Boy Scouts Part 3 by kittybo


Read the first two parts of the story before reading this one, it makes more sense! So sex doesn’t really happen in this chapter, kind of does, but not with the main character. We’re getting there. And thank you to everyone who has been giving me positive votes and great comments!I woke up early in the morning, before Kristy, looking over at her. I lay back down, knowing I couldn’t sleep, but figuring I might as well be comfortable while I think. 

I start to think of what happened last night, what Keenan and I did. I bite my lip and smile lightly, remembering the sensation of his tongue in my most intimate area. How amazing it felt to let him touch me like that. It made me wet just to think about it.

I wanted to see him again, but knew I made a promise to Kristy. She wanted to go see Peter, I couldn’t deny her that. 

I knew that with Keenan and I it was more than sex, at least I thought so. He could be lying to me, or I could be lying to myself to justify what we had done. I didn’t know with Kristy and Peter though, figuring they just wanted to hook up and ditch each other. It wouldn’t be a problem with her, she was on birth control, got a shot every three months. She could fuck any guy she wanted.

I wasn’t on anything though, I figured why would I need it? I wasn’t sexually active. But if I was going to go any further with Keenan I would need to make sure we were safe.

Of course my mind was still fixated on him, now I was thinking about birth control. I was at an all girls camp, I should think of arts and crafts and that kind of shit. Instead I’m mentally plan how I’m going to have sex with a boy scout and not have a baby in nine months. 

Thinking about him was driving me crazy. I couldn’t get him out of my mind and I really wanted to. I wanted to be free of him for a minute so I could think clearly and tell myself that I was being an idiot, a slut and a whore. 

Although, did I really want to come to my senses?

I sigh and shut my eyes, my hand slipping under my pants and panties, rubbing my pussy, stroking it slowly to start. I tried to stay as quiet as possible, but it still felt weird masturbating with my best friend sitting right beside me.

But I needed to get off. Just thinking of Keenan and what happened last night got me soaking wet. 

I began to play with my clit, pinching it lightly, lighting my nerve endings on fire. I tried to get my finger into my tight pussy, but only got about an inch in before I felt my hymen. So I just kept rubbing myself, my other hand squeezing my breast lightly.

When I finally climaxed onto my fingers I moaned very lightly. Panting, I just shut my eyes again. Not able to sleep. 

After half an hour Kristy finally woke up, yawning she looked over at me. She smiled lightly, still tired. “Hey.”

I smile. “Hey. How did you sleep?”

“Good, nothing happened.” She shrugged and sat cross legged. “How was it with him?” She smirked.

I smile lightly. “It was… Great.” I admit. “If I’m being totally honest, I can’t get him out of my mind.”

She smiles. “Well that’s cool.”

“But is it? I mean… I just met him.” I sigh.

She looks at me and then moves closer. “That doesn’t matter. If you feel close, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other.” She says and shrugs. “That’s what I think anyways.”

I nod and then sigh. “If you say so…”

She looks at me. “I don’t know, to me sex isn’t love. I mean, you don’t need sex to be in love, and you don’t need love to have sex.”

I sigh. “Well… I’ve never thought about it I guess.” 

She shrugs. “No one does.” She says then gets dressed. “Come on, we should get up there.”

I nod and get dressed as we walk out. Even though there we both know it will get warmer, the mornings are always cold. Especially by the lake. 

When we got to our eating area the leaders were talking with the scout leader. Kristy and I look at each other and then go by our small gas stove, knowing we have to cook today anyways. 

I look at her. “What’s he doing here?” I whisper and she shrugs. I was instantly thinking the worst, that they knew Keenan and I were sneaking out and had to talk about our punishment. I couldn’t have that happen, the leaders wouldn’t be understanding. I would get screwed, my parents would kill me and I would probably never be able to see Keenan again.

After the scout leader left the leaders called us over. I walked over with Kristy, expecting the worse. “What was that all about?” Kristy asked as I stayed quiet.

“He wanted to know if the guides wanted to do a wilderness day with the cub scouts.” She says and I smiled brightly. 

I had done those days before when I was younger, both troops got together and basically played games in the forest for hours. I knew that if this was going to happen, then I would be able to see Keenan today. And we could actually talk without having to sneak off.

“That sounds great.” I say and smile. 

“Well we can meet them in a couple hours.” She says as the guides all come into the eating area. “Make sure everyone is ready by then.”

