Spending Oral Time with Sis and Her Boyfriend Chapter 2 by stifflittlepoints


Emma talks her parents into letting her visit her sister up at college. Soon stripped naked, she is about to learn about the many cocks of older boysPicking up where we left off in Chapter 1 . . . Please read if you haven’t already!

“Can we do it again? “asked Emma.

“Not for a little while,” I said. “You wore me out. I need some recovery time. Let’s lay down for a few minutes.” She giggled at that, and then crawled up on the bed next to me, laying her head down on my chest. We snuggled for a few minutes, then she looked up at me and said softly, “Thank you, Mike. That was great. I want you to learn more stuff.” 

“We’re going to need another joint, then,” I grinned, rolling over to get the dope from the end table. I sprinkled some into one of the papers and rolled it up. This joint was even lumpier than the first one, and Emma giggled again. “Maybe I’ll see if Mollie will teach you to roll, since you think my joints are so crappy,” I said with mock indignation. I fired it up and we lay in a languid stupor, toking our way to another great high. 

We cuddled for a little while after we finished the joint. Emma’s eyes were glassy, but her hands were busy. She had wrapped her fingers around my limp cock and was playing with it, slowly bringing it back to life. And I was playing with her taut little body, running my hands all over, feeling her cunt, he taut ass, and then fondling her tiny breasts until the nipples popped erect once again. 

“Michael,” she whispered. “Are you gonna tell Mollie we did this?” 

“I dunno,” I said truthfully. “I probably should. This kind of secret would be hard to keep, especially while you’re still here over the next two weeks. What do you think? She’s your sister.” 

“I know,” she said with some chagrin. “But I don’t know how she’d react.” 

“I’m not sure either,” I said honestly. “On the one hand, she and I both think sex is normal and fun and shouldn’t be kept hidden. At the same time, she told me once she wished she had learned how to make love when she was a whole lot younger.” 

“When did she learn?” 

“When she was fourteen,” I replied. “From some guy she barely knew. She said he was a self-centered jerk, but she learned a lot.” 

“That’s younger than me!” Emma said enthusiastically. “And I’m learning from someone she knows and trusts.” 

“That’s right. But on the other hand, you are her baby sister, and she might feel a bit protective.” 

“I don’t need protection!” Emma insisted. “Not from you. I want you to keep teaching me.” 

“What else do you want to learn?” 

The young girl looked down at the prick she was cradling in her fingers. I was almost fully erect again. Emma smiled and looked into my eyes. “Will you teach me how to . . . FUCK?” That final word almost echoed through the room. 

“Really?” I asked. I wasn’t expecting her to want to move this quickly. 

“Uh huh,” she replied, stroking my cock a little harder now. “I really want to feel what it is like to have this bad boy up my pussy,” she said squeezing my almost fully erect shaft. 

I hesitated for a nanosecond, and then pulled the young girl close. “Okay. I’ll fuck you. But first, I want to kiss you.” I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers. She tasted fresh and sweet and I pressed my tongue against her lips until she opened her mouth and let it in. She moaned as we Frenched each other. I dropped one hand to her crotch and began to explore her virgin pussy once again. She was very wet, and obviously ready. I gently probed a fingertip into her vaginal opening. She tensed briefly, then relaxed, letting me do as I pleased. Once again she reached for her phone, and this time she hit the video option and she placed it on the side table aimed at our lower bodies. 

“Okay, sweetheart,” I said, rolling on top of her. “It might hurt a little bit, but that won’t last long and then it’ll begin to feel REALLY good. But if you want me to stop, you just have to say so.” Emma nodded and spread her legs as I settled between them. My cock was now rampant with desire. Grabbing it with one hand, I placed the head right against her pussy lips and began rubbing it up and down. “Mmmm,” she whined. “That feels awesome.” I rubbed some more until the head seated itself between her lips, right at the entrance to her virgin cunny. 

“Alright, now just relax and I’ll push inside,” I said as soothingly as I could. Pushing slowly but firmly, the head of cock began to work its way inside the young girl. I felt her tense up, so I paused and lowered my head to kiss her. She kissed me back hard, probing her little tongue into my mouth. I felt her relax and pushed harder until suddenly my whole cock head entered her virgin quim. 

“AHHH!” she whined, wincing in pain. 

“Hold on now, Emma,” I soothed. “I’m almost in. One more push…” I pulled back slightly, then leaned into my next thrust, feeling my cock tear through her hymen and push a few inches into her no longer virgin pussy. 

“OWWWW!!!” she screamed, tears now beginning to flow. I stroked her hair and reassured her the worst was over, loving the feeling of her pulsing little cunny rippling around my prick. I didn’t move for a minute or two, letting the young girl get used to the feeling of a hard cock inside her. Gradually she relaxed again and I slowly began to pump in and out, just a little bit at a time. She continued to moan, but it sounded as if it was now less painful. 

“I’m inside you now Emma, and the pain will start fading away,” I whispered into her ear. “Relax, sweetheart. Just relax, and you’ll begin to enjoy it.” The girl nodded and gave me a weak little smile. I continued to pump slowly and gently, and before long Emma began to move her hips in rhythm. Her moans of pain stopped and now she was giving out little mewls of pleasure. “See, baby?” I said. “It’s feeling better now, isn’t it?” 

Emma nodded. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and gleaming, and the look of lust had returned. She reached up her arms and pulled me down for another kiss. I kept rocking my hips, moving my cock slowly in and out, going deeper each time. She moaned around my tongue. “I feel…” she said as she broke the kiss, “I feel so…full! It feels…the BEST!” 

“I knew you would like it as much as Mollie,” I said, forcing another inch of my rampant cock into the girl. 

“I’m a hot…hot little minx, aren’t I? ” she stammered with a grin. 

“That you are!” I said, laughing. Now I began to really fuck her. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Emma grunted as I plunged deeper and deeper. She was rolling her little hips now, forcing her pussy deeper onto my cock. “Nngghh!” she cried when I finally plunged fully into her, my entire length absorbed inside her motivated cunt. I had never felt anything like it, soft yet so tight it was almost painful. I held my prick fully inside, letting it bask in her glorious warmth, then once again began to pump slowly and deeply. 

“OH! OHHHH! OHHHHH!!” Emma screamed as an orgasm rippled through her skinny body. She twitched and jerked on my cock, but I didn’t slow down, continuing to fuck this girl with passion . . . just like she wanted. I had already come twice, so I was able to last a long time. We were both huffing and puffing now, Emma mewling and crying, her bare pussy getting redder as I continued to pound into her. 

Finally, I felt it. It was coming. A big one. I could feel it throbbing in the base of my cock. All I wanted to do was bury it deep inside the girl and hold it there, filling her pussy with my hot cream, but then discretion took over. I didn’t want to get her pregnant. I pumped three or four more times, holding it in deep, and another orgasm raced through her. “AHHHH!!!!!” she screamed. 

I pulled out, my throbbing cock gleaming with her juices, and grabbed the shaft, aiming it up her body. Suddenly a huge gob of hot sperm shot out of the tip, flew up her body and landed with a splat on the tip of her nose. It left a trail down her neck and onto her heaving chest. Another jet of semen shot out, landing on her tits and belly. Then another and another. I was spraying come all over the naughty girl. Emma screamed in ecstasy as I covered her naked little body with my cream. I realized I was screaming too as I continued to spurt. Then I suddenly heard another scream. 

“OH MY GOD!! MICHAEL!! YOU’RE FUCKING MY BABY SISTER!!” It was Mollie. She had returned from her trip early and stood in the doorway, a look of total shock on her face. I was still shooting sperm. I couldn’t stop. It was all over Emma’s chest, belly and pussy. The young girl turned her head and smiled at her big sister, a big glob of cum dangling from the tip of her nose. Mollie’s eyes got even bigger, then slowly, her look of shock turned into a broad grin. “THAT IS SO HOT!!!” she cried, pulling off her t-shirt and running over to the bed, her pert breasts quivering. She looked at me, then down at her sperm-covered little sister. Lying down next to her, she leaned over and kissed Emma hard on the mouth, smearing my semen all over her own face in the process. “Oh, Emma!” she cried, breaking the kiss. “I’m so glad! Did you like it?” 

“YES! YES!!!!!” squealed the young girl. “I wanna do it more!!!!” 

I got off the bed, my cock finally beginning to deflate, and watched the two sisters hug and kiss. Mollie began licking up my cum from her sister’s face and chest and then worked her way lower until she hovered over Emma’s puffy, red cunt. Emma screamed in pleasure when Mollie began lapping up the drips of cum from her pussy. And it was still the first day of Emma’s visit! It was going to be an interesting two weeks. I leaned over and turned off the camera phone. I couldn’t wait to watch it later with Mollie. 

