The Perfect Mommy by Sexy Mommy


A post war period piece,My standard disclaimer, all stories take place on a different earth, where the orbit is 3 times ours, making ages 1/3 what they are on earth. And where the age of consent is thus 6.

I was a beautiful spring day to walk home from school. WWII ended a few years ago, and there was a sense of hope and promise everywhere. That was also the war that took my daddy away from mommy and me. We lived in a nice neighborhood, where we had the nicest house, mommy always made sure everything was perfect. I skipped that last block, my light dress flowing high around me, anxious to get home, it had been a long afternoon in the second grade. 

“Mommy, I’m home,” I shouted. 

“No need to shout, I’m right here.” She scolded me, she didn’t like yelling in the house. She looked her perfect self, knee length dress, back seems straight, heels polished. She was a stickler for that sort of thing. 

I approached arms wide, lips puckered. She bent down and pecked me on the cheek. I gave her my most disappointed look with a pouty grin.

“Not what you wanted?” Mommy asked. 

I shook my head. She walked me down the hall, away from all the windows of the living room. She bent down again, and her lips touched mine, parted, and our tongues danced on each other. She reached down under my dress, ran her hands up my legs to my butt, and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her waist as she continued to kiss me and rub my bare bottom. She broke our kiss briefly,

“Where are your panties? ” she asked, before quickly returning to our kiss. 

“In my lunch box. ” I told her without ever totally breaking contact with her lips. They were soft and tasted of her ruby red lipstick.

She ran her fingers up and down my crack, feeling my butt hole and parts of my puss. I undid three buttons on the front of her dress, and my right hand found her right breast, it was warm and soft, until I found the hard and sensitive part, mommy moaned slightly in my mouth, her breath was like mint gum.

“Well you are sure the randy little minx today.” Mommy said.

“Have been all afternoon.” Came my quick reply between kisses.

“Do you want a quick one now, or a better time later?” She asked.

I hesitated to think, “Both.” I managed.

Next thing she increased her kissing efforts, I continued to rub her nipple, and a finger found its way up my cunny. Slowly it ran all the way up inside me, then a different finger poked half way in my butt.

“Oh fuck.” I blurted out in excitement.

“Watch your language Mary Beth.” Came the stern and serious reply. Mommy was serious about manors, grammar and keeping appearances. 

“Sorry mommy.” Was followed by a loud gasp and groan, as she started going in and out of me. I could tell it was the middle finger on her right hand up in my cunny, she wears a large ring on that one, and I could feel it hit me. She held me, fingering me faster, and faster. She leaned me back against the wall, pinning me between it and her, pressing her breasts in to my chest.

“Here it comes mommy.” I said in a breathless voice. My hips started to shake. “Here it comes mommy, here it com…” was all I got out when my orgasm hit. Mommy held me tight and soon I was relaxed and slipping down from her arms. Mommy says I am easy to make cum, I don’t know about that, but it feels very good when I do.

“Ok sweetie, dinner is at 6:00, so get some homework done, and then change for dinner.” And with that my perfect mom went back to the kitchen.

She always insisted on ‘dressing’ for dinner. And being 8 was no excuse not to. Girls had to wear dresses, always. Dinner was no exception. Bare legs after 5:00pm was forbidden, and frowned upon always. Everything had to be proper. I hated wearing stockings, they felt nice, but the garter belts were uncomfortable when I sat. And the shoes… I could never run in them, all tall and pointy. I did my homework, waiting till the last minute to change.

I was allowed white or tan stockings, I picked a red dress so wore tan with the red garter. Red shoes, the heels were not as tall as what mommy wears, but 3 inches seemed too tall for me. 5 minutes later, the seems were straight and I went to dinner. Just the two of us, but it was always formal, ‘were not animals.’ Mommy would say.

Dinner was uneventful, but I could tell mommy was a bit frisky to. She would run her foot against my leg several times. She does that when she wants sex. Mommy cleaned up, and I went to listen to the radio, she joined me for the last few minutes of my program.

A more adult program came on next, not my favorite, but I stayed to listen anyway. Mommy sat on the couch and did needle point as sat on the floor and played with whatever caught my attention that minute. The program was on for an hour, and I was feeling every minute of it. The brief satisfaction I received when I got home had long worn off, and I was ready to go. Mommy was ready too, I could see it in the way she would fidget on the couch, she did that when she was ready, but the prim and proper woman in her wouldn’t let that get the best of her. No, sex would be on her time, on her schedule. 

When the program ended, mommy got up, taking way too much time to straighten her needle and thread. She then smoothed her dress void of all wrinkles, straightened her back seems as best she could, and closed the drapes. This was the point I got excited, prim and proper were not just the expectations, they were adamantly adheared to, until the drapes were shut.

