Perfect Mommy II by Sexy Mommy


It’s a dinner party at grandpa’s house, but its after the party that gets fun.All my stories take place on an alternate earth with an orbit 3X that of our earth, making ages 1/3 what they would be on earth, and thus the age of consent is 6.

“This is good Mommy.” I told her. She stopped eating just long enough to reply.

“Thank you sweetie.” and she went back to eating.

“Really, really good Mommy.” I said with a moan, and wrapped my legs around her head, holding her tight to me. “I’m going to cum for you Mommy… here it comes Mommy…Ohhhh Mommy I’m cumming…” and my orgasm that was building in my clit, ripped through me, exploding in my head. As I unwrapped my legs, freeing Mommy, she looked up at me.

“You should get ready for school now.” She told me, as she wipped my juices from her chin. “We have a big night tonight, so come right home after school.

I went and started getting ready. Grand Father was a business man, he was the reason we lived so good. He owned two car dealerships and several hotels in town, and I think some other stuff. Tonight he was having a big party, and all the family was to be there. Mom didn’t like these parties, they were mostly to impress Grand Pa’s business friends, it was all about the ‘show’. This was something she was very good at, and enjoyed, when it was her show. These parties were a big deal, we had to get even more dressed than normal, and the part I liked best, Gramps sent a limo to pick us up. All about the show.

Mom bought us new cloths for the event, I hadn’t seen mine yet, but I was sure it would be uncomfortable, always was. We would need to be promptly there at 8:00, not 7:59, not 8:01, 8:00. I think this was the main reason for the limo.

After school, mom was very busy getting ready, I ate a big snack, food would be there, but that was a long time from now. 

About 6:30, mom let me know, “Time to start getting ready. ” So I went and took a shower, events like this mom let me shave my legs, it was a big deal for me. When I got out, mom had my cloths laid out for me, and it was worse then I thought. The dress was poofy and lacy and shiny, and big. I might appriciate that more later, It was January after all. Big sleaves and big shoulders, the color was soft pink, and I would look like a large glob of cotton candy. The bright pink underware was nice though, it was like a lacy tank top, that had garters on the bottom. It fit very tight to my body, and it’s silky fabric felt nice, the slightly padded front made it look like I had small boobies, and I liked that. New stockings, white and silk went on before the dress, attached them to the garters, then the dreaded part, the dress. The zipper went most the way down the back, and that at least made it easy to get in to. It was a very puffy skirt. I felt silly. White pumps and I was moving on to the living room, where mom waited.

“Can you zip me up please?” I asked. 

“Sure, Mary Beth,” And she zipped me up, the dress was very tight on my torso. “Can you zip me now?”

She turned away and I zipped up the long, silky dress, emerald green, and elegant, she looked like a movie star. Black silk legs emerged from under the dress, and what looked like emerald green skin pumps ended it. Stunning, hot, sexy, beautiful, mommy.

7:25: Doorbell rang. Marvin was our driver, balck suit, and hat. He escorted us to the limo and sat us in back. There were two bench seats facing each other, a big silver bowl with ice and champagne, several glasses, and a small bar. There was no window to the front, but a 2-way intercom let us talk to Marvin, even if there was no need, he knew where to go.

The party was fun-ish. Food and drinks were everywhere, and mom’s cousin Maxine was here. She was gorgous, like a real 10, like Sophie Loren, with a better figure. She had made some movies and was entertaining the guests with tales from the set, and name dropping stars that most people seemed to know, I didn’t. I listened for a while, but soon lost interest. Mom liked her cousin, but hated the way she acted in a crowd like this. The drinks were everywhere, and most the adults were getting to their share. Things were getting loud and happy, and this was Grand Pa’s goal, for everyone to be very happy.

By the end of the evening, 2:00 am by the large clock, most people started leaving. Mom was acting a bit giddy and flirty, this useually meant she was horny. Maxine was almost asleep, but standing, with help. She was laughing and talking, even though most of what she said was giberish. Mom called for our coats.

