked

“Never better Mary Beth. You were amazing sweetie” she said easing my concerns.

I pulled out of her pussy slowly, and she sighed as it left her cunny. I unstraped myself and sat the toy aside. Mommy had recovered and was ready for more, quickly. She laied me face down on Maxine, bald pussy to bald pussy, it felt nice. Her large boobs were right at my face and I took one nipple in my mouth while I played with the other, Maxine moaned slightly. I was the only one who hadn’t had a good cum yet tonight, and I was horny. I wrapped my legs around Maxine’s, and started rubbing our cunts together, we were both very wet. I was started to really get in to this, I’d never rubbed pussy together like this, it felt good, soft, wet, and warm.

Mommy grabbed my hips, stopping the cunt bumping, and lifted me slightly. she used her thumbs to spread my ass wide, and then I felt the dildo touch my pussy lips. Last time it about wrecked me, it’s so big, I didn’t know if I could do it again. The head popped in all the sudden, it shocked me and I yelped.

“Hold on Mery Beth, this is going to be good.” Mommy assured me.

Mommy pushed at me, the large intruder fought against my tight labia, and my little pussy won, and I was pushed forward falling on to Maxine. Mommy pulled me back up to her and repositioned it. The head popped in again but I was ready for it this time. Mommy pushed, and I pushed back, I could feel it slide slowly up in me, not painful, but lots of pressure, It felt like I was splitting. she pulled back and the pressure eased, just before pushing it hard back in me, it was way in now, I could tell. I felt my pussy, my lips were stretched tight around it, only a few inches were outside, and I could feel in rubbing inside me.

Mommy pulled it back once more, and I moaned loudly, it really fely nice when it was pulling out. Mommy noticed and drove the entire shaft inside me, I froze in stunned silence.

Maxine opened her eyes and looked in to mine. 

“Hey MB,” she said with a slur again, “What are you doing?” and she laughed. She reached around to my ass, and felt my pussy and it’s invader. “Your getting fucked by your mommy!” she said in a sing song voice before going out again.

Mommy and I chuckeled, right before she started pumping me. She started slow, and I thought I would come apart at the seems, out and in, out and in. Every in I felt the toy push up in to my belly, I felt my stomach, half afraid it might come out. Each thrust and my hand could feel the dildo through my abdomine. Mommy kept going, getting faster, I kept going, getting hotter, it felt amazing. 

I pulled mommy’s hand from my hip, and guided it to where I could feel in dildo, and held it there for her to feel. The first thrust in after and she let out a gasp. 

“Mary Beth, are you OK, do you want me to stop?” she asked with some concern.

“Don’t you dare stop, do me Mommy, I want to cum.” I told her as fast as I could.

She started and went even faster after my encuragment, she kept her hand on my stomach, enjoying the feeling. Faster and faster she went, harder and harder. the uncomfortable nature turned to pure pleasure, my pussy was so wet it was sliding in and out easy in the tight tunnel.

“Im close Mommy, so close.” I told her. She went somehow faster.

I dropped down and started rubbing against Maxine’s pussy again, putting the dildo at an odd angle, it was rubbing against the front of my pelvis with each in. Mommy couldn’t thrust as far in this position, and moved her hand, holding my hips again. She went in to a frenzy, faster in my pussy, pushing my hips down on the Maxine, pushing our cunts together.

“Im going to cum Mommy, just keep going and make me cum for you Mommy.” I said in a breathless voice. “Oh fuck, mommy, her it comes… fuck me mommy, fuck me harder…. HArder…HARDER Mommy, Fuck Me HARDER!” and I went off.

My pussy seemed to open up, I lost all control of myself, I was shaking and screaming, my legs were rubber with a mind of their own, and I squirted all over Maxine’s cunt. It seemed to last for hours, Mommy kept fucking me, and I just kept cumming.

When it died, I took a breath, and wiped the hair from my face. Maxine looked up at me.

“Wow MB, That was a good one.” And then she was out of it again. Mom and I giggled a bit.

Mommy pulled the toy from my pussy, and as much as I enjoyed it making me cum, I was gald it was out now. My poor puss felt like it hung open, I felt it, and it was closed. I crawled off Maxine and flopped on the bed on my back, mommy still kneeling with that large intruder hanging from her.

“Why don’t you eat her pussy and let me watch Mommy?” I asked.

Mommy deftly removed the toy and tossed it aside, then dove in to Maxine’s pussy. After a few long licks, Mommy looked up at me and and said “She tastes like you.”

“She should, I just came all over her pussy.” 

I held one of Maxines legs wide and watched for a few minutes, Mommy lay on her belly eating pussy, her lower legs up and ankels crossed. I could see her grinding her pelvis in to the bed, I guess two orgasms wasn’t enough tonight, I know one wasn’t going to do it for me, and watching her was getting me going again.

I held Maxines leg against my pussy, it felt soft and silky against my bald lips. I started rubbing it, her lower calf going up and down my slit, and it was getting me wet while I watched Mommy eat her out. Mommy noticed what I was doing and seemed to like it, she started licking Maxine’s clit harder, and grinding hers in to the bed. 

I needed more.

Releasing the silken leg, I tossed my pumps to the floor, moved and squated over Maxine’s face. Mommy looked at me in a very approving way. I brought one of Maxine’s hands to my little cunt, and I inserted one finger slow and deep in me. Much smaller than what had just fucked me, but it felt nice, in and out, getting all sticky wet. Mommy was enjoying the show, and I was enjoying doing it.

I switched to two fingers, it was snugger and felt great, I spent the next few minutes squatted over Maxine’s face, masturbating with her hand, it was nice. Mommy was watching intently, licking that large, engorged clit, and watching.

I removed her fingers, lifted her hand, and lowered my face to them, I sucked her fingers clean of my pussy juice. Mommy moaned in to the pussy under her tongue, and Maxine moaned in response. The pleasure seemed to momentarly jar Maxine to reality, as her hand left my mouth and found my pussy again, only now she was doing the work. Both fingers worked my cunny while her thumb massaged my anus, I gasped and moaned and loved it.

“Oh Maxine fuck me good.” I blurted out. This got Mommy to increase her efforts on the clit, and soon, eveyone was enjoying themselves.

I stood over Maxine, her hand never leaving my pussy, and I rotated so I could bring my clit to Maxine. She never stopped fucking me, and I lowered my pussy to her mouth, spreading it for her. Her eyes were closed, but as soon as my pussy touched her lips, her mouth opened and her tongue shot on to my clit. I was in heaven. Maxine licked me so hard, so good, I wasn’t shure I would last, I didn’t want to last. I felt shuffeling on the bed, and saw Mommy move. She held Maxines right leg up, knee bent over her shoulder, their pussies melded togther in an obscean incestous kiss that made both of us hotter yet.

Mommy started grinding her pussy in to Maxines, making both of them moan loudly, but she never stopped licking me. Mommy had Maxine shaking, she had the whole bed shaking she was grinding her so hard, then everthing broke loose.

Maxine put one small finger up my ass, and it sent me over the top, I pressed down hard on her, her tongue pressed as hard back, and I lost control of everything. I held on to the head board or I would have fallen, as my body let loose with all it had. My hips thrashed about wildly, I screamed like some wild animal for release, and my pussy let loose with everythign it had, and I squirted long streams over Maxines face.

Mommy let loose with a howl at the same time, her pelvis ground down on Maxine and wouldn’t stop, her scream seemed to echo with mine throughtout the house, hot fluid from her cunt covered the bald pussy below her. In a slight dely Maxine came again, long moanings followed by some wild hip thrusting. It was nothign like what mommy and I had.

I quickly turned around and started kissing Mommy, tongues serpent like in each others mouth, Maxine could’t reach my cunt with her tongue, but setteled for licking my ass, and that was nice. We did that until the sensations left, and we were all relaxed. 

I soon went to my bed, very tired, Mommy changed her sheets, they were covered with all our fluids. finished undressing maxine, and let her sleep with her in Mommy’s bed. The next morning we all slept late. Maxine was hung over bad and didn’t seem to remember anything, but did request lots of aspine. We drove her to her hotel, where her car was later that afternoon, and she was leaving for Hollywood.

“Thanks for getting me home cousin.” She told Mommy.

“Anytime Maxine. You should come visit when it’s NOT one of dad’s parties, like the old days.” And they hugged.

“Take care of yourself MB.” She told me and gave me a hug. “And save some of that hot little pussy for me when I come back.” she whispered quiet in my ear. Aparently she wasn’t as drunk as Mommy thought.

The Perfect Mommy by Sexy Mommy


A post war period piece,My standard disclaimer, all stories take place on a different earth, where the orbit is 3 times ours, making ages 1/3 what they are on earth. And where the age of consent is thus 6.

I was a beautiful spring day to walk home from school. WWII ended a few years ago, and there was a sense of hope and promise everywhere. That was also the war that took my daddy away from mommy and me. We lived in a nice neighborhood, where we had the nicest house, mommy always made sure everything was perfect. I skipped that last block, my light dress flowing high around me, anxious to get home, it had been a long afternoon in the second grade. 

“Mommy, I’m home,” I shouted. 

“No need to shout, I’m right here.” She scolded me, she didn’t like yelling in the house. She looked her perfect self, knee length dress, back seems straight, heels polished. She was a stickler for that sort of thing. 

I approached arms wide, lips puckered. She bent down and pecked me on the cheek. I gave her my most disappointed look with a pouty grin.

“Not what you wanted?” Mommy asked. 

I shook my head. She walked me down the hall, away from all the windows of the living room. She bent down again, and her lips touched mine, parted, and our tongues danced on each other. She reached down under my dress, ran her hands up my legs to my butt, and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her waist as she continued to kiss me and rub my bare bottom. She broke our kiss briefly,

“Where are your panties? ” she asked, before quickly returning to our kiss. 

“In my lunch box. ” I told her without ever totally breaking contact with her lips. They were soft and tasted of her ruby red lipstick.

She ran her fingers up and down my crack, feeling my butt hole and parts of my puss. I undid three buttons on the front of her dress, and my right hand found her right breast, it was warm and soft, until I found the hard and sensitive part, mommy moaned slightly in my mouth, her breath was like mint gum.

“Well you are sure the randy little minx today.” Mommy said.