She held out her hand to me, and helped me up from the floor, giving me a sly grin as she did. I had a feeling tonight was going to be one of her more involved and more vigorous efforts. She walked me back to her bedroom at the very end of the long hallway. I knew where this was going, so I started to unzip shortly after walking in, she stopped me. 

“I thought we would try a little make up on you.” She told me.

“I thought you said make up made young girls look slutty. ” I shot back.

“Maybe I want you to be a little slut tonight.” She said, with a smile that seemed slightly aggressive. 

She sat me at her vanity and mirror, and began to apply. When she was done, I looked older, and she was right, I looked slutty, but in a good way. She escorted me to the middle of the room, and twirled me around to look at me. 

“Well you look just delightful Mary Beth, you look simply good enough to eat.” She stared at me with strong, lust filled eyes. I think I blushed a little.

She bent down to me, and kissed my lips, soft and warm, she tasted like mint and lust, and I liked it. Her gentle kissing was soon followed by hands on my back, but instead of going right for my butt, as she usually does, she started immediately bringing the zipper down. It seemed to take her minutes to pull the zipper down, horrible, tormented, lusty minutes. When she finally reached the small of my back, I started to remove my arms from the short sleeves, but she stopped me and broke our kiss. She moved herself to the bed, sat down, and looked at me.

“Go slow, I want to watch you.” Her voice sultry and wanton.

I started, but had little idea what to do. I went about as slow as I could, but I was hot and horny, and wanted to fuck my mommy, going slow was hard. The sleeves came down, I held my dress around me for a moment longer, letting it fall slowly when the time came. I stepped out of the dress, and started to walk to her.

“Hold on baby.” Clearly excited. Her right hand was rubbing her left nipple through her dress, and her left pressed on her lower abdomin as far down as it could go. “Turn around for me, slow.”

I turned around, I was getting the idea of what she wanted. I did it slow, and shook my butt at her a little, and when I did, my face brightened red again with embarrassment. When I got turned back around mommy was looking at me hard. I felt exposed standing there, with my dress gone, I only wore the garter, stockings and shoes, but mommy made me feel better.

“That was nice Mary Beth, very nice. I like to watch you. Rub your nipples for me, ok baby.”

I brought both hands up and started rubbing. They were already hard little rocks on my chest, it felt good to get some pleasure from them. I ran my finger around each one, then would brush over the top, this felt so good. I looked at mommy, she had unbuttoned most of her dress, she hadn’t worn a bra under it, and her breasts lay exposed as she seemed to mirror everything I did. I wanted to see something, so I ran my hand down my belly, and to my puss, gently stroking the lips with one finger. Her hand soon followed, but she quickly became aware of the dress, and stood to remove it. It fell and was discarded quickly in to a lump on the floor, something she would never do, even when this excited.

Sitting back down, her silken covered legs spread wide, as she parted the patch of dark brown hair to reveal her slit to me. It got me even more turned on. She went right to fingering herself, thrusting a single digit as far as it would go, then adding another. Her pussy made wet sounds as she went at herself hard, my finger parted my bald lips, and I could feel the wetness start to flow as my inner lips accepted my finger.

“You are so hot Mary Beth, such a slutty little girl you are. Do you want to fuck your mommy Mary Beth? Do you want to fuck your mommy like the little slutty girl you are?” Mommys dirty talk was exciting to my ears.

“Yes mommy, I want to fuck you, because I’m your little slut baby.” I returned the nasty talk to her, and she loved it.

She motioned me to her, specifically to her cunt. I walked to her, and climbed up on the bed with her. Her hands held her legs behind her knees, holding them high and wide. It could see her pussy opened up to me, wet hair surrounding it, and I could see her ass. I used my hands to part the hair away, and lowered my head to her. She let out a long moan as my tongue ran the length of her pussy. She tasted musky and sweet. I knew what she needed, so I quickly found her clit, it was hard and sensitive, and she jumped everytime my tongue flicked across it. I began to suck on it and she soon began one long moan. Her hips began to slowly push in to my face at the same rhythm I was sucking her. 

“Stop for a second Mary Beth. ” She broke our lusty kiss, pulling her pussy away from me. 

She reached in to her drawer, the one I knew she kept her toys in, and pulled out a new one.

“Come here baby, put this on so you can fuck your mommy right.” She motioned me over and began to tie something on around my hips. When she was done and pulled away, I had a penis. It was plastic, and about 8 inches long, and 2 inches across. “Now you can fuck me right, now you can fuck your mommy like a good baby slut.” It looked ridiculously large on me.

She laid back, legs wide but not holding them this time. I walked on my knees between them, looking at the wetness laid out before me. I had never used such a object, but it seemed obvious enough. I positioned the end in her pussy, and pushed with my hips. She groaned loudly, and her legs came around me, and I could feel her shoes against my butt, holding me tight in her. A few seconds later and she pushed my hips away with her hands, only to bring them crashing back down in to her with a pull of her legs. She moaned loudly again, even more intense but shorter lived. Quickly she pushed me away again, and her legs brought me right back. 