“Sweetie, could you take Maxine to her hotel, she is clearly not in any condition to drive.” Grand Pa asked.

“Sure Dad, I’ll see to her.” Mom said. Grand waved his hand, and two of the attendents came and helped steady Maxine and walked her to the limo. Mom said goodbyes to some of the favored guests, and we soon joined her. 

By the time we hit the limo, Maxine had somehow opened the champange, and drank half of it, she held the bottle by the neck, slumped in the rear facing seat. Mom just shook her head and got in, I followed. 

“Marvin, lets go around town and see the sights, ok?” Mom spoke in to the intercom.

“Yes Ma’am” came the obedient reply.

Mom had clearly had more to drink then I thought. She giggeled and laughed at the dumbest things. She was also looking at me like one of the shrimp from the buffet. I liked that.

“She is very drunk.” mom said, to me I guess.

“Yes she is, ” I didn’t know what else to say, but added “She is so pretty, I see why she is in the movies.”

“Yea, she’s a slut too.” She sort of blurted out.

“Thought you liked sluts.” I asked with a naughty grin.

“Just you sweetie, only you.” she said to me.

We moved closer together on the big bench seat. She bent herself down to me, and she kissed me, hard. She has never kissed me like this in front of anyone, she said we couldn’t. But now sitting across from Maxine, she held me, tongue in my mouth, and lips on mine. I looked at Maxine, she was in and out, her eyes opened for a moment, her face showed shock, then she just smiled, and went in to an open eyed daze. I went back to kissing mom.

I felt up Mom’s dress, it was so smooth and tight to her body. It held up her breasts without a bra, and I could feel her hard nipples poking through, and she gasped when I pinched them. 

“Oh baby,” she broke our kiss, “I need you bad, I’ve been aching for that bald little pussy of yours all night.” And I felt her reach around a start to pull the zipper down. 

“What about her?” I motioned to Maxine.

“She’ll have to find her own, bald, little, pussy.” she said with a breathless grin, and the zipper hit the bottom. 

I scooted away on the seat, and pulled my arms out of the sleaves, the finished off the dress to the limo floor. Mom turned her back to me and I know what she wanted, I pulled her zipper down slowly, and when it reached the bottom, her dress made it to the floor faster then I could see what happened. Black lace garter and silk stockings looked great on her, the emerald green shoes matched the emeralds on her necklace and earings, it was an amazing look. 

She came back to me and started kissing me again, her hand working it’s way under the cup of my top, finding my hard nipple and squeezing it with a fierce tinderness. I cupped her breasts and played with her nipples, she enjoyed it. 

“You two are naughty.” Maxine said in a few seconds of semi-awake clarity, before her eyes glazed over again.

“She wont remember a thing.” Mom said. “You think she’s pretty?’

“Yes, very,” I said, not really thinking about it. 

“Come here,” she crawled over to Maxine, “Come here” she repeated.

I did, we were both on our hands and knees in front of Maxine who laid spralwed out on the seat. Mom started diging under Maxine’s dress, holding it up for me to see. The silver sequened dress hid the tan stockings, and plain white panties. 

“Hold her dress up.” Mom said. I did. She reached up under and tugged and pulled her panties down and off. She then held the dress up. “What do you think? See someting you like?”

Her pussy was bald like mine, I’d never seen an adult with a bald pussy. ” Looks nice. ” I said

“Want a taste?” she asked.

I did, bad, but I didn’t want to make mom feel like I didn’t want her. “Would you like to see me eat her pussy Mommy?”

“I would sweetie, I would.” she told me.

I moved up under the dress, it was hot and humid under there. I pushed her thighs apart, and she seemed to help. He bald lips had a shine to them, and her pussy smelled of musky heat. I licked her slowly, and I looked back at mom.

“You like that pussy?” Mommy asked. 

