Eye For An Eye (Kiss Of The Blackwidow)

I awaken to gunfire outside my phone ringing off the hook. It’s my captain he tells me to get my ass to midtown there were reports of shots fired and 16 cops were dead already. I got up and got dressed as fast as I could grabbing my badge and gun of the coffee table as I left my apartment. I got on the radio and asked if anyone at the scene could tell me how many shooters there were on the scene, this is officer Jim feller, anyone, out there I said. This is officer Tonya Miller, do you copy the voice said. Yes, this is Jim feller can you tell me how many people are hurt or killed I asked? Sixteen cops are dead, and multiple people injured down here, Jim Tonya said. I’m in route to you. I heard gunshots ring out; Tonya are you OK I asked? I could hear her scream I knew then she was hit by gunfire. Jim she radios we need you down here now we’re in a crossfire situation we can’t even see where the shooters are, but they’re picking us off one by one Tonya told me. Then Tonya told me one thing I wasn’t going to like that one thing was. Jim, I see your wife and kid here coming out of the store they are in the crossfire Jim Tonya said I stomped the gas to try and get there, but as I was about to run through a red light two huge trucks blocked me, and they were blocking my route. What the hell I said get out of the way you assholes I screamed out my driver side window. Tonya radios me again where the hell are you I’m a little tied up in traffic right now, but I’m five minutes from you I said. Arriving on the scene before I could get out of the truck. I saw Tonya trying to get my family over near her but as they were running across the street three to four bullets hit Tonya at the same time one in the head the chest and the face and one in her throat. As I was about to run and grabbed my wife and Son, a black van with no tags on it stopped. Two men pull them into the van, and they were gone. As I was running back to the truck to follow them Out of nowhere, a blunt object hit me in the face. Before I passed out, a voice asked me. Do you know what’s about to happen here at your police station where you work? Trying my hardest to speak, I could not, but the person that hit me with the blunt object placed a video player in front of me and said watch this. Right before I passed out, I watched each, and every one of my co-workers get shot like bogs. The voice in the video asked me Mr. Feller Where’s my money and my drugs he asked. Your government did a bust in Mexico fifteen years ago you were there they took twenty billion in money and one hundred billion in drugs. I want it back now, or lots more police and military personnel will die in cold blood. The voice said. I passed out right after that. When I woke up sometime later with dead bodies all around me, my face busted up pretty bad. I cried when I thought about how that voice on that damn video killed everyone I knew and worked with, but how did they get the code to enter the building? Something didn’t sit right with me. They have someone hacking into the computer systems to get these code, but I can’t worry about that now I thought I need to go have my face checked out by a doctor losing massive amounts of blood from my face I pass out behind the wheel of the truck I was driving. I ended up smashing threw a house thank god there was no one at home at the time. The city is in turmoil like never before with the killings of one hundred policemen and women. Some bystanders outside called 911 after they saw me plow right into that fucking house. The doctor stitched me up excellent now. I look just like the Frankenstein monster from the movie. Back at my precinct, there are bodies everywhere the mayor wants some answers as to what happened how did these men get into a code protected door that only our officers had the code to? And just where the hell were you when all this went down, Mayor Winston asked? I was home asleep the captain called me and told me that something was going on in midtown I raced to get there but got stuck in traffic the sons of Bitches took my wife and kid. Did anyone say anything to you, Mayor Winston asked? Yes, this jackass said that our government stole billions from him and that he knew I was in Mexico with our government when the bust went down. How did he know I was there? Someone is playing both sides here, And I will find out who it is Mayor Winston said, and when I do I’m going to see to it that they get the chair for this. Just then more shots rang out over the city Another attack on officers I said, running outside to see if I could pinpoint where the shots were coming from. Two more officers got shot in the head. Get a chopper in the sky now Mayor Winston said the phone rang and that damn voice came on and said we would kill the pilot if you put that chopper in the sky. Do it the mayor said out loud. I see your fucking with me Mayor Winston so now I’m going to fuck with your whole city Mr. Winston Just as the chopper was taking off it blew up in midair I told you not to fuck with me Mr. Winston now your citizens will pay with there blood. Call in the military now we are not going to negotiate with terrorists. O, I know, and that’s why. Just then a bullet came right threw the window hit one of the men that was standing right beside the mayor the bullet just missed Mayor Winston’s head by inches. These assholes are the real deal Mayor I said if we are going to stop them we have got to get smart and fast or there won’t be anyone left to find what he is looking for. I had to sit