For once I didn’t mind getting the guides fed and ready. Kristy seemed excited too, but we couldn’t talk about it until we were in our tent.

“Are they seriously going to let us see each other?” She laughs. “That’s awesome!”

“Yeah, but we can’t do anything with them in font of the guides.” I say and she laughs again.

“So? We get to talk and shit.” She smirks. “Plus, I get to make some plans with Peter for tonight.”

“You need to plan this stuff?” I raise an eyebrow and she shrugs. “Well again, make sure that no one hears you. Or else we are on lock down.”

“Stop being so paranoid!” She groans and then changes into a tank top and shorts. “God, even if they were to find out, it wouldn’t matter. We would be dead before they did anything.”

I roll my eyes and change into a t-shirt and shorts as well, packing a sweater and a few other items. “Well I personally don’t want them to find out. They would tell our parents and then not only are we on lock down for the week, but then our parents would ground us for the rest of our lives, or make us become nuns.”

“Yeah, well they won’t unless someone snitches.” She says and we walk out of the tent. 

We meet the scouts in the forest, all the younger ones mingling right away. I looked over to the other older scouts, seeing a new one with them. He was blond, but lighter hair than Peter with bright green eyes. His skin was very pale and he almost looked a little sick. He was shorter than Keenan, and weaker than Peter. Even through that, he was attractive. Just like the other two. I wasn’t exactly thinking of fucking him like I did with Keenan, but I could admire his hotness.

“Hey.” I walk over to them and smile along with Kristy. “Fire guys, right?

Keenan chuckled, remembering how we first met. “Yeah.” He says and then gestures to the third guy. “This is Rob.”

“Hey, I’m Eliza and this is Kristy.” I say and then shake his hand. “So do you know what we’re supposed to do today?”

Keenan shrugs. “As far as I know we have to watch the kids, make sure they’re being safe.”

I nod. “Sounds exciting.” I smirk and we all follow the rest of the group.

Peter and Kristy split away from us right away, being a couple meters away, talking quietly to each other. I look at Keenan and smile. “So how are you?”

“Fantastic.” He smirks, looking at Rob who is a few feet in front of us. We knew we couldn’t really talk about what happened last night, or the night before. Not that I thought Rob would tell anyone, but I didn’t want him to be in that situation.

I look up at him. “Same… Too bad tonight can’t happen.” I whisper.

He nods. “Well, we owe them.” He says and glances at Kristy and Peter. “They’re not the best at subtlety though.” He says, noticing how they were basically holding hands.

“That’s not really her thing.” I smirk as we walk.

Eventually we make our way to where they are playing their first game. It was basically a large clearing, they were going to play capture the flag. We sat on a hill not too far away, me inbetween Rob and Keenan.

Rob stayed quiet for most of the time, just kind of watching. He was the one person who was paying attention. I looked at Keenan. “So what do you usually do when you aren’t looking after kids?” I ask and he laughs.

“I rarely do this.” He corrects and then thinks. “Not a whole lot. I mean, normal school stuff I guess, until I graduate.” He looks at me. “You?”

I shrug. “Same. I spend most of my time studying because my mom is insane.”

“My dads probably worse.” He smirks.

I raise an eyebrow. “My mom threatened to take away my dog if I didn’t get my math mark up.” I tell him and he shrugged.

“My dad sent me to one of those scared straight programs because I tried a sip of wine at my brothers wedding.” He says and I laugh.

“You win.” I say and then look at him. 

“We’ll be right back.” We all look over and see Peter and Kristy run off before we can respond. 

I roll my eyes. “They’re going to get caught.” I say and he shrugs.

“Well, he’s not an idiot. And I don’t imagine she is either.” He says and smiles. 

We talked a little while longer, mostly about what we did, what we wanted to do once we were out of high school. The more I talked to him, the more I started to get over my lust for him. I still wanted to fuck him really badly, but I could not look at him without getting turned on.

Getting to know him made me like him a lot more actually, I looked at him differently than before. He wasn’t just a sex object, or however I saw him before. Now there was a great feeling whenever I looked at him.

It made me sorry we had to wait another night to have sex.

“Keenan!” We look over as the scout leader calls him over. 

He stands. “See you in a bit.” He says and runs to go see them.

One of our leaders walks over to Rob and I. “Where’s Kristy?” She asks.