“I do Mommy, want to try it?”I asked her.

“No sweetie, the only pussy I want is out here.” and she caressed between my legs from behind. 

I went back to eating pussy. I could hear Maxine moan a little, and she opened her legs a bit further. I licked her clit and it started poking out at me, it grew to the size of a large marble, this made it so easy. I licked it and sucked on it, this brought about the loudest of the moaning from Maxine. I reached up and fingers found her opening, they went in easy, one, then two, then three, four, and I was going in and out while I suckeled her clit. 

Mom started rubbing my puss, and I opened my legs to help her out. She was running 1 finger up and down my slit, up to my hole, she’d make small circles, then down to my clit, and rub it side to side. It was feeling real nice. I looked back and she was watching me eat Maxine, she liked watching me, so I added extra motion to my licking, and gave her more of a show. 

“You are such a good little slut Mary Beth.” She told me. 

“I could be a better slut for you at home.” I told her.

Mommy hit the intercom button, “I think were ready to go home Marvin.” She released the button, “Get dressed Mary Beth.”

I crawled out from under Maxines dress, and in to mine, I sat and turned away from Mommy and she zipped me up, I did the same for her. and soon we stopped.

I got out after Marvin open the door, Mommy and Marvin got Maxine out, and she walked in to the house, with considerable help. Marvin sat her in a chair, Mommy thanked him, and gave him a tip, and he was gone. 

“What do we do with that?” Mommy asked pointing toward Maxine.

“I bet I can find something to do with her.” I said, “Lets take her to bed with us.”

“You are a naughty little girl. I love you Mary Beth.” Mommy said before giving me a kiss.

We got her up and started walking her to Mommy’s bedroom, she had another momentrary trip through reality.

“I saw what you two were doing,”she said with some sluring, “You two are nasty. Hot and nasty.” and she giggeled.

We continued to walk, mom laughed, “She has no idea.” 

Once in the bedroom, mom held Maxine steady, “Unzip her Mary Beth.”

It was a one strap dress, and it took me a minute to find the zipper, it was under the arm of the other side. Once down, the dress slid off easy to the floor forming a silver puddle. We never bothered to put her panties back on from the limo, I think Mommy had them in her purse. She was as sexy naked as dressed. The white garter help up the tan stockings, silver shoes ended her look. Her boobs were bigger than mom’s, but stood high on her chest just like moms, her legs should never have been hid beneath that dress, they were shapely and strong, and smoothly feminine, a hard combination to achieve. I could see many family traits Mommy and Maxine shared.

“What are you two doing to me.” Maxine said with a laugh, before going dazed again.

Mommy giggled at that, “We two, are going to fuck your brains out.” she said, and laughed again. She definately had a few too many drinks also.

I don’t know if Maxine could really understand, but she smiled big at what Mommy said, and responded “Oh good.”

Maxine was brought to the bed, and laid out on it, blonde hair streaking across her face. 

“What would you like me to do Mommy?” I asked giving her right nipple a lick.

“Eat her pussy again baby girl, eat her like the little slut baby you are.” She was hot and turned on.

I climbed up on the bed and opened her legs wide, her bald lips opened up and presented all of her to me. He clit had shrunk down some, but I knew I could get it back. I started by inserting most of my right hand in to her, this caused a gasp from Maxine, followed my a moan. I got my hand in to her, up to my wrist, and I gently fucked her pussy. 

“You are such a hot little slut Mary Beth.” Mommy said with an airy voice. 

I looked back at her, and she had both hands working her tits, and seemed to really be enjoying the show. I dropped down and started licking her clit, and it soon was fully engorged. I sucked the whole clit in and out, it was like sucking on a lolly pop, Maxine moaned loudly.I wondered if someone this drunk could cum. 

“That is so fucking good Lisa.” Maxine slurred. 

Who was Lisa?