Weekend Party 

It took Emma a few days to allow her recently “fucked pussy” to feel better. Mollie and I continued to fuck daily as usual, and for some reason we both kept referring to what I did with Emma. Although it did not take much for Mollie to get into the mood, we often borrowed the videos we took with Emma’s phone to get fully aroused. I was especially turned on by Mollie’s excitement, each time she viewed it:

“I can’t believe the quality of this movie,” she remarked, “Every girl should have a video of their first blowjob. Look at all of the cum that shoots out from your cock . . . all over her face and titties. What a great tutor you are!”

But little did I know the plans Mollie had for Emma at our weekend party. It was common for a group of us . . . usually 10 or 15 people to gather together, smoke dope or take other drugs, get naked and fuck for hours. We were supposed to start around 8:00, but Mollie wanted to start early since she was curious what Emma had learned from our previous session when she went to buy dope. 

Mollie looked over at Emma. “And how are you feeling, my darling little sister? Has that pussy of yours recovered yet from Mike’s long cock?” 

Emma grinned. “I’m great, sis. It feels much better. Thanks. Thanks a lot.” 

“For what?” 

“For letting me come down here. For letting me smoke pot with you. And for not going ballistic when you saw me and Mike together.” 

“Well, if you’re going to learn about drugs and sex, I’m sorta glad it’s with Mike and me instead of some jerks. And Michael does have a nice cock, doesn’t he? I don’t mind sharing it with you.” Mollie stood up and came over to where I was sitting on the couch with Emma along my side. 

“We are expecting some friends over tonight Emma. You heard me tell you, we love to fool around while we are smoking dope and taking our clothes off and stuff. Would you like to join us this evening?”

“That would be awesome! I just don’t want to get in your way.”

“Not gonna happen girl. In fact, I already told everyone you would be here and they couldn’t wait to see and touch that freshman high school girl’s young body,” said Mollie. Emma must have been somewhat aroused by her sister’s words as I noticed her stiff nipples were beginning to show themselves against the white top she was wearing. Since Mollie had outlawed bras for her sister during her visit, Emma’s chest was looking very desirable. I was now sitting in the middle of the two sisters. 

“I’d like to have a little appetizer before our guests arrive. So how about you (and Mollie reached over and gently cupped my crotch . . . as she began to squeeze it suggestively) whipping out your love toy for us to sample? In fact, why don’t you stand up and have Emma pull down your shorts so we can begin. 

“I can’t wait . . . but can we smoke a joint first?” suggested Emma. 

“Great idea sis, but while I roll it, I want to watch you strip my boyfriend buck naked.” Emma turned red with embarrassment. This was a much different situation than when we were alone the other night. Mollie noted her hesitation, but what Emma didn’t know is how horny her sister was getting . . . thinking about what she had planned. Mollie loved to have my 8” cock on display. Especially with everyone else still dressed. Almost like a prized gift. I got up and stood directly in front of the young girl. Meanwhile Mollie was finishing up rolling the first joint.

“Come on now, Emma . . . unbutton his pants . . . and let his favorite friend come out and say hi.” Mollie lit the joint, took a quick toke, and leaned over to pass it to her sister. Emma had slid over slightly on the couch so that she was directly in front of me. 

“Take a nice long toke girl . . . and get yourself ready for tonight’s ride of your life,” said Mollie. Emma had learned how to take in the smoke much better than her first try. Her sister had saved this special bag just for this evening. It was guaranteed to send everyone to the moon. Emma held in the smoke for more than 30 seconds and handed me the joint. 

“We want Mike’s cock to be nice and long sis . . . so I want you to roll up your top so that he can see those titties you are hiding. Go ahead . . . give us a little show.” The young girl finally exhaled and found the hem of her top inside her shorts and slowly rolled the material up past her belly button and then up further until the base of her titties were showing. From my view, this act was serving its purpose, as my throbbing cock quickly pushed out the front of my shorts, just as her sister had predicted. 

“Keep going you little minx . . . we want to see those stiff little nipples,” she said. 

Emma waited for a moment for her sister’s words to sink in. The dope was so potent; she was hallucinating for the first time. As I just stood there, admiring her beautiful facial features and her shoulder length blonde hair, which was pulled up into one of those sloppy ponytails, she stood up and moved forward and began to kiss me. Our lips met, and instantly, she embraced me around my waist as I wrapped my arms around her. We kissed for what seemed like a half an hour, but was nothing more than 30 seconds.

We pulled away, as she proclaimed “This dope is way over the top sis.” I took the joint from Emma and duplicated her long drag and handed it to Mollie. She laughed and proceeded to down almost a third of the joint herself. 

“Get him hot Emma,” chirped Mollie as she watched her sister in action. It was my turn to hallucinate as I looked down at the young girl. Our lips met again, this time, it was even more intense than before. Our tongues fought each other for dominance, dancing around in each other’s mouths. My hands moved up and down the small of her back, but eventually ended up on her incredibly perfect ass. As we pulled away in order to grab a breath, she held on to my bottom lip with hers, and gave it a slight bite. 

After the quick gasp for air, our lips locked again. This time, I found my right hand on her bare waist and quickly guided it up her left side toward her small, but perfectly shaped breast. I cupped my hand around it easily, massaging it lightly. Still passionately engorging ourselves, she took her left hand and guided mine back down her flat stomach to where she had rolled up her top. She then gracefully slipped my hand under her shirt, moving it back up her warm, flawless body, to her bare breast. 

Our lips pulled away from each other once again, but this time, it was to remove her shirt. After I pulled the shirt from over the top her head, revealing her erect nipples, she took a step back and removed the elastic band that held her ponytail in place. After her hair fell just above her shoulder blade, she quickly shook her head, and then gave me an intense come-hither stare. 

Naturally, I couldn’t resist, and began kissing her neck. Slowing down a bit, I drifted toward her tits. I slowly began sucking on her nipples, as my hand began massaging the other breast. She gave off a slight moan as I lightly nibbled on the tip of her boob.

“Oh god. That feels . . . so good,” said Emma.

“You guys make me hornier than a porn flick,” whispered my girlfriend as she began to rub her hidden pussy. 

I switch from one breast to the other, and began the process anew. She lets off another moan. 

“Oh yeah, suck my tit. It feels sooo good…” 

She says it in such a sexy way that I remembered I had my own needs… 

Luckily, she remembered too. 

She slowly pulled my head up with her soft, silky hands, and planted another quick kiss on my lips. 

“I can’t forget my sister’s orders,” giggle Emma. 

Without averting her eyes from mine, her hands had found my zipper, and she quickly removed my pants. Both my pants and my boxers hit the floor, and I kicked them aside as I removed my shirt. As I did this, Emma grabbed my rock-hard cock in her hand, and my balls in the other. Next thing I knew, she has her lips around it, and she’s using one hand to fondle my sack.

Mollie stands up dipping her fingers into her shorts and offers me a toke of the joint. I inhale it deeply and look back down at Emma. She slowly moves her mouth up and down my shaft, running her tongue along its length, and toying with the head, flicking it and circling it every so often. She removes her mouth for a moment to lick the pre-cum slowly building off my blood-engorged head. 

“Mmmmm… You taste really great! I know why my sister can’t get enough of this cock.” 

She places my cock back in her mouth, this time forcing her mouth half way down the shaft. I slowly rest my hands on her head and I begin moving her head steadily up and down. I remove my hands, and she begins stroking my cock and places my balls in her mouth. I let off a moan of pleasure, as her tongue playfully moves around my sack. 

She then begins to run her tongue up and down the shaft again, slowly building me towards climax. She begins sucking me full on again, as I prepare to cum. 

Sensing my approaching climax, she removes my cock from her mouth and begins stroking it. I let of a final moan, as I shoot four jets of cum onto her face and bare chest. 

“Oh Emma, you’re so fucking awesome.” 

“Mmmm… Anything for my sister’s boyfriend,” she smiled looking over at Mollie through the streaks of cum dripping down her face. 

She walks off to the bathroom to clean up and I lean down to put back on my shorts. 

“Tell you what . . . the guys should be here pretty soon . . . let me put your clothes in our bedroom.” On her way back, there is a knock on the door and she goes over to answer it. About the same time, Emma comes back . . . her clothes back in order with her hair in a ponytail. She looks even younger that way I said to myself getting an erection once again just watching her.

“Come on in guys . . . glad you could make it,” said Mollie. Emma looked over and immediately saw four very handsome guys entering the living room. She noticed that Mollie had rolled several joints and she decided to light one up as she was daydreaming about what might be in their pants. 