“Have been all afternoon.” Came my quick reply between kisses.

“Do you want a quick one now, or a better time later?” She asked.

I hesitated to think, “Both.” I managed.

Next thing she increased her kissing efforts, I continued to rub her nipple, and a finger found its way up my cunny. Slowly it ran all the way up inside me, then a different finger poked half way in my butt.

“Oh fuck.” I blurted out in excitement.

“Watch your language Mary Beth.” Came the stern and serious reply. Mommy was serious about manors, grammar and keeping appearances. 

“Sorry mommy.” Was followed by a loud gasp and groan, as she started going in and out of me. I could tell it was the middle finger on her right hand up in my cunny, she wears a large ring on that one, and I could feel it hit me. She held me, fingering me faster, and faster. She leaned me back against the wall, pinning me between it and her, pressing her breasts in to my chest.

“Here it comes mommy.” I said in a breathless voice. My hips started to shake. “Here it comes mommy, here it com…” was all I got out when my orgasm hit. Mommy held me tight and soon I was relaxed and slipping down from her arms. Mommy says I am easy to make cum, I don’t know about that, but it feels very good when I do.

“Ok sweetie, dinner is at 6:00, so get some homework done, and then change for dinner.” And with that my perfect mom went back to the kitchen.

She always insisted on ‘dressing’ for dinner. And being 8 was no excuse not to. Girls had to wear dresses, always. Dinner was no exception. Bare legs after 5:00pm was forbidden, and frowned upon always. Everything had to be proper. I hated wearing stockings, they felt nice, but the garter belts were uncomfortable when I sat. And the shoes… I could never run in them, all tall and pointy. I did my homework, waiting till the last minute to change.

I was allowed white or tan stockings, I picked a red dress so wore tan with the red garter. Red shoes, the heels were not as tall as what mommy wears, but 3 inches seemed too tall for me. 5 minutes later, the seems were straight and I went to dinner. Just the two of us, but it was always formal, ‘were not animals.’ Mommy would say.

Dinner was uneventful, but I could tell mommy was a bit frisky to. She would run her foot against my leg several times. She does that when she wants sex. Mommy cleaned up, and I went to listen to the radio, she joined me for the last few minutes of my program.

A more adult program came on next, not my favorite, but I stayed to listen anyway. Mommy sat on the couch and did needle point as sat on the floor and played with whatever caught my attention that minute. The program was on for an hour, and I was feeling every minute of it. The brief satisfaction I received when I got home had long worn off, and I was ready to go. Mommy was ready too, I could see it in the way she would fidget on the couch, she did that when she was ready, but the prim and proper woman in her wouldn’t let that get the best of her. No, sex would be on her time, on her schedule. 

When the program ended, mommy got up, taking way too much time to straighten her needle and thread. She then smoothed her dress void of all wrinkles, straightened her back seems as best she could, and closed the drapes. This was the point I got excited, prim and proper were not just the expectations, they were adamantly adheared to, until the drapes were shut.

She held out her hand to me, and helped me up from the floor, giving me a sly grin as she did. I had a feeling tonight was going to be one of her more involved and more vigorous efforts. She walked me back to her bedroom at the very end of the long hallway. I knew where this was going, so I started to unzip shortly after walking in, she stopped me. 

“I thought we would try a little make up on you.” She told me.

“I thought you said make up made young girls look slutty. ” I shot back.

“Maybe I want you to be a little slut tonight.” She said, with a smile that seemed slightly aggressive. 

She sat me at her vanity and mirror, and began to apply. When she was done, I looked older, and she was right, I looked slutty, but in a good way. She escorted me to the middle of the room, and twirled me around to look at me. 

“Well you look just delightful Mary Beth, you look simply good enough to eat.” She stared at me with strong, lust filled eyes. I think I blushed a little.

She bent down to me, and kissed my lips, soft and warm, she tasted like mint and lust, and I liked it. Her gentle kissing was soon followed by hands on my back, but instead of going right for my butt, as she usually does, she started immediately bringing the zipper down. It seemed to take her minutes to pull the zipper down, horrible, tormented, lusty minutes. When she finally reached the small of my back, I started to remove my arms from the short sleeves, but she stopped me and broke our kiss. She moved herself to the bed, sat down, and looked at me.

“Go slow, I want to watch you.” Her voice sultry and wanton.

I started, but had little idea what to do. I went about as slow as I could, but I was hot and horny, and wanted to fuck my mommy, going slow was hard. The sleeves came down, I held my dress around me for a moment longer, letting it fall slowly when the time came. I stepped out of the dress, and started to walk to her.

“Hold on baby.” Clearly excited. Her right hand was rubbing her left nipple through her dress, and her left pressed on her lower abdomin as far down as it could go. “Turn around for me, slow.”

I turned around, I was getting the idea of what she wanted. I did it slow, and shook my butt at her a little, and when I did, my face brightened red again with embarrassment. When I got turned back around mommy was looking at me hard. I felt exposed standing there, with my dress gone, I only wore the garter, stockings and shoes, but mommy made me feel better.

“That was nice Mary Beth, very nice. I like to watch you. Rub your nipples for me, ok baby.”

I brought both hands up and started rubbing. They were already hard little rocks on my chest, it felt good to get some pleasure from them. I ran my finger around each one, then would brush over the top, this felt so good. I looked at mommy, she had unbuttoned most of her dress, she hadn’t worn a bra under it, and her breasts lay exposed as she seemed to mirror everything I did. I wanted to see something, so I ran my hand down my belly, and to my puss, gently stroking the lips with one finger. Her hand soon followed, but she quickly became aware of the dress, and stood to remove it. It fell and was discarded quickly in to a lump on the floor, something she would never do, even when this excited.

Sitting back down, her silken covered legs spread wide, as she parted the patch of dark brown hair to reveal her slit to me. It got me even more turned on. She went right to fingering herself, thrusting a single digit as far as it would go, then adding another. Her pussy made wet sounds as she went at herself hard, my finger parted my bald lips, and I could feel the wetness start to flow as my inner lips accepted my finger.

“You are so hot Mary Beth, such a slutty little girl you are. Do you want to fuck your mommy Mary Beth? Do you want to fuck your mommy like the little slutty girl you are?” Mommys dirty talk was exciting to my ears.

“Yes mommy, I want to fuck you, because I’m your little slut baby.” I returned the nasty talk to her, and she loved it.

She motioned me to her, specifically to her cunt. I walked to her, and climbed up on the bed with her. Her hands held her legs behind her knees, holding them high and wide. It could see her pussy opened up to me, wet hair surrounding it, and I could see her ass. I used my hands to part the hair away, and lowered my head to her. She let out a long moan as my tongue ran the length of her pussy. She tasted musky and sweet. I knew what she needed, so I quickly found her clit, it was hard and sensitive, and she jumped everytime my tongue flicked across it. I began to suck on it and she soon began one long moan. Her hips began to slowly push in to my face at the same rhythm I was sucking her. 

“Stop for a second Mary Beth. ” She broke our lusty kiss, pulling her pussy away from me. 

She reached in to her drawer, the one I knew she kept her toys in, and pulled out a new one.

“Come here baby, put this on so you can fuck your mommy right.” She motioned me over and began to tie something on around my hips. When she was done and pulled away, I had a penis. It was plastic, and about 8 inches long, and 2 inches across. “Now you can fuck me right, now you can fuck your mommy like a good baby slut.” It looked ridiculously large on me.

She laid back, legs wide but not holding them this time. I walked on my knees between them, looking at the wetness laid out before me. I had never used such a object, but it seemed obvious enough. I positioned the end in her pussy, and pushed with my hips. She groaned loudly, and her legs came around me, and I could feel her shoes against my butt, holding me tight in her. A few seconds later and she pushed my hips away with her hands, only to bring them crashing back down in to her with a pull of her legs. She moaned loudly again, even more intense but shorter lived. Quickly she pushed me away again, and her legs brought me right back. 

I was getting the idea. I began to take care of this on my own. Thrusting at her with long slow thrusts at first, and slowly gaining speed and intensity. She moved her legs up, wrapping them around my waist, she was moaning and writhing under me, her pussy making erotic wet sounds. 

“Does Mommy like getting fucked by her little girl?” I gave her more of the nasty talk she liked, and open the flood gates.

“Mary Beth you are such a little slut fucking your mommy like this…keep fucking me Mary Beth, do not stop you nasty little whore, fuck your mommy Mary Beth, fuck me hard baby, harder. You nasty little slut girl, you are going to make your mommy cum.” And with that she began to shake violently. 

I continued to thrust as hard as I could, my hips slamming in to hers, faster and faster. She let out a long loud scream, her legs splayed out wide, one hand found my ass and pulled my tight in to her and held me there, hard. I dropped my mouth to her nipple and nursed as her other hand held my head tight to her breast. Her hips continued to push in to me almost like a spasm, and I knew she had an amazing orgasm.

She pulled my face from her breast and kissed me long and passionately, our tongues circled around each other as she filled my mouth. She pushed my hips back without breaking out kiss, pulling the toy from herself slowly, letting out another moan as she did. She then undid the harness, taking it away.

“Its your turn baby.” She said as she broke our kiss. I sat back, and she worked her way off the bed. She stood staring me in the eye, as she adjusted the straps to fit her without ever looking at them. It looked more proportional on her body.

“I don’t think I can fit it in me mommy.” I stated with a bit of concern.

“That doesn’t sound like something my little slut would say. ” She scolded me. “A good little slut baby takes whatever she is offered, and she enjoys it. Are you a good slut for mommy?

“I’m a good slut mommy, I’ll try to take it.” I said with some optimism. 

I laid on my back as she had, spread my legs as wide as I could, and held my arms out to invite her to me. She got on to the bed, walking on her knees as I did to her. She pulled a pillow from the head of the bed and lifted my hips up, and put the pillow under me. 

“This will elevate your pelvis and make it more comfortable.” She explained. “Now just take it all in like a good girl.”

I spread out wide again, and even held my puffy lips apart for her, that made her happy. She rubbed the end up and down my cunny a few times, getting it wet, and it felt good when it hit my clit. She positioned it right at my opening, and pushed it in. Just an inch or two at first, it felt like a log in me. It didn’t hurt, but the pressure was intense. She pulled back, and in again, further this time, it felt uncomfortable, yet fulfilling and satisfying at the same time. Out again, and back in, mommy was getting more agressive.

