Boy Scouts Part 2 by kittybo


If you haven’t read the first part, you might want to read it to get the story. Plus, next chapter will be longer.I woke up the next morning feeling terrible. Not feeling bad because of what I did, I didn’t see the problem in sucking off some guy I had just met yesterday. I literally felt terrible, hung over. Kristy seemed to deal with it better than I did, but because she drank more than I did.

“Peter is so awesome…” She says and sighs happily as she stares at the top of our tent. 

“I know. You’ve said it about… Twenty times now.” I say and groan, wincing at the headache. 

“Well you had fun too with Keenan.” She smirks and I look up at her again. “Or at least it seemed like you were having fun…”

I laugh. “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Who would I tell?” She asks and I shrug as we hear the bell telling us to get up. “Anyways, we need to find a way to see them again.”

“I know.” I agree, knowing I already told Keenan to meet me back there. I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to be there, or if he was even going to bring Peter to keep her busy. “We can probably come up with an excuse to help them out again.” 

She smirks. “I know how you want to help him.”

I roll my eyes. “You are so immature.” I stand up and get changed. As for changed it’s really just an old sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, knowing I’ll have to change once we find out what we’re doing anyways. 

When we walked outside I went straight up to the tables at the back and avoided eye contact with the leaders. I didn’t want them to suspect anything or else I would be on total lock down. It was the last thing I wanted.

I only knew him for one night, and yet I really couldn’t stop thinking about him. It wasn’t just some corny love at first site shit, there was an emotional side to it, but it was very sexual. I couldn’t stop imagining his cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy. I never thought of that before, I was the girl who was a total virgin, wanted to be a total virgin. And now I couldn’t get this out of my mind. I got wet just thinking about him, what I would let him do to me.

Not only did I suck a strangers cock yesterday, but now I wanted to lose my virginity on a camping trip. To a boyscout that I just met.

And I wasn’t even drunk anymore!

“Are you okay Eliza?” I look up and see one of the girls Sophia. She was one of the decent ones, but I would never tell her anything I was thinking. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I nod and she looks at me, smiling brightly. 

“Can we go swimming?” She asks and I groan. I didn’t know why she was asking me.

“Just go ask the leader.” I tell her and she shrugs.

“I did. She said if you took us we could go for a bit.” She shrugs. “Then we have to go hiking, then come back, eat-”

“I don’t need the day schedule. I’ll take you swimming.” I say as she squeals and runs off. I wince, my head pounding. I was already regretting having to take care of a bunch of children with my hangover.

Kristy looks at me. “Come on, let’s go get changed then.” She says and we both go to our tent.

We start to undress, I look over at Kristy for a moment. She really was attractive. Sure, I had seen her naked tons of times. That just happened when you went camping with someone enough. She was so skinny, and even though her boobs weren’t huge they fit her small frame.

“God, take a picture, it will last longer.” She laughs and I roll my eyes.

“Gotta admire a work of art.” I tease and put on my bikini, it being purple with flowers on it. “What do you think the leaders would do if we went over to the scout camp again?”

“No clue.” She shrugs and puts on her bikini, white and orange. “Usually they let us talk, but not spend a whole lot of time there.”

I nod and leave the tent with her. “Well they were nice to talk to.”

“Yeah, you seemed to love the conversation.” She smirks as we walk down with the girls.

I usually had a thing about swimming in lakes. I always thought it was pretty gross with algae and everything. But for whatever reason I had less of a problem with it now.

I jumped in, loving the cold water embracing my skin. I popped up and looked around, seeing all the other girls swimming around as well. I looked across the lake to see the boy scouts, a few of the younger cub scouts playing by the edge of the water along with Peter. I felt tempted to go ask where Keenan was, but then I saw him.

He was up in camp, shirt off and chopping wood. I was right before, he wasn’t too muscular, but very lean. He had no trouble cutting the big logs in half though.

I didn’t know why, but I was really turned on just by watching him work. I really was going out of my mind, usually it took a lot to get me going. Now just watching a guy work drove me crazy.

The image came back in my head again, meeting him in the forest, riding his cock, fucking him hard and fast. The image turned me on even more. I dunked my head underwater, then swam back to shore. 

I just wanted to go see him again, get the day over with.

* * * * * 

We spent most of the day hiking up a trail, Kristy and I talked the whole time, although we couldn’t talk about the scouts. Not with the leaders and kids around. 

I looked at Kristy once everyone was in bed, we went to our tent. I looked at her, knowing I could trust her. “Hey, can you cover for me if anyone asks where I am?” I ask her.

She raises an eyebrow. “Where are you going?”

“Where do you think?” I roll my eyes. “I’m going to go see Keenan. We agreed to meet again.” I say and she sits up.

“Will Peter be there?” She asks and I shake my head. 

“No.” I say and she sighs. “Look, I’ll tell Keenan to send him tomorrow, then I’ll cover for you.” I promise her. I hated the thought of having to go a night having to spend it in the tent. But I would owe her big time if she did this for me.

“Well what do I do if they come over?” She asks and I think.

“Tell them I went to the washroom. Then try and flash your light towards the forest three times.” I tell her and she nods and lays back down.