One thing for sure . . . Emma now continually fantasized about boy’s cocks. She knew Mike’s was one of a kind being that long, but just the unspoken control she had manipulating and sucking boy’s shafts was very addicting. Little did she know that her fantasies were about to cum true. 

For the next several minutes she sat by herself smoking her joint. All of a sudden Mollie came up, somewhat freaked her out, regarding the suddenness of her entrance and introduced the guys to her. She met Sam, Frank, Tony and another Mike. They all said “Hi” but for some reason created a small semi-circle around her. 

“You remember me saying we like to have fun together, right sis?” asked Mollie. She nodded her head, but was curious about the gleam in her sister’s eyes. 

“Tonight these boys have volunteered to give you an experience you will never forget.” Emma noticed the boys were quickly sharing a couple of joints in front of her. 

“Oh really,” said Emma smiling. “Like the one Mike gave me a couple of days ago?” she asked and then turned pink with embarrassment realizing what she had said.

“Actually . . . much more satisfying than that,” she said, “but in a way along the same lines. Are you ready for Emma’s Naughty Adventure?” asked Mollie.

“I guess so,” said Emma curious about that label. 

“Good . . . let me get behind you for a second,” she said. Emma looked back up at the boys and noticed their eyes were all dilated from the potent dope. All of a sudden, Mollie’s hands slipped down her sides and she whispered in her ear, “Time to show these boys your cute little titties Emma”, and before she knew it, her top was tossed aside and her bare breasts were being inspected by eight eager eyes. She immediately tried to cover herself up, but Mollie had other plans. 

She grabbed Emma’s hands and pulled them over her breasts and brought them upwards to the top of the couch. From somewhere, a broom was centered over her head and her wrists were zip-tied and looped over the broom. In this position, her titties were thrust forward for each of the boys to see and she had no way of covering herself up. Secretly her hidden pussy began to leak with total excitement. 

The eager girl looked up and one by one, each of the boys were unzipping their pants. Just like in the fantasy she was having about them minutes before, every boy unhooked the top of his denims, slipped his fingers into his underwear and within seconds, Emma was looking at four perfect cocks, each slowly growing to full erection. Seeing one cock was arousing for her, but having 5 cocks, including mine inches from her face was truly exciting. 

Emma’s emotions slowly changed and almost like a dream she inspected each cock and began to get more and more excited. They were of different lengths and thicknesses and for the first time she saw a boy’s shaft that was not circumcised which was a novelty she was interested in sampling. In the background she heard her sister say . . . “Emma meet Sam’s cock.” The first boy mounted the couch and straddled her body. What was once a very stiff shaft that she saw several feet away, was now inches from her face. 

She watched the boy grab the base of his cock and then slowly rub it over her forehead, down one cheek and then gently over her lips. His balls were dangling around her chin. Without thinking Emma rubbed her lips back and forth against the glans of the boy and soon stuck out her tongue and began to coat the head with her saliva. Being slightly restrained with her hands over her head made this even more exciting to the young girl.

In the background, she heard her sister say, “NEXT” and Sam got off the sofa, still holding and jerking on his cock and a longer shaft (Franks) took its place. But Emma was surprised because instead of rubbing his cock against her face like Sam, Frank moved the tip of his prick against her nipples. Balancing his efforts, he rubbed his shaft back and forth across both of her small breasts, making her buds fully erect. The boys precum had begun to leak out as it began to coat her nipples. This lasted a few minutes and then once again her sister had the boys alternate. 

With her arms still tied above her head, Tony gently pulled Emma closer to him. She looked down at the thickest of the five cocks and truly wondered what it might feel like running up her love tunnel. This very horny boy moved his body close to hers and began to rub his cock up against her shorts and more specifically her concealed pussy underneath. Up and down he rubbed his massive shaft against her barely hidden and now very moist cunt. She closed her eyes as she felt his cock excite her clit underneath.

Once again, she heard her sister’s voice and the final boy took Tony’s place. This second Mike was the handsomest of all and with a smile on his face, he looked down at her, unsnapped the button on the top of her shorts, pulled down the zipper and spread apart the sides. He snuck his thumb into the opening, and gently rubbed her pussy underneath. Emma was literally on fire with excitement as she watched the uncircumcised boy, insert his fingers into the sides of her shorts and panties and slowly pull everything off so that she was totally nude except for her white socks and shoes. 

She expected her sister to say something, but all eyes watched as the tall boy knelt down in front of her. Spreading her legs apart, he grabbed his cock, pulled back his outer skin . . . displaying the pink hidden head underneath and he moved forward, laying the underside of his shaft onto her now dripping pussy. He moved his hips back and forth, making sure to further excite her clitoris. Then just to tease her, he aimed the tip of his cock into her moist pussy lips and drove just the head inside an inch or two and then back and forth for several seconds. 

“Times up, boys,” said her sister. “Would you like me to cut off that zip tie holding your wrists together or do you like to be bound like that?” she asked. Emma had to honestly think for a moment before she responded. At first she was totally freaked out at what Mollie had done to her . . . binding her hands as she did. But being somewhat helpless turned out to be quite a turn on as each of the boy’s cocks teased her.

“I want to be untied, so I can use my hands and give pleasure to all your friends,” said Emma. I found some scissors and cut through the zip tie. Emma surprised everyone and asked “What’s next?”, unconsciously moving her fingers to her twat and gently rubbing. 

“My Mike gave you some lessons a few days ago, but during his foreplay, he neglected to demonstrate the quickest way to excite a boy. So I want you to scoop up a bunch of Vaseline from this jar (that magically appeared) and get your hands all slippery. Emma unscrewed the large jar, dipped three fingers inside about an inch or so and came out with generous amount of the oily jelly on her fingertips.

“Now rub your hands together so that they are all covered.” Everyone watched as the young girl followed Mollie’s instructions. When she was finished, Emma showed her hands . . . now almost a quarter in thick in Vaseline. 

“Before we begin,” said Mollie and before continuing, she surprised everyone by stripping off her top and displaying her beautiful breasts. “I want you to rub some of that Vaseline all over my tits.” Emma shook her head at this suggestion, being somewhat embarrassed to touching and rubbing her sister’s titties with everyone watching. But receiving the stare from her sister, indicating “let’s get going” she reached over and began to coat her sister’s breasts with the jelly. As her fingers spread the ointment, Mollie’s nipples began to grow. Emma could not help herself as she playfully pinched her sister’s buds between her oily fingers. 

“That’s perfect sis. Now Michael . . . I want you to move that 8” cock of yours up and down my tits.” I had been watching all of the action she had be orchestrating, but her request certainly caught me by surprise. I walked over, still buck naked in front of her and watched as she pushed her breasts together and bending slightly down, I carefully inserted my throbbing cock into the tight valley she had created. Soon my glans was fully aroused as I moved my big cock up and down. I couldn’t help myself as I continued to jerk my erect shaft up and down and in between her titties. 

Since my cock was so long, when I moved upward the tip came up to her mouth, and she quickly “O’d” the head with her lips and tongue. With everyone watching we continued to “titty fuck” with her fantastic cocksucking option. I warned Mollie I was about to blow, but she remained silent. On my next upwards path, a huge gob of hot cum hit her chin and everyone applauded.

“Cum on my titties, Michael,” said Mollie and three or four shots later, her glistening chest was covered in my spent juices, intermixed with the Vaseline. I had aimed at her stiff nipples the most . . . and long strands of slimy goo dripped from those erect buds. It took both of us a few minutes to recover, but soon standing up in front of Emma, Mollie was back leading the events.

“Like us Emma, boys love to masturbate, and most of them use some type of lubricant on their hands, just like you have on yours right now. Up until now you have had only one partner in your lovemaking. Tonight we are going to watch you navigate several at the same time. Sam and Frank I want you two to move up and get on either side of my little sister.” Both boys immediately followed her lead, still gripping their cocks and positioned themselves just outside of her legs.

“Now move those very stiff cocks close to Emma, so that she can grab them,” she said. With little effort they moved slightly forward and the young girl was now looking at two very erect organs, just a few feet away. She knew everyone was watching her as she gently opened her jelly covered hands, curled them slightly and then inserted their cocks into that opening.

“Good girl. Now squeeze those cocks just a little bit, and boys I want you to ram into those squeezed hands for us.” Immediately the boys surged forward and then back and began a rhythm going, as if they were fucking their girlfriends. Emma was smiling as she knew the pleasure her tight held greasy hands were providing for the older boys. In and out they moved their hips, fucking the girl’s hands at the same time. She was expecting them to spray her any minute as their pace quickened. 

“As you probably know, Emma . . . you are providing a double handjob for these young men. But, they are only two parts of tonight’s quadrophenia event. You have two delightful holes that I am sure are very eager and waiting for two more very stiff cocks. Gentlemen, back off for a second and let good ole Tony get greased up by my little sister.” Emma was trying to follow her siblings plan and she was actually disappointed that the guys had to back away. She was truly anticipating those cocks to shoot hot cum from both sides onto her face and naked body.