Sucking her clit with a steady rythem, while Mommy moved around on the bed so I could see her, she was on her knees beside Maxine, one hand working her tits, one working her pussy, it was sloppy wet and smelled of incestual lust. I started to feel Maxine’s pussy get hot, and her breathing was getting heavy. It didn’t take long, and she moaned a long moan, and her hips shook, a long string of wet pulses came from between her pussy lips, making my face wet with her salty fluid. Then her orgasm was over.

Mommy was going crazy on her pussy. I pulled out of Maxine and got up, I had an idea that might push mom over the edge. I went to her ‘toy drawer’ and pulled the large strapon up and tightened the straps. Mommy approved by the loud moan and nod. Back on the bed, I got between Maxine’s legs, and got in position, Mommy watched intently. Her pussy was wide open, and a puddle of her fluid was obvious below her ass. I drove the 8 inches home in one motion, Maxine gasped, groaned and then moaned, put her arms around me and pulled me in close, Mommy lost it. She screamed and convulsed, she steadied herself with the hand from her boobs, and continued to rub her pussy hard and fast, she screamed again, and again, and a small puddle of her own started to form under her. I was still, watching my Mommy shake and squirm by her own hand, she thrashed about for over a minute, then slowly started to calm down. 

She finally looked at me from under the strands on brown hair vailing her pretty face, “Get that out of her nasty cunt, your fucking your mommy. Now!” 

I smiled and did as told. I pulled the dildo with a wet slurping sound, and got back. Mommy got on her hands and knees over Maxine, her face resting between Maxine’s breasts, legs spread almost as wide as her cousins. She looked back at me with “Now Mary Beth.” 

I wasted no time, and soon the tip pushed in to the folds of Mommy’s tighter pussy. I worked it slower, mommy was much tighter in fact. Soon it all fit, a snug, fit. I knew what Mommy wanted, and went at it, long fast strokes, out slow leaving just the tip in, then slamming it home, hard and fast. Mommy squealed the first time I rammed it home.

“Oh fuck yes Mary Beth, fuck your Mommy, fuck me hard Mary Beth.” came the excited voice.

“Yea, fuck her” came a slurred voice from below.

I started going faster,slow out, hard and fast in. I held Mommy’s hips, pulling her back at me as I thrust in, pushing her away as I pulled out, and soon had a nice rythem working on her. Mommy let out a long, low, grawely sort of moan, and I knew she would cum soon. I kept going, it was alot of work, and I started sweating. In and out, Slow out, hard and fast in, my tummy slapping against her ass. Mommy was so close.

‘Fuck Mommy baby girl, fuck your mommy hard baby.” she shouted at me. 

I rammed her harder, fast in and out, fast as I could, hard as I could.

“Here It comes baby… mommy is cumming baby… oh fuck me Mary Beth.” and she came like never before. She held and squeezed Maxines tits while her body shook violently. I hugged her hips and held on hard as I could, keeping the dildo buried in her sweet pussy. 

Mommy laid motionless for several minutes, I started to get worried.

“Are you OK mommy?” I asked

“Never better Mary Beth. You were amazing sweetie” she said easing my concerns.

I pulled out of her pussy slowly, and she sighed as it left her cunny. I unstraped myself and sat the toy aside. Mommy had recovered and was ready for more, quickly. She laied me face down on Maxine, bald pussy to bald pussy, it felt nice. Her large boobs were right at my face and I took one nipple in my mouth while I played with the other, Maxine moaned slightly. I was the only one who hadn’t had a good cum yet tonight, and I was horny. I wrapped my legs around Maxine’s, and started rubbing our cunts together, we were both very wet. I was started to really get in to this, I’d never rubbed pussy together like this, it felt good, soft, wet, and warm.

Mommy grabbed my hips, stopping the cunt bumping, and lifted me slightly. she used her thumbs to spread my ass wide, and then I felt the dildo touch my pussy lips. Last time it about wrecked me, it’s so big, I didn’t know if I could do it again. The head popped in all the sudden, it shocked me and I yelped.