“Easy mommy,” I said, “fuck me slow.”

“Its no fun slow baby, you will see.” 

She started faster, each time going further in me, it felt both invasive and amazing. It seemed like 2 feet were in me, but I could see it was only half way in. Each thrust going further and further, mommy had a lustful distant look about her as she thrusted harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She ran her hands down my legs and to my ankles, lifting my feet high in the air, using the heels on my shoes as a handle, her pounding intensified. 

It felt like my body was coming apart, the pressure in my small pussy combined with simultaneously pleasure, and the beautiful, lust filled eyes as my mommy looked at me. One more thrust and I felt her body push against my clit, she was all the way in. I could feel the toy way in me, rubbing against my insides, feeling amazing. Now she was going crazy, thrusting and pounding away me, she let my feet go, and I wrapped them around her waist, pulling her harder in as she drove in to me. 

She alternated between watching my face and watching the toy violate my pussy. I could see my lips were stretched tight around it, they glistened with excess wetness.

“Its coming mommy, it feels like I’m going to pee mommy, what…” my voice trailed.

“Let it go baby, just let everything happen.” She consoled me.

“Oh fuck me mommy.. fuck me mommy… harder mommy… fuck your baby mommy” and with that the best orgasm of my life rocketed through my body, my hips had a mind of their own, thrusting up madly at mommy, several small squirts of fluid came out of me, making both of us wet, I screamed like an animal, wailing until the orgasm eased away, and left me trembling in the shadow of my mother looking down on me.

Mommy slowly pulled out of me, my puss seemed to stay wide open, at least it felt that way. Mommy unhooked herself and tossed the toy aside, then returned to laying between my legs, where we kissed for a while. Eventually mommy got up and went to the bathroom, and I knew it was time to go to my bedroom, even after fantastic sex, we were to sleep in our own rooms. Walking was a difficult, the muscles between my legs were over stretched and over tired, and every step made it feel like that big toy was still up inside of me. I hoped I was not still this way in the morning when I went to school.

Step Sisters Conundrum by Qlick


Heidi has a problem and it takes the whole family to help her figure it out.Heidi moaned lightly as her eye lids fluttered and she climbed slowly up out of the soft blanket of sleep. She lay still, her eyes closed thinking about her problem.

Now you would think that a gorgeous redheaded, green eyed, 18 year old beauty with 36 “B” cup breasts and a shapely tanned body, who was a member of the cheer squad and who’s boyfriend was the captain of the football team wouldn’t have many problems. But Heidi had one and to her it was a very large unsolvable one.

The only way she had been able to get Greg Flare, the football team captain to be her boyfriend was to have sex with him. Having sex with him wasn’t the problem. Heidi had been masturbating two or three times a day since she hit puberty and she loved it. She loved to cum so she assumed having sex with a guy would be as much fun.

That was the problem. When Greg had fucked her the first time and popped her cherry, he had lasted no more then a minute and a half before he came. He had then pulled out, zipped up his pants and told her it was time to go home.

That had been 6 months ago. Heidi had gone to the family planning clinic for a birth control shot, so she wouldn’t get pregnant. And since the first time, she had fucked the boy at least three times a week. Each time he had cum in less then 2 minutes. Afterward his cock would wilt so they would clean up and go find something else to do.

This left Heidi very frustrated. She would go home after each date and masturbate two or three times to relieve the sexual pressure. But she knew there had to be more, knew that she should demand a proper fucking from Greg. But she was positive if she did, that he would move on to one of the other cheer leaders, one who would willingly let him have his two minute fuck. Heidi was sure that Laura Stevens, the cheer squad captain, would jump at the chance to take Heidi’s place. 

So there was her problem. She wanted better sex, wanted to have an orgasm from sex with a guy, but knew she’d have to give up her boyfriend to get that. She didn’t want to give him up and the status that went with dating him. It was a conundrum she had been pondering for months and still didn’t have an answer for. 

She had talked with her best friend and co-cheerleader Clare Thomas about it several times. She trusted Clare and knew the short dark haired girl wouldn’t tell anyone. In fact Clare had stayed the night several times over the last few months and the two girls had spent an hour or so each time trying to figure out a solution. But neither one of them could come up with anything that was acceptable to Heidi. 

Heidi slid her hand down between her legs, closed her eyes and began to slowly rub her pussy, allowing her finger to slid over her clit with each stroke along her fast moistening slit. She loved Saturday mornings. She would wake, masturbate, snuggle down and go back to sleep, awaken an hour or so later to again finger herself to another climax.

Usually she would repeat this process at least two and often up to four times. Almost every Saturday her step father would yell at her several times trying to get her out of bed. Once he even came up to physically pull her out of bed. But when he pulled the blankets off her, he had stood staring at her for a few moments, before turning and quickly leaving the room. 

Heidi had noticed just as he turned to go, the large lump in his jeans, then looked down at herself. She had on a thin lace nighty that had pulled up, revealing her neatly trimmed, red curly bush. She also noticed that the lace over her breasts was pulled tight, showing a perfect outline of her nipples standing up on her firm, perky tits. 

It pleased her to know he had gotten an erection from looking at her. In fact, after that incident, she had fantasied about her stepfather pulling the covers off her, holding her down on the bed and fucking her. Every time she fantasied about it, she had cum very hard and almost wished he would. But she knew her stepfather would never do it, even though she knew he was very sexually frustrated because he had been without a wife and sex, for 2 years. 

Her step father, Lance, had married Heidi’s mom when Heidi was 10. At first Heidi had a difficult time sharing her mom with Lance and his two 10 year old fraternal twin son’s, Francis and Isaac. Gradually she had accepted Lance and his sons. So by the time Heidi’s mom left to “find herself”, Heidi was comfortable with the three males. 

In fact Heidi and the two boys had formed a tight sibling relationship. She liked both the boys and they would even wrestle. That lasted until just before Heidi’s 17th birthday. The only reason she had stopped was that both boys started to grope her while they were wrestling. She really didn’t mind that at all, but when she started to think about letting them go farther, she figured they had better stop before she did something she shouldn’t. 

Heidi’s fingers danced up and down her slippery pussy lips, with thoughts of Lance holding her down while he rammed his hard rod into her danced through her head. When she came she moaned, biting her lip to keep from screaming. When she was done she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Heidi woke a short time later with a boy laying on each side of her. 

“What the hell do you two think you’re doing?” She said, anger edging her voice.

“Dad went fishing.” Francis said,”He told us to get you out of bed and he didn’t care how we did it.” 

“So here we are.”Isaac added,”You can get up or we will torture you till you do.”

“Go away!” Heidi growled, pulling the blankets up to her chin and squeezing her eyes shut.

“Nope, you have to get up.”Francis said,”Or else.” 

“Go away!” Heidi yelled.

A second later she felt Francis’s hand slide under the sheet and cup her right breast. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She yelled as she swung a slap at his head. 

Francis caught her wrist and pinned it to the mattress above his head. Heidi tried to hit him with the other hand, but a second later found it pinned by Isaac. Then she gasped as Isaac’s hand cupped her left breast. 

“You two better stop or I’ll tell Dad!” Heidi yelped as she felt Francis pinch her nipple. 

“Are you going to get up?” Isaac ask, squeezing her breast as he did.

“Hell no!” Heidi grated,”But you two better stop, right now or I tell dad. Stop it!”

“I don’t think you will.” Isaac replied as he slid his hand up under her nighty top and cupped her bare breast,”And I don’t think we will.” 

“And why the hell wouldn’t I tell him?” Heidi said struggling to get her hands loose.

“Well,”Francis said with a grin as he too slipped his hand under her nighty and cupped her breast,”because we have pictures of you and that football player on the couch downstairs last night.”

“You assholes took pictures of us?”Heidi sputtered, then she added as she renewed her struggle to get free,”You…took…pictures? How did you take pictures of us? You bastards!!!”

The two boys were stronger then she was and held her as her struggles grew weaker, then stopped. She lay still her chest heaving. 

“So are you going to get up?” Isaac ask. 

“Fuck no!” She spat at him. 

Francis said,”Well, we’ll have to go to stage two…”

Heidi felt his leg hook over hers and a moment later she felt Isaac hook his leg over her other

one. Before she was aware of what they were doing, they had her legs spread wide and pinned so she couldn’t close them again.

“Wha….” She started to say, then her eyes widened as she felt two hands, one from each side, slowly slide down over her tight flat stomach. 

As the hand slid over her mound she stammered,”You can’t do tha….ugh.” Her protest was cut off as two sets of fingers slipped into her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck she feels good!” Isaac grunted as he burrowed his fingers into her wet slit.

In a whisper Francis said,”You know, we’ve gone this far, maybe we should….”

“Fuck her?” Isaac finished.

“You….you can’t!” Heidi yelped in protest,”I’m your sister!”

But her body was telling the two boys different. Her pussy was so wet it was leaking down the crack of her ass and her hips were thrusting toward their probing fingers.

“Step sister actually,”Isaac replied as he pushed two fingers deeper into her wet hole,”Which means it’s not incest.”

Francis pulled his hand from between her legs and tentatively sniffed at the fluid coating his fingers. He stuck out his tongue and took one small taste, then grinned.

“Well?” Isaac ask.

“That’s awesome! Before we fuck her,” Francis said,”I want to try putting my tongue in her pussy, like we saw in the pornos on the computer.”

“Ok,” Isaac said,”But I get to fuck her first after you’re done.”

By now Heidi knew they weren’t going to stop. In fact she didn’t want them to. She was so turned on, she wanted a hard cock inside her. But she wasn’t sure about someone licking her pussy and she had to put up a show of resistance, so continued to protest.

“Please, don’t do this! You have to stop!”

“Don’t worry sis,” Francis replied as he threw back the blankets, transferred his grip on her wrist to Isaac, then pulled her nighty up until her firm round tits were exposed,”We aren’t going to leave you frustrated like your boyfriend does.”

Some where in Heidi’s sex racked brain that statement stuck. She wondered how he knew her boyfriend always left her that way, but that thought was cut short as the feel of Francis’s tongue sliding into her wet slit filled her with a wave of pleasure. She groaned and thought it couldn’t get any better, until a second later when Isaac placed his mouth over one of her nipples.