“Have fun.” She smiles and I laugh and leave the tent. 

I walk for a few minutes, then turn on my flashlight. I didn’t want to risk anyone seeing me, but I figured I was deep enough in the forest that no one would think anything of it. The guides would think it was the scouts, the scouts would think it was the guides.

It takes another five minutes before I find the same place as before. I sit by the base of one of the trees, waiting.

It takes ten minutes for him to get there. He walks out of the bushes and smiles at me. “Sorry. Took awhile to convince Peter to help me out.”

I laugh and then kiss him softly. “I would wait hours for you.” I smirk.

“That is so corny.” He says and then kisses me deeply. 

I look up at him. “I saw you today.”

He tilts his head. “When?”

“When you were chopping wood.” I say and then kiss him as we both sit down. I kiss him again. “Why were you stuck with that job?”

He laughs lightly. “Because we came back late. Peter had to cook, I had to do firewood.” 

I giggle and kiss his neck. “So I got you in trouble?”

“I don’t mind.” He whispers and moans softly. “What did you do today?”

“Went hiking.” I say and shrug. “It wasn’t bad… But the girls were driving me crazy. Had a mad headache for a lot of the day.”

“I had one too.” He smirks. “The cubs are quiet though. You have to be very complacent in the scouts. Obedient.”

“I wish the girls were like that.” I say and he laughs. 

“It’s kind of creepy though.” He says and shrugs.

“Oh yeah… I told Kristy that you would send Peter for her tomorrow.” I whisper.

He nods. “So we can’t see each other tomorrow?”

I shake my head. “No, the day after that though…” He sighs. I felt the same way he did, I didn’t want to go the whole day without seeing him. I wanted to find some kind of loop hole, but I promised Kristy. 

“Well what do you want to do tonight?” I ask and straddle his hips. I might as well make the best of the night we had. I was wet already. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to even lose his virginity in the middle of the forest, or lose it to a girl he barely knew. Hell, I didn’t know if I wanted to fuck right now.

“Well, since you helped me yesterday… I wanna help you.” He says and then kisses me, pulling me close and running his hands through my hair.

I look at him. “What do you mean?”

He laughs. “What do you think?” He takes off his shirt and then puts it down. He then lays me on top of it and kisses me, 

I close my eyes and kiss him deeply, biting his bottom lip. His hands rest on my hips, rubbing my sides softly as he kisses me.

He moves down and starts to kiss on my neck, biting down softly and making me moan. As he kissed my neck his hands moved up and started to feel my breasts. At first he started by squeezing them over my shirt, then he slipped his hand under my shirt and my bra.

He squeezed my breast hard, causing slight pain but it was still intensely pleasurable. He rolled my nipple in between his thumb and forefinger, punching it, and then massaging it. He would change from hard to soft. The soft kept me paced, but the hard kept me going. As he played with me, he kissed me just as deep. 

He was driving my crazy, I wanted him to touch my pussy so badly. He was patient though, tracing small circles around my nipples as I moaned. His lips crashed against mine as he continued to kiss me passionately as his hands left my breast.

He moved and then started to unbutton my pants, slipping them off and tossing them to the side. He left my panties on though as he moved entirely. 

He started to kiss the inside of my thighs as I groaned. “Oh my god Keenan…” I whisper and shut my eyes, my breathing increasing. I wanted him to stop teasing me, just let me orgasm. 

He kissed over my panties, them being soaked. He continued to kiss them, licking through the thin fabric before taking them off completely after a minute. I felt strange sitting in front of him half naked, until he looked up at me.

“Trust me.” He whispered.

I nodded and then shut my eyes. I felt his hot breath against my wet pussy and I shuddered lightly, my mouth open but no sound coming out. 

Then he licked my pussy, tasting my juices and that alone almost sent me over the edge. I had never been touched this way and knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. I wanted to, but the way he licked up my entire pussy, I couldn’t. 

He sucked on my clit lightly, then went back to slightly invading my hold with his tongue. He obviously wanted to make me hold out as long as possible, even though I knew I couldn’t. 

I managed to get even wetter as he went back to licking my clit lightly, driving me crazy. It took a lot to even keep my knees from closing, but he made sure I stayed in the same position.

Someone was actually eating me out, in a forest. I couldn’t believe it.

I felt my hips start to buckle as he sucked my pussy. A feeling started to build in my stomach, it felt strange, but amazing as well.

I finally released as a river of juices seemed to flow through my pussy. I moaned his name loudly, trying to stay quiet but wanting to lose control. He didn’t stop for a second, sucking my clit hard as I rode off my orgasm.

After a few moments I sit up and look at him, panting, sweaty. He smiles and then passes me my panties and pants as I put them on. He then takes back his shirt and puts it on.

“That was amazing.” I whisper and smile as he leans forward and kisses my forehead.

“I’ll see you the day after.” He tells me and then stands up. “I want you to know… This isn’t just a sex thing.”

“Not for me either.” I stand up and then kiss him one last time. “See you then.” 

We turn and then leave each other. I knew, even though I couldn’t see myself I knew I was bright red. Blushing.

I went back to camp and climbed into the tent, laying down and falling to sleep.

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