Tony moved directly in front of the girl, and still having her fingers fully drenched with Vaseline, she knew what was expected of her and she used both hands to move up and down his eager shaft coating it liberally. The guy began to moan in pleasure as Emma began to squeeze his shaft, just like the other boys wanting him to enjoy her efforts. Emma closely examined his extremely thick, long cock . . . much thicker than every other one she had seen before, even in movies and fantasized about the satisfaction and in some cases discomfort other girls had endured in the past, while this shaft fucked them. 

“Good enough Emma. We certainly don’t want Tony to shoot off too early. Now sis . . . I want you to grease up that hot little pussy of yours for us.”

“In front of everyone?” she asked.

“Of course. We want to watch you get all lubed up as we move towards our quadrophenia climax. Here take a few more tokes off this bong, to get you in the mood,” she suggested. Emma nervously leaned over and put her mouth on a bong that resembled a guy’s cock. Everyone cracked up as she opened her lips like it was a real prick and she was cocksucking. Holding in the smoke for many seconds, she slowly blew it out and then brought her hands down to her wet pussy. She moved forward on the couch so that her cunt was slightly off the cushion and she began to lubricate her lips. She was truly high as a kite, as everyone watched her playfully stuck two and then three fingers into her pussy and grease the entrance.

“Enough of the preliminaries . . . folks. Now for the main event. We are so happy my little sister is here with us, that we want to make this evening a very memorable time for her. So sis, for just a second, I want you to get off the couch and let Tony take your place.” No one knew exactly what was going to happen, so Tony looked around at first and then sat down on the leather couch. 

“It’s no secret my sister had a very unforgettable night with my boyfriend a few days ago. As you know from watching the video on her phone, she lost her virginity that night, and I loved the fact my Michael was the person who fucked her. Tonight . . . Tony is going to take over as lead in our quadrophenia event. But now, I am going to blindfold my sister and give her instructions as to what to do next.” Mollie located a long piece of black cotton fabric and curling it around a few times, placed it over her sister’s eyes and then tied it up behind her head. “Can you SEE anything Emma?” she asked.

“Not really,” she admitted, getting a bit paranoid, not being able to see what was happening.

“Good . . . now I am going to move you backwards a few steps and then I want you to kneel down for us.” Mollie and I moved on either side of her and then pulled her back towards the couch. We then reached down and pulled her legs apart and lowered her down right onto Tony’s huge thick cock. Emma began to object, realizing that she would be impaled by the one cock she was worried about. Slowly the boys head and then shaft moved into her tight love lips, with her moaning with each inch entering her body. Finally, her tight little ass was up against his body. She had begun to sweat, which actually was making her body even more attractive for the audience around her. 

“Reach out your hands, Emma,” said Mollie and her sister followed her instructions. “You need to find those two cocks that you were jacking off earlier and start with them again.” The boys moved forward and soon her fingers and inside of her hands were doing their magic. Emma couldn’t believe was servicing three cocks at the same time! Back and forth the boys began to push with their cocks. At the same time, she lifted up slightly and began to move her ass up and down, ramming the thick cock into her again and again. For several minutes, she serviced the boys and then her sister stopped the action. 

“You still have an opening sis, that needs to be filled, and Sam is going to help you out, but I want you to see what four cocks look like, going into your body.” Emma felt the knot being undone behind her head and soon a blast of light appeared. And not only that, Sam’s uncircumcised cock was sticking out right in front of her, inches away. He had moved in between the two other boys, whose cocks she still had in her hands. Emma stared at the long shaft with the foreskin covering the tip. She thought to herself, sucking this one, without using her hands was going to be quite a challenge. 

“I love all your cocks! And I can’t wait to get started, ” she wailed. The next thing I remember was watching all four guys beginning to move. Sam was first as he inserted his cock right into her mouth. She covered his foreskin with her lips and drove it into her mouth a few inches. Up and down she drove his shaft and then, she slowed down and tried something rather tricky, especially without the use of her hands, since they were busy. She tightened her lips at the front of his cock, and with his help, and adding extra pressure, she moved the foreskin off the head of his cock and his glans was now being exclusively sucked by the sides of her lips. She had successfully moved the foreskin back and her wicked tongue was now causing incredible satisfaction for him. In and out he began to fuck her face. 

At the same time, Tony was getting into a rhythm ramming his cock into her drenched pussy, to match the cocksucking movement going on above. Soon the four of them were moving like a machine. Emma was watching Sam’s cock enter her mouth but at the same time she could look out and watch herself jacking off the boys with her hands. More friends had entered the room and soon couples were fucking and sucking each other as they watched Emma perform in front of them.

After a few minutes of heavy action, the boys began moaning and saying they were going to shoot their load. The first to get off was Tony. Emma felt his hot cum filling up her tiny pussy. Again and again he drove his thick cock into the young girl. Sam was next as he took his cock out of her mouth and began to navigate his shaft with his own hand. He screamed as he began to shoot hot streams of cum at Emma’s face. Once the two boys saw him erupt, they too began to shower Emma with their semen. 

All three boys continually zig-zagged their loads all over the girl. Her face, cheeks, hair and mouth were hit the most often and then the two boys on the side took turns ricocheting their cum all over her tits and stiff nipples. Tony must have saved up for a week as he continued to empty his load into her mouth. She was determined to catch it all, but after several minutes, it began to leak out. Emma was literally covered with boy’s cum and she was smiling as she began to gulp down their juices. 

Soon everybody was up dancing, or perhaps writhing is a better term, the sweaty, naked bodies undulating to the pulsing music. Emma was waving her arms over her head and I was sucking on her little titties, biting the nipples tenderly and tickling them with my tongue. Then we all wound up in a group on the floor, still writhing and kissing, eventually forming a daisy chain. I buried my face between Emma’s legs and began lapping at her bald little cunny. I felt someone’s mouth on my cock and knew right away it was Mollie. No one could suck like her, even when she was tripping. 

It seemed to go on forever. At some point, more people appeared. They were friends from down the street, a bunch of stoner guys and girls and soon they were naked too. The party spread out from just the living room. More joints were passed around, more wine was drunk, more pussies were fucked. I was fucking again, but it wasn’t Emma or Mollie or any girl I knew. But she was blonde and skinny and sweet and warm and moaned in pleasure as I plunged into her. She pulled me close and whispered into my ear. “This is the best party ever!” I nodded in full agreement.

Spending Oral Time with Sis and Her Boyfriend by stifflittlepoints


Let’s see what happens when a high school freshman visits her sister at college and learns how to suck cock and more.Thinking back on my days at MSU . . . I lived in an off-campus group house with my 18-year-old girlfriend Mollie and a bunch of other kids. We were into politics, though we weren’t as earnest as some of the more active types. We were more into drugs – weed, hash, all the psychedelics and even occasionally speed. And of course sex. We loved sex. Mollie in particular loved to fuck anytime of the day or night. She especially liked fucking while stoned, so that happened a lot. 

Anyway, sometime during the summer months we were in the bedroom together, naked as usual. We had smoked a couple of joints and she was sucking my long cock when the phone rang. She hesitated, then decided to answer it . . . but continued to stroke my shaft. 

“Oh, hi Mom. What’s up?” She gave me a puzzled look and a shrug of her shoulders. “Emma? Come here? Two weeks? Aw, I don’t know Mom. I…” Mollie stopped playing with my rod and now looked concerned. “Of course I miss her. I miss her a lot. It’s just…” 

This was not sounding good. Emma was Mollie ‘s sister, who was a freshman in high school . . . and it sounded like she wanted to visit. I had never met her before, but I knew that she was Mollie ‘s only sibling and they were especially close. 

“No, there’s no reason she can’t come down here…Oh Mom, no, we’re not doing drugs or anything like that…” Mollie looked exasperated. “Okay, okay. She can come . . . When? . . . Okay. How’s she . . . by train? Okay, we’ll meet her at the station…Yeah, I understand…love you too, Mom. Bye.” She hung up the phone, flopped back on the bed, and let out a big sigh. “Emma’s coming for a visit,” she said with a resigned look. 

“So I gathered.” 

Mollie rolled over and looked at me, her breasts giving a sexy little jiggle. “What are we gonna do? She just started high school. She certainly can’t see this.” She reached out and wrapped her fingers back around my cock. “She can’t see all the drugs we do.” 

I thought for a moment while my cock grew again in Mollie ‘s hand. “We’ll just ask everyone to keep it in their rooms while she’s here, I guess. No drugs in the living room.” 