“Isaac, you have to try this!” Francis said,”She tasted so good, I’m almost ready to cum on the sheets!”

Isaac pulled his mouth off her nipple and said to her,”If I let go of your wrists, will you stop fighting?” 

Heidi didn’t want to fight, all she wanted was for the boys to keep doing what they were doing.

“No, no…I won’t fight…I promise.”She gasped.

Isaac let go of her wrists and returned to sucking on her nipple as he used his now free hand to fondle her other breast. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to have the boys licking her pussy and sucking her nipples. The pleasure was so intense she didn’t think it could get any better, until her climax hit her. As the bolts of pure pleasure shot through her she screamed, grabbed the back of Francis’s head, pulled his face tight to her cunt as her hips quivered in the grip of a monstrous orgasm.

It took Francis half a minute to pry her fingers away from his head. He came up gasping for air to find Isaac naked from the waist down, his hard cock waving in the air. Isaac pushed his brother aside and scrambled between Heidi’s legs. He grabbed his hard cock, put the tip against her wet hole and with one shove, pushed the entire 6 ” length of his cock into his step sister’s pulsing pussy. 

The feeling as he entered was a new one for Heidi. Her boyfriends cock was only 4″ long and slightly over 3/4″ in diameter. Isaac and Francis’s cock’s were larger, and almost identical. They were 6 ” long and 1 3/4″ in diameter. 

So as Isaac pushed into Heidi, she felt his girth spread her tight, slippery, swollen tunnel as it entered. As his balls smacked her ass, she gasped and arched her back. Isaac grabbed both ass cheeks and began to fuck her with long hard strokes. He knew it was going to be a while before he came. Both he and Francis had jacked off twice that morning thinking about what they had planned to do to their step sister.

Heidi couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her step brother fucking her. She put her feet on the mattress and pushed her hips up to give him better access to her pussy. Isaac fucked her hard for ten minutes, until he groaned as his cock throbbed, blasting cum deep into her pussy. 

As he pulled out the thought that filled Heidi’s sex saturated mind was,”So close….I haven’t cum yet. I’m so close….so close.”

She felt Francis slide between her legs, felt him put his cock head against her dripping cum filled pussy, and a moment later she groaned as she was again filled with hard cock.

As Francis fucked her she heard Isaac say,”Damn, isn’t she good? Sis is such a great fuck, I don’t know why we didn’t do this before.”

Heidi lost herself in the feel of Francis’s cock sliding in and out of her slippery wet hole, his young, muscular body against hers, the smell of sex and the sound of him grunting as he fucked her. She didn’t even realize her climax was about to crest until it hit her. 

Her orgasm broke over her, filling her senses. She screamed as wave after wave of pleasure blasted through her. Just as it was starting to diminish, she felt Francis’s cock throbbing inside her pussy, filling her with his cum, which set off another massive orgasm. When that one faded, she lay still, groaning. 

“You ok sis?” Isaac asked, concern in his voice,”We didn’t want to hurt you. We just wanted to fuck you.”

“You did.” She murmured,”You most certainly did.”

A second later Francis said, nervousness filling his voice,”Aw…you really aren’t going to tell dad are you?” 

Heidi lay there, cocooned in the warm after glow of her series of intense orgasms, Francis’s question echoing through her head. Then like a bolt of lighting, his earlier comment about her boyfriend leaving her frustrated came back to her.

“Before I answer that,” She said sitting up,”How did you two know Greg left me sexually frustrated?”

“Well…aw….well…” Isaac stammered. 

“Spill it!” Heidi said.

The boys sat still staring at the floor for a short time then Francis said,”Promise you won’t get mad?”

After what had just happened Heidi couldn’t think of anything that would get her angry. After all her two step brothers had just both fucked her. 

So she said,”Yea, I promise not to get mad.”

“We…aw…we….we heard you and Clare talking.” Francis said evasively.

Heidi knew that the conversations with Clare had all been in her room with the door closed, so she couldn’t understand how the two boys had overheard them.

“How did you hear us in my room with the door closed?” Heidi ask.

“We didn’t hear it here.” Francis said,”You two were in the rec room down stairs when we heard you.”

Heidi thought about it and still couldn’t see how the boys had heard her and Clare. The rec room was big, taking up most of the basement. The one conversation she and Clare had about Greg, had been on the couch watching tv with the door closed. The couch sat at one end of the room, opposite the door, so there was no way anyone could over hear some one talking unless they were in the room. 

“So how did you hear us? And come to think of it, how did you get pictures of me and Greg?”

“Well….we….aw… you won’t get mad?”Isaac asked. 

Heidi thought about it for a moment, sighed and said for the second time,”No I won’t get mad.”

“We…we…put a camera and microphone in the smoke alarm above the couch.”

“You what?” Heidi yelped.

“You said you wouldn’t get mad!” Francis said quickly.

“How long have you had it there?” Heidi ask.

“A couple of months.” came Isaac’s mumbled reply.

“So you two have been watching everything that happens on that couch?” Heidi ask,”Every time Greg and I fucked you were watching?”

Both boys nodded. 

Heidi was trying to hold on to her anger. She was really pissed that her step brothers had been watching her and her boyfriend.

“So I suppose you two would jack off while you watched Greg and me fuck?” She asked, her voice tight as she tried not to sound angry. 

Both boys nodded, but then Francis said,”But we had to record it and watch it three or four times. Your boyfriend cummed to fast.”

All of a sudden an epiphany blossomed in Heidi’s brain. She sat still, letting the answer to her conundrum echo through her head. After a time she became aware of Isaac calling her name.

“Heidi? Are you ok? You’ve been sitting there staring off into space for a long time. Are you

angry? You promised you wouldn’t be.” 

“I’m fine.” She replied,”I was just thinking about something. So where were we?”

“We wanted to know if you were going to tell dad about what we did to you.” Francis ask,”Are you?”

“That depends.””She replied, trying to sound serious.

“On what?” Isaac ask,”We’ll do anything you want if you don’t tell him.”

“So….” She paused, drawing out her reply,”If I demand you both fuck me at least once a day from now on, you will so I don’t tell him?”

It took the boys a second to absorb what she had said, then they both grinned, nodded their heads and replied in unison,”Absolutely!”

Heidi smiled and said,”So are you two ready for round two?”

Isaac and Francis looked at each other, grinned and nodded their heads.

Heidi patted the bed on each side of her. The boys scrambled up next to her. Heidi reached out and wrapped her hands around both their hard cock’s and started to slowly jack them off.

The boys groaned as she pumped her hand up and down their shafts.

“You know, I’ve never sucked one of these. Greg has never lasted long enough to want me to. I think I’ll try it. Who want’s to be first?”

“You fucked her first!” Francis said to Isaac,”I get first dibbs on the blow job!” 

“I tell you what,”Heidi said with a grin,”Isaac why don’t you lay down on your back?”

Isaac stretched out on his back wondering what Heidi had in mind. He didn’t have to wait long to find out. As soon as he was settled, she straddled his lap, grabbed his cock, put the head against her slippy entrance and with a long sigh slid down onto his hard pole. As soon as she was settled she motioned Francis to her. He got to his knees and Heidi leaned over and took the engorged purple head of his cock into her mouth. For the next ten minutes the only sounds in the room were the creak of the bed, the grunts, moans and sighs of the boys and Heidi as they fucked. 

Finally Francis groaned,”Oh fuck! I’m gunna cu,……cum!” 

A second later his cock exploded, filling Heidi’s mouth with squirt after squirt of warm cum. As the first long spurt hit the back of her throat, Heidi gagged, then reflexively began to swallow. After the first mouth full slid down her throat, Heidi grabbed Francis’s ass, pulled his throbbing rod deeper into her mouth and continued to swallow as he came. As the last squirt from his cock filled her mouth Heidi felt her climax crest. 

Like an explosion the blast of pleasure radiated out from her pussy to envelop her entire body. Her pussy spasmed and pulsed, repeatedly squeezing Isaac’s cock in it’s velvet vise grip. Isaac was close to cumming and when he felt her pussy milking his shaft, he groaned as his cock exploded, blasting warm cum deep into Heidi’s quivering tunnel.

As his cock throbbed, it caused a second orgasm to grip Heidi, she tried to cry out, but because she still had her lips wrapped around Francis’s hard rod, all that came out was a muffled, gargling sound. Francis pulled his cock out of his step sister’s mouth. As he did Heidi slumped onto Isaac’s chest, spent. The three of them lay in a pile. After a short time Francis stirred, then stood. 

Heidi slowly climbed off Isaac’s cock, groaning as she did,”If you two fuck me like that every time, I’m going to be one sore, satisfied girl!”

“I think we had better get cleaned up incase dad comes home.” She said.

The boys agreed. Heidi showered first, then the two boys. By the time they were done Heidi was

some what recuperated. They all three went down stairs to have breakfast.

As they ate Heidi said,”So do you still have the camera in the smoke detector?”

“Yea. It’s still there.” Francis said,”But we promise not to use it again. We really don’t need to!” He added with a grin.

“It’s connected to your computer isn’t it?” Heidi ask.

“Yea.” The boys responded.

“I want it connected to mine instead.”She said,”I want to keep an eye on you two for a change.”

The boys agreed and right after breakfast made the switch.

Their dad arrived home mid-afternoon and when he asked if the boys had been able to get their sister out of bed, the two young males grinned and told him they had tortured her until she got up. Their dad had chuckled and responded that he was going to have to give them that job more often. Both boys had a difficult time not grinning like idiots at that comment.

For the next three weeks Heidi got fucked more then she ever thought possible. Heidi went to cheer practice after school, so didn’t get home until 5:00. Her two brothers, who arrived home at 4:00, were waiting impatiently for her. Their dad worked until 6:30, which gave the three of them an hour and a half to have fun. 

The first day after school Heidi arrived at 5:00 and as soon as she was in the door, both boys were pulling her toward her bedroom. Heidi made them wait as she slowly stripped in front of them. Both boys sat staring at her as she slowly revealed her tanned, teen body to them. By the time she pulled her bra off and they laid eyes on her firm teen tits, both boys cock’s were tenting their jeans and hard as rocks.