I pause, trying to think of an answer. Rob shrugged though, piping in with his own answer. “She got a splinter or a cut or something, Peter just went to go help her. Probably by our camp, we have a first aid kit there.”

She looks at him and nods, then at both of us. “You two go back and find them. We’re leaving this area in fifteen minutes.” She says and then passes us a map, drawing a circle in an area. “If we are gone by the time you find them, we will be here.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Rob says and then stands, helping me to my feet. 

We walk for a little bit and then I look at him. “Where did you get that from?” I ask.

He looks at me. “I’m an accomplished liar.” He says and shrugs. “Just have to make sure she had a bandage on her hand by the time we get back, good to go.”

I laugh lightly. “Seems easy enough.”

I looked at him, wondering if he knew about everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if Keenan and Peter told them, nor would I be mad. Something told me though that he knew about Peter and Kristy, I’m not sure about me and Keenan. But why would he lie if he thought they were innocent?

“So how are you?” I ask, really just trying to make conversation. I didn’t know him after all.

He looked at me and shrugs. “I’m fine.”

I nod. “Cool.”

We walk in silence for a little bit, but strangely it wasn’t awkward at all. It was a comfortable silence, like we didn’t need to talk or anything. We just listened to the sounds of nature for a few minutes. 

After a bit I looked at him. “Where do you think they went?”

He shrugs. “No clue.” He sighs. “Probably by camp…

I nod and keep walking towards their camp. “So do you have a girlfriend?” I ask him, trying to make conversation. Again, he wasn’t the most talkative, neither was I. But if we had to walk together, might as well talk.

He shakes his head. “No. Can’t talk to girls really well.” He says. “Having enough trouble talking to you.”

I smile. “Well I don’t bite.”

He gives a crooked smile and I keep walking. He really was cute. Keenan was sexy, in his own weird way he just seemed so manly. Rob was just cute, a nice guy. I liked him a lot. I couldn’t keep thinking of him like that though. He was just another scout. I was with Keenan, kind of. 

I didn’t know what Keenan and I were. He said that it was more than sex, but we barely knew each other. Even after talking, I wasn’t sure if we were dating or anything, or if we did just have sex for the sake of sex. I didn’t know if this was only for the week and then we would go back to our normal lives, or if we would actually continue seeing each other in the future.

And if it was only one week, then would being with rob be considered cheating?

I shook my head, trying to literally get the thoughts to go away. I had already been slutty enough this week, I didn’t need to add Rob into the mix. I just met him, he was nice. But I was still with Keenan as far as I knew, they were friends.

I felt horrible to feel the way I did, wanting to fuck Keenan, but then also taking an interest in Rob after knowing him for an hour.

As we walked into the camp we knew they were there. I heard Kristy’s soft moans, coming from near one of the tents. 

“Seriously?” I groan and he rolls his eyes. 

“Peter! Kristy!” I yell out, not sure if they would even hear me. 

I went to the tent where I heard them, thinking they were inside. That was when I saw them.

They were outside the tent, slightly covered by the bushes near by. Kristy’s legs were spread wide, she was naked from the waist down, Peter on top of her, fucking her. From what I saw, his long hard cock was sliding in and out of her wet opening, neither of them looking up.

Kristy wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her deeper as he groans and kisses her. They were both sweaty, him ramming into her really hard, a look of strain on his face to just finish, seeming to know that they didn’t have much time left. 

As strange as it was, it really turned me on to see my best friend fucking a random guy. She was beautiful, I couldn’t deny it. And just seeing them both, it made me instantly wet. 

Both of them started to shake and moan louder. I quickly went back to Rob and he looked at me, he was a dark red colour, obviously finding it very awkward. 

“Uh… I guess we just need to wait…” He says and then walks to the edge of the campsite, far from them. I sigh and follow him.

We just stayed quiet for a bit, both of us feeling totally awkward. I really didn’t expect to see them actually having sex, I thought they would be smarter than that. 

After a moment I sigh and look at him. “Sorry about that…”

“It doesn’t matter.” He says and shrugs, not looking at me.

“I know, but I don’t know what else to say…” I say and then he looks at me.

Our eyes hold a gaze for a few moments, then he leans in and kisses me.

I am surprised at first, not knowing what to do. My mind raced with thoughts of Keenan, and how I am with him. How I want to be with him. And now Rob was kissing me.

And I was kissing him back.

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