“And no group sex,” she said. 

“Not in the living room anyway,” I said with a laugh, reaching out to fondle her breasts. Her nipples immediately popped erect. 

“Mmmmm,” she moaned softly. “That feels nice. You feel nice.” She dropped her head into my lap and once again took the head of my cock into her mouth. That’s one of the things I loved most about Mollie – the ability to push uncomfortable things out of her mind and get back to what was important. 

“We’ll just have to play it by ear, I guess,” I said leaning back and enjoying my girlfriend’s talented mouth. 


Two other girls, lived in the house along with their boyfriends, who changed from time to time. The girls were pretty hot, and I had sex with both of them at one time or another. Ours was a very open house sexually. Each girl had a main partner but felt free to mix and mingle. We also had a lot of parties, many of which turned into group orgies. Even when there wasn’t a party, the six of us would gather in the living room, the largest room in the house, and get high, listen to music, strip naked and fuck. Everyone would switch partners a number of times during an evening. It was a fun place to live, especially during the summer when classes were out. 

The girls were okay with Mollie ‘s little sister visiting, but the guys grumbled a bit. It didn’t matter. The house was in Mollie ‘s name, so when it came to it, she set the rules. Not that she was housemother or anything. Mollie was too stoned most of the time to take many responsibilities seriously. Neither did I for that matter. That’s why we made such a good couple. A little disorganized maybe. Lazy is probably a better word. Thankfully, Mollie ‘s parents were paying all the house bills, so we had very few worries. We both worked part-time on campus, Mollie in the library, me with the maintenance department, cutting lawns mostly. That brought in enough to keep us in food and drugs over the summer. 

When we drove my beat up old Volkswagen to the train station to meet Emma I didn’t know what to expect. Mollie had told me how close they were, so I guess I imagined Emma to be a miniature version of Mollie. She wasn’t. I snickered when I first saw the young girl come through the doors. Emma was thin, but very cute, with a sweet button nose and huge blue eyes and long blonde hair. 

“Emma!” she yelled, running into her sister’s arms. 

“Hi, squirt,” Mollie said, hugging hard. “Let me get a look at you.” She held her sister at arm’s length. “I bet Mom dressed you for the trip today.” 

Emma grimaced and nodded. “Mom has been imPOSSible this summer! She won’t let me wear what I want or see anybody or do ANYthing!” 

“Well, she let you come here,” Mollie said, smiling. She nodded over at me. “This is Mike, my boyfriend.” 

“Hi!” she said, giving me a wave. ” Mollie ‘s told me ALL about you. Mom doesn’t think you live together, but I know now that you do.” 

“You’re a sharp cookie,” I said with a grin. “Is that okay with you? That I live with Mollie?” 

“Sure! I think it’s cool,” she said brightly. 

“Thanks!” I gave her a wink and picked up the pink suitcase with flower decals on it. “I like your suitcase, by the way. It’s just my style.” Emma giggled at that. 

The two sisters chattered all the way back to the house. I learned that Emma was doing well in school, did not get along at all with her mother, tolerated her father, and idolized Mollie. I could tell that by the loving look in those big, innocent blue eyes. No one was home when we got back to the house. Emma looked around with a surprised look on her face. I wasn’t sure what she’d think. We weren’t slobs, but we weren’t real tidy either, and the house was old and a bit shabby. Certainly not the neat, tidy kind of house she was probably used to. Fortunately, no one had left any drug paraphernalia around, but I did spot some clothes strewn about, including a pair of panties on the floor next to the couch. Emma tittered when she saw that. “This place is so cool!” she finally said with a big smile on her face. 

“We like it,” replied Mollie. “C’mon, let me show you your room.” 

The only unoccupied room in the house was in the attic. It was a tiny finished room with a good bed and a dresser. It wasn’t well insulated and tended to get hot in the summer. Emma seemed to like it just fine though, given the way she bounced around the room. She flopped on the mattress and kicked off her shoes. “I like it here!” she proclaimed. “Maybe I’ll never go home!” 

Mollie chuckled at the thought. “I’m sure Mom and Dad would have something to say about that. But you’re here now anyway, so let’s enjoy it. First, let’s get you out of those clothes and into something more reasonable. Mike, could you excuse us? Maybe you could go get the fan in the living room? I think Emma’s going to need it more than we do.” 

They weren’t quite done changing when I came back up the stairs lugging the floor fan. Mollie was just pulling a short t-shirt over Emma’s head and I got a quick view of the teen’s emerging small titties. She obviously was going to be a late bloomer, in the breast department. With her arms outstretched her titties looked like young apples. Still, the sight gave me a rush and put a smile on my face. Emma had brought a pair of Bermuda shorts, but Mollie just snorted and forbid her from wearing them, offering her a pair of denim cutoffs instead. They were a little big, but with a belt tightened around Emma’s skinny waist, they did the trick. 

“Ah, that looks better,” I said, setting up the fan in the window and turning it on. “And so do you.” 

Emma blushed at that, but she did look hot in my eyes, even for someone years younger. She was taller than most girls her age, with slim, coltish legs and feet that were slightly too large. The loose shorts rode low on her hips, exposing a good bit of her hipbone and flat belly. I could even see the top of her panties – pink ones with red hearts. Altogether, I found the young girl surprisingly appealing. 

“Now you’re ready for an East Lansing summer,” said Mollie. 

“Do I look like a college kid here on campus?” Emma asked with a grin. 

“Maybe” I said. And then out of the clear blue sky she asked her sister:

“Do you smoke pot?” 

Narrowing her eyes, Mollie answered after a pause. “What would you think if I said yes?” 

“I would think that was great! Some of my friends smoke dope back home, but I don’t dare do it with the way Mom and Dad are. ” 

Mollie and I again looked at each other. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded. “Might as well tell the truth.” 

“Might as well,” Mollie agreed. “Yes, Emma, we smoke dope. A lot. It’s fun and we like it.” “Can I try it?” the teen asked, with an eager, hopeful look on her face. I wasn’t sure how Mollie would respond. This was her little sister, after all. But then, we didn’t feel as if weed was at all harmful. In fact, we thought it was pretty beneficial, especially to our love life. 

“Do you really want to?” Mollie asked. 

“Yes!” Emma responded enthusiastically. “Please?” 

“Okay, but you better not ever even think about telling Mom and Dad.” 

“I won’t!” Emma said, shaking her head. “I promise!” 

Mollie pulled a leather pouch from her back pocket. “Alright, little sister, I’ll let you try it. But we’re going to hold you to your promise.” She removed a plastic baggie and some rolling papers, sat down on the mattress and began to roll a joint. Emma sat right next to her and watched closely. When she was finished, Mollie held up a beautifully rolled doobie. I was envious of her skill. My joints usually turned out looking like a hidden lump of hard candy twisted at both ends, but Mollie had the touch. “Have you ever smoked a cigarette?” asked Mollie. 

“Uh huh,” Emma responded with a frown. “I tried anyway. Me and Jeri got one of her Dad’s cigarettes and took it out in the woods out back and smoked it. It made me cough and I didn’t like it very much.” 

“To be honest, this might make you cough too. Weed can be harsher than tobacco, so you smoke it differently. With a cigarette you draw the smoke into your mouth and then inhale it. With a joint, you draw it directly into your lungs, but you take in air with it too and then hold it, like this.” She held up a match and lit the end, noisily drawing in a moderate hit, then passed it over to me. I did the same, demonstrating how much air to take in, and then passed it to Emma. She nervously held it up to her lips, then lightly inhaled. After a second her eyes got real big and then she coughed a small cloud of smoke. 

“See? Not too bad, huh?” asked Mollie, taking another hit, holding her breath for a few seconds, then exhaling. “Try it again. Just take a little bit at a time.” 

After a few tries the young girl got the hang of it. Her eyes began to get red and glassy as we passed the joint around. Sometimes first-time smokers don’t get high at all, but I could tell Emma was feeling it by the way her eyelids drooped and the ecstatic smile that began to form on her face. 

“Like it?” Mollie asked. Emma just nodded her head, then flopped back on the mattress and closed her eyes. 

“I think she likes it,” I said jokingly. “Maybe we knocked her out.” 

“No,” murmured Emma. “I just feel . . . kinda . . . ” 

“Mellow?” asked Mollie. 

“Yeah, mellow,” she said with a broad grin. “It’s nice.” 

“Well, why don’t you hang out up here for a bit? You should rest after your train trip. Maybe take a nap before everyone gets home and we have dinner. That’s what Mike and I are going to do. You’ve had a long day.” 