When she was naked she ordered both of them to strip, which they did in less then 15 seconds. Then she told Francis to get on the bed and lay on his back. She climbed up over him and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. He began to eat her, sliding his tongue up into her pussy as she leaned over and began to suck his cock. 

It didn’t take long, a few minutes, before both Heidi and Francis were cumming. When they were done Isaac demanded she suck his cock, because she had sucked Francis twice already and hadn’t done him. Francis climbed off the bed as Isaac climbed on. A few moments later he was groaning in ecstasy as Heidi swallowed his cock. 

Over the next hour Heidi sucked Isaac to a climax, sat on Francis’s cock and fucked him until he exploded filling her with cum, then did the same for Isaac. The three of them lost track of time and didn’t realize what time it was until Heidi looked at the clock and discovered it was 20 after 6. All three scrambled to clean up and were in their respective rooms doing home work ( or trying to look like they were) when their dad got home at 6:30.

That set the routine for the next three weeks. Every week day the three of them would go to Heidi’s room and fuck until 6:15, then shower and be looking innocent when their dad got home. Heidi still fucked her boy friend, but after the great sex she was having with the twins, it was getting to be a drag and she found herself wondering if it was worth it. 

On the weekends, if their dad left, to go fishing or anything else, the boys would run up to her room and pile on their sister. Heidi was more then willing to spread her legs. She was enjoying the situation to the maximum. 

Three weeks after it all started, Heidi woke one night and needed a drink of water. She made her way down stairs to the kitchen got a drink and was on her way back to her room when she noticed the door to the rec room was closed. She pulled on the knob, but it was locked. 

She was puzzled. It was very late, 1:00 AM on a weekday, so the boys wouldn’t be in the room. And she didn’t think her dad would be up. But the door was locked so one of the three males in her family were in there. After a moment a thought hit her sleep fogged mind, she still had the camera in the smoke detector hooked up to her computer. She could bring it up and see who was in there. 

Se hurried back to her room and quickly pulled up the interface program. As it snapped on to her screen she gasped. Her dad was sitting on the couch with his hard cock in his hand. And what a cock it was! It had to be 8″ long and the girth was large enough that the tips of his fingers didn’t meet where they were wrapped around it. 

She could see part of the TV screen and realized he was watching a porn movie. She watched it just long enough to see it was a young muscular stud fucking a young, slim red haired girl. 

Heidi turned her attention back to her step father and watched mesmerized as he stroked that long hard pole. She couldn’t take her eyes away from it. She licked her lips and subconsciously squeezed her legs together as her pussy tingled from the image of that long, hard rod, the large purple head and the sight of her step dad’s hand moving up and down it’s length.

A half formed thought fluttered through her mind,’How would that feel sliding into me?’

With her eyes glued to the screen watching her dad stroke his massive rod, she slowly moved her hand down between her legs, groaning at the feel of her fingers slipping between the wet lips of her pussy and her imagination pictured it as the large purple knob of her dads cock prying her pussy open. She fingered herself as she watched him jack off, stroking his long, cock faster and faster.

She gasped as she saw his cum shoot into the air, then she gasped again as she heard him groan,”Oh fuck Heidi! I’m cumming! Take it all baby! Take it all my sweet little red haired teen slut! Oh fuck baby! Take all of daddy’s cum!”

As she watched his cum squirt out of his massive cock, as she heard him groaning her name, her pussy clamped down on her fingers. She moaned as the most intense orgasm of her life slammed through her. When it passed, she sat at her computer, limp and panting.

Her dad, wiped up his mess with a towel and left the room a few minutes later. Heidi climbed into bed, but couldn’t go back to sleep for a long time because of the visions of her dads cock and the echo of his voice saying,”Oh fuck baby….take all of daddy’s hard cock! Daddy’s cumming baby…..daddy’s cumming!” 

The next day as the boys were fucking her, Heidi was fantasizing about her dad’s cock. When she came, because of the fantasy images in her head it was so hard she almost passed out. 

That evening in bed she decided she wanted that huge pole inside her. She wanted to fuck her step dad. After fucking her step brothers for almost a month, she didn’t see anything wrong with wanting to do the same with her step dad. She began to form a plan. She fell asleep an hour and a half later with a plan she hoped would work.

The next day Heidi called her favorite aunt. Aunt Stella was her step dad’s younger sister. She and her husband lived on a farm an hour away. Stella and Heidi were close and many times Heidi confided in Stella things she couldn’t, or wouldn’t tell her friends. 

When she answered the phone Stella said happily,”Hey Heidi! What’s up with my favorite niece?”

Heidi launched int a long involved story about how her two brothers were being a pain and how she would like to have a slumber party this coming weekend and not worry about her brothers intruding.

“I see,”Said Stella,” So would you like me to invite them out here for the weekend so you can do your slumber party?”

“Would you?” Heidi ask,”That would be wonderful!”

“So tell me,” Stella asked, a sly note to her voice,”Will there be a boy or two there?”

“Aw….well….aw…” Heidi stammered, not having a ready answer because she was taken by surprise by the question.

Stella laughed, misinterpreting Heidi’s stammer and inability to answer as a yes,”So there will be! Have you had sex with your boyfriend yet?”

This time Heidi could answer truthfully,”Yes. We have been doing it for six months.”

“So you’re protected I take it? You aren’t going to go get yourself pregnant if I do this for you?”

“No, I won’t.” Heidi replied,”I’ve been on birth control for months. But could you do me a favor and not mention this to Dad?”

“He doesn’t know?” Stella chuckled,”Ok, I won’t, but you owe me!”

Stella called that evening and talked to the boys, telling them she would like to have them out for the weekend to the farm. The two boys were ecstatic. They loved going out to the farm because they got to ride the horses, the quads and swim in the lake.

When they asked their dad, he readily agreed. He had visions of spending a weekend lounging around the house watching football games. When the boys told Heidi she smiled and looked pleased. Inwardly she was both nervous and anxious about the coming weekend.

For the next few day Heidi went over and over her plan. She asked her dad what he was going to do with the boys gone and he told her he would spend the time vegetating in front of the TV. Heidi figured that would be perfect. She told him she didn’t have a date or plans for Friday night and asked if she could order pizza and watch the game with him. He smiled and agreed. The boys left Friday right after school. Their dad took them out to the farm, so Heidi knew he would be gone at least two hours, if not three. 

As soon as they were gone Heidi drove to thee mall and went right to a lingerie store. Heidi looked at sheer see through lace nighties, soft satin ones and plain flannel ones. Finally she spotted one she liked. It was a light blue baby doll outfit. 

Heidi bought it and drove home. She took her purchase to her room and tried it on. The panties were made of soft see through lace and barely covered her red bush. In fact she could see the red curls of her pubic hair through the lace. She pulled on the top and looked at herself in the mirror. It hit her at mid thigh, but if she bent over it pulled up enough to expose the firm cheeks of her ass. When she sat, if she let her legs spread just slightly, she could see the red color of her neatly trimmed bush through the lace. She grinned. This was the one she wanted. 

She spent the rest of the evening building up her courage. She wanted to do this, but she didn’t know how her dad was going to respond. He could get angry. He could be offended. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind and tried to convince herself it would work out like she envisioned it. 

When her dad got home he yelled he was back. She called out that she was in her room and asked when the game started. He said it was on in 15 minutes. Heidi told him she would order the pizza and bring it in when it arrived. When the doorbell rang, Heidi answered it dressed in a long robe. Underneath she had on the baby doll outfit. She paid the pizza delivery boy, then took it to the Rec room. She stopped at the door and before she entered, she dropped her robe and put it in the closet. 

She took a deep breath to quell her nervousness, opened the door and called out,”Hey dad. The pizza is here.” 

His eyes were glued to the screen as he answered,”Great! Come on over and sit. Let’s eat.”

Heidi walked over, slid the pizza onto the coffee table in front of the couch, sat down next to her dad and curled one leg under herself. 

“Who’s winning?” She asked as she pulled a slice of pizza from the box.

“Denver at the moment,” her dad responded as he turned to look at her,”but I expect……”

As his eyes locked on her his words came to an abrupt halt.

“You expect, what?” Heidi asked, taking a bite of pizza.

“I aw……..I expect Washington to make a better showing in the second half.” He finished lamely, never taking his eyes off her. 

“Aw….Heidi… you think that’s an appropriate way to dress with your father?”He asked his eyes traveling down to her bare smooth thighs and barely covered crotch, then back up to the outline of her firm breasts under the lace fabric.

“Don’t you like it?” Heidi asked, trying to put hurt into her voice.

“Yes….I mean no….I mean it looks very good on you, but I’m not sure you should be wearing it here, now.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you daddy.” She said, “I’ll go to my room.”

As she began to rise he placed his hand on her arm and said,”No, that’s ok. I was just a little shocked at the…aw… brevity of that outfit is all. If you feel comfortable wearing it around me stay.” 

Heidi sat back down and continued to eat her pizza, staring at the TV screen. But she wasn’t

thinking about the game, she was wondering if her dad was getting hard looking at her.

Throughout the game she made several excuses to get up and leave the room. She could almost feel his eyes glued to her ass as she left. 

The first couple of times he tried to avoid staring at her as she returned. But the last time his eyes followed her from the door all the way to the couch. As she sat down Heidi could see the large lump in his pajamas. 

After the game her dad said,”Well, I guess it’s bed time. You going to bed now?”

“I think I’ll watch a movie. Would you like to stay and watch with me?” Heidi ask.

“Sure. What’s on?”Her dad replied.

They looked through the titles and picked one out. After it started Heidi said,”Daddy? Can

I…would you let me sit on your lap? I feel a little cold.”

“I’m not sure that’s the most appropriate thing…” He began to protest.

“Please?” Heidi begged. 

“Ok,” He sighed,”Come on.” 

Heidi climbed onto his lap and settled down. She smiled as she felt the large hard lump of his cock under her ass. Heidi snuggled against his chest, grabbed his arm and hugged it. She made sure to maneuver his hand until it was right over her breast. She felt more then heard him groan as the palm on his hand settled against the firm round globe of her breast. Heidi wiggled her ass, grinding his cock against her ass cheeks. 

“Heidi,”Her dad said in a soft tension filed voice,”You have to sit still, you just have to.”