“Hold on Mery Beth, this is going to be good.” Mommy assured me.

Mommy pushed at me, the large intruder fought against my tight labia, and my little pussy won, and I was pushed forward falling on to Maxine. Mommy pulled me back up to her and repositioned it. The head popped in again but I was ready for it this time. Mommy pushed, and I pushed back, I could feel it slide slowly up in me, not painful, but lots of pressure, It felt like I was splitting. she pulled back and the pressure eased, just before pushing it hard back in me, it was way in now, I could tell. I felt my pussy, my lips were stretched tight around it, only a few inches were outside, and I could feel in rubbing inside me.

Mommy pulled it back once more, and I moaned loudly, it really fely nice when it was pulling out. Mommy noticed and drove the entire shaft inside me, I froze in stunned silence.

Maxine opened her eyes and looked in to mine. 

“Hey MB,” she said with a slur again, “What are you doing?” and she laughed. She reached around to my ass, and felt my pussy and it’s invader. “Your getting fucked by your mommy!” she said in a sing song voice before going out again.

Mommy and I chuckeled, right before she started pumping me. She started slow, and I thought I would come apart at the seems, out and in, out and in. Every in I felt the toy push up in to my belly, I felt my stomach, half afraid it might come out. Each thrust and my hand could feel the dildo through my abdomine. Mommy kept going, getting faster, I kept going, getting hotter, it felt amazing. 

I pulled mommy’s hand from my hip, and guided it to where I could feel in dildo, and held it there for her to feel. The first thrust in after and she let out a gasp. 

“Mary Beth, are you OK, do you want me to stop?” she asked with some concern.

“Don’t you dare stop, do me Mommy, I want to cum.” I told her as fast as I could.

She started and went even faster after my encuragment, she kept her hand on my stomach, enjoying the feeling. Faster and faster she went, harder and harder. the uncomfortable nature turned to pure pleasure, my pussy was so wet it was sliding in and out easy in the tight tunnel.

“Im close Mommy, so close.” I told her. She went somehow faster.

I dropped down and started rubbing against Maxine’s pussy again, putting the dildo at an odd angle, it was rubbing against the front of my pelvis with each in. Mommy couldn’t thrust as far in this position, and moved her hand, holding my hips again. She went in to a frenzy, faster in my pussy, pushing my hips down on the Maxine, pushing our cunts together.

“Im going to cum Mommy, just keep going and make me cum for you Mommy.” I said in a breathless voice. “Oh fuck, mommy, her it comes… fuck me mommy, fuck me harder…. HArder…HARDER Mommy, Fuck Me HARDER!” and I went off.

My pussy seemed to open up, I lost all control of myself, I was shaking and screaming, my legs were rubber with a mind of their own, and I squirted all over Maxine’s cunt. It seemed to last for hours, Mommy kept fucking me, and I just kept cumming.

When it died, I took a breath, and wiped the hair from my face. Maxine looked up at me.

“Wow MB, That was a good one.” And then she was out of it again. Mom and I giggled a bit.

Mommy pulled the toy from my pussy, and as much as I enjoyed it making me cum, I was gald it was out now. My poor puss felt like it hung open, I felt it, and it was closed. I crawled off Maxine and flopped on the bed on my back, mommy still kneeling with that large intruder hanging from her.

“Why don’t you eat her pussy and let me watch Mommy?” I asked.

Mommy deftly removed the toy and tossed it aside, then dove in to Maxine’s pussy. After a few long licks, Mommy looked up at me and and said “She tastes like you.”

“She should, I just came all over her pussy.” 

I held one of Maxines legs wide and watched for a few minutes, Mommy lay on her belly eating pussy, her lower legs up and ankels crossed. I could see her grinding her pelvis in to the bed, I guess two orgasms wasn’t enough tonight, I know one wasn’t going to do it for me, and watching her was getting me going again.