“Okay, sis,” Emma said, giving us a little wave as we left the room. Of course, Mollie and I had no intention of napping. All the time we were smoking the joint Mollie kept shooting me smoldering looks that let me know what she had in mind. She was already peeling off her t-shirt when we got to our bedroom, jumping on me as she swung the door halfway closed behind her. She kissed me passionately, snaking her tongue into my mouth. 

“Wow, you’re really hot!” I exclaimed as we broke the kiss and she tore at my shirt and rubbed her hands over my chest and stomach. 

“Yeah,” she murmured. “I am. I don’t know if it’s from getting high or having my sister around or what, but I sure want your cock. Right now!” She unbuckled my jeans and then pushed me back on the mattress so she could pull them off my feet. My cock sprang free as my hungry girlfriend stripped me naked. In a flash she was nude as well and scrambled down onto me. 

“Mmmm, I have the munchies,” she moaned, wrapping her fingers around my now fully erect prick. “I think I’ll snack on this.” Getting comfortable in between my legs, she slid her mouth over my cock head and began to give me a superb blowjob. Mollie was a true sexual animal. Over the past year she had developed from a hot college girl into a sensual glutton, reveling in the pleasures of the body, always learning, always willing to try something new. Drugs were a big part of it too. Mollie and I had fucked high on grass, acid, mushrooms, peyote, all sorts of downers, even crystal meth, and all of them just seemed to truly rev up her sex drive. 

“I’m hungry for a taste of you, too,” I said. “Get on top and let’s sixty-nine.”

“Mmmm, okay!” Mollie said brightly as she rearranged herself. Once again I felt her lips close over my cock head. Her pussy now hovered over my face, and I pulled her closer until I could swipe my tongue along her pussy lips. “Oh, that feels the best!” she enthused. “I love the feel of your tongue inside my pussy. You have such a talented mouth,” she laughed. 

“As do you, my dear,” I said, pulling apart her vaginal lips so I could probe my tongue even deeper. After we worked on each other for a while she crawled back up my body. “I want you inside me now,” she whispered, reaching back to grab my shaft and position it at the entrance of her cunt. She grunted with pleasure when she pushed her hips back and my cock slid into her. “Ahhhhhh!” she sighed. “This is what I want.” She began to hump, first slowly, then with more intensity. She was doing all the work. I just laid back and enjoyed the incredible rushes as Mollie rode my cock. Then my eyes caught a movement at the door. 

It was Emma. She was standing in the hallway outside the half-closed door, watching us fuck. She was obviously still high, her eyes heavy-lidded, her mouth hanging open. She seemed mesmerized by the sight. I was too stoned to react in any way other than to just smile at her. Her eyebrows shot up and she backed away once she knew I had seen her. I thought she was going to run back upstairs, but she didn’t. She just stood there, looking a little confused. Apprehensive, maybe. But then, after another moment she stepped closer again and gave me a weak smile and then a thumbs up. 

Mollie was moaning and humping away, her eyes closed, so she didn’t see her little sister at the door. I thought if Emma was going to stay and watch, we should really give her a show. I grabbed Mollie by the hips and pulled her up off my cock. She moaned in frustration. “We’re not done, sweetheart,” I said as I laid her on the bed. “Get on your knees and let me fuck you from behind.” 

“Oooh yeah . . . I like that idea,” Mollie said as she got into position. Her head was down so she still couldn’t see her younger sister watching from the doorway. My 8”cock had never been harder. It felt huge as I slowly pushed it into Mollie ‘s cunt from behind. “Ahhh!” she moaned as it plunged fully into her. “I love your COCK! I love it!” 

“Not so loud, sweetheart,” I warned. “You don’t want your baby sister to hear you.” I winked at Emma as I said it. 

“I don’t care!” Mollie laughed, huffing and puffing as I stroked into her. “She’s gonna learn someday, if she hasn’t already!” 

“I bet she has,” I chuckled. “She’s a hot little minx.” I gave Emma another smile as I continued place my hands on Mollie’s tight little ass and plow into her. Her juices lubricated my stiff member until it gleamed in the light. I knew I wouldn’t last that much longer, and for some reason I didn’t want to come inside Mollie. I wanted Emma to see a long stream of cum shoot out. “Your pussy feels so nice, baby, you have me ready to cum. Do you want me to spray it all over your face and mouth?” 

“You bet I do!” Mollie squealed, pulling away from my cock and spinning around until it waggled in front of her face. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she brought her lips to the purple throbbing tip. “I love the taste of your cock…and your cum. Shoot your stuff right on my tongue.” I looked up at Emma and the enthusiastic stare she was showing, encouraged me even more. 

“You got it,” I said, stroking my cock a few more times until I felt the first surge coming. My aim was a little off and the first jet of sperm shot out and hit Mollie on her upper lip and nose. She laughed, still holding out her tongue. The second and third blasts landed right on it and she moaned hungrily as it dribbled to the back of her mouth. Three more blasts shot onto her tongue before the stream began to slow. Mollie let it all gather there in a big pool, then looking right into my eyes, gulped it down in one swallow. “Mmmm, I love it, I love it, I love it,” she moaned, swiping her tongue around her lips. 

I looked over at Emma, whose eyes were wide as she watched her sister eat my big load. She saw me looking at her, gave me a crooked smile, then withdrew from the doorway and disappeared. 

Mollie rolled over and used her fingers to scoop up the sperm still on her face, and then licked it off. Then she lay back, still naked, and fell quickly asleep. Not me. I lay there, my cock still semi-hard, thinking of little Emma and what she had just seen. I quietly left the room and quickly took a satisfying shower. When I got out, I walked down the hallway past Emma, and of course I was still very naked.

“What did you think,” I whispered. She turned red with embarrassment and said:

“That was awesome. I loved watching . . . you shoot,” and then she mounted the nearby stairs to her room. 


At dinner Emma got to meet the rest of the group. The girls were warm and friendly, but the guys were a bit standoffish. Emma chatted a little, but she was still pretty shy. All through dinner she kept looking over at me, giving me a sly smile. We had a secret now and it formed a bond between us. After dinner the guys disappeared and the girls went into the kitchen to clean up. Emma offered to help, but Mollie told her it wasn’t necessary since it was “their responsibilities”. The three of us sat on the sofa in the living room and talked. 

Emma could be a little chatterbox. She told us all about school, who she liked, who she didn’t and why. With her cute face and bangs and long straight hair, she looked the picture of innocence. But that wasn’t quite accurate. She turned out to be a pretty rambunctious, adventurous girl, and had gotten into trouble at school more than once. That made Mollie smile. “Just like her big sister!” she said proudly. 

The phone rang and I heard Mollie pick it up. A few minutes later she came into the living room and sat next to me. “Listen,” she whispered. “That was Frank, the guy that grows his own?” I nodded. “We can get two pounds of really wicked weed, but we have to go up and get it tonight. Since he’s my friend, I really have to go. Could you stay here with Emma?” 

“Sure,” I said with a nod. “If that’s ok with her?” Looking at her with a quick wink.

“Sure,” she said with a smile. “Since I guess I can’t go along this time.” 

Mollie shook her head. “What would Mom say if I took you and we got busted? I’d never hear the end of it!” She laughed and shook her head. “I should be back in three or four hours. The girls are going with me. Okay?” I nodded my head yes and once again inspected Emma’s titties in her T-shirt. 

The other two girls and their boyfriends decided to join the little expedition, and they quickly gathered their things and headed out the door. “You two have fun,” Mollie said as she waved goodbye. 

Emma and I were left alone in the house. Sitting next to me on the sofa, she smiled and I smiled back. I knew she was thinking about what she had seen earlier, and she probably knew I was thinking the same thing, but I don’t think either one of us really knew what to say. “Wanna get high again?” I finally asked. 

Emma nodded vigorously. “Can we go up to my room though? I like it up there. It’s away from all the action down here.” 

I laughed. “Sure, Emma. I look forward to being alone with you up there,” rather suggestively. 

“So do I,” she said, just as provocatively. 

She walked up the stairs ahead of me and I couldn’t help staring at her firm little butt. I almost reached out to caress those sweet cheeks, but held myself back. I was beginning to find this young girl incredibly sexy. It was warm in the attic room, so I turned on the fan. Emma plopped down on the bed, looking up expectantly. I sat next to her, reached into my pocket, and pulled out a little baggie with some dope and rolling papers. She watched attentively as I rolled a number, then laughed when I proudly held it up. “It’s lumpier than the one Mollie did,” she giggled. 

“Yeah, your sister is better than I am at it,” I replied with a grin. “She has a LOT of talents.” Emma smiled at that. I fired up the joint and we began to smoke. I watched her as we got high, admiring her attractive body and damned cute face. I turned on the radio for some music.