Heidi figured it was time to make her move.

“Can I ask you something daddy?” She whispered.

“Sure,” He responded,”What?”

She turned, threw her leg over him and sat down astride of his lap facing him. Her warm pussy was now pressed against the lump of his large, hard cock.

“Heidi…what are you doing?” He asked, almost in a groan.

“Will you fuck me daddy?” she asked, staring into his eyes, her arms around his neck.

“Heidi!” He yelped, then said in a stress filled voice,”We can’t….I can’t….I’m your father for Christ sake! That’s incest!”

“I’m your step daughter.” Heidi clarified,”It’s not the same as if we were blood relatives. Please daddy. I’ve done it with my boyfriend so I’m not a virgin. Please? I know you want to.”

He was in such a state he didn’t think to ask how she knew, he just said,”I’ve fantasied about it, but I was never going to do anything to you!”

“I know.” Heidi whispered, grinding her pelvis down onto the lump of his cock,”But I want you too. Please, just fuck me.”

“Oh fuck! I’m going to hell for this!” He groaned as he pulled her too him and crushed his mouth to hers.

Heidi moaned as she felt his hand slid down between them, then felt his fingers slip into her leaking pussy.

“Oh god baby,” He gasped,”you’re so wet! You really must want it!”

“Do you….oh god… you want me to suck it for you?” Heidi asked as she pushed her hips back and forth fucking his fingers.

“You want to do that?” He asked, shock edging his voice.

For an answer, Heidi slid off his lap and ended on her knees in front of him. She reached up and pulled his pajamas down, releasing his hard shaft. Her eyes were wide as she wrapped both hands around it. It was bigger then she thought. Her finger tips missed circling it by half an inch. 

“My god it’s big!” She gasped.

“You don’t have to….oh fuck!” Her dad grunted as she leaned forward and took the engorged, plum sized head into her mouth. 

She licked it, sucked it, savoring the size and flavor of his rod. She pushed her mouth down over it, trying to get as much as she could into her mouth. She got less then a quarter of it in her mouth before it hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

“Easy baby.” Her dad coaxed,”Don’t try to take to much. You have to practice before you can do that.”

Heidi contented herself with sucking the head as she jacked his shaft. It wasn’t long and her dad groaned,”I’m really close. I’m gunna cum….OH FUCK!”

A long sticky rope of cum hit the back of her throat. Heidi began to swallow, drinking each squirt of her dad’s spunk as it entered her mouth. As the throbbing of his cock slowed, then stopped, Heidi gently sucked the head like she did for her brothers.

Her dad pulled her to her feet and said,” Where the hell did you learn to suck cock like that?”

“My boyfriend and I have been doing it for months.” She replied.

“Lucky bastard!” Her dad replied, then added, “your turn.”

He slowly pulled up her nighty until it came off over her head. He tossed it aside, then hooked his thumbs into the band of her panties. He slowly pulled them down, savoring the revelation of her sweet, red hair covered box he had fantasied about for so long. 

When her panties were at her ankles, he took hold of her waist, picked her up and laid her on the couch. He leaned forward and slowly took one nipple into her mouth. He sucked it, nibbled it, enjoying the firmness of it. He switched to the other one and sucked it for a time before he began to kiss down over her firm, flat stomach. 

By the time he got to her pussy, his cock was again leaking pre-cum from the musky sex laden scent of her arousal. He slipped his tongue between her slippery lips and slowly began to lick her from bottom to top. Heidi groaned as his tongue found her clit, then let out a gasp as he sucked it. He ate her wet, leaking pussy, savoring his fantasy come true. He could hear Heidi’s breathing grow more and more rapid, until she let out a long moan as she came. He sucked hard at her clit and rammed three fingers into her pulsing hole as she climaxed. When she was done, he sat back, watching his fingers as he slowly slid them in and out of her tight, wet hole. Even after such an intense climax, Heidi pushed her hips up, wanting more.

“Will you fuck me now daddy? I want you to fuck me, please….”She begged as she shoved her pussy onto his fingers.

“I think you better be on top.” He said,”Even though you’ve already had sex, you can control how much of my cock you take and you can stop if it hurts.”

Heidi loved being on top. She got quickly to her knees, straddled his lap, took hold of his cock and rubbed the head against her warm, slippery, entrance. When she had the plumb sized head positioned where she wanted it, she gently pushed downward with her hips, forcing the bulbous crown up inside her. She groaned as it filled her pussy, stretching her labia tight around it. 

Her dad misinterpreted her groan as pain and said,”Take it easy. We have all night. Don’t hurt yourself.”

“Oh no daddy,” she panted,”It….it doesn’t hurt. I’ve….never had something so big inside me. It feels….fantastic!” 

Heidi wiggled her hips and pushed down again, forcing another couple of inches of his hard cock up into her tight pussy. She stopped for a few second to let her tight tunnel adjust to his girth, then again wiggled and pushed, shoving another two inches deeper into her teenage body. She felt full, felt like she couldn’t get any more inside her. She looked down and saw that she only had 2/3rds of his cock inside her. A fever kindled in her brain. She wanted it all inside her, every last inch. And she knew she’d do anything to make it fit. 

She pulled her hips up until just the head was left inside her then she jerked her knees sideways, allowing her entire weight to drop, driving his shaft up inside her. As she dropped down, it drove his massive cock all the way up into her pussy, slamming her cervix with the bulbous head. Heidi sat panting, moaning and trembling. She had never felt anything like it. His cock head was lodged tight against her cervix, and her pussy walls were stretched tight around the girth of his shaft.

“Are you ok baby?” Her dad asked, concerned she might have hurt herself.

“I’m….I’m fine.” She groaned,”It feels…so good!”

“That’s for sure.” Her dad replied,”I’ve never fucked anyone so tight!”

He began to stroke her nipples, then pulled her to him and kissed her, gently at first then more and more demanding, until he was mauling her tits and ramming his tongue into her mouth. Heidi sat impaled on his cock loving every minute of it. Before long she felt him grab her thighs and lift her, sliding her up off his cock. Then just as she knew the head would pop out, he pulled her back down, sliding back into her. Both of them got lost in the feel of each other. They fucked for what seemed like hours. 

Heidi felt her dads rhythm increase, then a few seconds later increase again, and again until she was bouncing as he rammed into her. She heard him groan, then felt his cock swell, then throb as he filled her pussy. Heidi’s eyes grew round as she felt her climax begin to crest, then a scream broke from her lips as she was engulfed in wave after wave of pleasure. A few short moments later they both sat still, spent and sated, for the moment.

“Heidi?” Her dad whispered,”You know we can’t ever tell anyone about this. You know that, right?”

“I know daddy.” She replied snuggling against this chest.

“And I’m not sure we should…aw..we should do this again.” He said, indecision and disappointment plain in his voice.

“Wasn’t it good for you daddy?” Heidi ask.

“Oh god baby, it was fantastic! Better then any fantasy I’ve ever had. But it’s not right. We shouldn’t be doing this.” He said. 

“Please daddy. I’ll never ever tell anyone. Only the two of us will know. I want to do it again and again and again.”

She began to move her hips, sliding his half erect cock in and out of her stretched, cum filled pussy.

“Please? Now that I have you inside me, I don’t want to ever stop!” She pleaded. 

“Ok, baby, we won’t stop. But we have to be very careful when we do it. We can’t let your

brothers know what we are doing.” 

‘And I can’t let you know I’m fucking both of them!’ Heidi thought.

Then out loud Heidi said, “Oh thank you daddy!”, pulling his face to her bust and hugging it tight. 

Her dad snaked out his tongue and began to lick, then suck on one of her nipples. 

“Daddy?” Heidi moaned.

“Yes Heidi?” He said around her nipple.

“Now that I’ve got all your cock inside me, would you lay me down and fuck me hard? My boyfriend has never done that.” 

Her dad chuckled, grabbed both her ass cheeks and stood. He turned and laid her on her back on the carpet, with out ever pulling his cock out of her. 

He pushed her legs up until they touched her shoulders, looked down at his red haired step daughter and asked,”Ready?”

“Yes…Oh yes…fuck me…fuck me hard!”

Her dad pushed forward until his balls touched her ass, then slowly pulled out until just the head was lodged inside her cunt. He fucked her slowly at first, gradually speeding up until he was pistoning into her young tight hole. At the end of each hard inward stroke his balls would slam against ass and his cock head would ram her cervix.

“Oh….fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard! Fuck your little red haired girl! Tell me you like it daddy. Tell me you like to fuck me!”Heidi gasped.

“I love the feel of your tight little pussy around my cock!” Her dad gasped,”I’m going to fuck you until neither of us can walk! I’m going to use your tight little pussy, I’m going to fill you with cum! You’re my sweet little slut daughter!” 

He fucked her like a madman, slamming into her tight cunt over and over. He could feel his balls tighten, feel his spunk move up his cock. 

“Oh fuck! I’m CUMMING!”He groaned.

Heidi was very close to another climax as she felt his cock swell, then heard him yell. A moment later his hard rod throbbed, again and again, blasting a second load of sperm deep into her young pussy. As his sperm blasted into her bathing her cervix, Heidi screamed as a monster orgasm gripped her. Her young pussy clamped down on his thick rod, rhythmically squeezing it. A few moments later both Heidi and her dad lay still, spent.

After a few minutes Heidi whispered,”Oh god daddy, that was….it was….wonderful!”

Slowly Heidi’s dad pulled his cock out of his step daughter. As the large purple crown plopped out it was followed by a stream of his cum running down her ass cheeks.

“I’m done for.” He said,”I think we need a shower.”

“You want me to take one first?” Heidi ask.

“Why not save water and do it together?” He asked with a grin.

The thought had never entered Heidi’s mind but when he suggested it, she loved the idea immediately. It took them a half hour to shower. Her dad insisted on scrubbing every part of her, even inside. By the time they were finished Heidi was starting to get horny again, but was also very tired. The sexual work out coupled with the warm water had taken it’s toll.

When they came out of the bathroom Heidi kissed her dad and said,”Good night daddy. I’ll see you in the morning.” 

“Whoa!” He said,”Where do you think you’re going?” 

“To bed.” She said, a puzzled look on her face,”Why?”