down while the mayor called for backup. The military will be here shortly. The voice contacted us again if you want a war, Mr. Winston so be it just let me show you what your up against this will end. The phone went silent, and we all stood around, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Quick bring up the cameras outside the building I said, but they were shot out by whoever entered the building the first time. I thought to myself if I was going to make a statement how would I do it then it hit me everyone out of this build now! What the hell are you going on about Jim Mayor Winston 5ask less talk more running? We all ran as fast as we could to get out of the building just as we were about to reach the door a flash of intense light hit the station blowing it to bits. We all made it outside who the hell are these people Mayor Winston said and how do they have access to weapons we don’t even have. The voice came back on my radio listen up he told me I know where my drugs and money are there being stored at evidence room of the Waynes city military base. And what do you want me to do about that just walk in and ask politely I said? Just as I was about to finish what I was saying the voice interrupted and said I have people that will get you into any part of that base you need to. I asked what’s the names of these people as I tried to see if it was going to trick the voice into giving me a freebie. But not on my life the voice didn’t give up anything at all he did tell me tho to be on the lookout for his next attack and the voice laughed right in my ear you’re not going to be laughing when I find you I said. Temper temper the voice said remember I have your wife and kid so can the shit-talking before they get a bullet to the head the voice said angrily. There’s going to be blood in the streets I thought who blows up a police station kills dozens of hundreds of cops and now wants to break into a military base. I’m going to die I said as I received a call from the mayor saying that the military had arrived and was setting up a post all over the city medical staff were already having a hard time With all the dead bodies in the street from the firefight earlier. The voice contacted me, telling me where to meet his men to get his drugs and money back. The voice said in two hours a green van will pick you up outside the city limits be there, and you will be blindfolded also the voice said before getting off my phone with the voice I asked to give me a sign that my wife and kid were still alive. Just then my phone went off the voice had sent me a live video feed of my family but it wasn’t what I wanted to see. My wife’s legs were spread wide open and getting her pussy pounded on by huge cock she screamed as the went in and out of her ass and pussy crying say she’s sorry I had tears in my eyes as the voice made me watch them tear my wife’s asshole and pussy apart.There was a gun to her head if I turned off the video she would be dead every man in that room had a dick either in my wife’s asshole her pussy or her mouth watching this was hard enough just like watching all my co-workers like dogs. This man was out of control and had to be stopped. But how could we stop a man no one could find there are heavy hitter at play here there’s no way the voice is doing all this on his own I thought I need to find an edge to draw him out or one of his top-ranked people working for him. Where is my son? I asked the boy is fine showing me a video of him made me feel better knowing he’s ok? The next attack came silently, but swiftly the voice called my phone and told me there was a gas mask in the bush next to the welcome sight outside the city limits and that I was to put it on. When the time came for the next attack, I did as the voice asked driving out to the city limits and retrieving the gas mask from the bush then I drove back threw town seeing all these bodies made me sick with fear of what was to come next. Midnight the voice calls and tells me to get out to the city limits and wait for the van. Getting in my car, I drove outside the city limits. The voice said get out turn around and close your eyes if you try anything or open your eyes you will get a bullet to the back of the head the voice said. Counting down from ten when the voice got to one he said go now get to the base. Speeding down the highway, we reached the base in seconds I didn’t hear any personal telling us to take out our identification. What the hell I thought to my self what is going on here? I hear the van door open and someone getting out. Then the gate opened the van drives inside the gate. We quickly get to the area where his drug and money are storage they untie me and tell me to take everything in the room not know the one video camera was still watching me all the others had been disabled so whoever it was could not be seen by anyone. Unblindfolding me, I could see personal staff passed out all around me. Holy shit I thought these guys are good whoever we busted we had no idea they rolled like this after we loaded up the van with the drugs and money I was ordered back inside what’s going on I thought as I couldn’t talk with the gag in my mouth. They walked me back to the cell where the drugs were and locking me inside with a note on the door saying thanks for everything Jim how did they know my name? To be continued  (This is Jim feller don’t miss the next chapter of an eye for an eye kiss of the Blackwidow if you loved this chapter then wait till the next one )

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