After passing the joint back and forth for a while I stood up. “It’s getting pretty warm in here. You don’t mind if I take off my t-shirt, do you?” I asked casually. The shy young girl turned slightly pink with embarrassment and shook her head as she took another long drag. I quickly peeled my shirt off and tossed it in the corner. “Ah, that’s better, I said, flexing a little bit. I was in good shape for a stoner, with a broad chest, flat abs and pretty muscular arms. All that lawn mowing, I guess. I could see Emma was checking me out. All I was wearing now was a pair of old denim shorts, and secretly . . . at least to her, no underwear. It was somehow thrilling to know I was almost naked with Mollie’s younger sister a few feet away from me. Knowing this my cock began to grow. 

By the time I put on the roach clip we were both pretty wasted. After a last few tokes I set the stub in the ashtray and leaned back on my elbows. Emma leaned back as well, and I noticed her little nipples were stiff and poking sexily from the front of her t-shirt. 

“So . . . ” I said casually. “What did you think when you watched us get very naughty earlier?” 

She gave me a stoned grin. “I thought it was VERY cool. I had never seen anyone . . . do that before.” 

“Not even your parents?” 

“Ewww!” she squealed. “No!” 

I just laughed. No kid liked to think about their parents having sex. “Well, I don’t mind that you saw me and Mollie. Did it look like fun to you?” 

She nodded. “It DID. Mollie seemed to really like it.” 

“Yes . . . she does. She likes it a whole lot. She fucks all the time, with me . . . and with the other guys too.” 

Emma looked surprised. “Other guys? Really?” 

I nodded. “Uh huh.” 

“Do you…” she dropped her eyes and blushed. And then she said so softly . . . I could barely hear her, ” . . . fuck . . . other girls too?” 

She looked back up at me and I grinned broadly. “Yes, I do,” I said proudly. “I fuck Nanci and Annie all the time, and plenty of other girls. Mollie and I both think sex is a wonderful, beautiful thing and humans were meant to enjoy it as much as possible.” 

A forlorn look crossed Emma’s face. “There’s just so much stuff I don’t know yet,” she admitted. 

“Hey, we’re friends now. So you can ask me anything and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.” 

The younger girl sat up a bit and looked down at my crotch. “Well, I never saw a man’s…thing…before. I mean I did…I saw my Daddy’s once when he was in the bathroom…but it was small and droopy, not big and hard like yours was . . . when you were fooling around with Mollie.” 

“Your father probably wasn’t excited. A man gets big and hard like that when a girl gets him excited. Mollie gets me excited all the time. And talking to you like this is getting me excited right now. See?” I pointed at the growing bulge in my shorts. 

“Really? You’re getting excited now because of me?” She seemed pleased. 

“Well sure,” I said with a smile. “Talking about sex with a beautiful young girl is bound to get a guy excited.” 

“I’m not beautiful,” she said, shaking her head. 

“Say what? You’re a knockout! And I think you have a very sexy body. In fact, that’s why my cock is growing like this.” Emma blushed at that. “Aren’t you a little bit excited too?” I asked examining her stiff nipples. 

The teen girl nodded. “I feel all tingly and stuff,” she said softly. 

I reached out and touched my hand to hers. “That’s good, Emma. It’s good to feel that way.” She curled her fingers in mine. “Now, what else did you see that you have questions about?” 

“Well…” she said softly, hesitating before continuing. “Did you like it…when you were…licking…her?” 

“You bet!” I replied. “I love to eat out your sister. And she loves it too.” 

“What does it taste like?” 

“Every girl tastes different,” I said. “But to me, it’s special. And for a girl, it’s even more special. I’m told that having a guy lick you . . . if he’s good at it, can be an awesome experience. In fact, one of the most incredible feelings a girl can have.” I paused and gave her a smile. “Mollie thinks I’m good at it.” Emma tittered at that, squeezing my hand harder. 

“And did you like it when she…licked and sucked…your, um…your…” 


Emma smiled and then nodded. “Yes, when she sucked your…cock.” 

I couldn’t stop a broad grin from crossing my face. “Having a girl SUCK MY COCK is one of my favorite things in the whole world,” I said truthfully. “And it’s even better when the girl gets off on it too. And Mollie REALLY likes it, I can tell you.” 

“Does it taste bad?” Emma asked, a little sheepishly. 

“I’ve never tasted my cock,” I said, chuckling. “But Mollie says it one of her favorite flavors in the whole world.” 


“Really. We both love oral sex. Guys and girls have been doing it for thousands and thousands of years. Cavemen even had oral sex!” I laughed. 

Emma smiled and seemed to be turning things over in her mind. All this talk now had me hard as a rock, and I needed to shift position a little to give my erection some room. 

“You’ve gotten even bigger!” she said, pointing down at my crotch. 

“It’s your fault, little lady,” I replied with mock seriousness. 

She giggled. “I’m sorry, but I really LIKE talking about this. You’re so easy to talk to. I think you’re a good teacher.” 

“I doubt the nuns who taught me in elementary school would think so.” 

The freshman giggled again. “Well, I don’t care. I think you’re a great teacher. In fact, I want you to teach me more.” 

“Like what?” 


I looked hard at the horny girl. Was she kidding? I didn’t think so. I think she wanted to learn about sex and she wanted me to be her teacher. “Everything?” I asked. 

She nodded. “I heard Mollie say I was going to learn sometime. So why not . . . right now?” she said almost seductively. That were the words I was waiting for. 

“Sooo . . . you want me to teach you, huh?” I asked sincerely. She gulped once, then nodded again. She had a look of expectation, almost longing. A little sheen of perspiration had appeared on her face and neck. She squirmed her thighs together. Yes . . . she was horny I thought. “Okay,” I finally responded. “I’ll be very happy to teach you.” My mind was suddenly racing. I had never had sex with a girl with so little experience, but with such an obviously horny interest. This was probably going to be her first time . . . and I was going to love every minute of it. “What do you want to learn first?” I asked placing my hands on her shoulders and looking straight at her. 

“Well,” she said hesitantly, “how about what we were just talking about.” 

“You mean oral sex?” 

Emma nodded, blushing a bit. “It looked like fun.” 

“It is. But first we’re going to have to get naked. Are you ready?” She smiled and nodded as I reached down to the hem of her t-shirt and began to tug it up. Without hesitation, she lifted her arms straight in the air and let me pull it off, exposing two proud small breasts. Inspecting them, I almost shot my wad. I wanted to cup and pinch her stiff nipples that were now openly teasing me. 

“There not very big yet,” she said sheepishly, looking down at her chest. Taking a big chance, I followed my fantasy and placed my hands over each breast. 

“I think they’re gorgeous,” I said. Emma giggled nervously. “I love small, firm ones, just like these.” I continued to caress her pert breasts with both hands. The nipples immediately popped fully erect. 

“Oh!” she gasped, “that feels awesome!” 

“It’s supposed to. This is one of a girl’s special places,” I said, rolling her stiff nipples between my fingers. Then I leaned forward and placed my lips over her closest breast and enthusiastically kissed her nipple, following up with a quick lick.”There are others . . . and I can’t wait to show you. Why don’t you stand up so we can get you out of those shorts?” 

Without any hesitation, Emma stood up in front of me, quivering slightly. She was trying to act cool, but I knew she was nervous. Actually, so was I. Snapping the button on her denim shorts, I pulled down the zipper, and then tugged them over her narrow hips until they fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them and I tossed them into the corner along with mine. Emma was now dressed in just her cotton panties, the little pink ones with hearts on them.

I smiled up at her, and saw the trusting look in her eyes, and then hooked my thumbs into the waistband and began to pull them down. As they slid downwards, my eyes were drawn to her naked pussy that I had just exposed. I wasn’t sure if she would have any pubic hair or not and I soon found out she had shaved and there was nothing there. There was just a hint of light fuzz on her mons, barely visible. The prepuce peeked out from her pussy lips, begging to be kissed. I’d soon get to that, but first I had to fondle her a little bit. I reached out and gently began to stroke the moist lips between her legs. I located her clit and began to manipulate it, in ways that I knew girls loved. 

“Ahhhh!” she moaned, shuddering as my finger slipped between her moist pussy lips and I began to stimulate her clitoris even more. 

“Mmmm, you’re good and wet down there,” I said. “That’s perfect. It means you’re getting all excited . . . and that makes me get very horny!” 

“Are you going to take off your shorts?” Emma asked, with a hopeful look on her face. 

“No,” I said with a grin, standing up and motioning her to sit down on the bed. “You are. Just be kinda careful pulling down the zipper, okay?” 

After sitting down, Emma giggled and reached up, unfastening the button and slowly pulling down the zipper. She spread apart the sides and my rock-hard cock poked out, aiming right at her face. “Oooh! You very naughty boy. You don’t have on any undies, ” she marveled as she examined her first adult cock up close. 