“Because you will see me right up to the time you fall asleep. You are going to sleep with me tonight.”

Heidi looked surprised for a moment, then a huge smile crossed her face as she said,”Really?”

“Really.” Her dad answered,”We are going to have to be careful when your brothers get back, but until then we can do what we want. And I want you to sleep with me.”

He took her hand and lead her to his bed. They climbed in and he turned out the light. 

“Good night daddy.” Heidi said in the darkness.

A moment later she felt him move, then felt his lips on hers as he kissed her.

When he pulled back he said,”Good night my sweet step daughter.”

Just before she fell asleep she felt his hand slide up her arm. Heidi fell asleep with a smile on her lips and her dads hand cupping her breast.

Heidi woke slowly the next morning to the sensation of a warm mouth clamped over her nipple. She slipped her hand onto the back of her dad’s head, pulled it tighter to her breast as she moaned. 

A few moments later he pulled his mouth from her hard nipple and said,”Good morning

daughter. I need breakfast and I think you’ll fill that bill admirable!”

As he began to kiss his way down over her firm, flat stomach Heidi could feel her pussy grow wetter at the thought of his tongue touching her there. Her step brothers had both eaten her at least once a day for the last month, so she was familiar with and hooked on the sensation of a tongue sliding into her slit.

What she wasn’t ready for was the expertise with which her dad assailed her young pussy. He slid two fingers into her tight hole and began to rub her G-spot as he sucked hard at her clit. Heidi was carried away on a wave of pleasure as her dad ate her. She could feel her orgasm growing, until she was afraid it would consume her, then it grew even more. When it finally crested Heidi tensed, her body began to vibrate and she screamed as a monstrous wave of pleasure filled her senses.

The white hot waves of her orgasm were still coursing through her young body as she felt her dad pull his fingers from inside her. She moaned in protest, then gasped as his fingers were replaced by the bulbous head of his cock as the engorged purple crown stretched her hole open. Her dad grunted as he rammed forward and with one hard shove, pushed most of his thick pole into his step daughters tight, young pussy. Heidi’s orgasm, which had begun to recede, flamed hot a second time. She arched her back, hooked her heels around his ass, using the leverage to pull her hips upward seeking and finding the last inch of his huge shaft. 

Her pussy pulsed around and massaged his cock as she moaned,”Oh fuck me dad…fuck me


Her dad said nothing. He grabbed both cheeks of her ass and began to fuck her with long hard strokes. For many minutes the only sounds in the room were the slap of his flesh on hers, his grunts as he slammed into her and her repeated,”Oh…Oh….Oh…” as each stroke of his large cock rammed into her young cunt.

Finally her Dad groaned,”Oh fuck baby…I’m gunna cum!!”

He pushed as deep into her as he could, until his cock head was pressed to her cervix, and his balls were pressed to her ass. His cock throbbed again and again, blasting rope after rope of spunk directly into her womb. When he was done he began to slowly pull out.

Heidi moaned in protest, hooked her heels around his ass and whispered,”Leave it in for a little while daddy. I like the feel of you inside me.”

He stopped, then pushed back into her until his cock was again sheathed by her tight pussy.

He lay between her smooth soft thighs, stroking her hair as he said,”Baby, you are special. I love being between your legs, love being buried deep inside you. But I don’t know what we’re going to do. We really shouldn’t be doing this. This isn’t right.”

Heidi snuggled her firm tits tighter against his chest, and said,”All we have to do is keep it quiet. You like it, I like it. Noone else needs to know about it!” 

Her dad chuckled and said,”That’s my baby, practical to the end. Ok, that’s what we’ll do. But

like I said, we have to be careful around your brothers. We can’t let them know what we’re doing.”

Heidi smiled and realized she was going to have to be extra specially careful when she fucked her brothers so her dad never found out. They lay talking, giggling snuggled together for a long time. 

Her dad finally said,”I really need to go pee!” 

His cock was soft as he pulled it out of Heidi. He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. When he was done Heidi did the same. They took a shower together, then as they were toweling each other dry, agreed not to get dressed for the entire day. They fucked three times that day and her dad ate her pussy twice. By the time they went to bed that night they both had barely enough energy to fuck once more before they fell asleep. Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday morning. Heidi woke with her dad eating her pussy then he fucked her, filling her pussy with cum. 

As he lay between her thighs, his cock still filling her, he said,”While we have to be careful when the boys are home, I’ll be damned if I’ll stop doing this, it’s way to good!”

They talked about how to do it with the boys home and by the time he pulled his limp cock out of her they had it planned. The boys arrived home at noon. Both of them asked Heidi when they could fuck. She smiled and told them she was ready as soon as they were alone. 

That evening their dad had to go help a friend. As soon as he was out the door both boys were pulling their step sister toward the bedroom. It wasn’t 10 minutes after he left and Heidi was naked, getting ready to straddle Francis. She grabbed his cock, placed it against her wet opening then slowly stated to sink down onto it. As she sat down, she wiggled her hips to help his hard rod slide up into her waiting pussy. As she settled onto Francis’s cock she sighed. She couldn’t help compare the feel of her step brothers cock to her dad’s huge pole. Heidi realized that as much as she liked her dad’s cock stretching her pussy, she liked her step brother’s too. They seemed to hit totally different spots inside her. She began to slide back and forth.

Isaac said,”Hey, don’t forget me!” As he held his hard cock out in front of her face.

Heidi smiled, cupped his balls and swallowed his cock to the root. Isaac groaned as she began to gently massage his balls and suck his rod. 

Heidi’s conundrum was solved. With her dad and brothers to fuck her, she had everything she wanted……….so she thought.

Fucking Alexis by Qlick


Chad lives in a small house close to the beach. His18 year old step granddaughter likes to come and stay with him so she can party on the beach. She also likes to wear very small bikinis and tease him. Chad lusts after his sexy step granddaughter but contents himself with masturbating and fantasizing about her. Things are fine until one day Alexis discovers Chad has something she wants.Chad grumbled as he got up to go pee. He knew he shouldn’t have drank those beers before bedtime. As he stood at the toilet the yellow stream of his piss splashing into the water he heard the front door open. A moment more and he heard someone stumbling across the floor, then a crash and a muffled,”FUCK!” sounded. 

Chad knew who it was, his step granddaughter Alexis must have made it home. His son Greg had married Alexis’s mom two years before when the girl had been 16. Even then she had been a knock out. She had filled out a bit more over the last two years and was even more of a dream. She wasn’t very big. She stood 4′ 10″ tall, weighed 95 lbs. with dark black hair to her shoulders, C cup tits that stood out from her diminutive form, a nice bubble butt that looked so inviting and a smooth, shapely pair of legs that Chad fantasied about holding apart to get to her sweet little pussy. In fact she was so damned sexy Chad had trouble keeping his eyes off her. 

Alexis knew it and she knew that Chad wanted her pussy so she would flaunt it at every opportunity. Chad lived 50 miles from his son in a small house on the beach. Alexis loved to be out on the beach partying so she would come and stay with Chad when ever she could. Most of the time she was there she would be dressed in a bikini that was little more then a few small pieces of cloth, showing almost everything but her bare waxed pussy and nipples. Chad had spent quite a bit of time in the shower masturbating to mental images of Alex in that bikini. 

There was no more sounds from Alexis as Chad shook his cock and tucked it back inside his boxers. As he did he was imaging Alexis in her bikini and his cock began to swell. Chad hadn’t had sex since his wife died 5 years before. Most women his age wanted to be a couple, or get married again. Chad didn’t want to get married again or have a full time girlfriend. All he wanted was an occasional romp in the bedroom. 

He had found one woman his age who was interested in such an arrangement. That lasted until they got into bed. In high school Chad had picked up the nick name Clyde when the guys had got a look at his equipment while showering. Fully hard his cock was 1/4″ short of 10″ and 2 ½” in diameter. Clyde was short for Clydesdale because he was hung like a horse. 

Through high school and into his military career Chad had fucked many women. None had been able to take all of his cock until he met his future bride. The first time they went to bed together she had taken it all and fucked him to exhaustion. They were married 4 months later and had remained married until she died. Chad missed her because he loved her but also because sex had been so good and satisfying with her. 

For the last 5 years Chad had settled for masturbating when he got horny. And with Alexis around that had been at least once a day. He had tried sex with an escort 6 months before. He had talked the doctor into giving him a pre***********ion for Viagra before he went on the date with her. Even with her being a professional she couldn’t take all of his cock and had left him unsatisfied. So he watched his step granddaughter parade around his house in two little patches of cloth, flaunting her young firm body and jacked off every night. 

He sighed and stepped out of the bathroom. As he did he saw Alexis bent over the back of the couch. He stood staring at her smooth bubble ass cheeks barely covered by a mini skirt. As he stared his eye caught the swell of her pussy peeking out from under the skirt. The plump lips of her pussy was covered by her panties, pulled up tightly between them making a nice camel toe image. His cock swelled at bit more as he stared. After a second he figured he should go she if she was alright. 

He walked up beside her and shook her shoulder as he called her name,”Alexis. Are you OK?”

She groaned lightly but that was all. He shook her harder and again called her name,”Alexis! Are you OK?”

Again all he got was a light groan.

“Damn she’s out of it.” He said to himself,”I guess I’ll have to take her to her bed.”

He stepped back trying to decide how to carry her. As he did his gaze landed on her plump little ass. 

‘Touch it, go on touch it.’ a little voice in his head said. 

“I really shouldn’t.” He protested to himself. 

‘She won’t know, go on touch her ass.’ the little voice replied. 

He stood staring at her and a moment later as if on it’s own his hand slowly stretched out and his fingers stroked over her skirt covered ass. His cock stood up another notch as he did. 

‘Touch her pussy.’ he heard from inside his head.

“I….I….I…..” He tried to protest as the little voice in his head said,’Go On! She won’t know.’

He stared at her firm ass, at the perfect camel toe pulled into the cloth of her panties by her pussy. He stepped closer and noticed a dark line down the middle of the camel toe where the moisture of her pussy had leaked out and soaked into the material. He leaned a little closer to get a better look and suddenly the musky scent of her pussy filled his nostrils. 

“Oh fuck!” Chad groaned. 