I held Maxines leg against my pussy, it felt soft and silky against my bald lips. I started rubbing it, her lower calf going up and down my slit, and it was getting me wet while I watched Mommy eat her out. Mommy noticed what I was doing and seemed to like it, she started licking Maxine’s clit harder, and grinding hers in to the bed. 

I needed more.

Releasing the silken leg, I tossed my pumps to the floor, moved and squated over Maxine’s face. Mommy looked at me in a very approving way. I brought one of Maxine’s hands to my little cunt, and I inserted one finger slow and deep in me. Much smaller than what had just fucked me, but it felt nice, in and out, getting all sticky wet. Mommy was enjoying the show, and I was enjoying doing it.

I switched to two fingers, it was snugger and felt great, I spent the next few minutes squatted over Maxine’s face, masturbating with her hand, it was nice. Mommy was watching intently, licking that large, engorged clit, and watching.

I removed her fingers, lifted her hand, and lowered my face to them, I sucked her fingers clean of my pussy juice. Mommy moaned in to the pussy under her tongue, and Maxine moaned in response. The pleasure seemed to momentarly jar Maxine to reality, as her hand left my mouth and found my pussy again, only now she was doing the work. Both fingers worked my cunny while her thumb massaged my anus, I gasped and moaned and loved it.

“Oh Maxine fuck me good.” I blurted out. This got Mommy to increase her efforts on the clit, and soon, eveyone was enjoying themselves.

I stood over Maxine, her hand never leaving my pussy, and I rotated so I could bring my clit to Maxine. She never stopped fucking me, and I lowered my pussy to her mouth, spreading it for her. Her eyes were closed, but as soon as my pussy touched her lips, her mouth opened and her tongue shot on to my clit. I was in heaven. Maxine licked me so hard, so good, I wasn’t shure I would last, I didn’t want to last. I felt shuffeling on the bed, and saw Mommy move. She held Maxines right leg up, knee bent over her shoulder, their pussies melded togther in an obscean incestous kiss that made both of us hotter yet.

Mommy started grinding her pussy in to Maxines, making both of them moan loudly, but she never stopped licking me. Mommy had Maxine shaking, she had the whole bed shaking she was grinding her so hard, then everthing broke loose.

Maxine put one small finger up my ass, and it sent me over the top, I pressed down hard on her, her tongue pressed as hard back, and I lost control of everything. I held on to the head board or I would have fallen, as my body let loose with all it had. My hips thrashed about wildly, I screamed like some wild animal for release, and my pussy let loose with everythign it had, and I squirted long streams over Maxines face.

Mommy let loose with a howl at the same time, her pelvis ground down on Maxine and wouldn’t stop, her scream seemed to echo with mine throughtout the house, hot fluid from her cunt covered the bald pussy below her. In a slight dely Maxine came again, long moanings followed by some wild hip thrusting. It was nothign like what mommy and I had.

I quickly turned around and started kissing Mommy, tongues serpent like in each others mouth, Maxine could’t reach my cunt with her tongue, but setteled for licking my ass, and that was nice. We did that until the sensations left, and we were all relaxed. 

I soon went to my bed, very tired, Mommy changed her sheets, they were covered with all our fluids. finished undressing maxine, and let her sleep with her in Mommy’s bed. The next morning we all slept late. Maxine was hung over bad and didn’t seem to remember anything, but did request lots of aspine. We drove her to her hotel, where her car was later that afternoon, and she was leaving for Hollywood.

“Thanks for getting me home cousin.” She told Mommy.

“Anytime Maxine. You should come visit when it’s NOT one of dad’s parties, like the old days.” And they hugged.

“Take care of yourself MB.” She told me and gave me a hug. “And save some of that hot little pussy for me when I come back.” she whispered quiet in my ear. Aparently she wasn’t as drunk as Mommy thought.

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