“Go ahead and touch it,” I said. “See what it feels like.” Emma reached out and tentatively wrapped the fingers of one hand around my pole. I couldn’t stop a little groan of pleasure when she gently squeezed. 

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” she asked with a concerned look. 

“No, Emma. It feels great. Wrap your fingers around it and stroke it up and down for me.” The freshman girl did as she was told and began to pull up and down on my shaft. I was so excited I knew I would cum in seconds . . . if I let her continue. I didn’t want that right now . . . there was too much to show her first. I carefully moved her hand off of my rod, and she looked up with a disappointed look on her face.

“I don’t want to shoot my load just yet Emma. It’s time for me to do a little lovemaking. I want you to lean back on your hands, push your hips forward and open up your legs for me. I want to closely examine this tight little pussy of yours.” Emma shifted forward and assumed the position I had suggested. I got down on my knees in front of her and looked down and was fascinated by her glistening pussy just waiting for me. I reached out and gently spread her pussy lips with my thumbs. She whimpered a little, but I didn’t stop, bringing my face down until I was just an inch away. The aroma of her recent shower filled my nostrils and my cock lurched as I stuck out my tongue and gently tickled the tip of her clit. 

“AH!” she screamed. “Oh, wow!” “That’s the best. Please keep doing it!” I licked harder, lapping up and down with my tongue, and then coming back up to her clit. I tickled her clitoris again with the tip of my tongue.

“Ungggh!” she screeched. Whether it was because of the dope we smoked or not, Emma was soon very sensitive to this kind of stimulation. For fifteen or twenty minutes, I used every oral technique I knew, licking, kissing, sucking and gently chewing at her genitals. She whimpered and moaned throughout my lovefest. At one point she put her hands on my head and pulled me tight into her pussy, grinding it into my face. Then she wrapped her legs around my shoulders, lifted her hips upwards and writhed in pleasure. Finally, I caught her clit between my teeth and batted the end with my tongue tip until she was screaming and crying and having possibly her first real orgasm. Her entire body shook with relief and pure satisfaction. 

“Did you like that, Emma?” I asked reaching up and cupping her breasts. 

“Oh, yeah!” she said dreamily. “No wonder Mollie liked it so much. It was great! I wanna do that again!” 

“I’m sure we will, sweetheart,” I said, stroking her soft hair. “But now it’s your turn to make me feel just as great.” She smiled at my words and inspected my rock hard cock. “How do I make that happen?” she asked innocently. 

“First . . . let’s change positions. I’ll sit on the edge of the bed and lean back and you kneel down and get between my legs.” We quickly rearranged ourselves and Emma knelt in front of me, reaching one hand up to grab my shaft and bring her face to within an inch or two of my cock head. I could feel her hot breath on me, and it just made me grow harder. “Okay, the first thing is to get my hard cock all wet. But first, why don’t you start by kissing the end of it. But first, I want you to ask permission.” Emma backed away with an enquiring look on her face. 

“Huh?” she said. I was curious whether she would play along with a little dirty chitchat, which I loved.

“Go ahead, be polite,” I suggested. She smiled and looking at my long shaft and she said:

“Michael . . . can I kiss this for you?” she asked, still examining my stiff cock.

“What is it that you want to kiss, Emma?” I asked. She smiled and I could tell she was going to play along. 

“I want to kiss this big cock of yours,” she stated. I gently placed one hand on her head and with the other, I grasped the base of my shaft and tilted it so that it rubbed against her cheek, over her nose and then softly over her pink lips. She attempted to move back slightly, but my hand held her head in place as the underside of my cock moved along her lips. 

“Well, this guy would love that . . . so please do,” I said letting go of her head and watching how she pursed her lips together and then placed a kiss on my glans. 

“Take a hold of my cock at the base, Emma . . . and ask me what else you might want to do with it,” I whispered. Before she could say anything, I lowered my hands to her breasts, found her rigid nipples and began to gently squeeze them. Emma moaned and began:

“Can I lick your cock all over for a while?” she asked, truly enjoying my efforts on her nipples.

“Oh yes girl. I would love that,” I said. Keeping control of my cock at the base, I watched her tongue come out and just above where she was holding my 8” shaft, she began to lap all over the skin. She was paying special attention to the head as she twirled her tongue over and around it. Soon every inch was shiny with her spit. 

“I want to do like my sister, and SUCK your cock . . . if that’s ok, Mike” she asked.

“Look at me Emma,” I said. “Curl your lips like this over your teeth. Yup just like that. Now keep your hand on my cock below and lower your mouth over my big cock.” Probably taking mental notes earlier when her sister was sucking my shaft, the young girl aimed her open mouth over the tip of it and lowered down.

“YES . . . YES Emma. Move your head up and down and at the same time keep squeezing my cock and jacking it up and down.” I leaned back and to my joy, this younger version of her sister, slowly followed my instructions. I let her go at it for several minutes, and then I asked:

“Do you like sucking cock?” Momentarily she lifted her head, leaving a trail of saliva trailing down to my shaft. 

“I love sucking THIS cock. In fact . . . I think you can call me your favorite cocksucker.” I laughed at her dirty thoughts.

“You will need much more practice Emma, but right now, you certainly are my favorite cocksucker. Maybe later, you can suck other guy’s cocks for them and gain some more experience.”

“I would love that,” she said going down on my shaft once again. 

Moving her hand up and down, she stuck out her tongue, and began to run it all over the head of my cock. The feeling was incredible. She began taking long swipes up and down the shaft of my cock, obviously emulating what she had seen Mollie do earlier. “Oh, Emma,” I moaned. “That feels amazing. You’re doing really good!” Emma smiled looking up at me, then went back to work, licking up to the tip then all the way back down to my balls. Then she rubbed the head of my cock all over her lips before opening her mouth wide and slipping her lips over the top. She made a guttural sound in her throat as she took her first long, clinging suck on my rod. I felt her working her tongue all around the underside as she sucked. It felt exquisite. “Mmmm,” I moaned. “That feels incredible.” 

Emma popped the cock head from her mouth and let it rest against her lips as she looked up at me with a coquettish smile. “I like this, Mike,” she said. “I like it a lot.” 

“So do I,” I laughed. She popped the head back into her mouth and began sucking again, this time a little stronger. She moaned around the cock head, and then slowly sank her mouth further down until she had about half my length between her lips. “Oh, yeah!” I cried. “That’s the way. Now pump it in and out of those lips, just the way you saw your sister doing.” Emma began moving her head back and forth, pumping me with one hand while her lips clung to the shaft as it went in and out. She took more and more until she choked a little bit. She pulled back and looked up at me. “Sorry,” she said quietly. 

“That’s okay, sweetheart,” I reassured the young girl. ” Someday you’ll be able to take the whole thing right down your throat. You’re a natural at this.” Emma smiled again and went back to work. She really was good for someone with no experience. I could feel the rumbling in my balls and that meant my orgasm was approaching. “I’m going to cum soon, Emma,” I said. “Do you want to swallow it?”

The young girl pulled my cock out and held it with both hands. “You bet I do! But I want you to spray all over my face first,” she laughed and leaning over she found her purse on the floor, and quickly took out her phone and handed it to me. “Take my picture Mike.” I couldn’t believe what she was suggesting . . . so before she changed her mind, I immediately flipped her phone to video and aimed it up at her face . . . now hovering over my cock. 

“Here goes,” she shouted and she moved her hand up and down the slippery shaft and lowered her head. As soon as she said that, a big stream of hot sperm shot from the tip of my cock and landed on her forehead. She was laughing and screaming as she re-aimed my cock as another blast shot out and coated her lips.

She continued to wank on my rod as the third shot, landed on her outstretched tongue. Sticking out her tongue again, the last few smaller spurts landed right on it and a final blast went directly down her throat. I continued to keep shooting and told her to swallow all of it. She closed her mouth and quickly opened it back up and all my juices were gone. I stood up and holding my cock in my hand I began to rub my shaft all over her face, still capturing everything with her camera. Slowly my cock began to shrink in size. Emma knelt back, with her entire face covered with my juices.

“You drained me,” I said and a big smile came across her cum stained face. 

“Did I do it right?” she asked, running her tongue over her lips. 

“You sure did! That was great! Did you like it?” 

Emma continued smiling. “Yeah, I really did! I really liked it! Can we do it again?” 

“Not for a little while,” I said. “You wore me out. I need some recovery time. Let’s lay down for a few minutes.” She giggled at that, and then crawled up on the bed next to me, laying her head down on my chest. We snuggled for a few minutes, then she looked up at me and said softly, “Thank you, Mike. That was great. I want you to teach me more stuff.” And you will learn how that took place in the next chapter.