He knew if he didn’t put her to bed and right soon he would be pulling her panties off and violating her tender little pussy. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up, then cradled her in his arms as he carried her to bed. As he sat her on the edge of the bed he had to hold her up to keep her from falling over. He wondered if he should just leave her in her clothes, but after looking at the stains and wet spots from spilled drinks and other unidentified things, he figured he had better put her in a nighty. Deep in a part of his mind he did not want to think about, he knew he wanted to so he could get a look at her naked. 

He pulled her to her feet and held her up as he unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor. He clumsily unbuttoned her blouse and as it fell open he realized she didn’t have on a bra. As he stared at her tits he had to consciously stop his hand from cupping and fondling one of her firm globes. He pulled off her blouse then laid her back on the bed so he could go to her dresser and get a nighty. He opened drawers until he found a large T shirt he had seen her wear as a nighty. He pulled her up and worked it over her head. When he was done he let her fall back onto the bed. 

As he stared at her wondering if he should pull her panties off that little voice in his head said, ’Go on. If you aren’t going to fuck her while you have the chance the least you can do is get a look at her tight little pussy. No harm in that.’ 

Before he could think of a protest he found himself pulling her panties down her legs. She lay on the bed, her legs spread open giving him a great look at her pussy. He stared at it for a long time then shook his head and before he could do what he wanted to, he tucked her into bed and walked out. As he walked down the hall he realized he still had her panties in his hand. He looked down and saw that the crotch was wet. He raised it to his face, pressed it tight against his nose and breathed deeply. 

The musky pheromone laden scent of her pussy shot straight to his cock. It was already hard, but the smell of her made precum drip from the tip. He went back to the living room and sat. He pulled out his cock, put her panties over his face and began to stroke his hard, leaking rod. With the remembered images of Alex naked, coupled with the smell of her young pussy it didn’t take long and Chad was shooting streams of cum into the air. He fell asleep in his chair, her panties tucked under his cheek. 

The next day he was sitting at the dining table reading the paper when he heard Alexis come out of her bedroom. He heard the bathroom door close, then 10 minutes later heard it open and heard foot steps. 

She stumbled into the kitchen dressed in the T shirt nighty and mumbled,”Good morning.” 

He was nervous wondering if she realized he had undressed her.

To cover his nervousness he responded with a,” Morning? It’s noon my dear.” 

“Noon? Fuck! I must have been out of it. Were you up when I came home?” 

“No. I was asleep.” He lied. 

“Really? I remember leaving the party but I don’t remember anything else. I don’t even remember how I got home. I aw…I must have gotten undressed and into my nighty by myself.” She said. 

“Must have.” He replied, hoping she believed it. 

“I think I’ll shower and get dressed. ” she said. 

“I think you‘ll feel a lot better if you do.” He replied relieved she had believed she had undressed by herself. 

“Yea, probably.” she said. 

She got up and walked back toward the bathroom staggering slightly. Chad breathed easier as she left. Over the next couple of weeks he became less nervous as she didn’t say anything more about it. Unbeknownst to Chad however Alexis had been thinking about that night. She had come home drunk quite a few times and had always woke the next morning still dressed in her clothes. She could never remember anytime she got undressed and into her nighty when she was that drunk. Additionally she hadn’t found the panties she had been wearing in the pile of clothes next to her bed. She did find them a day or two later in the laundry hamper. The only thing that made sense was that Chad had undressed her and put on her nighty. 

At first she was pissed because he had done that, but after a bit her anger cooled because she was pretty sure he hadn’t done anything more. She giggled when she thought about all the times she had flashed and teased him, thinking he could have done a lot more, like fuck her while she was passed out. Then she got pissed because he was old and had seen her naked without her permission. That didn’t last long either. She was fond of him and he was still some what handsome. She had to admit she had liked him looking at her the way he did when she teased him. Finally she was left with a thought and a question: He was the only one who could have put her panties in the laundry. Why had he? She suspected what he had done, but decided to find out for sure. 

She went to a friend who was a computer nerd and borrowed a couple of pinhole cameras that would link to her phone. One day while Chad was out grocery shopping she set one up in his bedroom and one in the laundry room. That evening she instituted phase two of her plan. Just before bedtime she found Chad sitting in his chair.

“Hey,”She said,”I just put my dirty clothes in the laundry. I’ll wash them tomorrow if that’s ok?” 

“Sure. “ He said without looking away from the TV. 

“Night.” she said.

“Night.” He replied. 

Alexis went to her room and pulled up the images from the two cameras side by side on her phone. She sat staring at the screen for what seemed like hours. After an hour she started to get drowsy and her eyes began to droop. Just before she was about to fall asleep the light in the laundry room came on. She started awake and watched as Chad rummaged through the dirty laundry and pulled the pair of panties she had been wearing that day out of the hamper. 

He left the laundry room and a few moments later Alexis saw him enter his bedroom. She watched him pull off his clothes until he was naked. All she could see was his back as he undressed. He climbed onto the bed and stretched out. As she caught sight of his cock she gasped. 

“My god it’s huge!” she whispered to herself. 

Chad grabbed her panties which he had placed on the night stand and dropped them over his face. She watched, shocked as he lay there, her panties covering his face he began to slowly stroke his cock. Like many girls her age Alex was adventurous. She had wondered about having sex with a guy who had a large cock but had never found one that qualified. As she watched her step grandfather stroke his long hard shaft the thought hit her that he had a bonified monster cock. As she watched him stroke his hand up and down his hard shaft she began to wonder what it would feel like inside her. 

The camera was state of the art and had HD sound as well as video, because of that, a moment later she heard him groan,”Oh fuck your pussy smells so damned good! I should have fucked you when I had the chance!” 

As she heard him speak, in the back of her mind a thought crystallized: She wanted that huge pole inside her. But when? How? As she watched him masturbate with her panties over his face a plan began to form. As she watched him she slipped her hand between her legs and began to finger her pussy. As his moans grew louder and his hand moved up and down his cock faster, in response her fingers moved faster rubbing her clit. Soon he was pumping hard on his cock and she was slamming her fingers into her hole. When the first rope of cum shot from the tip of his cock Alexis groaned as she too climaxed. A minute or two later she sat panting as Chad did the same on his bed. 

Alexis sat waiting. An hour slipped by and she caught herself nodding off. After another half hour she checked the camera and found that Chad was snoring gently, fast asleep. She tiptoed into the hall and quietly opened his door and peeked in. He was still laying on the bed, a gentle snore coming from him. She tiptoed over to the bed and as gently as she could climbed on. She reached over and wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock, then leaned to it and gently put her mouth over the head. She felt his cock begin to harden. As it did the head filled her mouth and the shaft grew in her hand. Before long it was at full hardness. She was amazed that her fingers wouldn’t go all the way around it. She sat back and stroked his cock slowly waiting for him to wake. 

His eyes fluttered then opened. As he focused on her they grew wide and he gasped,”Alexis! What are you doing?” 

She grinned and said,”You wanted a go at my pussy so here’s your chance.” 

“I never…..” He began, but she put her hand over his mouth and said,”You do. And now you have that chance. You want to take it or what?” 

Chad was shocked by what she had just said and couldn’t respond right away. Before he could she threw her leg over him and put the large purple head of his hard rod against her pussy. She rubbed it up and down her slit, getting it coated with her fluids, then slowly pushed down forcing the plump sized head into her hole. She groaned as she sank down, forcing more and more of his hard shaft into her tight tunnel. 

She stopped with half his rod inside her panting as she grunted,”Fuck! I’ve never felt so full and so stretched!” 

Chad had recovered from his shock so he took hold of her hips and said with a grin,”Let’s see if you can take it all.” 

With that he shoved his hips upward and pulled hard on hers, forcing the rest of his massive cock into her snug cunt. 

As the head of his cock hit her cervix and his balls nestled against her ass Alexis yelled,”Oh fuck!!!!”

“You wanted it. Now you got it!” Chad said with a grin as he picked her up a few inches and slammed her back down onto his hard rod. 

He repeated it again and again. As he did Alexis chanted in time with his slamming her down onto his cock,”Fuck…fuck…fuck,” louder and louder until finally she screamed as a monster climax filled her. 

Chad grunted with pleasure as her pussy constricted around his cock, pulsing, milking it. After almost a minute Alexis slumped as her orgasm began to wash away. 

“Oh fuck that was good!” She whispered. 

Chad chuckled, and then rolled with out ever pulling his cock out of her until she was under him. 

“We ain’t done yet sweetums.” He said,”My turn to cum.” 

With that he pulled her legs up and draped them over his arms, spreading them wide giving him total access to her leaking pussy, then grabbed her hips. A moment later he was plunging into her swollen pussy like a jack hammer. Alexis could feel his long hard rod stretching her tunnel, feel the large head of his cock pushing her womb aside as it made room for itself as he plunged into her over and over. She had never felt anything like it. In the back of her mind she knew she would be sore later, but she didn’t care. She just wanted him to keep fucking her. 

She heard him grunt then heard him groan out,”Of Fuck! I’m gunna cum!” 

As she felt his cock throb, squirting the first stream of cum into her depths she thrashed her legs and screamed,”Let my legs go!” 

Chad dropped her legs and Alexis immediately wrapped them around his hips and used her heels to pull her pussy farther onto his cock. As his cock throbbed the second time she cried out and her pussy clamped down on the hard meaty invader inside her as she too climaxed. Thier mutual climax went on for over a minute, then Chad gasped as his cock throbbed it’s last and Alexis’ pussy pulsed gently one last time. 

“Fuck!” Chad exclaimed,”That was one of the best I’ve ever had!”

Alexis giggled and replied,”Me too.” 

He stared down at her and said,”So what now granddaughter? You really shouldn’t be fucking an old man, especially your grandfather.” 

“Step grandfather,” she corrected him,”Which makes it legal. And I don’t care how old you are.”

“So does this mean you want to do it again?” He asked. 

“Again and again and again and again!” she giggled,” but right now I need a nap.” 

“Great!” Chad said,”Me too.” As he rolled off her and lay on his back. 

He felt her move and a moment later she was snuggled close to him, her firm tits pressed to his side. 

“You stay there and I’ll have to fuck you again when I wake.” He said.

“Promise?” She said with a grin. 

He pulled her closer as sleep gently settled over him and he mumbled,”You damned right it’s a promise.”