I was getting the idea. I began to take care of this on my own. Thrusting at her with long slow thrusts at first, and slowly gaining speed and intensity. She moved her legs up, wrapping them around my waist, she was moaning and writhing under me, her pussy making erotic wet sounds. 

“Does Mommy like getting fucked by her little girl?” I gave her more of the nasty talk she liked, and open the flood gates.

“Mary Beth you are such a little slut fucking your mommy like this…keep fucking me Mary Beth, do not stop you nasty little whore, fuck your mommy Mary Beth, fuck me hard baby, harder. You nasty little slut girl, you are going to make your mommy cum.” And with that she began to shake violently. 

I continued to thrust as hard as I could, my hips slamming in to hers, faster and faster. She let out a long loud scream, her legs splayed out wide, one hand found my ass and pulled my tight in to her and held me there, hard. I dropped my mouth to her nipple and nursed as her other hand held my head tight to her breast. Her hips continued to push in to me almost like a spasm, and I knew she had an amazing orgasm.

She pulled my face from her breast and kissed me long and passionately, our tongues circled around each other as she filled my mouth. She pushed my hips back without breaking out kiss, pulling the toy from herself slowly, letting out another moan as she did. She then undid the harness, taking it away.

“Its your turn baby.” She said as she broke our kiss. I sat back, and she worked her way off the bed. She stood staring me in the eye, as she adjusted the straps to fit her without ever looking at them. It looked more proportional on her body.

“I don’t think I can fit it in me mommy.” I stated with a bit of concern.

“That doesn’t sound like something my little slut would say. ” She scolded me. “A good little slut baby takes whatever she is offered, and she enjoys it. Are you a good slut for mommy?

“I’m a good slut mommy, I’ll try to take it.” I said with some optimism. 

I laid on my back as she had, spread my legs as wide as I could, and held my arms out to invite her to me. She got on to the bed, walking on her knees as I did to her. She pulled a pillow from the head of the bed and lifted my hips up, and put the pillow under me. 

“This will elevate your pelvis and make it more comfortable.” She explained. “Now just take it all in like a good girl.”

I spread out wide again, and even held my puffy lips apart for her, that made her happy. She rubbed the end up and down my cunny a few times, getting it wet, and it felt good when it hit my clit. She positioned it right at my opening, and pushed it in. Just an inch or two at first, it felt like a log in me. It didn’t hurt, but the pressure was intense. She pulled back, and in again, further this time, it felt uncomfortable, yet fulfilling and satisfying at the same time. Out again, and back in, mommy was getting more agressive.

“Easy mommy,” I said, “fuck me slow.”

“Its no fun slow baby, you will see.” 

She started faster, each time going further in me, it felt both invasive and amazing. It seemed like 2 feet were in me, but I could see it was only half way in. Each thrust going further and further, mommy had a lustful distant look about her as she thrusted harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She ran her hands down my legs and to my ankles, lifting my feet high in the air, using the heels on my shoes as a handle, her pounding intensified. 

It felt like my body was coming apart, the pressure in my small pussy combined with simultaneously pleasure, and the beautiful, lust filled eyes as my mommy looked at me. One more thrust and I felt her body push against my clit, she was all the way in. I could feel the toy way in me, rubbing against my insides, feeling amazing. Now she was going crazy, thrusting and pounding away me, she let my feet go, and I wrapped them around her waist, pulling her harder in as she drove in to me. 

She alternated between watching my face and watching the toy violate my pussy. I could see my lips were stretched tight around it, they glistened with excess wetness.

“Its coming mommy, it feels like I’m going to pee mommy, what…” my voice trailed.

“Let it go baby, just let everything happen.” She consoled me.

“Oh fuck me mommy.. fuck me mommy… harder mommy… fuck your baby mommy” and with that the best orgasm of my life rocketed through my body, my hips had a mind of their own, thrusting up madly at mommy, several small squirts of fluid came out of me, making both of us wet, I screamed like an animal, wailing until the orgasm eased away, and left me trembling in the shadow of my mother looking down on me.

Mommy slowly pulled out of me, my puss seemed to stay wide open, at least it felt that way. Mommy unhooked herself and tossed the toy aside, then returned to laying between my legs, where we kissed for a while. Eventually mommy got up and went to the bathroom, and I knew it was time to go to my bedroom, even after fantastic sex, we were to sleep in our own rooms. Walking was a difficult, the muscles between my legs were over stretched and over tired, and every step made it feel like that big toy was still up inside of me. I hoped I was not still this way in the morning when I went to school.

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